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Wyoming Men #5

Wyoming Rugged

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New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Diana Palmer is back in Wyoming with a tale of love born in Big Sky Country… 

Billionaire oilman Blair Coleman has always taken care of his business. After having been used and cast aside by a woman he thought he loved, his personal life is far from his first priority. He knows only one has ever truly cared for him—but the irresistible blonde beauty is the daughter of his best friend. 

Niki Ashton has seen her father's friend wounded and she's seen him fight. Blair is the strongest—and most stubborn—man she's ever known. That very heart and passion makes him the man of her dreams, but whenever they've been in danger of getting close, Blair has always pushed her away. 

It takes a possible tragedy to strip away all of Blair's misgivings. Now it's all or nothing: marriage, baby, family, forever. But will the choice be too much for Niki…or too late?

320 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published November 24, 2015

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About the author

Diana Palmer

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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

Diana Palmer is a pseudonym for author Susan Kyle.

(1)romance author
Susan Eloise Spaeth was born on 11 December 1946 in Cuthbert, Georgia, USA. She was the eldest daughter of Maggie Eloise Cliatt, a nurse and also journalist, and William Olin Spaeth, a college professor. Her mother was part of the women's liberation movement many years before it became fashionable. Her best friends are her mother and her sister, Dannis Spaeth (Cole), who now has two daughters, Amanda Belle Hofstetter and Maggie and lives in Utah. Susan grew up reading Zane Grey and fell in love with cowboys. Susan is a former newspaper reporter, with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers. Since 1972, she has been married to James Kyle and have since settled down in Cornelia, Georgia, where she started to write romance novels. Susan and her husband have one son, Blayne Edward, born in 1980.

She began selling romances in 1979 as Diana Palmer. She also used the pseudonyms Diana Blayne and Katy Currie, and her married name: Susan Kyle. Now, she has over 40 million copies of her books in print, which have been translated and published around the world. She is listed in numerous publications, including Contemporary Authors by Gale Research, Inc., Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers by St. James Press, The Writers Directory by St. James Press, the International Who's Who of Authors and Writers by Meirose Press, Ltd., and Love's Leading Ladies by Kathryn Falk. Her awards include seven Waldenbooks national sales awards, four B. Dalton national sales awards, two Bookrak national sales awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award for series storytelling from Romantic Times, several Affaire de Coeur awards, and two regional RWA awards.

Inspired by her husband, who quit a blue-collar manufacturing job to return to school and get his diploma in computer programming, Susan herself went back to college as a day student at the age of 45. In 1995, she graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College, Demorest, GA, with a major in history and a double minor in archaeology and Spanish. She was named to two honor societies (the Torch Club and Alpha Chi), and was named to the National Dean's List. In addition to her writing projects, she is currently working on her master's degree in history at California State University. She hopes to specialize in Native American studies. She is a member of the Native American Rights Fund, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Cattlemen's Association, the Archaeological Institute of Amenca, the Planetary Society, The Georgia Conservancy, the Georgia Sheriff's Association, and numerous conservation and charitable organizations. Her hobbies include gardening, archaeology, anthropology, iguanas, astronomy and music.

In 1998, her husband retired from his own computer business and now pursues skeet shooting medals in local, state, national and international competition. They love riding around and looking at the countryside, watching sci-fi on TV and at the movies, just talking and eating out.

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2,453 reviews480 followers
September 18, 2018

I hope these two dumb clucks never reproduce as they don’t have sense to come in out of the rain.

The older, hairy H is the rare DP protective nice guy that is head over heels with the heroine until it becomes clear she’s attracted to him after a bout of fooling around then his raging attraction and release of testosterone engage the DP cruel hero affect. He’s SO MEAN!

She searched his black eyes. Her own were sad. “We were friends once.”

He smiled. It was icy cold. “We were,” he agreed. The smile faded. “Until you tried to seduce me. You won’t get a second chance at it. I don’t want you, Niki,” he said coolly. “I never will, except in one way. And you know exactly which way I mean.”

“Of course I do,” she said, trying to hide the hurt.

“You’re still living in fairy tales, happily-ever-after, romantic nonsense,” he bit off. His eyes glittered. “It’s a lie, Niki. It’s just sex with frosting. That’s all it ever is, for a man.”

Her face drained of color. “I see.”

“If you weren’t so damned naive, you’d have known it from the beginning! You have a beautiful body and I wanted it. Any man would. But that’s all it was.”

She is a sweet, virginal little thang with bad lungs that will name him George, and will hug him and pet him and squeeze him, but he won’t let her. She thinks she has cancer so she decides to end it all by hiking without her inhaler because it’s too scary to find out what the dot on her lung might mean. Forget about the fact that her father almost committed suicide when her mother died of cancer. Arrrrgh.

The H uses the excuse of his evil ex to keep her away because of his HUGE… age difference.

When he finds out about the possible cancer, he allows himself to have sex with the heroine

only to dump her for her own good when they find there is no cancer because he’s so old, and he may be sterile, and he has a hangnail, and he may get a cold someday….Oh, get over yourself!

Well, he’s not sterile.

They finally get married and it takes them a few days before they can consummate the marriage as she has such bad morning sickness.

Oh, Diana, you are sweet, but you are the worst romantic! Vomiting bride is not romantic!
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1,117 reviews29 followers
January 5, 2016
It's no secret amongst my Goodreads friends that I am a diehard ,long time Diana Palmer fan.For a while,her books were sadly lacking and I was despairing if this beloved author would ever return to her heyday of wtiting the books that she was known and loved for.
Well,I got my wish,this book has returned this author to her roots in romance.It had everything you would expect in a DP romance and I enjoyed every page till the very end.If you are a long time fan,you will love this book.4.75****
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1,307 reviews19 followers
May 19, 2022
Only words like GPS, ipad and emojis give a ‘newish’ feel to this DP, which otherwise is a mish mash of many of her earlier works. But still it’s a very engaging and heartwarming story with very likabe h/H, who become good friends despite the age gap before the dynamics of their relationship change. Even with the DP's usual longish length and a story span of about three years, it doesn’t drag or bore (well almost doesn’t!).

*With some spoilers*

I loved both the h and the H. She is one of the sweetest of DP’s hs and her sweetness is endearing without being cloying (although her complete non-knowledge about things sexual is a bit difficult to swallow). As with many other DP hs, she also battles a debilitating disease - bronchial asthma in her case. I loved how he cared for her towards the later half.
And he is a nice guy who goes through a marriage and a divorce with an ow before realizing his true feelings for the h. Even then he tries to do the honorable thing by staying away as she is 16 years younger to him. His brief spells of cruelty are also pardonable, as he believed them necessary for her own good.

As for the disagreeable bits, I found it close to creepy that the H marries the ow because she resembled his dead mother? Even with the h, he draws a comforting comparison - that physically she may not resemble her, but in nature at least she is closest to his mother.
As for the h, her stupid attempt at a hiking hara-kiri is selfish and thoughtless at best.

On a tangent, I appreciated the characterization of the om as the sanctimonious health freak. It's a unique and new take on a personality type and I can just believe (and dislike) the person the way he is shown to be. The very ‘healthy’ health freaks who believe exercise and taking natural herbs can cure just about anything! Not taking away from healthy eating and a healthy way of life, but some conditions/diseases are best left to the medical experts to diagnose and treat. I found the book so much more interesting for this subtext.

One mention I adored –
“I wasn’t really impressed with Captain America until I saw the Avengers movie. I loved him in that, so I went with you to see Cap in his own movie. He’s awesome, like the actor who plays him.”

And never thought this line could sound romantic too…
“I’m with you to the end of the line”
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4,109 reviews476 followers
February 27, 2022
3 ⭐⭐⭐ - OK decent reads.
Portuguese edition - Kindle Unlimited
🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Amazing!
ARC from NetGalley 2015
Nossa escritora favorita acertou em cheio nesta história. As leitoras fãs vão reconhecer todos elementos que caracterizam a escrita da autora. Nós temos um herói rico, casado, melhor amigo do pai da heroína, com mami issues e 16 anos mais velho. A heroína é ingênua, de saúde frágil e muito protegida pelo pai dela. Temos mulheres vividas perseguindo o herói e um pretendente com personalidade duvidosa perseguindo a heroína que ajudam a temperar a trama. Mas mesmo reconhecendo todos elementos que são comuns a quase todas histórias da autora nós somos cativados pela heroína e pelo herói e nos deliciamos do início ao fim. Adorei tudo e fiquei fisgada pela história do início ao fim.
Recomendo muito!
Our favorite author nailed it in this story. The readers fans will recognize all elements that characterize the writing of the author. We have a rich hero, married, father of the heroine's best friend, with Mommy issues and 16 years older. The heroine is naive, frail health and protected by her father. We have women experienced chasing the hero and a suitor with dubious personality chasing the heroine that help spice up the plot. But even recognizing all elements that are common to almost all stories by the author we are captivated by the heroine and hero and delight from start to finish. I loved everything, and I was hooked by the story from start to finish.
I highly recommend!
Sou muito velho para me aproveitar de uma menina de sua idade. Além disso, estou noivo.

Pressionando o rosto ao peito largo e musculoso, Niki lamentou perdê-lo. Blair iria se casar. Ela sempre acalentara o sonho idiota de que um dia cresceria o suficiente para que o amigo do pai a notasse.

Na verdade, estivera tão ocupado, que acabara ficando noivo sem levar em conta a compatibilidade ou os filhos. Estava tão atraído por Elise que faria qualquer coisa para tê-la, incluindo se casar.

Vamos nos casar dentro de dois meses, em Paris. Faço questão de lhes enviar um convite.

Blair e Elise estavam tendo problemas sérios. Embora macambúzio, ele não quis conversar sobre o assunto com Todd, mas o fez com Niki.

Elise não quis acompanhá-lo? Adoraria conhecê-la. Tenho certeza de que meu pai também ficaria encantado. – Aquela era uma mentira deslavada. Não queria conhecer a esposa de Blair, enquanto pudesse evitar.

Ela está na Europa com alguns amigos – explicou ele.

Sinto muito. – Eu, também. Mas tentarei fazer o casamento dar certo – acrescentou. – Nenhuma mulher é perfeita.

Não alimente fantasias comigo – disse ele em tom firme, embora o brilho divertido no olhar o traísse. – Sou um homem casado.

O TEMPO passou. As visitas de Blair à fazenda rarearam até quase se extinguirem. Todd disse que o amigo estava se esforçando para fazer seu casamento dar certo.

Quase foi ao seu encontro para mostrar o que acabara de comprar, mas, naquele instante, uma mulher se juntou a ele. E não era uma modelo. Parecia apenas alguns anos mais jovem que Blair. Trajada com elegância, usava o cabelo negro atado em um coque sofisticado. Os dedos com unhas perfeitas e pintadas escorregavam ao longo da camisa que ele usava, enquanto a mulher falava.

Ora! É Janet Hardman, ali, conversando com Blair. – Você a conhece? – perguntou Niki, tentando soar desinteressada. – Sim. Os dois tinham um relacionamento, antes de ele se casar com aquela interesseira e ter a vida virada de cabeça para baixo.

Blair – gemeu ela com voz rouca. – Abra a boca – disse ele, antes de lhe morder de leve o lábio inferior. – O quê? – sussurrou Niki, entontecida por aquele contanto. – Abra a boca para mim, querida – murmurou ele. – Deixe-me entrar.

Todos cometemos erros – disse Blair, inclinando a cabeça para baixo. – Mas esse é o pior que cometi em uma década.

– Sim, eu a desejo, mas nunca mais me casarei. E você é uma moça para casar – disse ele com voz rouca. – Merece um rapaz que a ame e que tenha filhos com você.

Não preciso de uma virgem curiosa de 22 anos. Portanto, não crie expectativas sobre o que acabou de acontecer. Nós nos satisfazemos mutuamente. Ao menos em parte. Foi só.

Amanhã, sequer lembrarei do que aconteceu. E terei outras mulheres para satisfazer meu desejo. Janet ainda está disponível – concluiu com um sorriso frio. – Ela também me deseja.

Sim – concordou, fechando o semblante em seguida. – Até você tentar me seduzir. Mas não terá uma segunda chance. Não a quero – acrescentou, com voz áspera. – Nunca quererei, exceto em um aspecto e você sabe a que estou me referindo.

Janet me contou que você planejava usar as mesmas táticas comigo – acrescentou ele em tom frio. – Para me forçar a casar.

Bela tentativa, mas não funcionou. Estou imune.

Eu me encontrarei com Janet em Nova York, no final da semana – informou ele. – Deveria ter tido mais juízo quando jovem. Ela é mil vezes melhor do que Elise.

Saíra com Janet uma ou duas vezes, mas ela percebera que Blair a estava usando apenas como fachada. Na verdade, ele dera um jeito de serem clicados por um fotógrafo em uma pose em que ele envolvia os ombros da ex-namorada com um dos braços.

Blair lhe dera um anel na última vez em que se encontraram. Uma quinquilharia para fazê-la feliz. Mas, enquanto Janet se deleitava com a joia mais cara que ele encontrara na joalheria,

A PRESENÇA de Janet em Frankfurt irritou Blair. Ainda mais quando ficou sabendo que ela reservara um quarto no hotel ao lado do seu. – Estou fazendo um filme aqui, querido. Não foi ótimo estarmos na mesma cidade ao mesmo tempo? – ronronou ela.

Janet tentara convencê-lo de que Niki armara um plano para seduzi-lo, mas estava mentindo. Ele a conhecia o suficiente para saber que Niki não era uma sedutora. Não sabia sequer como beijar, até que ele lhe tivesse ensinado.

Não – sussurrou ele, experimentando um forte tremor. – Não desvie o olhar. Deixe-me vê-la. Nunca fui o primeiro homem de uma mulher. Quero levar essa lembrança comigo enquanto viver.

Não conversaram sobre amor. Sabia que Blair a desejava, mas ele não professara nenhum sentimento mais profundo. Ela também não insistiu. Não havia mais tempo. Talvez, aquele dia lhes trouxesse respostas indesejadas.

Você não me quer? – perguntou ela, hesitante. Blair fechou os olhos. – Não – mentiu. Claro que desejava tê-la ao seu lado, mas voltara ao ponto de partida, com a diferença de idade lhe corroendo a consciência.

Exatamente – respondeu ele, desviando o olhar. – Tenho pensado sobre Elise nos últimos tempos. Ela está precisando de ajuda. Ainda acho que alguém a está chantageando. Pretendo encontrá-la para descobrir o que está acontecendo.

Ele se encontrará com Elise. – O pai a soltou com a mandíbula contraída. – É um tolo. Aquela mulher o mastigará e o cuspirá em pedacinhos outra vez. Blair deveria deixá-la lidar com seus problemas, sozinha.

Eu já sabia que você é homossexual. Elise não conseguiu disfarçar o choque. – Como descobriu? – Contratei um detetive particular para investigá-la quando assinamos o divórcio e ele me informou. – Blair omitiu que quase enlouquecera e se embebedara. Foi quando Niki e o pai vieram resgatá-lo e o levaram para a fazenda. Nunca contara aos dois o motivo que o deixara tão transtornado.

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1,194 reviews123 followers
June 24, 2021
"Sometimes it's hard to be a woman
Givin' all your love to just one man
You'll have bad times, and he'll have good times
Doin' things that you don't understand
But if you love him, you'll forgive him
Even though he's hard to understand
And if you love him, oh be proud of him
'Cause after all, he's just a man"
I think that when DP writes her book she has this old records going on and on in loop, or maybe it was Tammy Wynette who was reading Diana Palmer when she wrote this song... Anyway, in my mind there's only Blues Brother singing it.
The title should be: Wyoming Kinky.
And I'm not joking.
Because it has it all.
First scene we have a very young heroine, still a teenager, dating a peer who tries to rape her, who is saved by big old hero. The age gap between them is 16, that it's not so scandalous, but the heroine seems Alice in Wonderland and he's much more experienced. He's also very engaged. And then we have this scene of her, sitting on hero's lap, and him, consoling her, holding her, thinking she's my best friend's child, and having a hard-on. Because he realizes she's not a child any longer, even if she doesn't know anything of life, because she was a sick and only child, and her father was very protective, and she hasn't any experience of men and sex.
"are you still a virgin?" he asks her while caressing her long blond hair. "I think innocence is rare and beautiful thing and that you're husband will be a very lucky man"
... I had hairs standing up on my neck because this scene is so borderline... yes she's adult and so he is, but she has feelings for him and he has ...ehm ...feelings for her and she's so innocent that this sexual tension is almost disturbing.
Then we have the Big Kink, something I've never read of. I've read of heroes who are attracted by their mothers in law, by their stepsisters, by their sister in law, even by their cousins, but this, this is too much even for me.
The hero here chose his fiancee because she was the image of his mother. Her hair were dark, just like his mother's. He thought she was like his mother, and we are not talking about values, that should be good, no, just she looks like her...
Ok, so he's admitting that he has sex with a woman who reminds him of his mother. He's thinking he's bedding his mother.
If this is not crazy I don't know what is.
It is not even in my DSM (diagnostic and statistic manual of mental disorder).
After this blow I couldn't look the hero in the eye.
Freud is trying to get out of his grave.
And the pervert factor goes on because two years later the heroine is still in love with him, still a virgin and still disturbingly naive and he's still hard for her.
DP is so good in describing scenes where extreme innocence acts as sexually appealing.
That is why her sex scenes are so hot, even if they lack in detailed descriptions.
The scene where heroine and hero are kissing in the ocean is so hot that you almost spring from your seat. And they are not quite even touching, but there's a fever pitch that is so very high. More erotic than most erotic books.
Because there's this taste of forbidden innocence.
Very, very good DP.
The plot is not new, younger heroine forever in love with much older hero who thinks he's too old for her and keeps her distant. There's an ex wife, and an ex almost girlfriend, some wannabe boyfriends, an unexpected pregnancy.
Usual very big hero, with big hands, big feets, big...hem. hairy chest.
Usual naive heroine with long hair flowing in the wind.
Usual chauvinism, a bit of homophobia.
I liked the kink (I think it's clear)
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3,103 reviews482 followers
December 2, 2015
Niki has been in love with Blair since forever.,He is her father's best friend and the man of her dreams. Sadly he is also married. Blair has always pushed her away not because he doesn't have feelings for her but because he feels bad about their age difference. He is 16 years older than her. It was nice to see a strong hero but also vulnerable and insecure.

After his divorce they come closer but it takes a tragedy to strip away Blair's doubts and open his heart. Heroine was your typical Diana Palmer heroine which means she was adorable, warm and innocent, a real sweetheart.The love story was romantic and so intense. Love scenes were sensual and full of passion. I adore Diana Palmer she is simply the best!
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4,197 reviews483 followers
February 7, 2017
Overall a good read.
May December romance between Niki, and her father's best friend Blair.
While she falls for him at 17, he's always been attracted to her but thinks of her as a kid. He then gets married and later divorced, and flames fly when they meet again.
As usual there are cruel exes, evil girlfriends, mean heroes, pushing away, angst, repent- and finally a HEA and a baby.
Some heavy breeding undertones- but with DP flavor.
This followed the well used pattern but I found everyone's mood swings a bit annoying. However the book had some really tender moments too- hence the rating
Not technically Safe
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297 reviews16 followers
May 6, 2019
De forma categórica he de decir que está autora no es para mí.
No se si ha sido este libro y el resto de lo que escribe esta mejor pero vamos, ni lo intento de nuevo.
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962 reviews80 followers
December 4, 2015
I enjoyed reading this DP's book.

I liked the slow build-up between H and h, how h helped H overcome his depression because of his marriage, how they cared about each other, and how they got closer to each other.

Of course I was waiting H say sth to hurt h at some point considering I've read many DP's novels. Yep, he toally did it, almost ruined my good impression of him so far. However, I didn't expect the second time he hurt her by his rude words because I thought he finally realized life was short. h should not forgive him so soon.

Another thing I didn't get was h's father's attitude toward H and h's relationship. He was a loving and overprotective father, but never once did he treat H badly because of his interactions with h, made little sense to me.

Recommend to DP's fans. If you've never read her works but want to try this one, be sure you can accept a totally naive h and some old-fashioned values.
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Author 0 books74 followers
January 16, 2016
i liked the story, but it had a meggashitton of repitition. repetition of comments, conversations, actions, etc. too much running around chasing their tails and KNOWING what the problem is and still doing the same damn things. The book could have easily been half the length.

Niki was too fucking naive. TOOOOOOO Innocent. she was 23 and had no idea about shit. And seriously get that chit a cape cus in this book she was seriously Captain jump-to-any-stupid-ass-conclusion.

story - 3
narrator 4

the book could have been a 4 if not for Niki's stupidity and Blair's ridiculous reasons and then there's the repetition.
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768 reviews24 followers
April 12, 2019
3.5 🌟 Una historia muy bella de amor entre personas con diferencia de edad que hace que estén separados a pesar de amarse, no por Niki que es nuestra protagonista y está dispuesta a luchar por ese amor pero del otro lado tenemos a Blair Coleman que es más grande y está absolutamente convencido de que ella merece a un hombre más joven, que le pueda ofrecer una mejor vida y no un amargado como él, aunque por dentro de muere por ella... Los personajes secundarios como el padre, el doctor e incluso gente de su trabajo le dan un toque extra a la historia.
Me encanta esta autora, amo sus libros pero este me dejó gusto a poco, por eso está calificación 😉
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384 reviews67 followers
January 11, 2016
Ok I am going to give it 2.5. This was my first read for Diana Palmer. May be I should started reading for her another book. Both of the hero and heroine who I already forgot their names has a huge difference in age which was 16 years.For me it was too much. Also, I felt most of the book like Come Here - Go Away. In addition , the same conversations kept repeated over and over so I become really bored.

The only benefit was to learn that Black Coffee is good for Asthma attacks.
1,490 reviews
December 19, 2015
4.5 stars

Now this was back to the Diana Palmer that I fell in love with all those years ago when I read her for the very first time. The focus of the story was the couple and the development of their romance with a few passionate moments thrown in instead of the external plot point that had been the focus of Diana Palmer's stories of late, her latest works. This was very reminiscent of a lot of her old books with very similar themes and plot devices that I absolutely love even though they may not be modern themes or even politically correct, but who cares I love them away.

Books are meant to be escapisms where I get lost in the characters and the story so that I become emotional invested in the whole story. It supposed be fun and entertaining. Titillating and romantic, and just enthralling making it engrossing and engaging. It's a fantasy, and this book was that and it ticked off my boxes. It again reminded me of the time of when I became a complete Diana Palmer lover.

Despite the fact that these themes and plot points were very familiar and have been done time and time again not only by other others but by Palmer as well, it didn't feel tired or boring. I enjoy them like I did in this book. Those timeless themes just keep me entertained and engrossed. I don't why, but they do. So whenever they appear in a book especially a Palmer book, I am thrilled and was so glad that this book had many of the elements that I love to read about in a romance. This is why I read romance, and I don't care why people say.

Loved the characters of Niki and Blair. They were the stereotypical couple in many of Palmer's book of her being the young, innocent, ingénue, totally in love with Blair for years on end, harboring a secret crush on him that he never knew about. While he was the typical brooding, older man that was determined to keep her at a distance and be nothing more than friends and doing so by any means possibly even cruelly despite the fact that he wants the girl and starting to develop deeper feelings for her. That's a Palmer couple for, yeah, and I love it. I loved all the back forth and the drama between them. There was plenty of angst and anticipation in the story, which I loved. It kept me invested and interested. It was playful as it was heartbreaking to watch and just see how the came together and grew closer over time before getting their happily ever after.

Plus there were those passionate scenes thrown in there that Palmer just knows how to create, making it another winner in my eyes. There were a couple of hot making out sessions that were really foreplay and create the anticipation when they finally did come together. There was just so much sexual tension between Blair and Niki, and it was absolutely delicious. I loved it. Every moment. I loved those sexy scenes even though they didn't consummate their relationship fully, but it felt like they did. I think it was due to all the build up and intensity between them and in that scene. Just things just exploded from there. But since there was this build up between them as well as a development to their relationship, there was an emotional component that was really intense as well. It was like the dam was bursting from them, and Blair and Niki were getting some relief despite the fact that it didn't last long when Blair pushed her away cruelly, but I could feel their relief because I felt relief because they finally had that passionate interlude that they had been craving for so long. The ache was being temporarily soothed. Then when they scene came that they finally came together it was hot despite it not being graphic in terms of words, but sparked the imagination of me as the reader so I could see everything clearly in my mind. My mind filled in the blanks of what wasn't said. But I will say that the lovemaking scenes between Blair and Niki were a little bit more graphic than some of Palmer's more recent works where the scene was over in a blink of an eye and it was like "what just happened." Now it wasn't obscenely graphic or anything, but was more detailed than she has been in the last few years, which was a very welcomed surprise, and I loved it. Again it was more reminiscent of her older books where the romance and development of it was the focus instead of external plot. Meaning in her older books she did have detailed love scenes, but usually the full one was at the end of the story after the had gotten married, not in this one. There were three love scenes and one happened when they were not married yet, and I loved it. Maybe that was Palmer way to modernize a little bit, but not too much to go against her style. I liked it. Again romance and love was they key and focus in the book, which was great. I want more of that.

Yes, some people may not like these stories or characters and their actions, and again might seen it as too old fashioned, but its a book, and I would feel very differently if it was real life, but it's fun and enjoyable. Again this formula and these books by Diana Palmer was what made me fall in love with romance in the first place. When I was young and read these books for the first time, they shocked me because of what the subject matter was and how graphic was to show intimacy between a man and woman, but as I've gotten older I have become less shocked, which is probably a normal thing for more most people reading romance, but that doesn't mean my love for the old classic themes died just because I got older. It increased my love for them, and I like knowing that I am about to go on this passionate, roller coaster ride with many highs and lows along the way. Lots of hurt and pain going on but all so love and joy especially at the end. I love those stories. I love having the experience right along with Blair and Niki as they fell passionately in love with one another and just feeling so much while I read it. Again Diana Palmer did a great job with the telling of the romance between Blair and Niki.

Even though a bit old fashioned and might not be up to modern standards of today, it was still good. Her old formulas just work for me, and I hope that she keeps it up and writes like this in the future because those are the type of stories I absolutely fall in love with and are winners in my eyes.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 24, 2015
In WYOMING RUGGED the romance between Niki and Blair builds very slowly and in the beginning is mostly one sided. Niki is painfully inexperienced and naive in a way that is almost out of place in today's world. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just makes for awkward interactions between Niki and Blair. Falling almost instantly for her father's close friend doesn't make for an easy road to love for Niki Ashton. Sheltered and coddled by her father, Niki doesn't experience the world in the way that most twenty-somethings do. Being sixteen years younger than Blair makes getting his attention and being taken seriously by him very hard for Niki. The feelings that Blair initially has for Niki are more of protector and friend than romantic lover.

This romance is very much an older man loving and introducing an innocent young woman into the world of romantic love. The feelings that Blair initially has for Niki are more of protector and friend than romantic lover. However, Niki has always thought of Blair as her ideal man. Mature, protective, and caring are all qualities displayed by Blair and desired by Niki. Blair does not set out to seduce Niki but through circumstances that continuously brings them closer together, their mutual attraction can no longer be ignored.

As the story unfolds Blair seems in need of rescuing almost as badly as Niki. Blair has the patience and eventually the desire to open himself to loving the shy and unassuming Niki. Palmer has created a very sweet romance between Niki and Blair that doesn't boil over with passion and chemistry. Their relationship builds steadily with the goal of creating a family and a peaceful happily ever after.

The reason for a lower star rating for this one is the fact that I couldn't quite buy into how overly innocent Niki is. The wide eyed innocence of a young woman who wasn't excessively sheltered was a little less believable for me. Niki's naivete was too extreme at times. I don't always enjoy the much older man and young woman dynamic when it's presented in a way that the lover is more of a father than equal and that was the overall feeling I got from this one. WYOMING RUGGED is well written, it just wasn't my favorite relationship dynamic.

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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October 28, 2019
Oh this was a sweet one ... liked H and h both. This reminded me of some of her older books; great to read; one of those that make her such a well loved author ...
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January 2, 2016
I am an avid Diana Palmer fan and reader of her books. I never hesitate to pick up one of her books. There are times that I don't always like where the story goes, but she always manages to pull me back in and finish a wonderful story. Normally, I would never pinpoint on something that bothered me, because normally it's nothing too huge that bugs me. But I have to mention something this time because it really, really bothered me.

The book starts with Niki being dropped off at her home by her date. He feels entitled to get in her pants, for whatever insane reason, and she doesn't want that. He basically pushes her inside the house, drags her to the living room, rips her shirt, puts a few bruises on her, and before he can go any further, Blair, the hero, comes in and stops him. Great! I love that sort of hero. What I don't like is how Blair suggests she calls the police and Niki blows it off like it's nothing. He lets it go as well. While I'm sure this happens in real life where people let it go, who knows the reasons, many different reasons I'm sure (and that's each person's choice). But I don't think this sends a very good message. It says to me that it's okay what her date did. And it's not okay. That was a sexual assault. That was border-lining to a rape. Daddy, did whatever he does, and the date fled the state. It should have been reported. And, yes, I know it's just a story, but I just didn't like how it was portrayed. For the first time, I was disappointed in something that was written by an author I enjoy reading.

While that part really bothered me, I continued the book. I enjoyed the rest, for the most part. If you're looking for a younger woman in love with a much older man, and a few little problems on the way to both of them connecting with true love, this is your book. I just had to share my thoughts on how it started, because like I said, it bothered me. I just don't want sexual assault to be considered nothing, when it is something. And I will stop there because I could probably go on and on and on.
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December 12, 2015
It's been a while since the last time I read a new book from Diana Palmer. Gosh, I miss it! Though now her writing seems to be more.. Adapting to the whole technology (smartphone, games, etc), it still doesn't lose its classic-ness. ;)

Blair, our Hero, is a bit annoying, to be honest. He gone hot and cold in a matter of minutes and to me that's just childish. He's a mature man, for crying out loud! Why can't he act like his age? But overall, this book is pretty much Palmer's classic plot and I just can't help but loving it. Sure it could be annoying but I will always crave Diana Palmer's writing. I hope she stays well and keep writing books. ;)
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December 5, 2015
Thank god!! no more gaming!! She did briefly mention Facebook which made me cringe just a little bit. This book is reminiscent of her older older books susan kyle/diana blayne style of story telling. I'm still a fan, but the plot and the conflict kinda just went around in circles which was a little frustrating. Just when you think thing are moving along, you find yourself back to the beginning. I think it happened just enough times that I started mildly doubting the invitable HAE. I swear if she had added one more detour and I would have lost it.
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January 27, 2018
The thing I loved about Nikki is that she genuinely loved Blair so much so that she even put aside her feelings and wanted him to be happy even if that was with another woman. She was wise beyond her years and def a bigger woman than I am lol
Thank god the wife/ex was the typical DP style other woman who was an uber money hungry unfeeling bitch...oh so she seemed!

I even liked how that plot lined played out. Overall a good entertaining read!!

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February 5, 2017
Wyoming Rugged (Wyoming Men, #5)
by Diana Palmer

I quit this book at page 23. At this point I could tell several things already.
1. Ms. Palmer does not write above a 6th-grade level.
a. Short. Choppy. Sentences. That tell you what is happening. 'She is angry. She can't run away in time."
b. "He drew back a fist the size of a ham and inserted it into the boy's diaphragm..." Since this is Super Bowl Sunday, I'm blowing the whistle: Juvenile imagery and improper use of a Thesaurus.
Ye-gods woman, read some books or get an editor.
2. Ms. Palmer does no research for her books. I can tell you that anyplace in Wyoming is waaay more than 20 minutes from Billings, MT. Now maybe that doesn't matter to readers who just want the romanticized ambiance of the western U.S. as a backdrop for the story.
3. The lead female is a young immature idiot. She had a crush on a man roughly the same age as her father at 17 and has pretty much refused to date anyone in college for 2 years because of this juvenile crush. Which was described in the book as "all through college". Two years is not "all through college."
4. No logic. You and your date are in Billings, MT for school.
a. Why would you ask him to take you home to your dad's ranch after the date? See #2 above.
b. Why would you get in a car with a drunk driver? 'I only attacked you because I was drunk.'
5. Inappropriate and out-of-context language. Remember that Blair, the "hero", spent his career working on oil rigs, lived his whole life in Wyoming and he says "Damned bounder"?? (Page 19) Seriously, freaking seriously? Who in the whole U.S. would use that word - "bounder"? It's an old-fashioned British term. Did Palmer just cut and paste from a different book? Or did she just decide she liked the way it sounded and used it regardless of the fact that it doesn't fit the character or setting?

Now some people will feel that this review is too harsh, especially in light of a friend of mine - a beginning writer - that recently received an equally hard review from another reader. Diana Palmer has written over 100 books. She is no longer "a beginning writer" at the start of her career. Granted, Harlequin books isn't known as the home of great writing but for the love of J.K.Rowling people, hire some editors to polish up this drivel.
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October 8, 2017
I generally like Palmer's books just fine, although I seem to remember the occasional stand out and haven't hit one in a good while. This one is pretty average and one of her standard approaches. Young, ridiculously innocent, virginal heroine has a big crush on an older man who thinks she deserves better. Said older man does some stupid-to-borderline-mean stuff a few times, while the heroine does some dumb stuff just to keep things complicated. It definitely went on way too long -- once hero hears about the age gap between the heroine's parents, as well as grapples with her health issues, I thought there'd be a new conflict between them, but, no, same old same old -- but I bought into it anyway.

If you're a Diana Palmer fan, this one will probably work for you.
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September 24, 2023
This was a very touch and go romance for Blair Coleman and NikiAshton because he was always worried about their age difference because there was a sixteen years age difference between them but she didn't care but he did he had one bad marriage and wasn't looking for another one. He kept pushing her away and she just couldn't figure out why than he almost loses her for something another man pushed her to do but after she was better he pushed her away again until he finally wakes up before he lost her out of his life for good. Great book as always by Diana Palmer she goes hiking and has a bad asthma attack wakes him up and he realizes what is in front of his face and almost loses her he takes her to his house to heal and one night of passion leads to a unexpected gift
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December 20, 2015
I know I should stop myself but I always give in. There's a blueprint that Diana/Susan follows that's quite predictable but I always fall lol Secretly hoping we get a kick@$$ heroine?

PS: I looked it up because it is annoying and antiquated. Only 3 states require blood tests for a marriage license: DC, Mississippi, and Montana.

PSS: None of the above are Wyoming. Or Texas for that matter. **cough** timetoupdateyouresearchgirlfriend**cough**
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June 20, 2019
esperaba vaqueros y me estafaron!!jajajaja tenemos un empresario petrolero bien dramatico!! te quiero pero no teq quiero, eres joven soy muy viejo para ti, se libre, pero noq uiero que seas de otro, joder mijito decidete!! y laprotagonista muy infantil e inocentona para mi gusto
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May 23, 2023
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