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Forbidden #3

Fall for Him

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Two men. Both brothers. One life-changing decision.

I made my choice. One perfect weekend assured me I was right. One set of pictures proved me wrong.

Graduating college was supposed to be a happy time. Instead, I lost my best friend and suffered the worst kind of betrayal. Now, my whole life is in flux. I need my best friend. I need answers. There’s only one way to fix this. It’s time for a change. It’s time to take back control of my life, and the only way to do it is to face my problems head-on.

Even if it means walking into the lion’s den to do it.

355 pages, Kindle Edition

First published August 25, 2015

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About the author

J.C. Valentine

57 books2,007 followers
J.C. Valentine is the USA Today and International bestselling author of the Night Calls and Wayward Fighters Series and the Forbidden Trilogy. Her vivid imagination and love of words and romance had her penning her own romance stories from an early age, which, despite being poorly edited and written longhand, she forced friends and family members to read. No, she isn't sorry.

J.C. lives in the Northwest with her three amazing children and far too many pets, and together they spend much of their free time enjoying movies or the outdoors. Among the many hats she wears, J.C. is an entrepreneur. Having graduated with honors, she holds a Bachelor's in English and when she isn't writing, you can find her editing for fellow authors.

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273 reviews73 followers
August 29, 2015
2 Star!
Gonna make this short

Where do I begin?

Do I start with the women who seriously doesn't know what to do with herself, or with the guy who seriously needs to fuck himself?

I'm seriously disappointed.
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1,314 reviews2,782 followers
May 11, 2017
Nothing really happened in the book, but the story was...."cute" (okay, that's such a wrong word for this story, but when you read it, you'll understand). I don't regret reading it, frankly it was worth reading. What started out as a teacher-student book turned out much different. What I'm still struggling with though, is their age. I still don't know how old the characters is?:O It might have been mentioned, but I must have missed it, because I'm clueless. Anyone who knows?
Rate: 2.5/3 stars
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3,887 reviews443 followers
August 25, 2015
Let me start by saying that I read this installment to the trilogy twice already. Why? Well, two reason ... I heart this story soooooo hard and I hated it was over so I just re-read it! LOL

This has been one of the most intense stories I have had the pleasure of reading. And not just because there were so many twist and turns to the journey, but because J.C. Valentine has a style to her writing that just grabs you and won't let go. There hasn't been a story I have read yet that I have not devoured in just hours. You just can't get enough and you have to know what's coming on the next page turn! I don't know how she managed it, but this installment takes the drama, suspense and heat to a whole new level!

I'm not gonna give you a play by play of what happens, but just know that a woman scorned is a force to be reckoned with and when a man like Rebel wants something, he gets it!

I'm happy to report that no stone was left unturned and all questions are answered. I'm a little sad I have to say so long to Rebel and Jo but their journey was a heck of a ride. One I will enjoy many more times, I am sure! (I'm a re-reader lol)

There's not a whole lot of trilogies out there that can hold their power throughout all three installments, but this is one of them. I highly recommend anyone to likes their stories intense, intriguing, thought provoking and oh so sexy, to one click RIGHT NOW! You won't be sorry! #TRUST

ARC provided by the author for an honest review
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7,642 reviews16 followers
May 6, 2018
FALL FOR HIM by J.C. Valentine is Book Three in the Forbidden Series. This continues the story of Rebel, Josephine 'Jo" and Ransom. You really do need to read the previous books to fully enjoy this one. This book picks up where we left off with Jo trying to deal with what she found out about Rebel. Trying to put the two men behind her she is starting a new job but Rebel isn't giving up on her. In this book we see Jo and Rebel getting closer. Ransom is left on the sidelines after what he had done.
I have really enjoyed this series! Ms. Valentine books are always page turners that you can't put down.

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346 reviews23 followers
February 9, 2016

The story started with Joe sorting out the mess in her life, one small step at a time. That earned her brownie point from me. The fear of rejection and judgement made her keep the nature of her job and the truth about her personal life a secret from her best friends, Brody and Annie. Finally trusting them and letting them in made her feel free and loved, so different from the outcome she was expecting.

If only the road to a smooth-sailing lovelife was just as easy. Joe has chosen the guy she wanted.. though the word chosen was a loose interpretation, because she didn't really had a choice in the matter. Rebel sneaked his way into her heart, refusing to let go. Despite the lack of trust in his intentions and "evidence" to his deceit, she was weak when it came to him.

Rebel may be a lot things, but giving up wasn't in his vocabulary. Sure, he was rough around the edges, demanding, a dirty talker and reckless, but those weren't necessarily bad attributes. He recognized the person inside Joe that craved what he can deliver. And he sure did! There's just something about a gruff and stern alpha male that makes me giddy when he unexpectedly initiate tender or sweet gestures. Underneath his rough exterior was a fair, honest and caring man.

But will Joe ever learn to trust him? Will she learn to give her heart the same way she gave in to her passion?

“But with our history...How will it ever work for us?”
“It will work because we’ll make it work.”

Joe and Rebel didn't have a conventional or even an appropriate beginning and their journey was full of hurdles, bumps and pitfalls. They were far from perfect. Tumultuous was an understatement in describing their relationship. But relationships that faced and survived the greatest challenges are the strongest and the ones worth keeping.

I enjoyed Joe and Rebel's journey and looking forward to Ransom's story..

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887 reviews82 followers
August 25, 2015
I'm sad I finished this book and series, do not mistake my meaning, I loved the whole series, I 'm just going to miss Rebel, Ransom and Josephine, the whole series of books has been an incredibly hot , sexy roller coaster ride .
Ms Valentine manages to capture you in the web she weaves with her storytelling and you find yourself taking the same emotional rollercoater rude as your heroine, and if you have been following along you know Josephine has been on one hell of a ride. With that said , this is not a stand alone book, you have to read the series in order. I promise it's worth it!
Not to give too much away this book picks up after Josephine and Rebel return from Maine .Josephine receives let's say some incriminating pictures, once again leaving her unsure of her feeling for Rebel or his for her; now add to that Rebel's twin brother Ransom, still trying to insert himself, a vindictive red head, a new job and having really no one you can trust to unload on; what without your best friend still mad at you and in a different state. Life is complex, and Falling for a man like Rebel even more so!
However, Ms Valentine unravels the twist, turns and mysteries that have been on going well leaving no cliffhangers. I almost wish there was a cliff hanger I am going to miss this group of characters ; one can hope for Ransom to get his own series or book.

So if your intrested in the trouble identical adult twin brothers can cause, this series is for you , if you have been reading along this book is a must read, everything is revealed and wrapped up!

Copy of Arc graciously supplied by author for an honest review.
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4,995 reviews404 followers
May 12, 2018
FALL FOR HIM by J.C. Valentine is Book Three in the Forbidden Series. This continues the story of Rebel, Josephine 'Jo" and Ransom. The previous books in the series do need to be read in order to fully appreciate Fall For Him. These are not standalones. This book picks up where we left off with Jo trying to deal with what she found out about Rebel. We see Joe sorting out the mess in her life, one small step at a time. Joe has hidden from her friends what she does for a living and has hidden pretty much a lot from them but finally we see her trusting them and letting them in and how they (Brody and Annie) make her feel loved and safe from doubt. If only her love life was only so smooth and easy- it looks like Joe has chosen the guy she wants but it’s really because she didn’t have a choice in the matter. Rebel snuck into her heart, and refused to let go. Rebel was devious and had a lot of deceit yet Joe was so weak when it came to him. Can Joe ever trust him and be able to give her heart to him?

Fall for Him, the third and final installment of the Forbidden Trilogy, is an exciting and fulfilling conclusion to Rebel and Joe's turbulent tale of lust, temptations and love.

My Rating: 4.5 stars *****
“I received an advanced copy of this book from the author at no cost to me."
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463 reviews19 followers
August 27, 2015
Fall For Him (The Forbidden Trilogy Part 3) by JC Valentine

Josephine Hart has a big problem, she found out she is sleeping with twin brothers. The brother she thought she wanted Ransom turns out to not be what she thought at all.

The pull she feels for his brother Rebel is undeniable. Rebel was the one from the start she just needs to allow herself to admit she wants him and needs him and that she can truly trust him.

She has had so much disappointment and heartbreak in life, it’s hard for Joe to trust anyone, especially a man who is such a force of nature like Rebel Scott.

To make matters worse, her best friend up and left town all thanks to her ex-boyfriend deciding to share with her that Joe and he had a short fling until Joe found out he had a girlfriend and immediately ended it. She knew when she became best friends with Annie, she should have told her what happened, but she was ashamed and afraid to lose yet another person she loved.

Then throw in Brody, who seems to have feelings of more than friendship for her. She loves him, but she can’t reciprocate his feelings. He’s her friend and she wants to keep it that way.

It seemed she was finally finding a true relationship in Rebel and then she gets a text with some pictures that threaten to tear apart the shaky relationship that had started to build between her and Rebel.

This is the conclusion of the Forbidden Trilogy by JC Valentine. I was excited to receive this ARC as I am any time I read a JC Valentine novel. I just love her writing, she is a tremendous storyteller, original, sexy and just plain fun to read.

Josephine is in a tough spot at the start of this final installment. On the heels of a fantastic weekend trip with Rebel she returns home to a bunch of text messages depicting Rebel and his partner Florence in various stages of sweaty sex. Devastated Joe decides she’s done with Rebel and his empty promises she refuses to be treated like some kind of whore so she ends it with him when she sees the texts came from his phone. What kind of cruel game is he playing with her fragile heart.
Broken Josephine decides she needs her best friend more than ever and heads to Virginia to track her down at her parents’ house with Brody in toe. She will beg her forgiveness if need be. I was happy to see the two best friends reunite I was also ecstatic when it seemed Joe was going to play matchmaker to Brody and Annie.
When Joe heads home, she has a lot of decisions to make one being a new job in the enemy’s camp. Working for Rebel and Florence’s company so she can show him what he is missing out on. Her plan doesn’t necessarily turn out as she would have thought. There are a lot of misunderstandings that lead to hot and crazy office make up sex. JC Valentine knows how to project a steamy sex scene that can fog up any e-reader. Rebel is just so swoon worthy it’s a sin. The way Joe describes him in a suit I am fairly certain I drooled a little.

It is a long an agonizing road for this couple to get their HEA lots of obstacles that get in the way of their love. I absolutely loved how the author ended the trilogy she did the characters and the story she began justice for sure. Josephine is a strong, independent woman who won’t be taken advantage of or told how to live her life. Yet she likes a little dominance in the bedroom every once in a while and Rebel is more than happy to comply. Rebel is a man who is brooding and dangerous. Everything any red blooded American woman could want in a man. He is the kind of guy that when he loves a woman he loves big and nothing and no one will stop him from getting the girl. Who can resist a man like that? If you like a story that takes you on a unique wild ride of crazy sex with food products plus a great story to tie it all together you will enjoy this series. Joe and Rebel’s banter are engaging while their fights and make up sex marathons will keep you glued to the page. I just have to say I will NEVER look at a pink frosted donut again without blushing and cracking a smile.

I can’t wait to see what J.C. Valentine has up her sleeve for her next series.

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Author 27 books237 followers
August 23, 2015

Title: Fall For Him
Author: J.C. Valentine
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Series or Standalone: Series (Forbidden Trilogy #3)
Rating: 5 Stars



Fall for Him is the third installment in the Forbidden Trilogy and is told from the POV of the main character Josephine (Joe) as she navigates her life after the events that ended the second book Lie to You.

It’s recommended that before you read this one, you go back and read the first two books in the series as they are pertinent to understanding that which takes place in this one.

Much like Lie to You picked up right where the first left off, the same can be said here, but with one noticeable difference. There is a bit of a time jump here when we pick up with Joe as she attempts to get things back on track with her best friend.

When this book picked up, the first thing I noticed that while there were shades of the same Joe that I’ve come to enjoy over the last two installments, she was also different. She came across tougher than before, more goal oriented. Of course, this is during a time period where Rebel isn’t in her immediate vicinity, shaking up all of her senses the way he does, so I know it wouldn’t last forever, but while it was there, and even as it presented itself again throughout the book, I enjoyed seeing this side of her. She may have been ripped and torn apart by what she’d gone through but she wasn’t letting it keep her down.

I also enjoyed the avenue the author took with the more background characters. Brody and Annie most specifically. It was a nice touch considering that right from the jump I enjoyed both of them and wanted good things to happen for them. So kudos to the author for making that a part of this, even if it was only a small part.

This book gave a lot more insight into Rebel. How his mind works, how his heart speaks and what kind of guy he really is underneath all of the bravado and oozing sexuality. The other books had shades of this of course, it wasn’t like it came out of left field, but it was on clear display here and made me (who admittedly was a Ransom fangirl when this ride started), see why Joe would have made him her choice. I definitely understood it here, even when they had moments of tension where I wasn’t sure it was going to work out the way they both wanted and deserved.

Questions that lingered from the previous books were put to bed in this book, along with secrets and games coming to light and being dealt with in a way that made this reader very happy. It made the eventual end that I knew was coming all the more enjoyable.

The pacing or rather, the way the book flows, was much like all of the authors work. It moved at a steady pace throughout. Not so fast that you felt you missed parts and not so slow that you felt bogged down by too much detail and felt the need to step away. In fact, with the way it only took me a little over two hours to devour this, I’d say that it was perfectly executed in that regard and as always, impressed the hell out of me.

Much like the last book, I found this one to be entertaining in more than just the intriguing way. Humor again played a huge part in this one, a lot of the times with the other characters that Joe found herself interacting with, and sometimes even with Ransom and Rebel as well. I laughed hard and I laughed a lot in this, so if that was the author’s intent, I have to say, she nailed it. She took something that could have easily drowned in the heaviness and emotional and made it fun.

As always with the author, the steam level was off the charts in this installment, just like the others, but balanced at the same time with just the right of emotional pull and romance to make it seem like so much more than just sex.

Having finished the story, turned the final page on this series and this couple, I feel that I got everything I could have wanted and more, especially with the way she seemed to push fast forward near the end, giving us glimpses into what their lives would all be like in the future. It was a nice touch to an ending that I was already more than pleased with and served to make me enjoy this entire experience with Joe and Rebel that much more.

As always J.C. You have outdone yourself. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ride. It’s definitely one I’m glad I took. Now I just need to find myself a Rebel and I’m all set ;)
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750 reviews147 followers
September 22, 2015

FANTASTIC! What a treat, one hell of a Trilogy! I'm still grinning from the first book because I enjoyed these characters tremensely!
Rebel, Holy shit! They say actions speak louder than words.

"So we're together? Like dating?"
Baby, we've never not been together."

With so many obstacles along the way your promised a ride until the end. I could not put this down... sucked me in from the start and those cliffhangers. I'm not one to read books that aren't finished and this is one Trilogy I would not have been able to wait for. Rebel is one hell of an alpha and I couldn't get enough and the sex, ahhh, don't get me started.

"Baby, if there's one thing I know how to work,
it's a pole."

J. C. Valentine... your note at the end talked about your original plan for Joe and Ransom, I'm glad it ended up this way instead but then again I'm positive the other way would have been exceptional too! I guess it's just I love Rebel's character and I rather him have the occupation he does since I know no other way except how this is written, and I so LOVED IT!
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1,598 reviews73 followers
February 16, 2016
Fall for Him was a good conclusion to Joe and Rebel's story. An unlikely pair with a very confusing and crazy start, this book gives the closer I needed. They settle into their situation and learn to make it work as a couple.

There's so much growth in Rebel between Dance for Me and the end of this book.

The Forbidden Trilogy was a great story of two strangers meeting under unexpected circumstances and all the trysts, surprises and emotions that results.

If you're looking for an "OMG...no way" type of read, this is it.

Profile Image for Amy.
209 reviews
August 17, 2015
I was given an ARC for my honest review!
I was so excited to finally know what was going to happen in this final book. It was a wonderful ride. I was so looking forward to knowing what happens since Lie to Me ended so hurtful for Joe.
This book was such an exciting book all the way around. The relationship with Joe and Rebel was fun, passionate, and unknowing.
I love how JC wrote this book by answering all the questions I had throughout the first two books. She did an amazing job with this series.
Deep in my heart I am hoping she can do more books with some of the other characters on the book. Plus, since I don't want to give anything a way, but I hope she would maybe extend to a small novella about the future.
I really enjoyed this book and I really enjoyed her writing.
Thank you JC Valentine for letting me into Joe's life with you.
August 18, 2015
ARC given in exchange for an honest review

To be honest, I had a hard time getting into this book but I'm glad I stuck it out. At first I was a little turned off by Rebel's aggression. Poor Joe was constantly being told what to do and couldn't stand her own ground. However, as I got further into the story Rebel's intentions were relieved and things well into place. I look forward to reading more books by J.C. and would love a story about Ransom.
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108 reviews14 followers
October 25, 2015
*ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

3.75 Unraveled by Love Stars!

Josephine Hart is no stranger to hardship or heartache. Especially since becoming involved with identical and in some ways insufferable twins. In other words, the struggle is real for this young college grad. Determined to overcome her latest traumatic episode at the hands of the man she has irrevocably fallen for, Joe is set on getting her life back on track. Gaining the support and friendship from Annie once again she devises a plan to avenge her broken heart. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

What's better than moping around nursing your emotional scars? Working for your old flame and reminding him of what he's missing out on. Gone is the life of stripping for the sake of an education. School is out and her newly acquired degree along with a handy connection with a certain higher up is the key to reinventing herself. Say hello to Josephine Hart, hard working, dedicated and extremely talented web designer. Grateful for the opportunity to get some real world experience under her belt while earning a living she no longer has to hide, things seems to be falling into place. There's just one tiny detail Joe neglected to acknowledge, Rebel Scott cannot and will not be ignored. Mr. Scott demands and commands attention wherever he is, elevators and office buildings included.

Rebel Scott is an enigma, one that Joe can't be too trusting of. Slowly but surely he reveals a different side of him that borders on kind and sweet and dare I say swoon-worthy. While staying true to his domineering and possessive Alpha ways he reclaims Joe's heart. After all, in his eyes she's always been his since the night he laid eyes on her, Ransom stint be damned. Keeping his eye on the prize, Rebel is on the brink of increasing his business prowess and intends to elevate his relationship with Joe as well. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for his and Joe's reunion. Once the dust settles, loyalties will be questioned and old flames put to rest but at what cost?

Fall for Him, the third and final installment of the Forbidden Trilogy, is an exciting and fulfilling conclusion to Rebel and Joe's turbulent tale of lust and love. Going into it I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by how the author made me fall for Rebel Scott and hard. I found myself rooting for him and Joe to achieve the happiness they so desperately deserve. I would love for this series to produce some spin-offs focusing on Annie and Brody as well as Ransom. I was ecstatic that Brody finally found someone who would reciprocate his caring ways. I'm intrigued about what finally made them submit to their desires, other than Joe's matchmaker role and insistence. Seeing where life takes Ransom and whether or not he eventually finds his match would be a great read.

If you like your men with caveman tendencies, suited up, intense, mysterious and an animal in the sack, this one is for you.
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436 reviews31 followers
October 2, 2015
I was given this book in exchange for my honest review

Finally we get to the conclusion of the story, we get our questions answered in this web of mystery that is Rebel and Ransom. I suggest if you haven't read the first two books Dance for Me and Lie to You yet I would stop reading. Although you can check out my reviews for these books here. Dance for me - Lie to me

I just loved the first two books there was so much mystery and drama, two things I occasionally love in a book when the mood hits. But that's what I felt was missing in this last book not enough drama for me. Took me a bit to get into it. But because this book was a conclusion I stuck it out and was very happy to finally see this other side to Rebel and know that he can be sweet and compassionate. I wasn't sure if he even knew how to say "I love You" lol. I have always been team Ransom, he is just my kinda guy. But I have to sit back and think about what is good for Joe. I understand they ways Rebel was better suited for joe, and I can except that.

The way the author portrayed it I expected more trouble from Ransom, for Rebel to tell Joe to stay away I would expect that but we didn't get that in this book. He was mostly a quiet character. Would have loved more from him.

Would also love for his story to continue since he is my favorite. Even though I didn't care to much for Rebel all the things I didn't like about him is what made this story interesting. The fighting, Joe standing up for herself, so at least she wasn't a push over I don't think I could finish the story if she was.

After reading this last book, I thought back to all the first book and everything makes sense now, why he hide her but I still wonder if she didn't find out he was a twin would she still be a secret? I am not convince of that, I feel more he was pushed into perusing this relationship with her, and Rebel is not a halfway guy he puts his all into it. So maybe that's where his dominance in the relationship comes from he has to show everyone whats his.

Well I could blab on and on, so I will try and wrap it up. Basically what I am trying to say is that I am happy to finally see this story to a end, Joe and Rebel had a struggle and fight to be together. And I am glad I got to take the journey with them. I know now that Rebel is what she needs. And I hope to see more of Ransom. Hopefully he will finally be able to take a journey of love of his own, without being under his brothers shadow.

Oh and I loved the epilogue nothing like a Happily Ever After to get to this chick :)
August 30, 2015
~*~ Obsessed by books arc given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

"That's what Rebel is. He's a storm that's constantly brewing, and it just so happens that I'm the kind of girl who likes standing in the rain."

After the sheer bliss of the weekend and the elation of making her choice Josephine's world comes crashing down the moment she sees the photos...and oh boy a woman scorned should not be under estimated. Following on from book two in this trilogy we jump straight back into the action. Spending quality time with her best friends Annie and Brody, she takes reassess what she wants and plot a plan of recourse. Qualified with her degree her life is now a blank canvas, no longer reliant on pole dancing to pay her way Joe opens up to her friends to try to mend the broken pieces of friendship we were left with in book 2. Revealing all her past secrets her friends embrace her and Joe is left feeling foolish for not trusting them sooner. Strengthened by their acceptance and love Joe acts on her plan to use her degree and maybe get to play someone at their own game while she is at it....

This last installment ramps up the will they won't they suspense and drama. Rebel is utterly dumbfounded by Joe's sudden change in demeanor, flummoxed by her cold shoulder. Not a man to be defeated he wages a campaign of pursuit to win her over and find out what went wrong...while Ransom still lingers on the periphery. Joe is just as lost and confused by the attraction she feels for these two startling attractive twins. How can she choose when she knows them both so intimately. Can she uncover who sent those photos and the reasons behind it? Can they ever put the sat to bed, no pun intended, and move on? So many complications!

Fall for Him is the perfect end to their story. Seeing a whole new side to Rebel, there's a vulnerability lurking behind the steely exterior. Proving he will go to any lengths to get what he wants in and out of the boardroom he is not a man you want to cross. This story charts both characters learning curve as the grow emotionally and start to accept how they feel about one another and take on board the consequences of their previous actions. Joe is a fighter and I admire her strength and quiet dignity. The twins parents, especially their mother, adds just the right balance of wisdom and support that makes a warm fuzzy feeling spread inside when reading. The characters feel so real and I would have lived to be invited along to the lunches and get together. Rebel hasn't lost any of his domineering bad boys ways and he is one dangerously seductive alpha male.The heat factor is off the charts.

A 4.5 Rebel Yell star read.
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2,189 reviews126 followers
September 11, 2015

I really hate to see this series come to an end. It easily became one of my most anticipating reads and favorite series. JC Valentine gave us everything. Mystery, angst, love, heartbreak, secret identities, and it all just made a full circle that ended as best as it possibly could. I loved every minute. Getting more of the rocky relationship that is and always has been Joe and Rebel plus Random, it was exhausting and exhilarating. I loved seeing a softer side to Rebel. I didn't think he had it in him, but don't let that statement fool you. He was still just as dark and brooding as ever. Fall for Him was everything I was looking for in this final book. It didn't feel rushed. And I love getting an epilogue that makes everything feel complete. If you can't tell, there isn't a single second invested in this series that I regret. In fact, I want to start from the beginning just so I can experience the ride all over again. It's that good!


Joe thought she'd made her choice between two brothers. But then she saw something that made her think maybe she'd chosen wrong.
The only way to figure it out is the way she always does things..Head On.
A mistake in her past causes her to lose her best friend's trust. Somehow she needs to fix it all. She must be strong and bold if things are to get any better.

Facing past mistakes isn't ever an easy thing to do. But the rewards when you do can be great. Joe discovers this in a big way as the lines of communication open back up between her and Annie.

Armed with some pretty good advice, Joe goes on the offensive and puts herself out into the real world and right under Rebels nose.
Was what I thought as I read Joe and Rebels first face to face meeting at the office. I almost had to blow on my fingers as I turned the pages.

I don't want to give anything away. But the story that unfolds as Joe and Rebel navigate the ins and outs of their budding relationship all while tackling the getting to really know you stages that we all go through; Is made even more difficult just because of where they began and everything that has taken place between them.
Learning to trust is never an easy thing and Joe and Rebel struggle hard with it.
Office antics and politics; the push and pull of discovery between two very different people and dealing with a not very nice person in Rebels past who refuses to stay in the past; keeps the pages flipping long past bedtime.

Fall for Him is a touching story that will give you reason to cuss and cry and laugh. (Way to go Mrs. Fielding!)
Great Conclusion to a really good series.
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190 reviews1 follower
August 25, 2015
I received this book as an ARC in return for my honest opinion.

JC Valentine has truly out done herself again! The forbidden series has simply blown me away! Falling for Him- Book #3 in the series was the perfect conclusion to an epic trilogy.

Falling for Him IS BOOK #3 in the series and should NOT be read as a stand alone. All the books in the series build from each other and the first two end in nail biting cliff hangers that will have you begging and pleading for more. I highly recommend purchasing all the books at once and reading them back to back. You won't regret it.

Falling for Him, as well as the entire series, has everything that I have longed for in a erotic romance series. There is mystery, excitement, mind blowing relations and characters that are so in depth that you can't help but be drawn to them in a way that makes you believe that you really know them. I found myself on a rollercoaster of emotions. I felt love, lust, fear, resentment, excitement and even laughed to the point of tears on a few occasions.

The plot is so in depth. I am one of those people that two or three chapters in I have the entire book and possibly the series figured out. Although that is not a bad thing at times, it was so exciting jumping into this series not knowing where it was going, what was 'really' going on and what could possibly happen next. I was literately on the edge of my seat in anticipation a majority of the time. Falling for Him, really threw me. I really thought after reading the first two books that I had a really good idea as to where Valentine was running with the plot. I have to admit, I was terribly wrong. I could have never ever guessed that it would have all taken a turn the way it had. Never assume when reading one of JC Valentine's books, she will throw you twists and turns one after another until you learn to just sit back and enjoy the ride!

If you love reading exciting and sexy stories of business tycoons, strippers, sexy twins, professors, and kinky sexy then you have come across the perfect series for you. Check out the entire Forbidden Series by JC Valentine today! (Book #1- Dance for Me, Book #2- Lie to You, Book #3- Fall for Him)

Warning: You will never look at donuts the same again (in a great way, I promise)... wonder what I mean... you'll just have to read to find out!!
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August 25, 2015
4.5 out of 5
The cliff-hanger at the end of the previous book should have been enough warning of what was to come, I mean there was no way picking up from that, was not going to be a belter of a story and Joe and Rebel did not disappoint, this was exceptional.
The story evolved so much as it secrets were divulged, mysteries uncovered and answers revealed but most of all as Rebel and Joe (Josephine) grew together and found themselves in a beautiful relationship, one that showed and encompassed their evolution .
Rebel is as alpha as ever, showing absolutely no sign of easing up on his possessiveness, gosh you’ve got to love an alpha man!
I loved the connection between him and Joe, was just so lovely, especially since she really had the makings of his dominant ass!!
She gives as good as she gets – really, the chatter and banter between the two of them had a smile plastered all over my face, The pair of them were just so different that as much as might think they would never work together, they were the perfect complement to each other,
Joe was as strong woman and Rebel respected that trait in her and in return she took him with all his quirks and ways, no matter how dark, after all that’s the man she fell in love with to begin with.
Isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you love someone?
Well in this case it was a clear as the letters on the page that this couple were mad, stupidly in love with each other and I loved reading about them.
I have to say that JC Valentine is quickly becoming one of my favourite and go to authors, she is able to tease and tantalise me with characters that quickly engrain themselves to me.
She gives me characters that are worth caring about, ones that could be part of my circle, that when I look around I can picture around while they may not be ordinary, far from it, they are normal.
They experience the normalcy of life, the ups and downs, the happy and the sad, the love, lust and hate that relationships impart on the soul of each and every one of us.
Rebel and Joe were as normal as their story allowed but they were honest to themselves and I appreciated them for that, I loved the fact that they stood up for what they wanted and believed and refused to cow tail to anything or anyone around them.
Bravo to them!!!
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August 25, 2015
Well, I have to say that J.C. delivered with the last book in this series. I loved it and I am so happy that we got more of Rebel, Ransom and Josephine! I was so heart broken by the way things were left in book 2! I was hoping we would get to see where all this went for Josephine, who so deserved a happy ending after all she had been though.

Josephine is a young woman fresh out of college that has had a rough life and not been given too many chances, but has made the best out of what she has been handed. If you have not read Dance for Me, you want to!! Such a good story and it will give you Josephine's background. I love how J.C. did not make Josephine out to be a bad person for what she did as a job to pay her way through college. Everyone has to do what they have to do. When Josephine is trying to decide what she is going to do for a job after college is done, her friend Annie suggests that she get a job where her previous crush/boyfriend works so that she can get revenge on him in some ways. Josephine is not a vindictive person but she thinks about it and decides that yeah, she might as well. She calls in a favor and starts working there immediately. I think that things backfired on Josephine though.

Rebel is a high paid employee where Josephine has started working and is a share holders as well. Josephine thinks that there is something going on with Rebel and Florence, who also works there and is out to destroy Josephine if she can. As time goes on and Josephine plays hard to get with Rebel, the truth about certain situations begins to emerge and Josephine realizes that maybe she jumped to conclusions on some things. Rebel never gives up as much as Josephine tries to push him away. I love how persistent Rebel is and how he is such an Alpha male and domineering with Josephine.

This story gave me a happy heart once I finished it. I am so so glad that things turned out well for this couple and that they finally got a happy ending. J.C. sure knows how to finish up a series and make you fall in love with the characters in the story even more all the way through til the end. I can't wait to see what J.C. has in store for us as readers in the future. This series was so great!!
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September 17, 2015
Received a copy of the title in exchange for an honest review.

This series...

My goodness, this series.

As I hadn't read the previous two books, I was given the opportunity to read the series in it's entirety and while it's no secret that this is a trilogy, and that you need to read the first two before starting the third, I am the type of person who will often say "You can get by without the first ones".

And while, yes, that is semi-true in this instance -- the build-up... the suspense... the questions and the triangle and the heat... Yeah, you need to read the previous two.

The first book threw me for a loop.

The second book gave me pause.

This third one made my heart finally happy -- it just took some time and an epilogue to fully get there.

To pay for college, Joe (Josephine) took a job as a stripper. There, she met a man who she started to have a behind-closed-doors affair with at the club, whom she dubbed Mystery Man {book one}. Low and behold, Mystery Man was also a teacher at her school, and this crazy affair turned into the student-teacher kind...

Or did it?

Rebel and Ransom Scott are two very different individuals and I found myself liking Ransom more than Rebel for most of this series. Where Ransom was kind, Rebel was not. Where Rebel was down and dirty, Ransom... not necessarily as much.

But if there was one thing that Joe needed in her life, it was the spark that Rebel brought in to it.

I have loved many of the moments in this series. It took me some time to be pro-Rebel, and watching Joe struggle with her desires and what she wanted from a relationship helped sway me Rebel's way.

...that and the way he was with a certain toddler pixie at the end. Melt my heart a little bit, why dontcha?

J.C. Valentine's way of writing is easy to get lost in. It's not terribly deep, but it's not light enough that you can buzz through it and feel jilted at the end. I loved that she took two men and made them vastly different, making Joe pick what was best for her life. I loved the side characters, too, which isn't always something that will come from my mouth.

I'm hopeful that some of said side characters will find a HEA in Ms. Valentine's future works.
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August 20, 2015
WOW!!! Have you ever read something that ended the way you had hoped? To read about every bump and hard place that each character goes thru. Their heartbreak, betrayal, love, passion, sadness, and happiness. When an author can get you so wrapped up in the story that it just pulls you in, it is truly what makes a good book. JC Valentine has done an outstanding job with this series. By the end I was in love with Josephine, Rebel, and Ransom (yes I said Ransom).

In book 2 the way it ended my heart was breaking for Josephine. To have what was sent to her had to rip her heart out. She was already falling in love with Rebel and to see for her own eyes the betrayal. It had to truly crush her and make her feel her world was crashing around her. She had to wonder “Why?” Why would he do such a thing and with the she-devil Florence? Why would he use her that way?

Rebel could feel Josephine pulling away? He wanted her more than anything. Can their love survive? Rebel had to feel betrayal as well after what his brother had done. Though in all honesty he could not blame Josephine for the confusion but anything after her knowing he could hold her accountable.

Ransom seems to always show up when Josephine less expects it. He seems happy to see there are problems in paradise. Will Ransom be able to make his move and take advantage of the situation?

We all have fantasy about having two identical twins and Josephine had that to a certain degree. But for Josephine it was like a never ending tug away. It seems like everyone is trying to pull Rebel and Josephine apart. With so many against them you have to wonder if a relationship can even blossom.

Thing I love about this series was the hope it gave. It showed things were worth fighting for if you wanted it bad enough. Question for you wondering on buying the book is was it Ransom who fought to have Josephine or was it Rebel that came out on top? Guess you will have to read the book to find out. Trust me it is a well worth read. I absolutely love it.
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August 25, 2015
This is the 3rd and final installment to this very addictive series. You must read books 1 and 2 before reading this. I was hooked from the start. When everything came to light in book 1 I was shocked. Two twins?! Brilliant! And in the second book Joe had to figure out what her heart wanted Rebel or Ransom? Thank goodness it was Rebel because I was team Rebel for sure!

Now in Fall for Him she had to figure out what she was going to do about those pictures sent to her phone. She was heart broken and I was heart broken right along with her. So with the help of her best friend she picks herself up gets a new job and is off to figure out the truth behind the pictures. Of course Rebel had no idea why Joe has distanced herself from him. But he was not just going to let her go that easily. And Ransom of course was always there when she least expected being his perfect self. Joe didn't know what to make of things, who was lying? Who was telling the truth?

I don't want to say much more because I don't want to give anything away. Just know this is one of those books where you think u have an idea of what's going on and who is responsible but it turns out the opposite. At least for me anyway, I totally thought I knew who was at fault but I was so wrong. I also enjoyed seeing the growth these character's made throughout the series. I couldn't put these down and will definitely read these more than once. I really got attached to these character's and will miss them. This was perfect from beginning right down to the epilogue! I love a good epilogue. JC definitely created a great series and so far this is my favorite hands down. I read alot and it was fun to read something that was different.Two sexy twins yes please! I wouldn't mind revisiting these character's again in the future for sure.

*I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
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August 16, 2015
This was an unbelievable amazing fantastic series !! I hope the saying never say never truly comes true !! The characters that these books are about have truly come full circle with there lives and you lived every mom et with them.

Who would have thought that a girl that was putting her self thought college by stripping would have the heart and soul after everything she went though during her childhood could still find happiness and love in a dark demanding stranger. And who would have thought that a dark cold hearted stranger would ever let a girl melt his cold heart......

After the pictures were sent who would have thought that Josephine could find a job smack dab in the middle of the life of the one person she truly believed sent them and do her job to the fullest...because that is the kind of person Joe is. When Rebel finds out about the pictures he is determined to find out who and why someone sent them but we all know if our hearts who sent them ...but do we really ?? It could have been a couple of different people for a couple of different reasons. But he won't let anything get in his way of finding out who wanted to destroy his "Pussycat".

This journey in this installment brings you full circle but also leaves you wanting more ...... Where is Anne ?? Will Brody be able to move on from Moe and college ?? Where is Ransom now that he is out...of her love life and school ?? And let's not forget about Red .... Or maybe we all want to forget about her.....

JC you out did yourself and I LOVED this series from beginning to end .... The cliffhangers, the gripping story lines and the magical moments were all FANTASTIC ....oh and let's not forget about the HOT sexy scenes too !!

I wish I could give it a 10 because that is what they are !!
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September 5, 2015
Joe thought she'd made her choice between two brothers. But then she saw something that made her think maybe she'd chosen wrong.
The only way to figure it out is the way she always does things..Head On.
A mistake in her past causes her to lose her best friend's trust. Somehow she needs to fix it all. She must be strong and bold if things are to get any better.

Facing past mistakes isn't ever an easy thing to do. But the rewards when you do can be great. Joe discovers this in a big way as the lines of communication open back up between her and Annie.

Armed with some pretty good advice, Joe goes on the offensive and puts herself out into the real world and right under Rebels nose.
Was what I thought as I read Joe and Rebels first face to face meeting at the office. I almost had to blow on my fingers as I turned the pages.

I don't want to give anything away. But the story that unfolds as Joe and Rebel navigate the ins and outs of their budding relationship all while tackling the getting to really know you stages that we all go through; Is made even more difficult just because of where they began and everything that has taken place between them.
Learning to trust is never an easy thing and Joe and Rebel struggle hard with it.
Office antics and politics; the push and pull of discovery between two very different people and dealing with a not very nice person in Rebels past who refuses to stay in the past; keeps the pages flipping long past bedtime.

Fall for Him is a touching story that will give you reason to cuss and cry and laugh. (Way to go Mrs. Fielding!)
Great Conclusion to a really good series.
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August 26, 2015
I received this book for an honest review.
Feeling betrayed and not sure what to do next she decides to focus on the one relationship she can maybe repair the one she also needs the most right now the one with her best friend. An impromptu trip to Virginia and she heads home to lick her wounds with a crazy plot to beat Rebel at his own game. Calling his boss to get a job at the same company he works for seemed like a good idea at the time but not only does it put her right where he can always find her but also in the path of the wretched woman who took him away. Is she strong enough to go through with this? Can she afford to give up a job that she's actually finding she loves?
The final installment in this AMAZING trilogy and the author does not disappoint. I couldn't put it down and I'm glad I was reading this at home as i'm sure I looked like a crazy person the number of times I growled or yelled at my kindle as the truth unraveled. I don't want to say too much as I don't want to risk giving anything away on anyone but i will say that a lot of times i'm disappointed in the final installment of series I always feel like the author left me hanging in some way or maybe rushed to wrap things up but I didn't feel that way when I was done with this book. Would I read more involving this cast of characters...in a heartbeat but the trilogy didn't leave me wanting. This is not a standalone and the books do need to be read in order but the whole trilogy is out so you can read the complete story today!!! One click this you'll be glad you did! #TeamRebel
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August 13, 2015
I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. This book is not a stand alone it is the third and final book in the Forbidden Series.

In this book everyone is back. In this book Josephine is back and deciding that one she needs her best friend back and will even go to her to get her back and two she needs to decided what she is going to do with Rebel. Joe isn't sure how she feels and if she will be willing to give him another try or if the pictures that she received are the straw that broke the camel's back and it is time to be done with him. Joe knows the pull that Rebel has can be her undoing so is being near him at all a good thing? What if Ranson decides he wants to try for her heart on more time? Will she go for something even thought she can't put her whole heart into it or will she go after what her heart wants?

Rebel doesn't know what is going on but having Joe back in his space is a start towards that right direction. After all the calls he has made to her that she hasn't returned he just wants to know what is going on. He knows something took his pussycat away from him and he will fight to get his girl back even if it is from those closest to him.

This book has many twists and turns in it at times you don't know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. This book will have you hooked from the first word to the very end. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. This is an amazing series and this book will help wrap it all up for you.
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August 15, 2015
ARC given in exchange for an honest review

First, I wish I could give this book more than five stars. It so deserves it. This is book 3 in the series, if you haven't read the other two books DON'T read this one until then. The author knows how to write and keep you hooked. All the questions you had will be answered in this book.

Joesphine has a lot of questions that need answered however she needs her friends to talk to. She needs to make a decision about Rebel and she also needs to figure out Ransom. Joe can't help feel the way she does for Rebel, even with the pictures she received. She needs to decide if she needs to move on with her life or try and worth things out with Rebel. Does she need to protect her heart or give it fully.

Rebel doesn't know what's going on and wants answers but he seems to not be able to reach Joe. He will do anything he can to reach out to her or even find her. Rebel misses his pussycat and he wants to be able to protect her no matter what costs.

This book has a lot of twists and turns however you get all the answers you need. So many things happen in this book and keep you on your toes. You'll be hooked and won't want to put the book down. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone. This was an amazing book and the series was just as amazing. This book will touch a special place in your heart. Great job to the author on another amazing read.
August 25, 2015
This was one of my favorite trilogies and Joe and Rebel are one of my favorite couples. We were left with one hell of a cliffhanger at the end of the last book, and I couldn't wait to see where the author would take things. This book revealed the answers to the questions that we were left with in book 2, and it focused on the development of a beautiful relationship between Rebel and Josephine. Rebel is still a controlling, possessive, dominant alpha male, and I loved him even more in this book. Joe is constantly challenging him and the back and forth banter between them was as enjoyable to read as their chemistry in the bedroom was. I loved everything about their story, but what I appreciated most of all was that both characters stayed true to themselves. Joe did not lose her independence or strong personality, and Rebel did not lose the dark, dangerous qualities that attracted Joe to him in the beginning. That speaks to the author's true talent; that she was able to provide the reader with an amazing love story where the characters, flawed as they are, remain who they are as people. Their love and their relationship wasn't perfect, but it was perfect for them. The story wrapped up perfectly in the epilogue, and I while I loved the story, I was so sad to say goodbye to one of my favorite fictional couples.
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September 7, 2015
I will now forgive J.C. Valentine for her cliffhanger. I thought that I knew what was going to happen and who was behind it. I was so wrong. Fall for Him was worth the wait. Rebel and Josephine have a true connection despite the obstacles that seem to tear them apart. They are one of my favorite couples. This book has drama, mystery and so many twists and turns that it is hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong.
J.C. Valentine gave us answers to the questions she left us with in Lie to You. The relationship between Rebel and Joe grew beautifully. Rebel is still all alpha male, controlling and possessive but he is pure sex on legs. Josephine has just finished college. She has had a difficult but has made the best out of what she has been handed. She doesn’t take Rebel’s crap and is constantly challenging him. I love that Joe did not lose her strength and independence. I love that Rebel did not lose his dark, dangerous qualities that attracted Joe to him.
J.C. Valentine has given us an amazing story between two flawed characters. Their love and their relationship was far from perfect, but it was perfect for them.
The story wrapped up perfectly in the epilogue but I am really sad that this has come to an end. The entire series is fast-paced, intense and freaking HOT. A definite must read….
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