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The Ghost Bird #8

The Other Side of Envy

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Sang Sorenson dreams of what life might be like for her in the Academy, but joining isn't as easy as simply writing an exam or passing an interview. She'll need to pull the team together to get them on her side in order for it to work, which is harder than it sounds. The boys will do anything to protect her, which, for some, means keeping her out.

But that’s not all that’s going on in Sang’s complicated life. After a shocking revelation, Gabriel Coleman splinters himself off from everyone, avoiding not just his Academy team, but even going so far as to avoid Sang. Desperate to bring him back and get him on her side, Sang digs deep into his past to try to discover a way to reach out to him.

His truth is riddled with tragic events, but with the help of Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Luke and North, she might be able to reach out to him before envy and despair drag him too far down to be saved.

The Academy, Deeply Bonded

332 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 28, 2015

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About the author

C.L. Stone

59 books4,239 followers
C. L. Stone likes :chocolate_bar: and #findingburiedtreasure. Her books are about :revolving_hearts: and @dark_themes and #chocolatechippancakes.

If lots of book boyfriends scare you...run. Run now.

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99 reviews
May 9, 2015
Updated review:

The actual rating I'm giving this book is 3.5 stars. Don't get me wrong, I still love the gang but this just didn't do it for me. Quite frankly, I'm a bit disappointed on how this book turned out. I really wanted to love this one. It was boring.. I guess, I was just looking for more action. Nonetheless, I'm still hooked and I can't wait for the other books.

P.S. We need more of Mr. Blackbourne!!!! :D




I'm hoping there will be more than 10 books because I think I will never get enough of Sang and the guys! :D

You feel me??

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373 reviews445 followers
May 5, 2015

I think I'm finally ready to write this review. And over time, I've started to recognize the problems within this plot line and that's why it has been downgraded for me, from a 5 star to a 3.5.

Because let's be honest here. Nothing really happened in this book.

The best way to look at these books is as if you're watching a TV show. There are episodes that are action packed and you're constantly trying to keep up with what is going on throughout them. There are car chases and wild rescues and face to face conflicts. Then there are the episodes in between that support the craziness of the other episodes. They are quiet and are filled with the details of day-to-day life that you miss sometimes. There is character development but it isn't thrilling.

This was not an action packed book like the others. There is a fair amount of people spending time with each other and learning secrets and strategies. It wasn't boring by any means but it still makes you feel like you are missing something.

That being said...

There is a lot to fangirl about in this one.

Gabriel...Just Gabriel.

He's a hard character to understand sometimes. I feel like a lot of the time, he comes off a bit as a sassy diva type character and he's hard to take seriously.

He's creative and wants everything in his world to be beautiful. That's why he paints his walls and dresses up Sang. It's why he shops for everyone and fusses like he does. The only beauty in his life is his team and they keep him sane. But it's hard to keep up with the guys and Gabriel definitely has his weaknesses.

And I loved that this book exposed that in him. He isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Like the rest of the guys, he has his scars and this book allows Sang to explore that and help him in some ways.

Moving onto the other drama, I'm going to put it under a spoiler tag, just in case.

So since we all know where this is going for her, does anybody else wonder about how all of these guys are going to live together with her? I don't care who you are, fitting 10 people in a house with all separate rooms is going to be difficult.

I keep imagining this as their nightly routine:

Kiss one, kiss them all, say goodnight, retreat to rooms until one of the guys decides to make a move on her. When will this girl assert herself in a real way? It's driving me crazy.

In conclusion, these books are a soap opera. Action happens in some episodes, in others it doesn't. This is one of those where you learn about all of the plotting and wait for the next book where everything comes to fruition. It's frustrating, but that's what this series is about.

I'm still a fangirl and I am still waiting on the next book. I obviously have problems.

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128 reviews42 followers
April 30, 2015
I swear... April 2015 just CANT come more slowly!! Why why why why why?????
And it doesn't even have a cover yet!!

Two months left! TWO MONTHS LEFT!! TWO. MONTHS. LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This series is THE BEST!!! LOVVVVVE SANG AND THE GUYS!! I can't even choose a favorite!!!
CANT WAIT for this to come out!! LOVE. THE. GUYS.!!!

On C.L Stones blog it says there are going to be 20+ books in the series!!!!!!!
It should be made into a Tv series!!!

It has a cover guys!! I can't wait for April 28th!!
But that blurb sounds scary...
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32 reviews2 followers
April 29, 2015
Just finished House of Korba and DYING to read this next!! April 2015 come faster, please please please.
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105 reviews8 followers
May 1, 2015
100% worth waiting for. Get the tissues and make sure you have a free day because you are not going to be able to put this magnificent book down. This book is definitely a tear-jerker, but has happy moments as well. C.L. Stone's writing grabs your attention from the first few words, to the very last one. I couldn't have asked for it to be any better.
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140 reviews45 followers
May 27, 2017
"They don't date anyone else. They're with me"

NOW we're talking. This is what I was waiting for. I loved this freakin' book so much!

I'm still floating like Sang. I don't even know where to start.

Gabriel❤...Gabriel Joseph Coleman was the best. You make me want to go all 1D on you (that's bad)

Poor Gabe is so insecure, so damaged. His stepmom is kinda crazy. But, as Sang says, he's beautiful and I completely adore him.

I also loved Sang. She will always have flaws but I feel like she's finally learning to make her own decisions, she doesn't freak out so easily anymore, she's getting bolder with the guys. And yeah, she's plain cute in general.

This series is getting crazier. Just when I thought they might have a break of all the drama...

This is The Academy I was used to. I love your crazy mind C.L. stone.
6 reviews
Want to read
April 14, 2016
[May 6 2015]

Finished at last!

[April 30 2015]


I keep flipping through a few pages and then closing it, again and again and again. I want to read it, but at the same time not complete it fast and spend the next few months in mortal agony. Instead, I'd rather torture myself with the expectations.

Do you even know how hard it is to have the book and not finish in one go?!
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Author 1 book25 followers
May 29, 2015
I've been waiting very impatiently for this book to come out and was lucky enough to receive an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Well, honestly, I'm just as in love with this series now as I've ever been. This latest installment was such a welcome addition to the series. It was perfect!

This time around, the focus of the story is Sang and Gabriel. I loved having an opportunity to get to know Gabriel on a deeper level, as I feel like he was one of the remaining guys that we know the least about at this point. Most of the other guys have gotten a lot more screen time than he has, so to speak. So getting to spend time in his world, seeing what his deep feelings are, both about himself, and about Sang too, was wonderful. He is sweet, smart, and so talented with just about everything, but like most people, he doesn't always see his own worth. I'm so glad the author explored this with Sang and allowed her to get a deeper glimpse into him.

I was both shocked and gratified when Sang was able to discover, in this book, what's really going on. A lot of the guys have, throughout the last few books, been brought into the secret, and I really thought we would reach the end of the series before Sang would discover it. Once again, C.L. Stone surprised me. At first I was a little scared of what the implications of her knowing would mean for the story, but I need not have been concerned. As shy and introverted as she may be, Sang does know what she wants, and discovering this secret was probably just the thing she needed at this point. She can now be a more active participant.

This book also allowed more time for Sang with both Dr. Green and Mr. Blackbourne, which I absolutely LOVED!! Dr. Sean Green is such a sweety, and every scene with Mr. Blackbourne just made me wiggle in my chair.

This book followed the continuing saga that the protagonists have been dealing with since book one. However, whereas the last couple to three books have been heavy on the external danger and conflict, this book focused almost exclusively on the relationship building, which I loved. It was high time for that. Significant progress was made in some relationships where it really needed to occur.

As always the writing was fast-paced, engrossing and altogether entertaining. I've never been so happy and exciting for just kissing scenes as I am when I read these books. Every little encounter is amazing and just gets you in the heart. I love this series and am already beyond excited for the next book to come out.
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801 reviews29 followers
April 30, 2015

I was so anxious to read this book. I was counting down, excited and more than eager to get my hands on it. I feel like the months of waiting were more like years! I even re-read all the other books in the series in the past few weeks just to prepare for it... and then all I got was this boring drivel. I am seriously pissed. And now it's going to be another SIX MONTHS of waiting for the next book! Seriously, the best thing in this book, was the sneak peek of the next book that was at the end!

It pains me to diss this series, because it's one of my guilty pleasures. But aside from Gabriel having his issues (which was sad, because an upset Gabriel is NOT on - he's far too suave a character to be angsty), nothing exciting happened. There was no resolution with Volto. Mr McCoy was the focus of all their problems in this story, and that was boring as hell. They spent the whole book running away from him and trying to work out why he was following Sang. There was little action at school, because I think this book spanned over just a couple of days, and how much drama can happen in just a couple of days, really? There was so little fun in this book too. The gang was never all together at once, and those are always my favourite scenes.

Sang continued to be confused about her feelings, but she managed to have a few make-out sessions with a handful of the guys. She is more confused now more than ever after meeting the other Dog team with a single bird, and finding out how they live. Together. As a family. With romance. I admit, that was one thing I liked - That she, Luke and Gabriel are now in on the secret of how things have to be between Sang and all the guys. But things didn't progress a lot after they all found out.

And that's it... That's basically all that happened.


I don't know that this story was even worth 2 Stars, but I couldn't bare to give it less. I love this crew too much. I hope the next book is a big improvement on this one or I fear I'm going to give up on this series, and after reading more 8 books and the short stories, that would just be annoying.

Now the longggggggg wait begins for the next book.
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352 reviews52 followers
April 30, 2015
I love this series...but I had a few problems with this book. First though, the things I liked...
1. Gabriel. He is awesome and he seems the most real of all of them to me. Teenagers, attitude, and insecurities all go together. He has the perfect combination of attitude and insecurities. He is moody and sometimes lashes out. That is real to me.
2. The gang. I like all of them. Some are more believable than others, sometimes I can't see how their personalities would lead to friendships so close, but I love them all.
3. The concept. This reverse harem/innocent YA book is completely new to me, and maybe new period! I like it.this is book eight, but only a few months have passed, so I have to keep reminding myself that. Teenage boys and hormones are not going to let them be so understanding and innocent, but I am suspending my disbelief because I like the concept.
4. Lily and her gang. I think they are going to help move the plot a bit faster. I hope!

Okay. Now things that bother me...
1. Sang. I get that she is shy and lacks self-confidence. It almost is starting to sound like she is so love-starved that she is clinging to them all, instead of dealing with her own issues. It isn't healthy. She is told to dress how they like and do what pleases them, then she is told to make herself happy. Hmmm...until she knows herself and excepts herself how is she suppose to have a healthy relationship with anyone. Let alone this complicated of a relationship. And will she ever become more than what others want her to be? She seems like a blank slate, drawn on at different points to be what each guy wants. But she does this to herself. She even agrees to almost everything they say to her.
2. This book seemed to point out weaknesses in their group. Family first, and yet they are keeping secrets, not letting everyone know everything, and manipulating some of the members. Logically, it should cause hurt feelings and rifts in their friendships, but they are all understanding. How? Huh? These are the most mature 16-19 year olds ever. I know they are old for their ages, but...no. Not even. They are too understanding. It is almost creepy.
3. They are too young for the Academy to ever agree to this plan. If it was hard for them to be on board for Lily's team of adult, how are they ever, EVER, going to agree to twice as many high school kids doing this? And how many people stay with who they date in high school? I know they kind of mention this, but the head honchos realistically should just laugh. And then laugh some more.

This being said...I am dying to read the next book!!!
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4,846 reviews294 followers
September 18, 2017

When it comes to The Academy books, I am always forever in two minds. Part of me loves them and the characters in the books, but the other half of me gets so frustrated with them at the same time. So much that I want to scream and tell them all to talk or at least grow up. The Other Side of Envy was one of the most frustrating ones that I have read so far in The Academy series as it was like seriously Sang, stop playing games and set the boys including Mr. Blackbourne and Dr. Green and simply tell them all at the same time what you want. Use your words, tell them I Love You all and want to be all of your girlfriends and seriously if you love me too, then get over your freaking jealousy and be with me. In this book, Gabriel annoyed me as his jealousy was radiating off the pages and Kota seriously needs to remove the stick as he is so damn uptight. It's like Kota, take a chill pill and relax. Sang finally met Lily and the guys and saw how they lived, so she knows how it's not impossible to be with them all and live happily ever after. The only really exciting part in this book was finding out some more information about Sang's birth mother, though seriously it being part of an incestuous relationship was unnecessary. No wonder Mrs. Sorenson didn't like Sang, having that reminder that her husband had an affair with his cousin which resulted in not only her birth but also his cousin's death. Talk about deep-rooted family issues and complications. As of course, I do love the idea of reverse harems, and part of me does love this series, I will be continuing. I just hope in the next book, she has grown up a little bit more.
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Author 2 books22 followers
September 11, 2022
*makes nonsensical noises by moving her finger up and down over her lips* That's what reading the Ghost Bird series is like. It's a bunch of painfully slow nonsense that you just kind of roll with because you can't help yourself.

Sang hasn't changed. She finally gets clued into the plan, which it to have her date every single guy in her team, and even gets some advice from the woman of the original harem team, Lilly, yet she sits on the information and acts like a clueless twit. So help me god. She's selfish, which she admits to herself, but the guys assure her that she's not. She gets jealous of Dr. (lol) Green's female patients and nurses. She pictures the guys dating other girls and she gets jealous. She wants them all to herself, thinks it's wrong, but pushes for it anyway. (I know what the series is leading to, but COME ON.) She becomes even more dependent on the guys, where Blackbourne has to order her breakfast because the waiter makes her too nervous! She gives a line about how meeting new people is hard, yet she willingly threw herself into a weird, pseudo friendship with nine different guys in the first book without a hint of fear. You know who Sang should be with? No one, because she's not mature or smart enough to handle a relationship, never mind nine relationships with nine different guys. All book she worries over the guys' feelings and how to keep them happy and love them all. It's pathetic. Sang, I say this every review, but grow a goddamn backbone. However, even though I say that, when she does, it'll be so inorganic and forced that I'll hate it. Mark my words.

Gabriel was a huge, heaping load of emo this book. It was painful to read. Okay, he lives in a trailer, with his stepmom who is a drunk. We get it, his life sucks. But my god, he was all whine, whine, whine, and picked fights. I wanted to slap him. Where the hell was sassy Gabriel? He's probably one of my favourite characters because he's very distinct (even though I think he's gay or bi), but the whining that creeps up every once in a while is not fun.

Guy ranking based on character, not who I would want to date (Blackbourne and Kota, I would date, if they were aged appropriately):
~Good Characters~
Kota (minus the stalker thing)
Gabriel (minus his emo fits)

~The Great Chasm of Meh Characters~

~Horrible Characters, In Fiction Or Out~
Dr. (lol) Green

The plot: McCoy is somehow following Sang via GPS tracking on her phone and the guys move her around so they won't get caught. The rest is basically Sang trying to fix Gabriel's problems.

It seems to me that Lilly is very similar to Sang. She was in a bad home situation, so she's constantly coddled by her four guys. They hover so much that any normal person would tell them to back up, but she laps up the attention. She craves it. She's basically Sang in twenty years. Her advice to Sang basically boiled down to "be whatever the guys want and do anything to please them", aka, "don't be yourself or an individual". No thanks. I don't think Lilly has any sense of self, just like Sang. Her life revolves around her sheltered, hidden away little family. For the love of anything, why can't there be a harem story where it the girl isn't a doormat/robot for the guys to screw, or the girl isn't flitting from one guy to the other, making her seem like a slut and the guys idiots? WHY CAN'T I HAVE THAT? *ahem*

My biggest problem for the entire Academy line (both Ghost Bird and Scarab Beetle) is how misogynistic it is. Every woman is the enemy. Lilly, Sang, and Kayli are the only girls who are shown as decent people. Every other female is a conniving, jealous harpy, a bitch, or straight up untrustworthy because they're female. Marie wants Sang's (lol) popularity. Danielle wants Nathan. Jade wants North. Muriel wants Victor. The Academy girl they get to play Sang while they escape McCoy is depicted as an entitled, bratty snob. Marc's girlfriend (in SB) is shown as a clingy liar. Kevin's girlfriend is also overly clingy (SB). Karen saved Sang from Jade's assault, but Sang still refuses to trust Karen because she doesn't have a penis. Every girl that isn't the heroine is a bad person. All women are evil creatures. Not just actual characters, but theoretical women too!

Am I over exaggerating? Maybe. But come on, even the reasoning against mixed gender teams has everything to do with how evil women are. Girls can't be in teams with guys because the guys' girlfriends will get super jealous. Apparently if your S.O. works with other women, you should be frothing at the mouth. If he has female friends, get your jealous rage on.

There are girl teams, and there are guy teams. Couple teams are usually one guy, one girl. If there are more than one, it's because they're gay and lesbian. Because you know what? Apparently gay people don't get jealous. Multiple straight couples in a team is a no-no, because the girls will get catty with each other over their men. Girls will get along in all-female teams, because they don't have menfolk to fight over.

Guys and girls cannot be friends. That's what the premise of this series basically boils down to. Sang cannot just be friends with nine guys, even though she technically was for a few books before they starting making out with her. The only way to be on their team is to bone all of them. That's not how real life works. You do not throw one guy into a group of girls and watch them tear each other apart so they can have him to themselves. You do not put one girl into a group of guys and watch them all try to woo her before agreeing to share.

*beats temples with her fists* I don't know why I read these. Maybe it's because they're easy, or because I'm curious, or now that I'm on this crazy train I can't get off, but I keep reading them and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised, but most of the time I'm just annoyed.

So yes, get used to my ranting, because I'm still reading, and I'm not going anywhere. Enjoy my money, Stone.
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443 reviews11 followers
April 28, 2015
Shit! I read it too damn fast and now it's OVER.... Nooooooooooooo! Oh my goodness I love Sang; I just adore her! And Gabriel, my heart (sigh)!

I am, I mean, I just, I don't have the words.

How much more can my girl take before she gets to the good part of life? How much longer does she have to feel unwanted, unloved, and cast aside before one of the guys tells her how loved she is by all? They need a family meeting and they need to talk about what is happening in their family. Ok, ok... I need it! BUT COME ON!!!

Jeez, with everything else she has to deal with who her real Mom was? SHIT! I think that Owen should kiss Sang after she finds out to show her that it doesn't matter to him!

Over all, OUT-FRICKIN-STANDING! I love CL Stone and her writings. This book is all that and sooooo much more! I can not speak highly enough about the writing and story.

Now I have to go to my room and cry until October when the next book come out! I will undoubtedly read this several more time before then, just so that I won't miss them while they are gone.

YES, I did read this in less than a day. Yes, I am sorry that I didn't take longer because now its over :`(

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1,277 reviews44 followers
July 16, 2018
McCoy's return has Sang hiding out with Gabriel, who is rather embarrassed by his home life. Even as he and Sang get some alone time to get to know each other, Gabriel loses a lot of confidence by comparing himself to Victor and the other guys. He starts to distance himself. It's up to Sang to reassure him.

This is becoming one of my favorite YA series. It has plenty of action, but the romance is very slow burning. I still appreciate how respectful the guys in the Academy are towards Sang, even though they are all crazy about her. As I mentioned in the review for book 7, I AM ready to make some progress on the plotline of what the principal is up to, and we aren't really getting anywhere there. Even this book didn't progress much on that front. I'm ready for a few tidbits to move that part of the story along -perhaps in the next book?
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Author 1 book5 followers
October 18, 2022
my poor boy gabriel. L for him. still don’t understand the plot at all. like WHY are these people following her? WHAT THE HELL do the academy boys do?!!
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76 reviews2 followers
June 19, 2021
This one was just boring. On to book 9! I’m actually pretty bummed out to know I’m getting close to the end.. and that there is still more unpublished books? Like?? Will I get to the end of the series and it not be completed? I will burn down the world.
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76 reviews28 followers
October 9, 2015
WARNING this is a more of a rant and there are spoilers

lately I feel as if the details don't match up in this series. I think this was in the third book but she's telling her dad that she's sixteen, next thing you know she's still fifteen and about to turn sixteen. The time also throws me off. One moment it's morning the next paragraph it's late at night. I feel like there are things mentioned but we forget about it. Like what about Will? He gave her his phone number and we just left it at that. She didn't even text or call him. I'm getting to a point where I'm easily annoyed with the characters. As I've mentioned before they treat her like a doll. Almost all of them are in love with her now and they are only SIXTEEN! The whole Let's all get married to her and live together thing is not going to work out. Sang even knows that It's not going to work out yet Mr.Blackbourne is trying to convince her that it's okay. The thing is she wants to please him so she's doing what she thinks is wrong. I wish Sang would grow some independence. She's too dependent on the guys. She won't even think about talking to any of the other girls. I'm hoping for some Character improvements in book nine.
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180 reviews19 followers
April 30, 2015
Can I just reverse time and reread the entire series for the first time? That is how much I love these books. Sang and the boys are so amazing and I am so happy Gabriel got his own book and got to spend one-on-one time with Sang. I have to say Gabriel is my favorite and I loved every single minute of this book and I will now probably go into a state of depression now that it is over. The next book can literally not come here soon enough and I am physically in pain waiting for it already. I think what I love most about the series is that it is definitely not something I would normally read. I had just picked up the first book one day and fell in love. If there is any way possible to ever get an ARC cooy of the next book sign me up! I will write reviews until I die about how good these books are. I honestly am living in a state of denial about how far away it is until the next book comes out.
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2,014 reviews86 followers
January 24, 2016
I love Sang, she is the best heroine ever. I hate the bad stuff that she goes through. Also, I love how the boys protect her. I think it is intense yet beautiful. They make the story funny and serious when it needs to be. I wonder how she is going to choose between the nine of them. I think she will have to get married to them all.

My favourite boy is North. Silas is my second favourite. Then, Mr. Blackbourne rounds out my top three. Each boy brings a special and unique quality to the book. I loved that I got to see more Gabriel in this book. He was sweet, protective, and funny as hell.

This was a fantastic sequel. It is something totally different than what you usually expect from an author. The series just keeps getting interesting, especially when she has 9 boys that she wants and they are all vying for her heart. I think it makes the story fresh and new. I can't wait to read The Healing Power of Sugar next! OMG!!! MORE NORTH!!! YES!!! Overall, an amazing read.
23 reviews
April 29, 2015
I wish it was longer. Spoilers included. (I've hit the button but I'm not sure they are hidden.)

I'm glad that Sang found the other (so far) functioning bird/dog group, but five people versus ten? It's a lot different. I find it interesting that in an innocent looking young adult book that the author is going toward a non-traditional relationship. Good thing Sang doesn't like to be alone!

Glad to see the deeper side of Gabriel.

So based on this, Kota will be the last to know? The younger leader? I'm not sure if that will sit well with him. But I also know I wouldn't want to live in old refrigeration units either.

One more thing: Is Volto the brother of the girl from the Scarab series (can't recall her name right now)? He has the computer skills but does he have the Academy knowledge? Or is he being forced to help Volto?
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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454 reviews76 followers
April 30, 2018
This series is so difficult to binge read. Sang is just... I don't even know. I understand why she is the way that she is, but I'm currently 8 books in and I feel like she hasn't really made much progress. She still keeps things from the guys and her inner monologues are extremely annoying at times. I know it wouldn't be this bad if I hadn't read 8 books in two days but yeah. I'm at least happy the romance aspect is moving along and I'll still continue the series since I do want to know what happens.
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658 reviews17 followers
June 21, 2017
This series ruined my life the last week. I COULD NOT STOP READING!

I can't even think of anything intelligent to say about these books... I just need more. And for f#cks sake- PLEASE let Sang finally get laid... Hopefully by Mr Blackbourne.
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