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Cainsville #4


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When Olivia's life exploded--after she found out she was not the adopted child of a privileged Chicago family but of a notorious pair of convicted serial killers--she found a refuge in the secluded but oddly welcoming town of Cainsville, Illinois. Working with Gabriel Walsh, a fiendishly successful criminal lawyer with links to the town, she discovered the truth about her parents' crimes in an investigation that also revealed the darker forces at work in the place that had offered her a haven. As if that wasn't enough, she also found out that she, Gabriel and her biker boyfriend Ricky were not caught in an ordinary sort of love triangle, but were hereditary actors in an ancient drama in which the elders of Cainsville and the mysterious Huntsmen who opposed them had a huge stake.

Now someone is killing street kids in the city, and the police have tied Ricky to the crimes. Setting out with Gabriel's help to clear Ricky's name, Olivia once again finds her own life at risk. Soon the three are tangled in a web of betrayals that threatens their uneasy equilibrium and is pushing them toward a hard choice: either they fulfill their destinies by trusting each other and staying true to their real bonds, or they succumb to the extraordinary forces trying to win an eternal war by tearing them apart.

416 pages, Hardcover

First published August 9, 2016

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Kelley Armstrong

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Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write. Her earliest written efforts were disastrous. If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers' dismay. All efforts to make her produce "normal" stories failed.

Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked away in her basement writing dungeon. She's the author of the NYT-bestselling "Women of the Otherworld" paranormal suspense series and "Darkest Powers" young adult urban fantasy trilogy, as well as the Nadia Stafford crime series. Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, kids and far too many pets.

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August 13, 2016

3,5 stars

If you don't like love triangles in your book in general, then I have bad news for you: it's still a predominate theme and I don't think you would enjoy it. But, if you didn't like the way this particular love triangle was written so far in series, I find Betrayals to be much better book than previous was, simply because KA took everything I had problem with concerning the triangle and tried to handle it with more or less success:

1) first thing that left me disappointed in previous book was the fact that love triangle between Olivia, Gabriel and Rick became this, main, uberstory of entire series. Every buildup of every mystery and intrigue up to that point leads to choice Liv has to make between two men. Larsen murders, all the ominous owls and ravens, Trystan meddling... it's all because these three are living embodiment of Matilda, Arwen and Gwynn and Tylwyth Teg (fae of Cainsville) and Cŵn Annwn (the Wild Hunt) are manipulating events for Olivia to choose their champion. I really didn't like this direction because it, in my opinion, constricts main character(s) development. What was the point of reading about evolvement of Olivia's powers from seeing omens to blown-out visions if only for it to mean: oh, she is Matilda (and she has to choose). Same goes for Gabriel and Ricky, who are both, individually, interesting characters and yet, in previous book, they were pigeon-holed into these roles of romantic rivals as their primary roles. This is exactly what Armstrong changed in this book. First of all, we have a parallel plot with Olivia actually using her powers and trying to catch the killer and save lamia fae with Gabriel and Ricky and it doesn't have to do anything with feud between Hunt and Cainsville. A classic mystery subplot, but I mentioned it also because introducing lamiae, different type of fae, Armstrong is finally showing us that this supernatural world she created is more than just Cainsville and love triangle. Olivia has a great power and it was good seeing she is using it to get answers and help someone, not to mention the fact that her visions can be interesting and creepy which is fun to read. Same applies to Ricky and his Cŵn Annwn heritage. More obvious disengaging from triangle and their roles are characters themselves who are making decisions about their lives like they would if situation is different, like they are not living embodiment of old legend. Sure, they know what happened and suppose to happen, but they are not letting that govern their decisions. And, of course, the ending which heavily hints the resolution of this plot (and for the first time, I actually believe it).

2)The biggest complaint, though, I had in previous book, was the fact that because of the way she wrote this love triangle, Armstrong fucked up the best thing (at least for me) about series: dynamic between Olivia and Gabriel. I have to stress out that that my disappointment has nothing to do with the fact that I wanted Gabriel to be romantic interest since I enjoyed reading them being friends or talking/bickering. I just liked them together doing whatever. But suddenly Olivia started misinterpreting his actions and words and basically turned from one person in his life who understood him into a person who doesn't get him at all and I always felt their sudden miscommunication was actually a collateral damage of an attempted justification of love triangle existence. And to be perfectly clear, I don't mind the crisis in their relationship, but I do mind how contrived it read. There are still traces of this at the beginning of Betrayals, like when Olivia doesn't want to call Gabriel to investigate with her because she thinks it would annoy him or when she thinks he is annoyed she used her shirt to help injured person (:exaggeration induced eyeroll:.) Anyway, there are still several scenes like these, but there is great deal of scenes toward the end with Gabriel and Olivia actually talking and discussing and asking each other what they mean instead of making wrong assumptions. This is what I was missing in previous instalment. It's also a great place to mention that it's in this book where Ricky's character really started to shine for me. He was always likeable, but here he becomes fully realized character with a story of his own to tell.

Apart from triangle, Betrayals is fast-paced and keeps you glued to your reader all the way. It has an interesting mystery with predictable outcome (rather, responsible person is predictable); Olivia being injured at least one time too many (seriously, she bounces back too fast considering everything that happened to her in this book); Gabriel who in all his "grumpy crab" self is still successfully staying my favourite even when he's moping assessing the situation regarding Olivia; Ricky being the most adult person in the room and Patrick being the least adult person in the room and just in case you wondered, definite proof that riding a bike does wonders for Liv's libido.

Looking forward to next book. :)

Dear Kelley, let's break this triangle, please?


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November 26, 2016
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.

BETRAYALS reads like a paranormal thriller which is a genre that Kelley Armstrong does well. However, this caused the Mallt-y-Nos retelling to go somewhat by the wayside, not a horrible digression given the awful love triangle that developed in book 3, but it did leave this installment feeling a little bit like filler. Good filler, yet filler nonetheless.

It was Gabriel’s turn to take a run at Olivia. Kinda. Walsh makes a serious effort to give her what she needs, they have a concussed “moment”, and Ricky makes a bold move, so hopefully this means that the next volume will focus on Liv and Gabriel. Good news because he’s who I ship. Walsh is definitely an acquired taste, and a tough nut to crack however, that’s just part of his charm.

The plot was entertaining because as I mentioned earlier, cover-ups, red herrings, and twists are areas in which this author thrives. It did tie into The Hunt, and the on-going cold war between the Cŵn Annwn and the Tylwyth Teg, but the connections were tenuous at best. It was more about solving the mystery of who is killing lamiae, and identifying the rebel Huntsman and Hound.

This installment brought with it a lot of flashbacks to previous incarnations of Matilda, Gwynn, and Arawn which I enjoyed. It was interesting seeing the original characters reflected in these latest manifestations, but also observing how they differ. I believe that RITUALS will be the final CAINSVILLE title, so I’m curious to find out how Armstrong’s modern take on this Welsh myth ends.

BETRAYALS will make Gabriel Walsh cheerleaders happy. Go team Gwynn! ~4.5 Stars
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August 24, 2016
4.5/5 stars

Betrayals is the fourth book in the Cainsville series. There is a final book in the series, Rituals, coming out in 2017. There will be some spoilers from the previous books in this review.

The main narrator of the book is Olivia (1st person). But there are also some 3rd person narration (Ricky/future leader of a biker gang and Gabriel/lawyer and Olivia's boss).

I love this series. I would describe it as part mystery and part paranormal. The paranormal elements have definitely increased with each book. Olivia has visions. But also the fae play a big part in the story.

Each book has a mystery. And this book's mystery has to do with a bunch of dead girls.

Olivia was adopted. Her birth parents Pamela and Todd have been in jail for 20+ years (accused of serial killings). Olivia and Gabriel are trying to get Todd out (although that storyline was not the main focus of this book).

When Betrayals begins Olivia has a vision. Visions play a very important part in this book (and the entire series).

When I first saw the cover of the hound I was not sure what to think. It was odd looking. But after finishing the book I am obsessed with this cover. It fits this book perfectly.

I have two favorite things about this series. 1) Cainsville. 2) Gabriel.

Cainsville is the town full of mystery where the elders are in charge. I am so happy that we get a lot more Cainsville in Betrayals (we got much less in the last book). I love everything about Cainsville. I am obsessed with Gabriel's aunt Rose. And I love Patrick and the elders. They are hilarious.

We get a lot of Gabriel in this book. He is such a unique and original character. And I loved to see how his character has progressed. He started as someone unable to show emotion. And now he is slowly realizing how much Olivia means to him.

This book features a love triangle (between Olivia, Ricky and Gabriel). But these three are the embodiment of Matilda of the Hunt, Arawn/Cwn Annwn (Ricky) and Gwynn/Tylwyth Teg (Gabriel). In that story Matilda had to choose between the two men.

This is one of the most interesting love triangles I have seen. Because Olivia really does have a deep connection to both Gabriel and Ricky. Also, Gabriel and Ricky could not be more different. Gabriel is sneaky and cunning and rarely feels emotions. While Ricky is sexy and studious and in a biker gang. Additionally, we have the whole Cwn Annwn/Wild Hunt and Tylwyth Teg/Welsh fae/the elders component. Since Olivia, Gabriel and Ricky embody these people how does the past impact the choices they make now?

This book features a lot of detective work to solve the mystery. Olivia and the gang are in a lot of dangerous situations. I loved it all.

Something happens at the end that really surprised me. I was looking forward to the last book. But now I absolutely cannot wait to read the final book of the series! I want to see how it will end.

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Want to read
December 26, 2015
Another update: August 2016?? That's ... a lifetime away!! Oh Gosh, if I die before August, I'm going to have to haunt someone who'll buy the book, and read it over their shoulder with them. But let's hope it doesn't have to come to that. ...

I need Gabriel in my lifeee!

The. Wait. Is. Killing. Meee.


Update: It has a title! uuuuu sounds mysterious and backstabbing and delicious! I want it, nao!


So THIS just (well, not just now, but it's the first time I've seen it.) happened. Oh fricking frock. Oh gosh. I nearly peed my pants.

I'm so happppyyyyyyyyyy!


Kelley Armstrong,
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August 23, 2016
So at the beginning of this book, Olivia was getting on my nerves a bit simply because it felt as if she were going backwards in her friendship with Gabriel and walking on eggshells around him because oooohhh...she might annoy him or make him angry. That's where I wanted to grab a fictional character and say, "So the f*** what? Stop acting like you need to censor yourself around him!" I mean, honestly, if after 4 books there's been no progression between two people who have continually had each other's backs, how long is this crap going to go on?

But then Kelley Armstrong turns this book into a story of -- at least in my opinion -- growth and change for all three characters. I think Ricky really came into his own in this book, and for the first time I was viewing him as a future leader and not just the fun, good-time guy Liv is killing time with.

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel. He may still not be able to say the words to Olivia that need to be said, but he made some huge steps in this book.

As for the mystery in this book, I found it interesting but, for me, it took a backseat to the dynamic between these three characters. I did love the additional supernatural/fae elements to this story, as well as learning more of the background mythology to this series.

Apparently book #5 will be the conclusion to this series. It's going to suck having to wait a year for the final book! But I hold out hope that it's going in the direction I've been hoping for, and will be worth the wait!
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August 20, 2016
I absolutely LOVE this series and this book is the best so far!

Gabriel is my main man, I adore his character, I love his nature, his head is a tunnel of thoughts that I could quite happily sit and decipher..... he is amazing....

Ricky is just full of hotness and he is also an amazing character.... but I don't want him to be 'number 1', although that is where he seems to be 'physically... mentally, I am not so sure... I'd like to say more but I won't be giving spoilers at any point...

I love Olivia and I admire her... All three are super amazing and this triangle is not like the typical triangle that you get in stories, this one is typically frustrating but equally as accepting in a strange way and it'a all to do with the fae and their history.

Patrick is a character unto himself and I now look forward to certain conversations...

Ms Armstrong has a unique way of capturing her audience with the way she writes her books, she is an amazing author, there is no doubt, but it sometimes feels as though her words can cause an alternate reality which makes her books swallow us whole!!!.

Cainsville is another amazing series that captivates us with its mystery, it's love, it's plots and twists and most definitely the writing style. I love the way things are developing and I can't wait to delve into the next book.. I did think about reading the first few parts of The Orange Cat but I think I've already read a spoiler in the 'Author's Note and if I have, I'm gutted... I have put that down, obviously, I'll pick it up when I've read the next installment instead!

Highly recommended series, Kelley Armstrong has done it again!
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August 7, 2017
This review and others can be found on my blog, Fine Print.

In the interests of avoiding spoilers, I’m going to keep this review fairly light on the details of the story and focus on my overall feelings towards this book. In BETRAYALS, Olivia, Gabriel, and Ricky are still grappling with the implications of their shared role in the underground Fae conflict that has shaped their lives; add in a new case to solve and personal issues on all sides and this one’s a doozy. After a lack lustre third book, it feels like the Cainsville series has found its footing again!

One of my biggest gripes throughout this series has been the relative lack of cohesion between the overall series arc and the individual cases the gang has to solve in each book, always involving the Fae somehow; in BETRAYALS, we finally get a glimpse into how all these cases tie together and how they’ve contributed to the inevitable confrontation that we’ll see in the series finale. Seemingly unconnected incidents of Fae violence and mischief have in fact been part of a greater whole, an agenda that seeks to influence Liv’s decision about which faction she’ll lend her support to. A major battle is coming, one that Liv, Gabriel, and Ricky can only survive if they put aside their conflicts and work together. Easier said than done! I found it incredibly satisfying to finally get some answers about the cases they’ve worked together, and I’m eager to see how they all tie together in the end.

The character dynamics in the Cainsville books, particularly those between the main trio, are pretty complex and difficult to summarize. It’s not just a love triangle, there’s also deep affection and friendship between them, and also the minor issue of reincarnation and destiny. I know what you’re thinking, major eye-roll territory ahead. But Liv, Gabriel, and Ricky actually resist the whole idea of reincarnation and destiny, choosing to focus on who they are in this life and acknowledging that their choices and actions are their own. It was honestly quite refreshing, especially after some of the over-the-top destiny nonsense in the third book. Those of you who loathe love triangles may still want to steer clear, but personally I think it’s very well handled. Everyone involved seems to know the score, and (for the most part) people respect the relationships between those involved. Of course, it’s obvious who is going to be endgame, but I think it’s a sign of how well written it is that I’d be happy with either pairing.

While this is technically an urban fantasy series, the Cainsville books don’t feel like your standard urban fantasy; they’re much more character-driven than most. Sure, there are gifts to be explored and magical secrets to be uncovered, but those things really do take a backseat to the development of the main and supporting cast of characters. The small town feel of Cainsville is charming and the Welsh mythology of the Fae is fascinating, but what keeps me coming back is the nuances and slow but sure development of the characters – especially Gabriel. Although Liv is definitely my favourite character, Gabriel’s development has been the most satisfying to watch: Armstrong slowly peels back the layers of an aloof, cold man to reveal the slightly less aloof, slightly less cold person who lies beneath. Call me cheesy, but there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a veritable iceberg slowly, quietly melt in the face of true love.

Ultimately, BETRAYALS is a solid fourth book in a series that I feared had lost its mojo, bringing the plot and characters back on track. I can’t wait for the fifth and final book in the series, RITUALS, set to release in August!
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December 10, 2016
I'll admit I took off one star for the end. I'll be honest, this book made me hate love triangles in the worst way. Because honestly I love both guys as much as Olivia. But I admire selflessness so much. And Ricky has that in spades. So I write this in tears grateful this is fiction. It's so unfair. And because of that I resent Gabriel who is a fantastic hero and the fictional guy I normally go for. He's broken and the woman in me wants to fix him much like Olivia. But why couldn't Ricky be an asshole. And because he isn't I want for once to have the nice guy win. What message do we send, guys don't be too nice because we women prefer an asshole we think we can fix/change. Women, go ahead and continue to be mistreated because he's broken and one day he'll see the light. The truth is, that only happens in fiction. So why not just take the nice guy. Why not let the nice guy win fictionally. Then maybe more real guys will see the benefit to being nice.

Let's just say while I'll read the next in the series, I'm not looking forward to it.
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August 26, 2016
“But that's what dreams are for—to weave reality and fantasy and memory and stitch together something you can't hope for in waking life. To fulfill that little part of you that wants something so bad.”

4.5 stars Whhhhhy is it such a long wait for the next book? Ugh.

Betrayals starts a few months after the end of Deceptions. It’s masterly written and the ever growing mythology opens new doors for the series that quickly draws your attention. Armstrong takes these legends and myths and shapes them into her own. Betrayals absolutely makes up for the little bit of a disappointment I had with book three, I dived into this story like no time had passed.

The characters. The characters are, without a doubt, my favorite part of these books. Especially Gabriel. Throughout the series Gabriel has had tremendous growth. Seeing him go from this cold, unfeeling, cyborg has been the highlight of the series. Throughout every book he reveals more and more of his personality and backstory, we see all these layers of his character, and he is definitely my favorite character. See I love everything about him. He’s all practical and serious, very no-nonsense, but every once in a while he shows this vulnerability. It breaks my heart. He can be an asshole but *shrugs* I don’t care.
“I haven’t apologized yet.”
“Mmm, right. Do you want to do that? Or just pretend you did?”
“I made a conscious decision to do what I thought was right, knowing that you would likely disagree. I’m sorry if you thought it was the wrong decision.”
“That’s kinda like an apology. Sure, I’ll take it.”

Fuck. His banter with Olivia made my day. It’s what I live for from this series.

So, Olivia. She’s still pretty great. I think she’s brave, smart, confident, and funny. She makes the best out of her problems and never relies on others to save her. Her friendship with Gabriel is a bit on the rocky side because of everything that happened in the previous book, but I loved how willing Gabriel was to try and mend it. Ricky’s also pretty great, he’s nice and considerate, but he just can’t hold a candle to Gabriel. But, really, who can?

The plot. The mystery of this book was one of my favorites of the series. There have been a string of murders, and Ricky has been linked to all of them. So Liv has to team up with Gabriel to try and clear his name and also figure out more of the whole Matilda/Arawn/Gwynn myth. The entire thing was fast-paced and engaging. Liv’s visions still remain one of my favorite parts. Also there are a few chapters in Gabriel’s POV so… those were pretty amazing.

The love-triangle. I’ve never minded the love-triangle, mostly because I feel like it’s so much more complicated than that.

Betrayals sets up the next book of the series perfectly. I’m pretty sure Rituals is the last book of the series, and I am beyond excited for it.
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August 3, 2021
Fucking, yes.
I am obsessively in love with this series and I can't believe it's almost over.
The tension, the characterization, the struggles, the FEELINGS I got from this book.
Gabriel is such a fantastic character. They all are, in their own ways. Gabriel is so cute and dry and just when I want...when I'm hoping he'll do something out of his usual way, he doesn't. In a way, it's refreshing, since he stays so true to character.
The ending was amazing. The beginning? The whole *waves arms* bridge part? It was everything.
Go read (or listen to this series, like I am) this entire series.
Can't wait to start the final (CRY) book tomorrow.

August 4 @ 10pm:

April 21, 2016: BLURB BLURB BLURB!

April 7, 2016:
ps. there better be some touching on Gabriel's behalf of I'm gonna fuckin snap

Oct 14, 2015:
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July 29, 2023
Note: Much of this review may have spoilers for the first three books in the Cainsville series, so if you haven't read them yet, please exercise caution. At the cost of going mysterious, I will indeed avoid spoilers for this fourth installment.

In the Goodreads code three stars means "I liked it," and I certainly enjoy Kelley Armstrong's command of language and the way she develops her characters; all along I feel I'm right there with them. And four stars for the first two pages of chapter two, where our first-person narrator Olivia (Liv) Taylor-Jones, born Eden Larsen, clearly and succinctly states how she, Gabriel Walsh, and Ricky Gallagher are connected to the tragic Welsh myth of Matilda, Gwynn, and Arawn that is destined to be played out again and again.

The key is that they're not avatars or reincarnations of the mythic three and they aren't doomed to reenact the tragedy. Rather, as I understand it, Liv, Gabriel, and Ricky step like improvisational actors into the respective roles of Matilda, Gwynn, and Arawn with an opportunity to make better choices this time. In the original myth, Gwynn was king of the Fair Folk (Tylwyth Teg or fae) and Arawn led the Wild Hunt; and
the two made a deal. If Matilda went to Arawn on her wedding day, she'd be his, and the world of the fae closed to her forever. If she stayed with Gwynn, the world of the Hunt would close instead. Of course, neither told Matilda about the pact.

The night before her wedding [to Gwynn], Matilda left for one last hunt with her old friend Arawn. As she saw the gates to the fae world close, she raced back, only to be consumed by the fiery abyss. Unable to save her, both young men blamed themselves and each other, and their worlds had been at odds ever since.
So in the myth it wasn't just Matilda but all three who made choices that turned out disastrously. Now Liv, Gabriel, and Ricky are the latest threesome drawn into these roles through their ancestry: both Gabriel and Liv's mother come from the Fair Folk of Cainsville, and both Ricky and Liv's father have forebears in the Wild Hunt. Can Liv work out a healthy relationship, or will this go the way of stereotypical romantic triangles?

To help clear Ricky as a suspect in a string of murders, Liv and Gabriel try to unmask the real killer. Two major things happen during the present adventure. One of them, no spoilers here, profoundly affects the relationship between Gabriel and Liv and deepens our understanding of Gabriel's character. The other one starts with Liv's vision of the murders in chapter one and is explained by Patrick at page 41, which I hope is soon enough not to be a spoiler: the murder victims are a Greek breed of fae who have only two forms--their real form is snake-like, and their only disguise is as teenage girls.

So Liv gets to mix it up with a delightfully mischievous crowd of fake teenagers and their human protectors, and the solution to the mystery will depend on her understanding of their personalities--different from the Welsh fae of Cainsville and in some ways a breath of fresh air.

I'd have enjoyed the story more if Liv didn't make dubious tactical decisions, take undue risks, and suffer the consequences. Trigger warning: at one point Liv will just barely survive; tough reading, that. But also a major piece of motivation isn't working for me--if Liv chooses Gabriel it will somehow save Cainsville. How and from what threat? Modernization? That's what the vague remarks suggest. I just don't see the big danger to the Fair Folk.
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3,009 reviews378 followers
May 18, 2017
I really tried making this last but I couldn't help myself. Full review to come.

Edited to add review:
I have loved this series from the very first book and that love for the series, for the characters and the wonderfully unique plot, have only grown as the series has. And so, with each new book, I want to both devour them and make them last forever. Such was the dilemma I had while reading Betrayals. I couldn't wait to get through it at the same time that I wasn't ready for it to be over. Waiting for each new book has been so very hard to do and with book five maybe being the last one? I wasn't ready at all for that.

Liv, Gabriel, and Ricky have quickly become friends. Characters I care about, are concerned about, and can't get enough of. Characters I feel for and would love to know in real life.

This series continues to be great with the mysteries surrounding not only Liv, Ricky, and Gabriel but all of the fae as well as the town of Cainsville. I love how each installment brings us a little closer to the truth, a little more hints, a little more detail, and whole lot more trouble.

Armstrong has this amazing ability to make a love triangle work. It makes sense in this storyline, it's hard to explain but it's there, it's real, and it belongs and even though I love both of these boys, you can tell that only one will be the one by the end of the story, regardless of how much we love them both and somehow you can just trust that it will all work out in the end.

These characters have grown so much since the beginning of the story in almost every way imaginable and even some characters I didn't like in the beginning have begun to grow on me and worm their way into my thoughts and maybe even a little bit into my heart. It's interesting that we get so much to this story and yet so little at the same time and somehow it seems to work as well.

I truly love this series and just can't wait for more. I'm really hoping the next book isn't the last one because I'm not ready at all to say goodbye to these characters and this town.
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807 reviews431 followers
October 2, 2016
Kelley Armstrong had a Facebook contest to win a bound copy of BETRAYALS and I was the extremely lucky reader who won it!!! Once I started reading I was hooked, which isn't surprising since that's happened with every since other book in the Cainsville series. I pretty much read it nonstop today, and I absolutely loved it...and the ending, oh my goodness, the ending means that the fifth books is going to be amazing!!! I'm already excited to buy myself a finished copy of BETRAYALS, reread it and then anxiously and eagerly await the final book in the series! haha :D

BETRAYALS is definitely my favourite in the series so far. I loved the mystery aspects, and I loved getting to read more from Gabriel and Ricky's points of view...especially Gabriel's, he's my absolute favourite!!! :D As always, I absolutely loved Liv, too. She's such a strong, smart, wonderful character, and she's amazing in this one. It's also so interesting to learn more about Matilda, Gwynn and Arawn...even more so once we start to see the similarities and connections between Olivia, Gabriel, and Ricky!! I'm a sucker for mythology and I don't know much about Celtic mythology, so I'm extremely fascinated by it in this series...and BETRAYALS has really started to expand on it...it's fantastic!! :D

I absolutely loved BETRAYALS and I think that other fans of the Cainsville series will, too! If you haven't started the Cainsville series and you love awesome main characters who are strong, fierce and who tend to get into some pretty precarious situations, I think you'll love the Cainsville series. It's also great for anyone who enjoys stories involving mythology, Celtic lore, and fae. :D I totally recommend that everyone check this series out though...it's absolutely fantastic and one of my top favourites!
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3,796 reviews1,022 followers
December 5, 2017
Trigger warnings: violence, murder, childhood trauma flashbacks

3.5 stars.

I read this on my flight(s) from Melbourne to London and then on the Tube from Heathrow to my brother's place, so it's entirely possible that I missed some stuff simply because of the way I was reading this.

That said, this was a little bit...meh...for me. I wanted to love it. We're getting to the pointy end of the series now - the final book comes out in about a month - and so there are definitely things brewing. But at this point, I'm just SO over the whole love triangle aspect of things and I just want it to be done.

So yeah. I liked the mystery side of things in this one. I liked the chapters from Ricky and Gabriel's perspectives. I liked certain events that happened and it took all my self control not to scream on the plane.

But I'm reeeeeeeal sick of the whole "I love Ricky so much, here's like 5 pages of us having sex on his motorbike. But I have such great conversations with Gabriel and I have all these feelings waaaaah" side of things.

Still, I'm stupid excited to see how it all wraps up next month.
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February 7, 2017
-The investigation of the week plot was blander than usual, took up too much of the story and seemed like filler when looking at the series as a whole.

-Quite liked Pamela and Todd, and all the Cainsville/Hunt aspects. I would rather more focus be on them than the generic murder mystery stuff.

-Nothing much to Olivia apart from her numerous irritating visions and the never ending boring love triangle.

-Ricky was too good to be true in a really, really bland way. I would lose interest in any scene he was in.

-Gabriel finally realising his feeling for Olivia and pining after her was kind of meh, it took too long for him to get there. Also, the way they've been written it feels like a relationship between them wouldn't work anyhow, what with all their constant communication and trust issues, and Gabriel's inability to be emotional or affectionate. I doubt Olivia could be with someone so closed off.
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December 29, 2018
Much better than Book 3. Loved the fact that Gabriel is finally acknowledging his feelings and Ricky is recognising a change in dynamic. I loved the first two books in the series, but unfortunately book 3 made a big dent in my enjoyment of this series and while this was much improved, I’m still not sure I can make it through the last book.
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June 7, 2016
I was fortunate enough to win an ARC of Betrayals in a Facebook contest from Kelley Armstrong!

I absolutely love the Cainsville series. As in I've reread the series who knows how many times. As in I've fallen completely head-over-heels for the characters. As in I may obsessively think about this series way too much for it to be a healthy interest. Yup. An unbiased review this is not.

Heading into Betrayals I had no idea what to expect. That's the fun in getting the book in advance - no early reviews to tempt me, no spoilers to taint my reading experience. Just me wondering what on earth was going to happen. (And, as fans know, anything can happen in Cainsville.) Without any preconceived notions, I just let the story take me wherever it wanted to go. And boy, was it a ride.

Without giving too much away, Betrayals begins four months after the end of Deceptions . Olivia has found peace with the outcome of her birth parents' case... mostly. She is fighting for the release of Todd, though the appeal has not gone as she'd hoped. Gabriel's willing to do what he can to see that happen, even if it's against Olivia's wishes. Which is par for the course... except this time he's desperate to make amends. Things have not been the same between them after his painful betrayal four months ago. Olivia's been distant and it seems like nothing will bring them together again... until a new case catches their interest. A decidedly personal one. Ricky is a potential suspect in the murder of street girls in Chicago. Another personal aspect? Olivia just saw those same girls murdered in a vision. And the murderer was the missing man who has Ricky framed. And the girls were more on the fae side. Just another day in Cainsville, right? Olivia teams up with Gabriel to find answers in the case, but as she gets further involved and more people's lives are at stake - her life is at stake - she learns that the truth is not always black-and-white, much as she'd like it to be.

I think the time jump was a brilliant move. (The first three novels picked up immediately where the previous left off.) The four month gap in between Deceptions and Betrayals adds another level of intrigue to the story. How did the time affect the characters? How have their relationships changed? In what ways have they achieved their goals... and what ways have they not? The time jump adds further meaning behind the characters' actions and, as a reader, it's fun to analyze why the characters behave the way they do.

Another aspect I appreciated? There was more Cainsville. The story in Deceptions took readers away from the spooky little town. Olivia reasonably needed to get away, but it was a little disappointing to have that piece of the story missing. But Cainsville makes its return in Betrayals and I absolutely loved every minute of it! It was so much fun revisiting the town and its interesting inhabitants (More Patrick! More Rose! More TC!). It felt like a throwback to Omens , when we were first discovering Cainsville. I think that element made me the most happy with this penultimate novel - Cainsville was back, gargoyles and all!

This series has always been part paranormal, part mystery. That is no different here. Betrayals spends half its time on the Matilda legend/Tylwyth Teg/Cŵn Annwn, and the other half on solving the murders in Chicago... though both parts do intersect at times. I liked how the Matilda legend was expanded upon even more. There's a large focus on how Olivia, Gabriel, and Ricky are dealing with their roles. I also liked the focus on Olivia's impending fae decision - we've seen the Tylwyth Teg through Cainsville, but there was also a lot with the Cŵn Annwn, which was a surprise. We got to understand their values and how they function. This is setting up what should be an epic finale... and a very difficult decision for Olivia. On the mystery side of things, I was invested throughout... which was a very painful experience as the characters tend to wind up in precarious situations quite often. Armstrong excels at creating tension, so these scenes were excellent reads. My one complaint is that while I loved those individual scenes, I do not think the mystery and the finale were as strong in this installment. I thought Armstrong knocked it out of the park in the previous novels, so this paled in comparison for me. Still good, but the ending did not pack a punch like I expected! Which is okay, because what I'm really here for is...

The characters. Gah, the characters. I could write a novel about why I love them. The world itself would be intriguing on its own, but Armstrong fills it with an array of interesting and fun and detailed characters. That is what draws me to Armstrong's storytelling - she is a master of characters. The Cainsville crew were already characters I was in love with. However, in Betrayals, Armstrong manages to top what she's done. Simply put, the characters in Betrayals are the best versions of themselves. Everyone from the main players to the lovable secondary characters (even Ricky did not annoy me as much!). Olivia is a heroine I would follow anywhere. She's smart, determined, kick-butt, and darn funny. She's confident, but still has her insecurities. She's strong, but can admit when she needs help. I would read 1,000 novels from her point-of-view! Gabriel... my poor, poor Gabriel. He progressed SO MUCH. I love how he still has his old habits, but he really pushed himself here. It has been so fascinating tearing through his layers, whether through Olivia's eyes or Gabriel's. Olivia and Gabriel are the main reason why I love Cainsville so much, both individually as characters and their relationship. I've loved their partnership from the very beginning and it has been a treat seeing them grow closer as the series progresses. They had some amazing, beautiful scenes here. Some really nice character moments that have been a few books in the making. Yup. I ship it. Hard. It's painful, but so, so worth it.

(Also - special shout-out to the wit in this novel. I've always loved Armstrong's humor, but it was top notch here.)

To conclude, Betrayals was everything I wanted it to be. Action-packed with awesome characters, witty dialogue, high intrigue, plenty of emotional moments, and an undercurrent of captivating zaniness. The Cainsville series is like a big helping of weird and I'm always going back for seconds. Or thirds. Or fourths. Or, after a painful year and three months wait, fifths. I'll keep returning as long as Armstrong will have me.
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January 16, 2017
The series is steeped in Welsh folklore dealing with Mallt-y-Nos or Matilda of the Night. The main characters Matilda, Gwynn, and Arawn are at the heart of this lore. The Wild Hunt, FAE, and let's not forget the gargoyles, Ravens, and supernatural stories that fill the pages of this tale. These are all elements I enjoy in a cleverly woven tale, and I soaked up every morsel. There is an ongoing rift between the Cŵn Annwn and the Tylwyth Teghounds. At its center is our protagonist Olivia (Matilda). They want her to choose sides. Like the folklore, there are two men in her life Gabriel (Gwynn) and Ricky (Arawn).

In Betrayals, we see growth and healing after the events of Deception. The Olivia I admired and respected is back! While she still struggles, her actions were more decisive and level-headed. I have long been a fan of Gabriel, and have likened him to Trent from the Hollows series. He is strong, capable, and socially awkward. It was good to see him make strides and push for Olivia. Ricky transformed in Betrayals warning many not to judge a book by its cover. He is quite insightful and clever. He makes a move in this novel that was both noble and gutsy.

While we see development regarding the overall ARC, Betrayals focuses on the murder of lamiae, a identifying a rebel Huntsman and helping a hound. The case itself was interesting as Armstrong delivered red herrings, a few plot twists and even managed to take me by surprise. Through this case, we get flashbacks and learn more details about the Hunt and FAE. Armstrong is magnificent at weaving a tale that allows the reader to slip in and become a part of the story. Such was the case in Betrayals. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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August 13, 2016
"I didn't come here for you. I came here for them."


Okay, so first of all, this is not the wild poly book of my dreams which is sort of a bummer. But it's not, or it wouldn't have to be if Kelley Armstrong didn't want it to be, the end of those dreams, because the entire book is about these dudes who are so in love with Olivia that they just want to support her however they can whether that's by setting up her dream house and buying her pillows or knowing that it's time to step back because something is going on that no one is going to say. And also Ricky is going to taunt Gabriel into wanting to kill him to prove that Gabriel isn't going to kill him but he's not going to give him a loaded gun because he's not stupid.

What I am saying is that despite the fact that the series is obviously going in one direction my direction is better and no one is taking that away from me.

Despite the fact that poly is my dream for this series, I really did like the Olivia and Gabriel stuff in this book. I have always liked them as a ship, it's just that this other thing was dangled in front of me and I liked it even better. The stuff with the house is WONDERFUL. Him explaining his safety net to her is wonderful. Them getting back to good because they're not is wonderful. There's a lot of really good stuff between them and I grinned while reading a lot of it.

I continue to give no fucks about the plot and I'm not convinced that Kelley Armstrong does either because the plot in this one was even worse than the previous books.

IN CONCLUSION: even though I know the books aren't going my way, they should, because IT'S RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 30, 2016
I tried, I really did. But I could only force myself through sixteen chapters. This is incredibly boring. I could not care less about the plot, which is convoluted and weighed down by its own mythology. And Gabriel's voice - I hate to say it - is terrible. Even Ricky's voice is weaker here.

There's only so much mileage you can get out of all this. And that mileage ran out after book two.
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August 3, 2022
Previous Review: 3.5 Not as pissed as before because I know what to expect so rereading it means I just have to accept the way things are and although this is a big step down from the other three, 3.5 feels like the appropriate rating for it.

Old Review:
So angry and annoyed at this book. Its not on par with the rest of the series. Have more to say, like a massive rant, coming this way. And that pisses me off because up to now, this series has been perfection, my how it falls.

I am so angry right now. We have had four books of Olivia being with Ricky and there is only one book left for her to be with Gabriel, if that's what she decides but it's pretty much obvious that they're going to be endgame which is another thing that I don't like, which I'll get too in a sec. Right now I'm talking about four books of one couple and now, now you're changing it. Hell no, why invest so much in one romance for the majority of the entire series and then switch it?
If Gabriel and Olivia are endgame then her romance with Ricky should have ended a book ago so it's more balanced or there should be more books. How can I possibly ship Gabriel and Olivia if it's never given as an thing until the end? How can I possibly support that?

Now I don't think Gabriel and Olivia are right for one another romantically. They have enough struggles being friends, they hurt one another, they don't understand one another, they betray one another, they go up and down constantly. Could you imagine what kind of relationship that would be? A nightmare one, it could never work out. Not to mention, can you imagine Gabriel having passionate sex like Olivia is used too? The guy sees sex as a biological function he just has to get over with now and then. Olivia and James would fuck in hallways, up against walls, with Ricky it's o the back of a motorbike. Gabriel would be a boring lover compared to her ex's.
Besides the fact that sexually it won't work, that they have enough trouble being friends that I can't see it getting any better romantically, only worse I'm just so mad that he has to be a love interest at all? I liked their friendship, that maybe is a little bit more but they know it could never be the right thing for them to do. I liked that, I really did.
I don't care if Olivia ends up with Ricky or if she decides she wants to choose herself or she wants to step back from it a little, I'm not angry because my ship may be sinking. I'm angry because they are not right for one another, that it's only saying girls can't be friends with boys without falling for them, that I will never see it working as a functional, even decent relationship and lastly she's been in a relationship with another guy for the whole series and now you're changing it?

I hated the ending. When Ricky is basically saying, Gabriel should have a better shot at winning you so let's break up so he can have the change to have you. No, just no. How could you be okay with that?
I've never minded love triangles as much as other people until now and I think it's because normally in a love triangle, you have feelings for two guys but in the end you decide you do love one more then the other. This is not happening here. What is happening here is that she now has two guys and they're both going to compete to get her and she's going to pick one. A love triangle is not a contest. It's so much more then that.

Lol, just looked at my review for this book and up to the second, I used to ship Olivia and Gabriel. See the problem? She's been together with Ricky for four books now, that I don't consider Olivia and Gabriel as a thing to ship no more. I've seen how wrong, especially in this book, they are for one another.

Now Gabriel pissed me off in this book. Ricky who is kind of a friend and Olivia who is his best friend are in a relationship and I don't care how much you are in love with her, you don't try to win her over. You don't be like, I am doing this for you which shows you should be with me and I'm much better then Ricky because I do this and he doesn't. He was just so petty and jealous and being a jerk ass and I couldn't stand it. You are better then this Gabriel!

Also Olivia's dad pissed me off. You find out your wife got your daughters ex killed, tried to lock her best friend up, told your daughter a sob story that you and only you was the one who committed the murders and she was the innocent wife who stayed by her husbands side. And yet, you still want to protect her?? What??? What is wrong with you? You left your daughter to be raised without her parents just to stick by your wife and after finding this out, you still stick by her? I thought you was a father first but you're not, you're a husband first and father second because if you was, you would leave your wife to rot and be there for your daughter but no, you're rather stick by your wife after she betrayed you, after she devastated your daughter. Who thinks like that? What a dick father. And I thought you were the good father but Patrick is sounding a better one then you right now.

It wasn't just the romance that let this book down although it was the cause. See this series was a paranormal thriller with romance and friendship but now it's a drama romance with paranormal and thriller elements. The drama in this book, god. Too much. It was drama after drama and I was just sick of it. I want it to be back the way it was because I didn't sign on for a freaking romance drama. If I wanted that, I would read an contemporary. There wasn't enough paranormal thriller aspect.

It also lacked other things. I found the mystery they were solving not as interesting or intriguing as they normally are. The paranormal aspect was there but it was clogged with romance. Ricky's father, he was non existent. Olivia's adopted mom, nothing, her biological parents-oh a scene or two. Gabriel and Olivia's epic friendship, no longer a friendship. Everyone was obsessing over which guy Olivia would be with.
Now, I know she has to make a choice between the fae and the huntsmen, but I struggle to see why it relies so much on what guy she chooses. I thought they were the champions who were supposed to convince the girl to choose their side, not being the sole reason as to what side she chooses. Like, can't you convince Olivia some other way, surely you have something other then a man. Like come on guys, let's get some brain power going, this is for your survival and you're pinning it on one man? Wow. If I was you, I'd be wooing her with more then a guy and a house. There is really nothing else you can think of?
Not to mention, Olivia choose the huntsmen! They take down bad people. What do the fae do? They cause damage, so much damage. The choice is simple. It's good over evil. Yes the fae aren't completely evil but they're damm well close to it.

So that's my rant. But I have positives. I still enjoyed the book, still raced through it, couldn't put it down. Patrick, you were so yourself and I thank you for that. I liked seeing Ricky's grandfather, really quite liked him. I loved hearing more about the huntsmen, I found that really interesting and the hounds, I'm in love, I want one so much.

I may change my rating as I'm not sure I can honestly say that it deserves four stars but for now, I'm going to stew because I am still so angry. After reflection, I think about how excited I was for this fourth book that I re-read the entire series 1-3 and was so in love and so hyped up and this book let me down so much, so next time I re-read, that love and enjoyment for it will be as high as before and that really upsets me as I adored this series a book ago so I am taking it down a star. I expected to love this one as much as the others but I've never been so disappointed in a series that I adore.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 4, 2018
Betrayals is the fourth, and penultimate, book in Kelley Armstrong’s Cainsville series, and it’s another wonderful read. No matter how many Kelley Armstrong books I read – and I plan to one day be able to claim I’ve read them all – I constantly find myself amazed by the stories she offers up. Each brings us something new, something more, and this is especially true with the Cainsville series.

By this point in the series, we all have an idea of what to expect with the next Cainsville book. We know we’re going to get more mystery, we know we’re going to get more details on the supernatural, and we know the push-and-pull of where things will go next will develop even more. If you’ve made it through the first three books, you’re desperate to see how things end, and this penultimate book starts to point us in the right direction.

Although there is plenty to demonstrate where things are going to end in the final book, this one also offers a story within itself. That’s one of the things I love so much about this series – although there is a story continuing throughout, we have a complete story summed up within each book. I really enjoyed the supernatural elements in this one, and the way it tied in with things we have seen in the prior books – and although it was not my favourite of the mysteries, I did enjoy it.

The thing I loved the most, however, has to be Patrick. I’ve been entertained by his character throughout, but he really won me over in this one. Please, please, please, tell me we get a Patrick short story in the Portents collection – I need more of him in my life, as I adored the role he played in this one, and the things he said. I think he may well have become my favourite character in the series.

As I said, this one builds up for where the final book is going to take us. Certain things were expected, but they did not play out in the way I had imagined. Take the romance, for example. It’s been clear from the start where the love triangle was heading, so I refused to let myself feel anything towards the relationship I wanted to root for (after all, I favoured the relationship that was clearly never going to be the end game). However, what I did not anticipate was for things to play out the way they did with this book. The specific details were completely unexpected, and left me with so much respect for Kelley Armstrong as she took something I despise (the love triangle) and managed to play it out in a way that did not annoy me.

Without a doubt, I’m eager to see how things come together in the final book. I’m pretty sure I’ve worked some things out, but I’m still eager to get all the details.
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August 14, 2022
Even better than I remembered, if at all possible! This series is amazing. I adore small, mysterious towns with lots of secrets and Cainsville is just my favourite.

Gabriel and Ricky were absolute gems in this one, I'm rooting for them both.
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July 6, 2018
(This is 4th book in this series). Olivia is still processing everything that goes on in Cainsville. After finding out she was adopted as a toddler and her parents are alleged serial killers , Olivia moves to cainsville to solve all these mysteries she can’t piece together. From Fae to Cwn Annwn to Bogarts this town is filled with so many magical beings. This book is full of magic, mystery, and one of the best love triangles around. Can Olivia solve the murder case? Will she make it alive? She loves two men deeply , but who will she end up choosing?
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August 17, 2016
4.5 rounded up.







Oh yeah I guess there was some sort of plot involving greek fairies being killed and rogue huntsman? It was meh and honestly almost felt like filler you needed to read through to get to the good stuff. I hope Armstrong doesn't include a B plot in final (sob) book and just focuses on our trio.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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September 17, 2019
Better than Deceptions, although this book introduced conveniences that smoothed out some bumps, but were never covered in the prior books. Hrm... I'd be more irritated if they were bad or dumb things, but having read the first 3 books in a row, they were easy to spot and obvious.

Ricky gets implicated in a murder, so the team begins investigating the killings of several lamiae: snake-like beings similar to succubi. The team discovers there's a lone Huntsman working without a Cwn Annwn pack - practically unheard of. Olivia begins pulling Ricky and Gabriel into her visions, to everyone's confusion. Ricky bonds with a badly injured hound. Gabriel finally gets his emotional sh*t together and works out what he needs to do if he wants a chance with Olivia. Olivia is still torn, which is dumb because Ricky is perfect. Gabriel comes to know who his father is. The elders of Cainsville give an incredible gift to Olivia.

The next entry, Rituals, is the last book, and I'm looking forward to finishing strong. This has been a fun series.
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