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Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 4: Last Days

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From the moment Kamala put on her costume, she's been challenged. But nothing has prepared her for this: the last days of the Marvel Universe. Lucky she's got the help of Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers! Between teaming up with her personal hero to rescue her brother and trying to keep her city from falling into an all-out frenzy, Kamala has barely had time to come to terms with the fact that the world is literally collapsing around her. But the truth will catch up to her, and soon. When the world is about to end, do you still keep fighting? Kamala knows the answer. Let's do this, Jersey City.

Collecting: Ms. Marvel (2014) #16-19, written by G. Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona, plus material from Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #7-8.

120 pages, Paperback

First published December 1, 2015

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About the author

G. Willow Wilson

318 books3,096 followers
Hugo, World Fantasy and American Book Award-winning author of novels and comics, including THE BIRD KING, INVISIBLE KINGDOM, and ALIF THE UNSEEN. Co-creator of Ms Marvel. Honorary doctor of letters, Rutgers University. I accidentally started a dutch baby baking cult during quarantine. Not very active on here right now, but often found on Twitter.

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3,399 reviews9,527 followers
July 10, 2017
I just keep loving these Ms. Marvel graphic novels! I love Kamala, she's sweet, funny and quirky!

Captain Marvel puts in an appearance in this book which made Kamala so happy as Captain Marvel is her hero =]. She had a fan girl moment and it was cute.

The jerk, Kamran was back and causing more trouble by taking Kamala's brother. There was an interesting twist there. Kamala and Captain Marvel get him back to safety.

There is also something creepy going on in the world. Is it end of days?

There is also a sweet revelation with Kamala's mom that I loved. AND, a moment with Bruno. I love him and I hope something can sort itself out in that situation.

I didn't really care for the little add on story with Spider-Man at the end but that's just me =]

I might add some pics later but plenty have already done that.

to be continued . . .
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3,859 reviews69.2k followers
June 7, 2016
Sweet ending to this run, and probably (for me) the most enjoyable Ms. Marvel since the first volume came out.
Kamala finally comes face to face with her hero, and the result is a silly/sweet meet-cute.



And since it's the End of the World as We Know It, there are some adorkable moments tying up loose ends, and saying goodbyeish-like things.


Overall, this wasn't a comic I loved as much as everyone else did, but sometimes that's just the way it goes.
However, I did think this was a nice send-off for the character.
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4,449 reviews12.8k followers
December 16, 2015
In this book, Kamala meets her biggest threat yet: the whims of Marvel editorial! That’s right, Ms Marvel and her creators G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona all get sucked into the maelstrom of shit that is Secret Wars in this fourth volume, Last Days.

A planet appears in the skies above Manhattan signalling the end times. As Kamala resolutely tries keeping her friends and family safe from the chaos erupting in her hometown, Jersey City, she receives help from an unexpected visitor: Carol Danvers. It’s Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel at the end of the world - the team-up to finish them all!

Adrian Alphona triumphantly returns to close out this enormously successful first run on Ms Marvel. G. Willow Wilson comes up with a decent story for the two Marvels to do while the world crumbles around them: save Kamala’s brother Aamir from her former crush Kamran as he tries to get back into Inhuman leader Lineage’s good books by awakening Aamir’s latent Inhuman powers.

I like Kamala’s cutesy version of nursing a broken heart in a bar: eating Doom dogs at the Jersey shore. The vendor even does the “I think you’ve had enough”/“You okay to get home? Want me to call you a cab?” schtick! And I love Loki’s protective magic at Kamala’s school: these two giant blue, ahem, balls (Kamala’s buddy Bruno knows all about those)!

But… Captain Marvel. I still don’t see what others do in this character. She’s ok. I like her enough in this book and Wilson writes her better than Kelly Sue DeConnick did. But she’s still very bland, isn’t she? She flies, she’s got super-strength… eh. I feel the same way about her that some people (wrongly) feel about Superman but Supes has this rich history to draw on while Carol doesn’t. Her costume’s even grey in this story too - she looks as washed out as she reads!

Once Wilson’s past the Captain Marvel/Inhuman stuff, there’s some awesome scenes. Kamala’s brother comes off as a much more realised character, talking about how he’s happy to go to mosque and read books – he likes his life regardless of what people think and doesn’t aspire to be an Avenger like his sister, new powers or not. There’s a beautiful scene between Kamala and her mum, and even Zoe (the preppy girl from the first book who insulted Kamala) comes off well too. And I won’t give away the ending but… perfect, just perfect.

The book closes out with Amazing Spider-Man #7 and 8, aka “padding”, which I didn’t like much, mostly as I’m not a fan of this series - if I was, I’d go read Spider-Man instead of picking up a Ms Marvel book! Kamala and Spidey team up to fight some bland monster - whatever. Christos Gage doesn’t write a good Peter Parker, let alone Kamala Khan, but at least Peter’s not Hugh Granting it up too much here. Also, Silk gets a makeover - who fucking cares?!

As good as the ending was to Kamala’s story, don’t go getting all misty-eyed, Ms Marvel fans – I’ve been reading it and Secret Wars is one big red herring. Kamala’s fine, nothing changes with that ridiculous event story, and, if you follow the monthlies, you’ll know Ms Marvel has restarted with Kamala and all of her supporting cast, along with the same creative team - the only thing different is the numbering which goes back to #1. It all works out!

Last Days has enough great moments that fans of this series have come to expect to make this another fine Ms Marvel book. Yet again an awesome title gets messed with by a crap Marvel event but this one comes through unscathed and, thankfully, (no) normal service resumes with the next volume.
Profile Image for Baba.
3,525 reviews784 followers
January 2, 2021
Regardless of how upbeat and positive a comic series is, it's almost a Marvel tradition to spin a few darker tales to really test the protaganist. This is Kamala's time, as alongside the whole Marvel Universe, the world is about to end. Guesting Captain Marvel as Kamala's mentor, this is G Willow Wilson and co. truly putting Ms Marvel on the map with this heartbreaking and heart-making story, as well as the the oncoming apocalypse, Kamala Khan has to decide when is it time to stop fighting? Is there a time when you have to call it a day? When a fight is no longer worth fighting? The sub-plots around her family, especially her brother are spell binding. One of the best pre-Secret Wars volumes out there. 9.5 out of 12.

There's no doubt that there are some little girls reading and loving this series so much that they are inspired to save lives, write books, draw comics etc. This series is a real game changer, probably the most important Marvel comic series since Avengers Unassembled! EMBIGGEN!
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3,802 reviews31.2k followers
May 10, 2018
This story is high quality and also fun. They keep it better than the last volume. There is something happening in NYC where a planet from another dimension seems to be colliding with the city, but only the city can see it. Ms. Marvel meets and fan crushes on Captain Marvel which is cute. Ms. has to round up her community into the school and try and keep people safe. End of the world madness ensues.

There is 2 issues at the end of a team up of Ms. Marvel and spider-man. eh, not that great, but ok.

Overall a great and exciting read. Very fun! I do wonder if they would do a teenage Marvel movie? Who knows? Keep it coming.
Profile Image for kate.
1,107 reviews921 followers
September 26, 2017
My love for this comic series has no end and this volume was no different. It had the perfect balance of heartwarming and heartbreaking, funny and thought provoking, the every day life of a teen and the epic life of a superhero. I can't recommend this series enough and I won't ever stop doing so. This series makes me ridiculously happy and I'm so excited to not only carry on with it but also explore the new series Kamala appears in from now on!
Profile Image for Dave Schaafsma.
Author 6 books31.3k followers
February 4, 2016
"Gorgeous, but functional": Kamala Khan, speaking of the gift her predecessor Carol "Captain Marvel" Danvers gives to her after returning to team with her to begin to save Manhattan. A pin with Captain Marvel's star and Ms. Marvel's lightning bolt on it.

"That's how we roll," Capn Marvel sez.

Things continue pretty much at status quo for much of this volume, which for me means it's okay, because I like the energy of this series a lot. Maybe I could have knocked it down a star, but the heck with it, this is just plain fun to read still even if not TOO much happens. One good surprise is that as when Wilson earlier brought in Loki, in this one she brings back Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, which is a pretty nice touch. Well, not much happens with this team-up, really, but it's still. . . nice.

Otherwise, we get to meet the evil ex, gone to the Dark Side, who kidnaps Kamala's bro, who just may now also have gotten some powers. Cute bumbling mom and dad have their bits here. And best girlfriend Zoe plays a continuing role, she's in here. We are just continuing to get comfortable in this world, basically.

Oh! A possible zombie apocalypse moves forward in this one, which I almost forgot to say is the main thing happening in this one. A somewhat annoying Marvel "Secret Wars" tie in. But everything proceeds to a heart to heart discussion between best friend Bruno and Kamala that closes it out. That's the main feature of this issue, that talk. I won't ruin that for you. But overall it's just good stuff, read this series now! There's a Spiderman filler featuring Ms. Marvell From Amazing Spiderman (2104), which makes you realize how much better Ms. Marvel is as a comic.
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1,831 reviews4,661 followers
April 27, 2022
Update: It’s the emotions in this volume that captured me! I really like that Kamala really has to do some self reflection. She’s been keeping this secret from all of her friends and family but understands that maybe it’s time to be honest about some things even if it’s hard. Although, I think the “end of the world” thing was just a plot device, it does work well. I enjoyed the art and now I can understand why this series gets better volume by volume.

This was the best volume to date! This is what's going to keep me reading the series and yes for the surprise visit from Captain Marvel! I can fully and wholly recommend this series now and definitely let you know it gets better with each volume!
Profile Image for Sesana.
5,098 reviews348 followers
December 6, 2015
I love Kamala a little bit more with every volume of Ms. Marvel. Best part of this particular volume was the Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel team-up. Kamala meets Carol! It's absolutely wonderful. Carol is in a great position to give Kamala some on the fly mentoring, and once Kamala stops actively fangirling, they work very well together. Kamala's brother, Aamir, gets some great scenes, too. I love how entirely happy he is in his own skin. I've had so much fun with this first set of Ms. Marvel, and I really hope that it continues, every bit as good, after Secret Wars.
Profile Image for Chad.
7,467 reviews856 followers
October 9, 2018
The series has gotten better with this being the best volume so far. That being said, I can't get past the terrible art. Alphona's art looks like something from Mad Magazine.
Profile Image for Terence.
1,107 reviews345 followers
November 8, 2015
Another planet has appeared over Manhattan and it looks like the end of days for the Earth.

Ms. Marvel Last Days is about Ms. Marvel's last days before the planet is destroyed and Secret Wars starts. If things weren't bad enough, Kamala's ex-crush Kamran kidnapped Aamir with the intent to expose him to the terrigen cloud.
In a positive turn of events Kamala gets help from someone completely unexpected.

I've come to appreciate Kamala and her fun outlook on things even if her powers and her story can be goofy.
Her story is down to earth and I appreciate the family and friends aspects. I look forward to what is in store for Ms. Marvel once the Secret Wars end.
Profile Image for Shadowdenizen.
829 reviews35 followers
July 15, 2016
In this fourth volume, Ms. Marvel continues to wow and impress as one of the standout new Marvel titles, and one that is poised to keep Marvel relevant in the comics-field (as opposed to just the movie aspect.)

More, Kamala Khan (along with Miles Morales) is the best of a new generation of heroes; she is an utterly engaging heroine who is both likeable and sympathetic as she tries to navigate an adolesence as a Muslim AND a super-hero.

The bits with her brother, and her best-friend really hit home and tugged at my heasrtstrings, and her escapade with Captain Marvel really underlined the similarities between the two heroines, while simeltaneously managing to "Pass the Torch" at the same time.

For those who already read Ms Marvel, this is a great "closure" to this arc of the series. For those who aren't reading this yet.. WHY NOT?
Profile Image for Victoria.
910 reviews94 followers
July 14, 2018
Another solid volume, I really loved this volume especially because of the great interaction between Ms Marvel and her Idol! One thing that is getting kind of old is Kamala's constant internal monologuing, I get she's young but it's...a lot. Anyway, I can't wait to see where they take her character next in the 2nd run.

I'm really happy this series is my first proper introduction to Marvel Comics (I've read a few singles here and there but never committed to a series before). I'm excited to start the 2nd run soon!
Profile Image for Bradley.
Author 5 books3,907 followers
November 10, 2018
Okay, I admit I liked seeing the short with Spidey at the end of this one, but that didn't make this volume awesome. Not by a long shot.

Having the world end... did. :)

Oddly enough, it really brought out the emotional bits and I might have teared up a little a one point. Doing everything you can as RIGHT as you can do it means a lot, even if it might all be completely hopeless.

So yeah, the devil is in the details in this one. The small bits outperformed the big ending world bits. In fact, the big ending world bits were purely background noise. The good stuff was the kittens, the alone times with friends and family, and a few emotional reveals. :)

This is why I read this comic. :)
Profile Image for James DeSantis.
Author 18 books1,122 followers
January 20, 2018
If a teenager asked me "What's a good Marvel book to pick up" Ms. Marvel would come to mind right away.

I believe 5-10 years from now Ms. Marvel will be a big enough name that she'll just be known. Especially when she gets her own show or movie. She's cute, funny, and has a lot of heart. As the days are dwindling down in the Marvel universe thanks to Secret Wars, the end is coming. Ms. Marvel spends her last day trying to do what she loves most. Protecting and helping people. She takes the first two issues helping Captain Marvel save people but it's the last two issues of when she spends time with her family and friends that really strikes gold.

Good: The issues with her spending time with her family and friends is perfect. I know it's a superhero comic so we need some fighting but G. Willow Wilson does her best work when it's just talking with people. A lot of growth there and while aimed at younger audience anyone can relate too. Also the art is still great. The Cap Marvel issues are cute too.

Bad: But saying that the Cap Marvel issues have a lot of fights and they're not all that entertaining to me. Also the last issue in here feels extremely out of place and boring. It's just a spider-man issue with Ms. Marvel in it but after the issue before it feels so out of left field and unneeded.

Overall this was another solid, good, volume of Ms. Marvel. I think this series really will work best with the teen crowd and they'll love it the most like I did Runaways and Ultimate Spider-man. For me, it's a little too light and goofy at times, but it does make me smile, and that counts for something. A 3 out of 5.
Profile Image for Susie.
244 reviews715 followers
March 20, 2016
I can only make stereotypical fangirl sounds when it comes to Ms. Marvel.
Profile Image for Ashley.
2,598 reviews1,663 followers
July 18, 2016
Five stars for the actual Ms. Marvel story included here, written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn in full by the lovely Adrian Alphona. Minus a full star because the last two issues in this volume are a Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel team-up, which was fun enough when Ms. Marvel was there and kind of boring when she wasn't, but my biggest issue is that it's totally jarring to read them after the other four issues in the book.

This is why I love Adrian Alphona.

I say it's jarring because Last Days, while very funny and heartwarming in parts, is also bleak and sad. It's just a beautiful, wonderful piece of art, and I love this character more with every issue. Meanwhile you've got this comparatively shallow superhero team-up story with inferior art and character work and story . . . it was a come down after that lovely last panel of Wilson's story. OMG THAT PANEL.

So Last Days is what happens when Secret Wars comes to Ms. Marvel. A planet has mysteriously appeared in the sky, and Jersey City has descended into chaos. Kamala can't do anything about the planet--she's relying on the Avengers for that--but she can help to keep people calm and safe in her own corner of the world. What's great about these four issues is how personal and character driven they remain even as the veritable apocalypse arrives. This isn't a story about things happening, it's a story about Kamala zeroing in on what/who is important to her and what kind of person she wants to be.

Something I realized this go-round is that Kamala is THE HUGGIEST SUPERHERO, probably in the history of ever:

Oh, yes, I'm sorry, I buried the lede there. KAMALA GETS TO MEET HER HERO, CAPTAIN MARVEL. And it is oh-so-glorious. I loved the way their relationship played out, and their scenes together are partially responsible for the sort of elegiac feeling you get the whole time you're reading it. Plus, seriously, she hugs a lot, like, right after meeting you:

Of course, the other part of that feeling is that the freaking world is ending, but the focus isn't on that. It's on Kamala and her relationships with her friends and family.

I seriously love this comic, and I'm anxiously awaiting Vol. 5 this summer (G. Willow Wilson is staying on!!). I just hope Secret Wars didn't fuck all my shit up.
Profile Image for Trina (Between Chapters).
853 reviews3,765 followers
May 2, 2017
I really liked a couple of things in this volume but I was really irritated with the amount of insta-love. Kamala knew a guy for approximately TWO DAYS, and this volume takes place THREE WEEKS LATER and she's moping around about her heart being broken. Really, girl? Really?

Overall this one felt like filler? I enjoyed the moments with Kamala's family and other characters, but I couldn't tell you one memorable thing about the plot.

This just is not the comic series for me, and now that I've reached the end of what's currently published, I once again question if there's anything here for me to want to continue. Maybe once the series is over and I can binge read them all.

That said, I think this is a phenomenal series for teen comic readers. The content is really clean and age appropriate - no cursing or blood (yet) and very little romance. And the situations Kamala finds herself in are really relevant to a real 16 year old.
Profile Image for Samantha.
130 reviews68 followers
May 24, 2017
AN AMAZING, SMASHING CHAPTER!!!!!! Kamala, in the throes of a broken heart, must protect her city from a coming apocalypse and make things right with her family. Featuring a special appearance by SPIDER-MAN!!!!!!
Profile Image for Crystal Starr Light.
1,345 reviews811 followers
October 16, 2016
Bullet Review:

This one is a HUGELY personal story! More about Kamala finding her place, tying up loose ends and suddenly the end of the world?! WTF?!! (Must be a Marvel event...)

But I liked it! Kamala is a charming young woman and her coming of age/superhero story is equally charming.

But the two Spidey issues were WEIRD. Least it explains where Silk came from.
Profile Image for Sarah.
394 reviews134 followers
December 15, 2016
This was probably my least favourite volume so far. I always feel like things in this comic are rushed but this one felt super rushed and I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed previous volumes. I also didn't enjoy the artwork as much in this volume.

I'd still 100% recommend this comic series and I'm excited to see what comes next for Ms. Marvel.
Profile Image for Elaina.
319 reviews172 followers
June 3, 2017
~3.5 stars~
I know, another half star rating lol Sorry if that annoys some people, that's just how I've been rating books lately :P
Profile Image for Dylan.
547 reviews228 followers
July 28, 2017
By far my favourite of the series so far. Loved the tone and the heart of this one. Onto vol. 5 I go!
Profile Image for Nicky.
4,138 reviews1,007 followers
March 13, 2016
Between the main plot and the extra material, this contains team-ups between Kamala Khan and both Captain Marvel and Spider-man. Awesome. Unfortunately, the extra material makes very little sense because it’s from Amazing Spider-man issues seven and eight… so pretty much without context. There are some funny bits, though, with Peter Parker teaching Kamala the ways of snark.

The main plot is better, though it is a tie-in with the recent timeline convergence event type thing which I know basically nothing else about. It’s interesting to see Kamala team up with Carol, although Carol is pretty bland here (why is her costume all grey?); Kamala’s excited questions and chatter are perfect. Expressions and art are perfect for the series, as usual: I love the faces Kamala makes.

Also, cute points like Kamala nursing heartbreak by eating tons of hotdogs and philosophising to the hotdog stand owner.

The family stuff is great here, too: we see Kamala’s brother come into his own a bit, defending his choices in life, defending his sister, and not wanting the same sort of life as Kamala. He’s happy as he is, and Kamran is entirely wrong that Aamir is at all discontented or jealous. That’s nice to see, and also the section with Kamala’s mother telling her she knows she’s Ms Marvel — much better than an ever-oblivious Aunt May situation, like Ultimate Spider-man. Aaaaand it finally resolves some of the tension with Bruno’s feelings for Kamala, with a very sweet scene in which they remain definitely best friends, with plenty of potential for more… if they survive.

Originally posted here.
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277 reviews18 followers
April 15, 2021
Actual rating: 4.5 stars!

Kamala, AKA Ms. Marvel, is still hurting from the heartbreak she got in the last volume Ms. Marvel: Crushed, from the second rate bad guy Kamran. But she has no time to heal and take a day off and just do some mental health check because a planet is looming over Manhatten and threatening to crushing Earth.

This is when superhero Captain Marvel appears!! And we've waited for a Ms. Marvel-meets-Captain Marvel moment since the very beginning when Kamala took up Cara's old superhero name. But things seem very dark, when not even Cara seems to have hope that this problem with the other planet can be solved and at the end we're left wondering if all our characters from the Khan family who we've grown to love will die already.

Another great volume in the Ms. Marvel series, even if the story seemed a bit dark and hopeless, Kamala always holds on to hope! And can I just say how much I appreciate her brother Aamir! Even though he gets tricked into having some temporary superpowers because of Kamran, he still stays true to his believes and doesn't see any reason in going to the "bad side", which Kamran didn't expect at all. Aamir is the best and Kamran can go rot in hell.

For some reason, they tied in two issues of The Amazing Spider-Man at the end of this volume (which first had me very confused because these events clearly took place way before the rest of this volume), and can I just say that I am now obsessed with Spider-Man and Silk! I need to start reading that series as well I think. ouppps there goes all my savings...
Profile Image for Rizwan Khalil.
325 reviews500 followers
December 3, 2017
Oh WOW... that's... I don't even have words to properly express all the emotions I'm feeling right now. Suffice to say, if we really do have to have the freaking end of the world upon our favorite heroes (and no, not speaking figuratively, literal ARMAGEDDON! Although for some reason everyone seemed overly convinced that its the beginning of Zombie Apocalypse :v), this is exactly how you should portray the absolute perfect end of times for our beloved characters! Such heartbreaking sadness, beautiful emotional closures, endless brave courage and hopelessly hopeful optimism in the face of certain doom.

I guess when you have beside you your loving family, lifelong friends, adoring icon and everyone you care about in that one little corner of the world you call Home, help bring them all together and care for them and defend that piece of doomed earth till the very end, share a perfect blissful moment of connection and togetherness with the person you love... then even when you know in your heart you can't save the world this time, you can still be content and happy with what you have. At least Kamala Khan feels that way, which is why I love her and she's one of my most favorite new literary characters.
'Even if things are profoundly NOT OKAY... At least we're not okay TOGETHER. And even if we don't always get along... We're still connected by something you can't break. Something there isn't even a word for. Something... Beautiful.'

'It's not like I imagined it would be. The end of the world. It doesn't feel like nothing. Standing here with my best friend, it feels like everything. Everything and more.'

10 out of 10. A+
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3,467 reviews259 followers
January 8, 2016
Kamala has faced many challenges since she put on her costume, but nothing has prepared her for the end of the world. It's a good thing she has her personal hero, Captain Marvel, by her side to help her rescue her brother and save her city from falling into chaos.

I've really enjoyed reading reading about Kamala's adventures as Ms. Marvel. She's easily one of my favorite "new" superheroes on the block. This comic book series continues to impress me in every way. The parts with her best friend, Bruno, are easily my favorites. As much as I enjoyed seeing the Spider-man team-up, I think it was the weakest entries in this volume, especially coming right on the tail of the previous issue. Overall, though, I can't get enough of Kamala's place in the Marvel Universe and I can't wait to see more of her. If you haven't been introduced to the new Ms. Marvel, what are you waiting for?
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