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A blood war rages on the streets of Chicago.

Protected by an infamous mafia family, Sophie is living a dangerous lie, pretending to lead a normal life. But the deceit can’t last for ever. Her heart belongs to a killer and Sophie’s the prime target of a rival clan. She’s determined to seek revenge on her mother’s murderers, but can she pay the price – can she be a mafiosa?

The third and final instalment in the explosive YA Blood for Blood series which started with Vendetta and Inferno.

400 pages, Paperback

First published January 5, 2017

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About the author

Catherine Doyle

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Catherine Doyle grew up in the West of Ireland. She holds a first-class BA in Psychology and a first-class MA in Publishing. She is the author of the Young Adult Blood for Blood trilogy (Vendetta, Inferno and Mafiosa), which is often described as Romeo and Juliet meets the Godfather. It was inspired by her love of modern cinema. Her debut Middle Grade novel, The Storm Keeper's Island (Bloomsbury, 2018), is an adventure story about family, bravery and self-discovery. It is set on the magical island of Arranmore, where her grandparents grew up, and is inspired by her ancestors' real life daring sea rescues.

​Aside from more conventional interests in movies, running and travelling, Catherine also enjoys writing about herself in the third-person.

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December 14, 2018
I'm sad because this series doesn't get the hype it deserves!! While there are some really terrible books out there that get to extend some trilogies into a 6-book-series and everything. Yeah, I'm salty, because I wanted 4000 pages more of these awesome characters and enthralling story.

But ok. Let's start with this review before I can back out again and start crying.

Dio. That was definitely worth the wait.

Holy rollercoaster, I have to admit. I briefly went through my updates while reading it, and damn, one second I could be crying over something incredibly cute and the next moment—someone's dead! Yay!

I'm crushed basically. I'm grieving. I'm empty.
In case you haven't noticed, I could read these books during my entire life. And I will make sure everyone reads it. It's fine if they don't like it, because they obviously will, or I will kill them. Joke. Or not.

FIRST OF ALL, laying the obvious out here, I WOULD DIE FOR LUCA FALCONE. I hope that's clear already. He's so well written and has gone through a lot of character development and as soon as I thought I couldn't love him more, there it goes, this bastard, saying some smooth shit and being all perfectly imperfect. Ugh. I love him.

Sophie becomes the woman she always had inside her: that strong-minded powerful girl who makes decisions for herself. So I loved how she lets everybody know she matters and that they better not mess with her. Girl power going strong.

That ship, man. I'm way down here in the ocean beside the Titanic, glad I went down with it.
I feel like I'm in a dream every time I read these scenes between those two. How the fuck. Just explain to me how. How do they manage to be so fucking perfect. I don't get it. All the feels skdksjfjd fUCK U.

Sorry, went a little crazy. I don't know how I'm going to write this review.

Fast run-down with some of the other characters:
Nic is still so full of himself, so no surprise there.
Felice is an asshole. Still no surprise.
Dom's the same.
Wow, I just remembered there's a lot of assholes, huh.
Millie is fucking hilarious, I love her too.
Valentino's so necessary to this story, and such a raw and beautiful character, who has gone through a lot. He's definitely the cinnamon apple of this book.

I don't know how to feel because I was expecting this book to have a lot of cute moments between two characters. And well, that's definitely not what I had. But, there were still some salvaging moments.
And there were things missing and some which I hoped would turn out differently, but I can't talk about it because they're mainly big spoilers.

Oh but, it gave me all the feels, alright. The angst, the sadness, the fluffiness, the happiness, all at once. I almost burned the book, no joke. (Don't worry, everything turned alright in the end). Besides, even though I guessed the plot-twist (the only talent/super-power I have with books, seriously), it was ah-mah-zing.

That doesn't make it bad, though. I enjoyed every single sentence written in this novel. Miss Doyle will never stop surprising me. And I sure hope she gets more recognition.

All in all, this motherfucking book damaged me emotionally on a whole new level. I wasn't expecting that much, to be honest. I wasn't expecting it to be so dark. And I loved that.
Now I understand why everyone is saying is such a "bittersweet ending". Wow, you, Catherine Doyle. You are the reason of so many heartbreaks and happy moments.

I'm definitely sad now that this trilogy is over, and I'm going to miss it like hell. (I'm also going to miss Luca more than I miss everything else in this life). But it's good to know that I'm not going to go crazy again when everything goes to hell. Yet, those times were totally worth it. I want more because I could never get enough of these characters, but I don't want anything else bad happening to anyone. So... It's best if we leave it like this.

This could be my favorite trilogy of all time. It's very difficult to me to put how much I love it into words. Also, it's super underrated, like its author. Incredibly underrated. But I'm kind of happy with that because I get to be selfish and keep them just to myself and a few crazy people like me.

That's it, even though I said the same thing like 20 times.

Wow, it's really over. I can't function. What now?


I'm seriously dying while I wait for this book.
Cat is killing me with the POVs and she already let us know how the book begins! Here's first chapter.

I can't wait anymore. All these little sneak peeks and the POVs are making me anxious!! I NEED MY LUCA DAILY DOSE NOW.



It's definitely my favorite one of the three!


Okay, so there isn't a cover, not even a title... And you expect me to wait a year to read this?!

I'm used to waiting. You won't win Doyle, you won't.
But please #stophurtingLuca2k17
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August 9, 2017
Mafiosa was by far my most anticipated instalment for 2017. So imagine how ecstatic I was to find it on my doorstep on January 30th, a couple of days before the official release date. I swear, I didn't make the Godfather an offer he couldn't refuse. So, I sat down and went through this in a breeze before the year had even ended.

The fact that the sequel Inferno remains my favourite book in the series means that not everything about Mafiosa went according to plan. For the most part, Mafiosa was the addictive, gripping, and action-packed rollercoaster I hoped it would be. Sadly, there were a couple of things that interfered with my complete satisfaction with this final instalment.

But first, let's gush and swoon a little, shall we?

❀ Luca. I don't think there's a universe in which I wouldn't unconditionally love this guy, alright? He's a romantic geek who doesn't belong into the family and the underworld he was born into. I loved that he didn't just trail behind Sophie like a puppy, but that he stood his ground when she acted out (I'll get to that in a sec). Also, since when has all the self-blame become so sexy, huh? I don't know how Doyle does it, but she does it. Do I think she overdid it with the nerdiness and soft gooeyness of a mafia underboss? Yes, a little. But I just don't care. This guy is responsible for so many beautiful and powerful scenes in this book, and this series wouldn't be the same without him.

❀ The side characters. These little shits were so enjoyable (ok, except for Nic, but he was bound to go down as the buzzkill). Valentino, for example, has some of his best moments. He finally lets a small portion of his guard down with Sophie, which is actually one of the cutest bonding moments in the book. Some further history on the blood war is brought to light, providing an explanation for how the feud started in the first place. You won't believe it but I also really liked Gino, the precious little weirdo. And Millie, of course, but she gets her own bullet point.

❀ The romance. Mafiosa doesn't just hand it to you on a silver plate. You get to suffer halfway through the book, watching your ship sail on rough seas. (But pssst, there are plenty of make-out scenes to make up for it. You're welcome, ladies). The flaring tension between Luca and his brother make for an entertaining ride.

❀ The plot twists. Holy Mother of God, this woman knows how to smack you over the back of the head with plot twists. I mean, some of them she hinted at; others she attacked you with from behind before you could even anticipate it. The first book Vendetta was so predictable, but the sequels were a bouquet of twists (I'll take that over actual flowers for Valentine's Day anytime).

❀ The female friendship. Oh, it was strong in this series in general, but never as empowering as in Mafiosa. There's a point where Millie says to Sophie that they are the true love story here, and I just fistbumped the air. No, their friendship wasn't perfect. They hid things and lied to each other. But Millie is that one in a million friend that'll see you get sucked into quicksand and jump in after you to get you out. In the first book, I thought she was going to be this two-dimensional cardboard character, and though we don't get a huge amount of characterization, Doyle successfully instrumentalized her to prove a point: Female friendships rule.

Now, after throwing all the positive aspects of Mafiosa your way, I'll move on to the disappointments of this book. Sadly, they exist.

➽ Sophie. This girl and me, we have a bumpy history. I was hesitant about liking her in book one. I rooted for her in book two. But in the finale, she irked me. It's like she'd been replaced with a different person. She used to see right through Nic's bullshit about revenge solving all the problems, but in Mafiosa, she held a grudge so big it distorted her perspective on things. Now, I'm not saying grief doesn't mess with your head, because it does, but I would've expected her to some reason. Instead, she was a stubborn little shit throughout the book, ending up making me so angry. The ending was somewhat redeeming for the crap she pulled before, I guess, but was this really necessary?

➽ Retribution. This is me ranting about a spoilery twist, so don't click on that spoiler button unless you've read the book. I've given you a fair warning.

➽ Reality check. You know, a lot of things in this series were unrealistic, but the small things I easily ignored. Mafiosa, however, pulled a stunt that is highly unlikely to happen in real life because that's just not how organised crime works. I was expecting Doyle to pull something like this to make her envisioned ending work, but you cannot bend the rules of the mafia nor the characters' traits to achieve a certain storyline. From where I'm standing, Mafiosa ended with an unrealistic bang which was foreseeable but still disappointing.

Inferno was perfection. Mafiosa was good, if a little overdramatic. Hence, I cannot give this 5 stars which breaks my heart because I was ready to praise this book from the rooftops.

The Blood for Blood series I'd recommend if a YA contemporary Romeo & Juliet storyline with a mafia setting sounds like your cup of tea. The writing is rather simple, which makes this an light guilty pleasure read inbetween dense fantasy sagas. The books' content cannot grasp the entirety nor the impact of organised crime, but that was alright with me, because the series was clearly meant to entertain, not to educate. This series is highly addictive, and as a debut author, Catherine Doyle made immense progress with each book. Inferno will forever remain one of my all-time favourites.

Edit Dec 8, 2016 The short story from Luca's POV is out. And now excuse me while I go CLUTCH MY SWOONING HEARTTT

Edit Aug 1, 2016 A blood war rages on the streets of Chicago. Bring it the fuck on.

Edit Mar 15, 2016 WE HAVE A COVER AND IT'S PURPLE. The title, though. Least imaginative title of the series but ok I'll probably get over it whatever

This is how I imagine Sophie in book #3:

"Hey Felice, can I get a black-ribboned jar of that sweet honey of yours? I need to send a message. Actually, make that three jars."

She will also put that switchblade to good use.

Chloe grace moretz photo: Chloe Moretz. Chloelove.gif
(Catherine Doyle imagined Sophie as Chloe Grace Moretz, so – even though she is clearly too young here – can we just relish in the perfectness of this gif for a moment?)
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February 7, 2017

To begin with, it's such an amazing way to start a new year by reading a great book like this one. I broke the record of my many “first times” while reading this book. For one, it’s my first time to finish reading a book in a day. It’s my first time to feel so satisfied with all the cheesy interactions between Luca and Sophie. And it’s also the first time I didn’t spoil myself by reading the last pages first. :D

There's no denying that Mafiosa is my most favorite instalment in the Blood for Blood trilogy because the majority of the characters I like survived! It's inevitable to say goodbye and shed tears to some of my beloved roles and believe me, it's far from easy to do that but on the other hand, I can't think of a better ending. Thus, I think this book gives us enough reasons for how the story goes at some points.

***Mild spoilers in the following content***
In short, this story continues with Sophie and we get to see more of Luca's internal struggle between infinite hatred and daring love. Both Luca and Sophie have grown so much from the first book to the third, and whoa, how could you not love them? They're just two pieces of chess misplaced on the board of Mafia. To my satisfaction, they eventually pluck up the courage to pursue that only thing they truly want---freedom---and yeah, yay for Luca and Sophie! *girly squealing*
”For someone who has waded through so much violence and hate, and had her world tipped upside down and all those she loves fall out of it, I think your decision to open your heart to love is a commendable one. You know, it is braver to love when hate is the easier option. Impassivity is an easy mask to wear, but it takes the most out of you.”

Though the story only gets cheesier than the previous two books, I don't mind it at all! Miss Doyle did a wonderful job putting the characters' emotion into words and describing every moment perfectly. She made the story so much more heartfelt than ever and I really am glad to witness such a huge improvement in her writing style.

Compared to Vendetta and Inferno, I'm confident to say this trilogy is only getting better and better, more and more intense, more and more exciting. In general, the plots are strongly connected to one another and no matter how long ago you've read the book(s), it won't take you too long to remember the previous story.

Unexpected twists shocked me most in this book, particularly the scene where . It just came too fast for me to digest so it left me utterly speechless for quite a long time. :'(

The only thing that helps me get through the saddest parts is the change of Sophie. Man, she's a true heroine in the finale and wow, I never see that coming. She's brave enough to kill, to vow, and to be loyal to the person she loves. She's so much more mature when it comes to decision making and she can tell the black and white better as well. All in all, she manages to discover what lies beneath all that veil created by her Marino heritage. Of course, she also understands Luca's intention most of the time and that's what makes their relationship work finally.
” When my dad told us we were moving to Chicago I cried for six nights straight. If I had known you were waiting somewhere on the other end for me, I would have leapt on to the plane and never looked back. I thank the universe every day for giving me a friend as good and loyal and kind as you.”

Last but not least, despite all the swoon-worthy moments between Luca and Sophie, I do have some minor expectations for other special scenes I'd like to see more in this book. Before I list them out, here's my top favorite cheesy conversation of Sophica!
I really wanted to go for a demure, perhaps even sultry, Hello, but what came out was a heaving, “What-the-hell-are-you-doing-here?”
His smirk didn’t falter. “Your own independence and self-sufficiency notwithstanding, I thought that maybe you might be open to having a chaperone tonight …”
“Do you mean romantically or for security?” I asked.
“Which would you prefer?”
“Which are you offering?”
The smile sloped to one side. “Whichever one makes you happier.”

What I'd love to probe deeper into this book/trilogy:

Just go read the book, guys! It's truly incredible and I don't feel sad or bad because the story has ended! Instead, this trilogy piques my interest in more Mafia-related books!
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February 6, 2017
4.75-5 stars I can't decide but I was emotionally slaughtered after finishing it so that alone deserved a 5


Where do I start?

This has been one of my most anticipated 2017 reads. A bit nervous too, since I love Inferno a lot and I was excited and scared to see how Cat would top that one,

but guys..................Mafiosa..........................

*heavy sighs*

There are some flaws to the plot but character-wise, I'm so contented with how everything went down. NOT contented with some of the deaths.....................unnecessary, so unnecessary.

Realistic, yes, but unnecessary for my heart.

I love, love, love how Millie played a super important role in Sophie's life after the events of Inferno. I mean, some side characters would have fade in the background but Millie and Sophie's friendship stayed strong, and even grew stronger after. I have a new appreciation for Elena Falcone and as of last night I officially adopted Gino Falcone. Nobody touches my son now, he's mine and I will love him as my own.

All in all, this is a great ending to the trilogy. I love the epilogue and the four last lines because it's realistic.

Can't wait to see what Cat Doyle will come up with next!

prior reading:

ok to whom should i give my firstborn child for this book to be released this year instead 2017

21st July 2016: WE HAVE A BLURB STAB ME
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November 13, 2017
5 Violent Romanticism STARS

"Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil."


Mis primer 5 estrellas del 2017.

Tuve un año para realizar teorías de todo lo que podría pasar en este libro. Pero la autora tomo el camino que no me esperaba y me hizo completamente feliz.

Sin duda esta trilogía llego de sorpresa, tomo el tan utilizado tema de la mafia y le dio un toque fresco, con personajes jóvenes, que en realidad actúan como adolescentes.

Esta historia me dio algo que pocas veces veo en este tipo de historias.


Si ya se, es difícil pensar que esta historia podría llegar a ser real. Creo que ese sentimiento me vino por lo humanos que son los personajes.

El enojo y sed de venganza de Persephone.

"I was pretending to be happy, I was pretending to get better. Inside, I was twisted and raw."


Los celos de Nic.
"She doesn’t want a fucking shield, she wants a sword, so I gave her the sword, and it cuts you up. It makes you feel small and ignored, because we’re not listening to you, because for once, we’re not falling under your instruction and you can’t control us."


Y El arrepentimiento de Luca.

"Just because the people who die are not good people, does not make it any easier. You don’t get used to it. Sophie, the guilt is relentless. It drowns you. It becomes you. It’s all you are in the end – a collection of taken lives and the mask you wear to pretend you’re OK with it."


Esta historia nos dejó ver y sentir lo difícil que llega a ser quitarle la vida a alguien. Muchas historias manejan los asesinatos como si no fueran nada, y bueno lo entiendo estamos hablando de ficción. Pero el hecho que la autora afrontará este tema de esa forma me mantuvo echa un mar de emociones.

Persephone me desespero un poco, pero igual la admire, porque a pesar de todas las tragedias que le toco vivir, supo salir adelante sin perderse a sí misma.

Luca termino siendo el chico bueno de la historia. Aun cuando jalaba el gatillo o daba órdenes de asesinatos, podía sentir la nobleza de su corazón.

El final, ese hermoso final. Fue tan lindo, solo de imaginarme a Luca de lentes y todo nerd. Y Nic creo que obtuvo lo que siempre deseo.

"How the badness hadn’t seemed so bad when we were facing it together."


Lo que no entiendo de los libros Mafia Romance YA, es porque si están llenos de violencia, no meten escenas sexuales. Si soy una descarada horndog, pero en serio quería ver escenas eróticas de Luca.

En conclusión: Excelente final, para una excelente trilogía. UNA DE LAS MEJORES HISTORIAS DE MAFIA YOUNG ADULT QUE HE LEIDO.

"I’m just a Disney princess stuck in a Mafia world."
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138 reviews
February 10, 2017
I don't know how to rate this, I enjoyed it but at the same time not so much.

EDIT: 27/05/16

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February 6, 2017

4.99 "casulties of mafia blood war" stars

After the shuttering loss, pain and suffering came into Sophie's life and everything is taken away from her, she breaks down and falls into the abyss of darkness and grief. Luca and Nic are lingering by offering her compassion and support but she refuses Nic and falls into Luca's arms. But it's wrong and for the wrong reasons at that moment and Luca is strong enough for both of them to give her space to find her peace...
but soon after Luca is embracing her, along with the rest of the memebers into the Falcone family. She takes the oath, she accepts omerta and she denounces the "name" that took everything from her, only to accept their nemesis' one.

She's a Falcone now

And she's on the path of revenge, destruction and hatred .
I'm sick of being weak and helpless, I'm sick of being on the sidelines of my own life, and I'm sick of letting other people make decisions for me. I'm taking back my power. It's messy, and it's dark, and it's scary, but I'm not afraid, Millie. This is who I am.

Luca is the one who struggles against those feelings surfacing in Sophie, while Nic thrives and pushes her more, lulling her into the false security of justification of those emotions and actions made upon them.

The devastating retaliation will take many casulties, both, innocent and guilty ones, with painful losses on each side of the families, leaving behind only emptiness and lonliness...
It is a cruel, unforgiving place, where good men suffer and bad men thrive. It's filled with loss and regret, and guilt.

Luca is adamant on setting Sophie free from this madness, from the clutches of this family, from this way of life - that is no life at all. Cause she doesn't belong in here...
If i'm not a Marino and I'm not a Gracewell, and I'm not a Falcone, then what am I? Luca leant closer to me, intensity burning in his eyes. "You're free."

"I believe you're too good and too kind to hurt someone, no matter how much they've hurt you. That your heart is too big. That your empathy runs too deep. That's why I believe in you.

but that means saying goodbye...and Sophie loves him, and wants to stand by him, with him and near him...then she pleads him to leave this hell behind and start a new, with her...

but Luca will make the sacrifice...for her, even if she sees it as a betrayal.
"I love you", he said.
"Just not enough."
"Too much, actually."

Sophie's heart is broken as she leaves to an address left by her father, the man who betrayed her by lying to her from the start, but also a man who sacrificed his life to make her safe. She's about to start a new life, far away from it all, but at the same time, the new address will also reveal the final piece of the mysterious puzzle, as well as disclosing her father's innocence and the fact that he tried to do the "right" thing in the "wrong" setting, he, himself tried to escape from.

As the final strike of revenge towards the Marinos takes place, Sophie's inner fears of not ever seeing Luca again shatter her to pieces, but the human factor still ticking in the heart of the man she fell in love with will offer them a chance at a different future.

 photo mafiosa teaser1_zpsvqwqcinr.jpg

The conclusion of this YA mafia trilogy left me speechless, in terms of being stunned by the awesome writing, fantastically fluent storytelling, gripping, enticing, thrilling and stunning action packed drama with emotional hypes that kept me awake and thrilling, long after I've finished reading.

but smth has been buzzing in my ear and driving me mad LOL, it has no crucial significance to the story and it doesn't change any of the previously mentioned...but just for the argument's sake

My own perks aside, this trilogy is still the model example of supreme storytelling and most definitely holds the title of one of the best mafia written love stories i have ever read.

*still has a stunned expression on her face*
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751 reviews258 followers
August 12, 2019
it's been more than a month since i've read this and i've finally have my review up on my blog--so if you're interested, you can read that by clicking HERE. i will be posting it up later tomorrow if that isn't your thing though. it's up now!

* * W A R N I N G * *

this review might contain spoilers from books 1 & 2!

I don't know was it was about this book, but I'm just kind of... confused? I didn't love it, I didn't hate it, and I didn't necessarily even like it. There's just this sort of indifference settled in me right now, since the initial shock of having finished this.

I thought this series came a long way. I didn't like the first book, Vendetta; I adored book 2, Inferno; and this one just fell in the middle. Which, considering how much I'd been looking forward to it, is a bit more than disappointing, to say the least.

As much as I love Luca, Luca and Sophie, and Sophie (which might seem like me repeating the same thing--I assure you, it isn't) they actually ended up being my main issues. Luca's character didn't seem consistent at all. He felt so different than the one I came across in the first two books. I don't want to say he was more lovey-dovey, but that's how it came off, honestly. Frankly, it was annoying, since Luca was usually a bit more controlled about his emotions. And I know this could be development but... even if it was, it didn't feel like that to me? I don't even know anymore, I just couldn't like it.

I expected a different side of Sophie. A darker side, definitely, especially considering what happened to her mother in Inferno and by whom. I expected her to take action due to it, but it was all talk and no play. She disappointed me, which, in general, kind of caused me to be even more disappointed with the book.

Now. For Luca and Sophie. Look. I loved them, I did. I shipped them so much in book 2 and the wait after it was agony. Everything that happened in this book--it should have made my fangirl heart explode in happiness. Their relationship definitely went to new heights here but it just... it didn't feel right. It was too easy in the beginning. There was supposed to be the whole issue with Nic--something explosive--and that was a letdown, too. Luca and Sophie were cute, so cute, but... it's hard to explain just how it didn't work for me. I just couldn't love them as much as I wanted to, as much as I used to.

I'm glad that Millie stayed in the book! And as an important character as well! As Sophie's best friend--as any best friend, really--you'd expect her to be forgotten or sidelined or something equally bad, but luckily Doyle didn't make that the case. Millie was definitely one of the best parts of this series due to her wonderful character, voice, and overall awesomeness. No matter what kind of shit Sophie was in, Millie didn't back out or anything--she stayed by her side and helped her. She and Sophie have an amazing bond in the book and I really loved that. Ironically though, Millie was partially the reason Sophie didn't live up to the potential I wanted her to reach--y'know, the entire "I won't let you be like this" and whatever. But still. Millie was brilliant.

I wish there was more of Valentino and Elena in the book. I came to love Valentino so much in this novel, as well as Elena. Doyle showed a different side of the characters and I loved them to bits. For Elena, there was a more human, more motherly side to her, while Valentino wasn't just the head of a mafia family in this book--he was just a regular teenager for a bit, and both of those sides--they killed me.

The ending for the series was a bit underwhelming, I will not lie. I'm not even going to say what I expected because at this point, I have absolutely no idea, but whatever. It felt far-fetched and it was a lot better than I expected. Which, necessarily isn't a bad thing, considering, but still.

All in all, 3.5 stars and a whole lot of meh.
Haha, might be an understatement to say that I WANT THIS RIGHT NOW.
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January 20, 2018

Don't get me wrong, I would fight tooth and nail for Luca, who was, again, amazing. I don't think he's ever disappointed me, and given my usual contempt for this kind of mafia ish male-lead, that's saying something : he's respectful, smart, protective in all the ways that count and absolutely adorable. Yet even him couldn't make me stomach the absolute bullshit that was Mafiosa.

✘ The plot was erratic at best, throwing the most unbelievable twists in our face over and over, and if the whole series has been a rocky challenge to go through, at least it used to kept a semblance of consistence. Not so much in that last installment ; not at all, if I'm being honest. After we hit the 70% mark, nothing made sense anymore, and more and more I found myself side-eyeing the endless drama pilling up. Until then, I had been clutching my kindle and swallowing the distaste I felt for most of the characters, and I did enjoy several scenes (<3). But the nonsensical drama got to me in the end, and spoiled my read.

✘ Sophie's behavior was so out of character that I'm still debating she's been cloned, or something, and nine times out of ten I just couldn't stand being in her head anymore. So much that I had to skim some parts, otherwise I'd have thrown my kindle on the wall. Sure, she did get better in the end, but it hardly lessened my annoyance. Too little, too late. And don't get me started about the Falcones and the Marinos. I just - no. Their characterization was all over the place and as it was, I couldn't comprehend their choices and reactions. Honestly, I got the impression that they would do anything, as long as it was convenient for the plot, and to hell with the coherence.

► Ultimately, the scenes that brought the biggest smile on my face - yes, they involved Luca, and yes, I'll most definitely reread them - were too far in between for me to enjoy my reading experience. I'm not quite regretting reading the series, but god, I'm glad I'm done^^

For more of my reviews, please visit:
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January 9, 2018
Mafiosa is a terrific conclusion for Blood for Blood trilogy and without any doubt deserves a five star rating. It's one of those series that started weak but the sequels improved a lot when it comes to the plot, characters and twists. This finale filled everything I'm looking for in a mafia novel and Catherine Doyle saved it all for last.

After tragedy hits on Sophie Gracewell in the previous book, she has nowhere to go and was officially under the Falcone family's protection. She's grieving for the loss of her and wants a payback against The Marinos. To prove her loyalty, she must kill her target as ordered by Valentino Falcone, the current mafia boss. However the underboss says differently. Luca wants her to live free and normal, not tainted by blood, death and violence. If he has to kill someone for her, he's willing to do the job as long as she's far away from the mafia business. With the blood war going on and an impossible truce, Sophie has to think twice because it's either live or die.

I can't tell you any further because it will be a spoiler but holy freaking hell, parts III and IV were filled with plot twists!! The first one was predictable : Felice Falcone; The other's weren't : My favorite chapter of this book was Chapter 26: Genovese. This is the part where we get to know more the Falcone Mafia Queen, Elena Genovese-Falcone. The Ice Queen wasn't harsh after all. She's a nurturing and a protective mother who wants all the best for her children. I love and respect her until the end.

I love the direction of the story and the characters made the best decision. I HAVE HEART EYES FOR LUCA FALCONE. 😍 I can't swooning on every Sophie and Luca's scenes. My heart beats with joy. So beautiful. So fricking beautiful 😭👏🏼💗 I'm so relieved by the last chapter and epilogue.

While I'm happy with that, the ending left questions that remained unanswered. My questions will be tagged as spoilers:
Overall, I recommend this if enjoy romance and mafia novels or if you're beginning to explore the mafia realm. This is lighthearted but it contains mild violence.
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February 6, 2017

3.5 to 4*

I consider myself lucky that I could move straight onto this book because hate it when I have to wait.
This picks up straight from 'Inferno' and Sophie is wearing more masks these days, she's struggling with the loss of her mother, settling into her new family, training to become an assassin and by day she's just your average school girl.
All the same characters are in play, Millie again proves herself to be an amazing and loyal best friend and my favourite character in the whole book. Is it wrong of me to say I liked her way more than Sophie?
Nic is there wanting Sophie back and offering her what she thinks she wants and needs but it's Luca (I absolutely love Luca and have since the first book) who really sees her and truly cares for her but will she be blinded by her need for revenge and lose herself in the process.
I did have several issues the main one is covered in the spoiler below but I also felt the ending was rushed after what has been a fabulous series I felt while I liked the ending it needed more.
This book keeps you reading and guessing as the drama unfolds and it truly is a fabulous read and I found myself wishing I'd had books like this when I was younger, it's definitely the kind of read where you're kept on your toes never being sure who'll be left standing at the end.

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December 6, 2018
I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher. This in no way impacted on my view.

This series quickly became a favourite of mine when I first read Vendetta. Deeply within the mafia world of Chicago, our MC, Sophie, now knows that she is a member of the Marino crime family, the family that her friends, the Falcones, want to kill. She's gone to the Falcones, and Luca, in particular, for help and protection, now that she has no one left. As she becomes a fully fledged member, she is torn between wanting to kill her own family members, and doing what Nic thinks is right, and keeping a grip on her humanity, something that brings her closer to Luca. The stakes grow until it is seriously a case of life and death.

Firstly, when I heard I was getting an ARC of this book, I nearly squealed - but I restrained myself, as I was sat in Starbucks at the time. As soon as the book arrived, I immediately started it, and only put it down when I had to go to work. I knew I would be be somewhat sad reading the book, as it was the finale, but I honestly couldn't have asked for a better ending.

Mafiosa is even better than its prequels, something I didn't think could be possible. We know the characters now, and are invested in what happens to them. Sophie and Luca remain my faves, as they have been in all three books, and I just knew that as long as they were alright, I would be happy. It was touch and go at times, but I pretty much always had a smile on my face whenever the two of them had scenes together. I don't know if I've ever shipped two people as much as I have for these two!

The plot was off the chains. Everything in Vendetta and Inferno had been leading up to the final battle, and Cat did not disappoint. The story kept me on the edge of my seat on every page, and even with all of the twists and turns, I kept up. It wasn't over the top, but it was just the right amount of action, if you know what I mean? I was never bored, and was invested in every single thing that happened until the very last moment. Everything was tied up, and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better ending.

Seriously, if you haven't read any of the books in this series, what have you been doing?! Get on it, ASAP! I look forward to reading more from Cat in the future.
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February 27, 2017
Once again, I have a message for Luca.

I read it in a day! I forgot how much I loved these books and now the trilogy has ended I'm just hoping Catherine Doyle will continue writing thrillers. Or maybe even give Nic his own trilogy? I just know I'm not ready to say goodbye to this world.

Mafiosa is more like 3/3.5 stars but I'm giving it 4. Book two remains the best.
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February 7, 2017
Its getting to a point that unless the book is phenomenal I usually will put the book off to the side till the series it completely out and then eventually get back and read them all. However this is a trilogy I've loved since the beginning and have read every book the moment I could get my hands on it. I've ordered the first and last book off of BookDepository.com because it wasn't on Amazon yet so I had to wait a little long to get this 3rd book and it was well worth the wait.

If you haven't read book one or two well now you can just plow right through all three and trust me, you'll love every book! AH!

This series is one of the FEW contemporary books I REALLY enjoyed, usually I'll stick to fantasy or paranormal or dystopian but this somehow caught my attention and I've wanted it since I heard about it. BOOM! I know I'm rambling but this is me telling you how good it is.

I love the world building and the families and the history behind it all, I loved the twists and turns of the story even though the ending was and was not surprising. However I'm still very pleased with the ending and how it's all played out.

The character development was fantastic! You've got innocent Sophie who's life has been turned upside down and she's lost, angry, confused, hurt, sad and so it's been so fun to watch her change and grow slowly which I so appreciate. Same with Luca....well he mostly stayed the same which I appreciate because guys just don't change overnight...trust me, I'm married haha Nic you see him as one way in book one and watch him change and your opinion change through out the trilogy same with Valentino and other side characters.

There is still plenty of humor and romance to go around that lightens this dark tale of revenge and mafia history between families...is it really like that? yikes!

Overall: This was a GREAT ending to the trilogy, I don't think I really have any complaints! I can't wait to see what more this author has up her sleeve!

Click on the photo below to read my review on the first two books to learn more!

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March 27, 2022


This book blew my mind! I cannot tell you how emotional it all made me, I read it whole in one sitting and couldn't even stop thinking about it the next day. It's dark, questionable, full of action and suspense. Breathtaking and heartbreaking. This series is truly very memorable for me and I know it will remain as one of my favourite series of all time! Plus I think we can all agree that Luca Falcone is the best!


Review (kinda) of Blood for Blood short stories. You can find all of them here and here.


Short stories from book one:


The Girl on the Street ★★★★☆ (4,5/5 stars)
- Valentino's pov

“Luca split his time between being the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. He weighed his words. He thought carefully, with his head and his heart. For Luca, there was the smart thing and the right thing. For me, the smart thing was the right thing. Decisions are black and white when you think only with your head.”


“Gino would spend two further minutes ruminating on the unfairness of life and then he would see a firefly and forget about it. That was the beauty of Gino – the simplicity, the realness of him, unvarnished and unashamed. That was the beauty of all of them. They came home to each other, to a place where they could talk freely of murder and laughter and love and fear. They took off their masks. I never did. I never could. Not fully.”

The Girl in the Dark ★★★☆☆ (3.5/5 stars)
- Nic's pov

“I stopped being afraid. I stopped overthinking. Now, sometimes I don’t think at all in the darkest moments. I don’t second-guess myself. I don’t let go of the wire. Impulsive, Luca calls me. A hothead. Un pazzo. Crazy. I’m not crazy. I’m focused. And when your focus is unbendable, there is no cause for waiting. I don’t give myself time to become unsettled. I am my father’s son.”

Dinner at Gracewell's ★★★★★
- Luca's pov

'Be pleasant.' I smirked at him. 'Be more like me.'


'Do you think Gracewell’s under one of these tables? This is a waste of our time.'
'I’ve noted your opinion,' I told him. 'I’m going to file it in my mental box of ‘things Nicoli whines about to annoy me."'


“Usually people don’t know to run away from us. I like to make it clear within the first few minutes of meeting someone, so there can be no confusion afterwards, no unnecessary danger. Nicoli doesn’t. He lives in a fantasyland where he is a hero vanquishing evil from the world.
We are not the heroes.
We are the villains.”


The Picnic ★★★☆ ☆
- Millie's pov


“I zoned back in, offering him a smile and bobbing my head gently to imply I had been listening the whole time and not imagining the two of us buying our first puppy together. A white British bulldog called Herbie. Aw.”

Short stories from book two:


The Doughnut Scene ★★★★★
- Luca's pov

“We fell easily into the pattern that had become as much a part of me in recent weeks as Cedar Hill had. Me, scolding Sophie Gracewell. Sophie Gracewell dodging my criticisms like an acrobat, insulting me all the while. And I tried to pretend it didn’t bother me – her recklessness. I tried to pretend I hadn’t thought about the warehouse every day since it happened, that I couldn’t still remember the way her hair fell around me as she shielded me, the smell of her strawberry shampoo, how her hand trembled as she covered my heart. How she had fought for me when no one else had. How she had protected me when I was too weak to open my eyes.
In the lingering silence, I watched her watch me.”


“I stalked through the field, scouring the ground for the most colourful flowers, pulling them out of the grass until they became full and bright in my hands. Back in the car, I clenched them in my fist, held them like a life raft and tried to pretend that this was normal. That this wasn’t the first time I had ever given flowers to a girl. The first time I had ever picked flowers for a girl. The girl my brother was in love with.”


The Aftermath ★★★☆☆
- Dom's pov

“My mother, who had been standing stone-still beside Gino when it happened, broke rank. She crossed the garden, ignored CJ as she knelt beside Sara and closed her eyes with a brush of her hand. Her lips moved, a soundless prayer, and no one stopped her because whether we wanted to admit it or not, we were all feeling the sudden pinch of guilt. It was as if Sophie Gracewell had held a mirror up to us tonight and we didn’t like the reflection.
My kingdom for a Sophie-less existence.”

The Fight ★★★★☆
- Nic's pov

“I stood there looking at Sophie as she looked at him.
I know it hadn’t really been a competition between us, but in that moment it felt like one.
And I had won.
I had won.”


P.S. Someone is a little bit delusional here.. But I have to say that Nic's a bit unhinged view of reality was so interestingly written!

The Look ★★★★★
- Luca's pov

“She rose to her tiptoes, took a step towards me, her brows drawn close as she studied the wound. I could smell her shampoo, feel the warmth of her body crawling over my skin. I couldn’t tell how effectively I was breathing, only that it was taking every single ounce of effort not to tug her towards me and play out the kiss I had imagined a hundred times since I pressed those violets into her hands.”


Jafar ★★★★★
- Millie's pov

“Fine.” Nic slid the gun off the table and stowed it in the waistband of his jeans. Fleetingly, I imagined a world where I could push that much authority into one single word and have my brother instantly obey me. An existence where I could say ‘Alex’ all serious and dangerous, and he would make me a sandwich or do my washing or carry me upstairs if I was feeling lazy. “Happy now?”
“Ecstatic.” I bared all my teeth. “You do spoil me, Nic.”


“You’re hot, Nic, but your swoopy hair and shiny eyes do not offset your constant, unfathomable stupidity.”
Luca made a noise that was halfway between a laugh and a cough. “You should really copyright these rants, Millie.”


“Nic took a step towards me, but I held my ground, tipped my chin up to try and account for the height difference. My stance was saying, Come at me, bro. My eyes were saying, I will verbally eviscerate you to within an inch of your life.
“Why don’t you just stay out of this, Millie?” I think he was trying to go for ‘gentle’, maybe even placating, but I was picking up ‘patronising’, and holy hell, he was about to get ass handed to him if he said one more word.”

The Deal ★★★★★
- Valention's pov


“He closed his eyes and blew out a sigh. ‘Thank you, Valentino.’ He pressed a hand to his heart, gentle now. ‘Thank you for your loyalty in this.’
‘You always have my loyalty,’ I said.
He smiled at me, and mine grew in response. My mother used to say it was her favourite thing about us as children – that when one of us smiled the other did too – no matter what. It was as if there was an inborn switch inside us. Even now I couldn’t shake the reflex.
‘And you have mine,’ he said. ‘Always.’
‘Always,’ I nodded.”


P.S. Pardon all of the fan-arts, but since I'm such a fan of this series, I just had to...
Fan-arts taken from Catherine Doyle's tumblr page which you should totally check out.

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February 18, 2017
The Blood for Blood trilogy is fast paced, action packed and pulls on every single heartstrings and honestly, I'm not sure I'm ready to let go. This trilogy has everything you could want; romance, action, friendship, mystery, humour, brilliant characters, a fantastic plot and so much. I adore Catherine Doyle's writing style, it's so easy, read and flows beautiful and yet it almost feels like each chapter is constructed as a movie scene. It's utterly addictive and I absolutely cannot wait to see what she has in store for the future. I went into more depth about my love for this trilogy in my reviews for the previous I two books so I think I'll keep this one short and leave it here (otherwise I could and probably would gush about it for pages and pages...) I will continue recommend and shout about this trilogy from the rooftops for a long time to come and I have no doubt that I will find myself reading it once again in the future because, as I said, I don't think I'm quite ready to let go of it just yet...
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February 10, 2017
This series has come a long way since the first book and let me tell you this book was a great last installment.

Wow, I am amazed at how an author can evolve. Doyle's writing in this book was on point. It was beautiful ,lyrical, poetic and so well done.

The characters have come a long way. Sophie is still not my favorite, we all know Gianluca holds that place. He came such a long way and I love him so much!! The female friendship in this book was my favorite aspect though. We really need to see more friendships like this one.

Although the ending was fast, the book did not feel incomplete. I am very satisfied with how things turned out!
I would recommend this series to anyone who likes a good contemporary series with a strong female friendship and Italian boys!

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March 21, 2017
This series has only gotten better with each book. So much so I started only having the ebooks and have since purchased physical copies. Watching Sophie grow and change and learn was amazing. Watching her epic love for both Millie and Luca and how those relationships changed her and helped her to grow were amazing. And the intensity of the plot, the culmination of this story... all so intense and amazing and not wonderful in how they differ but wonderful in how the story envelopes you. One big plot point I'd been guessing since last book but I wasn't even mad in fact I was glad I was right. I so recommend this series.
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292 reviews
August 3, 2020
4.5/5 Diğer iki kitabın da yorumunu güncelleyeceğim bir ara.Serinin genel yorumunu buraya yazarım.Ufak birkaç noktaya takılsam da sevdiğimi bilin🙋🏻‍♀️(Yine de herkese göre değil bence,doğru beklentiyle okunduğunda sevilebilecek bir seriydi)
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March 8, 2018
Reread 9/3/18: I don't have anything new to add to this review just ahhhhhhh


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February 6, 2017
Loved loved loved it!!!!!! Such a great and satisfactory conclusion to one of the best realistic fiction. So sad for the series to end. Luca and Sofie is the reason for such an awesome book series. FRTC.


Cover reveal! I think its Jonah!!!!! And he looks gooood!
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July 12, 2020
Ich bin der Reihe ja komplett verfallen und einfach unglaublich schnell beim letzten Band angelangt, was mich einerseits total traurig werden lässt, aber andererseits musste ich auch dieses Buch wieder einfach nur verschlingen und die gesamte Zeit hatte ich gehofft, dass es ein gutes und akzeptables Ende nehmen würde, wow!

Der Schreibstil ist einfach total klasse, das habe ich schon bei den ersten beiden Bänden gesagt und das kann ich beim finalen Band definitiv auch nochmal sagen!
Man fühlt einfach jedes einzelne Wort der Autorin, all diese Emotionen, die überkochen und gewaltig sind. Es ist eine ernste und düstere Handlung und doch mit einem Hauch von Humor, der immer wieder total toll mit eingebaut wurde. So gefühlvoll, so traurig, amüsant und authentisch, zudem war es die ganze Zeit über sehr spannungsgeladen!

Das gesamte Buch ist wieder nur aus Sophies Perspektive geschrieben und auch hier wurde dies wieder total gut gemacht, denn ich konnte Sophies Handlungen und ihre Gedanken total verstehen, ebenso hatte ich aber auch Bezug zu den anderen Charakteren. Die Kapitel waren für mich in einer angenehmen Länge, wobei ich die Seiten sowieso nur so inhaliert habe.

Sophie hat sich schon im zweiten Band deutlich verändert, durch all die Schicksalsschläge, Verluste und Geheimnisse, die aufgedeckt wurden und sie steckt noch tiefer in allem drin, als je zuvor. Sie ist frustrierter, wütender und zerstörter und das habe ich in jeder geschriebenen Zeile gemerkt! Sophie beweist sich einigen Menschen in diesem Buch immer wieder und ja, sie ist auch unglaublich stark, aber das sollte nicht ihre Welt sein und das war ihr Tief in ihrem Inneren eigentlich auch bewusst. Ich finde Sophie immer noch absolut klasse, verständlich und authentisch, ich konnte mit ihr mitfühlen und mitfiebern.

Nun zu Luca und einmal vorneweg, ich liebe ihn! Ich kann es nicht wirklich beschreiben, aber er ist ein unglaublicher Charakter und ebenso tief in seinem Inneren ein herzensguter Mensch. Luca versteht alles, hat so viele Gefühle in sich, aber zeigt sich von außen doch gelassen und kalt, er hat sich stets unter Kontrolle. Die gesamte Zeit hat er versucht, Sophie wieder in die andere Richtung zu lenken, dass sie erkennt, das ihre Rachegelüste und deren Familien kein Leben für Sophie sind. Luca will sie da raushalten und hat Sophie wirklich an erste Stelle gestellt, vor seine Familie und das war etwas, was mich wirklich, wirklich berühren konnte. Ich habe so sehr mit Luca, seinen Träumen und seinem Leben in dieser Familie mitgefiebert, ich habe so viel gehofft, dass Luca schlussendlich das bekommen wird, was er wirklich verdient hat. Ein anderes Leben!

Nic hingegen hat sich in etwas verwandelt, den ich nicht mehr ausstehen konnte und der wahrscheinlich schon immer so einen Charakter besaß, es ist halt das Leben, in das er hineingeboren wurde, welches ihn so gemacht hat. Im Gegensatz zu Luca versucht dieser Sophie immer weiter in die Machenschaften zu ziehen. Er wird, was die Rachegelüste von Sophie betrifft, zu so etwas wie ein Verbündeter von ihr, was sich unglaublich falsch angefühlt hat. Aber auch das hat die Autorin sehr gut hinbekommen, dass man einfach angefangen hat, jegliche Sympathiepunkte, die man am Anfang vielleicht noch hatte ihm gegenüber, zu verlieren.

Millie ist immer wieder die Person, die Sophie um sich braucht. Sie versteht und durchschaut nahezu alles, es gab einige herzzerreißende Momente in dieser Freundschaft! Millie ist einfach die eine wahre Freundin, die jeder in seinem Leben braucht. Ebenso wie Luca, will sie Sophie einfach nur aus ihrem momentanen Leben holen, damit sie ihr verdientes Glück findet..

❝Die Menschen, die sich auch in traurigen Momenten Zeit für einen nehmen, nicht nur in den freudigen, sollte man um sich behalten. ❞ - S. 90

❝Ich wünschte mir bei jeder Sternschnuppe etwas und all meine Wünsche galten ihm.❞ - S. 190

❝ Manchmal gaben die Menschen nur vor, dass sie zuhörten, dabei warteten sie nur auf eine Pause in der Unterhaltung, um etwas über sich selbst sagen zu können. Oder sie warteten darauf, dass man aufhörte, über seine Traurigkeit zu sprechen, damit sie zu einem fröhlicherem Thema übergehen konnten.❞ - S.304/305

❝Ich würde mit dir in die Dunkelheit gehen, aber du willst nicht mit mir ins Licht kommen. ❞ - S. 434

Das Cover wurde wieder im selben Stil gehalten, wie die beiden Teile zuvor und passt somit wundervoll zum Gesamtbild - ich finde die Reihe sieht wirklich toll aus, zudem passen die Cover einfach perfekt zur Geschichte!

Ich habe diese Trilogie inhaliert und bin unglaublich glücklich darüber, dass ich sie gelesen habe! Es hat mich emotional mitgerissen und auch hier gab es wieder Wendungen, die nicht vorhersehbar für mich waren, zudem ist die Liebe, die sich hier noch weiterentwickelt, herzergreifend. Wie ich es geliebt habe, die Gespräche von Luca und Sophie zu verfolgen und wie ich es gehasst habe, dass diese so schnell wieder vorbei waren und die Seiten nur so an mir vorbeigeflogen sind, einfach unglaublich!
Diese ganze Geschichte hat mich immer wieder mitten ins Herz getroffen und ich wurde süchtig danach, so unglaublich süchtig! Ich kann nicht einmal beschrieben, wie emotional mich dieses Buch gemacht hat und ich habe es geliebt, wie viel ich während dem Lesen gefühlt habe.

Ich hatte bis zum Schluss noch Angst zu Ende zu lesen, denn mein armes romantisches Herz war nicht bereit dafür gebrochen zu werden und wie unglaublich froh war ich über dieses Ende. Sie haben sich raus und ans Licht gekämpft und es war wundervoll. Definitiv ein gelungenes Ende.

Nur mal so am Rande, für eine Fortsetzung wäre ich sowas von bereit, haha!
Diese Reihe ist ein ganz großes Highlight von mir geworden und ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen!
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February 6, 2017
2.5 stars, but I'm rounding up because no hard feelings here.



I want my snowflake and my spark to become Mafia king and queen NOW!
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May 29, 2020
2,5 / 5
Polisler hala ağlamaya devam ediyorlar. Sophie hala salak ve ben hala karakterlerin yaşları azıcık daha büyük olsaydı diye söyleniyorum 😆
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382 reviews39 followers
February 13, 2020
I thought this was a really well written series. I thought the progression was well done. The characters all had their personalities and they came alive in my head. I felt with Sophie, I laughed with her and Millie, I cried, I felt their frustration, and anger, and I definitely wanted to toss the book a few times because the emotions were definitely high, both in the book and in my own mind.

I really loved the story line…

To see my full review for this trilogy, please visit my blog ♥

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