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Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #4.5

Night of the Living Dante

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Dante has just been assigned Aurora Sky's mentor. Before they meet, he goes on a mission up north in the Alaska interior with his old partner and informant, Janine.

Full of thrills, chills, and... Dante!

FREE bonus Dante story (approximately 5,000 words) at the end of Hunting Season on all pre-order and release week sales.

Deal ends Monday, March 9, 2015.


First published March 3, 2015

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About the author

Nikki Jefford

60 books982 followers
Reality is overrated ... which is why I write!

Vampire hunters, wolf shifters, witches, elves and Fae with humor, romance, snark and steam. I love bad boys with hearts of gold and heroines who kick ass.

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Profile Image for Liliana.
767 reviews197 followers
March 4, 2015
Reviewed on Lili Lost in a Book

Night of the Living Dante takes place before Dante and Aurora meet, and I was super excited to read this little novella!

I do have to say that it was a lot of fun! I mean, hello! It's Dante, probably my favorite character in the entire series! And this novella made me realize exactly why I love him so much: he is A LOT like Dean Winchester (granted, Dean isn't as happy-go-lucky as Dante... not anymore, at least *sobs*)!

"Pie. Yum. Even better. Any night where Dante could do all three--kill vamps, get laid, and eat pie--was an epic win." -Dante

PIE! - 7x03 The Girl Next Door

"Nothing like blood, death, and sex." -Dante

There was also talk of moose, but that's beside the point ;)

If you are a huge Dante fan like myself, than this is a must-read for you! It's a lot of fun, I promise!
Profile Image for Angie.
2,326 reviews228 followers
October 31, 2015
I absolutely adore Dante, so of course I was excited to read Night of the Living Dante! It's a super duper short, yet satisfying peek at Dante in action! Not that kind of action, pervert! He's on a mission with his previous partner, Janine. They're far off into the woods where some vampires are hanging out. Killing is definitely on the brain, and Dante may have the other type of action in mind too for when they're done. While we do get some of that amazing Dante humor, I do wish this had been in first person POV, so we could really get into his head. I'm sure he had a lot of great things going on in there that he wasn't saying out loud!

Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.
Profile Image for Reagan.
71 reviews
March 15, 2015
A little more proof that the author must be out of character ideas because she is going to milk every character and subplot to death. Reading this story actually wasted precious time for zero entertainment.
Profile Image for J R.
213 reviews23 followers
December 9, 2015
Not quite sure why this book is so late in the series, but I'm glad I got to take a brief look into Dante's life before Aurora entered.
2,011 reviews5 followers
March 12, 2022
A good introduction to Dante. Nothing about Aurora Sky, but Janine is interesting. Their mission is partially successful leaving more for future stories.

Action-packed. Easy-to-read. Entertaining. Great world building. Scary. Tragic. Wonderful characters.
77 reviews
October 12, 2022
Pointless narrative obviously intended to introduce characters of questionable interest

Competently written, this sequence of events (I hesitate to call it a story) stirs little interest in its outcome or the characters involved.
185 reviews
February 13, 2017
Night of the Living Dante (Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter vol. 4.5

Very short story not bad to add to the continuing saga of Aurora Sky vampire hunter let's see what happens in the next installment...
Profile Image for J.L. Day.
Author 3 books12 followers
October 8, 2015
I LOVE the Aurora Sky series and have already pre-ordered the finale (I am both excited to read it and saddened to say farewell to what have become such GOOD friends at the same time).

In Night of the Living Dante we are first introduced to the dashing and smooth-talking boy next door, but sex-charged superman that you just never know WHAT to expect from. That is one of the best things about Dante, he is all cuddly and mellow, sweet and charming in one breathe and in the next he is a hot as fire and dripping with sensuality stud-muffin that knows and/or respects no boundaries He is simultaneously chivalrous and seductively exploitive, you never know if he is playing an angle or being genuine in the most deep and empathetic of ways. Getting to KNOW Dante is an adventure in itself, but one worth taking and he takes on a depth of character that is all the more appealing the deeper you "Delve into Dante's Depths".
Profile Image for Heather De Los Reyes.
429 reviews3 followers
October 9, 2015
Since Dante happens to be my favorite character in the Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter series I was so excited to find out Nikki Jefford released a book from Dante'so point of view. Of course I loved everything about this book. I really liked hearing what Dante thought about things as well as how his relationship started with Janine. Don't miss out on this book in the series it's full of hilarious Dante!
Profile Image for Shawn.
319 reviews1 follower
October 12, 2015
A quick read, it is less than the 24 pages it claims to be, many of those are ads for other great books.

This story is a glimpse into one of Dante's missions before he met Aurora. He's just a fun-loving guy who loves his work: killing vampires.

Third person, the book is still told from Dante's point-of-view so you get to see a lot more about the way he thinks.

This is a great additional piece for the series.
July 26, 2016
Way too short! I don't get this. I know it's free, but why bother putting such a short book out? There are so many other back stories about Dante I'd like to know: his snowboarding accident, when he was held hostage, his time at boot camp. Why not put together a book of them all? Also, the scope of this narrative was very limited and unsatisfying, I didn't get a glimpse into Dante's mind, it was like I was still observing him from the outside.
Author 4 books5 followers
January 8, 2016
Very short and a bit of a disappointment.

This really could have been longer, more fitting for the series. Red was perfect, this fell short.

Oh yes, now I also feel Dante just is not a nice guy.
Profile Image for Megan Murphy.
274 reviews14 followers
April 19, 2017
Not like this novella was bad...much. I just can't stand Dante...although reading this makes me wonder about him and Aurora. Not sure really the purpose of this though. The last few novellas made us understand Valeria and Noel. This one is basically a horny, blood thirsty Dante out on a mission.
Profile Image for Keith Beasley-Topliffe.
764 reviews5 followers
December 10, 2016
An incident to help us like Dante less

This "volume 4.5" of the Aurora Sky series feels more like an incident cut from one of the books as being too inconsequential to take the space. Dante and Janine go on a semi-successful mission then go home. Yawn.
Profile Image for Guylaine.
87 reviews1 follower
October 26, 2015
It was a short story about Dante and oh my do I love it!! Wow I wish this book would have been longer to spend more time with Dante.
If you like Vampire Hunter Aurora Sky is the series for you.
Profile Image for Heather.
172 reviews37 followers
October 30, 2015
I love this series! This is a short novella which is a great Segway into the latest book, Whiteout. I can't wait to see what happens next!
Profile Image for Lyn Jenkins.
628 reviews1 follower
July 17, 2016
Don't bother with this one. it's too short and doesn't tell you a thing about Dante.
216 reviews1 follower
April 22, 2017
Night of the Living Dante

This is just a quick, little, Dante story. I enjoyed it but there wasn't much to it. Good writing and a character I enjoy.
1,216 reviews6 followers
April 29, 2017
This was ok. It doesn't really add to the story and offers a really tiny glimpse to Dante's trip mentioned in book 1.
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