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Midnight Sun

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A woman on the edge…

Museum collections specialist Sienna Aubrey is desperate. A prehistoric Iñupiat mask in her client’s collection is haunted, and it wants her to return it to Alaska…now. Tormented to her breaking point, she steals it. But when she arrives in the remote Alaskan village, the tribal representative refuses to take the troublesome mask off her hands. Even worse, the manipulative artifact pulls the infuriating man into her dream, during which she indulges in her most secret fantasies with him.

A man in search of the truth…

Assistant US Attorney Rhys Vaughan came to the Arctic Circle to prove someone tried to murder his cousin. When Sienna shows up at his cousin’s office with the local tribe’s most sacred artifact, she becomes his prime suspect. Then the mask delivers him into Sienna’s hot, fantasy-laden dream, and his desire to investigate her takes an entirely different turn.

An artifact seeking justice…

But the mask has an agenda, and it’s not to play matchmaker. If Sienna doesn’t do what the artifact wants, she may pay the ultimate price, and only Rhys can save her.

120 pages, Paperback

First published February 28, 2015

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About the author

Rachel Grant

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USA Today bestselling author Rachel Grant worked for over a decade as a professional archaeologist and mines her experiences for storylines and settings, which are as diverse as excavating a cemetery underneath an historic art museum in San Francisco, survey and excavation of many prehistoric Native American sites in the Pacific Northwest, researching an historic concrete house in Virginia, and mapping a seventeenth century Spanish and Dutch fort on the island of Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children and can be found on the web at www.Rachel-Grant.net.

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1,142 reviews494 followers
June 22, 2021
Midnight Sun is paranormal romantic suspense novella about a prehistoric Iñupiat mask that is haunting museologist Sienna Aubrey. The mask leads her to a remote Alaskan village, where the mask originates. Sienna is supposed to meet the tribal representative to return the mask to him, but she ends up meeting his cousin Rhys Vaughan instead. Sienna and Rhys are thrown together by the mask and they end up *ahem* dream sharing lol. Sienna and Rhys are also forced to work together when they are attacked by someone who intends to steal the mask.

This was a short and fast-paced romantic suspense with a supernatural element. I really enjoyed the magical element that pushed the hero and heroine together. The romance happens fairly quickly as the story takes place in the space of less than a week, but given the difficult journey that Rhys and Sienna undertake, their HEA is satisfying and believable enough for me. The only thing that I didn't like was the execution of the climax, which was way too far-fetched and unbelievable to me.

It should be noted that Rhys served two tours in Iraq as an explosive ordnance disposal specialist. All of the mentions of Rhys's time in Iraq and of the "assholes who wanted him dead" made me incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe the US shouldn't have invaded Iraq in the first place?!?! Not once did Rhys condemn the invasion of Iraq. This is the main reason why I don't gravitate toward romances where the MC served in the military, especially if they participated in the invasion of other countries.

I also cannot determine the veracity of the indigenous cultural practices and history highlighted in this book, but it's definitely worth reading the Author's Note.
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1,429 reviews
February 26, 2016
ARC Review
Originally posted at Love Affair with an e-Reader

I love Rachel Grant’s work. Her books are creative, complicated, and sexy and she writes the best heroines. I appreciate that they are smart career women with intelligence, courage, a strong sense of integrity and a bit academic. So, I was interested when I saw her name as a contributor to the Twelve Shades of Midnight anthology. How will one of my favorite romantic suspense author fare in the PNR genre? My concern was needless. Rachel Grant seamlessly incorporates supernatural elements into her story. You can expect the trademark nail-biting suspense; a smart, attractive, intense alpha (think Harrison Ford, see my reference); and panty-melting intimate scenes all wrapped within a story about a mystical mask trying to find its way back home. It reads like a Raiders of the Lost Ark story.

Because many of Ms. Grant’s stories revolve around an aspect of archeology, this book is also educational. I enjoyed learning more about First Nation people in Alaska and the important role of artifacts to their culture. Also having worked in a museum, I’m familiar with the work of archivists and curators, so this story speaks to me. Museums exist to preserve those things that are too precious to lose. Who knew that a person with a museology degree could get into so much trouble?

In a Nutshell:

This is not a long story, but there is a lot packed into it. It’s a perfect one-night read when you’re looking for a little adventure.
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490 reviews35 followers
May 7, 2015
3.75 stars Short, but good. There was a twist with the mask at the end that I did not expect. Grant is a great developing author!
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1,397 reviews11 followers
June 22, 2021
For months, museum collection specialist, Sienna Aubrey has been seeing visions that have been sent from a prehistoric Inupiat mask that she has been working with. When she can no longer stand the feeling of being haunted, she steals the mask and takes it back to the village in Alaska where she believes the mask belongs. When she arrives, she meets a man she thinks is the tribe's collection specialist, but it isn't long before the mask again brings her visions of Rhys Vaughan who is an assistant US attorney and the cousin of the real specialist who is in the hospital after being poisoned. Sienna and Rhys are left to find out what the mask is trying to get them to do and why.

Midnight Sun loads a lot of story in a short number of pages. The instant attraction that Sienna and Rhys feel is explained by the paranormal influence of the mask, making their feelings reasonable under the circumstances. The mystery consumes most of the story with occasional, ill-timed stops in the action for the romance to take place. However, continuous danger and suspense make this story worth the read. Overall, Midnight Sun could have been longer, but for the length, it packs a punch.
3 1/2 stars
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4,995 reviews9 followers
May 26, 2017
So glad to find this 2 book I've read by Rachel ... Such a great read. I think Rachel will become for me an author I check out often ... when my TBR list does allow me to do so. Different kind of read from the last book I did check out "Incriminating Evidence" ... a mystery, suspenseful, romance. This is a bit different... but still held my interest ... had me curious as to where she would go??! ( ;
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99 reviews
March 20, 2015
Hot, steamy, paranormal. What's not to like about this fun novella from Rachel Grant. Lots of great information about Alaska and tribes and archeology. It's wonderful when there is as much plot as romance and Grant, as usual, delivers.
Profile Image for Christa.
2,217 reviews435 followers
May 5, 2017
I found Midnight Sun to be interesting, very steamy, and kind of strange. I liked the characters of Sienna and Rhys, and they had great chemistry together! The storyline captured my attention and kept me guessing, and the paranormal aspects with the mask were kind of weird for me. Altogether, I thought it was a good short story.
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4,123 reviews12 followers
March 24, 2015
With all that I read I love coming across a author I have not read. When I plunge into their books it is like a driver looking for gems waiting to be unearthed. I think I have found this with this author. The storyline was a respite with some of what I had been reading because I like to change up and had been reading alot of one kind lately. Sienna travels on what she feels she is compelled to thanks to a mask and her duties to it. Rhys comes to uncover the truth behind events concerning his cousin and the game is on so to speak because she believes at first that is who she is dealing with. Right away this author reels in the reader with the mystery surrounding a mask that is the center of several things or events that at first do not seem to be believable to the naked eye or telling but when after a night both will lean towards forging a path to the truth. No matter what you are reading I do believe a good suspense can be more than thrilling if written well especially when you add the mystic with it. Beliefs of cultural peoples put a realism that will also have you glued to a investigation that will have you going along with the characters to the point you forget that this is fiction this author pulls you that far down under in this. She also adds the taste of romance but not too much that it suffocates it. A really special touch this author does also is to throw in dashes of humor to to bring the balance alive as you read. I am also that reader that will try my hand at aiding the solving of whatever with the clues given but the nastiness of the characters here will have you on the edge wanting them brought down sooner than later. Top it off with a unforeseeable ending and this author delivers that gem that will refresh you as a reader. Received a copy for a honest review.
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Author 15 books142 followers
March 4, 2015
Midnight Sun is an intriguing and most stunning romance readers will find. Rachel Grant has created a mystical world where the unknown becomes reality. Sienna Aubrey is a museum specialist is desperate to be rid of the haunted Iñupiat mask that her client owns. The mask tortures her to take it back to an Alaskan village. There she tries handing it off to the tribal representative who is also a U.S. Assistant Attorney. Rhys Vaughan refuses to take the mask from Sienna. But no sooner does he refuse then the mask drags him into Sienna’s dreams where he undergoes all her fantasies. And while he’s at it, he decides to investigate her as the leading suspect in the murder case of his cousin. But, the mask isn’t here to play nice. If Sienna doesn’t do what it wants then she will have to pay the ultimate price, unless Rhys can save her in time.

Rachel Grant has beautifully woven the most compelling and thrilling romantic tale with a bit of a historic and cultural tale. I found her novel, Midnight Sun, to be the most fascinating read ever. Her characters are unlikely to have ever met until the mask intertwines their fates in way that most never dream of. Both Sienna and Rhys are two believable characters that will lure readers deep into the story’s plot. And the plot is out of this world. A never before kind of tale that will take readers to new heights and on amazing journeys.

I highly recommend Midnight Sun. It is the best novel that readers will ever lay eyes upon. A whole new adventure awaits readers. As the plot unfolds within readers will be amazed and will never want to leave the stunning and vibrant world that Rachel Grant has masterfully written. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.
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1,613 reviews30 followers
April 13, 2015
A stardust of magic and visions of the future might have brought them together, but after the adventure is over, is the reality enough to keep them with each other?
Intriguing concept with this story, of old history, haunted mask, and how the mask brought Sienna and Rhys together, to bring justice of the crimes against the Iñupiat tribe.
Sienna and Rhys are steaming hot together, the connection might have been brought on by a bit of magic, but they hold it in real and raw even without it. The love scenes are sizzling, the attraction clear. When Sienna's insecurities try to hinder them, Rhys' patient and understanding is admirable and sweet. Working together they get to know each other, and feelings get heated and deep fast.
The adventure to solve the crimes is full of danger and speed, the threat to Sienna's life constant. The visions in multiverse, or alternative dimensions, guide them to the culprits, but also brings pain and fear of events to come.
Lots of fascinating prehistoric information, exotic arctic midnight sun, compelling characters, alluring magic powers, and captivating action. Let your imagination free, and let the thrill ride begin
~ Four Spoons
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2,267 reviews138 followers
February 18, 2015
Sienna Aubrey travels to the Bering Straits with a mask she had stolen from the museum she was working for as a Native American Graves Repatriation Act specialist. She knew the mask belong to the Itqaklut tribe and that it had been stolen and wants to return it to the tribe even knowing she was breaking the law. The mask itself also seemed to have a strange effect on her causing nightmares and strange premonitions. She hoped that bringing it back to where it belonged would stop all of that. Sienna mistakes Rhys Vaughan for his cousin who doesn’t correct her as Chuck is in the hospital after someone tried to kill him. Rhys thinks Sienna might have something to do with it or at least knows who does and he wants to find out what he can from her. The mask causes these two to have some erotic dreams together. The rest of the story is figuring out what the mask really wants and why someone wanted to kill Chuck. Even though it was an erotic short – this author always manages to bring in her background of archeology into all her books and some true life history.
Profile Image for Eva • All Books Considered.
423 reviews65 followers
May 28, 2015
Review originally posted at All Books Considered

I enjoyed this book and read it really quickly. Rachel Grant is writing in a unique subset of romantic suspense about artifacts and I really like it! The setting for Midnight Sun was great -- summer in Alaska and, literally, midnight sun. It takes place over the course of a weekend so it's incredibly fast-paced and filled with suspense! But don't be fooled, there are definitely some very steamy scenes, too! I would definitely recommend for fans of romantic suspense!!

She wanted to be outraged that he'd lied to her, and that he wasn't the man he'd just spent hours pretending to be. But she was too hot, too aroused to care. If he wasn't the Itqaklut CRM, and wasn't in love with a dead woman, then she could have this dream. Or whatever it was. She could enjoy it without fear. Without guilt.
3,277 reviews11 followers
March 9, 2015
Midnight Sun is the third book I have read by Rachel Grant. I have found this author to consistently write a strong plot that is really well thought out and researched. The characters are tested by the events in the stories so that they show a true strength of character by the end.

Sienna Aubrey is a strong woman tested. First by her conscience which causes her to seek to return an Iñupiat mask to the rightful tribe in Alaska. Then there is the question of attempted murder, a dream man and the haunted mask’s own agenda. Dream man, Rhys Vaughan does not trust Sienna at their first meeting. As the story progresses so does their attraction to each other.

This is a very unusual story with the mask trying to dominant the events lead to solving a previous murder. Sienna and Rhy finding each other is just an added bonus. Very suspenseful, bordering on downright scary in places. Well done. I enjoy the books of Kay Hooper and Iris Johansen and believe other fans of theirs would enjoy Rachel Grant’s books, too.

4.5 stars
Copy provided by Net Galley for an honest review.
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173 reviews17 followers
July 20, 2015
 photo 13479209 - Copy - Copy.gif

The Mask is forcing her to do this.... it's not her fault. A mix of paranormal, romance and erotic hot sex scenes makes for an awesome story. Lots of action and edge of your seat writing... and then it ends... all too soon.

But it's so good, you have to flip back to reread it all over again!

I won this book in a goodreads giveaway.... I am SO lucky! I will be looking for more from this author!
Profile Image for Kimberlie.
1,153 reviews
March 19, 2015
Another great story by Rachel Grant! The characters were interesting and the archaelogy theme is unique. I felt like sometimes the writing was too obvious. (How many clues did Sienna need to realize she wasn't talking to Chuck?) But I loved the setting being the Inupiat culture and time of the Midnight Sun. I think the sex scenes were a little hotter than I remember from her other stories, but I liked those parts too! Really great story overall!
Profile Image for Sarah Andre.
Author 8 books103 followers
March 17, 2015
Terrific, intriguing novella that I devoured in one sitting. Always amazed at the creativity of this author's stories given her archeology background and how she weaves her expertise into the work.
Profile Image for Mei.
1,882 reviews424 followers
September 25, 2015
It was short and rather simple story very similar to a cross between Indiana Jones and Nancy Drew, with some paranormal thrown into! :)

I must say that I prefer Ms. Grant's Evidence series!
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696 reviews13 followers
August 1, 2017
היי אנשים,
אז סיימתי עוד רומן של רייצ'ל גרנט המדהימה *-*
הפעם זאת נובלה..
עם קצת -הרבה- על טבעי.
בחורה שעובדת בתור סוג של ארכיאולוגית, סובלת מסיוטים בגלל מסכה שהייתה בבעלות של שאמן בזמנו, מגלה על כך שהיא נגנבה, ומחליטה להחזיר אותה לבעליה, כדי שהסיוטים יפסיקו... והבחורה תצליח לישון.
הבעיה שאחרי הזוועה שהיא עוברת בדרך, הבחור שהיא חושבת שהוא הבעלים לא מוכן לקחת אותה בלי מסמכים והסברים -יש לו את הסיבות שלו- מציע לה להישאר לישון אצלו.... בלילה תודות למסכה הקסומה הם חולמים להם חלום אירוטי מקסים... שבסופו מתעוררים במיטה ביחד, אומנם לבושים 😉😉
לאחר מכן המתח והסכנה הרגילה שיש בספריה נכנסים לפעולה.
ספרון מקסים ממש *-*
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946 reviews26 followers
April 16, 2021
This was... not what I expected, but also not an unenjoyable read. I picked it up because it was Rachel Grant, expecting a standard archaeology-based romantic suspense.

And yes, it was that, but there was also a strong paranormal theme in it that I completely wasn't expecting when I bought it without reading the blurb. And yet... it worked and I enjoyed myself reading it.

I don't think this is one of Ms Grant's best works - but her 'not-best works' are still streets ahead of many other authors in the genre. I'd definitely like to read more paranormal from her in the future.
Profile Image for Meghan.
2,455 reviews6 followers
December 3, 2022
Mask, but not Jim Carry

An intriguing story of artifact looting, spirits, visions, romance and tribal culture. The mask is a main character and the story that evolves from it being stolen and it’s power is a fast paced and well developed adventure. The chemistry is hot, both in reality and vision. The action is prominent as all characters have brushes with danger. A fun and quick story that introduced some interesting characters and left me wanting to know more about the tribal culture and field of artifacts!
Profile Image for Wana.
19 reviews1 follower
August 9, 2020
it is beautiful... too bad it is only a novella. I want more pages.

Rachel Grant is a really resourceful author. she knows a lot about an archeologist and I start researching whats she wrote. One thing that also I always do is jumping on the author's note just to read the information about her work.

Mrs. Rachel, you are amazing!
254 reviews4 followers
February 27, 2021
A suspenseful well written book that looks at archeological theft issues. Using spiritual lore, Rachel Grant created a love story that brings Museum collections specialist Sienna Aubrey and Assistant US Attorney Rhys Vaughan together to solve the theft of a Itqaklut tribal mask and death attempt on the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.

Profile Image for Karen.
1,424 reviews2 followers
March 17, 2017
This standalone paranormal romance novella draws on the background, connections and experience of the author. A stolen Alaskan tribal mask, inhabited by the shaman who created it's spirit, is found in a museum in Seattle. Sienna, a museologist researching provenance of the museum's collection, steals it to return it to the tribe, but is met with disbelief by the man she travelled to Alaska to meet. Rhys traveled to Alaska after his cousin was poisoned and hospitalized for kidney failure. He is in his cousin's office when Sienna comes in with a cedar box holding what she tells him is a mask she believes was stolen from the tribe. Suspicious of her possession of the mask and the timing of her appearance, Rhys refuses to accept the mask and unknowingly sets in play a plan devised by the mask to protect itself.
This review is of a free download from the author, is voluntary, and my honest opinion.
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Author 7 books40 followers
November 27, 2019
Great reading

This had adventure, danger, hot romance and a very nice touch of the supernatural and together with really likeable characters and folklore made for some very good reading. Really enjoyed!
Profile Image for Bernadette.
344 reviews1 follower
November 13, 2022
Fantasy and mystery

Fast paced and full of action. I enjoyed the supernatural aspects to the story that came with the tribal artefacts. A bit of fantasy along with the HEA made this a very enjoyable read.
Profile Image for Eyang.
18 reviews
April 17, 2018
The 2nd book I read from the author and yet i'm still loving it...and i am learning a lot..
90 reviews
July 4, 2019

Suspenseful and funny. Sexy without being too raunchy. This writer is a great story teller and keeps me reading all she writes. She won’t disappoint.
Profile Image for Mary.
1,418 reviews3 followers
July 11, 2019
I love PNR but this just did not do it for me.
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