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The Shrouded Kingdoms #2

The Secrets of Dargon

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The fog of the High Gods choke Marshea’s Kingdom, forcing her to yield to their demands. She is ordered to ensnare a man she once loved and return him to the Elders of Dargon. There he will face an eternity of suffering for his sins.

Saldor trains his men to fight the evil magic that enslaves the people of Dargon, the eastern kingdom. He prepares for war until the woman he was sworn to marry before the days of enslavement, returns from the dead. She convinces him that the only threat to Dargon is his army, but when magical beasts attack, he suspects his true love of treachery.

Kindle Edition

First published September 15, 2015

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About the author

Ciara Knight

90 books701 followers
Ciara Knight is a USA Today bestselling and Maggie Award-winning author of heartwarming romance.

Her popular sweet romance series, Sweetwater County (rated for all audiences), is a small-town romance full of family trials, friendly competition, and community love.

Check out her brand new Friendship Beach series starting with this FREE read Summer Island Second Chances at: https://claims.prolificworks.com/gg/j...

Ciara's USA Today bestselling book, Love on the Prairie, was just the beginning of her historical mail-order bride series. Now, you can read Love in the Rockies, Love on the Plains, and Love on the Ranch. Coming in 2019, the series will conclude with Love on the Sound, Love on the Coast, and Love on the Border.

Ciara's teen books are coming of age stories, set in fantastical worlds, with a little grit. Her bestselling series, The Neumarian Chronicles and Battle for Souls have both received notable mentions, nominations for prestigious awards, and secured four and five star reviews from notable review agencies.

For more information visit ciara's website at www.ciaraknight.com. You can also connect with Ciara on Twitter @ciaratknight, or "Like" her on Facebook (ciaraknightwrites), but the best way to win prizes and receive the most up to date information is to subscribe to her newsletter at: http://www.ciaraknight.com/newsletter

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Sugar Maple, Tennessee series

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934 reviews63 followers
January 27, 2016
I received an eARC of this book from Lady Amber's Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.

The Secrets of Dargon
by Ciara Knight takes The Shrouded Kingdoms series to a whole new level! In the first book I felt like the world-building was lacking as it was more focused on the romance between Arianna and Tardon. In THIS book however, while there is still some focus on romance between Saldor and Marseha, the author focuses a lot on the world-building and fantasy elements of the story.

We first met Saldor in The Curse of Gremdon, he was the Elder’s lackey, ruler of dungeon and ultimately Arianna’s friend. I honestly shipped the two a bit! Saldor is kind, gentle and wise beyond his years. He lost everyone when the Elders invaded Gremdon and the curse took over, including his fiancé Marseha. He’s never loved another and holds on to the possibility that she lives in another kingdom. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends, but he’s lonely and my heart broke for him over and over again.

Marseha is just one of the new characters introduced to the series in this story and she also happens to be the other main character (POV flips between her and Saldor throughout the book). To be honest I wasn’t really sure how to feel about her. She is the Queen’s apprentice and a powerful witch. She ran from Gremdon when she was marked so as not to face the fires, but not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about Saldor and what she left behind. She’s bitter, untrusting, and very secretive. Yet I felt for her as I did Saldor.

As I’ve already stated the plot really focuses on the world-building of the series. In this book, we find out a lot more about the Elders, why they are there, and how to stop them. Saldor is angry at the onset of the book. Gremdon is content to leave the other kingdoms to the fate of the Elders, believing that they are safe. Obviously after all Saldor did for the Elders, he wants to help the other kingdoms to atone for his past. It’s in this struggle with the new council that he finds his way to Dargon and back into Marseha’s arms. She is looking for a warrior, a warrior strong enough to close the portal the Elders are trying to open. Can they do it together or will their secrets come between them? I’ve said it many times, if characters would learn to communicate we wouldn’t have books!

Overall I enjoyed this story. Saldor is probably my favorite character of the series and seeing all that he goes through in the first book with Arianna and Tardon made me excited to read his story. The fantasy is present in this book much more than the first and for all you romance lovers out there, there’s that too! Ciara Knight does a great job of balancing the two this time. If you enjoy paranormal romance and fantasy, I highly recommend you check this one out!
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285 reviews14 followers
February 16, 2016
The Secrets of Dargon (The Shrouded Kingdom Chronicles Book 2) By Ciara Knight

4 Stars
Reviewed by Char for Late Night Books and Reviews

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

The second book in the Shrouded Kingdom Chronicles continues the story two years after the first book ended. This book centers on Saldor, a seasoned warrior from the first book and his lost love Marseha, who had taken refuse at Dargon Castle from the witch burnings in Gremdon when the Elders took control of the realm.

Marseha’s refuge at Dargon Castle was short-lived due to the extreme power struggle between the wicked Queen and the evil Elders. The Queen sends Marseha on a quest to find the chosen warrior who could save their castle from the Elders who were about to unleash a horrible beast that would destroy all of the kingdoms in the realm. She set off with her trusted friend to search for this chosen warrior who turned out to be her lost love, Saldor.

All Saldor wants is to protect the kingdoms from the evil elders and their dark magic and to find his lost love Marseha. He trains the citizens of Gremdon to protect their land and also in hopes that they will help him in his quest to free other kingdoms from the Elders. He sets off to find Marseha and is surprised to find her in the dark forest. She convinces him to return to her lands to fight, but along the way, he suspects his true love of treachery.

The world-building and scenery are done very well in this novel. I really like the romance between Saldor and Marseha.

Saldor is a complicated character. He is strong, kind, determined and steadfast, but then he is also, set in his ways and jealous. He had lost his family and his love when the Elders took control, which caused him to harden a bit. I loved that he loved Marseha and that no one would ever take her place. I also loved that he is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Marseha is a powerful witch that the Queen took a special interest in. She shares a connection with the queen and is somewhat controlled by her. She had a difficult life and that caused her to become a little bitter. She never stopped loving Saldor. She’s also untrusting and secretive. I still do not know how I feel about Risme, Marseha’s friend. Her character was abrasive, secretive, calculating and distant, but then seemed nice at the end.

This book had a good story-line and a few plot twists that added depth to the story. I was left with a few questions that I felt were not answered completely, but they could be answered in additional novels in the series. I liked the book and the series.

Four Stars * * * *

Late Night Books Reviewer Char
89 reviews
January 28, 2016
I was given a copy of this book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

--Spoiler Alert --

If you have not read The Curse of Gremdon, you need to read it first. This book is the continuation of the series.

I love fantasy, other worlds, other beings, this book is a great read. I highly recommend it!

After freeing themselves from the control of the Elders and realizing how much they had been lied to and tricked into believing things that weren't necessarily true, the inhabitants reorganize outside of the castle to live the life they were told no longer existed.

A couple of warriors attempt to travel to the next kingdom to free them. One is searching for his love from before the Elders came. He is sure she is in the neighboring kingdom. What will it take to get there? Will things be as they expect?

This book picks right up from where Book 1 left off. You find yourself in a story of love, witchcraft, Elders with magical powers. I could really feel the love, anger, suspicion, and effort made by the people to regain control of their lives. I loved this story! I am anxiously awaiting another book in this series! Great job, Ciara!!

Profile Image for My Bookbag by Karen.
343 reviews60 followers
February 7, 2016
It took a while for me to get caught up in this story, and it therefore took me longer to read. The previous book of this series, The Curse of Gremdon, captivated my imagination from the very first word.

The beginning of The Secrets of Dargon felt a bit sluggish, but the story began drawing me in about a fourth of the way through. Once it grabbed my attention, it began to reel me in. About halfway through, I was completely hooked.

From that point on, the story developed a better flow. The characters were strong, and became more complex as the rest of the story unfolded. Author Ciara Knight did a fantastic job of world building. She used descriptive words wisely without overdoing it. I felt a part of the story without feeling smothered by too many details.

The book was edited, and proofed, well. That certainly helped me stay within the story’s flow. I definitely appreciated that.

I enjoyed all of the action at the end. However, my favorite thing about the book was the major twist at the end. I did not see that coming, at all!

Overall the book was good, and I liked it. 4 stars
Profile Image for Julie.
102 reviews3 followers
February 16, 2016

I have been waiting for what feels like forever for the next installment of The Shrouded Kingdoms. I read The Curse of Gremdon and fell in love with the characters and the intensely dark world of Ciara Knight. Her writing pulls you in and never let’s go. I have to say this follow up does not disappoint. The first page to the last is a wild ride that keeps you completely hot and bothered as well as totally immersed in the lives of these richly developed characters. Ciara Knight’s knack for creating a beautiful yet dark destiny is a testament to her writing ability and shows that she is in full swing of her craft. I look forward to reading much more from this author and am excitedly waiting to see what she has in store for the next chapter in this Shrouded Kingdom fantasy world she has so masterfully brought to life.
Profile Image for Ashley Cestra.
961 reviews21 followers
March 8, 2016
This novel was captivating! It held my attention from the beginning and it wasn't too over the top even though witches and magic were involved. The english was a little older which frustrated me at times because I had to re-read some sentences for the story to make sense and I was not a fan of the sound effects. ( boom, bang) . The time line of how things happened was a little shakey, and was my biggest annoyance. I loved the last several chapters! My eyes were glued to each page and I couldn't stop reading until I learned what happened. Love was a major theme in this book, along with sacrifice, and strength.
Profile Image for January Apted.
229 reviews9 followers
March 29, 2016
After reading the Curse of Gremdon I couldn't wait to read this book and lose myself in the fantasy. I was excited that the book was Saldors story and his love Marseha. While reading the way things are described was great I felt has if I was there watching everything happen. A great action packed love story a must read for sure.
Profile Image for Julie Hicks.
147 reviews3 followers
February 5, 2016
This was a fantastic fantasy book. The mythical world leads us to where we watch two who have been separated for yard reunite and decide whether their secrets can bring them closer or push them away. Also could everything not be as it seems and they are both in danger?
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