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Avengers Fan Fiction: Loki/Tony Stark
For his crimes, Loki’s punishment began in a lonely and endless winter. For Tony’s sacrifice, his imprisonment began with a rescue.

A story of ugliness and beauty, inside and out, and learning what the word ‘monster’ really means.
Words: 144515 Complete
Art by Artmetica

434 pages, ebook

First published January 27, 2015

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Author 3 books83 followers
March 12, 2018
This story reads like a lovely m/m fairy tale and it sucked me in. Its free fanfic, but a darn good read even if you are not a huge Avengers fan (which I'm not). Well-written, there were a few editing errors but not enough to detract from the story at all. I enjoyed this story very much and stayed up way too late reading it. My one quibble is that I'd have preferred if it ended after Chapter 21 (which I loved). The last chapter just sort of seemed to drag it out unnecessarily for me.
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1,009 reviews127 followers
November 24, 2018
New review (23.11.2018)

It snowed a few nights ago - I went to sleep in autumn, plagued by a bit of insomnia keeping me up until around 2 AM, and I woke up in winter. And, not for the first time, I remembered "Winterheart" as one of my favorite wintry stories.

It has a bit of a "Beauty and the Beast" feel to it - after the events in "Thor", Loki doesn't fall into the void, but accepts his brother's hand. His punishment is somewhat similar to Thor's, in that he's exiled with his powers locked up until he learns his lesson - but his is a more isolated exile, in a castle where it's always winter, and which is far from any society at all.

But castle Winterheart draws lost souls to it, people who are at a turning point in their lives, whether they're young Clint Barton who used to be at a circus, or super-spy Natasha, hunted down by her past. By the time Tony Stark arrives there after his imprisonment in the desert and his subsequent desire to give up weapons manufacturing, Clint has been there for half his life, and Natasha for two years. They're both prisoners there, kept by the will of the blue and terrifying ice giant who ignores them most of the time (Loki), and by the pack of terrifying wolves who prowl outside the castle gates.

So Tony starts doing things - fixing the heating system, for one, and designing a bow for Clint, whose hand lost its strength during a frostbite accident. And they grow closer, even to the monster holding them all prisoner, and who might not be that great a monster after all.

I love this for the feeling of cozy, secluded home-ness, for the setting, for the frankly great writing. There were a few things I'd forgotten since I'd last read it (like the importance of the plot outside the castle), but I remembered it as a frankly wonderful piece of fanfic, and that part, at least, was utterly right.

Initial review:

A story of Loki as the Beast trapped in a gloomy castle of damnation. Natasha and Clint have been sort of prisoners for years - and thank God the food they want or need appears on its own, or they might have starved.

Tony makes his appearance precisely when, for the nth time in many years, nothing is going on. But that's okay, even if the damned wolves are prowling at the gates (literally) and even if he's warned to stay the hell away from the master of the place and to leave well enough alone, he doesn't. So things will start happening.

Fluffy, cute and lovely.
Profile Image for Kat.
940 reviews
June 25, 2016
3.5 The fairy tale part of this story was very lovely and so atmospheric: I couldn't stop reading. The sub plots that didn't directly involve Winterheart didn't hold my attention as well, and toward the ending I thought these subplots coming together and then meandering on took away from the actual story. Combined with a bit too subtle shared scenes between the pairing, I think I'm going with a 3.
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28 reviews
February 26, 2017
I don't usually add fanfic here, but since I read this one at least twice a year and I still love it to pieces, here you are.
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Author 5 books22 followers
January 18, 2019
A friend recommended this to me as a pick-me-up when I mentioned Loki was my favourite Marvel movies character, and they were so, so right. The writing in this is witty, well-paced and frankly beautiful. Excellent story set in the Marvel universe. Totally got me into the Frostiron ship haha. The entire romance just plays out so, so well.
364 reviews
May 8, 2019
Just need to say one thing here: Iron Man, Avengers and Beauty and the Beast in one!!!!!!!!! Guys!!!!!!! Who would have thought that's doable!!! Definitely an interesting read! Loki was portrayed amazingly and Tony was great too. The story telling could have been better but so what! Totally worth it anyway.
1 review
October 26, 2016
Se ve muy prometedor, ademas el misterio y ciencia ficcion le añade un toque casi etereo.
Profile Image for Danna.
85 reviews10 followers
February 6, 2016
Graciosamente leí el paperback (que llegó el año pasado, pero había olvidado en el librero) recién la semana pasada.

No tan excelente como Off The Record, pero muy bueno. Y, de nuevo, la edición es hermosa uu
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