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18 year-old socialite Camille Vanderhale’s life is not going the way she had planned. Her days are normally spent attending one vapid social event to another. Ballroom galas, charity auctions at the Met and afternoon tea with New York’s elite is how she spends most of her time. The Vanderhales are American Royalty and she is the perfect gilded princess. Between her countless social obligations, and watching over her partying 16 year-old sister and best friend, Noelle, her path is clear and her destiny certain.

But Camille’s perfectly predictable life is turned upside down when she develops supernatural abilities, abilities she can’t explain. It’s a secret Camille has to keep safe, even from Noelle. All of that confusion is brought to a halt when she meets a mysterious stranger, Xavier Williams. His unusual sense of calm and tranquility stills the storm that is her life. But Xavier’s got his share of secrets too, secrets that are going to affect her in ways she never imagined possible.

Unfortunately for Camille, developing these superhuman powers isn’t her only problem. The history books she studied in school about the birth of our nation, and her family’s role in it, couldn’t have prepared her for the truth: the Vanderhales are part of a century’s old secret society consisting of America’s most prominent families, with dark intentions and even darker secrets hidden in their history.

All that Camille’s ever known, all that she’s ever believed in, has been a lie. Camille must make a choice – choose the path that has been destined for her and continue her family’s legacy, or choose the path less certain. Either decision could cost her greatly, maybe even her own life.

349 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 11, 2015

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About the author

Charlene Moncrief

1 book29 followers
Hello Everyone!

To all who have read and or reviewed Flight, THANK YOU! The response has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for all your support.

Stay tuned as I am knee deep writing the yet untitled Book 2 of the Flight saga.

Thank you for being a part of this crazy journey with me. I look forward to bringing you more of Camille and Xavier's story in the near future!

With much love and gratitude,


Charlene Moncrief graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in TV/Film and a Minor in Comparative Literature from California State University, Fullerton. After spending many wonderful years working in animation, she decided to take the plunge and create her own imaginary world through her writing. Charlene currently lives in Southern California with her husband Zac , her two daughters, and their awesome puppy, Mochi. For more on Charlene and the FLIGHT universe, please visit her at www.charlenemoncrief.com.

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155 reviews519 followers
June 7, 2015
Such a shallow protagonist, she annoys me like ALL THE TIME. While she is undeniably observant, she's such an judgmental brat.

OH Yes you guessed correct there is another typical love in first sight. Oh lord he's beautiful, sexy, captivates the eyes of other girls, strong jaw line etc... so what? You can't just randomly fall in love with a stranger and get an urge to lie on his stupid caramel chest. AND when you realize he's a janitor you get freaked out, but then he's too handsome and plays good music so you just decide to go out with him, alone and let's him drive your stupid Porsche.

FYI: she doesn't even get why her love gasps when she shows him her Porsche.

Honestly I can't finish this book, the protagonist is just so freaking annoying.

Thank you netgalley for sending me this Ebook for review.
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154 reviews108 followers
July 10, 2015
For a debut novel, and for a novel in general, I really felt this was a very enjoyable read. The cover is really nice too :D

Ok, to be honest, this book starts out a little slow for me. The first half of the novel dragged a bit but it eventually picked up. Around two thirds into the book a lot of stuff happens and it actually gets better and better. (I had been waiting for a huge fighting action scene and I finally got one!, yay :D) I was considering giving this 3.5 stars but I will leave it as four because of what happens in the second half of the story.
I've read some other people's reviews, and their issues with the main character Camille, who is at first presented as a spoiled, rich, sophisticated socialite. On the contrary, I didn't actually find Camille that stuck-up and arrogant, considering she has been raised in a family of very rich, but rather cold people.

I really liked the concept of angels in this story, and how the author turned it on its head... it was much more interesting this way. It had a reasonable amount of paranormal elements which was great. I also really liked all the descriptions of each setting etc. and of all the lavishness of where the galas and balls are set.

The first half, I felt, had a little too much overuse of the word 'sad' and 'sadness'. A little too much. And also of the words '..eyes widened...' Also I wasn't sure if it was just me, but there was quite a considerable amount of grammatical errors in the story; though they didn't detract from the content of the story, they irritated me a little.

I also love how Camille and Xavier connect so much and are passionate about music; it was a really integral part of the story. I thought that Camille's and Xavier's connection might have been a bit sudden at first but their relationship really grew on me. And all the explanations and history behind why Camille is an angel and all that was really cool, especially as some of it was rooted in actual history.

For me, the 2nd half was way better than the 1st half of the story, because more stuff happens in there than in the other half. The 1st half is more of Camille and Xavier and everyone, which was great and all but there wasn't much action or anything but it was a gradual build-up kind of thing.

And I also really liked how there was enough depth and information about the angels in the end to keep me satisfied but also hooked to read and discover more about them. There was also some real, raw, deep emotion at the end which was different.

The relationship between Camille and her younger sister Noelle was really nice to read about: a kind of love-hate relationship which borders most definitely on the love side. They were both interesting characters. I also liked (sorry about all the 'I liked') how Camille really grew in the story and matured. I found that there was a good amount of characters and all the main ones were relatable and rounded out well.

The events that lead to the ending had my mouth falling open repeatedly; there were a lot of plot twists, I just couldn't predict the end (which was good), and I really can't believe how the author thought up all that. It also got really dark near the end with all the good vs evil. The ending was like oh my god. I didn't expect it and was a bit shocked but I think it was a good ending, ties everything in yet definitely leads to a second novel; there's just so much more I want to know! I like the epilogue as well. You can see there really is more brewing behind everything and all is not as it seems.

Overall I really really liked this book, which did kinda surprise me but in a good way. I just loved the second half of the story and there was also a bit of humour at times between the characters which lightened things up a bit. I also totally liked the ending; it makes me want to read more and know what happens next!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP/Lovers of Paranormal)
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946 reviews1 follower
May 23, 2015
***I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the goodreads group Lovers of Paranormal, or LOP***

Flight was a great introduction to a series. I loved Camille and thought she was a strong character. She was really coming into her own towards the end there. Speaking of the ending, I LOVED it. Oooh I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. My only critique is that Graves' disease appeared to be running rampant in this group. Various characters' eyes widened a whopping 98 times through the course of this story (yes, I did a search in my Kindle app and counted). It bugged me a bit by the middle of the story, but it was not as distracting towards the end when everything was going down. Great story though, and I will definitely read the next one!

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112 reviews10 followers
January 1, 2016
I was really expecting a lot from this book and I wasn’t disappointed – though in a different way than I thought! After reading the synopsis, I was really drawn to the idea of a paranormal romance that had a wealthy main character who could lose it all when she discovered she had supernatural powers; rather than the normal “nothing to something” story line some paranormal books tend to lean towards – whereupon discovering a supernatural ability the character is suddenly “more” than they were before. I was therefore really looking forward to getting to know Camille…

This, however, turned out not to be the main reason that I enjoyed Flight so much; not to say that Camille was a bad character because she wasn’t, even though I did find her slightly too passive for my taste at times – that is until the very end when she started to grow a bit and show her real strength.

No, the reason that I really enjoyed this book was because it was about choices. And it made me question how “good” a person I really am. See, Camille is from a privileged background and although she isn’t what you would even remotely call a “bad” person, she struggled with stepping outside of her comfortable life to help others in order to make herself a morally “good” person. Now I wouldn’t, even in my wildest dreams, be able afford the design gowns she wears and I can’t even really imagine living in the type of wealthy world that Camille is accustomed to. But, despite all this, I began to draw parallels between the decisions that Camille was making/not making and choices I could make. I came to the following conclusion: being neutral isn’t enough. If you want to be a “good” person you have to actively go out into the world and participate in making it better for people (even if it is something really small!) and you need to do this time and time again. Maybe this all comes from where my mind was at when I was reading Flight, or maybe it was a message that Charlene wanted to get across to her readers, I’m not sure – all I can concluded is that this is what I personally took from the book.

There are other things that I really liked about Flight such as the mysterious supernatural elements in it that were slightly different from many others in the paranormal genre – I really appreciated that Charlene used the road less traveled here. I also have to say that, because of timing issues I kept having to leave and come back to Flight (something I don’t normally do when reading), and the story stayed with me during these times because of my investment in it (and vice-a-versa). I also loved the secret society link that came out towards the end of the book and I hope that this gets drawn on more in the coming novels (I’m sure it will!) and of course the action that came with this.

There were, however, some things that could have worked better for me. Honestly, I didn’t connect with Camille like I wanted to, but it’s possible this is just me. I also found Xavier okay but not really special, as the main love interest, which is a shame because I think if he had a little more strength in his character he would made a really brilliant love interest. I will be interested to see how Charlene balances Camille and Xavier’s characters in the future books, I think this will be difficult because of the delicate balance of power that plays between them and could be amazing if done just right! One last niggle that I had… yes, I get that there is a mysterious connection that Camille has with Xavier but really just following his lead all the time is a little far fetched, not to mention dangerous! When she gets into the car with him and they have barely said two sentences to each other my maternal instincts were wiggling my finger at Camille and shaking my head in disapproval, but hey – that’s just me!

I’m really looking forward to the next chapter in Camille and Xavier’s story and can’t wait for the next book to be released. Hopefully, now that the scene has been set Camille will come into her own a bit more and the action will pick up pace. This is definitely a read for lovers of young adult paranormal romance.
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Author 2 books48 followers
December 20, 2018
Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised by this novel. I came into it expecting nothing, and left feeling satisfied, and angry that I now have to wait for the next novel in the series. Of any of the angel books I have read so far (most recently: Angelfall and Halo) This one was definitely different. It verged more on the hopeful and inspirational side of angels, and so was very different from Angelfall. And yet was nothing like Halo either, as there was incredibly better writing style in this book, as well as characterization, and overall plot, besides just having cooler angels.

I loved what angels were in this book, and how they came to be, and how they operated. It was just awesome, and yeah… I won't say anything else. Read the book.

The main character… well… She was good for the most part. And by most part…. I meant that *Spoilers* she really fell apart in the end there after what happened, and I must say, despite having a reason, I am disappointed that she wasn't stronger, and gave in to her anger, allowing herself to hurt people both she and us as readers love. But besides that, great main charrie.

As for our romance… well. It was insta love. But it was…. interesting. It was almost justified enough that it was something beyond just lust. It's hard to describe, but somehow I wasn't as bothered by it in this book, and even came to appreciate it by the end of the novel, after all, our love interest in just so swoon worthy!

Well…. another incredibly wonderful book that sadly has me waiting for another release. I have no way of keeping track of all these books I'm waiting for now! I'm going to have to go back and reread all my series because they're all going to get forgotten by the time the new releases roll by…. sigh. Authors! Please hurry it up! I beg you!
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43 reviews1 follower
June 22, 2015
I was expecting good things from this book and I was not disappointed. Flight was on par with other books of it's genre such as the Percy Jackson series,the Divergent series, and the Twilight saga (though with way better writing). I enjoyed all of the characters in this book and how very three dimensional and human they were. Not everyone was completely good nor completely bad. Good people did bad things and vice versa. The book definietely pushed across the point that life is a choice of good,bad, and grey actions. Also unlike many books, I greatly enjoyed the diversity of the main characters, not everyone was Caucasian, which was a pleasant surprise and will hopefully open the doors for more books of the sort. More books should have main characters that reflect the US's population more accurately. The book had plenty of action with a dash of romance, of course. Flight was great and I cannot wait for the next book in the series!
Profile Image for Jordan.
149 reviews13 followers
June 14, 2015
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Camille Vanderhale seems to have it all. She’s the student body president at a prestigious school (that her family founded). She loves her little sister unconditionally (even though she can be quite a handful). Her life is filled with gala and charity events, and most of her time is spent in the presence of the other elite people of New York City. Everything begins to change when she acquires abilities. In a world where she’s watched so closely, she has to work to keep is a secret. And then she meets Xavier Williams, and she learns there’s more to her abilities than she ever imagined. But that’s not all she will learn. Delving deep into her family’s dark history, she learns a lot more than she bargained for, and these newly discovered secrets could become deadly.

I really enjoyed this book! It was original, and kept adding twists that kept me on my toes while I was reading. I found Camille to be a likable character. In many books dealing with rich characters, they come off as spoiled and stuck up. It was nice to have a more down-to-earth character for once, just to have something new. I enjoyed the fact that she was an important person from the beginning, rather than her developing abilities making her so. This book seemed to take the usual cliches and sweep them away.

I enjoyed the relationship between Camille and Noelle. Despite how busy she is, Camille always puts her sister first. Growing up with parents who seem to not be very personal with their children, it’s not surprising that Noelle acts out so much, and it gave plenty of time to explore the relationship. I also liked Camille’s relationship with Natalie.

This story had more supernatural elements than I expected, and I really enjoyed it. There were new twists with almost every turn of the page, and I found myself unable to put the story down until I finished. I liked the angel folklore in this story. I loved the idea that people who died wishing they could have lived their life better become angels to help others do just that.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Camille and Xavier for the most part. It was a little too much insta-love for my taste, but if I ignored that part, I enjoyed them together. I would have liked to see a little more development with their relationship, but as the ending suggests, their relationship is going to be put to the test in future books so I’m hoping that this will make up for lack of initial development.

I’m so glad this is only the first book in a series because I’m really looking forward to reading more about these characters.

I give it 4/5 stars.
Profile Image for Ashley.
379 reviews16 followers
June 22, 2015
Rating: 2/5
Disclaimer: I received a free ecopy of this book from Smith Publicity via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
***Minor spoilers, major spoilers hidden***

I went into this book not really knowing what to expect. I find that this book had a story that progressed quite slowly, but at the end, everything got thrown at you at once.

This book started off very very slow. I found myself quite bored, because for the first half of the story or so, you're simply reading about the life of this New York socialite who goes to functions and school and speaks with her sister. Near the beginning of the book, you discover that Camille has the ability to float. Not fly, just float, stationary. When I first read this, I wasn't sure what to think. It definitely seemed boring to me.

Camille meets a man named Xavier and instantly falls in love. I always have problems with books where the romance just doesn't seem right. I don't believe in love at first sight, so this was my main problem with the relationship between Camille and Xavier. However, if you look past this fact, their relationship is quite beautiful and I liked it.

Around halfway into the book, things begin coming together. Some mysteries are solved and some new ones are revealed. I enjoyed this book until about the 80% point where the book took a turn I didn't really like.

I didn't really like Camille all that much. I liked the other characters much more than her. The problem I had with her is just that she seemed so boring. She put on a pretty face and fake personality for people in public, and when she's alone she seems a bit annoying to me. I think that some more problems introduced closer to the beginning of the book would have developed her character more and made her seem like somebody other than an annoying socialite.

I consider this book an okay read, but I don't think it was anything special. I didn't find anything about it extraordinary, but then again . Thanks again to Smith Publicity and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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74 reviews25 followers
July 23, 2015
This an ‘arc” copy eBook supplied by Netgalley. I am not receiving any monetary benefit or any kickback for this review. I received this arc for an honest review. This review is cross-posted on Amazon, Goodreads and given directly to the publisher.

Flight is a debut novel. The premise is interesting. Camille Vanderhale, the Main Character, is a rich girl who has everything material that she could ever want. Her family appears close but it’s all a sham. The only one Camille is close to is Noelle, her sister. Camille has a secret, she has abilities. The abilities seem to stem from her angel genes. The cover is pretty. It fits well with the storyline. Considering Camille keeps finding feathers after certain events happen.

Everyone is not who they seemed to be. Camille finds that as she goes along. At first, it was slow but seemed to pick up as Camille learned information. Xavier was as strong of a love interest as I had hoped. But he does seem to have potential. I’ll wait and see where the author goes with the story. The love at first sight is a miss for me. It worked for the story. I like slow build romance. I just have issues with LaFS, and insta-love. Camille and Xavier was LaFS and close to being insta-love. Flight dropped points with that. But I was warned.
NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR (Source:amazon): The author believes in the magic of insta-love and in soul mates, and can't help writing about that magic in her books. Proceed with caution if you're not a shameless romantic like she is...

The diversity was awesome, not every character was Caucasian. Charlene has a good skill at describing the actions and scenes. Although, I thought sad/sadness was a bit overused. Trust me, you can ignore it. The characters grow and bust out of their 2dness that happens in the beginning as the story progress. It is twisty. I did not see the end coming, nor who Camille was up against.

Overall, I did enjoy this story. It is a solid story, if you are wanting a quick paranormal romance. I give Flight 4 out of 5 stars. I finally found an angel book I can get behind. This review is cross posted on goodreads, and amazon. Check it out!
258 reviews6 followers
June 27, 2015
This was the first book that I had checked out by Charlene Moncrief and I was honestly drawn to it by the cover! I loved the white feather falling slowly over the city and landing. I thought that the cover was well done and as an artist it attracted me to the book. I also read through the description and figured that this book would be one that I would truly enjoy.

Some readers have mentioned that this book starts out slow. I would like to say that the book picks up speed as it goes along and I was never bored while reading this one. I never really lost my attention in the book and kept reading. The romance does happen quickly, but I connected to the characters. I felt the love story was realistic and I liked the characters. This is a paranormal romance, so just keep that in mind.

Camille is pretty tired of her everyday life and everything being the same each day. She is 18 years old and part of the elite class in New York City. Her days consist of one vapid social event to the next and she has had enough of her everyday social circle. Camille does love her sister Noelle who is her best friend. Camille feels an obligation to watch Noelle. However, one day Camille develops supernatural powers and it scares her. Through her powers she meets Xavier, who is also holding some dark secrets.

Camille realizes that everything from her past is a lie and everything that she knows about her family is a lie as well. She has to decide if she wants to continue to live a lie or fight for the life that she truly wants. I loved the suspense and the action in this book. I felt as though the book was well written and is the perfect book for any age.
177 reviews7 followers
June 24, 2015
Camille has it all-wealth, friends, popularity, and ...the ability to float? When Camille's world is turned upside down with strange new abilities, she tries to cope but finds it harder and harder. Her best friend/sister is growing up and away and she keeps having fights with her other friend and finds herself strangely attracted to Xavier, the young custodian at her private school. As things twist further and further out of control Camille finds herself in the middle of a literal battle between good and evil and an ancient secret society.
Fans of fantasy and sci fi will be enjoy this YA thriller. Packed with action, romance, and intrigue, it is sure to be a hit.
Profile Image for Angelspearl.
207 reviews4 followers
July 21, 2015
I didnt know what to expect with this book but to be honest I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed reading this book, it was nice seeing the relationship between Xavier and Camille unfold. I must admit it was going so well I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. There were twists and turns I kind of predicted although it took a while for it to happen. The pace was a bit slow especially when Camille found out more of how she was changing, I really liked Xavier, he is truly someone who was trying to not repeat past mistakes devoting himself to helping people , I wish people could be like that in real life.
7 reviews
April 13, 2015
I thought that ‘Flight’ was a really unique story idea. Most YA paranormal plots involve a ‘nobody’ suddenly realizing amazing powers that change their lives, but Camille was not that kind of character. She already had everything together for herself, so the newfound supernatural capabilities are less than welcome in a world where image is everything. I really enjoyed following Camille as she realized and began to cope with her new powers and responsibilities.

I also thought that Charlene Moncrief did a great job of building the Flight universe. Careful writing of an engaging plot structure with diverse and interesting characters made for a more or less perfect read. It wasn’t very predictable in any way, and the pacing kept me reading consistently. Highly recommended for YA paranormal fiction fans.
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199 reviews40 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
July 28, 2015
I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I got to 58% of the way through this book and I just can't do it anymore. It started of really interesting, I liked the idea of her "power" and I liked where the story was going, the writing was really nice but then... instalove (sigh).

I am sometimes ok with instalove as long as their is a valid reason for it, some underlying chemistry, something that makes them really clique. Instead it was just sappy I can't be without you for longer then 12 hours, sappy love and it took over the entire storyline, and I just couldn't do it anymore.

I wish I could of continued on, as it did seem quite promising at the beginning.
89 reviews
April 13, 2015
I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful cover and fascinating synopsis. I love unique plotlines, and this book did not disappoint. I would not say I generally read a lot of books in this genre, but I was really impressed. I definitely loved the romance aspect of this book. It wasn't overdone, like so many overhyped YA books nowadays, but it was definitely present, and Camille and Xavier's chemistry was written and presented to a tee. This is a great book--very easy to get into, with a fascinating storyline and amazing characters. Make sure you set some time aside for this one, cause if you're like me, you won't be able to put it down.
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773 reviews33 followers
September 14, 2015
Awesome Read!

Wow! This was such an awesome read! I loved the twist and unique storyline of the Angels it's definitely not your usual angel book. It was so easy to slip into this book world. I had so many emotions! I laughed out loud I cried got angry I was pretty much an emotional basket case. I loved that i could relate to the characters. I was so disappointed on the ending The book leaves you wanting more! I can't wait to read the next installment! I received this book in exchange for an honest review. (LOP) Lovers of Paranormal ❤️
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Author 42 books613 followers
January 12, 2016
Loved, loved, loved this book! Camille Vanderhale, eldest daughter of America's most prominent families, is living the fabulous life of ballroom galas and shoes that cost more than a car. In the midst of living the posh life, Camille discovers superfanutal abilities, meets a completely swoon-worthy boy, and learns that her family isn't quite what they seem. And the way angels are presented is just wonderful. Recommended for anyone who enjoys a swoon-worthy YA paranormal.
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210 reviews24 followers
June 18, 2015
A sweet book that is a combination of Gossip Girl meets supernatural. the characters are likeable and fun and the mystery surrounding Xavier is fun plot to unfold. I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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18 reviews3 followers
July 10, 2020
This book was amazing! It kept me up all night because I didn't want to put it down! The characters are real, the format is perfect, and the mix of genres is fantastic. I was able to believe that there are angels all around us and that they are more similar to humans than we know.
5 reviews
July 13, 2016
I loved this book! Such an interesting read with so much depth and so many layers. It was definitely not was I was expecting and I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed reading his book!
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227 reviews34 followers
June 14, 2015
I received an e-book copy of this book for in exchange my honest opinion. Thank you Netgalley and Smith Publicity.

Let's start from the beginning. Our main protagonist is called Camille Vanderhale and she comes from a very rich family. Like crazy crazy riich family. Of course, Camille is used to wearing very expensive clothes, to attend every possible social event and do things that go hand in hand with being so high on a social ladder. Camille has two siblings - Joseph about whom she really doesn't care much and Noelle, her younger sister whom she adores. In my opinion, all three of them act like spoiled brats but I guess that's the behaviour that comes with that much money.

And then there's the romance with a crazy hot guy called Xavier. This part was really hard because the relationship between Camille and Xavier was a insta-love. Seriously, those two clicked perfectly from the second they saw each other - oh, how realistic! But Xavier is very important to Camille as he helps her with her paranormal side.

What's nice and refreshing is that Camille knows she has some weird abilities! And she knows it from the beginning of the story. She tries to hide them but it's not really possible - sometimes it's hard to hide that you can float. The question that shapes the story is: Who is Camille? Or maybe what is she?

As Camille tries to figure out the answer, she find oout a lot of things about her family - both about the living one and not living one. And her family history is not the best one you can imagine... It's also nice to see that in the family where money play the main character there are realtionships that will suffer. You cannot buy happiness for your family - you have to earn it.

I also very much enjoyed the role of music in Flight. Music is very important to me in my real life so I understood how music can influence our emotions and how people can express their thoughts through it. More music to YA literature!

Nonetheless, there are some things that I didn't like:
Sometimes, the language used was really weird and it didn't fit the characters. Seriously, which 18-year-old girl would ever say: "Upon closer inspection, I see that this is no boy, but a young adult." I am 22 and I would never say this.
And the romance feels cheesy: "I feel the pull - almost familiar to me now - as our breath begins to become one. I lean in, more confident now, and gently place my cheek on his chest." That's so unoriginal. Even if I loved someone with my whole heart (still don't think it's possible), I would loved to breathe on my own - thank you for that!
And the last thing I didn't enjoy was the pacing. The story was just too slow for me. I felt like nothing really happened in the first 150 pages. The second half of the book was much better, but those first pages were really hard for me. On the other hand, if you enjoy spending time with the characters, you might enjoy it more than me.

Overall, there's a space for a sequel and I wouldn't mind reading it, so if there's one in the future, I will probably pick it up.

You can find this review also on my blog HERE
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180 reviews19 followers
June 11, 2015
***I received a copy in exchange for my honest review***
I would probably give this book 3.5 stars
I thought the way the author wrote the novel was very engaging and exciting. Camille was flawlessly portrayed as a girl in high-end society that feels as though she does not belong. As it turns out Camille is actually some sort of angel (even though she is not dead) that is supposed to prevent evil from taking over the world. This is because her family has profited on the backs of the poor and Camille has the ability to change all that buy choosing the side of angels. But what will Camille do if she is threatened with those she loves?
What I liked:
I did enjoy the fact that I did not get tired of reading this book. The book gets progressively more interesting after the first few chapters and I think that this idea is very interesting. I also like the fact that the author gave Camille a person to confide in with Mrs. Taylor. I thought it was very interesting to watch Camille's interactions with her nanny versus conversations with her own mother. Camille is also a very responsible character and I do appreciate the fact that she is down to earth and does not go off to completely insane stunts (often). I also think the cover is amazing and completely draws the reader in to actually pick up the book.

What I did not like:
I thought that Camille seemed a little bit too bratty throughout the book. She seemed to only ever care about what other people thought and I thought it would be nice to have to not care in the slightest and not pretend for everyone. It seemed that she only pretended not to care what other people think when she actually did care. I also thought that Camille seemed a little naive when it came to Noelle. I could have seen her actions coming from a mile away but Camille seemed to be blinded by sisterly love. The only other thing that I did not appreciate is the instant love between Camille and Xavier. She barely knew the guy and then automatically found herself in love with him. I do not like it when a book does not make relationships seem realistic.

I did really enjoy the book after the awkward beginning part when the plot started to pick up. I think the author is very talented in her writing style and I applaud her efforts in this book. I would recommend this book to someone who loves books about angels but cannot find another book to read. I will be keeping my eye out for the next book in the series.
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Author 8 books24 followers
September 17, 2015
What can I say; Camille is a silver spoon girl who happens to fall for a guy that works has the supervising janitor in her school. She has secrets of her own that she isn’t able to share especially as her parents are not the normal day to day kind, they are high socialite and everything is done by the book to keep up appearances and make themselves relevant in the society.
Only problem is, Camille finds out that the family’s wealth wasn’t through hard work but a deal her ancestors made with the devil and it’s up to her to salvage her family from darkness. The guy she fell in love with and her best friend have secrets of their own and when she finds out who they really are, she isn’t a happy girl. If am honest I like the character Camille but I found that it took a lot for me to get into the story. I don’t mind her social life and I can somehow sympathize with the mechanic lifestyle, I also don’t mind the closeness to her sister Noelle but I found that it was a little too repetitive the description of Camille letting us know that she would find it hard to function without her sister with whom she has the most closeness with in her family.
Also at some point, I fell out of love with her relationship with Xavier, I don’t know why I just didn’t buy it because there was no build to the love between them and I totally get that people sometimes do fall in love at first sight but when there isn’t a build-up in the plot I sometimes find it hard to connect but that is just me. It still does not take from the book or the love Camille and Xavier share.
I like the authors writing style and I will recommend this book to anyone looking to read a paranormal romance involving Angels.
I was given a copy of the book for an honest review. LoP
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June 20, 2015
**I received a free copy of this from Netgalley

In the beginning I was intrigued about Camille and her mysterious new abilities. It wasn't a total shocker when I found out what she was, or what she was becoming. After the the appearance of Xavier, everything else that followed was just too predictable. I was hoping during the dance scene that Xavier would later turn out to be a bad guy or something. I wished he did because I just could not handle all the lovey-dovey scenes. I wanted to skip past all mushy stuff and how enthralled Camille was with her new boyfriend.

About 75% of the way, the story started picking up again. The book definitely ends with a lot of unanswered questions and you're left wondering what path Camille has decided to take and how far she's willing to go down that path. But it's kind of obvious.

The writing is good and clear. It doesn't really stand out in terms of other young adult novels I've read. The only aspect of this that I really liked was when Camille put up her Vanderhale girl facade. I knew it was the real her, but it was cool to see her convincing everyone around her that she had things under control. I like that Camille.

Overall, this is a somewhat interesting romance story with angels, as you may have already guessed from the pretty cover. Unfortunately the story itself is a bit lackluster and focuses too much on the romance rather than the action/plot which is fine, if you care more about the romance (I didn't, unfortunately).
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May 17, 2015
I'd give this 3.5 stars. It's a well-written YA story. Camille is a young socialite in New York City who's been brought up with privileges and wealth. Her life is scripted and she fits into it as best she can except for the powers that she has suddenly developed.
Everything changes when she meets Xavier, the head of maintenance at her private school. Xavier is handsome but has secrets.
The plot is formulaic and the characters pretty bland. I never really got why Camille's family is so evil (except for the great-great-grandfather) nor why she is especially good. She never does anything to help anyone except her sister Noelle and is fairly snobbish, constantly referring to her exalted VanderHale name. Xavier is the same, always with the sad face but still wanting to live a life of privilege even though he should be doing more than helping some spoiled rich girl (don't want to give away spoilers here, but really, shouldn't he be helping Noelle with her drinking and drug problems more than Noelle?)
The descriptions of the house and school as well as the lifestyles of the VanderHales appear to be spot on and I applaud the author for her accuracy and research, something that some YA authors eschew. When the story finally gets to the history of Camille's family it gets a little more interesting, but the ending is pretty much what you'd expect.
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753 reviews20 followers
June 24, 2015
Charlene is definitely a very skilled author. She is well versed and has a writing style that is very pleasant.

Overall I liked this book but I am torn. About the first 70% or so, is the character development on this book and slowly letting the readers know who Camille is. Camille is a good character, but something about her just strikes me as off. Maybe it is the complete turn at the end? She is very likeable but probably not someone I can truly connect with. But like most, I absolutely adore Xavier. Overall I just had a tougher time connecting with the characters even though they were well developed.

The first 70% or so, I felt that this part was a little drawn out and overall it just read like a complicated love story. The last 30% of the book, now these were excellent. The book had a different feel and read to it. It was much more action packed and had a really nice plot to it. There are some nice twists that I did not expect.

All in all a good book. I wish there was more balance between the first part of the book, the character development, and the second part of the book, which really is the thrilling part of it all.

I will most likely read the next one to see how the story continues, although I was not a big fan of the ending and the direction Camille is heading.

I have received this book from the author for an honest review. (LoP, Lovers of Paranormal)
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35 reviews
June 15, 2015
I received this ebook from netgalley.

I was expecting a really good read, the premise of the book is fabulous.

Camille Vanderhale is a socialite, coming from a wealthy family who have endless engagements, events and commitments. Camille also has the responsibility of looking out for her younger sister Noelle who is a wild child, all this and only 18.

Camille starts to develop supernatural powers that she doesn't understand. She then finds out that her family wealth didn't come from hard work and honesty far from it.

Unfortunately I found the book to lack substance, three quarters of the book is about Camilles insta love with Xavier, which was very repetitive and sometimes a little cringe worthy, I'm not sure how many times we are told how beautiful Xavier is! I'm not a fan of insta love but if you are then you will enjoy the majority of this book.

The action came in the last few pages of the book and was over almost immediately.

The book was ok and entertaining in parts.

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July 7, 2015
It was ok.

I started this book without reading the blurb therefore I had no idea of the plot or the context of everything.
I got up to 20% and had made an inaccurate conclusion on what was happening. I concluded that it was about 2 lovers who are going to face struggles due to society and they must defy social norms to truly be together... sound familiar? So I thought it was going to be like 'Romeo and Juliet' and confession time, after studying this infamous text I've become tired of it.

As I progressed further into this book, it was a pleasant surprise when she finds out that she is a special angel hence the delicate feather on the cover. To a certain extent it made it more exciting and changed the dynamic of the plot.

AT first I kind of liked the relationship between Xavier and Camille because of the thrilling aspect of going against the social barriers and the instantaneous connection they had however sadly, they became boring in comparison to her powers.
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July 10, 2015
FLIGHT is the story of Camille Vanderhale, pampered daughter of the elite Vanderhale family, who feels like she doesn’t always fit in. It was hard to have a lot of sympathy for Camille’s poor little rich girl attitude and her need to keep up with the standards of her family. She spends time worrying about what others think about everything she says, does, wears, etc. While Camille is coming into some strange powers, she meets Xavier Williams, who is not all he seems either. The beginning of the story wasn’t very eventful, but as we got into the history of Camille’s family, the truth behind their success, and what Camille’s powers mean, it got more interesting. I didn’t feel much of an attachment to the characters in FLIGHT and the ‘conflict’ was a bit predictable, but I liked what I felt the author was trying to convey throughout the story (the bigger picture/moral lesson). FLIGHT may appeal to readers who enjoy YA/NA romance with supernatural flair.
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June 13, 2015
I received a copy of this story from Net Galley. Yay books!

Spoilers possible ahead...

I'm not a fan of books about angels. Maybe because I feel like angels and humans shouldn't be together...in a relationship. It just seems wrong. And weird...

Actually, most of this book was weird. As was the insta-love.

Also, the amount of secrets at the beginning of this book is way high.

It also didn't really start getting good until the last 20% of the book, which was depressing.

And the ending was a complete surprise. The siding with evil/death and not the epilogue. I kind of saw that coming.

Instead of Camille being a bitch and leaving being so caught up in revenge...she should have just followed her brother around. It would have been much easier than going all the way across the U.S.
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