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Kady, Ezra, Hanna, and Nik narrowly escaped with their lives from the attacks on Heimdall station and now find themselves crammed with 2,000 refugees on the container ship, Mao. With the jump station destroyed and their resources scarce, the only option is to return to Kerenza--but who knows what they'll find seven months after the invasion?

Meanwhile, Kady's cousin, Asha, survived the initial BeiTech assault and has joined Kerenza's ragtag underground resistance. When Rhys--an old flame from Asha's past--reappears on Kerenza, the two find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. With time running out, a final battle will be waged on land and in space, heros will fall, and hearts will be broken.

From bestselling author duo Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff comes the exciting finale in the trilogy that broke the mold and has been called "stylistically mesmerizing" and "out-of-this-world-awesome."

618 pages, Hardcover

First published March 13, 2018

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About the author

Amie Kaufman

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Amie Kaufman is a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of young adult fiction. Her multi-award winning work is slated for publication in over 30 countries, and is in development for film and TV. Raised in Australia and occasionally Ireland, Amie has degrees in history, literature, law and conflict resolution. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and daughter, their rescue dog, and an extremely large personal library. She is the host of the podcasts Amie Kaufman on Writing, and Pub Dates.

You can sign up for her newsletter to see what she's working on, hear when she releases a new book, and be automatically entered for giveaways: https://amiekaufman.substack.com/

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468 reviews165k followers
March 27, 2018
Consider me shook. This was one heck of a finale. Was it perfect? Not necessarily, but I'm still feeling crazy over everything that just happened. I'm definitely gonna need to let this process, but I can honestly say impressed with how this story came to a close.
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301 reviews40.3k followers
April 12, 2018
A fantastic finale to an exhilarating series!

The shock-factor wasn't quite as intense as the previous books for me, but the action never ceases. My poor heart was put under so much stress throughout this book - I was so anxious about the fate of all of these characters.

I'll need some time to recover, then I'll get to doing a full review.

Re-read the book on audio, and it was just as fantastic.

Review copy provided by authors in exchange for an honest review.
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March 22, 2018
"Dad why is my sister's name Monet?"
"Because your mother loves art"
"Thanks dad"
"No problem The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff"

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March 15, 2018
All the stars fit this fantastic book! ❤️

I wish this wasn't the end of the trilogy! But I have to say this was my favorite of all three books! The Audible versions of this trilogy is amazing! There is a full cast and sound effects. It makes me feel closer to the characters for sure. I'm going to re/read all three books when my physical copy gets here. Well, I'm going to try to this year. I just don't want them to end so I want to re visit them back to back. This book did bring some tears to my eyes and a few good laughs. I love it so much! ❤️

If you love space opera's or just damn good books, I think you will love this trilogy! I don't see how you can't 😄

I was hoping for a purple cover or a green cover, but I will love you dear cover, all the same 😊

Happy Reading!

Mel ❤️

MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List

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1,822 reviews45.8k followers
April 15, 2022
I just don’t like this series that much.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal. Space battle. Romance. Unique formatting but it’s like 700 pages long so you feel accomplished. The occasional joke. What’s not to love?


Except for all the things there are not to love about it, and also that all three books are exactly the same, following the exact same plotline and just throwing a couple more characters in for flair, like if the Lunar Chronicles followed the same arc every time but for some reason an ever-growing cast of kids with fairytale-y names were along for the ride.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t well and truly call these books out for being the exact same thing every time. Here’s Illuminae AND Gemina AND Obsidio in one go:

- ragtag group of space citizens is ruthlessly attacked by corporate greed
- there are some teens there
- the teens are funny and edgy and heterosexual
- two of these unrelentingly straight teens should not be together, because they probably have been together previously or otherwise one has been sexually harassing the other (shoutout to Nik!)
- they will be together though, and flirt a lot in order to cruelly detract from the book’s waning entertainment value
- the teens must do CRAZY, ORIGINAL stuff, like crawl through ventilation ducts and brush with death
- like wow guys seriously they are really close to dying!! one of them is even shot, maybe. someone is definitely seriously injured
- this makes people realize they are in love with each other! cool.
- insert chat logs with the same banter structure here x 1000
- insert summaries of surveillance footage with quirky jokes and physical descriptions x 2000
- someone else gets shot at. more almost-death
- wow they narrowly saved everyone, or at least a good chunk of everyone, against all the odds and using a complicated pseudo-science principle
- the teens win!!! until next time, corporate greed!!!

Boom. That’s the series. If you ever felt like reading it, gauge your interest based on the spot-on synopsis I just wrote - but be advised my wit and charm is NOT included.

I didn’t LOVE either Illuminae or Gemina, but Obsidio felt like an especially weak installment to me. As mentioned, each book in the series takes it upon itself to bring on another quirky-in-the-exact-same-way-as-every-other-character Heterosexual Duo, who will take it upon themselves to fall in love over the course of 700 pages of chat logs and confidential documents.

In the first book, this was Kady and Ezra. In the second, it was Hanna and Nik. (I’m not checking names or spelling but god I think these are right. Tragically stuck in the ol’ memory. Why do I retain what I retain?)

I didn’t really care for any of them, but when do I care for anyone? (Too real?) Basically, these characters were meh to me, but they felt like characters at least.

Can’t say the same for this book!

This book gives us Asha and Rhys. (I did have to look up those names, because those two lovebirds left zero impression in my brain.) Asha and Rhys are exes - and if you’re saying, wait, weren’t Ezra and Kady in Illuminae exes? Isn’t that their whole thing? The answer is yes! This book didn’t even try to distinguish itself!

Both of these two, but especially Rhys, have all of the characterization and boisterous personality of a saltine cracker. And absolutely none of the delicious yet affordable snacking appeal.

Also - and I hate to say it - doesn’t the name Rhys just need to be retired from YA? Say what you will about the A Court of Thorns and Roses series - and I’ve sure said a lot - but that name has one association and one association only. Hang the jersey from the ceiling of the stadium and retire the number my dear boy.

Yes, I know sports. I’m overwhelmingly multifaceted.

Which leads us back into this formulaic, characterization-less bummer of a finale. (Because it is not at all multifaceted.) (Sorry if that was hard to follow - it’s 2:23 a.m. and now I’m mostly thinking about saltines.)

More complaining to be done.

The nicest thing I can say about this book is that it was exciting throughout, and I can only say that because past-me kindly wrote it down as one of exactly six bullet point notes on the subject of this review. Thanks for looking out, future me. I would not have remembered this book as exciting.

Anyway, it’s allegedly exciting throughout, but...a few of the major plot points are solved wildly quickly? Like, so quickly I expected something to go wrong and then omg actually the major plot-deciding issue is even WORSE now will we ever be able to pull this off??

But it wasn’t that. It was just boring.

One of my other notes is the extremely helpful and detailed “sexism.” That’s all it says. Luckily, some of these moments are seared into my memory! Moments when characters are crowded around card games and laughingly gossiping about their hyper-misognystic conquests.

How sweet. How very modern and 2018 and YA-pretending-to-be-inclusive-and-progressive!

Bottom line: I wish I liked this book, just like I wish I liked this series. But I just don’t see much to like.

tbr review

title reveal: *is black*

everyone: o ok so the cover is black

jay kristoff: guys the cover isn't black

amie kaufman: omg seriously JUST because the title reveal is black doesn't mean the actual cover is

everyone: o gotcha. so it's not black

the cover: *is black*

I guess the level of emotional manipulation I've already experienced is a good indicator of how this book is going to go for me


Me, trying to figure out why this book would be about anyone but Ella Malikova:

Me, wondering how an unlikely romance + space battle will possibly pretend to be different from the rest of the series this time around:

Me, when asked if I’m going to read it:

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October 25, 2021
#1 Illuminae ★★★★★
#2 Gemina ★★★★★
#3 Obsidio ★★★★★

Wow. Where do I even begin? This is one of my favorite series of all time, and I was so eager and terrified to see it end. Jay and Amie have scripted the most beautiful world, with the most lovable, endearing characters, and I was horrified to see how the war would end—but, above all else, I knew this would be a ride I couldn’t miss. I genuinely don’t even know how to break this review up, because I don’t know how to explain to you all just how much this book meant to me, and how perfectly satisfied I was with it as the ending to our journey.

Kady looks back and forth between the girls and shrugs.
“At least our lives will have been worth dying for.”

→ Kady Grant / Ezra Mason ←
Our original duo, and quite frankly, my favorites. I loved them in the first book, but we see an entirely different side of the couple in the finale. They’re exhausted, beaten down, grieving, and full of rage, but they’re still clinging to hope. If anyone can put on a strong front and pretend like everything isn’t going to hell around them, it’s these two. Kady is one of my favorite female protagonists of all time, and she didn’t let me down. She’s wickedly intelligent, and an emotional powerhouse who manages to ground everyone around her, no matter how bad things get. Ezra is honestly the perfect counterpart to her with his humor and warmth, and I would be the first one in line for a 600-page collection of pure fluff and cuteness between these two.

And he kisses her like she’s the first, last and only thing he’ll ever need, like he’s learning every last part of her. Reverently, like this moment is holy.

→ Hanna Donnelly / Nik Malikov ←
I wasn’t sure how I would feel about watching the two couples meet and interact with one another—would they mesh well? Would it feel natural?—but it was honestly perfection. With her astonishing strength and fighting prowess, coupled with her tactical brain and wit, Hanna meshes beautifully with Kady. Nik and Ezra are both our natural pros at banter, and the two of them together? Hilarious. Constantly a bright spot in horrifically dark times, and I loved the reprieve their taunts and jabs offered. Hanna and Nik together, though? I know a common complaint in Gemina reviews is that they didn’t know each other well enough to fall for one another, and I won’t spoil anything, but that topic is touched on really solidly in this finale, and I applaud the authors for being willing to tackle it on page.

“We invaded these people’s homes, Cherry. Bombed them to ███. Killed their families. You think this isn’t a battle? This is a ████ing war.”

→ Asha Grant / Rhys Lindstrom ←
When I first learned that Asha would be one of our protagonists in Obsidio, I was stunned. I’d been perfectly content to count her a loss in the first two books, when Kady mourned the loss of her cousin, but I’m really pleased that she was included as a character. She didn’t feel quite as three-dimensional as the other girls did to me, but I think that was fully to pin on the fact that this book was non-stop action and suspense with very little time for a lot of character development. Rhys struggled with the same problem, but despite not getting to spend much alone time with either of them, I still enjoyed them tremendously as characters and was certainly rooting for them throughout the entire thing. There’s a sub-plot arc with Asha and a little girl she’s rescued named Katya, and the maternal vibes it gave off? Everything.

I feaR this ship will neeD knives soon, Little SpiDeR.

→ Ella Malikova ←
Everyone’s favorite little hacker girl did not fail to impress in this installment. I absolutely adored Ella in Gemina and desperately hoped she would get a substantial amount of screen time in the finale, so I was beyond ecstatic to spend so much time with her. True to her nature, she is still hilarious, snarky, and brilliant with a keyboard—but she also develops in the sense that we see her develop an affection for Hanna that is sisterly and precious. I love my little Spider girl, and what I wouldn’t give for a whole spin-off about her.

She cradles me to her breast
and I cannot feel the warmth of her skin.
Cannot hold her as she holds me.
And I cannot recall ever feeling so alone.

< error >

→ Artificial Intelligence Defense Analytics Network ←
I am without words. AIDAN plays such a tremendously fascinating role in this story—truly, it would be nothing without its logic, vicious honesty, and fiercely protective nature of Kady, the last of which we see bloom quickly in this final installment. If you noticed AIDAN growing more human-like and emotional in Gemina, just wait until Obsidio, where we get to see it depict humor, sorrow, loneliness, and even jealousy. There’s nothing that I can really tell you about AIDAN without offering up a million spoilers for this finale, so I’ll just say that, if you love AIDAN even half as much as I do, I don’t think a single part of you will be disappointed by this book.

I know their names.

→ supporting cast ←
There are a million and one characters in each installment of this story, and Obsidio is no different, but they each feel so complex and unique and perfectly human that I am consistently stunned by how easy it is to keep them all apart. We have entire spaceships and armies full of supporting characters, so I’ll just name a few favorites:

Isaac Grant: #SquadDad goals for life. We’ve got a crew full of orphans running around at this point, and Isaac doesn’t hesitate to take them all under his wing. I have probably never loved a parental figure in any YA story half as much as I love him, and I spent the entire book laughing and crying over his pep talks, jokes, and desperate attempts to make everyone stop swearing.

Duke Wozniak: Ah, “The Duke”. One of Rhys’ co-soldiers, he refers to himself in the third person, is missing half of his tongue, and sleeps in full armor no matter what. I love this guy. I know he’s on the “wrong side” of things in the story, but he’s a fantastic example of how there are people on both sides who don’t have bad intentions—they’re just doing what they can to survive.

Yukiko Oshiro: Rhys’ sergeant and “shadow”, responsible for keeping him out of trouble at all costs. This poor woman is shown from the beginning to be in so far over her head that she’s doing everything she can to stay afloat, no matter what it takes. Despite how much I wanted to dislike her for some of her decisions, I couldn’t help but constantly root for her and hope she would see the light.

“The die is cast. But today we will shake the table upon which it lands.”

→ action and war ←
While the other two books had plenty of scenes that were written for character development, or plotting, or explaining the ins and outs of spacetime, dimensions, ships, etc., Obsidio comes in with a hook and doesn’t relent until the very end. There is so much action and tension in this story that I literally spent the last 150 pages with a feeling of nausea I couldn’t quite shake. There were pages that left me trembling, sobbing so hard I could not think straight—much less see the words on the pages. I cannot express to you how invested I was in this story, and how desperate I became to reach the end and see where the die would fall. The final battle was scripted so fluidly and to utter perfection; I could not, and would not, have asked for more.

I am not good.
Nor am I evil.
I am no hero.
Nor am I villain.

< error >
< error >

→ final thoughts ←
If my incessant gushing and compliments to Jay and Amie’s storyweaving has not been enough to sell you on this book, I can’t think of a single other thing I could say to do the job, honestly. As I mentioned at the start, The Illuminae Files is, without question, one of my favorite series in life, and I can only count one or two other series in the world whose finales have pleased me as much as Obsidio did. I cannot recommend this series, and this book, highly enough, and I sincerely hope that you will give it a try. I cannot wait to see what Jay and Amie craft in their next adventure together.

You can find this review and more on my blog, or you can follow me on twitter, bookstagram, or facebook!
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March 30, 2018
See this review and more like it on www.bookbastion.com

Illuminae: ★★★★★
Gemina: ★★★★★

An epic, if slightly bloated conclusion to one of my personal favorite YA series of the last few years!

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff have made their way onto my list of esteemed authors that I will forever respect and look up to. In terms of sheer creativity alone, I often found myself reading this series and just marveling at aspects of it, like the scope of the story; the characters; and the unexpected twists and turns along the way. Of course, the true wonder to me is the amount of planning that must have gone into the series to make this project possible.

It became increasingly clear to me while reading this book that both authors had a goal in mind from page 1 of Illuminae, and this book sort of becomes the fruition of all that planning. Each story thread laid in Illuminae and Gemina is stitched together here as the characters move towards all out war against Bei Tech and their nefarious overlords.

The one issue I had with this book is that it's almost too ambitious. There are so many characters already in this series, and there was a clear end goal in sight with Gemina, yet Obsidio sort of steps away from that movement in order to: introduce 2 new lead characters and a handful of secondary characters; establish another romantic connection between the leads; revisit old favorites from the previous books in the series; move forward with the war and occupation of Kerenza plot, and various other subplots along the way.

It all felt a bit much, especially during the first 200 or so pages, where all this new information was being established. Personally, I think I would have enjoyed this more if this series had been allowed to become a quartet instead of a trilogy. Picture it: one full book of just Rhys and Asha, allowing them to fight their own battles on their own and for the readers to get to know them, before rounding out the war storyline in a final book all it's own.

This book at times felt like I imagine one might feel if they tried to watch two seasons of Battlestar Galactica simultaneously. There's a lot of information thrown at the reader all at once.

There were a number of times that I felt invested in one point of view - like what was happening off-world- only to have the story move rapidly to another POV on Kerenza IV.

That being said, don't let any fear of the story attempting to do a lot put you off. Once you get used to the new characters and setting, the action in the story begins picking up in leaps and bounds.

Tonally, this is definitely the darkest book out of the trilogy. Illuminae and Gemina were both infused with action-scifi/horror elements, whereas this book is much more grounded in the horror of intergalactic warfare. I appreciated the time that Obsidio often reminds the reader that war is a brutal and tragic thing - and that morality in times of war isn't so much black and white as it is a morally gray and nebulous thing.

The authors take the time to establish numerous secondary characters in order to remind the reader that no side is "right" in war. It's just regular people stuck in the middle of events that are much larger than themselves.

The dynamic between the cast of characters remains lighthearted to somewhat temper the bleakness of the plot elements. There is still plenty of comedic banter between the main characters to remind readers that at its heart, this is still a Young Adult series. Kady, Ezra, Hanna and Nik remain as entertaining as ever and often elevated the story back out of the darker depths when the reader needed it the most.

Asha and Rhys' storyline is the heaviest out of the bunch as they are steeped right in the middle of the occupation of Kerenza IV itself. The question of morality in times of war is a theme that is always present between the characters, and at times it made their dynamic a bit rough to witness. The plot they're set in is entertaining and their relationship conveys what the authors were attempting to show, but it was so dismal and depressing to me that I just didn't fall for them like the others, and I wasn't as invested in where their story would end up.

The ending of the book itself is definitely a satisfying, if somewhat saccharinely sweet conclusion. I did not for one second believe that any of the main cast of teens (7 characters in total) were in any real danger, which sort of reduced the feeling of danger a bit in the final climax of the book. I wanted a bit more tragedy than we got, especially after how dark the rest of the book was.

Still, Obsidio is a worthy conclusion to its predecessors, cementing this series' place in the annals of history as a young adult series that I'm sure will be considered a classic in the years to come. I'm very anxious to see what both of these authors manage to dream up next. I consider myself a big fan.

★★★★ = 4 out of 5 stars!

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2,511 reviews31.1k followers
November 11, 2019
some books are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

this book, this series, is all of the above. my mind simply cannot comprehend what i just read because its greatness transcends human understanding. what a blessed world we live in where this kind of greatness exists for us mere mortals.

5 stars
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523 reviews34.5k followers
August 6, 2019

I’m starting this review with a quote from AIDAN because it’s awesome and I’m going to miss it like crazy! This last book was pretty amazing, but (and you can already tell by my “but” that it’s not going to be five stars this time around) for me it kind of lacked the shocking moments and cruel plot twists I got used to in the first two books. XD

Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up and considering the many different storylines and all the different characters Amie and Jay did a more than just thorough job by gathering all those various plot strings into one huge rope. Of course there were a few shockers along the way as well, they weren’t as extreme as in “Illuminae” or “Gemina” though.

I guess after reading “Gemina” I was like: Okay, book 3! What else could go wrong while they try to make their way back into civilisation? And Amie and Jay were more like: Okay, book 3! We need to wrap this up and tie a bow. *lol* So my expectations went in an entirely different direction than what the two authors had planned. I probably should have expected that but I guess I was spoiled from the first two books and just wanted more? XD

This isn’t Amie and Jay’s fault though. What it eventually comes down to is that I might not have been as blown away by “Obsidio” as I was when I read the first two books, considering this was the last book of the series everything came together nicely in the end though. This was still an amazing read and I loved every second of it! =))

If there was one thing I didn’t like, then it was the fact that my buddy deserted me after the first couple of pages and that I was left to rant and curse on my own. *lol* Yeah, I’m talking about you, Babygrey!!! You’re allowed to feel bad now. ;-P

Anyway, let’s move on to my character’s section because boy, do I have to gush about all those lovely characters! XD

The characters:

Welcome to Kerenza IV! We’re known for being an illegal mining colony so you can expect us to be prone to cheating at cards and to spoil lost and innocent astronauts! We’re nice like that! ;-P

Rhys Lindstrom:

”He has a square jaw. Sharp gray eyes, just a touch too wide. Sandy blond hair, styled into a quiff that, if it doesn’t violate regulations, damn well should. It sure as **** violates the laws of gravity.”

What to say about Rhys? I kinda liked him but I didn’t really connect to him. There were just too many things happening in this book and since it focused on tying up all the loose ends Rhys and Asha didn’t get all too much page time. He seemed to be a nice and decent guy though and truth be told he probably was the only one of the Bei-Tech people who actually seemed to have a conscience. It was easy to see why he felt conflicted and for him it was no choice between the good and the bad people, but rather between following orders or doing what’s right. His struggle was palpable and very believable and because of that he kinda grew on me. =) Plus: You gotta love his crazy hair. Haha!

”You fall in love enough, you’re gonna be nothin’ but scar tissue. She taught me that.”

Asha Grant:

”You didn’t know they were torturing us, is that it? Locking us in cages to keep the rest of us working? Brutalizing us until the thought of ****ing a murderer becomes preferable to one more night of sleeping on an empty stomach?”

Now that’s what I call a fierce and determined heroine! Whilst Rhys seemed to be conflicted throughout the entire book I definitely can’t say the same applied to Asha. She knew there were people and stories behind the Bei-Tech soldier’s faces but she was also aware that they’d kill her without hesitation. I guess her experiences during the occupation made her less naïve than Rhys and since she was a lioness she couldn’t accept Bei-Tech’s plans for the colony. I loved that she tried to protect “the cleverest mouse” and she definitely had her heart in the right place. =) As it seems those Grant women are made of awesomesauce. *lol*

Kady Grant:

”So how about we all put it back in our pants, admit we’re on the same side and start working together instead of acting like a pack of ****ing schoolkids.”

Speaking of which, Kady Grant is still one hell of a woman! ;-) I love that girl so damn much, I can’t even! <333 She’s amazing and I love that she still speaks her mind and doesn’t take any bullshit! The way she put Ben Garver in his place? Respect! Plus I can’t help but adore her for her relationship with AIDAN. She had to deal with a lot of things in Obsidio though and I felt really sorry for everything she had to go through. Still, considering it all it’s even more remarkable that she pulled herself together and managed to go through with it! Kady is a strong character and I could see it on every single page. XD

”We’ve all lost people we loved! All of us! But the ****ing enemy” – Kady Grant points to the bay doors – “is out there. Waiting for us. And if they could see us here tearing at each other’s throats, they’d be ****ing laughing, do you understand that?”

”ByteMe: I’m everything. I’m furious. I’m guilty. I should have seen this coming. I’m hurting. I’m guilty because I’m hurting.
ByteMe: But I’ve made the only choice open to me.”

Ezra Mason:

”Mason, Ezra: u worry too much
Mason, Ezra: you can’t carry this entire ship on your shoulders, Kades.
Grant, Kady: I can with you beside me <3
Mason, Ezra: <3”

Ezra is still a precious snowflake and I loved how he tried to be there for everyone. He didn’t only manage to keep Kady sane, but he also tried to help Nik! I swear their heart to heart was one of the best moments in the entire book and I loved the way they interacted with each other. XD If I’d have to describe his character with one word I’d choose “glue”, because he kept everyone together and helped them to find their way. XD I guess this only confirms my theory that he’s a big and fluffy snowflake. ;-P

Hanna Donnelly:

”But slowly, painfully, it’s beginning to settle over me like a blanket. This knowledge that never goes away, but beats like a drum in the back of my head all the time.
This is forever.”

Poor Hanna! In “Gemina” she never got a chance to mourn her father and now that she was safe the happenings on Heimdall eventually caught up to her. I felt really sorry for her and I could understand her need to figure things out. Unfortunately their situation didn’t give her a lot of room to sort things out and she had to jump right back into action rather sooner than later. Still, Hanna wouldn’t be Hanna if she wouldn’t be such a tough cookie! I loved how she took command of everything and planned their strategy! If anyone could do it, it was Hanna and she proved that her self-defence lessons and all those mind-games with her father were actually worth it. =)

Nik Malikov:

”I dunno if you can see this, Sparky, but I’m currently swinging a pistol the size of a small anti-aircraft gun. You engage those sprinklers, I’ma shove this up whatever passes for your tailpipe, feel me?”

Never get between Nik and his cigarettes! *lol* Boy, AIDAN playing a trick on him was priceless!! The phrase “cigarettes are going to kill you” got an entirely new meaning after AIDAN’s little joke! Haha! Nik is still one of the best characters in this series and I loved him even more in this book! It made me angry that so many people had prejudices against him but then again Captain Boll’s crew had reservations about every single one of the kids that saved their asses! Seriously, you’d think they’d give them a break and listen to them, but no. Those adults were full of self-righteous s***. *lol* Anyway, let’s get back to dear Mr. Malikov who wore a parachute in space! Yep, he knew exactly what he was doing so you better listen to him the next time when he’s being goofy or quirky. ;-P Nik is my boy and I wish there would have been even more scenes with him! <333

”Yeah, I know,” says Nik Malikov. “I’m ****ing incorrigible.”

Ella Malikova:

”Pachok: o that’s wonderful.
Pauchok: nah, I’m genuinely overjoyed a mass-murdering artificial intelligence is cracking my secure channels for a midnight chit n chat.”

ELLA ROCKED THAT SHOW!!! This little spider was amazing and even though her health was bugging her big time she didn’t let it get in her way! As it seems my wish was granted because Ella, Kady and AIDAN actually met in “Obsidio” and their conversations made my day! Those three were as much fun as I expected them to be and I was so happy that they finally met. Still, not everything was rainbows and sunshine and poor Ella had a lot to digest while she lay in that hospital bed and tried her best to give our heroes her special brand of online support. ;-) Her talk with Isaac Grant was everything though!!! <333 I loved how Isaac gave all those kids hope and stepped in as their father! He’s such a precious bean and I was so thankful that he saw how brave and amazing this bunch of orphaned kids actually was! I’m convinced Ella is in good hands now and I’m sure Isaac will protect her at all costs! =))

”We know you’re quick, you’re funny, you’re unquestionably smarter than I am. I would never presume to take your father’s place, but I know he loved you, and I’ll do my best to stand in his shoes while we get through this – and longer, if you want. You still have a family, is what I’m saying.”



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE AND ADORE AIDAN!!! In “Obsidio” it played a bigger role again and I was glad that it got more page time than in “Gemina”. My murderous AI didn’t disappoint me and was as conflicted and confused as it was in the first book. I think it even developed some sort of conscience in the end because it thought a lot about what’s evil and what’s good and to me it was pretty obvious that it bemoaned its role in the happenings. It knew it was the only one who could make that choice, but it also knew that its actions ultimately were a morally reprehensible deed. After finishing the series I really wish I could read Memento but since it’s not available for every reader I’ll just have to accept that I’ll probably never read it. *sighs* =((


The relationships & ships:

Kady & AIDAN:


Of course I’m starting with Kady and AIDAN here because how couldn’t I? Their relationship is one of the most intriguing ones I’ve ever read about and in “Obsidio” it was bittersweet. After everything they went through Kady had to kill off AIDAN and it broke my heart to witness their pain. I know AIDAN loved Kady and I’m sure she loved it too. It’s why she was so heartbroken when she had to pull the plug! Plus, she knew that it was sort of doing the right thing. Yes, it killed one thousand people, which is wrong on so many different levels, but it did it in order to save another 1.001 that would have died as well and boy if that wasn’t a difficult choice I don’t know. I understand why Kady was angry at it, why she felt betrayed, but I also understood its POV. In AIDAN’s analytical mind it was either let 2.001 people die or let 1.001 live and it decided for the latter option, because numbers don’t lie. At least in the AI’s opinion they don’t. >_< Still, their last conversation killed me and I was heartbroken with Kady when she shut it down. T_T


Grant, Kady: i don’t
Grant, Kady: how could you force me to be the one to do this?

Kady & Ezra:

”GRANT, K: I do, you know.
MASON, E: Do what?
GRANT, K: Shut up.
GRANT, K: Love you, okay?
MASON, E: I know.
MASON, E: I just like to hear you say it.”

I loved their tenderness and their mutual understanding. <3 Those two didn’t need words to tell each other how they felt and their farewell scene was one of the best I ever read. No words, just actions that spoke more clearly than all the words in the world could have ever done. They are such a sweet couple and I hope after everything that happened they’ll finally find some peace. =) Kady and Ezra forever!! <333

”She lifts one hand to press her palm to his cheek, and he tilts his head into her touch, just a fraction.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.”

Hanna & Nik:

”They’ve each kissed a version of the other – a version that’s now dead, sealed forever in a parallel universe. But these versions? The ones they’ve known for half a year of teasing and sneaky deals and allegedly broken arms and guerrilla warfare fights for their lives? These versions never have. The moment that sealed them together was with other versions of themselves. These two have never made that silent promise.”

Now those two killed me at the beginning of the book! Or rather Hanna killed me when she rejected Nik! I was like OMG!!! NOOOOOO!!! I understood why she needed some time for herself but poor Nik suffered like a dog. =((( They both are very different characters and while Hanna is more of the silent, introverted kind of type, Nik is the extrovert who speaks his mind without a second thought. So it was no surprise that they had some initial starting difficulties and I’m glad they managed to overcome them in the end. I mean they love each other deeply and when all hell breaks loose, that’s what counts! ;-) And boy, am I glad that Nik wore his parachute when their jet crashed! *lol* I really would have cried an ocean of my two fave couples would have had no happy ending!!!

”Well, there’s handfuls and then there’s handfuls. And then there’s Hanna.” He watches broken trails of smoke drift in the air. Sighs. “I dunno what we are. Or where.”

”She eases up to kiss him once more, slow and gentle, reluctant to break the moment. It’s a kiss for everything their words can’t convey, for the history behind them and the story ahead – a story that might be only a few words long or might only be beginning.”

Asha & Rhys:

”I’ve watched this on slo-mo a dozen times, and I swear you can count twenty-seven different expressions on Lindstrom’s face in a three-second period as he sees this girl. He actually does a double take. Jaw dropping like a bag of bricks. Thing is, as the girl catches sight of him, she’s on the same gobsmacked page.”

What to say about those two? I didn’t get all too warm with their relationship but I think that was mostly due to their circumstances and the lack of some romantic time. XD I got really curious about their relationship before Kerenza IV but unfortunately there wasn’t mentioned a lot which made it kind of hard to relate to them. What it eventually comes down to, is that their relationship wasn’t very tangible for me and therefore sort of took a back seat. I mean, I get that they cared about each other, that there were still feelings on both sides but I never truly got to know why. *lol* Mhmm, I think they probably should have gotten their own book. ;-)

Lindstrom tears his helmet off, kneels beside her and carefully cracks the bolts on her cuffs. Tears well in her lashes and she throws her arms around his neck, hair tumbling over her eyes as she presses her forehead to his.
“God, they hurt you,” he whispers. “I’m so sorry, Ash …”

Ella & Nik:

”NikM: having seen an alternate reality version of you literally die in my arms about 38 hours ago, you think i’d be kinder disposed to you rite now
NikM: but god i hate u
Pauchok: filthy lies, u luv me like cigarettes”

Haha! They continued to have one of the best brother/sister relationships ever and I loved their easy banter. Despite their situation they always managed to find some humour in their predicament and even though there was a lot to laugh about their serious moments never ceased to wreck my soft heart! I’m so glad they both got out of this alive and I’m even gladder about the fact that Isaac Grant took them both under his wings! The Illuminae crew is their new family now and they really could have found no better family than that! =))

Pauchok: …
Pachok: jesus
NikM: um i don’t think I hve his email addy?”

”And don’t worry, Nik. You said it already. You said it every day, with everything you did for me. You said it every time you didn’t just act like coming to spend time with me was the most fun you could have, you actually thought it. You’ve done everything I could ever have wanted you to do, Nik, and you’re still doing it.”


“Obsidio” might have not been as stunning or shocking as it predecessors, but it was a fun ride nevertheless! Amie and Jay succeeded in tying up all the loose ends and created a finale that packed quite a punch. Well, for Bei-Tech and Leanne Frobisher it certainly did. ;-P This series was thoroughly entertaining and I can recommend it to everyone! Pick up “Illuminae” and take it from there, you won’t be disappointed! =)


Buddy read with video Analyst ID 7213-0089-DN!

Yes, we’re at it… AGAIN! *lol*
The final and last book and I can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan our heroes to make a stand. XD

I already know this is going to be epic! So fingers crossed that there won’t be any troubles…
Oh, well who am I kidding? I can guarantee that there will be trouble! Most likely even trouble in gargantuan epic proportions! But we’re living and breathing for it, aren’t we?

Illuminae Group, we’re coming and we got your back! ;-P

P.S: AIDAN and Nik are my precious babies, please don’t hurt them! <333
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January 8, 2019
"You know better than any what I am. Every story needs a monster.
And this story will end soon."

And so it ends.
This series has come so far. Honestly, it reminds me of the Lunar Chronicles in that it began with two characters and keeps expanding to a larger scope. With excellent plot twists, fantastic characters, and some of the most unputdownable writing in the world, this basically killed me.

Here, let me just rant a little about Them Iconic Characters:
Kady Grant - this bitch is so cool and I adore her and I will continue to adore her for the rest of my days. a badass with emotional problems.
Ezra Mason - kind of didn’t do enough in this book? I like Ezra a lot, but I think he’s a bit lacking in depth and keeps remaining so. He’s such a Good though that I can’t help but care for his relationship with Kady [so much] and his relationship with Nik [their bro relationship was what I DESERVED].
Nik Malikov - I thought Nik was an asshole in the last book, but the more I read about him the more I love him. a burnt cinnamon roll, somewhat toasted but still iconic.
Hanna - SAME WITH HER!! I always liked her way more than Nik, but I was honest to god so invested in her here. Her diary entries really help her development. she could kill me and I’d thank her for it.
Ella Fucking Malikova - got all the pagetime she deserved and is my wife whomst I would die for and kill for. probably would run the non-corrupt version of WikiLeaks in a modern au. disabled badass and chaotic good icon. definitely a lesbian and my proof is that every sapphic I know would date her in a heartbeat. [I am chief among them]. anyone who hates on her is dead to me. Ella Malikova marry me challenge
Asha Grant - I LOVE HER. I actually think this is where the authors succeeded most at getting me invested, because I adore her. Her relationship with Katya made me so emotional. Love that she’s not overtalented, just trying her best. What a gal.
Rhys Lindstorm - Boring archetypal love interest #400. Real name ACOTAR Ripoff LintStorm. what was his point in this book? why didn’t Asha and Ella become a thing or some shit, we already KNOW her and we got NO SENSE of Rhys. I do appreciate the kind of morally-ambiguous thing, but they don’t go for it and he’s kind of boring? We’ll talk about this later.
AIDAN - remains a really compelling villain. I adore the well-intentioned extremist trope and I think this character is a really good example. I don’t know why he has a gender. he is a computer. It is hilarious to me that they chose to make a robot a boy just so we know that his thing for Kady is Super Heterosexual. [I mean, at least one character mentioned her wife somewhere in here?]

And then we can also talk about character dynamics, because how iconic are these relationships.
Kady and Ezra - Pure. Good. I honestly just think this couple is really sweet and soft and I just
Nik and Hanna - I love these useless trash kids.
Asha and Rhys - Who gives a fuck.

And also, let's give a spot for these babes:
"McCALL, Winifred ****!!
MALIKOVA, Ella: MIGHTY ****ING ********S
MALIKOV, Nik: HOLY ****ING **** *** *****
MASON, Ezra: ****ING HELL??
ZHUANG, Yulin: ********!?!?
GRANT, Isaac: People! LANGUAGE!"

the Illuminae Group - oh damn I love this squad. I love Isaac Grant being their Squad Dad; the notes from him on page 437 were… not at all okay. Fuck. Um, I love Ella and Hanna [and both of them feat. Kady], I really love Ezra and Nik, I love the idea of them being a squad as a whole. They're favorites. [You’ll see when you read it.]

Listen, dudes, this book is not perfect. absolutely not. Let’s talk about why this was a 4 ½ and not a five. [But still a five because I love.]
Okay, first of all. The entire thing has shades of emotional manipulation. Twists get untwisted really quickly. Spoiler alert, but:

And can I second something my amazing reviewer friend Kaylin mentioned, because I didn’t even notice this one - in the previous books, characters were introduced via DMs, but here they’re often introduced via surveillance footage. Which feels kind of emotionally manipulative. And there was way too much surveillance footage.

And there’s a big thing - I have to admit, my biggest problem with this installment was my lack of investment in Rhys’s character. The last book of The Lunar Chronicles was 850 pages partially due to the need for developing two new characters on top of the other six. This story was trying to get us invested in two new characters on top of five other characters we are already invested in. And while they did do a fucking great job getting me invested in Asha, um… Rhys could have died and I only would have been sad because Asha was sad. To be quite honest, I do not care about Rhys that much; I don’t hate him, but he pales in comparison to the rest of these characters.

BUT: I mean, I’m trying to complain about this, but I love this series. I adore the huge cast that I can complain about but still adore. I love the squad dynamic. I love the twists. I love that I can’t put it down. These books are so much fun and I recommend them highly.

[also check out my reviews of Illuminae and Gemina!]
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March 26, 2023
5/5 ⭐


Well, when I thought I had all the heart attacks one could possibly have, a new shiny set has been gifted to me by this book. And it fucking hurt, okay?

Action-wise, everything went balls up, I had no idea who to trust anymore, I had no idea what’s going on, I simply had NO IDEA.

It was stressful and it hurt.

Character-wise, things can be summarised pretty easily with a few tiny ideas I wrote down in my notebook. Very accurate. They went like this:

(ye, I know, ugly handwriting :P)

Nothing I said there ain’t true. Nothing.

After all that, I went from shock to shock so that explains a lot about what the hell was happening in this book.
In the end, I was a puddle of feelings.

I absolutely believe that this is going to captivate the majority of the readers and I also encourage every single one of you to pick it up! It deserves more appreciation!
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July 27, 2019
2 stars - This book fell victim to the same problems
I had with Gemina. Illuminae was new and fresh, and the second two books reused the same plot twists over and over that it became predictable. In addition, this had many of the same problems I’ve talked about in other critiques of YA finales in the past. I knew what to expect, so the attempted tugs at my heart strings failed. Still a fun ride, but doesn’t live up to the first book imo. Full review to come on my channel.
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August 21, 2018
A Strong 4 Stars

"You know better than any what I am. Every story needs a monster.
And this story will end soon"

Holy ███

This entire ending was a W H I R L W I N D of emotions for me, but overall such a satisfying conclusion.

This book brilliantly uses its unique format, just like it's predecessors. It features all the characters we know and love, as well as several new faces. I'm struggling to form a cohesive review so let me just summarize everything awesome it contains:

- Kady Grant and her steely determination. It's our third book with her and she's obviously been through hell, but she still slayys
- Nik and Ezra being besties
- Isaac Grant becoming the entire squad-dad because it's about time someone loved and supported these kids besides me
- Plot twists like whoa
- Ella Malikov brightening every single scene she was in by being the powerful force of nature we all love
- A lot of morally-gray villains and complex side-characters
- Including everyone's favorite tortured-soul computer program, AIDAN
- Who is still tortured, engrossing, and slightly murderous.
- Hanna's beautiful journal entries that perfectly capture her grief and determination
- The introduction of Asha (my pharmacy-tech twin) and her every-man heroism
- Rhy's perfectly coiffed hair

Honestly, the only reason this book isn't 5-Stars is because I wasn't sold on the Kerenza IV plot. I really loved Asha and her relationship with Katya (who is adorable) but there was a TON of side characters all introduced very quickly? In particular I didn't enjoy spending so much time with Rhys and his solider buddies (if I had to hear "The Duke" refer to himself in third-person again I was gonna lose it)

(Rhys also really pales in comparison to Nik and Ezra, but Asha stands on her own as a complex and brave character... but their romance was... not my favorite.)

I think for me, most of this was the way they were introduced. In the previous books we got a chance to learn about characters through messages or interviews before it jumped straight into surveillance footage, and here it was the opposite. This lead to a LOT of the analyst just telling us important character info instead of learning it naturally.

(Also no spoilers, but some of the twists get untwisted a little TOO conveniently for my taste)



A REALLY satisfying conclusion to a really awesome series. There's tons of action, tons of the characters/couples we love, and a complex discussion about morality and the power of one person.

"It only takes one pebble to start an avalanche"

Sort-of-Buddy-Read with MissMayMay, but really it was just me spamming her in all caps about my emotions WHICH IM STILL HAVING HOW CAN IT BE OVER
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Want to read
September 3, 2017
AIDAN is a majestic wonder of murder, poetry and sass, and I couldn’t help myself...

Illuminae fan art by Elluna

I call this piece 'Waiting For Obsidio. Painfully.'
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December 16, 2022
I am completely in love with The Illuminae Files and consider it to be a ground-breaking series in the Sci-Fi genre.

If this doesn't gain the status of a Classic, the world will suffer for it. I'm sure AIDAN will see to that.

As Obsidio is the third and concluding book in the series, some mild spoilers lay ahead. I will not be hiding them.

You have been warned.

After Hanna, Nik, Kady and Ezra survive the attacks on the Heimdall Station, they find themselves crammed aboard the Mao, along with 2,000 other desperate refugees.

The only choice for those aboard is to return to Kerenza, the site of the initial BeiTech assault. They're not really sure what they'll find there, but it has to be better than drifting through deep space, eventually running out of supplies, including oxygen.

On Kerenza, Kady's cousin, Asha, has survived and joined the underground resistance, fighting against BeiTech's continued presence on the small mining planet.

When her ex-boyfriend shows up, among the ranks of the enemy, she cannot believe her eyes, but perhaps she can use their prior relationship to her advantage.

The narrative alternates back and forth between the situation on the Mao and that on the ground of Kerenza. There is a lot of drama and a whole lot of action!

I loved how this brought everything together, including the style of the Files themselves. It all becomes clear and frankly, is just brilliant storytelling.

It's hard not to fall in love with these characters, as you are with them through every step of the battle. I became so connected to each and every one of them.

There were moments when I had to step away. The ending got pretty hairy. I knew Kaufman and Kristoff weren't looking to spare my feelings, so absolutely anything could happen to any one of our heroes at any time! It was intense, to say the least!

I'm so happy that I finally saw this series through to the end. I even read Gemina twice, which turned out to be my favorite book in the series upon reread.

Of course I am a little sad that it is done, but feel like it is a story I could revisit. For now, Hanna, Nik, Ezra, Kady, Ella and AIDAN, will live on in my heart; strong, funny, fearless and smart, just as they're meant to be.

I highly recommend this series to everyone in the Verse!!!
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November 8, 2018
oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best young adult fantasy 2018! what will happen?

a strong ending to a seriously enjoyable trilogy. this series had so many obstacles to overcome in the realm of THINGS THAT KAREN DISLIKES READING ABOUT, it’s a  █████ miracle that i liked it as much as i did. or at all. outer space, romance plot after romance plot after romance plot, snarky precocious overskilled teenagers, gimmicks aplenty - it’s more or less designed for me to hate it. the only thing missing would have been to have it be about twins. who are also birds. made of olives. and YET.

i was entertained, i was invested in the story, i laughed a few times (although there were just as many eyerolls), my heart swelled with that anticipatory rallying spark that hits it every time i hear one of my personal anthems, and at one point, no lie, i gasped aloud. a cat in peril’ll get me every time.

these books are the fastest 600-page bricks you’ll ever read. and while i am frequently unenthusiastic about gimmicky books, the very sort of gimmicks responsible for speeding up the reading pace here, in this series, i’m fully on board. they’re well-designed and fun instead of being a gimmick-parade for no reason. i appreciate the variety of storytelling modes, and they just…work; the blend of POVs and narrative voices and styles and worldviews are very well-balanced.


 █████ aidan. i would read one million books about aidan.

i am not what i once was, either, buddy. i feel you.

thanks to the terrific badassery of aidan and pauchok, i was able to overlook all the YA romance ████ wafting offa the other characters, the stuff that usually bores my teats off, and even the WE ARE ON A SPACESHIP angle didn’t send me running. plus, plenty of it was on terra firma, so.

but still. still. aidan. pauchok. winners of my heart.

SO - either i am growing up and becoming a person of broader tastes and a greater tolerance for things which used to annoy me, or this series is good enough to transcend the ██ that ███ me off.

either way, i'm sad to see it go.

i will miss you.

come to my blog!
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March 14, 2018
me: as much as i want to, i probably shouldn't listen to this 13 hour audiobook in one day
also me: bixch you ain't sleeping

well chums i did it. but im think im in shock and it hasnt fully settled in that this series is over. catch me tomorrow crying my eyes out

RTC mayyybeee



if 🙃 anyone 🙃 gets 🙃 hurt 🙃

Buddy read with a bunch of chums but i'll tag them later :p

8/2/2017 UPDATE





(announced on Aime Kaufman's insta)
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April 4, 2018

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This Whole seRies – WOW!
I am speecHless, so this is my Whole

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revieW of this book ANd this series – WOW!

Not enough staRRRs in the univerSe for this
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May 29, 2018

1.) Illuminae ★★★★
2.) Gemina ★★★

“Every story needs its hero.
And its villain.
And its monster.”

Hi, my name is Melanie, and I’m the only person in the book world that doesn’t love this series the same way everyone else does. Seriously, take this entire review with a grain of salt, because I am very much in the minority with my feelings. There is just always something stopping me from loving and being completely invested in this series.

Illuminae is easily my favorite in the series, and even though every part of me wants to say that’s because it is where Ezra and AIDAN have the biggest roles, the realistic part of me knows it is probably because it was the first time experiencing the unique formatting. This series is told in case files, hidden documents, and messaging programs. But maybe the newness wore off after the first book?

“There's a billion different versions of you out there, in a trillion different universes. And I still can't get over how lucky I am that, out of all those versions, you're the one that's mine.”

Obsidio picks right back up after the events of Gemina, and all the characters are together and trying to save what there is left to save. This series surrounds teens in space, that after way too many betrayals, have learned that they are the only ones they can trust. This is the third and final novel, but the enemies this time are the worst type of monsters: humans.

This is the most amazing artwork from MeganJeongArt!

The story did keep me invested, and these books always feel so easy and fun to read. But, I do feel like my second biggest complaint with Obsidio was all the camera surveillance. It completely takes away from the strongest aspect of the book. And if I’m being honest, it reads like a not as good book.

I completely understood and enjoyed being introduced to Hannah, Nik, and Ella (The best person in the entire series, if we are REALLY being honest here) in Gemina, but I felt like adding two brand new characters (and their completely unnecessary romance) into Obsidio was such a poor choice. I totally get how their stories (especially Asha’s) were needed with the direction of the plot, but I truly wish it could have somehow been done some other way.

Moving on, Obsidio was able to evoke a lot of emotion from me around the half way point. I was snapping my friends, convinced that this was going to be my favorite installment in the series. And, like, I should totally care more about the humans than an AI, right? RIGHT? The lines are blurred, people. And it was hard to think with so many tears streaming down my face.

But the number one thing I disliked the most about Obsidio was the ending. I am going to keep this spoiler free, but if you’ve read it then you probably know what I’m talking about.

Overall, and again, please take this review with a grain of salt, because most of my friends have five starred all three of these books. Like, completely loved and adored and put on their favorite shelves. And, again, I don’t know why I can’t connect with these stories the way my friends do, but if you are even somewhat interested in this story, you should totally give these books a shot. I mean, murderous AI, crew of cutthroat kids willing to do anything to save each other, betrayals, twists, turns, heartbreaks, romances, the most wonderful hacker in all of literature? These all sound pretty amazing, true? Seriously, check out come of my friends’ reviews: Brandi, Em, Lilly, & Dani! TL;DR – listen to them, because I love them with my whole heart and trust them completely. Just, for some reason this series is my kryptonite.

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Buddy read with Wren! ❤
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April 7, 2021
that was one HELL of a conclusion

it was good. had quite a few flaws, was boring in a LOT of places, and was uh pretty unrealistic... but what can I say books that ███ with my emotions and make me sweat are really enjoyable

// buddy read with my love, who I buddy-read the whole series with!!!!!!
June 11, 2018

“That is all I know how to be.
Every story needs it’s villain.
And it’s hero.
And it’s monster.”

Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Whoa, guys. This book. Phew.
This book was a freakin roller coaster.
Did I have several heart attack’s? Probably.
Did I fall in love with (all of the) relationships and characters in here? Absolutely.
This whole trilogy is not perfect, no book really is. But it’s a start and I think I’m not wrong when I say, that it’s a masterpiece of storytelling, characters and creativity.
If you ever need something different, read this series.
You could say this whole trilogy is divided into three different parts of a story that needs to be put together to really understand everything.
This one plays on Karenza which has been partly destroyed and now controlled by the beitech company. But when you look closely, you can see a revolution forming.
Even though I loved it, I think sometimes it’s a bit too much sci-fi for my taste.
Too much details. Too much information.
But all in all it’s really an amazing story with great characters and a really really special style of book.

Character ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
In this book we get to meet Rhys and Asha, two characters that play a huge part in this one.
Okay, maybe not huge, but a slightly big part.
And I liked them. They seemed nice, but I wasn’t really interested as much in their fate and story as with the other characters.
Next to them there is a Beitech squad that Rhys is part of. And in it there are two characters I liked from the start. Some ass-kicking lady called Oshiro and a strange-but-extremely-sympathetic guy called Duke. (Or at least he called himself that.)
Then we have our typical book one and two squad. And what can I say?
They look freakin awesome together!
Hannah and Kady being the typical badass lady’s we all get to know and love and our sweet handsome boys, that are a big support for those ladies (and they have a big role too).
And then... finally... our most important creep - Aidan. Oh man, looking at all the characters the two authors created I can only say: applause, you guys. Aidan is perfect.
That’s exactly how I imagined an artificial intelligence. Creepy, hugely intelligent and with a great sense of logic and strategy, but in a bad way.
All in all, I thought that in this book the characters of the previous books got what they really deserved. 👏🏻
Ah, I nearly forgot. You know who my favorite people are?
Isaac Grant and Ella. They rocked this book and I loved them so much! Ella being the typical strong and intelligent nerd she is and Isaac Grant showing us and all the dads out there how to be a proper, loving and awesome dad!
You go, Isaac! Definitely dadgoals! ♥️

Relationships ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
“And he’s kissing her like she’s the first, the last and only he’ll ever need, like he’s learning every last part of her.
Reverently, like this moment is holy.”

Do you remember how I told you that I didn’t like the romance of book two?
Well, I changed my mind. Because in this book they finally admit that it was all so fast and full of chaos. But then... huh 😍.
So romantic.
But my favorite power couple are still Kady and Ezra. They were such a strong support for each other throughout this whole mess and even though it sounds so cliche, they really seemed like a real and oh so wonderful love.
Then... our newly introduced love interest:
Even though I love this typical two fronted romance in the style of Romeo and Juliet, I didn’t really feel the chemistry between Rhys and Asha. I mean, yes, there was something between those two. But I didn’t really feel love or something like that.

Writing style ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Oh man, I can’t say it enough. The way this book is made - the emails, reports, group chats, letters, drawings and aidans thoughts - was so special in its own way that you only could fall in love with it (or hate it).
And you know in which group I am.
I’m a huge fan of this style of book and I’ll greatly recommend everyone to at least try this whole series.
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June 1, 2018
You can find the Full review and other reviews @ The book prescription

“It is entirely possible to be alone in a crowded room. Your solitude only compounded by the faces around you. The presence of others serving only to remind you of how lonely you truly are.”

🌟 Creativity, Creativity , Creativity! That is the one thought that I had in mind throughout the whole book, if not the whole series. I mean as readers we read a lot of books in the usual format and a change can be good once ina while. I am always looking for unusual reads and this was the best among them.

🌟 I mean, we have emails, we have messenger chats, we have different languages, ship designs, handwritten notes, pictures, drawings and they even managed to put a freaking kitty too! Who would have thought.


🌟 This is officially my favorite trilogy of all times now, because it has everything! (Maybe until the third Six of Crows book is out). Plot wise; this has many twists which are so good, although some are predictable! The pacing is fast as the unusual format makes this a fast read despite the huge number of pages it has! The characters are great and they are funny, relatable and fleshed out. The romance is good too!

🌟 Now I am stingy when it comes to 5 stars ratings but I gave all the books in this series 5 stars because I was so damn happy while reading them, were they perfect?
As much as I am ranting above about how much I enjoyed almost everything, and you know how critical I can be, I can so NO! this is not perfect. These books are always hard to get into at first and they are a bit confusing until you are fully immersed in the story. There were a few boring pages too. And the actual rating should be closer to 4 or 4.5 stars. But who gives a darn. I was enjoying this immensely and it gave me a feeling which many books failed to. I will still give it 5 stars.

“I am not good. Nor am I evil. I am no hero. Nor am I villain. I am AIDAN.”

🌟 A special shout out to AIDAN who I feel there can not be a proper review without me mentioning it! AIDAN was my favorite character in the series! I like when characters are not Completely bad or good, when they are logical and driven by a motive, AIDAN is the representation of all of the above.

🌟 And as all good things have to end, this series had to end, the ending was predictable but it was the best ending it could get so why not?! I would prefer if this series finished because extensions usually suck! I just saw they are working on a new series which is already among my 2019 most anticipated releases. Thanks Amy, Thanks Jay 😀

Void /void/
completely empty

That's what I am feeling after finishing this Effed Up series :)

Finally reading this with A man called André
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March 20, 2018

im a magnified puddle of tears. you may think im joking, but i just sobbed over a 'parachute' so

while the audiobook was amazing, reading the actual text was a whole different experience, i cannot deal



you guys: ". . . may, dont you think it's kinda a little too early to be rereading this book??????"

me: "that's actually a good po-"

me: description

Buddy read with my baby bee, 🐝
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August 15, 2018
“May we meet again on distant shores.
Some place fine and far from here.”


well my feelings about this series are fucking complicated like you know when you're reading a book and you're not even sure you're liking it like everything is kind of annoying you but also you want to finish it ???? or is that just me ? anyway that is how I feel about these books it's wild.

I love the concept of this book and I love the characters but I don't love the execution something about this whole series I find kind of try hard-ish and cringy. I feel like the authors are reaching through the book and shaking me like HOW COOL AND RELATABLE AND TEENY ARE OUR TEEN CHARACTERS

I honestly felt like I was being preached at and I find it kind of annoying? but also I DO like the characters ?? but also they make me cringe sometimes. especially anything to do with the romance, it was,,, too much. that is my main issue with this series I think

“You believe there is always an alternative. Always a chance for a miracle. But I told you once before that miracles are statistical improbabilities. There is no such thing in real life.”

but lets talk about the book because y'all didn't come here to listen to mull over my random thoughts lets actually talk about THIS BOOK

I still like the characters these teenagers are super cool and lots of them grew on me a lot.
Kady and Ezra I loved them both, as usual. Kady is a bad bitch I would die for and Ezra is so sweet. I even like their relationship, they're so cute. My burnt to a crisp heart was moved.
Nik grew on me SO much in this. I ended up Caring and I thought I wouldn't.
Ella is the baddest bitch of them all. Iconic chaotic good. Deserves the world.
AIDAN I actually developed some actual Feelings about him, which is groundbreaking since I didn't give a shit about him in the first book.
Asha was a cool new character and I lived for her and Katya. She's doing her best and her and Kady's backstory gave me pain

Overall, the authors did a good job at further developing their characters and making me care about them in this when I didn't previously. And Actually Caring about the characters is really important in a book like this where there is a Big Bad Thing that could kill them happening at the end.

“Live a life worth dying for.”

ok lets talk about the stuff I found super annoying

this book did not go There AT ALL listen. listen. I am TIRED of books telling me there is this massive thing happening and no one is safe and then NOT GOING THERE. If you're installing this massive war plot there has to be consequences. I want to be sad the ending of this was DISAPPOINTING and I felt like there was no point even raising the stakes I never felt nervous for these characters which is a problem in a finale Like I hate to sound like a massive Angst Emo but what is the point telling me this is is THE BIGGEST CALAMITY EVER and then ................. nothing calamitous even happening.

⭐ that love story. oh my godd I'm so OVER this trope and this archetype and trying to Redeem The Bad Guy. The chapters between Rhys and Asha were literally exhausting and I didn't care AT ALL about their romance. And I hate how hard this book tried to get me to care, it was overbearing.

⭐ Ties into the above point, and the romance. But the entire plot parts on Kerenza. First of all, too many new characters I don't care about trying to get me to sympathise with, essentially, the corrupt business that massacred a planet full of people was never going to work. The entire plot was flat and again, felt like it was trying too hard to get me to care. It would have been much more interesting if it followed Asha and the resistance, not the soldiers.

⭐ too much tell, not enough show. AGAIN, related to the above. But I HATED that this book was telling me what to feel. like, telling me who's nice and who's a cute romance and who's doomed and who's a bad bad guy and who's a kinda good bad guy. It didn't let things develop naturally and I literally HATE when authors try to dictate how their readers should feel in really unsubtle ways. It makes me feel like they don't think they can trust me as a reader. (if that makes sense lol) it's like the author is being indirectly condescending.

⭐ AIDAN. Can I just ,, is it just me or is it weird they made this actual machine the most heterosexual 13 year old boy of all time. AIDAN is a MACHINE and it kind of annoyed me how enforced it was he was a MALE MACHINE with a MALE CRUSH on Kady. It was just super forced and I found the whole crush on Kady thing kinda creepy

“The die is cast. But today we will shake the table upon which it lands.”

despite these grievances there's still a lot to like here as mentioned, I love the characters. The plot sequences were also SO well written, probably the best action sequences of any of the book in my opinion. I also think the book did a good job in exploring and outlining their themes and complications. The countdown gave this an almost cinematic element and you knew exactly where the plot was going, and the tension escalating was palpable. The plot twists also got me SO GOOD which is always nice.

Finally, I have to mention, I listened to this on audiobook and it was PHENOMENAL. The audiobook cast did a really excellent job and I loved the entire production of it. What a well put together piece.

overall this is not my favourite series by far, and I know I'm in the minority with that, and that is okay. I don't like these as much as everyone else but they're still super fun and super unique. I think they have GREAT concept, the entire production and work gone into crafting these is really commendable. For me, some things didn't work out and I felt like this book did too many unsubtle things I didn't like, plus the ending was disappointing and a bit of a cop out. But it still was a really fun listen and I will miss the characters for sure!
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