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Perspective #1

Love at First Plight

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There is more than one perspective to every story. On Qarradune, it takes two points of view to make sense of the world. What you know depends on whose story you are following.


My life went from ordinary to extraordinary in the blink of an eye. I didn’t know where I was or how I got there. I didn’t know if I would ever see my home or the people that I loved, again.

All I did know was that I had to save her.


Beaten, unwashed, and starving, I was alone, imprisoned, and enslaved. I didn’t want to die, but I was ready. At least, I thought I was.

Someone entered my life and tipped the world over. My beautiful bubble had burst, but the reality that came next was astounding.

Love at First Plight is the debut novel of Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell, and is also the first volume in the Perspective book series.

279 pages, Paperback

First published February 9, 2015

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About the author

Amanda Giasson

8 books24 followers
Amanda Giasson is a Canadian author.

Amanda is the co-author of the fantasy fiction Perspective book series. "Love at First Plight" is the first novel in the series, which has continued with "Second Wind" (Book #2), "Third Time's a Charmer" (Book #3), and "So On and So Fourth" (Book #4), with more in the series to follow.

The Perspective series books that she has co-written with Julie B. Campbell follows the viewpoints (perspectives) of Megan Wynters and Irys Godeleva and their anything-but-ordinary experiences on the world of Qarradune. Amanda writes the perspective of Megan Wynters.

A lover of the arts and most things fantasy, Amanda enjoys writing, reading, drawing, dance, film, live theatre, music, gaming, comics and cosplay. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and their zany-but-loveable Brittany Spaniel, Copper.

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Profile Image for Marquette.
35 reviews14 followers
February 1, 2016
I liked everything about this story. At first I didn’t know what was going on but things kept happening that kept my attention anyway. My favorite parts were when the ladies rode the horses with knight and warrior and then the masquerade ball and all the pretty costumes. It was like I was watching a movie. I was really surprised at the end. I didn’t expect it to end the way it did. There has to be another book. If there is I’ll definitely read it.
Profile Image for Letitgo.
24 reviews25 followers
October 31, 2015
I’m generally not a fan of first-person narrative or multiple point of views, but Amanda Giasson and Julie B. Campbell wield these two devices with perfect harmony and precision and in a way that enhances “Love At First Plight”. I actually fell in love with our two beautiful protagonists earlier on in the story. The character development is brilliant. Megan, witty and funny and Irys, proper and reverent (to her Goddess) are not whiny and wishy washy, but rather strong, yet flawed multi-dimensional characters, and we get to know them not only through their inner-dialogue, but through their actions as Giasson and Campbell do an excellent job of showing rather than telling.
The converging viewpoints add to the suspense of this fantastic adventure, as we are taken for a ride along with our protagonists only discovering things as they do. The descriptions of settings, dress, and characters are vivid and rise from the page, and for you literary purist, the prose is absolutely breathtaking. I had to read this sample a few times. “The light that poured through the window was as white as ice, but each pane of glass shattered the beams into a spectacle of coloured brilliance. Only with her back to the intensity of the brightness , could she see the prisms that rained down on everything within this holy space.” There were many memorable characters, but my favorite was Acksil, and I can’t wait to see where his character will go in the sequel. Yes, the book did leave you at a cliffhanger, but it was thoroughly entertaining, a solid 5, and highly recommended.
This is one of those must read novels that you absolutely have to finish because it’s just that compelling.
Profile Image for Kat Stiles.
Author 21 books326 followers
July 5, 2015
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I instantly fell in love with the writing in this book. Multiple POV usually drives me nutty and is an instant red flag, but Julie and Amanda pull it off effortlessly. Right from the start, the plot draws you in and the subtle details and intricate writing are just icing on the cake. You can tell a great deal of care went into writing this novel - the authors crafted the sentences carefully to fully paint the scenes for the readers.

I have to admit, from the title I was expecting more of a zany romantic romp, something funny and maybe even silly. This book is NOT that. At all. But what it is, is amazing nonetheless. At times, it reminded me of the 60’s show, “The Prisoner,” or maybe even “The Trial,” and I loved that existentialist feel. Megan and Irys both were great characters and easy to connect with. I’ve never had such a strong feeling of wanting to strangle a character as I did with Megan in the last chapter! When you care that much, the writers are obviously doing something right.

I very much enjoyed the adventure of Love at First Plight, and I look forward to reading the sequel.
Profile Image for Misty Shadows.
21 reviews1 follower
October 11, 2015
Great read. Kept you wondering how Megan ever landed on a ship of another world. End left you hanging. Next book/sequel coming out 2016.
Profile Image for Rebecca Mckenzie.
339 reviews6 followers
June 6, 2016
I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. It was a book you can read in spurts as the first person narrative alternates between the two main characters, Megan and Irys - two very strong and well developed female leads!

Just as Katniss volunteers as Tribute in 'The Hunger Games' in place of her sister Primrose, Megan bargains her freedom for the release of Irys, thus submitting herself as Galnor's slave. It's refreshing to see female characters take on such strong roles and deviate from traditional 'damsel in distress' mode.

I am normally not one who enjoys fantasy but this book, in its clever and anticipatory writing has changed that. Just when you think things are beginning to resolve, an unexpected twist occurs increasing your suspense! The ending is a brilliant cliffhanger and I would definitely like to read the next book in the Perspective series. Love at First Plight could very well be adapted into a blockbuster movie!

Profile Image for Remmis.
2 reviews4 followers
October 20, 2015
Surprisingly good book! I thought it was going to be a romance, but romance isn't the main theme. I like fantasy fiction and this is a good one. I'm curious to find out where this goes in the next book. I hope it comes out soon. I'm actually feeling pretty tense about what is going to happen to Megan and Irys, next. I have so many guesses but I have no idea if i'll be right. I also am very curious about what Galnar's really up to and also about Xandon. I'd recommend this book.
August 20, 2015
I couldn't stop reading this book! Irys & Megan kept me questioning and curious the whole way through and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!
Profile Image for EnviroTodd.
8 reviews3 followers
April 30, 2016
Love at First Plight was surprising to me on several levels.

- The first was that I had expected it to be a "girlie" book, which it surprisingly was not. It starred two girl characters but they were strong enough that it didn't just feel like the book was filled with "pink ribbons and kisses". So it wasn't directed at just a female audience.
- The second was that I thought it was going to be a romance because of the title and the cover. But it was more of a fantasy/adventure style than romance. Now that I think about it, I think the "love" in the title was talking about the word in a broader sense.
- The third was how much I do want to read the next one. The ending (which I will not spoil) left me in a place where I didn't want to stop learning about what was going to happen. I feel like I'm roped into this series now.
- The fourth was that it was directed toward a slightly older audience than some of the other YA fiction I've read recnetly. I'd say this book rides the line between young adult and new adult fiction, but I wouldn't say that it's fully in either category. It's more like it's in both.

I've done a full review (what I liked and what I didn't) on my book review website - https://envirotodd.wordpress.com/2016...

I read most of this book while I was stuck at home with the flu and I have to say that I was glad to be able to escape to Qarradune.
11 reviews
February 14, 2015
Excellent read. I couldn't put this book down. It is a page turner for sure. I would love to read a sequel! The story line is so interesting...and so well written.
Profile Image for Jen.
5 reviews
February 10, 2022
I gave this book a shot based on the recommendation of a friend's (adult) granddaughter. I didn't expect to like it as it is well outside my usual preferred genre, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is a fast-paced book as opposed to a slow burn. This is a multiple-perspective book, and usually in this case, I'd like one character over the other. That wasn't what happened in Love at First Plight, though. I found my preference switching from Megan to Irys and back again, which made it a delight to read from both perspectives. I'm glad I read this book and because of its ending, I don't see that I have much of a choice but to read the next one in the Perspective series too!
This is a well thought-out story with two highly flawed but highly likeable and relatable characters. The world they inhabit is positively enchanting, and I am looking forward to traveling back there in the next novel.
Profile Image for BabyButtons.
3 reviews
April 13, 2017
OMG! I loved, loved this book. I didn't know at first if I was going to like switching between the two perspectives and I did feel a little nervous when I realized it was set in another world because sometimes I can have a really hard time following stuff that's not on Earth, but I didn't have this problem at all. I liked both the characters Megan and Irys. I felt I could relate to Megan and I found her really funny and Irys reminded me of a classic novel. She's so elegant yet doll-like on the surface, but you can tell that there's a lot more going on underneath. Both the characters had depth and I really like that in any story. I think my favorite character was Acksil. He was just really cool haha. I'm so glad this book has a sequel that's already out because I really want to find out more! I really recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, adventure, ya fiction and just a plain old good story :D
Displaying 1 - 11 of 11 reviews

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