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Secrets and Doors: Stories by The Secret Door Society

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Open the door and unlock the secrets in eleven short stories from The Secret Door Society, an organization of fantasy and science fiction authors dedicated to charitable work. All proceeds from this anthology benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their quest to cure Type One Diabetes (T1D).

In these pages you’ll discover a modern woman trapped in an old fashioned dreamscape, a futuristic temp worker who fights against her programming, a beautiful vampire’s secret mission disrupted by betrayal, a sorcerer’s epic battle against a water dragon, the source of magical mirrors—and more. There are tales for every science fiction and fantasy taste, including new works from award-winning authors Johnny Worthen, Lehua Parker, Christine Haggerty, and Adrienne Monson.

Join us in the fight against T1D as you peek into a world of magical and mysterious doorways—if you dare.

Quick note: while all proceeds benefit children, this one’s for adult readers of science fiction and fantasy.

260 pages, Paperback

First published January 23, 2015

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Callie Stoker

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Profile Image for Aleisha  Zolman.
490 reviews9 followers
February 12, 2015
I read the story "Reflection" by Terra Luft! It grabbed my attention from the first word! I really like how the story unfolded through the dialogue and descriptions and not just because she said this is how it was. It was well written with a lot credit given to the reader to figure out what the story was about. If the other stories are as well written I look forward to reading the rest of this anthology!!!
Profile Image for Autumn.
59 reviews
February 12, 2015
If you're in the market for a fun collection of short stories that supports a great cause this one is right up your alley. I'm normally not a fan of short stories (they always leave me longing for more) but this group of writers had some very creative thoughts when it came to secrets and doors.

(Individual story reviews forthcoming)

Profile Image for Michael Glassford.
Author 6 books13 followers
February 8, 2015
What a fun collection of short stories. Each as original and entertaining as the last. From secret doors to magic mirrors, this book delivers the fun to the reader and the love to the foundation it champions.
Profile Image for Kelly.
253 reviews15 followers
February 27, 2015
Secrets and Doors is an anthology to raise money to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their quest to cure Type One Diabetes (T1D). Each story contains contains secrets and types of doors. The stories range from contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal. There is something for everyone. I read these stories to my 12 year old daughter over her nail art obsession for another perspective. She’s really into reading books and several of these stories she was in love with. Many of the stories could be read by younger audiences. Seed and Soul probably wouldn’t be good for audiences younger than 16.

A Thousand Secret Doors by Johnny Worthen
It is a touching story of a man who is remembering conversations with his deceased Uncle Fuzzy, to try to find the thousands of doors he left to him upon his death. Uncle Fuzzy was unconventional but wise. “It’s not the days in your life but the life in your days.” A book lover’s story, which ends with a huge smile and warm and fuzzies. 5 stars

Good Enough To Die For by C.R. Asay
A humorous and eerie story told from Molly’s point of view. It is how she met April, and decided that she would protect her. I enjoyed this story. My daughter read this and she loved it. She wanted to her more of Molly’s story and how she helped April. 5 stars

Seed and Soul by Sam McClendon
Andrew stalks the beautiful Kory. With her caramel and purple striped hair, lavender eyes and dark grey skin, he cannot stop himself from taking it too far. But will his past come to ruin his future? I want to read all about the Sworn Brothers, Order of Moirai and Inner Circle. This seems like it could be a really interesting book series or movie. Again, I’d suggest ages 16 and older for this story. 5 stars

Temp by Michael Darling
It is a sci-fi story about a woman who works to manage the atmosphere. The story didn’t work for me or my daughter. 3 stars

Campfire by Lehua Parkers
Shae has the ability to choose her future. But can she use her ability to help the one she loves. A lot of emotion is packed in this story. This story got my daughter thinking. 4 stars

Reflection by Terra Luft
Jadayell believes she needs to know her true self, her reflection. She has been told it is forbidden to see ones reflection. Will she go against her family and her peoples’ tradition to truly see herself? Jadayell is a curious character. She’s not one to believe things without information to back it up. This story is a good reminder of why we have rules. My daughter laughed at the end of this story. I looked at her like she was crazy. But she told me she saw herself in Jadayell, always curious, pushing rules. She’s too aware for a 12 yr old. I gave 4 stars but my daughter gave it 5 stars

Simple Magic by Christine Haggerty
Soria and Vyn have been ordered to kill a human family, but with a simple touch changes Soria’s life forever. The story is an interesting look on following orders without asking questions. I thought this story had a great ending. 4 stars

True Sight by Jessica Parker
True Sight is a fantasy tale with dragons, kings and queens and sorcerers. Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. 4 stars

The Red Portal by Meriann Boxall
Isabelle stumbles into her past and future. Can one girl unite two kingdoms? I thought it was a great story of a strong girl. My daughter is into strong female characters, as am I, and Isabelle fits into that list. My daughter loved it and wished for a longer tale. 5 stars

The Monster Within by Adrienne Monson
Sent undercover to find out Baron Chadwick’s secrets, Leisha finds him to be less than honorable. It might just kill her to find the truth. I did read this story to my daughter. While there is nothing graphic or inappropriate, it might not sit well with some young readers. My daughter liked the end of the story. We appreciated Leisha’s character. 4 stars

Room 517 by Angela Hartley
A FAST paced story about taking chances and learning who you are. It was my daughter’s and my least favorite story in the whole anthology. We tried to figure out what we didn’t like. We think it was rushed. There were too many things happening at once, without flow. I understand that this is a short story and the author was trying to tell her story in limited time. I understand it was to have a dreamscape feel but it didn't work in my opinion. It might be for you though. 2 stars

There is a story for everyone in this anthology. Overall, we liked the book. My daughter, being a math dork (I love her), she figured out me the average of the books. 4.14 stars

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*
Profile Image for Ali Cross.
Author 28 books679 followers
February 3, 2015
What could possibly be better than a good book? A good book with a cause! All of the proceeds from this book are going to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their quest to cure Type One Diabetes (T1D) which is AWESOME.

Sometimes I love to read short story anthologies. It's a great way to get to know new-to-me authors and they're perfect for bedtime reading because you're less likely to stay up too late (a constant problem for me!).

I read Michael Darling's story, The Temp, and it was excellent. Darling managed to drop me into a miraculous world where people manage the cloud cover in order to keep the surface of the planet safe for inhabitants. The only problem with The Temp is it gave me a taste of this super interesting world (memories stored in disks that can be removed--and along with it the memories? Cool! And kinda creepy!) and I want more, more, MORE of it. I hope the story inspired Darling to write a whole companion book. (*hint*hint*Michael!)

So do a good deed--for you and for the children with Juvenile Diabetes. Pick up a copy of Secrets & Doors today!
Profile Image for Monica.
418 reviews
February 12, 2015
First and foremost I am so appreciative to have read this book and give a review. Second of all, all of the proceeds from this book are going to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their quest to cure Type One Diabetes (T1D) which is great in and of its self! I love how these are local Utah authors who have gathered up their awesome short stories to put together in this collection, I do not think there was one story that I did not enjoy reading. Reading short stories is not my norm, so I have to say the only downside in these stories was that they were spun, weaved and drew me in which only had me wanting more of the story, ALL of them! I am in awe of the wonderful imaginations of all of these authors. I personally know one of these authors and Sam I am in Awe of your writing, your story was amazing the ending totally threw me off. I look forward to reading more books by these Utah authors! I would suggest that everyone buy this book because one it is for an amazing cause and two because these are some intriguing stories in this collection!
Profile Image for Pam Shelton-Anderson.
1,629 reviews36 followers
March 5, 2015
All of the authors who contributed to this excellent anthology deserves kudos as do the editor and the illustrator of the wonderful artwork. I gave it a 5 and applaud its charity contribution as well to JDRF. My favorite and, in my opinion, the best was "Reflections" by Terra Luft. It was well written and very original look at conformity and the desire to escape from that but also that rules have a place. Stories that I also found exceptional were "Seed and Soul" by Same McClendon, "Simple Magic" by Christine Haggerty. I look forward to any future work that these authors publish in the future.
Profile Image for Michael Darling.
Author 18 books142 followers
January 24, 2016
If you like collections with variety, you'll like Secrets and Doors. It's stories embrace fantasy, science-fiction, and horror elements and if you run into a tale that doesn't quite set your imagination on fire, the next one will. My story, "Temp," pays homage to one of my all-time favorite science-fiction authors, Isaac Asimov, with a cyborg-enhanced young woman discovering that all is not what it appears in her world. All proceeds benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a wonderful organization researching a cure for Type 1 diabetes.
Profile Image for Angela.
Author 11 books7 followers
February 7, 2015
A lovely collection of short stories put together for a great cause.
Profile Image for Callie.
176 reviews1 follower
October 16, 2015
A great collection of fantasy and sci-fi short stories from talented authors.
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