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Sweet Unrest #2

Gathering Deep

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When Chloe Sabourin wakes in a dark, New Orleans cemetery with no memory of the previous days, she can hardly believe the story her friends tell her. They say Chloe was possessed by a witch named Thisbe, who had used the darkest magic to keep herself alive for over a century. They tell her that the witch is the one responsible for the unspeakable murders that nearly claimed the life of Chloe's friend, Lucy. Most unbelievable of all, they say that Thisbe is Chloe’s own mother. As she struggles with this devastating revelation and tries to rebuilt her life, Chloe wants nothing to do with the magic that corrupted her mother…especially since she feels drawn to it.

Now, a new series of ritualistic killings suggests that Thisbe is plotting again, and Chloe is drawn unwillingly back into the mystical underworld of the French Quarter. To stop Thisbe before she kills again, Chloe and her friends must learn what they can from the mysterious Mama Legba. But when her boyfriend Piers vanishes, Chloe will have to risk everything and embrace her own power to save the one person she has left… even if that means bringing down her mother.

336 pages, Paperback

First published October 1, 2015

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Lisa Maxwell

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Lisa Maxwell is the New York Times Best-Selling author of THE LAST MAGICIAN. Also of UNHOOKED, SWEET UNREST, and GATHERING DEEP. When she's not writing books, she teaches English at a local college. She lives near DC with her very patient husband and two not-so patient boys.

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4,691 reviews1,268 followers
December 9, 2015
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Flux and NetGalley.)

“There was no mistaking what we were seeing – a lifeless black rooster, hanging by its feet from the doorknob. Its blood had gone dark and thick where it dripped down from the missing head.”

This was an interesting sequel, and I was pleased with how things were wrapped up.

This book was told from the point of view of Chloe, who was possessed by her mother Thisbe in book 1. I felt quite sorry for Chloe as it seemed like her mother still wasn’t going to leave her alone, and the way that she couldn’t even go home was obviously difficult for her.

“Piers and Lucy and Mama Legba told me it was my Momma who killed my friend Emmaline. They told me my Momma tried to kill Lucy and her little brother, too. They told me she was evil, that she’d used the darkest sort of magic to keep herself alive for more than a hundred years. They told me that she’d possessed my body and used me, too.”

The storyline in this was about the gang trying to stop Thisbe as she continued to terrorise the town, and continued to commit murders, and the change in point of view was interesting.

The ending to this was pretty good, and I was glad with the way things were wrapped up at the end.

6 out of 10.
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2,928 reviews1,167 followers
March 9, 2017
Gathering Deep is the second book of Ms. Maxwell's Sweet Unrest series, I admit I haven't read the first book at all but I found I have no problem following the story in GD.

The main character Chloe, is a girl lives in New Orleans, who had just lived through a traumatizing experience: . Now, at the aftermath of said experience, Chloe and her friends (including her boyfriend and her BFF Lucy) are trying to deal with this new discovery about and they also try to prevent more ritual killing to take place in New Orleans: a powerful, evil witch needs to be stopped, and a lot of shadowy magic and power are getting involved, no one is safe.

I'm impressed by the solid writing and how informative the author had been with the materials (New Orleans and its history of slavery, voodoo and magic, etc) she has at hands, the characters are okay too although aside from Chloe and her mother, none of those characters seem to stand out much. And I must admit the pacing is very slow in parts to a point that I almost decided to give this book only 2 or 3 stars.

However, the ending part really does make up for the slowing pacing, so it's a 3.8 stars book in the end.
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July 1, 2017
I loved this series!
I loved the setting, I loved the characters, and I loved all the voodoo! I found it to be so unique and fun. Did I mention that I love the fact that it's set in New Orleans? Because I love it. It's such a great setting!
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Author 2 books125 followers
February 23, 2015
This companion/sequel to SWEET UNREST, told from the POV of Chloe, was a joy to read. This book is so atmospheric I actually had Spanish moss growing on me as I turned the pages. Absolutely loved finding out more about this world and the dark past, tortured loves, and forbidden magic of Old New Orleans.

Plus, you know, this Maxwell chick can really write.
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December 7, 2020
Lisa Maxwell’s debut duology, Sweet Unrest and Gathering Deep were an enjoyable read and illustrated the capability of Ms. Maxwell’ ability to relate an interesting story. But before we gather too deeply into the books, we need to first go over the rules:

Rule #1: No telling them they have an ugly baby. The writer put themselves into the story; they put a lot of work into it and truly believe in it and its merits. Who am I to tell them they created an ugly baby? So even if I am disappointed in it, I will not be cruel and a hater, but will be honest without being mean. On the reverse side, it has to be REALLY AWESOME to earn a 5-star rating. Don’t want to cheapen the rating system by giving out too many 5-star ratings; they have to be earned by golly!
Rule #2: No spoilers! You would not want me in a theater telling you what was going to happen next or expose a pivotal point before you get to experience it for yourself, so why would it be okay to tell you an important part of the story and ruin it for you? Not cool and won't happen.
Rule #3: If it is a series, I will review the entire series instead of each individual book. I may state that one book or part of the story arc is better than another, or that it started off slow and picked up or the reverse, but will review the whole instead of each separate part. This is partly due to my own laziness, but also to provide my opinion on the entire story. Using the movie metaphor again, you wouldn't review half a movie and then come back and review the second half separately, that would be silly. I will review the entire story, regardless if it is a duology, trilogy, or more.
Rule #4: and most importantly, take my review with a grain of salt. Read the story for yourself and make your own decisions. I am only giving my opinion and I may not be as impressed with it as you or you may think I am totally out of my mind and wonder if I read the same story as you. You always have the right to ignore what I write or disagree with me.

Let me state up front it is rather difficult to find a copy of either of these books. I reached out to over five bookstores to acquire a copy w/o any luck. Finally, I was able to order used copies on Amazon, so if you want to read these, happy hunting…maybe your local library will be able to assist.

To avoid confusion let me list the significant characters first:
Lucy: the main character in the first book Sweet Unrest; a teen girl who is uprooted from her home in Chicago the summer before her senior year so her father can take a position managing the historical plantation that was recently bought by the University.
Mama Legba: a voodoo priestess who befriends Lucy and helps her sort out her dreams and figure out what is going on.
Chloe: an employee at the plantation who befriends and helps Lucy, being a student of Mama Legba, she is the one who initially introduces Lucy to Mama Legba. Also, Chloe is the main character of the second book Gathering Deep
Piers: Chloe’s boyfriend who is studying social anthropology in college and helps Chloe and Lucy and ends up with his own problems in the second book.
Armentine: a mulatto girl from the past who Lucy’s visits in her dreams.
Alexandre: a French stud-muffin that haunts Lucy in her dreams and in her waking life. Alexandre who was visiting the plantation from France is the brother-in-law of the plantation owner.
Thisbe: a free black conjure-woman that lived in the times of Armentine, (early 1800’s), known to be extremely powerful and not one to mess with.
Odane: Mama Legba’s nephew that is introduced in the second book and helps Chloe.
Augustine: the slave at the plantation that Thisbe loved. He is introduced in the second book as well as Odane.

Sweet Unrest, the first book in the duology is a ghost story, a mystery and a love story all intertwined. The setting for both books is mainly on an old plantation in Louisiana on the outskirts of New Orleans. In Sweet Unrest, Lucy arrives in Louisiana with intentions of returning to Chicago as soon as summer is over. She has a history of being plagued with dreams of drowning but once in Louisiana her dreams shift to Armentine. In the dreams Lucy is Armentine and sees things from her perspective.
So, Lucy observes Armentine’s growing forbidden love affair with Alexandre. Not only is the affair illegal, if discovered, it would bring disgrace on Alexandre’s sister and her husband and Armentine could be killed. Lucy quickly befriends Chloe who introduces her to Mama Legba. Mama Legba, hearing of the dreams, becomes interested and helps Lucy to unravel and understand the dreams and why she is having them.
Another slight snag is that Alexandre, who Lucy is dreaming about, is a man she continues to see around the plantation. Of course, she may be inserting him into her dreams due to her own attraction to him, but it could also be that she is seeing a ghost and through her dreams learning his story.
A parallel to the past is that in one of the dreams Armentine discovers one of her friends from the plantation killed, her throat slit and strange symbols carved on her body and during a voodoo celebration they attend, one of Chloe’s friends is found dead with her throat slit and symbols carved on her body. Coincidence? I think not! Lucy learns with the assistance of Mama Legba, Chloe and Piers how the past is related to the present and how Alexandre and Thisbe fit into it. Also, we learn how Armentine’s insecurity allowed Thisbe to betray her and is what Lucy must figure out how to make right. And in doing so, Lucy makes the ultimate sacrifice. Something also happens to Chloe which plays a significant role in the second book Gathering Deep, (sorry can’t state what due to being a spoiler if revealed).

The second book, Gathering Deep picks up pretty much where Sweet Unrest left off. Except instead of the focus on Lucy, Chloe is the main character and the struggles she has once the truth is learned about her heritage.
Her mother has disappeared after it was learned what she was up to and the gang is leary of her returning and creating havoc with Chloe and the others. Chloe’s relationship with Piers is suffering and strained and she feels guilt and some responsibility for what her mother did in the past concerning Lucy. Chloe begins having black outs and visions about Thisbe and Augustine, a proud slave on the plantation, who was trying to organize a revolt against the slave owners. Thisbe loved Augustine, but one day he vanished without a trace, right when the uprising was to take place. Chloe is also showing “powers'' she cannot totally control and is not sure if they are her mother still having power over her, though the bond between them was supposedly broken. Research into the past is once again the main focus for what is occurring in the present and only through understanding what happened in the past with Thisbe and Augustine can they stop Chloe’s mom from her nefarious plans. What are these plans? Chloe’s mom wants to make a bargain with the gatekeeper for the realm between life and death and it is up to Chloe and Odane to stop her.

Overall Summation: The foundation of the premise behind these books was voodoo but only giving it the most succinct nod. Even though it was the major theme for the causes of the occurrences, voodoo was not delved into deeply, except on the most rudimentary level. It was more like part of the landscape since it is set in New Orleans, mainly focusing on the ideas of reincarnation and the recycling of souls. If desired to learn anything about voodoo, this is not really a story to learn anything, though it does bust a few myths about voodoo. It mentioned dark magic but more as a passing comment, much like giving the briefest nod to the difference between wicca and the black arts.
Another minor but important aspect of the story, though mentioned more in passing, was how racism is still extensive. It is obvious during the slave period, of course, but also still prevalent in modern times. One scene in particular exhibits how the police treat Chloe differently than Lucy, and in another instance Mama Legba shows her tenuous relationship and distrust of the police even though she is often called to assist them in their investigations.
Overall, Lisa Maxwell told a good tale here. There were some twists that were unforeseen and she kept the pace at a good measure. The reader was drawn into the story and it was written that it was almost believable, not stretching the reality beyond reasonable limits making the reader accept the absurd. Though some of it was cliché, and could be predicted, it was a good enjoyable narrative, not astounding or an “OMG must read”, but good and I would recommend it if you can find a copy.
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October 8, 2015

Disclaimer: Thank you NetGalley and Flux for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Sweet Unrest was one of my favourite books from last year. I loved it so much I had to get Lisa Maxwell as a guest-post for my read-a-thon. I was so happy when she accepted my invitation I was simply over the moon. If you haven’t seen her guest-post, check out her places to visit in New Orleans here.

I was surprised when I realised that Gathering Deep worked as a sequel to Sweet Unrest but through another character’s perpective. Whereas in Sweet Unrest we met Lucy and read her story, now we got the chance to meet Chloe deeper, to know her side of the story. Though it was an interesting point-of-view, Chloe didn’t convinced me as much as Lucy had done in the previous book.

Actually, Gathering Deep was not my favourite book in this series. And I truly blame on the short period of time the book is set and also Chloe. I mean, Chloe was a great character, but her voice didn’t touched me as much as Lucy’s. A pity really since having the opportunity to read Chloe’s version had me super excited.

In Gathering Deep we pick up after the events of Sweet Unrest. Chloe had been possessed by a spirit called Thibe who was in fact her own mother. She doesn’t remember anything at all and she struggles with it. Not to mention that the fact that all her reality becomes shattered with the discoveries of her mother’s dark side. And while Chloe has to deal with that, she realises that something supernatural is happening to her and when bodies with strange markings begin to appear in New Orleans, she suspects that her mother might be behind it.

Chloe was a character I had previously enjoyed and had actually hoped to know more about her. Unfortunately, there was something lacking in her character in this book, something that didn’t feel right about her perspective. Of course that in the beginning of the book we are too sympathetic towards her due to the fact that she doesn’t remember what happened. But that sympathy soon changes and I found myself struggling with her character. There were moments when she was so confused, that she was so uncertain about what to do that I got tired. However, her determination was something I did in fact enjoy. Not to mention the fact that she would place others before her. I liked that trait in her.

Her relationship with her boyfriend, Piers, changed so suddenly from the first book and we owe it to the events of Sweet Unrest and Chloe’s confusion. She kind of treats him slightly bad in the begin, feeling that he’s being too protective. I found that she did not understand how much he cared for her. And that nagged me a little bit. Plus, the possible love-triangle in the book (though I’m totally fine with triangles) felt slightly forced and unnecessary. I’m still hoping for another sort of development towards this particular part of the story and if there’s another sequel/companion, I hope to see Piers and Chloe’s old sparkle back.

The visions that Chloe had were, for me, the best part of the book. I loved reading them. The fact that we got to know so much more about Thisbe and Roman was amazing and I wanted more. I’m hoping for some sort of novella or even a specific book about Thisbe’s past.

Of course that the writing, the story and the setting were simply amazing. Lisa Maxwell really knows how to make you feel the creepiness crawl under your skin with just a few words. The way she describes pretty much everything is beautiful and I’ve never been so curious about visiting New Orleans as I am now thanks to her books.

Overall, Gathering Deep works fine as a companion novel to Sweet Unrest but for me it didn’t reach the same level as the first book. Maybe it was the whole amnesia that Chloe suffered and the fact that book happens in a couple of days. I felt it slightly rushed. Still, a nice book for those who continue to wish a great Voodoo story set in the South with creepy tales and supernatural elements.
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1,395 reviews152 followers
September 15, 2015
Four stars: A solid, atmospheric mystery with Voodoo set in New Orleans.

Chloe is still struggling to make sense of all that has happened. Her whole world is shattered, the rug pulled out from under her. Chloe's beloved mother is actually a powerful witch, over a century old, who took possession of her own daughter. Chloe is determined to relinquish her mother and avoid magic. Unfortunately, there is a deep, dark voice whispering inside of her, and soon Chloe is haunted by visions of Thisbe's past. When ritualistic killings start happening again, Chloe knows that Thisbe is back, and she knows that she is the only one with any chance of stopping her. Can Chloe find a way to stop the evil Thisbe?

What I Liked:
*I am always drawn to book set in New Orleans that feature Voodoo. I loved that this book captures New Orleans, and that it brings forth Voodoo without the gimmicks. This is Voodoo that reaches back hundreds of years to its roots. When slaves performed rituals to protect themselves from evil spirits. This is also a tale about what happens when Voodoo is used for dark purposes. This ended up being an exciting, suspenseful and creepy little read.
*This is a companion novel to last year's Sweet Unrest. I highly recommend reading the first book before going into this because there are many important events that take place that are pertinent to this tale. I enjoyed Chloe's voice more than Lucy as Chloe is older and more mature, and one who has grown up surrounded by Voodoo and the belief in magic and spirits. At the beginning, Chloe is completely lost as she is trying to come to terms with the true identity of her mother and the evil that is consuming her. She starts out weak, but as the story progresses, she slowly finds her strength and will. By the end, Chloe is able to dig deep and do what she needs to do.
*I was surprised that I ended up having a bit of a change of heart regarding Thisbe, the witch. Chloe starts having visions of Thisbe in the past. As I learned the truth about what happened to Thisbe, I understood her a bit better, and the reason for her motives. Granted, she still was dabbling in dark magic, but it was a little easier to see why she behaved the way she did, and I actually felt a bit of sympathy toward her. Thisbe is a case of a character not being all bad, but one who falls into that gray area.
*I enjoyed the writing. Ms. Maxwell writes lovely descriptions and metaphors that enhanced the read.
*I loved the New Orleans setting. I thought Ms. Maxwell did an excellent job of capturing the true flavor of New Orleans. I especially liked the scene in the abandoned amusement park. Creepy.
*The ending brings everything to a close. No cliffhangers or nagging questions. I closed the book satisfied with the journey.
And The Not So Much:
*Even though I had read Sweet Unrest, there were times when I struggled with book amnesia. There isn't a lot of recap, especially since this book is told from another view point. If you haven't read the first book, you will be lost. Even though this is a companion novel, it isn't one you can jump into without having read the predecessor.
*I didn't like the way Chloe behaved toward Piers early on. He is her boyfriend, and he wanted nothing more than to protect and take care of Chloe but she kept shoving him away. Then there is something that happens with him, which wasn't a surprise at all, I could see it coming from the get go.
*I was fascinated by Thisbe and Roman. I enjoyed the scenes that thrust the reader into the past, but I found that I was wanting to know so much more about the relationship between Roman and Thisbe, especially what happened when they kept meeting each other again and again over time. I wish there was more focus on this toxic relationship, since it is the key to Thisbe's downfall.
*I also was curious as to how Roman got to Augustine. Did he kidnap him from the cabin or accost him outside?

Gathering Deep was an entertaining and exciting tale that plunges the reader deep into the heart of New Orleans, past and present, with all of its Voodoo and spirits. I thought this was a terrific follow up, and in fact, I enjoyed this book more than its predecessor. If you want something that explores Voodoo and spirits, take a chance and read this one, but make sure you read the companion novel, Sweet Unrest, before going into this one or you will be lost.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review.
Posted@Rainy Day Ramblings.

19 reviews1 follower
May 15, 2017
A wonderful sequel that was not afraid to dig into a characters' stories. Each character has a reason for their actions and this story digs deep into understanding yourself others and actions. Along with friends family and some Voodoo magic.
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1,092 reviews159 followers
December 22, 2015
4.5 stars

Honestly? I wasn't sure if I'd love this book more then the first one. See, Sweet Unrest was one of those reads where not only did the words haunt me, but so did the characters, in the best way possible. I've always been a romantic sap, and well, Alex and Lucy had such a bittersweet love that I craved more the minute the story was over. So when I found out this book was a companion and not the sequel I was secretly hoping for, I had my doubts but they were quickly at ease only after reading the first chapter. Gathering Deep is Chloe's story and it's filled with just as much mystery, suspense and intrigue that I fell in love with in the first book, but this book felt different, more dangerous more sinister and I loved every minute of it!

Man, I really just adore Maxwell's fantastic storytelling. It's so crisp that I could feel and see everything play out in my mind so vividly. The atmosphere crackles with torment, power and charm and I love the way she clues in the reader with history, visions and dreams to connect us to that right moment or memory from past to present. I also love that this is set in New Orleans and that it's woven in deep voodoo magic, tortured love and an inevitable destiny. It's creepy mind you and gave me some chills, but it was so captivating I couldn't wait to see how everything plays out.

My heart really goes out to Chloe, she's been through some crazy stuff and it's not everyday you learn you mamma is an all powerful voodoo witch out for blood and took over her own daughter for her wicked plans. Literally. To say that Chloe was a bit unhinged would be an understatement and yet, I have to say I'm impressed with how she handled it. Scared, yes, haunted, sure, but extremely determined to try to fix her unconscious-mistakes and own up to her part, even if she wasn't the ones who pulled the strings. I thought Chloe was fascinating even in her resentment and doubts, I applaud her dedication to put a stop to Thisbe, even if it means the end to her own mother. Piers, I think, will be misunderstood for this book. When he we first meet him in Sweet Unrest, he plays the part of Chloe's charming love interest and I enjoyed what he brought to the story, but he didn't come out of Sweet Unrest, unscratched and what he had to face, what he had to almost do still haunts him. Saying that, I think I get why Piers was so overbearingly protective and even controlling and I even get why Chloe was so irritated and upset with him, but through it all, I liked Piers unwavering love and support. It just felt, realistic and I was nervous for this very thin-as-ice relationship's future. And as always I loved seeing Lucy and Mama Legba, such amazing characters that add the perfect charm to this magical story.

Bottom line, I really loved this one. Gathering Deep has a great twisty plot, remarkable writing and unforgettable characters and it make me crave more stories about voodoo witches and forbidden love. While this left us on a satisfying note, I think there is room for one more. I'm simply not done with these characters yet or this captivating world. Great read and fun escape. Can't wait for more from Maxwell!
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1,218 reviews24 followers
October 4, 2015
Chloe has survived being possessed by her mother and is trying to come to grips with the fact that her mother has been alive for over a century with the help of dark magic. She has no memories of the past few days and even though she is trying to stay away from her mother’s magic, she feels an unexpected pull that she can’t seem to control. After ritualistic killings begin again, Chloe must venture back into the dark French Quarter to try and stop her mother from killing once more. Can Chloe control her own powers in time to stop her mother? What risks will she be willing to make and which lines will she be unwilling to cross.

Gathering Deep is the second book in the Sweet Unrest series. Events pick up shortly after the conclusion of the last book and Maxwell has woven reminders about crucial portions to nudge the reader’s mind. Even though this is a fiction novel with a magical component, the storyline itself just didn’t feel real. Most of the scenes read as if they were included because of a requirement given by a person other than the author. The book itself was enjoyable, but not memorable and readers may find that they are wishing the book would end so that they could move onto their next read. I will probably read book three, but if it doesn’t get better I won’t be continuing this series.
91 reviews7 followers
December 18, 2015
I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway.

This novel is the sequel to Lisa Maxwell's, Sweet Unrest. Though I did not read the previous novel, I found that Maxwell's sequel, Gathering Deep, is a standalone novel that can be enjoyed without having read the first book. While it isn't necessary to read the first novel, I would recommend reading the first novel before beginning the second. Apart from my not reading the first novel, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gathering Deep. Set in New Orleans, this novel takes the reader on a whirlwind journey through voodoo, magic, and the Old South during present times. Chloe was a normal teenager living with her loving mother until one day she learns that her mother is a historically well-known witch who had possessed her, committed horrible acts, and has now left her alone to put her life back together. Maxwell created vivid images through the details woven into the story. This was a great novel to read, especially for anyone interested in New Orleans, voodoo, magic or the historical Old South.
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Author 2 books52 followers
January 12, 2016
So much Yes with this book. This is a companion to Maxwell's first book Sweet Unrest, and I highly recommend you check that out first. That said, you don't HAVE to to enjoy this book, but so much of what I loved about it was learning all about the villain in Sweet Unrest, Thisbe. I am a total sucker for getting in the mind of the villain, and here, you really get to do that, because the main character, Chloe, is Thisbe's daughter and keeps getting thrown into visions from Thisbe's life. The New Orleans setting is so vibrant and the magic of the story is sewn seamlessly through the world. It's so vivid. Seriously. And the writing is gorgeous and evocative. Read this book. Read her first book. Just, really, read all of her books. I can't wait for her next book, Unhooked, to come out, because from what I've read, I'd guess the worldbuilding is off the hook. (See what I did there?) :D
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Author 83 books410 followers
January 11, 2016
Book Review originally published here: http://www.iheartreading.net/reviews/...

I hadn’t read “Sweet Unrest”, the prequel yet, when I started this book. However, I could follow most of the story. Chloe was an all right character, but it took a while before I could connect to her. The story itself was intriguing though, and I finished this in one sitting. If not for how flat the characters were, and how hard it was to connect to the heroine, I would’ve given this a higher rating.
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94 reviews
December 24, 2015
Love this world! This is not so much a sequel to Sweet Unrest, and more like an expansion pack. The backstory, the widening of the character base... I know Lisa is writing other things now, but I really hope she comes back to this world soon. I really want more of Odane's story! And a prequel about Odette and Odeana would be amazing!
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447 reviews15 followers
December 27, 2015
I really enjoyed "Gathering Deep" and will be getting "Sweet Unrest" to make sure I'm caught up in time to read Lisa's upcoming "Unhooked". Great job Lisa, and thanks for autographing the copy that I won on GoodReads. - Keep up the great work.
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211 reviews
October 9, 2015

Once I got going with this book I couldn't put it down. The language gave me some trouble, but after a bit I was able to get into the story.

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120 reviews1 follower
December 27, 2015
Just as incredible as the first book. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Lisa Maxwell definitely does not disappoint.
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August 18, 2017
The sequel to Sweet Unrest, in this title the pov switches from Lucy, the protagonist in the first book, to Chloe who becomes the unwilling new protagonist.

Unfortunately for Chloe her mother is a witch seeking to use Chloe in her dark schemes, meaning that, to save herself Chloe will need to be prepared to destroy her mother. To do this she seeks help from Mama Legba, an acknowledged 'Voodoo Queen'.

At times quite dark, a good sequel and conclusion to the storyline.

With thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
24 reviews
May 15, 2019
The first book Sweet Unrest was very good. This book focuses on the minor character from the first book. I didn’t like where this story was going or the characters. Read it for yourself and decide.
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482 reviews145 followers
November 7, 2015
I received a free e-copy through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

One thing I feel like I have to state before going further into this review: I have not read Sweet Unrest, and didn't even know that Gathering Deep wasn't a standalone. Because of that, it's fair to say that some of my problems - especially how disconnected I was from the character - might have been nonexistent, if only I had read Sweet Unrest. Or maybe not, who knows?

Something I know for sure, though, is that Gathering Deep was not for me. To be honest I'd recommend it to either younger audiences, or people who haven't read many books in this genre - because if you have, you won't really find anything new here.

What I liked:
- The setting was pretty well-done, and immediately made me forget that New Orleans is kind of a cliché at this point.
- The Fantasy part of the novel was quite amazing - Chloe's visions were something I very much enjoyed.

Things I didn't like:
- I couldn't connect to the characters, and found them plain and, frankly, boring. Chloe was a good enough character but I want a main character to show more than being simply well-crafted, and that did not happen here.
- I did not like the way Chloe treated her boyfriend Piers, who, in my opinion, only wanted to help her because he cared about Chloe.

Final Verdict: The story was really enjoyable (if only a little confusing at times), but the characters didn't leave a big impression on me. Not sure I'll ever pick up Sweet Unrest after this one.
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Author 57 books311 followers
August 24, 2015
Arc copy provided by NetGalley

I understand now that this is a companion novel to Sweet Unrest' which I have not read. If I had then this may have had more of an impact on me. As it was I found it to be a good enough piece of paranormal fiction but nothing uncommon. Part of the problem for me is that I tense up when I find something is set in New Orleans. Ever since Anne Rice made it so popular it seems every paranormal writer is setting their book there. I mean come on, pick another city... Still it's dealt with in a reasonably fresh way, looking at the voodooiennes and the practices surrounding that. The dark fantasy element is gritty and not too overdone. And I did want to know what happened. I struggled with the voice a bit. Nothing wrong with it, it just didn't engage me. So while I enjoyed this I probably won't seek out 'Sweet Unrest' (Especially at nearly 8 quid on kindle!)
Good enough for a few hours entertainment though I can see it being someone else's favourite.
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January 17, 2016
More of a companion novel than a sequel to her well-received Sweet Unrest, Maxwell focuses on Chloe and Thisbe in this atmosphere-packed fantastical mystery. Reeling from the aftermath of finding out that the evil witch Thisbe is her mother, Chloe becomes determined to sever all ties and influence from Thisbe’s dark magic. When her on-off boyfriend, Piers, vanishes on his way to deliver a historical artifact, Chloe knows that Thisbe is behind his disappearance. Enlisting the help of friend Lucy, Voodoo queen Mama Legba, and Mama Legba’s nephew Odane, Chloe gathers all her strength in order to conquer Thisbe’s nefarious influence. The narrative is peppered with fascinating Voodoo rituals and beliefs, heightening the suspense.

VERDICT: As with Sweet Unrest, where Maxwell’s novel excels is in its heady, Southern-drenched mood. Recommended for fans of Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Jackaby.

(Reviewed for SLJ)
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July 26, 2015
Gathering Deep is a great book, dark and mysterious on one side and very easy to read on the other. Atmosphere of New Orleans and the French Quarter is captured perfectly, and I like the style of Lisa Maxwell´s writing very much. Chloe as the main character is believable, her behavior and decisions are described as realistic as possible with YA paranormal novel. I really like the feeling of the infinite mystery of the past, and the mysteries that need to be uncovered – this book has it all. And when you add to all of this a little bit of voodoo, author “caught me”. Definitely I recommend this book to anyone who likes good mystery paranormal YA books - you have to read it!

---I recieved my copy via Netgalley in exchange for honest review.---
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April 13, 2016
Received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

GATHERING DEEP by Lisa Maxwell is a compelling, & beautifully written sequel to SWEET UNREST. I thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of this story from Chloe's perspective. I loved learning what really makes Thisbe tick. Maxwell does a spectacular job of establishing the personality of a city. Every page dripped with the historic, spooky, and downright other-worldly atmosphere of New Orleans. The arc of the story was well crafted, as well. Definitely recommend. Look forward to reading more from this author.
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February 4, 2016
The book started out interesting, picking up where we left off, and around 60% I just couldn't find that interest anymore. I finished the book out of principle, and also because sometimes the end makes it worth it, but I am not sure this story is for me.

2 stars.
February 16, 2016
Enjoyed Its Uniqueness

This story of love and magic took twist after twist, but in a unique way. The setting and characters were not your stereotypical stock personalities in the current novels. Well done.
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September 12, 2016
I adored this atmospheric story, set in New Orleans. A beautiful written, haunting story with ritualistic killings, powerful witches, dark magic, and a tortured love made me fly through the pages. I highly recommend it!
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