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R.L. Naquin, author of the Monster Haven series, shares an assortment of stories from places just outside the world we know. These pages are filled with friendly monsters, dueling witches, floating ice fish, chupacabra taxidermy, and escalators leading to Heaven and Hell.

This collection includes two brand-new Monster Haven tales. Find out how Riley got his job in “Reaper’s Tale,” and join Kam the djinn as she chases down a ghost with unfinished salon business in “Shampoo Girl.” Plus, as a bonus, this collection includes three previously released Monster Haven stories – just in case you missed them.

Also, take a peek into the new world of the Mount Olympus Employment Agency (series coming in 2015) with “Unmatched Cupid” and “Undercover Gorgon.”

Transmonstrified offers quick reads for when the boss leaves the room to get coffee and longer ones for when that chatty lady on the plane won’t be quiet. Eighteen stories filled with magic and oddities await.

Because everybody needs a little magic.

177 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 25, 2015

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About the author

R.L. Naquin

32 books279 followers
Rachel is the author of the urban fantasy Monster Haven series from Carina Press. She believes in magic, the power of love, good cheese, lucky socks, and putting things off until stress gets them done faster at the last minute. Her home is Disneyland, despite her current location in Kansas.
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3,343 reviews1,017 followers
December 18, 2015
As a fan of R.L. Naquin's Monster Haven series when I found out that the Transmonstrified short story collection contained 2 never before seen stories set in that world I knew I had to buy it. It actually contains 5 Monster Haven stories (3 of which were published separately so I'd already read them) but I didn't realise how many other stories would be included. In total the collection contains 22 stories and poems 2 set in the world of the author's new Mount Olympus series and 15 that are completely stand alone.

The stand alone stories are about a weird and wonderful collection of different supernatural creatures, you'll read about everything from feuding witches and leprechauns who've had their gold stolen to chupacabras and dream eating monsters. Some of the tales have a darker fairytale feel to them while others are humorous life observations. As with any short story collection there were some stories I enjoyed more than others but overall I'd say the quality was very high and considering I only expected to be reading 2 new to me stories I was thrilled by how much new material the book contains.

I'll give you a little more information on the Monster Haven and Mount Olympus stories below, most of these stories can be read even if you're unfamiliar with the series but I'd definitely recommend reading the full length books if you like these shorts. I'm already a fan of Monster Haven but these prequels have made me excited to get started on the Mount Olympus books too.

Monster Haven Short Stories:

1.1 - Reaper's Tale (new story)

This is the true tale of how Riley became a reaper and it also gives a little information about what attracted him to Zoey.

1.5 - Ill Conceived Magic (also available as a separate ebook)

Zoey gets a very unexpected surprise when she's literally left holding the baby. Along with Maurice it's up to her to track down the baby's parents and try to reunite their family.

2.5 - Hidden Holidays (also available as a separate ebook)

A cute little story about different Hidden holiday traditions, Zoey is a little overwhelmed at first but soon realises how grateful she is to have all her friends around her.

3.5 - What Zoey Doesn't know (also available as a separate ebook)

This story is told from Maurice's point of view and shows a day in the life of a closet monster, he gets up to some rather surprising things while Zoey is out at work.

5.5 - Shampoo Girl (new story)

A fun story featuring our favourite djinn Kam who is doing a little undercover ghost hunting in a beauty salon.

Mount Olympus Short Stories:
(I believe these are both prequels to the main books)

Unmatched Cupid (new story)

This is the story of a young girl who has been employed by the Mount Olympus Employment Agency as a Cupid, she's pretty disastrous at making matches though.

Undercover Gorgon: Becoming (also available as a separate ebook)

The first in a spin off series Becoming is the tale of Patrice who discovers on her 20th birthday that's she's a gorgon. With her new snake hairdo she's not able to continue her normal human life so she goes to work at the Mount Olympus Employment Agency.

Overall I really enjoyed this anthology and would definitely recommend it for anyone who likes funny short stories with crazy characters and interesting supernatural creatures. Even if you're like me and have already purchased some of the stories separately there is enough new material in here to make it worth buying again and it's nice to have all of the Monster Haven shorts in one place.
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478 reviews20 followers
November 8, 2015
hiiiiiii elles sont toutes bien ces nouvelles, Riley ♥ Maurice ♥ Zoey ♥ les Cupidons ♥ la Gorgogne ♥ les LASAGNES COSMIQUES ♥ !!!!
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2,907 reviews118 followers
March 11, 2016
My main reason for getting this was to have a paperback version of the excellent Monster Haven short stories that I've read and to get the unreleased ones as well. It was well worth it for that! I'm not going to fully review the Monster Haven ones that I've read as I reviewed them on Goodreads already. I haven't reviewed the poetry as I hate poetry, or a couple of the stories that didn't interest me ie gangsters.

1)Shampoo Girl (Monster Haven-new)
Kam the djinn is on a solo mission to collect a soul from a hairdressing salon where the clients are continually getting drenched at the sinks. Kam discovers Kelsey's story and decides to help her get revenge on her former boss before moving her on. Good story!

2)The Button War
Story about two neighbours at war magically over the death of a hellboar. While I liked the story, it came to an abrupt ending with no real resolution as to what happened to the hellboar killer.

3)Fool's Gold
Marian finds leprechaun gold in her garden and Todd must stay with her until she makes a wish. It was ok but nothing great.

4)Unmatched Cupid
A useless Cupid in a matchmaking agency is about to get a big surprise from the girl in the office that she is jealous of. OK but nothing that interesting.

5)Hidden Holidays (Monster Haven) reviewed already
While Zoey tries to stop selkies having their pelts stolen, Maurice is going overboard with the Christmas spirit!

6)Greg's Chupacabra
Greg kills a Chupacabra on his property and has it stuffed as a good luck omen. This was an interesting and amusing story.

7)Snow Kissed
A badly treated servant girl finds solace in daydreams. I'm not really sure about the point of this story as I found it a bit confused.

8)Distressed Denim
The story of a pair of jeans who feels every abuse that the owner inflicts on it. This was a clever concept and a story that makes you feel guilty about ironing your jeans!

9)Reaper's Tale (Monster Haven-new)
When his mother and sister are in a train crash, Riley rushes to the hospital and witnesses Art and his people taking souls from the dead. The reapers offer him the chance to save his sister if he becomes a reaper. This was a sad story which explains how Riley got his job and why he and Art never liked each other. Great story!

10)The Dreameaters
Radley (Under the Bed Monster) and Felix (Closet Monster) eat the bad dreams of sleepers to help them have a good sleep. I liked this and wouldn't mind seeing more about them in future stories.

11)Bargain Basement
Jennifer's new house has a big basement that connects people living all round the country. Hard to explain but it was a quirky and interesting story. I could see a novel coming out of this.

12)Undercover Gorgon (prequel to new series)
Patrice lets her health insurance lapse and her Gorgon persona is on full view. She is forced into a new life as a receptionist at Mount Olympus, sharing a flat with nymphs and sirens. Patrice decides to break the rules to rescue some snake creatures and have a few adventures to liven up her days. I liked this story and might well read on with this series as it has real potential.

13)Voices on the Wind
The Woodland Spirits decide to take their revenge when ax men cut down trees for a new railroad. This was a good story and I was on the side of the spirits!

14)Ill Conceived Magic (Monster Haven) reviewed already
Zoey decides to help reunite a young family which means going into territory where randy satyrs live to the utter panic of Maurice. I loved this story-lots of Maurice and it was so funny!

15)What Zoey Doesn't Know (Monster Haven) already reviewed
Find out exactly what Maurice gets up to when Zoey is at work. This was brilliant, entertaining and funny. Loved it!
Profile Image for Carrie.
2,312 reviews18 followers
September 4, 2018
I picked up this book just so I could finally say I’d finished the entire Monster Haven series.

I had already read a few of these stories and have some experience in the Unamused Muse world, too, but these were still fun, quick stories to read. The two new stories in the Monster Haven world were about Kam and Riley. The Kam story was adorable and, having read one of the spin-off books, I wish her own series had the same light heartedness to it. She solves a sort of mystery and does her job all in one night’s work.

Riley’s story shows his start in the reaper business and actually allowed me to appreciate Art in time for the final book. I think Art is largely misunderstood as a character. Riley I still love, but since he spends the majority of the books telling Zoey that she’s trying to get herself killed, it was nice to just see Riley on his own for once.

If you (like me) are obsessed with finishing all the books and short stories in a series, reading this one will help you feel complete. If you don’t feel the need to do that, you can absolutely skip over the shorts without missing anything in the main storyline. I think they were worth the read, especially if you haven’t read the other, previously published Monster Haven shorts in this collection.
November 4, 2015
I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. Although the description hardly touches the main storyline it gives you that immediate feeling of "this is going to be fun!". The hidden world of monsters is in trouble and they need help. This light hearted book series, which is a complete and finished series, has a way of getting to you. The monsters become humane and at some point tears are involved. Anyone with a weakness for the underdogs should read this.
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43 reviews3 followers
June 20, 2015
snippets of fun! I enjoyed getting extra details on monster haven, but I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the imagination of the author. The off the wall imagination in both lighter and darker stories: new worlds and refreshing and scary tales, too. I'm floored!
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Author 10 books45 followers
September 9, 2015
R.L. Naquin presents "Transmonstrified: Stories from Monster Haven and Other Places Close to Home". Overall, this novel is a combination of short stories and poems. If you liked the Monster Haven series than you'll definitely love this collection.
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3,103 reviews159 followers
Shelved as 'finish-later'
February 10, 2015
This is a collection of poems and shorts and not all of them are Monster Haven ones - and I'd already read some of the ones that were.
22 reviews
March 26, 2015
Love these stories

I think I would enjoy reading more from this author very creative and original really fun stories to read would recommend
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