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His Life Abiding

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Tyler’s not the type of teenager who spends much time considering the paranormal. Abandoned by his parents and living in a foster home, he’s consumed by the tragedy of his own life. It’s not until eight-year-old Sawyer enters the home that Tyler begins to wonder if there’s more to human existence than life and death. Is there, in fact, something in between? Determined to learn the reason behind Sawyer's fear of water and uncanny knowledge of submarines, Tyler's quest leads him down a dangerous path where lifetimes overlap and a murderer lurks... desperate to keep his secrets hidden forever!

226 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 2013

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About the author

Marsh Myers

8 books104 followers
Marsh Myers is a writer, artist, photographer, filmmaker, and an unapologetic nerd.

He is the author of the young adult novels His Life Abiding (2013), The Men in the Trees (2014), My Summer (with Robots) (2018) and My Summer (Under a Crescent Moon) (2021).

In 2022, he had the honor of editing his late mother's memoir, The River Years: A Memoir from the Muddy Banks of Lee's Ferry.

He is currently writing My Summer (and the Song of Cicadas), the third book in the Quinton's Curious Mind Series and a sequel to My Summer (with Robots) (2018) and My Summer (Under a Crescent Moon).

When not pecking away at his laptop with an iced coffee at the ready, Marsh can be found exploring the wilds of the Pacific Northwest or wandering the cluttered aisles of a comic book store. Learn more about Marsh and his work at marshmyers.com.

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7 reviews1 follower
May 26, 2013
His Life Abiding by Marsh Myers is a YA book about a teen who gets involved with a reincarnation mystery. The main character is named Tyler and he lives in a group home somewhere in New England. He gets kinda obsessed with another boy who moves into the home because he seems to have some strange info about German uboats which were used in the second world war. He is helped by the librarian at his school and his older foster brother who doesn't really believe him at first but as they look into things more it becomes clear that Tylers onto something here. The guys kinda become their own investigative team as they track down a US soldier (now a really old man) who was involved in the investigation of a german who was captured off a submarine during the war. This all comes to connect together as Tyler comes to realize that what he first thought about the other boy in the home may be more about him. I enjoyed the book though it had places where I wished I knew more about world war 2. Theres an authors note at the end of thebook which explains some of the background and I think maybe it wouldve helped me to read that part way thru this story. THe book is also mostly about boys and for boys. There aren't really any major female characters, not that there really need to be. Still I enjoyed it and thought it was a good mystery with good characters.
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1 review2 followers
September 15, 2013
What a tremendous debut teen novel for Mr. Myers! His characters are realistic, and Myers’ is able to weave a story which does not disappoint. Sawyer is a child who is in a situation of life after death, a drowning that occurred some years passed during World War II. A haunting tale with a supernatural twist that starts out innocently enough, and is able to chronicle the friendship that develops between Tyler and Sawyer with events that turn back the hands of time to World War II. Tyler wants to help Sawyer understand his unusual situation because it appears to be more than just afterlife, it’s a reincarnation. Throughout the novel the two boys piece together snippets of information and together discover what truly happened so many years ago. Tyler must help Sawyer stay alive as they discover the disturbing truth about his past life. Thus unfolds this teen tale of heroism, darkness, light, and hope.
This novel is geared towards children ages 11-14 and is now a part of my classroom library collection. I’ve had a couple of students in my classroom who have finished the book and we are all looking forward to Myers’ next novel.
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5 reviews
July 18, 2013
When you think of YA paranormal fiction you probably think of vampires, werewolves and demons. Let's face it that's what hot right now. But His Life Abiding by Marsh Meyers is something different because it deals with reincarnation. The mystery part of the book isnt right in your face. It's something you have to work through with the main character called Tyler who's a troubled teen living in a foster home. He thinks one of the other boys in his group home is reincarnated from a WWII German Uboat officer. But Tyler has some surprises in store. The book has great fun characters and good dialogue!
Some of the chapters are a little short where I thought there could be more description and detail.
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8 reviews
August 17, 2013
My friend recommended this one to me and I think i liked it even more than she did. A very engaging book with a great sense of humor and addressing a subject I've never heard about before. Well done!
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10 reviews
September 9, 2013
Uboats, lighthouses, graveyards, and teenagers looking for murderers of guys who were murdered a long time ago. Oh yes. And reincarnation. Good stuff, seriously.
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4 reviews
February 2, 2014
Good book which really kept my attention. Lots of engaging characters and an interesting story.
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5 reviews
June 8, 2015
Not so much a historical novel as one that draws from history, His Life Abiding is a YA title very suitable for middle school and high school readers interested in the second world war. The historical parts are drawn in "flashbacks" starting with the sinking of a German submarine and the rescue of one of its crew named Ehren by US Navy forces. Ehren, an anti-Nazi, goest o work for the Navy as a "Stool Pigeon" or spy who tricks info out of other POWS. His story runs against that of a troubled foster child named Tyler who lives in the modern day. These two storylines are interconnected in a story about past lives, reincarnation and murder. It's a good read with moments that are scary and heartwarming. Some nice inter-gnerational stuff between Tyler and the former Navy investigator who's now in his 90s, too. Recommend this one!
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27 reviews2 followers
July 7, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. For a YA novel it actuallyhas a pretty complex plot that I dont think talks down to the reader. You actually to have to have a little bit of a brain to read this as it touches on some topics from history especially the Battle of the Atlantic in which German uboats hunted other ships. The plot's a little like a crime novel which I really enjoyed because I enjoy that kind of fiction too. The main character actually has to do some real legwork to solve the mystery where other paranormal YA I've read always just has a character who "tells" the protagonist everything he/she needs to know. I'd def recommend this book. The author has a really nice website too where you can learn more and there's a quiz on this site too.
7 reviews
December 17, 2014
A good short novel about reincarnation with some interesting characters and a murder mystery thrown in for good measure
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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