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Miss Winters Proposes

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An unseemly proposal...

 Juliet Winters has come up with a wonderfully devious plan to avoid marrying her vile cur of a cousin. First, she'll propose marriage to her handsome, reclusive neighbor, Lord Colwyn. Then, once she has both name and financial support, she'll be able to pursue her true (if rather unladylike) passion -- breeding dogs. But when Lord Colwyn rejects her proposal... Juliet must take matters into her own hands. 

The last thing Benjamin Colwyn expected was for the spirited Juliet to blackmail him into marriage -- especially not by kidnapping his beloved canine companion. Yet despite his yearning for peace and isolation, he finds himself wanting to help her, if only to protect her from a marriage to a disreputable scoundrel. He certainly doesn't expect the woman who pilfered his dog to steal his heart, as well...

203 pages, ebook

First published February 9, 2015

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About the author

Frances Fowlkes

7 books61 followers
After viewing her all-time favorite love story, “Anne of Green Gables”, at the impressionable age of ten, Frances Fowlkes has been obsessed with affable boy-next door heroes, red-heads, and romance stories with lots of “highfaluting mumbo jumbo” written within their pages. It only seems natural then that she married the boy who used to pull on her curls in her high school English class, had not one, but THREE red-headed boys, and penned multiple love stories with bits of flowery prose.

When not writing, Frances loves spending time with her family, fangirling, and planning her next vacation.

Frances Fowlkes, originally a northern mid-westerner, now lives in the southeast with her ardent hero of a husband, three playful and rambunctious boys, and one spoiled standard poodle.

A self-professed Anglophile and summa cum laude graduate of LeTourneau University, Frances Fowlkes combines her passion for happily-ever-afters with her interests in both American and English histories.

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Profile Image for Fizza.
Author 24 books35 followers
February 2, 2015
Amazing historical fiction! I loved it and recommend to all book lovers. It is a story about a recluse viscount, who never wants to get married and an unconventional Miss, who is desperate to do just that.
After the death of his first wife, Benjamin decided not to get married again. Because he feared the loss and think it is better to stay alone forever. Juliet's father is sick and decided to arrange her marriage with a cousin who will inherit his title and estate one day. But Juliet knows that if she married her cousin she will never be able to live a life she so desires. Therefore, there is only one thing to do, marry a man who doesn't want a wife so that she can live as she pleases. That is why she proposes to her neighbour...
The book is well written and all the characters are interesting, especially Miss Winters. I loved the beginning of the book. It was epic and once I started reading I couldn't put it down. It is light hearted romance which is ideal to read this winter.
Profile Image for Kathie (katmom).
689 reviews46 followers
February 10, 2015
Happy Release Day!!!

From the first page, this drew me in. It was a quick read at only 203 pages. The blackmail and marriage proposal were right there at the beginning! Juliet needs a husband that will ignore her and let her get on with her life goal of breeding dogs...and selling them. Her icky cousin thinks to marry her and she really doesn't want to be a politician's wife. Seems like stealing, I mean, HIDING her neighbor's beloved pet to get him to do what she wants makes perfect sense, at least to her.

I loved how confused Benjamin was to begin with. Then he was shocked and appalled this young woman was asking him to marry her, and then he was pretty much outraged to discover she had his DOG! There is no way he will give in to her...until she mentions the name of her cousin, then he agrees incredibly quickly. We find out why much later on.

They need to pretend this is a love match, and both are very surprised to find that it just might be so.

Both of our main characters were a bit hard headed at time, but I liked them very much. And the dogs were wonderful supporting characters. There's a punch to the nose that was very satisfying, just as the entire book was.

I'll be looking for more from Ms. Fowlkes.

Thank you, NetGalley and Entangled, for the opportunity to read this book.
Profile Image for Farrah.
1,249 reviews207 followers
January 28, 2015
A sweet historical romance, Miss Winters Proposes was a lovely read. Not particularly memorable, but an enjoyable romance that I liked.

Both characters were likable. There wasn't anything special about either, but I found Juliet to be determined and Benjamin to be sweet when he wasn't trying to push people away. So, I was fine with them both.

The romance was okay. I wish there had been more of a transition from Juliet and Benjamin being strangers to being in love. As it was, we missed the whole falling in love with each other part. Also, I wish that they had actually tried to fight for each other more, rather than just being to scared to change the original terms of their marriage and running away at the first conflict. Despite these issues, though, I did think they were good together.

The plot moved quickly and I was kept interested all the way through. The story was nice and the ending was sweet.

Miss Winters Proposes was a good historical romance and I liked it. Romance lovers, you might want to check this book out.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Profile Image for Deanna from Deanna's World.
780 reviews47 followers
March 31, 2015
When I first read the blurb for this book, I was most intrigued by the premise. The heroine steals the heroes dog and blackmails him with the dog into marrying her. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, a dastardly cousin, a family's fortune at stake and a past tortured by loss and pain.

Despite it's promising blurb, the story was slow to start and it didn't hold my attention as much as I wanted it to, but for that, I blame the heat and the weather and my circumstances because once I settled down more comfortably, I was able to enjoy the story a lot more. It's interesting how our reading conditions can affect our enjoyment and concentration of what we read, but there it is.

I enjoyed this story. There's nothing to fault about it as it followed all the rules you expect from a historical romance leading to a happy ending.

I particularly enjoyed the moment that Benjamin found himself falling in love with Juliet and at separate occasions, they were both hoping for the same happy ending to their love but were too afraid and too hesitant to speak out, leading to an unnecessary time apart. It always saddens me when this happens because I think, so much time wasted and time is precious when it comes to being with a loved one. You never know when that will be snatched away as Benjamin has experienced in the past, and instead of holding on to what is precious, he pushes it away out of fear, only to later realise what he has lost.

I loved the reconciliation of Juliet and Benjamin. It wasn't easy and it didn't happen in and instant. I think Frances Fowlkes did a lovely job of building up to the moment.

All in all, an enjoyable, light read. Exactly what I have come to expect from an Entangled Scandalous imprint.
Profile Image for Philippa Lodge.
Author 12 books238 followers
March 10, 2015
Sorry, I don't have the spoiler button on my cell phone.

It was all going along pretty well - some misuse of words and typos, a bit bland, but pretty well -

then the whole black moment was because he blamed her because his prize hound had trouble giving birth. And of course, she was wracked with guilt. So she left and when he showed up months later to apologize, she didn't even throw anything heavy at him.

so she went from deciding her own future by proposing to him to blandly sitting around.
Profile Image for Sarah Beth.
85 reviews4 followers
February 8, 2015
I want to preface this review by admitting to the fact that this book peaked my interest because I am currently addicted to Downton Abbey and wanted to read something similar. Am I ever so happy I did! This book (even though it is set about 100 years pre-Downton timeframe) was a perfect fit for my addiction, I mean enjoyment.

Juliet is a 24 year old noble woman (almost “spinster” age in those days) who is about to be married off to her cousin who is to inherit her family’s estate. That is, she will be married off if she doesn’t find another suitable partner before her cousin has time to propose and she is forced by circumstance to say yes. She is a stubborn individual that feels alienated by her love of dog breeding which is considered a man’s hobby and not something any lady should have a part in. All she wants to do is be left alone to do her own thing, and she really does not care for her cousin. At all. In her haste to fix her problem she visits her neighbor, who is a single Viscount, and notifies him that she has kidnapped (dognapped?) his favorite and most cherished canine companion and will only return the dog once he has agreed to be her husband.

The Viscount, Lord Benjamin Colwyn, is a reclusive man who has absolutely no interest in marrying anyone. This is especially the case for a forward woman who has the audacity to propose to him, comes uninvited before lunch, AND steal his prize dog who is pregnant and due with her first litter of puppies. Puppies that are critical to the financial stability of his sister and her family. After some fun banter Juliet explains that she wants a marriage on paper but to be left alone in a country house (that is part of her dowry) where she can do her dog breeding thing and he can do whatever it is he does in his estate without her interfering. Benjamin still isn’t feeling the whole marriage idea until he finds out she is to marry her cousin if he doesn’t help her, and let’s just say Benjamin loathes her cousin. He may not want to marry Juliet, but he has no desire to throw her to the wolves by having to be tied to such an awful man. He reluctantly accepts Juliet’s proposal and the story of them as a “them” begins.

I really enjoyed this book. It was written very well, was paced perfectly, and had just enough tension and drama to keep the pages turning but not enough where I got frustrated (and I can get frustrated pretty easily). The character of Juliet was my favorite. I found it refreshing that she had such a strong backbone for a woman in that era but was still written very believably. The dialogue was written so true-to-time (from what I can imagine). There was a few short steamy scenes but they were not the focus at all of this book. The dogs and their relationships with their humans is such a large part of the story as well and added that something extra that made this a stand out for me.

If I could change one thing I would have loved to have seen just a few more scenes with Juliet and Benjamin before the epilogue. That is just me selfishly wanting to spend more time with them because I liked them and their interactions so much.

If you enjoy historical romance, a sweet doggie-filled story, or just want an easy read that is entertaining and well written check this out. I’m glad I did!

~ This book was kindly provided to me via NetGalley for an honest review. ~
Profile Image for Isha Coleman.
7,005 reviews135 followers
February 6, 2015
I was gifted a copy of Miss Winters Proposes for an honest review. This book proved to be a fun, quirky read. Loved the character of Juliet Winters. She was such a strong person that she was willing to do whatever she could to protect herself, no matter what. Not your average love story. Definitely worth the read.
917 reviews2 followers
February 14, 2019
Awww! There,s nothing! Like the love of a pooch🐕

I chose this rating, because this book was written with alot of love for dogs, within it's pages.
It has wonderful charicters.
With lots of spirit, and romance
A woman will do what she must,
And she just might find love ,along the way.
Thank you🐕❤️
Profile Image for Emily.
342 reviews7 followers
April 20, 2022
This was a sweet story. Two people who really seemed like they fit together. When reading the burb I really really drawn into Juliet's interesting hobby of dog breeding. I haven't seen that in a historical before. I also love a good grovel.😏
Profile Image for HistoricalHussy.
156 reviews
May 8, 2022
Characters feel a little more 3D than the ones on other Fowlkes books that I've read but not all that much. Has all the ingredients for the sort of thing I'd be obsessed with but for some reason falls a little bit flat. Not too much happens plotwise despite a handful of very dramatic scenes.
Profile Image for Calisto.
407 reviews35 followers
February 13, 2015
Meh. The blurb sounded cute and I was at BN drinking coffee so I said, "Why not?" After two strong chapters, this story was a four-star book and I decided to go ahead and purchase. Yeah.

So Miss Winters starts out with gumption. In order to avoid being married to her creepy, older cousin (I'll hit on that again later), not only does she propose to Lord Benjamin Colwyn, she also steals his prized dog (one he needs to ease financial strains on relatives). Now, Colwyn wants his dog, but not a wife. That changes when he finds out who the evil cousin is (I'll touch on that later, too).

And so it begins. Now, the characters are likeable and the premise cute, which is why I bought the book, but... As the story progresses, it turns a three-star book because it starts to becomes disjointed. First, there's this formal dialog, word choice, scenes that are jarring and downright abrasive. One minute you have warm, likeable characters, the next they are stilted one dimensional caricatures. Second, the evil cousin, the clear villain of the piece - a dastardly defiler of young, impressionable girls - all of a sudden, 'withdraws his offer', warns of doom for Juliet's family and...disappears from the story all together. Poof. That's it. We are told of his history with Colwyn's first wife (who died in childbirth), but there's not even a discussion between the protagonists about it. This side plot just vanishes into thin air. Third, we don't get to see these characters fall in love. We are told they now kinda fond of each other after having sex, but that's about it and then BOOM! It's love, but we're not declaring it because of internal angst. From both sides. Over and over again.

Fourth, and this deserves it's own paragraph because this is where the story went from a solid, likeable tale to a OMFG!!! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? We get the BIG MIS. The problem here is that the heroine gets BLAMED for a tragedy that is not her fault. All she did is say, 'Don't worry, this is rare, I'm sure everything will be all right'. Now we get to a section were I wanted to throw my Nook against a wall. The heroine's father gets called in the eleventh hour to save the day and he summarily dismisses the heroine because she's overwrought and too emotional. So she does what he says. SAY WHAT??!! Then, not only does Colwyn, our hero who is now supposedly in love with her, blame Juliet, he sends her away. FOR EIGHT MONTHS. See where this is going? Yeah. It goes there. Then we get a meddling brother-in-law and our hero suddenly is like, 'Oh! I must go to her. NOW!' (After eight months of complete silence.) Some groveling and a happy epilogue of successful hound breeding.

Umm. I...What? Really, I got whiplash.

The biggest misfire in this story is the lack of cohesive storytelling. There were too many dangling plot plots that either get passively explained away or never touched upon or just plain ignored. It was as if this story started one way, then decided to change course mid-point only to still have markers from the original plan. This could have been easily fixed with a hard-core 'mean editor'. What I mean by this is someone who points out that you can't have a gun on the mantle and not fire it.
Profile Image for Connie.
1,981 reviews62 followers
February 7, 2015
Surrey England, Winter 1818

Juliet Winters, age 24, is red-haired and freckled. The daughter of a rich baron, Lord Roughton, all Juliet cares for is raising dogs that are part of an incredible line begun by her father. Juliet is being pressured to marry her odious cousin, Frederick Winters, who enjoy politics. He is a truly vile man and has played many dirty tricks to get information from some members of Parliament.

As Juliet is adamant about not marrying Frederick and decides to turn to her reclusive neighbor, Lord Colwyn. Benjamin Stephenson Colwyn, the sixth Viscount Colwyn is in needs of funds. The owner of a prize dog, now expecting puppies, he needs the financial security he can gain from the sale of the puppies.

Juliet figures that if she marries her neighbor, she will be free to spend her days with her dogs. When she drops in and frankly proposes to him, he is surprised and simply turns her down saying he has no need of a wife. However, Juliet is ready for this and volleys that if he does not marry her, he will never again see Artemis, his prize English Pointer.

Thus begins a cute story of a stubborn young woman and a man totally charmed by her.

This book publishes February 9, 2015. I have strived to add teasers but no spoilers.
Profile Image for Cheryl Sanders.
2,139 reviews22 followers
February 10, 2015
Juliet Winters did not want to marry. All she ever wanted to do was to breed hunting dogs like her father. When she found out her father wished her to marry her cousin, Frederick Winters, she went out and found her own choice for a husband. Then she proposed to him. the very handsome Lord Benjamin Colwyn, Viscount, was sort of a recluse, a loner and the perfect man to be her husband. They would marry, he would continue living as he is now and she would go and live at the property that is part of her dowry and raise her dogs. Now all she has to do is convince him of that.

I absolutely loved it! A fantastic story that kept my attention from start to end. Juliet is an independent, smart, witty, spitfire, who impresses me with her aspiration to breed dogs in a man's world. In 1818 England, women did not do this sort of thing. This story was very well written. Great read! I look forward to reading more from this very talented author.

Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Jasmyn.
1,499 reviews20 followers
February 11, 2015
I really liked Juliet from the beginning. I love when a historical heroine takes charge and steps outside their traditional role - it's what makes it exciting. When she not only insists on marrying Benjamin, but kidnaps his best friend (even if it's just a dog) to make sure he plays along, I was all for her little scheme. I was even more for it once I met her alternative .

Where the book lost me a little was Benjamin himself. I never really grew to like him. He was overly concerned about his dog and while I understand why he would be upset with Juliet - he really treated her like crap. He does defend her against others that would harm her, but he isn't all that great himself most of time.

I really enjoyed his sister and her husband - they were a bit of comic relief for the two very serious main characters. I just really wanted a guy I could fall in love with.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
Profile Image for Margaret Sholders.
1,122 reviews11 followers
February 9, 2015
This was a good read. Frances pulled a very different story line while writing this story. I enjoyed reading this story. This book had some small spoilers. There were a couple of spots where the reader might need tissues for just a short walk away. Juliet is a female who breeds dogs. Totally unacceptable at the time. Benjamin needs a sale of pups from his dog to help his sister out. He has a trust and safety deal going on. He has lost his parents and 2 older brothers plus his first wife and baby. Juliet needs a husband so she won't have to marry her 50 year old cousin who keeps bothering her. The spoilers start about here so if you are curious about the book end you will need to grab up this book. This is a middle size read so it flows right up to the end. Enjoy! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.
Profile Image for Amanda.
400 reviews100 followers
February 17, 2016
2.1 stars

This wasn't bad but it wasn't great either, very average I suppose. I did like Juliet, as well as the dog breeding plot if only for its originality. However little mistakes throughout such as spelling errors (I'm being nitpicky there but it does distract) and a few plot holes .

Juliet and Benjamin shared a few hot scenes together but they never really talked. The characterizations throughout were very weak and not 100% believable. Maybe if the book had been longer some of my qualms could've been addressed but I'll never know. Still, an adequate first book.
118 reviews1 follower
February 10, 2015
This is a most unusual, but enjoyable romance. The story centers on Juliet,a spinster daughter of a baron who breeds dogs and Benjamin, a reclusive viscount, has already lost one wife and also loves dogs. The story opens when Juliet proposes marriage and blackmails by kidnapping his prize bitch. He reluctantly accepts her proposal and starts to learn about his future wife. They slowly learn to like each other and eventually fall in love.

I must confess, I was amazed that I liked this book as much as I did. I fell in love with spunky Juliet and grew to appreciate the brooding Benjamin. I would recommend this book to dog lovers and fans of historical romance. I was given an ARC Copy for an honest review.
Profile Image for Sylvia.
324 reviews43 followers
February 16, 2015
This is an unusual spin of a marriage proposal. Miss Juliet Winters wants Lord Benjamin Colwyn to marry her, but he refuses to marry again. Miss Juliet used every execuse in the book. Benjamin would not budge. She had to play her last card....ransom his prize dog. It was fun how he tried his hardest not to succumb to her charms. Miss Juliet slowly fell in love with his kindness and gentlemen ways. Overall it was a wonderful story. I just did not like the way he pushed her away. Poor Miss Juliet was a strong woman who can take care of herself. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review.
Profile Image for Wollstonecrafthomegirl.
472 reviews203 followers
May 14, 2015
What a peculiar little book. Heroine is a dog-breeder, as is the hero. She bribes him into marrying her by kidnapping his prize bitch, who is also whelping (i think that's the phrase, the dog is preggers, anyway). This sounds bizarre, and it was. But there was enough going on to keep me reading, I didn't skim. I'm left with the abiding impression this book could have been better, but it also could have been much worse. Nothing at all to write home about, but kept me mildly entertained for a few hours. Sex fell flat and there wasn't much of it.
Profile Image for Kadia Hufford.
15 reviews
February 20, 2015
I liked this book very much. Miss Winters was a really engaging character and I enjoyed her. The first chapter was very humorous, and Miss Winters' actions compelled me to stay up late to find out how everything was resolved. The hero Benjamin wasn't really extraordinary, but I liked him. I wanted more time for the Juliet and Benjamin to fall in love. I was told they fell in love, instead of witnessing it myself. Still a very good read.
Profile Image for Nessa.
3,005 reviews41 followers
July 22, 2016

I am not so invested in this story despite the first few pages..I mean there was nothing compelling about both characters and the sorely needed mystery and sexual tension.

I think the reason Benjamin pushed his wife away was ridiculous.
Profile Image for Bev Ross.
1,002 reviews11 followers
February 17, 2015
This was a very good story! I liked the inclusion of the dogs in the story. And I was very happy to see her get away from her perverted cousin and finally feel confident with herself as a woman. Nice mushy fun read!
Profile Image for Maggie Hesseling.
1,350 reviews12 followers
February 5, 2015
Not exactly what I was expecting, but pleasurable none-the-less. I enjoyed the fact that both the characters were crazy about breeding dogs. There was a section about half way where her father miraculously shows up that threw me a little, but other than that a good solid novel.
Profile Image for Ramblinbrown.
81 reviews
February 28, 2015
*Was given an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Absolutely wonderful story. This has the making of being a hit if it had been slightly longer. I would highly recommend for a quick read to anyone who loves Julia Quinn and Tessa Dare.
Profile Image for Susanne.
Author 69 books69 followers
June 8, 2015
Really enjoyed reading this one; the hound element worked on so many levels, including adding humour and allowing Juliet to push the social and cultural boundaries for her time, which is, after all, something the most enjoyable historical stories should do.
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