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The Guardians Trilogy #1

Stars of Fortune

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Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by vivid dreams and nightmares that she turns into extraordinary paintings. Desperate to understand her visions, she finds herself drawn to the Greek island of Corfu.

She has only just arrived when she encounters Bran Killian, an Irish magician with a warm charisma and secrets dancing in his eyes. Sasha has never met Bran before, but she knows him only too well - because this is the man from her dreams. The man she has painted over and over again. The man she seems fated to be with...if she can find the courage to accept who she really is.

Sasha soon discovers that four other strangers have been lured to the island. Like Bran, they are all desperately searching for a mysterious jewel known as the fire star - before it falls into the wrong hands. Together, they might just succeed. But first they must learn to trust one another, and reveal their deepest secrets.

On the sun-drenched island of Corfu, love and magic are sparked into life. And for Sasha, nothing will ever be the same again.

304 pages, Paperback

First published November 3, 2015

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About the author

Nora Roberts

1,583 books50.4k followers
Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels, including Hideaway, Under Currents, Come Sundown, The Awakening, Legacy, and coming in November 2021 -- The Becoming -- the second book in The Dragon Heart Legacy. She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.

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January 22, 2016
There may be some minor spoilers.....

 photo week-in-review-emma-stone-gifs-little-mix-thecozyarmchair_zps8plxw8si.gif
Want to know why I’m so excited?
A short explanation………I have been reading Nora Roberts’s books for years and years…in fact, I have a huge collection of her works in a bookshelf dedicated to her.
But the last couple of her books have somewhat been a disappointment to me….even began thinking that the most recent book I read, Blood Magick (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy #3) https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1... which I gave 2 stars…first time ever…..could not possibly have been written by her.

And then…..AT LAST…………..when I was about to give up….
 photo download_zpselcwtbt1.jpg
Stars of Fortune, the 1st book in The Guardians Trilogy,(each volume will focus on each couple and their own romance)which is Bran Killian and Sasha Riggs, is stunning…amazing! It has everything I was so waiting for in a book….The fight between good and evil, friendship, romance, fantasy, shapeshifters, love, mermaids, time travelers, paranormal, endearing characters and a beautiful location.

It’s truly a story filled with magic
 photo sparklies_zpsptyfe0zf.gif
The book blurb: To celebrate the rise of their new queen, three goddesses of the moon created three stars, one of fire, one of ice, one of water. But then they fell from the sky, putting the fate of all worlds in danger. And now three women and three men join forces to pick up the pieces...

All six have their own unique special powers and have been drawn to the island of Corfu to finding the Fire Star together.

Sasha Riggs
 photo thumb-350-189261_zpshz8pfvwj.jpg
Sasha is a reclusive artist living in the North Carolina Mountains. She’s been haunted by visions, which she expresses through her paintings and finds herself being pulled by something to travelling to Corfu. She will be the one to hold all six together.

Bran Killian photo tumblr_ntd9y8EV7k1ru72gvo1_500_zpshxbuaj5p.gif
Magician, sorcerer, healer, witch….has been on the same quest to finding the Fire Star for a very long time. He finds himself drawn to Sasha and will do anything to protect her and the team from the evil that threatens to destroy them before the end of their journey.

Riley & Sawyer
 photo images_zpsxzbygdfj.jpg
Riley - adventurer, resourceful, wolf shapeshiter, archeologist and totally fearless and totally fun to be with!

Sawyer – wanderer, fun-loving, cute and a time traveler.

 photo tumblr_mqve0z6Ihq1qb76t7o1_500_zpsgevfr5z0.gifMermaid, loner, sweet, adorable…..I fell in love with this character from the start. She loves shopping, bright jewelry and her table settings are to die for!!!!

 photo download201_zps3qq1qjap.jpg
Sasha arrives in Corfu and within a day or two, she meets up with the other five and together they rent a villa in Corfu, which will be the headquarters during their search together for the star. I adored the Corfu setting….having visited the island often; it brought back such wonderful memories…
 photo Pool-and-garden-view-nwsmain_zpsifd9amin.jpg
What I loved

Loved how the characters are introduced and developed. I was immediately drawn to each character from the first time they are introduced and learning about their powers and their history and secrets.

I liked Sasha and Bran as a couple. Even when I became a bit irritated with Sasha when she had doubts about her gifts and her strength, there was still something about her that was endearing and by the end of the book, seeing her growth and acceptance made me even like her more.

Bran….wow, what a guy!! I adored him. His thoughtfulness, caring and how could I not love his magical powers.

Annika – this was such an appealing character. Her sweetness, innocence, curiosity and loving nature was like a breath of fresh air……her reaction to the magical bracelets that Bran gives her was beyond lovable. And her love for shopping!!!!

Riley and her sassiness…and her many contacts that she has and uses. I want to know her secret contacts for my next trip to Corfu.

Sawyer was a character you cannot help falling in love with. He’s so easy-going and hey, this guy can take you time travelling!!!!

Doyle, the immortal warrior cursed for eternity of never being able to be with someone he loves.

The way they work towards trusting each other, forming a united group with a common goal and slowly revealing who they are to one another – but not everything at first!!!!

I loved the fantasy, the mystical and paranormal aspect of the story intermingled with present world.

The setting of Corfu and the caves that the group searches for the star is written so well and vividly that I felt myself being there.

Great dialogue. Well-paced and attention-grabbing plot. Endearing characters.

Sweet and lovely sex scenes between Sasha and Bran. Enticing storyline.

If you’re a NORA ROBERTS fan, you are going to LOVE this one!!! And even if you are not….give it a shot….it’s a really good book.

Can’t wait for book #2……hopefully not too long!!!

And NR…..thanks for a beautiful and romantic and magical love story!

PS… There’s a mention of someone named Corrigan and Sawyer mentions that his grandfather, who gave him the time travelling watch……I wonder if all six are connected to characters in the author’s other books…like Born in Trilogy, The Circle Trilogy, Three Sisters Island Trilogy and the Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy????
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June 24, 2022
the setup…
Sasha Riggs lives a lonely, solitary life as a painter in the mountains of North Carolina. When she becomes plagued by disturbing dreams that manifests into her art, she decides to give into the pull and ends up in Corfu, Greece. From there, she meets five people who will become part of her destiny, one of whom, Bran Killian, will mean much more.

the heart of the story…
I loved the mythology of this story, which forms the foundation for the tale. The quest is for three stars created many years before by three goddesses of light. They must find and reunite them before a powerful and evil dark goddess does so. Each of the six has unique gifts that are slowly revealed, adding a bit of mystique to the characters. While some are easier to figure out, most aren't and I enjoyed the surprises. And, they're pretty formidable.

Sasha at first appears to be the weak link of the group but that doesn't bear out as the story progresses. I liked her sheer will, which was the impetus for a lovely transformation, emerging from her shell and gathering mental and physical strength from the other five. Bran was simply amazing! His skills were reminiscent of some other fantasy heroes of mine and that's all I say on the matter:) Theirs was a sweet romance that culminated into something quite explosive.

the narration…
I first read this story a few years ago and decided to reread it again but this time on audio, especially since the narrator is one of my favorites. Her unique voices for each of the characters seemed to fit them perfectly, at least how I’d heard them in my own head. She helped make this a special listening experience.

the bottom line…
This was more fantasy than I'd imagined and that was a wonderful discovery. I loved the other characters and their extraordinary gifts. The battles between the six and the dark goddess were well crafted, exciting and vividly described. It was even better the second time around and my original rating stands. 4.5 stars

Posted on Blue Mood Café
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July 23, 2019
Sinceramente, poco puedo decir, solo que esa sensación de rapidez, la falta de enamoramiento de la pareja principal y el poco saber hacer en la narración, me han dejado Pluf! No creo que lea la segunda parte, vamos, no si me voy a encontrar más de lo mismo.
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August 6, 2016
Halfway through and really digging the "Chosen Six" concept.
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April 22, 2016
So, you think this is a book about cool characters and their powers and this interesting mission that they're on right? WRONG This is a book about eating. I felt like just as the book was finally getting somewhere, all the characters would go eat or drink. It became frustratingly annoying that i even created a 'bookshelf' and tagged this as "frustrating"!!

The amount of times these words were mentioned

Beer 47x
Wine 51x
Dinner 18x
Breakfast 20x
Meal 15x
Lunch 15x
Eggs 10x

Combine all the food terms, that's 78x Food is mentioned, and 108x for alcohol. SERIOUSLY??

Nora Roberts should call this book "Food of Fortune".

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November 6, 2015
4.5 Stars!

It has been way too long since I have read a Roberts book, and in doing so, it reminded me all over again why she truly is a master in her craft.

Her books are engaging, fun, well written, designed, and executed. Easy to get into and hard to step away from, this is another series that fans are just going to adore.

Reminiscent of two of my favorite series by her, Three Sister's Island and the Circle Trilogy, it was no wonder this was a hard one to put down.

I loved all the magical elements, surprises, and adventure, not to mention romance, along the way. Very much all the things I look forward to when starting one of her books.

I am so excited about this series and truly can not wait for more. I loved the darker elements it had as well as the insta friendship between these six people. This is truly going to be a memorable series.

*A Copy of this was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
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December 26, 2018
3.5 stars
Hello, my name is Erin and I have a weakness for Nora Roberts trilogies. Oh and I don't feel guilty about it.
Book One introduces us to American artist Sasha, a woman whose dreams have now overtaken her artwork. These visions encourage Sasha to head to the Greek island of Corfu where she is joined by two other women and three men. Turns out they are all seekers of an ancient prophecy and a goddess lurks in the darkness waiting to thwart them.
Not many authors can juggle multiple characters and make them all fleshed out and intriguing to the reader. That is, unless you happen to be Russian or Nora Roberts. Oh yes, I am going there(and still don't feel guilty). I am hooked into the story-ancient prophecy and romance and I am so glad I have books two and three ready to go.
1,767 reviews7 followers
December 8, 2015
OK, I really really wish that Nora Roberts would come up with a new theme in her trilogies. I am pretty tired of the trio or in this case 6 people with special powers battling evil to save the world, and truth to tell the stories are so similar it is very hard to differentiate between them. I miss the stories of real life people dealing with real life issues....and it wouldn't hurt to have characters who were not gorgeous, thin or for the males built, and white.
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August 10, 2017
A wonderful book of fantasy. You would think the Queen of Romance would make a fantasy complete with the regular occupants kinda silly, but you'd be wrong. This book is fantastical gold!
Nora included a character that she hardly ever uses. I'm not talking about the werewolf, the wizard, the mermaid, the seer, the immortal or the time traveler. Nope that would be the truly rare duck in Nora's books...the Virgin! I know, it's a shocker. 😮
Nora stays away from the blushing virgin tropes. Her heroines are Women. With a capital W.
Excellent book! Now I'm on to the Mermaid! 🥂
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 8, 2022
Very much out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed Nora Roberts writing so much that I sailed through this story. I am very much a re-reader. This story will not get a re-read as I know everything that goes on and I do not think that the re-read would be enjoyed as much. Still I was very much happily excited that I could appreciate and enjoy the story!
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November 3, 2015

When someone is often referred to as the world's greatest storyteller, you can be sure, even before you open her new book, that you're in for a treat. This always stands true for Nora Roberts, who is famous for her exciting plots, unforgettable settings and steaming hot romances. Regardless of whether she writes contemporary romance, paranormal fiction or even futuristic crime fiction as J.D. Robb, the underlying recipe remains the same.

Stars of Fortune is the first in Nora’s brand new paranormal trilogy set on a small Greek island and filled with mythology and ancient mysteries. We meet six very different individuals brought together by fate itself for one common goal – to find three stars forged by three ancient goddesses and protect them from evil forces.

Nora takes her time with these six characters, building each of them into such interesting well-rounded individuals. My favorite, of course, was Riley, because I can’t resist a woman with brains and guts both, but each of these characters has an interesting story to tell and I strongly suspect that three books in their company might not be enough.

Nora wouldn’t be Nora without a very strong, utterly convincing romance. Her relationships always progress at a rapid pace, but she knows how to create strong bonds in a very short time. As a seer, Sasha has foreseen her relationship with Bran long before she ever laid eyes on him, but when she does, she doesn’t trust herself or him enough to let go, at least not at first. Bran has his own secrets to keep and he too works on convincing himself that there are more important things than this woman he’s drawn to. We’re certain, however, from the very first page that they won’t be able to stay away from each other, and the sheer magnetism between them is almost unbearably strong from the start.

The paranormal mystery itself has a lot more to give and the villain Roberts created is powerful enough to make us genuinely afraid for our group of heroes. Dark caves and evil bats are just one of the hardships these six have had to face, with so much more ahead of them in the next two installments. Roberts has written hundreds of books, but it only takes one for a reader to become her loyal fan. I count myself as one and I can’t wait for more of this trilogy and anything else she might decide to write.
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December 12, 2017
First read: Oct 2016
Re-read: Dec 2017
Initial rating: 1/5 stars
New rating: 4/5 stars

I really enjoyed this re-read! While I'm still unsure about what the stars are supposed to do, I focused more on the developing romances between the couples and found Stars of Fortune was actually an easy page turner. Sasha and Bran are not my favourite of the three couples but this book turned out to be a much stronger paranormal romance than I first gave it credit for.
Re-read: December 2017
I have to give this book another go as it pains me so much to miss out on a whole trilogy by one of my favourite authors. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more now!
Read: October 2016
Rating: 1/5 stars
DNF at page 53

I really struggled to DNF Stars of Fortune because it is by Nora Roberts and I have read everything she has ever written - both as Nora Roberts and JD Robb.

When NR writes straightfoward romance, or crime/thriller romances I can read them in a day. And as far as the In Death series goes, I love that world so much that I could live there (despite the massive serial killer problem and sky-high murder rate future New York clearly has!)

But her paranormal romance attempts have always been hit and miss. Some - like the Key Trilogy which I recently re-read were amazing - but others, like the Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy and now Stars of Fortune have been pretty weak.

I found the opening chapter to be quite confusing in terms of setting up the story. There are three stars or treasures? These stars are for a new queen as a gift and there are three good witches/goddesses and one evil witch (like Sleeping Beauty)? The evil witch/goddess wants to destroy the treasures so the good witches hide the stars... but this doesn't take place on our world, that is stated quite clearly, so why does the rest of the plot take place on earth? And how are the protagonists linked to the stars and goddesses if they don't even exist in the same reality?

The couple for book one is stated to be Sasha and Bran but there was zero chemistry between them. I thought Sasha seemed weak and pathetic while Bran was a bit sleazy and had more chemistry with the secondary female character Riley! I also struggled with Sasha's weird psychic abilities; at first I thought she had subconscious visions that she painted but then and that doesn't fit in with her previously established psychic powers.

In the end I just gave up. This is only my second ever one-star rating for Nora Roberts and while I will definitely still be buying and reading her books in the future, I will be giving the rest of this particular trilogy a miss.
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1,679 reviews568 followers
October 18, 2015
"Stars of Fortune", by Nora Roberts, is the 1st book in her "The Guardians" trilogy. Geared toward fantasy/paranormal lovers this novel is an enjoyable read that will keep you intrigued.
The story involves six characters, each with individual gifts and secrets, that come together to find the fire star. Friendships are formed and strengthened as their journey together moves on. However, with every attempt at bonding, a dark threat looms seeking to destroy everything that stands in their way of possessing the star.
Good vs Evil, magic, darkness and romance are all part of the storyline.
A captivating read and I look forward to the next book in the trilogy.
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986 reviews
January 13, 2016
Oh, Nora. I will always love you but I need you to put more effort into our relationship than this.

Sasha is an artist who lives a solitary life in North Carolina. Ostracized from her family, she finds it easier to live in seclusion than to have to come to terms with what she is -- a seer who has visions of what is to come. But, over the last several months, she has been compulsively drawing the same six people -- three men and three women -- who stand together in an unknown place. More than that, she has erotic dreams about the man who has lightening bolts in his hands.

She finally gives in to the urge and finds herself in Corfu, Greece, where the other five in her dreams have also found themselves inexplicably drawn. However, they each hold secrets as to their history and powers but must unite to find the Stars of Fortune and defeat the evil goddess Nerezza.

Okay, I am not the biggest fan of NR's magical realism trilogies so this book already had one strike against it before I even opened the cover. Then, it was an odd choice that the six people (three couples) did not know each other at the start of the book. So, time had to be taken to get them all in the same place -- a place no one had a real connection to -- and meet one another. This made the friendships much weaker than I am used to reading in NR books. Strike Two. Strike three was the relationship between Sasha and Bran. It lacked any kind of chemistry or slow-building anticipation. It was not believable (even in the suspended believe of romance novels).

There were some fun little surprises as the main characters reveal the secrets they initially hide and, as always, I read the book in quick order, but it just lacked the charm and endearing relationships that NR typically brings to her stories.
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November 21, 2017
This is a by-the-numbers Roberts magickal romance. If you've read one before, you know more or less what you'll get with this one, though Roberts does a mix-n-match on the mythology for this one. Still, I was in the mood, so it worked out. This one suffers from having to establish the group we'll deal with in all the rest of the books. That's a lot of introducing and establishing. Roberts pulls it off though I think the brilliant, almost sensual, setting helped keep it flowing.

My main disappointment is that the main couple seemed kind of flat. Sasha is a dormouse trying to roar and Bran is the man who can help her find her voice. Which sounds all romantic and junk, but Bran is what the kids today call "OP"* and just way too good to be interesting and Sasha is all squish even after she finds (or borrows) a backbone. There were moments when they seemed to graduate to real people, but they didn't last long. I'm afraid I was way more interested in the rest of the evil-fighting team so I'm pretty sure I'll be looking for at least the next book.

Anyway, I was never tempted to put it down and there were a few good laughs on the way. So a solid three stars that wouldn't have managed even that in the hands of a less-talented writer.

A note about Steamy: There are nearly three explicit sex scenes (the last is rather compressed). They're gimped by having the magickal woo-woo draped all over them. So they weren't so much moments of intimacy as they were more scenes for people to show off how awesome they are. And by that, I mean for Bran to show off how cool he is (including the no-pain virginity removal service). If I had been tempted to go above three stars, the sex scenes removed that temptation entirely...

* OP = Over Powered. Generally refers to someone who coopts story beats by how awesome he/she is and often represents author fiat by pulling new tricks out of their OP hat to solve problems.
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2,982 reviews866 followers
July 22, 2018
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance

Stars of Fortune is the first book in the Guardian's Trilogy and I was lucky enough to grab all three books at my local library. And boy, I haven't read this author in quite a long while....since her Bride Quartet series was released and I wanted to give her paranormal's a chance, and since I heard nothing but good things about these books I knew I needed to pick them up and first off I wish I could just leave this review with AWESOME SAUCE!! Yep that is my overall feel to these books and even though it wasn't as highly engaging as I was expecting I found myself immersed in the story. I do want to mention you NEED to read these book in order, in fact, its a must. I do not think you should skip ahead to book 2 or 3. All three books are connected to each other, and together make one story.

Stars of Fortune brings together six of our delightful and diverse mix of characters. We have a Seer, A Sorcerer, A Mermaid, A Time Traveler, A Werewolf and An Immortal. All six are driven to the Greek Isle of Corfu in search of the Fire Star, one of three jewels that will return a goddess to her throne as queen unless an evil witch will find them first. It will take all six of them to find these three jewels, and only trust and working together will they succeed from a great evil obtaining them.
To just lay this out. We’ve got a witch, a seer, a werewolf – I like the word, okay?” he said with laugh before Riley could growl at him. “A mermaid, and immortal and a time and space traveler. Think about it. We���re like the freaking Avengers.

Our heroine of the story, is our Seer, Sasha. Sasha sees visions and dreams, and she is also an artist. And for months she has seen five strangers, two women and three men and sees them working together and draws them just like she sees in her visions. So she decides to take a flight to Greece and take a risk because she is drawn to this island and there is something in her that knows she needs to be there. On the journey she meets Bran, a Magician and Sorcerer along with Riley, a werewolf. Sasha is not used to sharing her secrets but she feels like she can open up to Riley and Bran. And while heading to Corfu and the house they will stay in, they find Sawyer, their time traveler. And then their resident mermaid, Annika find them. A beautiful and carefree woman who believes in their destiny. And then their final member, Doyle joins them when they least expect it. But there is an evil on the horizon, an evil that wants to destroy them. Sasha knows that they will fail if they don't begin to trust each other.
To crave forever is to dismiss the beauty and wonder of the cycle.

I found Stars of Fortune to be so intriguing and the plot of the story kept me on the edge of my seat here. The characters that come into play all have various talents and abilities, and they eac play an important role. In each book we have two of the six pair up...in Stars of Fortune we have Sasha and Bran get together. From the beginning of the story, there is a connection between them. Sasha though knows that something vital will happen between them because she has seen them together in her visions but she doesn't know how or why. We see a beautiful love build between Bran and Sasha. I really liked seeing Sasha and Bran get together, they just fit even in the beginning you just know that they will end up together. The bedroom scenes aren't super steamy, but if you know how Roberts writes her love scenes, than you won't be surprised, although they have their ow sexiness but I didn't find them super impressive. We see some strong sizzles but nothing too memorable.

There is such a strong friendship that builds between these six characters and this is what I focused most on. Even though I always get a kick out of a good romance, there was more to this book than just the romance although its definitely a strong point in the story. But we have these six characters that have to learn some important lessons here. And of the biggest issues they seem to have is lack of trust in each other. They all come from different background and they learn that only when they really work together as a unit, will they be able to defeat the evil that is hunting them and seeking the Fire Star just like they are. And yes we see the beginnings of another future romance between Sawyer and Annika.

So my overall thoughts on Stars of Fortune: This is a WINNER....this has everything I look for in a paranormal and in a romance that delivers by Nora Roberts. It just has everything you want in a solid romance...it has magic, romance, good vs. evil plot, adventures and mystery, with the poignant storytelling from Nora Roberts....I honestly couldn't put this book down and I wanted to just jump into book 2.

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November 4, 2016
Stars of Fortune has been on my shelf forever but I was reluctant to start it. The last few Nora Roberts books disappointed me and I pinned all my hopes on this one.
The blurb was intriguing and I finally gave in last night.


Each character in this book has mystical powers and is guarding secrets. This group of strangers comes together on a quest to find the fallen stars and protect them from an evil Goddess - Nerezza.

Bran was my favourite in this story and I know he's going to be amazing throughout the series. Sasha was layered, she was the glue that held the group together. Together they made a sweet couple and are one of the best couples I have read about this year.
Riley was a tough, adventurous, resourceful archaeologist, she could easily have an action movie series that revolves around her. Sawyer was sweet, friendly, helpful, considerate and a sci fi enthusiast. Annika was pure, innocent and joyful. Doyle was an enigma till the end but the big reveal was worth the wait.

Writing Style
The writing was beautiful, it added depth to the story, built a dangerous world and drew emotions from the reader.

Sooo many secrets...
These secrets lead to tension, drama, moments of shock, wonder and twists.

We see what Nerezza is capable of but we don't know the reason behind her actions or how she came to be the way she is. The reader can sense a great potential villain, I am both curious and hopeful about Nerezza.

All 6 of them are strangers so the repeated introductions irritated me and the story was slow at first. This disturbed the pace of the story.

I know that the last few books were a bit repetitive but this one is worth the wait. The concept of 6 people coming together to save the world is similar to her other paranormal series but the execution and story development is fantastic. Nora Roberts is in fighting form and she is back with a bang.
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2,159 reviews157 followers
November 18, 2015
Too bad I am also reading "The Circle Trilogy" by Nora Roberts because "The Guardians Trilogy" seems an awful lot like it. But, these trilogies were published almost 10 years apart and there are significant plot differences. Just the general theme: group of six strangers bands together to save the worlds and the pairing off of the six main characters. Overall, I really liked it. It is paranormal, Nora Roberts style or as I like to think of it, paranormal-lite. I'm not a fan of the paranormal genre, but I am a fan of Nora Roberts.

Three special stars have fallen from the sky and an evil god wants them. Six individuals with special gifts have been compelled to journey to Corfu in search of the stars. "Stars of Fortune" is the story of Sasha, an artist and seer and Bran, a magician and much more. They battle the evil god Nerezza and together with the others find the star and, of course, true love.
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1,196 reviews43 followers
March 11, 2022
3.5 ⭐
Este libro me ha recordado a la Trilogía del círculo, con seis personas para enfrentarse al mal y que acaban siendo tres parejas... porque ya se ve venir. Y aunque flojea bastante y la protagonista Sasha me resulta demasiado enclenque, me ha tenido entretenida.
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3,497 reviews79 followers
September 12, 2015
This is the first book in a new trilogy. So the first thing we have to do is set the problem: Three goddesses are preparing gifts for a new queen when a rival goddess decides that the gifts should be hers leading the three to hide the gifts until they can be safely recovered.

Then we need characters:

*Sasha Riggs is an artist and a seer who has been dreaming of death and battle and five people who will be in this adventure with her. She is solitary by choice.

"She believed in true love— for others. She’d never sought it for herself, as love demanded so much, brought such chaos into a life. So much feeling."

*Riley Gwin is an archaeologist and adventurer who searches for lost myths and legends. She is brash and brave and has two doctorates. She also has quite a secret.

*Bran Killian is a magician who owns clubs in Ireland and New York. He and his family have been searching for the goddesses's lost treasures for years. He also has secrets.

*Sawyer King is an American who is also searching for the same lost treasure. Like Bran, finding the stars has been a mission in his family for generations. He is a fan of pop culture and enjoys trading quotes from Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. with Riley. Of course, he also has secrets.

*Annika Waters is a beautiful woman who joins them in Corfu and asks to be allowed to help them find the stars. She seems unfamiliar with daily life and with English. She, too, has a secret.

*Doyle McCleary is a soldier and a swordsman who is also looking for the stars.

The setting of this story is Corfu and it is beautifully described through the eyes of artist Sasha. The first thing this disparate band of people have to do is form a team. They need to share their secrets and combine their skills so that the goddess Nerezza cannot defeat them.

The romance is between Sasha and Bran. I loved the way the two interacted and gradually came to trust each other. For Sasha, the issue is her lack of confidence in her abilities and her lack of acceptance of her own power of empathy. She has spent her life denying her visions and her gifts. It takes a lot of reassurance from Bran.

The group faces a lot of adventures on their hunt for the first star. Nerezza has all sorts of evil minions that she tosses at the group.

This novel has all of Roberts' signatures: a strong group of friends, beautiful descriptions, and a romance written in the stars. I can't wait to see what happens in the next two books. Although, I'll admit that I am not at all sure how the other four characters will divide into couples for their own romances. It seems like there are a lot of problems ahead for the romances. And Nerezza hasn't given up. She will be providing our characters with lots more challenges.

Nora Roberts fans and fans of paranormal romances won't want to miss this gorgeous new trilogy.
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May 22, 2020
It's a bit difficult to describe this reading experience. On the one hand; It had a couple of elements I really liked reading about, but at the same time I feel like 'MEH', because there are waaaay better written books to be found in this sub-genre in my honest opinion. But then again: despite me not being impressed by a lot of elements in this book, I also couldn't stop reading. Can you still follow? LOL.

So, I really liked the set of characters and their forming friendships and romantic relationships. I also reaaaally liked reading about the fantasy/paranormal elements in general (despite it all not being as perfectly executed as I wanted to for a first book) and I couldn't get enough of that. I loved getting aquainted with more and more of it and that alone has me still quite curious about what's 'coming to the surface' in the next books.

But I also think the start of this book was truly chaotic, underdeveloped and even for a fantasy/paranormal book not quite believable in the way all these characters found eachother so quickly. Overall there wasn't as much development, especially, writing wise as I would've liked in way that was also believable.

Conclusion of it all is:
I feel confused. I don't know yet if I want to invest in reading 2 more books so I'll just have to let this book 'sink in' a bit more for the time being and then I'll make up a decision on wether or not I should still buy and read the other 2 books. Book 2 focuses on Annika & Sawyer, so it may be that I end up buying and reading it, seeing I really love to read about a romance between these two and it has mermaids! Decisions, decisions... lol.
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August 13, 2016
I am really sorry, but what NR added in the last third of this book was a bit too much and downgrades the book from the stars I wanted to give by instinct when I was about half way through it.

I can say from myself, that I love Nora Roberts´ writing style and her books very much. I have read many of them over the past 25 years.

Stars of Fortune reminded me in some ways of other novels of her, where she brought witches and magic as well into the game. The Donovan Saga is one example, her Cousins O´Dwyer trilogy another and her Hornblower Odyssey is pure fantasy in the plot as well. Some spells Bran uses in the new book, sound pretty much alike those, the siblings in The Cousins O´Dwyer books used.

Yes, there are, at least from my point of view, a lot similar things in Stars of Fortune to some of her earlier famous novels.

Sasha is a young woman, who´s born with a gift. A gift she sees as a burden and as something that keeps her away from others. She had to learn very early, that all the people she loved couldn´t bear what she was, even her father left her because of that. But she is open, uses what she dreams as motive for her paintings and decides one day to travel to Corfu. That´s the place she knows by instinct, where she´ll meet with at least one of the others, she has seen. That she would fall in love with one of them, wasn´t neither planned nor expected. And when she faces for the first time Nerezza, the evil from her nightmares, she is no longer willing to let always the others fight for her. No, now it´s time to overcome her weakness, to learn some new things and gain her own strength.

This novel is well written, no doubt about that. Written in the personal perspective, the reader gets to know the thoughts of Sasha and Bran and can adjust to that. The language is kind of poetic in some scenes and the author sets her words well. A sensitive tone comes through and even in the cruel some and bloody scenes where Sasha and the others fight against the evil, the tone stays on the same level and keeps at the highest stage, Nora Roberts is famous and well known for.

The novel Stars of Fortune contain some fantastic fantasy elements and I was at the beginning, as strange as it sounds, a bit skeptical about it. Open minded but still skeptical. I am used to the combination of magic and a regular story set in our modern times in Nora Roberts´ books, as I mentioned earlier in this review. And over more than half of this book I was haunted and thought wow can it get any better than that? Because what I read was so thrilling, so great and well balanced that anything less than five stars would have been not right.
Nora Roberts using witches in her novels, I can live with. She did that before; and during the first one hundred and ninety pages I didn´t mind that she went into the magical element with her plot and her figures. The adding of a mermaid (which occurred to me pretty much the second I read these few hints she gave in some sentences) was ok, I still felt good with everything I read. The atmosphere was perfect, the scenes and dialogues well written. But then she brought up some other creatures and that was in my opinion a bit too much. Still, there is nothing negative to say about the story itself. Everything makes sense, you feel with them, go with them and the love story that unfolds between Sasha and Bran is one of a kind.

And nonetheless, I have to say that the unraveling of the truth about what Riley is, and then bit by bit what the real nature of the men was, dropped a bit of the magic that had swung between the lines till then. I couldn´t find a sense in their appearance or better said, in their real nature – and still can´t. Not really. So I hope that NR will bring a bit more light into that in her next book of the trilogy.

A seer, a magician, a lycan, an immortal, a mermaid and a time traveler – those are the figures that´ll have to work together to fight the evil that will change the world into a dark place. I was okay with the Witch and Sasha being a seer, and it made perfect sense to me, that they were kind of connected with each other. But when I figured out what the others were, I thought that´s a bit too much – for my taste at least. Nothing to say about them in general, not at all, but here in one place, and bound together for a fight that the real world in this novel doesn´t even see, well …

Sasha is a runner, a hider. That´s what she does after she had to experience, over and over again, that everyone leaves her as soon as they figure out that she has a special gift. You could see her as the weakest of the group. And she certainly calls herself that. Since she can remember her gift wasn´t only denied within her family and a topic not worth being mentioned at all, she also fights it every time her visions come up. Short said: she can´t neither control them nor influence that she´s sleepwalking during them. But despite that she has a heart of gold. Open to anything she knows by instinct when something is right, when she sees Riley she walks right to her and starts to tell her about her dreams and why she is in Corfu. The same with the others of the group she´s destined to build to fight against evil.

Bran has nothing in common with other witches. He runs a nightclub and does magic in front of an audience. Showing what he can without being held for what he is: A Witch. He is the one who shows Sasha how to open up to her gift, that it isn´t strange and bad at all and he always knows what the others need to give their best. And as an Irish he frankly sucked in magic and fairy tales with the mother milk. That he would be the one who falls in love with Sasha is the perfect little extra to the story.

Stars of Fortune gets four stars, ´cause I still feel that this book deserves it. To the first half I was up to five, but with the revealing of what the other characters Sawyer, Doyle, Annika and Riley really are, I wasn´t quite all right with. And some scenes couldn´t convince me – so it fell down to four. Despite that, you will find a book with many fantastic scenes, great dialogues and a feeling that will leave you in the end with the need for more.


Originally posted at Gone With The Books

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January 18, 2018
Oh my God Roberts did it again and amazing Neville that I will never forget with all the action she put in this book.
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December 12, 2016
*4 stars*

The Guardians by Nora Roberts remind me a lot of her other trilogies such as Three Sisters Island, The Gallaghers of Ardmore and Sign of Seven. It’s a story about three men and three women who meet on a quest filled with legends, myths, magic, friendship, fighting and of course love.

They are no ordinary people, and next quote describes this group of people to perfection:
“To just lay this out. We’ve got a witch, a seer, a werewolf – I like the word, okay?” he said with laugh before Riley could growl at him. “A mermaid, and immortal and a time and space traveler. Think about it. We’re like the freaking Avengers.”

This book, the first out of three, revolves mostly around Sasha Riggs and Bran Killian.
Sasha is a loner and an artist, but she’s also a seer. After being left down a lot of times in her life because of her gift she decided to live her life alone in her small house in the woods until she begins having dreams and painting paintings about five people she never met and places she never visited. Sasha decides to take a risk and go on a journey to find out what they mean which leads her to Greek island of Corfu.
There, little by little, she meets other five people starting with Dr. Riley Gwin and Bran Killian, Irish magician and man who hunted her dreams.
They are all looking for same thing – 3 fallen starts, one of fire, one of water and one of ice, that were long ago given by goddess in celebration of their new queen, destined to fall down because black magic has been cast upon them by goddess of dark Nerezza.
Now, after all this time, they’ve finally fallen and Nerezza wants to find them to become more powerful and get revenge on those who banished her.
In order to find them they’ll have to work together, but things are never as easy as they seem, especially when most of them are knee on keeping secrets and only know how to work alone.

I really enjoyed the book. It made me remember why I’ve fallen in love with Nora’s writing as well as romance novels in generals, taking in consideration that her Heart of the Sea was my first romance novel ever!

This book is about so much more than just simple love or good fighting the evil. It’s about bond of friendship, it’s about conquering difficulties and fears, it’s about facing who you are and believing in yourself and those close to you, because that’s the only way to win.

Now I’m going to start second book and I’m really excited because it’s about Annika and Swayer. She’s one of my absolute favorite characters because she’s so fun and sweet and caring and easy-going. I hope it’ll be even better than the first one. I’ll keep you posted.
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February 14, 2017
There is a reason I love almost anything written by Nora Roberts. She has a way with words and is an exceptional storyteller. Two years back when I saw this book, I was beyond excited because it was the first book of another trilogy with a magic and fantasy element to it. Nora has a way with weaving stories around lores, legends and myths. She creates well rounded memorable characters and the stories have gorgeous settings, this one is set on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu.

The concept is not new, the same good vs evil plot. Six strangers with unique abilities and secrets unite against a common enemy to save the world. There is trust, friendship and romance, adventure and action and enough humor along with the paranormal aspect. Its very well-paced and has an engaging storyline.

I am so glad I waited until I had all three books before starting the trilogy, because now that I am done with this one I am on to the second in the series - Bay of Sighs. And this one is located in Capri, Italy. If not a real then virtual holiday for me, because that is how it feels to read Nora's vivid descriptions of stunning backdrops.
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October 3, 2015
I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book. If you have read Nora Roberts' other trilogies, then this story is going to feel very familiar. It is the first of a new series involving six strangers meeting and forming friendships and more as they pursue a quest. The six characters all have something they are hiding, some better than others, and as the battle between good and evil unfolds, the secrets are revealed. While I did enjoy the book, I did not read it as eagerly as some books because the story was so similar to some of her other books that I felt as if I'd read it before. I'm hoping that now that the characters have all been introduced, their secrets revealed, and the story line established, that the next book will be a little more original.
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September 20, 2019
Wow oh wow, this book was fantastic. It had all the ingredients that I love , witches, mermaids, lycan and time travel.
I haven’t read Nora Roberts books for awhile as they can get similar but, this one .... well I’m going straight on to the 2nd one in this trilogy.
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August 19, 2018
Nora Roberts always delivers. She’s the queen of romance. For even in this simple yet complex story, I got all the feels.

Action, adventure, thrills and romance, this book has it all with the promise of more to come.

Though I’m kicking myself for waiting to read this one, I’m glad the entire trilogy is available for me to binge read.

I look forward to the others journeys but still I expect Bram and Sasha to be in the mix of thing.

The narrator did a fantastic job.
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