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Cole Renzo thinks his greatest challenge is to behave for the remainder of his term at Halfway House. Until he meets his new boss, Ty Calloway, a man who ticks off every box on Cole’s list of interests.

A sought-after restorer and customizer of exotic and collectible cars, Ty had enough confidence to command what he wanted in life, until one fateful night changed everything. Almost two years later, he’s slowly rebuilding his life with great control. He’s defied the odds and works tirelessly to be the man he once was—but he still feels broken.

Cole’s candor and unfiltered personality awaken Ty’s barely-remembered desire to greet each new day with a smile, while Ty’s unwavering acceptance of Cole’s quirks and brash humor makes Cole feel as if he fits in for the first time in far too long. When a nemesis threatens Ty’s personal restoration and the things he holds dear, Cole is determined to protect their relationship, even if that means sacrificing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

But Ty will have to let his guard down, surrender control, and admit he needs Cole first, even if that puts himself at risk of breaking beyond repair.

363 pages, ebook

First published February 15, 2015

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Jaime Reese

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I get this huge dorky grin on my face when I receive a message from someone who has taken the time to read my book. I know readers have a choice in a sea of many options. I'm humbled when someone chooses one of mine. Thank you. ~JR

About me...
Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.

...and yes, it was totally weird reading something about myself in 3rd person :)

Where am I?
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February 3, 2015

Motormouth and mechanic extraordinaire; bossy top; loyal friend; loves speed, exotic cars, and Ty.


Kind, stubborn, professional, lost; feels damaged and guilty; carries a torch for car restoration and one feisty mechanic.

Cole and Ty complement one another well. Cole makes Ty laugh and brings Ty out of his self-imposed shell.

When we met Cole in book 2, he was a lovable, flaky kid, itching to steal another car, just bidding his time at the Halfway House. Meeting Ty forces Cole to grow up. He loves his job at Ty's shop and doesn't want to mess up a good thing.

Cole reconnects with his large, loving family, letting go of past hurts and resentments. And he pursues Ty with relentless drive. Because he's Cole, and he doesn't give up.

I loved take-charge Cole. His acceptance and unwavering trust help Ty heal in so many ways. As much as Cole talks, he also LISTENS.

Ty grounds Cole, and his steady presence is a balm to Cole's going-120mph-at-all-times brain.

Ty is in a dark place following an accident two years prior. He drowns in guilt and works too hard. His relationship with his brother, Aidan, seems beyond repair.

Aidan, the dark, broody police officer, and spontaneous, snarky Cole are like oil and water, but their back-and-forth interactions are hilarious.

Aidan half smiled. "[Ty's] your Kryptonite?"

Cole looked up. "Huh?"

"Your Kryptonite. Superman?"

"Nah, man," Cole said with a laugh. "I'm like Popeye and he's my spinach. He makes me stronger and I just want to gobble him all up."

Aidan rubbed his temples . . . "Do you hear yourself?"

The sexual attraction between Cole and Ty is instantaneous, but the smexy times are slow in coming. Cole and Ty dance around each other. Cole keeps telling Ty he's going to get him into bed, but Ty is hesitant and self-conscious.

Waiting for the steam made the passion burn all the hotter.

The weekends the MCs spend together are tender and sexy; and their teasing and easy affection, highly addictive.

There's nothing quite like your man cooking you breakfast wearing nothing (nada!) but an apron that says Kiss the coock .

Ty is into pulling off Cole's ever-present beanie and tugging at Cole's wild, unruly hair, and Cole gives Ty all kinds of silly nicknames, including Ty's favorite: My-Ty.

Cole smiled. "I think you have a hair fetish."

Ty's cheeks heated . . . "I think I have a Cole fetish."

Julian and Matt (the MCs from book 1) are fairly present in this book, especially at the beginning, and I liked seeing their relationship going strong. Plus, growly, possessive Julian is all kinds of hot.

A Restored Man is not as angsty as the first two books. It's lighter but still intense.

While the majority of the book is focused on the relationship between Cole and Ty, there is an action-packed driving sequence at the end that made my breath catch.

And that moment when Cole finally tells Ty what he's wanted to say all along?

Pure. Fucking. Beauty.


An ARC of this book just showed up on my Kindle!

And THIS is how I feel about it:

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Author 10 books720 followers
February 6, 2015
Target release date: February 17, 2015
Word count: 117,600
Although part of a series, this book can be read as a stand-alone.
This story is all about the characters. No mystery/suspense element in this one.
Characters who reappear from Book 1&2 as secondary characters: Julian, Matt, Aidan, Jessie, Luke (briefly)
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1,396 reviews661 followers
May 2, 2017

***4.5 Stars***

"Look at yourself in the mirror. Why can't you see how amazing you are?"

"I see it in your eyes when you look at me."

Hands down my favorite in the series so far!!

I'm gonna give you just a quick review here, because all I really want to say is...

Here we go...

Cole - He was a charming, vulnerable, verbal diarrhea, rambling sweetheart!! He had good intentions, a kind heart and zero filter from his brain to his mouth....and I loved every second I spent with him.

Ty - Sigh....I'm a 100% guaranteed sucker for a broken man brought back to life by love....and Ty gives me that here wonderfully! I love being on a journey with a character when they find themselves again....and come out of the other side stronger than ever.

Cole & Ty - I'm not gonna lie....you're gonna be awwwww'ing all over the place here. These two were just so sweet and affectionate and perfect together. But, my favorite thing about them? The vulnerable and raw honesty and emotion. Neither man let the other hide or make up excuses or be less than his 100% true self. And with that freedom to let every facet of their dreams and fears see light, they found such a sense of peace and calm with each other. I absolutely loved it!

Cole and his bromance with Julian and Aidan - Seriously. Just awesome. Quirky, sarcastic, snarky fun. You know how they say you pick on the ones you love the most....yeah, there's some mad, crazy love between these guys.

The slow burn/romance - No rushing here, folks. The attraction is evident from the beginning, but both men were hesitant in moving anything forward too quickly. There was lots and lots of kissing and touching and affection....and that fire burned at a steady sizzle for a long time. You're not gonna get a lot of steam here, but what we do get is quality stuff that's wrapped in passion, tenderness, intimacy and love. Do I wish there was more? Yes. The intimacy that Cole and Ty shared deepened their connection with every touch and I wanted to see more of that.

This is a series that I've really enjoyed and definitely recommend. Jaime Reese creates endearing and flawed men that you can't help but root for....and I've never cheered or waved my pom poms more than for Cole and Ty. These two give good swoon!

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2,174 reviews410 followers
January 3, 2022
5 Stars

This series just keeps going from strength to strength. The characters are relatable and ridiculously lovable; the writing is smooth and polished; the storylines are simple, yet engaging; the romance is palpable and the sex is hot! But I think my favourite aspect of Jaime’s writing is how well she paces her stories. Nothing is rushed. The slow-burn romance is deliciously fulfilled, no sooner or later than it needs to be. It’s timed to perfection.

The sheer number of relationship dynamics that I loved in this book was staggering. These Men of Halfway House have easily established themselves amongst some of my favourite book characters, and the series itself is officially cemented within my prestigious “fave series” list. I’m positively giddy with anticipation for Aiden and Jessie’s story. The wait might just kill me! *impatient pouty face*


Re-read: April, 2016

Just as fantastic as the first time; such effortless, enjoyable reads. If it's even possible, I ADORE all the guys even more now!
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1,181 reviews259 followers
February 22, 2015

Oh gosh, this is a hard one to rate. There were so many things I loved about this book- especially Cole & Ty. They were great together. They were the epitome of that Jerry Maguire quote:

They really did. Jaime Reese did an excellent developing their characters and relationship. Unfortunately, there were some moments that the story felt too long, scenes that were unnecessary to the plot. As much as I love the main characters, I can't go higher than 3.5 stars. I've been torn on the rounding up or down. Really wish there was a half star button. 4 stars feel too high and 3 too harsh. Because there was quite a bit of skimming done I'll be going with 3- 3 I really feel guilty for rating Cole and Ty so low because I really loved them to bits.
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1,373 reviews153 followers
February 16, 2015
I greedily watched the countdown clock for this baby….I wanted it soooo bad!

Cole was a firecracker in the previous book and I had a feelin’ his book was going to be fun. I wasn’t disappointed. If you haven’t met the boys in The Halfway House yet…you are missing out. And though it certainly can be a stand-alone, I would encourage you to start with ‘A Better Man’. *sigh* This is no hardship, I promise. I believe it flows better having the history of the guys and the house.


Cole is a bottle of high octane; feisty, primed, and ready to go. Problem is, his brain is continuously running past the redline and lacks any necessary filters. He is mouthy. He is honest. He’s a total spaz. But he’s so damn lovable.

Cole is a people person. Not only does he come from a large family but he also made a second family of his own, his crew. Growing up he failed to compete with his siblings on every count, but finally found his niche with cars. Boosting them to be specific. He was the best of the best, but slipped up and got busted. If you've got a thing for speed, custom cars and exotic's...you and Cole will get on fast and furiously.

After finishing his time behind bars he was assigned to six months at the Halfway House. Hunter Donovan saw the crossroads Cole was dancing around and dangled a shiny and enticing carrot in front of his nose. He left the keys, title, and a strict contract for Cole…and Cole wants that damn car. Then he starts his new job at Callaway’s and discovers something else he wants even more.


Ty is quiet, guarded, and damaged. He is cautiously walking through life, avoiding mirrors and the pity he finds in the eyes around him. Tragedy struck two years prior and he lost his parents, his confidence and his smile.

His brother Aiden handles him with kid gloves and tries to protect him from every possible threat. He never expected the spark Ty needed was behind a pair of mismatched eyes. Sometimes the best medicine is laughter. Cole ignites something in Ty, something he thought he would never find again.

Julian and Matt have ample page time (yay!) and the seed for Aiden’s story has been laid.

I loved saucy savvy Cole.

I loved sweet splintered Ty.

I loved them together. Their banter was addictive. Their healing was beautiful, for it wasn't single sided, they restored one another. I adored the unhurried burn…it was appropriate for Ty’s renovation in learning to love and forgive himself. A copious amount of blue balls made for a fiery ‘at last’ moment.

So what didn’t I love? I didn’t love the ‘bad guy’. The Gone in 60 seconds flashback was not my favorite. I didn’t love Mami’s birthday party. Julian’s doppelganger twist was…weird. Those are not the moments that stuck with me.

The moments that stuck with me included intimate tousled hair pulls, the power of a mirror, and the strength in surrendering to love. Ohh, and super hero undies!

Reese's boys always hit all my buttons. I'm craving a mai-tai and a double dose of a tightly wound car nut and his perfectly fitting metal man.

*4.5 red-hot-red-line-ready-or-not stars*

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Author 2 books124 followers
February 22, 2015
So this was me when I first heard about the book.

And this is me now that I've read it.

Honestly, I knew I would love this the moment I heard about it. I'm such a huge Jaime Reese fan. Her books tick all the boxes for me and always, always leave me wanting more of her amazing characters.

A Restored Man is just so amazing. I loved it from the first page and I fell a little more in love with it as I continued to read. I kept smiling and laughing and just having fun while I read this. There were times I wanted to jump into the book and hug Cole or Ty and make everything better for them. They both had issues to deal with and each had their own guilt. And that added something to the story and made it more emotional for me.

These guys are just perfect. Cole and Ty connected and I felt them. I loved them as friends and as a couple. They were funny and got each other hot and bothered, which is always fun.

We also got to see Julian and Matt again, which was so awesome. I love the relationship Julian and Cole have. It's fun and made me laugh more than once while I was reading. I loved most of the secondary characters, to be honest. One might have made me angry at one point (not saying who) but the support they gave these two was awesome. Cole's family were so wonderful and I adored Jeff.

I loved so many moments in this. The sweet, tender moments just melted me. Ty's hair fetish. Julian and Cole. Aidan and Cole. Cole and his family. And also the moments Cole and Ty were working together. Those scenes made me smile.

The ending was perfect. I could have read more (just being honest) but the way it did end is perfect and these two definitely get their HEA.
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534 reviews138 followers
January 5, 2019
4,5 stars

This is my favorite book in the series so far!! I really LOVED both Cole and Ty. Cole's NO filter mouth was precious!
Ty was still healing physically and emotionally. He just needed someone who wouldn't look at him with pity. Cole made him laugh and working together on cars was super funny but also hot.
I loved their banter. I also loved the banter between Cole and Aidan.
This was a slow burning romance but it really made my heart warm. Super sweet!
It pains me that I can't give it 5 stars but I would have wanted more relationship angst. Overall I enjoyed the writing and I highlighted a lot. Can't wait to read Aidan's story!!
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2,221 reviews408 followers
November 9, 2020
Cole!!!! I love Cole!! I want a Cole!

God, I loved this book. I loved Cole and his big mouth. He and Ty were the perfect match.

I never thought I would like a book about cars this much, but all the car stuff was damn sexy!


This book revolves more around character than plot (even though there is in fact a very decent plot) and I loved it. Cole was such a refreshing character with his foot in mouth disease. I fell in love with him from page one and when Ty was introduced I was so happy, because my heart ached for him (hurt/comfort, yeah baby!!). I just knew Cole would be perfect for him. And together they were smoking HOT!

Cole and Ty admit they are attracted to each other once working together. They do move pretty fast, but no insta love here. I loved the stolen kisses during work, but also the talks they had. They were just so sweet together.

Ty grabbed Cole's head and pulled him down. No way was he letting anyone else get a look at his Cole's hair. Cole turned to face him, his brow lowered in confusion. Ty reached up, pushed his hair back and put the beanie back on his head. He leaned up and gave Cole a chaste kiss. "That's only for me," he whispered.

Definitely the best of the series.

(Just one complaint, I don't think Jaime Reese writes very good orgasms. Poof, and it's over. I had to re-read some parts twice because I missed it.)
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1,443 reviews133 followers
October 10, 2019
** reread October 2019 **

It was even better the second time!

I love this series! Each book tells a story of struggle and finding oneself. Every man passing through Halfway House is worth fighting for. Cole and Ty have their own demons to fight and obstacles to overcome on the way to happiness. But Cole is strong enough to help Ty stand on both feet.

Cole is such a character. He is sharp as tack, brave and high-spirited. He breaks Ty out of the shell he's been hiding in, he breathes life into garage and charms everyone around him. I loved how he never mollycoddled Ty but still showed how much Ty meant to him - by treating him as equal and whole. I loved Cole's engaging humor and his family. He is such a force of nature. How protective he got when Ty was threatened! Wow, I loved those moments. He is also a loyal friend and such a sweetheart with his mom. But the way he riles up Aidan is the best!

Ty, despite his insecurities, is such a strong man. He survived the impossible yet the guilt and his new limitations eat at him. It takes one irreverent man to get him to see that his life is worth living to the fullest, that loving Cole makes him incandescently happy, that he can do anything with him by Ty's side. I liked how Ty slowly accepted his body, how he let himself love Cole and showed his affection every day.

The ending was great. I loved a bit of danger, subterfuge, a lot sarcasm because Cole and Aidan working together is an explosive combination. But Cole taking risks to make sure Ty never feels threatened again was amazing. All the emotions Ty felt, the quiet words spoken to comfort were so heart-felt. It's Jaime Reese after all, so of course it was fantastic!
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1,295 reviews40 followers
April 6, 2016
This is the story of Cole

(*clears throat*well since Dani pretty much destroyed all our chances of finding a better Cole than hers i thought i 'd give you his other parts, the superhero ones)

and Ty (yes my Greek friends this is who you think it is)

Cole was a car thief. Fresh out of prison he starts working for Ty,a car restorer. Match made in heaven right? And they were a perfect match.

I loved Cole's personality. His struggle to control himself and his mouth was adorable. I liked how he pushed Ty's boundaries in order to help him find himself again.

What i loved the most in all the books of the series is that the characters had the guts to admit their feelings. They didn't hide their emotions, they took the risk and owned them.They made love, not just sex.

The slow burn almost killed me in this one but it was worth it because their chemistry when they finally got together...

There was a Fast and Furious scene which almost made me pass out and then the epilogue.Holy shit what an awsome epilogue it was.

"I love you, My-Ty. More than you can imagine. I'm glad I got arrested. I know I sound crazy, but I'm here with you, right now, because of that.

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1,559 reviews3,844 followers
August 30, 2018
5-stars1.png (938×245)

Wow....... I just knew from reading all the previous book, that this one was gonna be great !! I love it when I'm right (which is always of course). 

https://www.google.com/search?q=I'm always right gif

So we've met Cole in book 2 and I have loved him ever since. He's awesome funny and I love his food in mouth syndrome. I admit...I have a little Cole crush going on :))


Cole's in the halfway house because he stole a car (he stole much more than one, but he only got caught for one). He did 2 years in jail. If you've read book 2, than you know Hunter gave him a car. But there are conditions...he has to earn it. He has to stay out of trouble, find a job and so on. He really wants that car...so he's gonna need a job. Aiden (also from book 2) helps him out with that part. His brother owns a very big garage and he could use some help. 

That's when he meets Ty. Ty is Aidens brother and Ty has some serious problems. He's suffering physically and mentally. 

But who can be dark and broody when Cole is around. No one I tell you !!!


Ty was very sweet and adorable (in a very manly way of course)

There was some drama/angst, but not a lot and not between the MC's. They were really good for one another. I'm not gonna give you much more, you'll just have to read it yourself. I would however advise to at least read book 2, because of all the recurring characters.

4918821.gif (500×220)

There's just one tiny thing that bothered me a bit..... This one does not have a whole lot of steam and what's there is over in the blink of an eye. I'm a bit dissapointed about that. It's a very nice and slow build, there was tons of sexual tension....So I wanted an explosion and I wanted details about that explosion. But I didn't get what I wanted :(  Don't get me wrong, there was sex...I just...needed a bit more after all that build up.

 photo 522b76560b139ed003c3b1613586b609.jpg_zpsigirsrpa.gif

I guess I am just a bit greedy :P 

Anyways, so far this is my favorite in the series, but I hope there wil be many many more books, so my preference can always change in the future. It's gonna be hard to top Cole though (<---- see what I did there) !!


This review is posted on Wendy's Wycked Words


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1,135 reviews180 followers
October 30, 2016
Aburrido, con una trama tipo fairytale sin sentido y pueril, un gran y enorme MEH.
No me apetece nada extenderme, siempre lo siento por los autores, pero me cuesta decir algo bueno del libro, no es que sea ofensivo o algo parecido, es que creo que es malo.
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227 reviews22 followers
April 8, 2017
Wow, what a cool gem! This story was so much more than I was expecting. Suddenly after closing the book, a wave of enjoyment circled my mind a million miles per second. Okay, in the end we went through a full-fledged car chase, but still that was a hell of a show. I can not remember the last time I felt so energized (usually after I watched 'Friends'-tv series). Not that there were not dark clouds hovering over them, neither lack of having a hard time trying to get over the guilt, nor a bad guy. But as a matter of fact I had a helluva good time. Nobody counts it, but I read lots of reviews (probably more than books), and deeply appreciate the different viewpoints (regardless of my personal agreements or disagreements), because they help me to pick the right book for my particular mood(believe me it varies a lot). And that the reason why I'll try to pinpoint what exactly I loved, and under what circumstances!

Okay, there were these Santino Hassell's sexy-teasing moments and creating a gay fictional society (The Men of Halfway House here) where there's an interesting bunch individually, but collectively, they were extraordinary. Also, there were Eli Easton's threats of actual angst but at the same time mix up with the heat, the warmth, the feeling of being exactly where the MCs were supposed to be. Of course, there were TJ Klune's funny bits that make you see the 4th of July fireworks and our MCs surrounded by such a large (Italian-Cuban here)family with such strong personalities- the best support system anyone could offer. And there were Aleksandr Voinov's passion of creating comprehensive and realistic business world (A High-end Automotive Service here), which impact further builds the MCs. In the 21st century almost nothing could be revolutionary, but none of them has the devilish-charming personality traits of COLE. A natural-new-generation American character. The guy with the twisted sense of humor who loves to drive others crazy with the teasing. I was amazed by his art of pushing- carefully and knowing when to stop before he crossed the line. He might not know how to control his mouth, but he know how to handle a car. 'Exotics, they were breathtaking and captured the essence of everything he loved about cars—their sleek design, the non-traditional line and slope of each angle, and their undeniable power. To him, it wasn't about the status symbol, it was about the ability to have control over that much unmistakable power that drew him in the most. He closed his eyes and turned the key, letting the roar of the engine filter through his body. The growl from this beast vibrated the seat as if angry that Cole was sitting still rather than gunning the engine.'. Don't get me wrong, I loved Ty (Mr. Sexy Twisted Spider Monkey Metal Man) too. His presence and acceptance made Cole stronger and gave him an inner strength to let him be the man he could be. But discovering additional layers of Cole's personality left me wanting more. He is not only hot, sexy, funny full of endless teasing and vivid fantasies but also he is the planner, the methodical one. Their chemistry hit all the right buttons.

I enjoyed to the fullest listen to this during few nights, then crash in bed to get ready for another workday. If you fond of audible, Greg Tremblay will drag you in to the story. He is one of the most busy narrator for reason. I replayed some of Cole's iconic expressions many times. Just pure recharge of the battery after long working hours. Enjoy!
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1,452 reviews128 followers
March 4, 2015
I'm just going to go ahead and throw ALL the stars at this installment of The Men of Halfway House.

If you are getting ready to read A Restored Man, and believe you me, you should, and you’ve read the first two books in the series, you’ll remember Julian. You know how he’s one of THOSE characters? The kind that just have that certain something that makes them truly memorable and unique. The kind that sticks with you long after their story has been told. Jaime Reese has given us readers another one of those characters. His name is Cole and he is amazing.

We met Cole at the end of book 2 and while he came across there as a charming hot mess it was obvious he had a story to tell and his story does not disappoint. Cole’s got some issues, serious issues. He’s all over the map and speaks WAY before he thinks. That really doesn’t do him any favors and he’s constantly irritating the ever loving crap out of people. Thing is, he’s not mean, he would never purposely hurt someone else, he just, as Julian puts it so well, “had no social filter between his brain and his mouth”.

This is a novel length story and I’m really glad it is. Jaime Reese makes consistently fully fleshed out both main and secondary characters. I appreciate it so much because I can always get completely caught up in every book in this series. I always remember every character and all their personality quirks.

The beginning third of this one is both nerve wracking and heartbreaking. While there is definite attraction between Cole and Ty, there was no insta-love. Thank goodness! I love when I can get to know each character so well separately BEFORE they fall in love. It makes the relationship and reactions make so much more sense and it was especially true for these guys. They both have some serious baggage they are carrying around but they don’t turn it into an angst fest. They actually do what is SUPPOSED to happen in relationships and they draw strength from one another. It wasn’t always smooth and there were a few misunderstandings along the way. But, because I already knew the characters as individuals, I could empathize with both of them because I understood where they were coming from and their motives were always clear. It’s a refreshing change to read.

As the guys begin to settle into a relationship their charm really shines through. They have so many adorable “moments”. I love when a couple has “moments”, stuff that is totally unique to the two of them. They totally get each other, Cole can finally just be himself, be accepted and most of all appreciated for who he is. Ty can finally look forward to a future and let go of the guilt and pain that has been riding him for years. As they get closer the relationships they have with the rest of the players in their lives gets better too. It’s a really sweet journey to read about all the way around.

Of course Cole and Ty aren’t going to get off that easy and then just ride off into the sunset. There is an outside force that could ruin both their lives. It was stressful and frustrating, but instead of driving a wedge between them, it brought them closer together. If it had come along earlier in the book, it probably wouldn’t have worked out well at all, but by this time they had strength from each other as well as the support of all the secondary characters.

My only niggle in the story was that I do wish that Cole had felt some sort of real remorse for his past chosen profession. It probably didn’t help that my auto insurance just went up for no reason so I was railing against having to pay more for no damn good reasons that were my own. Not a big deal to the story, but it did bug me a little given all his growth with everything else.

I do hope we get to see more of these two in the next installment. Which, if it’s about Aiden and Jessie they have to make some appearances right? I love that Matt and Julian are consistent and getting to read about them some more makes me feel like I’m visiting old friends and I’m looking for that same feeling with Cole and Ty.

** a copy of this story was provided by the author for an honest review **

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3,616 reviews
July 30, 2020
I've loved everyone of these books by Jaime Reese but this has to be my favourite by far. Cole and Ty are my fav ever m/m couple I'm madly in love with them. Cole is a sweetheart and basically is just wanting to be accepted for who he is and not what he did. Ty is unconfident, quiet, shy and suffering from the trauma of an accident a couple of years before. He hasn't laughed in a long time, but enter Cole with his loving nature and loveable personality. Read this series but most of all read about Cole and Ty they are scorching hot and the sex scenes are scorchio. I love Jaime Reese and I'm thankful for her for bringing these two hot men into my ever growing list of book boyfriends. I could read this book over and over and still love it. I just now need to read that they get married and then I'll leave them be...maybe! Read it, you won't be disappointed
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5,862 reviews497 followers
January 10, 2016
I read book #2 A Hunted Man early last year and I didn't enjoy it; thus I postponed reading this as long as I could. I guess the length of this one (117.3k!) was one of the main reasons. When it comes to romance, I am always afraid lengthier book will bore the hell out of me. However, I've been in not-so-good reading streak, and somehow I kept looking at this thinking that everyone I know who dislike book #2 ended up loving this. So I thought that I should give it a try.

Well, hell, I LOVED this. Yes, I did. Cole was like a sunshine on my cloudy day. Cole was a scene-stealer in the previous book, but in his own book, well, he owned EVERY thing! I loved everything about this young man. From his motormouth, to his passions towards cars, to his loyalty to his crew, to his caring of his family, and of course, to his protective streak and fierce loving towards Ty, that he single-handedly restore the other man from that dark hole Ty was in. Cole was everything this book about -- a big responsibility for him, huh, but he took that challenge and won the gold medal for me.

Ty was okay, I guess ... sure I felt sympathetic of his ordeals, but again, without Cole, Ty would be just another 'damaged' soul whose guilt dragged him into a shell. Cole brought the best in Ty and Ty was able to make Cole a little grounded by giving Cole purpose. I guess you could say that I loved Ty because of Cole.

I still thought that the book was a little bit long, though. I believe it could use a little more trimming. Some scenes could be deleted and it would not make a dent on the story-line -- for example .

I also thought the part with Robert to be rather ridiculous. However, I also thought that the part was able to inject some actions into the book, especially on the last part, so I couldn't really complain about it. No matter how ridiculous it was.

Bottom line, yep this was good :). Thanks for giving me a better reading experience compared to my last few ones, book.
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2,209 reviews455 followers
June 10, 2017
Definitely the most enjoyable so far.

There's something about insecurity and doubt and longing that gets me every single time, and though overall low in angst, this had just what I like.

Cole - impulsive but never mean spirited, he often gets himself into trouble without "pausing" to think before he speaks. However, it's exactly his lack of filter that's the perfect cure to releasing Ty from his self imposed exile. Cole is smitten. He simply wants to be needed and be something of worth.

Ty - physically and emotionally scarred, he's intrigued and appreciates the gregarious new guy who doesn't tiptoe around him like everyone else does. Ty feels he isn't deserving of such attention, but he'll take anything he can get, blooming under Cole's demands and attentive care.

This had a great slow build and burn. The dynamic between these two and how they fit each other worked perfectly. Overall, a great, feel good story worthy of all its swoony moments.
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2,857 reviews122 followers
December 31, 2021
4th Read 10-2021
I will never get enough of Cole and Ty!

3rd read 4-1-2020
I LOVE Cole & Ty! I cried so hard this time around. I don't remember crying as hard the previous couple of times I read it. So good. I missed these two so much! Made me want Geek and Tracker's books. We need a Cole's team spin-off or something!

2nd Read Oct. 2018

1st read 2-17-15
angelina jolie kiss photo: Angelina Jolie 1583.gif

Cole. My sweet Cole. They say his mouth runs faster than his brain and we caught some of that, but I didn't think it was too bad. In the first 35% my heart was breaking for Cole, then something snapped into place the tears stopped and it was game on. I loved his cocky attitude, but with the skills to back him up. When he was talking cars... oh sweet baby hay-zeus. When he first walking into the garage...
 photo tumblr_mttb2stak21suqc0co1_500_zps5z3to8js.gif

Ty. My-Ty. GAH! I have no idea how you and your brother are so different, but you are too sweet. I loved your twisted self ;) I love how you open up with Cole. You're perfect for Cole and I wouldn't change anything about you.

People might say this romance is too slow, but, for me, it was perfect. Slow build. Then when it happened it was pure forking MAGIC. These two together were incredible. They balanced each other. Ty calmed Cole and Cole grounded Ty. Not to mention their work relationship synchronized. They worked amazingly well together inside the shop and out.

I am surprised there was no car sex though.
 photo 203-Gone-in-60-seconds-quotes_zpshjbwtlmx.gif

The ending before the Epi solidified my decision that these two were/are perfect for each other.
 photo lets-ride_zpsfdpm6rkx.gif

Overall, I WANT MORE!!!!!! Oh and I totally watched Gone in 60 Seconds last night after I finished this book :)
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2,747 reviews2 followers
June 24, 2018
I loved, Loved, LOVED...nay, ADORED it!! No waffling here, everyone else’s review has been singing the praises of this story. Have to admit I understood hardly anything about the cars/exotics/customs...whatevers, all I was really focused on was the blossoming, flirtatious relationship between Cole and Ty, both broken men suffering from the loss of a loved one(s).

I loved the sensual, solid connection between the two of them, and the tentative re-connection between Ty and Aidan, and Ty and his fellow co-workers...all thanks to Cole. Just loved everything about it, especially
 photo hearts3_zps44937934.jpg

My-Ty. I was a big, squishy puddle of goo at the end.

Can’t wait for ‘Mr Grumpy Gills’ story... photo A Restored Man Aidan_zpsoye8zx5p.gif

yes, Aidan....YOU, and the very helpful and utterly besotted Jessie. 5 stars, and the wait was worth it Jaime!!
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February 22, 2015
Same with book 2, this would have been really solid if this was shorter. Too long! I like Cole and although the MCs did not jump at each other right away, which I usually like, but this was just frustrating. There was just a lot of teasing, flirting and a lot of eye rolling on my end. Book 1 is still the best for me!
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February 17, 2015
Macky and I were lucky enough to read this one together and here is what we have to say about;

Mark: Let me begin with Cole now that I have met him. To be honest I found him absolutely adorable. I’m sure he would try the patience of a saint, but you just can’t help but to love him. His mouth is in overdrive before his brain has caught up at times, but you just have to smile as there is never ever any premeditated nastiness to it. It’s just like a child who says what they think no holds barred but its all totally innocent in some respects. He is totally upbeat; such a joy and bundle of energy to be around. Yes I admit it, he has a won a place in my heart for sure.

Macky: He's such an endearing character. I fell fast the moment the story opened and he was doing his sexy dance in the kitchen of the halfway house! Motor mouth and a bit of a wise guy, he's the cheeky, naughty boy...how can you not love that?

Mark: Absolutely Macky, you can see why he is so good for Ty. He was exactly the sort of person that Ty needed around to pull him out of that dark place he was in after going through those horrific experiences. I thought the two of them complimented each other perfectly. Ty was coping with a lot when Cole first turns up on the scene. When I think what Ty had been through I was amazed to think that he had pulled himself together that far. What were your first impressions of Ty?

Macky: Aww Ty! What a lovely guy, I was drawn to him straightaway even though he was obviously struggling physically and mentally with something sad when we first meet him. It's not that he's particularly morose or deeply depressed, but with everything that's happened to him you can tell he's lost some of his spark and because of that everyone around him is treating him with kid gloves...that is until Cole explodes onto the scene with his cheeky manner and brain that doesn't go into gear before he opens his mouth, invariably putting his foot in it. He's a breath of fresh air who makes Ty smile and laugh again, bringing him back to life in only the way Cole can.

Mark: I think it was just perfect timing Cole walking into Ty’s life at that moment. Had to keep laughing though as Cole didn’t let up one bit; horny little bugger - lol!

A Restored Man by Jaime Reese

Macky: Hahaha...yes horny little bugger is right! I loved how he flirted with Ty and got him flirting back. Their attraction was palpable, and those kisses!! OMG! Talk about the perfect make out sessions! No one writes kissing scenes like Jaime. She never fails to get me tingling all over when her guys are locking lips! Sooo sexy and sensual but really romantic too. It was just lovely watching Cole getting Ty to open up, in fact I think that was probably my favourite thing about the story; the chemistry and connection we saw forming between them as everything else unfolded in the background. The sexual tension and transition from attraction to love was played out perfectly.

Mark: The other person I loved was Jeff. I think Ty was brilliant to pair Jeff (his senior tech) up with Cole to work with initially because you could feel that Cole would respond well to the patience and experience of an older guy. I think if Cole was paired up to work with someone his own age it could have been a disaster. I just loved the whole banter between these two.

Macky: Yeah, I really liked Jeff too. He was a great foil for Cole's 'young cocky car thief/mechanic' persona. You could feel the easy camaraderie they had, which made for some funny moments and some touching ones towards the end.

Mark: I actually found all the characters great from Cole’s family, my goodness how many relations did he have? To Ty’s brother Aidan who Cole could never quite fathom out where he stood with him, to Stacie the PA, to Ty and Cole’s team when they arrived. No matter how small an appearance they had in the story they always really seem to come alive, shine and were real for me in that moment.

Macky: I totally agree Marky. All the supporting cast shone in this, even the not so nice ones, and that's exactly WHAT they did...they supported the story and enhanced the plot rather than just being there as secondary, cardboard cut-out characters. Each person in this had their part to play, and without them I don't think the story would have flowed as easily as it did. There are some fantastic 'banter offs' between Cole and a lot of the other characters. Cole and Aiden, in grumpy protective brother/ cop mode...Cole and Justin, in 'big brother' mode...Cole and Matt, in tease mode...he just bounced off everyone didn't he? Lol….I did a fair bit of snorting...but the best one-on-one moments were definitely Cole and Ty in 'sexy, flirty, kissy mode'. Loved all their little in jokes they shared. The superhero undies, Cole's eye's, Ty's fishing for compliments, the pet names...just so cute!

Mark: Oooh yes! I don’t know how Jaime does it, but she does get the dynamics between her characters spot on. They always have just the right amount of yin and yang going on to make them very different but there is always common ground found where they are totally compatible with each other. All a little broken in their own way with their own tragic experiences but it never goes to the ridiculous. Always real and believable.

Macky: Yes, even Cole is carrying some emotional baggage and it's not all to do with his spell in prison, even though that's something he's not proud of. Beneath that confident, cheeky manner, there's also a vulnerability about him, especially relating to his relationship with his big, exuberant, loving family. But we also see it when he's with Ty sometimes. As much as Cole is the key to healing Ty, it also works the other way too, as Ty's influence on Cole calms and settles him in a way that no one else has ever been able to do before.

Mark: Once again Macky, I think we agree that Jaime has not only delivered us a great romance but a really interesting story and plot too. The whole thing going on with Robert and his criminal ways holding Ty over a barrel from the days when Ty’s dad ran the shop. How Cole becomes essential in getting this all sorted for Ty, provided once more for an utterly enthralling and entertaining read. When I reflect on book one and with this third book I can really feel and see how Jaime’s writing has matured and is going from strength to strength. Roll on Book 4 - that’s all I can say. I reckon there was also a hint in the interview of whose story might be next – can hardly wait.

Macky: I think I might have an idea too. However, I'll second what you said, Mark. I reckon Jaime is on to a real winner with this halfway house series. And you're right about the balance of romance and story; up to now each book has delivered on both counts, this one got pretty exciting at the end, and if the next one matches up then we're in for another treat. I do think Cole is a hard act to follow but I'm sure Jaime has another entertaining read in the pipeline.

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February 22, 2015

This was a really really great book. I thought it caught my attention from the very first sentence of the first chapter. I wrote, "Already like this book just because the author used "Timber" by Pitbull feat. Kesha as the music Cole danced to" and "Oh Cole, you're not the only one imagining doing things with Adam Levine". So those two were good signs that I was into this book.

For references, I imagined Cole as Dani's Cole in her review and Dave Franco as Ty.

The story this time around was more chill than the first two. I really loved Cole and Ty. Cole's personality was such a dream that anyone, gay or straight or whatever, would love to have him as a boyfriend. Ty was a little more subtle than Cole but I really liked it when they were bantering. It was funny, cute, and hot as fuck. The sexual tension and chemistry in this book was off the roof!

"He was going to drive Ty mad until he caved. This was one time he was thankful to be an expert driving people nuts. Yeah, they were going to sleep together. Period. Ty should know better than to tell him it wasn't going to happen.

Ty had dropped the gauntlet and Cole was so ready for the challenge."

That conversation when Cole said, "Extra extra large" made me laugh so hard and at the same time, hot and bothered. The wait for the first sex was worth it. I was about to explode with all the teasing and the dirty talking and all that that when it happened:

I also loved Cole's family reunion. I thought that scene was really important because it straightened out some things that needed straightening out in Cole's life. I loved the Renzo family. I almost teared up in the scene with "Pulga" because it felt real.

I also loved Cole's crew. I really thought they were going to be a bunch of assholes but they weren't. They were like an extended family for Cole. I also loved Aidan. He was an ass most of the time but with reason. I was actually shocked with what I learned from him but yeah.

The last part, the car chase scene, was a little intense. I felt like I was really watching a Need For Speed or a Fast and Furious kind of chase so that was really good. I loved how Cole made Ty calm and the other way around. Just hearing their voices.

They had problems and demons but together they worked through it together. Cole's pushiness and Ty being grounded at times kept each other in check and moving on from their pasts. They were so perfect for each other.

I really loved this series. I loved that Julian and Matt are back especially the possessive Julian.

Overall, a very great read.
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2,391 reviews95 followers
February 16, 2015
I hate that it takes a year between these realistically written books because poof like a bag of potato chips the ride is over and I have to wait another year. This third installment in the Men of Halfway House series is my favorite so far. I got sucked right into the subtle interplay between Cole and Ty. There is no insta-love, let's fuck action in this story that is so prevalent in many m/m romance story. Ms Reese keeps it refreshingly real Cole is a complex character who primarily uses his off the wall humor as a cover for the hurting guy inside. He's our newbie at Halfway House and is a pro at giving Julian fits. I just wanted to hold Ty and make it all better. Like his favorite cars, Ty is very broken. He has the love and support of his employees, his brother Aidan but just cannot find his way out of the pit. It takes time, laughter and love to restore him all thanks to Cole. Smoothly written and a quick read considering the length, this story just like the other two will leave you feeling good. It's easier on the waist than the potato chips too.
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Shelved as 'zz-dnf'
May 1, 2021
DNF @ 57%

I haven't touched this in 3 months, so I think it's time to admit defeat. At 33% I was loving it, and I'm really not sure what happened. I went to bed and maybe woke up a different person??

It started with the first scene with the MC's family, who I didn't like. And this is a long book, so the scenes all run a little longer than you would expect, which turned out to be a problem when it got to a part I didn't like.

Then there was an exchange between the MCs that had me screaming at the one who doesn't have chronic health issues as he criticized and patronized the one who does about how he was handling them. Then that MC did something dangerous he never would have done if it hadn't been for the argument and criticism, hurt himself and somehow ended up apologizing for it because the other guy was right????? I needed a timeout after that, but I fully expected to come back to it pretty quickly...I just never could bring myself to pick it back up.
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December 28, 2020
As soon as I finished this, I went straight to A Mended Man. Zero hesitation. You know why?

Because HOLY FORKING SHIRT BALLS I can’t get enough of these men.

Cole is probably one of the best characters I’ve read in a long time. The mouth on this bossy top made me crack up, and his consistent banter hit its mark every time. I love a snarky MC and Cole delivered times 100000. Shit, I’m gay and I want him for myself. But he’s Ty’s.

Oh Ty...My-Ty, Cole’s metal man. Perfectly imperfect, the way he shined under Cole’s personality and love. He’s insecure because of his burn stars, a shell of a man after being in an accident that killed his parents. Survivors guilt wasn’t the forefront of this book, it was subtle and respectfully done and didn’t take away from the romance.

I don’t really have my smooth brained thoughts together for a proper review because I’m riding on the swoony romance high.

I haven’t been reading this series in order, (I know, I’m a criminal) and that usually pisses me off. I’m the kind of person who needs to read every single one to get to the good bits, but after reading A Sweet Man, I just couldn’t resist going back and reading about the other men of Halfway House.

This book was addicting. It made me happy and sappy and it was steamy as a hell. The slow burn, the waiting for these two to finally get into bed was so worth it. It ticked off all my boxes for the perfect romance.

Anyways, don’t wait to read this like I did. It has spectacular chemistry, a bratty Cole who can’t keep his mouth shut, and a My-Ty who’s inner light made me feel warm. What are you waiting for?!
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February 10, 2017


Aidan half smiled. "[Ty's] your Kryptonite?"

Cole looked up. "Huh?"

"Your Kryptonite. Superman?"

"Nah, man," Cole said with a laugh. "I'm like Popeye and he's my spinach. He makes me stronger and I just want to gobble him all up."

Aidan rubbed his temples . . . "Do you hear yourself?"

I haven't got enough time to explain how much I love this series.
It Gave me the "FEELS"
If You havent read this series you really need to, drop what you are doing and start straight away, You will be Hooked..

These Strories are like a drug, I could spend my days re reading them all over again.

This isnt as Angsty as the first two in the series, this one is more focused on the relationship Cole and Ty are creating.Which I loved, it was still Intense and Beautiful. With Awesome Action Paced driving, that was so detailed I felt I was there watching it all unfold.

Seriously, With out a doubt one of my Fav Series, and A Restored Man, hands down one of the best reads Ive read in a long while.

♥Fun✔ *MY~Ty
♥Perfect Chemistry✔
♥Hot Guys✔
♥Love ✔
♥Romance Was Perfect ✔
♥Characters Are Awesome ✔
♥Brilliant Story Plot ✔

Cole smiled. "I think you have a hair fetish."

Ty's cheeks heated . . . "I think I have a Cole fetish."

Bring On Book 4!!
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