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Uniform Fetish

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Does the sight of a cop’s badge—or his handcuffs—make your pulse race? Do you drive by your local firehouse just to catch a glimpse of your favorite fireman? Ever peek in the cockpit just to check out the captain?

If you agree the only thing sexier than a man in uniform is a man out of uniform, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve handpicked an assortment of sizzling hot, uniformed heroes to satisfy your uniform fetish.

279 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 27, 2015

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Doris O'Connor

104 books317 followers

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1,064 reviews
February 26, 2015
Uniform Fetish is an anthology of stories written by ten authors in which most of them, I have never read. I am a huge fan of stories featuring men in uniform so this was a great anthology for me to sink into. I have really enjoyed the ones that I've had a chance to read and would recommend this collection.

Evie Knight

Wings of Gold was a quick, sexy story that I wished was longer because I loved the hero and heroine, Nate and Abby, so much. Their story captured my attention right from the beginning and the storytelling flowed seamlessly without missing a beat. I am a huge fan of men in uniform and I loved Nate's alpha attitude upon him first laying eyes on Abby and her spunk and feistiness towards him. I enjoyed the bantering between them as Nate planned her seduction. Nate not only revved up his motorcycle engine but Abby's body as well. These two had amazing chemistry and the author wrote some scorching sex scenes that left me breathless and wanting more. I also liked the secondary characters in this book and their interaction with the couple. Another great story by this wonderful author.

Wren Michaels

Welcome Home, Jason began with such an emotional scene and realistically portrayed what could happen during deployment. The author's storytelling touched me deeply right from the beginning and I could not stop reading. I also would have loved to read more of this story because I could not get enough of Jason and Katy. I liked their backstory and besides being a fan of men in uniform, my other favorite trope is "being in love with brother's best friend." The author did a great job with the sex scenes which were sexy and hot and I loved the ending. I really enjoyed this military story by this brand new author. I would definitely read more from her.

Sandra Bunino

I loved reading To Serve and Protect and seeing former friends and lovers reunite. I really enjoyed learning the backstory of Maddox and Jaz's relationship and seeing how much they still meant to each other after five years apart. I loved Maddox going into protective mode for her and the sacrifice she made in order for him to have a better future. The author did a great job creating this sexy short story and I loved the little suspenseful element in it. I would have loved if this was a longer story since I did not want it to end.

Meredith J. Scott

I enjoyed reading First Class and I liked army hero, Grant. I have to admit the heroine, Mara annoyed me at the beginning of the story with her attitude when she first met Grant. I did warm up to her eventually after their first sex scene which was hot and she had an attitude adjustment once Grant showed up unexpectedly. The author did a good job telling this story as I ended up liking it.

S.J. Maylee

Unshakable Me was a smoking hot story about a police officer who's a master in training and a young woman who's into voyeurism. Miles and Emma meet after a traffic stop and things sure heats up quickly between these two. I loved the club scenes as Emma becomes his submissive and the sex scenes were scorching hot. The author did a good job writing this story and the characters had sizzling chemistry.
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Author 31 books127 followers
March 5, 2015

A wonderful collection of short stories featuring uniformed men, such as firemen, policeman, NCIS and more. Titillating, exciting, exhilarating. Definitely a collection avid erotic romance fans will be sure to enjoy! And a great way to find new authors. I have now found a couple that I am going to go shopping for more of their work.
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2,101 reviews3 followers
March 9, 2015
I loved all 10 short stories!! Each story was completely different and it was a fast read since it was all short stories. I found some new authors to read and my favorites (Doris, Sandra, and S.J.) didn't disappoint me. This is definitely worth reading and the stories were so heartwarming and were hard to put down.
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1,469 reviews113 followers
March 23, 2015
A compilation of several sexy HOT short "uniform" stories by some amazing authors compiled in great collective book...

Oh, goodness this was a hot book that was amazing and for mostly easy to get into and read.. There was a few that really didn't interest me after reading the first chapter or so, they are labeled skipped

Cat's Rescue by Doris O'Connor... Cat caught in compromising position (heehee...) while trying rescue a cat is in need of rescuing of her own by sexy firefighter...

To Serve and Protect by Sandra Bunino... an old high school flame makes an appearance while Derrick is investigating a case... Reuniting what will happen nest

Wilde Start by Susan Hayes... It was one wild start and rescue when Meg and Officer Wilde met...

Person of Interest by Lila Shaw... NCIS... Connie's forensic work computer is confiscated but why... what about ... :)

A Passionate Witness by Moira Callahan... Maggie was a the wrong place at the wrong time witnessing something that ... Now she needs protection by who...

Always by Donina Lynn... (Skipped)

Wings of Gold by Evie Knight ... (Skipped)

Unshakable by SJ Maylee... (SJ's Club books - or it seems like one that should be in that series...) Running late, Emma finds herself speeding and being pulled over ... what happens next, :P

Welcome Home Jason by Wren Michaels... This would have been great if there was more to this story...

First Class by Meredith Scott... In route for a new beginning to her life with out her ex....

Some of the authors in this collection I have read before and enjoyed but there was a few in here that I have never heard of before.

Overall I can honestly rate this book a 4 ...
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1,654 reviews97 followers
March 13, 2015
 photo author_zps06219876.png

I was ARC’d this by one of the authors Evie Knight who is a great writer.
3 Uniform Stars
I liked snippets of each story but my favorite came from Cat’s recuse by Doris O’ Conner
Where are all those women you seem to think I have? You can inspect my bedpost if you like. You won’t find any notches. What you will find, however are leather restraints with your name on them, girl, and if you’ll insist on insulting me, there’s a paddle that would leave a beautiful mark on your ass for days to come. Every time you sit down it will remind you of who you belong t, and that I will only tolerate so much sass from my girl and you are mine. And breathe sweet girl. I want you passing out from pleasure or happily floating in sub space, not anxiety.

 photo http3A2F2F36.media.tumblr.com2Ff5679bd198264696e7e01a87863ef4122Ftumblr_njvhdyhJa11sjz0vlo1_1280_zpsx5dr1zvs.jpg
I like that theres every little bit of uniformed man from cop to military. I loved the Alpha characters each one was but each one is really a novella and there is insta love and forever. I could see these being great books alone if they were longer.
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1,047 reviews17 followers
February 24, 2015
Cat's Rescue by Doris O'Connor

Ethel's cat, Miss Pitty Pat, was stuck outside at 2 a.m. and Cat just couldn't leave her especially as it was beginning to rain. Even knowing it was a bad idea, Cat found herself out on the ledge inching toward her target when she heard the window lock behind her.

Rhys, a local firefighter, has had the hots for Cat for a while now, but she's always seemed to put both physical and emotional distance between them. What he'd love to do is, lift her skirts and paddle her rounded ass until they both feel better.

Imagine his surprise, when he finds Cat stranded on a ledge at 3 a.m. in nothing but a racy nightgown. When Rhys realizes that she's actually scared stiff, he instinctly speaks to her in his dom voice and to his surprise and relief, she responds.

Once down, Rhys doesn't hesitate to make Cat see the real "him" and how much he really wants to make this work.

To Serve and Protect by Sandra Bunino

Derrick Maddox is a cop, a good one, and is currently on an undercover assignment. Out of the blue an old girlfriend, Jaz Silver appears in the middle of his investigation. Unable to tell her the truth, he agrees to meet her later where the sparks from the past ignited.

Jaz is trying to get her life in order, and would love to have that include Maddox. Unfortunately, she may be in danger -- only she doesn't know it.

Derrick wants Jaz and she him. Only time will tell if the danger surrounding them will bring them closer together or pull them apart.
936 reviews14 followers
March 10, 2015
I loved how readers are given a delightful mix of stories, all centered around men in uniform. Military, law enforcement, emergency personnel – you name it, I’m sure you can find a story that will meet your particular fetish. Plus, since they are delivered from some of Evernight’s best, readers also get a nice mix of storylines – BDSM, suspense, contemporary. Each one isn’t very long, but coming from Evernight it is a sensual treat. And if M/M is your thing, they have a version to meet your needs as well.

Since it is an anthology, none of the stories are very long and give up a little in character & plot development, but the authors are great at their jobs so they still give you enough detail that you feel connected to the characters and their adventure. And being an Evernight book, I guarantee they are steamy enough to get you hot under the collar.

Perfect for those days when you just need (or only have time) for a little break, the Uniform Fetish books will leave you very satisfied.

(Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
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890 reviews15 followers
March 3, 2015
If you like quick stories about hot men in uniforms, then this anthology is for you. There are 10 stories in this series and my favorite was Wings of Gold by Evie Knight. This story is about Abby, a Calculus teacher and Nate, a Navy flight instructor....ooh just like Top Gun! Nate is Tessa's cousin and one of Abby's good friends. These two hit it off at first sight. I loved their banter back and forth. And the motorcycle ride....OMG! The ending was great!

Pick up this series...you won't regret it!
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1,251 reviews5 followers
March 9, 2015
Another hot collection of men in uniform. However, this collection of books are about them and the women they fell in love with. Whether they are Special Agents or detectives, they know what they are doing and they will protect their woman with everything they have. Even if that means keeping her in his bed.
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Author 20 books22 followers
March 2, 2015
Only read WINGS OF GOLD by Evie Knight so far but it was fabulous and I have no doubt, I'll enjoy the others as well. 10 quick deliciously sexy reads all packed together in the anthology Uniform Fetish. Review coming soon!
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858 reviews31 followers
June 14, 2015
Wow! Wow! Wow!

This collection of short stories about men in uniforms is stunning! I have always loved men in suits, but a man in uniform is very tempting indeed.

My favorite story is Unshakable Me by SJ Maylee. This story about Miles and Emma is thrilling and very sensual. I wouldn't mind having Miles pull me over and frisking me!
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191 reviews1 follower
March 26, 2015
I have read all ten stories and what a tribute to the men in uniform.
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431 reviews6 followers
May 18, 2015
So good

Wow, this book has it all Hot men in uniform, sexy and hot stories action mixed it. This is a steamy read. Get it today.
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319 reviews11 followers
May 30, 2015
Cat’s Rescue by Doris O’Connor

Cat couldn’t let the neighbor’s cat stay outside in the cold in the middle of the night, especially when it looked injured. But getting stuck on the ledge outside in a barely there nightie isn’t what she planned on but it’s what happens when you decide to rescue a cat.

Rhys can’t believe his good lick. To run into his sexy neighbor on his way home from the fire station. She’s exactly the person he wants to rescue and even better that she’s barely dressed.

Once he gets her down and drags her to his house he wastes no time in telling her how he feels about her and what he wants. It’s all up to her now about what happens.

Such as steamy read for a short story. Something Doris is great at.
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6 reviews14 followers
Shelved as 'next-to-read'
November 18, 2015
Doris O'Connor - Cat's Rescue (5 Sterne)
Sandra Bunino - To Serve and Protect
Susan Hayes - Wilde Start (5 Sterne)
Lila Shaw - Person Of Interest (5 Sterne)
Moira Callahan - A Passionate Witness (5 Sterne)
Donina Lynn - Always
Evie Knight - Wings Of Gold
S.J. Maylee - Unshakable Me
Wren Michaels - Welcome Home, Jason
Meredith J. Scott - First Class
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487 reviews21 followers
March 18, 2015
Anthology of short stories about Hot men in uniform. Law enforcement, Firefighters and Military. All authors are NEW to me authors. Some were good and some were even better, but all were still short stories.
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