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At exclusive, isolated Greenbriar University, within the elite Gamma Eta Pi sorority, is a secret society known as the Fata Morgana. Its members are the most powerful women on campus—and the deadliest. For this is a sisterhood of evil, a centuries-old coven, and every girl who pledges herself to their wicked decadence does so for life…or death…

An Initiation Into Terror

Eve has no idea why she's drawn to the rambling, run-down sorority house at Greenbriar University. There's something compelling about the sultry president, Malory Thomas, and when Malory invites Eve to join the exclusive Fata Morgana, the blond, All-American beauty jumps at the chance to be part of this powerful circle. But behind the façade of female bonding lies something far more sinister—a dangerously secret world of dark magic, unimaginable sin, sexual depravity, and murder…a place where evil not only exists, it thrives…and the cost of membership may be Eve's very soul….

288 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 1, 2003

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Tamara Thorne

75 books263 followers
Tamara Thorne has collected ghost stories, true and fictional, since she saw her first Twilight Zone as a tot, and continues to this day. In addition to writing novels and stories of the paranormal, she also writes non-fiction and is an active ghost hunter. She makes her home in southern California with her husband and their feline family and when she’s not writing, can be found haunting ghost towns, phantom-filled hotel rooms, and other spooky places. Tamara loves to hear from her readers. Whether you have questions or comments or would like to share your own ghostly experience,come visit her at her website www.tamarathorne.com.

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Profile Image for Erin *Proud Book Hoarder*.
2,388 reviews1,056 followers
January 27, 2016
The Sorority Trilogy focuses on three girls, (Eve, Merilyn, and Samantha) who were friends as children, but have now grown, lost contact, and are about to be reunited at Greenbriar University.

In this first segment, the primary focus is Eve, a naïve girl eager to fit in and make a name for herself amongst the popular crowd. Her ticket is cheerleading, and she soon becomes accepted in the sorority’s squad; her delights are plentiful, until the truth slaps her in the face.

The plot isn’t complex at all ­ it’s a simple story that’s not that hard to figure out as you go along with it. However, it never claims to be something it isn’t. I suspect Thorne purposely weaved the series to turn out this way, providing what she did ­ pure, light fun.

Thorn whips up a light and fun atmosphere that makes great reading for the series.

To me Eve is as sweet as apple pie, with a little too much sugar sprinkled on top. She’s also the most eager to fit ‘in’, and be accepted. Because of how the story progresses, there is not as much build up in her character; as a result, she seems a little more one-dimensional than the other two. But she IS acceptable because she’s likeable, and the story around her remains more interesting than what’s in her head. Professor Timothy Piccolo is there for much amusement. Malory Thomas, bitchy president of the sorority, is convincingly twisted and shallow. Brittany comes off as cute but with secrets of her own, and also a bit too smug to like.

Every trilogy or series has events occurring in installments, but the pace had to be kept up with to ensure the novel remains interesting. Thorne accomplishes this with a clever opening (all three girls at Applehead Lake in better years), and then continues to climb from there.

Thorne writes with a style heavy on the humor. Her vocabulary is simple, with the sentences easy to comprehend. As a result, the series would be well suited for people of all ages.

Eve is a great start to a fun trilogy. The opening grabbed my attention, the plot continued on an enjoyable path, ending with a cliffhanger of sorts. After finishing Eve I was anxious to grab the second, which is what a trilogy should set out to do.

That’s not saying this novel is perfect, however. As mentioned before, it’s pretty light reading. Don’t go in expecting work heavy on psychology, motive, or sophistication. Also, due to Eve's character and the others not being around as much, I couldn't give this one more than a three. However, the novel can be read quickly, digested easily, with the flavor turning out pleasurable enough to be worth it.
Profile Image for Alex | | findingmontauk1.
1,104 reviews97 followers
August 9, 2018
Going with a 3.5 out of 5 for this one - I have a feeling that this book will mean more overall once I read the entire trilogy. This book was strong enough that I already found the next two books online and ordered them. I love anything to do with sororities and witches, so this trilogy is a no-brainer for me that I will have some good, nostalgic, fun! The characters were fun and semi-archetypal of what you would expect for a story like this. It's got a huge late 80s B-horror movie vibe effect to it... all that's missing are some non-popular poppy songs in the background! Full review to come for the ENTIRE trilogy once completed.
Profile Image for Emily.
1,265 reviews331 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
November 18, 2019
I can't get on board with the writing style for this one, so there's no way I can make it through a trilogy.
Profile Image for Adeline.
198 reviews34 followers
December 10, 2017
Overall: 1.25/5 stars

Writing: 2/5 stars
Characters: 1.5/5 stars
Plot: 1/5 stars
Originality: 1/5 stars
Pacing: 1/5 stars
Cover: 1/5 stars
Enjoyment: 1/5 stars

Will I read the rest of the series, absolutely not. Nothing append, the characters are not developed at all. Probably one of the worst read of the year so far. At least it was a quick read, I did not lost that much time on it, still I would like these 3 hours back.
Profile Image for Chris Snider.
Author 17 books58 followers
November 14, 2021
This was the second Tamara Thorne book I have read. I have to say I liked the 1st one "Haunted" better. This book isn't bad, but it didn't have me dying to pick it up again either. The characters are likable and far from generic. It's the first in a 3 book series and I guess each book takes place from the POV of each of the 3 main characters. I gave it 3 stars, but I would rank it 3.5 . It was good enough to keep me interested and I might buy the others one day.
Profile Image for Constance.
90 reviews
April 11, 2022
I. Loved. This. Book! I finished it in two days. It would have been one but sleep is essential for this girl. Talk about a real page turner! Imagine my excitement when I discovered there are two more books in the series! Each book follows one of the three girls from cheer camp; Eve, Samantha, and Merilyn. Have you ever watched the movie series, Skulls? It stars Paul Walker if that helps trigger your memory ;) The Skull movies are rumored to be based on true stories. Only found in elite University's such as Princeton and Harvard, this secret society is blood binding and deadly. It always fascinated me as a kid and to this day I still think the possibility of this group is freaking awesome. This book reminded me SO much of those movies. I was hooked from the first chapter! Tamara Thornes, thank you for bringing back those childhood memories, writing a truly captivating book, and keeping the story going. I can't wait to read the next book!
Profile Image for Lavender.
1,006 reviews13 followers
June 21, 2019
YA book about a girl pledging a sorority years after sharing spooky stories about the area with cheerleader camp friends. The story was interesting and got darker as the story progressed. I haven't become attached to any of the characters though. I will likely give the next in the series a try to see where the story goes from here.
Profile Image for Alyssa.
38 reviews1 follower
April 18, 2021
The plot itself was great, but overall I found that the book had too many random tidbits to follow. You could summarize the plot of the book in the last 30 pages, as this author focused too much on back story and build up and not enough time on the ending. Also, the spice was unnecessary. It actually took away from the plot and left me disappointed. I won’t be finishing the series.
Profile Image for Horror Guy.
273 reviews23 followers
June 25, 2022
An underwhelming book made all the more underwhelming by choice of format (seriously, looking a the size of Thorne's other books, I don't see the issue in releasing this as a hefty 604-page tome anyway) rather than serializing it.
153 reviews
June 25, 2019
A good and spooky first book in this series. I look forward to reading the rest.
Profile Image for Grace Walls.
23 reviews
December 29, 2021
the only thing i can say is disturbing. disturbing. this boon was very disturbing. it was a quick read and very short it was very disturbing.
Profile Image for Mary Ezell.
21 reviews
May 29, 2022
I’m kind of obsessed with how cliché trashy college horror this is. All the vibes.
Profile Image for Papalodge.
325 reviews1 follower
February 15, 2017
Good reading for a rainy day - far out storyline, however, enjoyable.
Now reading the second story in the trilogy.
I , myself, would not have selected this type of novel. The book was lent to me, therefore, I read it.
Would be suitable for a person interested in witches and ghosts.
Profile Image for Kelly.
304 reviews51 followers
August 22, 2011
Ugh, finally I am done. This is a short book... but it feels like it took me forever to finish, as I could only bear to read a few chapters at a time. It seems that you have to read the whole trilogy to get the whole story, but I have no desire to continue.

It wasn't awful; there were a couple of moments that were kinda funny, a few scenes that were slightly creepy. The book was mildly entertaining in the same way that a really cheesy, really bad teen horror flick can be entertaining. The characters were shallow, and the storylines were juvenile. It seems very much on a YA level, except that there are plenty of sexual references that I'm not sure would be appropriate for teens (but then again, not being a parent, what do I know? - it seems kids are inundated with that stuff all the time these days anyways). There was just no depth, no excitement, no thrill to keep me interested.

I did like, however, reading about all the cheesy sorority stuff. Perhaps the series should be made into a Lifetime movie! I might even find myself watching it, just for the heck of it.
Profile Image for Paige Bradish.
336 reviews10 followers
September 30, 2011
So this is one of the very first Horror books I’ve read and it's just for Halloween. I didn't think I’d be too interested in these but I loved this book!! I loved the whole plot how 3 girls meet at cheerleading camp and have this really scary experience then they meet again in a sorority when they get to college I think that was my favorite part of the book. As I read the part where she met Meryilynn again I was like omg you know her from that camp!!!!! I was a bit confused at first but then I started getting the hang of it. The only thing I’m a little confused about is what are the girls like Malory and Tiffany? Are they witches or what? and also what are they planning to do with Eve at the end? I understand that they're using her because she's a virgin, but I wasn't sure if she was dead and that was her ghost making Kendra scream at the end or what. I'll have to go ahead and get the second book to find out. Anyways leave your comments below =)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Liquidsilver.
26 reviews
March 14, 2012
Wow I had such high hopes for this book. I was crushed. When the story i thought was going to take off it in its story arc it quickly rushed through and didn't take advantage of the possibilities. So disappointed. I don't know if it was the writer was under a deadline or if the editor cut the book but wow so much potential was wasted.

I'm not a big fan of Stephen Kings writings because of the way is explains everything in excruciating detail, but this book could have used a little bit of his help in that area.

Over all I think the story could have a little more story to it. I guess it is a shame because this story and the charterers could have really been better developed. I haven't read the other 2 books in the trilogy. But after reading this one I don't think I will bother in hopes the story get's better.

I am being generous giving it 2 stars, because I think there was potential.

Profile Image for Tiffany.
Author 4 books42 followers
May 1, 2016
This book was a quick read. A little filler for my book challenge for the year. The first two chapters were just BORING. Once they got into college it got a lot better. Way better. I read through it pretty fast after this.

The sex is not as graphic as some have made it seem. But if those people were teenagers then yeah I guess it could seem that way. This book is definitely not for younger teens. Maybe senior and people off to college this is a suitable read.

The plot is not very coherent. it keeps going back to when the three girls were younger, but it's not all going together for me. I am about to start the 2nd book, so maybe it will get better. They are easy enough reads to finish the series.

I originally picked up this book because i read a book by this author years ago that i thoroughly enjoyed. She is a good writer, but this is not her best work.
Profile Image for Nicole.
1,055 reviews7 followers
May 15, 2014
*Insert obligatory 'Not all sororities are like this! disclaimer*

Look, the only reason I bought this book is because I literally came across it while on a sorority retreat, and thought it would be hilarious. I was partially right. So many stereotypes, so little pages, is the best way I can sum it up. I loved the cool folk lore added in (which was like a hodgepodge of every camp ghost story) and the fact that the female sexuality wasn't toned down in the least. It was interesting, though the ending was seriously rushed (and yes, that was a sorority pun), and while I'm curious as to how the story will tie together, it's not enough to get me to read the other books.
Profile Image for Yvonne O'connor.
958 reviews5 followers
May 14, 2021
The first in a trilogy about Gamma Eta Pi at fictional Greenbriar University and the odd girls who belong to it. Eve is a pledge and a cheerleader and events that took place 8 years ago begin to haunt her anew.

How anyone can get paid to write this garbage is beyond me. I read all (large type) 237 pages in. two hours one night and could hardly stomach the cliches and bad dialogue on every page.
Profile Image for Deanna.
65 reviews1 follower
January 12, 2011
I thought it was an interesring book. I liked it, in a wierd sort of way. I liked how the people reconnect many years after they first met on an adventure that made them believe the legend that one day they would all take a part in, Good or not. I wouldn't read it at night though, just because of the paranormal factor.
Profile Image for Erin.
2,078 reviews68 followers
June 15, 2008
A little odd, in that it reads like a YA book, but it's clearly not, given the graphic depictions of sex. I'll definitely read the next two, since each only takes about an hour.

Re-read October 29, 2008 to prepare for the other two. It's Halloween, so perfect, right?
Profile Image for Danielle.
9 reviews
July 30, 2008
A very guilty sort-of-pleasure. I read the whole series, which was sort of a waste of time, but not much time since they read so quickly. Totally cliche, utterly predictable, but just interesting enough that I couldn't walk away.
Profile Image for Dragoș Ionescu.
30 reviews4 followers
January 13, 2022
Excellent novel, excellent series. I just wish they ended happily.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Amanda.
34 reviews
July 17, 2014
I gave up. Couldn't finish it. So was not what I was thinking it would be.
1,258 reviews5 followers
October 14, 2014
Was hoping for a scary book for Halloween but wasn't. I liked the story line but not the ending. Will probably read the second book to see if it gets any better.
Profile Image for Chip.
247 reviews5 followers
February 5, 2016
To be fair, this rating is hovering between three and four, and it will probably definite when I finish the trilogy.
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