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Maya's New Husband

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Maya teaches Biology in a Mumbai school. She is a hit with her students for her unconventional teaching techniques such as bringing a dead man's heart to school to explain her lessons. But, though she seems ebullient on the outside, within her own heart she harbors the pain of a recently and mysteriously deceased husband.

In such a state, Maya's paths cross with the whimsical and weird art teacher of her school, Bhaskar Sadachari. An inexplicable chemistry begins working between the two and Maya feels strangely drawn to this person.

Meanwhile, a serial killer is loose in the city. People are going missing, leaving absolutely no trace behind as though snatched by some supernatural entity. And somewhere within all this, there's a diabolical plot being hatched for Maya.

Maya's New Husband is a psychological horror tale of the most vicious kind, which will leave you squirming in abject terror for days on end.

238 pages, Paperback

First published January 2, 2015

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About the author

Neil D'Silva

27 books158 followers
With 12 books to his credit, Neil D’Silva is a known name in the Indian literary world. His unique stories have struck a chord with a wide range of readers, eliciting praise from various quarters. He is published with leading publishers such as Penguin Random House, Rupa Publications, and Hachette among others, and has won screen adaptation deals on four of his books.

He has been named as one of the Top 7 Indian horror writers to be read by UK’s DESIblitz magazine. Considered as one of the forerunners of contemporary Indian horror literature, he has been covered by several leading publications and is invited to speak at prominent litfests around the country.

He was a winner at the Delhi Literature Festival Short Story Competition of 2015. His book Maya’s New Husband won the title of Entertainer of the Year at the Literary Awards 2015 that was co-hosted by Authors’ Ink Publications and Inside Stories.

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Author 3 books94 followers
June 12, 2015
Maya’s new husband – Neil D’Silva
This is the first horror thriller I have ever read, and the book has enticed me to read more of the same genre. One of the top 10 book recommendations from my end, would include this book for sure. The book promises thorough entertainment; the adrenaline rush, fear rush, OMG’s and everything else any horror movie would do to one, is done without any glitch in this book.
First Impression – I always pick the books with black background as it attracts me; and no wonder that I loved this cover. The perfect cover any would like to imagine for this book, especially the 4 lined cross used for every partition which is placed right that readers would connect to while reading.
Overall Impression – Superlative is the one word that I would say; Very well written and the author takes the reader to a different world. The “What next?” and “why this?” gets revealed on the go, and one would finish the book with no doubts but brows raised. It would take few days to get out of the book’s mood though.
#Disclaimer #SpoilerAlert – I usually don’t reveal the story or plot line; but for this book; No I can’t stop myself.
The story explains the life of an agori and how they live their life; the beast within them, how they eat, how the animal in the form of a man would fulfil the sexual desire, and their mentality about how they are right, is written very well. This book would make one run if they find a similar person in any of their pilgrim trips for sure. The book starts off in a normal school, and slowly takes off to the agori world and the transition is so right. To imagine what I read; was spine chilling. I read the book in parts and I didn’t dare to touch it post dinner; and it gave enough room to think what would happen next.
What I loved about the book? – EVERYTHING! Enough depth; a thorough horror and epic plot ever.
Ratings: Undoubtedly it is 5/5
Wow factor: 1) Best choice of words; I found no lag/room for paraphrasing/drag throughout the book
2) The thrill throughout
Frown factor: 1) the climax was indeed obvious, when Maya’s call to her sister was revealed. I felt a tinge here as to reveal it later at the end would have made the book even more interesting.

5 reviews1 follower
March 10, 2018
I have no idea how some people have rated this 5. Reading this was an absolute borefest!
The author clearly does not know anything about human behaviour, the plot is ridiculously weak and the end is totally predictable (clichéd as hell - worse than b grade movies even). Everything seems so contrived. It feels like the author just wanted to write something - thought of a Norman Bates sort of psycho - and webbed a story around it. There are no plot twists and there is nothing that surprises you.
Lastly, the plot is so weak that people give ridiculous reasons for their actions. Natural reaction of a human being upon sensing danger is to run away from it. Nobody in real life gives a ridiculous justification and runs towards it. The justifications of some actions is purely laughable (even a six year old won't buy them). Who the hell marries a dude without even knowing where he lives. Even if someone is stupid enough to do so, how does the family let that happen. That too an all women-Maharashtriyan-conservative-middle class family. They will be paranoid as hell.
The author flatters himself in the foreword on his observation skills and mentions he wrote what he saw around him in Mumbai. On the contrary, I feel most of the actions and their justifications were simply too over the top. I remember shaking my head way too many times while reading the book.
The only saving grace could be the gore. But that's just decent. Nothing to write home about. There are lots and lots of better books than this one for the gore fanatics.
What a disappointment this really was. I suggest don't bother reading. I wanted to stop a couple of times but went through it anyway coz of the small size of it and I had paid upfront. It was an absolute waste of time and money in my opinion.
Profile Image for Riya Joseph Kaithavanathara.
Author 7 books17 followers
February 15, 2021
"It had veen a smooth transition from revulsion to romance. The days passed on swiftly , but Maya felt as though she knew him since ages. There was something magical about the whole thing she felt at times."

MAYA'S NEW HUSBAND, an Indian horror thriller written by Neil D'Silva. This book has won "The Entertainer Literary Awards" and "Winner NaNoWriMo". Maya, a normal school teacher, who has recently been promoted to the head of the biology department, a widow, whose life goes in a flow with home and school starts to feel something for the Art teacher of their school , Bhaskar. Even with his disgusting look and filthy smell, she feels attracted to him. He proves to be worthy of her, within the short span of their relationship, due to which she marries him. Even after her mother's and sisters dislike to her choice , she strongly chooses him.

But as she sees the locality her husband is living and the house, she starts to realise her mistake. But she stays with him without complaining go him or anyone because she knows that it was completely her choice and she should go by it now. Everything happened so quickly that now it cannot be undone. The way he made love the first night made her feel like a whore, when she saw their reflection in the mirror. He looked like an animal, she wondered what she liked in him. But she was a devoted wife, who felt disgust for her husband's ways day by day. He came home only to eat, sleep and have sex and moreover everyday he oiled his body which has a strange smell that she disliked.

Her first husband's death, even though it was said to be a suicide, was not justifiable to her. Because they both were so happy when he died and was even planing for a trip together, the same morning. She was blind to see her new husband's lust towards her sister, Namrata. But Namrata and her mother knew about it, and that was their initial dislike about him. But he happens to be more disgusting and sinister than his looks and roughness, which was given a blind eye by his naive wife. And when people who was close to starts to disappear even after her marriage, her mother warns her. This is a very interesting psychological thriller.

January 30, 2018
Being a thriller lover, this book was on my reading for a long time and finally, I finished this book. Pooja has already reviewed this book on the site you can check it here. The first thing which catches your attention is the spooky book cover and the title.

The book starts with a scared girl in the captive of a maniac man. In the city, many people are going missing without any trace.

On the other hand, Maya is a biology teacher and she has a happy family of her mother and younger sister. Her life was going easy and she is trying hard to forget the sudden death of her husband. In her school, there is a strange man Bhaskar and in free time all the teachers talk about him.

When the whole universe conspires against you then you can’t do anything. The same thing happens with Maya, she falls in love with this strange art teacher while working on the same project.

Though her family rejected this new man in her life but she decided to marry him against everyone’s wish. After marriage, she realizes that she knows very little about her new husband and his strange behavior.

Then after many events, she embarked to find the truth of her husband.

From start to end, this book doesn’t lose its grip. The author has remarkably formed each sentence. The story is truly amazing and I totally loved it.

However, this book is only for those who can read gore. But if you can read this, then you shouldn’t miss this book. This is a very fast paced book, with amazing twist and turns.
Profile Image for Anita Dsilva.
6 reviews
August 12, 2015
Well, what to say about this book. I have seen this book being written in my own house. I have seen my husband Neil DSilva work on this story since November 2014. Even though I was reading this story on a daily basis even during those times. I read it once again after the novel was launched.

The character of Maya is something that will never go out of my mind. Her new husband is someone who will also remain with me forever. It cannot be termed only as a horror story. It has several other aspects too. It's a story of a modern woman who without suspecting marries someone. Arranged or love no matter what's the nature of your marriage, it can get scary if your partner has some dark secrets!

The writer has superb command over English and that shows from each and every sentence. The scenes are described very well. I actually felt like watching a movie while reading this book.

The story idea is new.If you like to read something that has been never attempted before by any other writer, then this is the book that you should read!
Profile Image for Alcatraz Dey.
Author 10 books199 followers
June 27, 2015
I had this book for a long time on my kindle, for almost two months. It went unnoticed since I started reading the last released installment of Game of thrones. It came as a surprise when I saw this title hiding below in my kindle library.
It took me around 96 hours to read the entire book. I do love watching horror and related stuff but honestly haven't read much of it except for carrie and The Shining. I even haven't read any previous work of the Author, but Maya sure does strike a chord with your brain's fear receptors. It was an eloquent experience reading Maya's New Husband and yes it did give me the chills at some places. Aptly paced, exquisitely narrated and a strong hold of plot-points and storyline defines this book. It's a treat. to see Indian writers attempting and excelling at genres other than romance and mythological fiction. Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Taznina Zaman.
152 reviews23 followers
October 12, 2019
কিছু বই পড়লে মাথা ঘোরায়, বই শেষেও অনেকক্ষণ মাথা ভোঁ ভোঁ করে। কারন চিন্তাভাবনা একেবারেই এলোমেলো হয়ে যায় তখন। নীল ডি সিলভার এই বইটা হরর জনরায় রীতিমতো নতুন এক নিদর্শন। যাকে বলে নখ কামড়ানো একটা বই, এরপর কী হবে কী হবে সবসময় এই চিন্তাই মাথায় ঘুরতে থাকে। অনুবাদও ভালো হয়েছে। বরং বিহাইন্ড ক্লোজড ডোরের চেয়ে এই বইয়ে অনুবাদ সাবলীল লেগেছে বেশি।

পরিশেষে, নীল ডি সিলভার আরো বইয়ের অনুবাদ পাবো ভবিষ্যতে এই আশাতেই রইলাম।
Profile Image for Babus Ahmed.
792 reviews43 followers
September 22, 2016
Oddly worded with lots of extraneous details which couldn't detract from the weak plot of this gore thriller. I wish I had downloaded a sample before adding this to my wishlist to save time.
Profile Image for Rubina.
Author 16 books84 followers
October 22, 2016
A powerful story from a then debut author, Neil D’Silva in the indie publishing world is rare. Of course Neil D’Silva has walked many a miles since and published “Bound In Love" and I have heard a few more very powerful novels are in the pipeline. But reading the first novel by an author always clearly shows his uncorrupted, unmarred and un-commercialized talent.

The Story ​

Maya is a young widow whose first husband had died under mysterious circumstances. She works as a biology teacher and is very dedicated to her profession. Her mother had struggled to bring her and her sister up and she never forgets the past. Then Maya meets Bhaskar, the art teacher. Initially she is revolted by his overall personality just like her other colleagues.

But then, circumstances forces her to work with him and Maya is slowly drawn towards him and soon starts finding many of his quirks to be an attractive quality in him.

As they grow closer, she alienates her friends and family and then one day against her family’s wishes she marries him and her journey towards an unknown destination begins. Her first shock comes when she sees where Bhaskar lives followed by what he eats and lastly – the inner iron man in him,the one who protects her from every lecher on the roadside and their roving eyes. But who will save her from Bhaskar once she comes to know about his true identity?

The Layers. ..
The story unfolds in many layers. Though I would say that most of them were predictable, yet when it happens you are awed by it. For instance I knew why the heart was stolen and who stole it - yet when it occurred, the feeling of disgust is too profound.

Bhaskar is portrayed, to the readers, from the beginning as what he actually is. Mr.D’Silva had never hidden the fact of what Bhaskar is capable of doing. But threads that connect him to Maya has been woven very intrinsically around his actions. Why he did, what he did and what was the reason for him to choose this path in life are the revelations here. It might be only me, but as a reader, there are moments when you almost feel sorry for him.

Graphic details..
“A rat came precariously close to his foot. Undaunted, the little creature sniffed away at the almost wizened skin of the man’s foot.”

Neil D’Silva can never be called a shy author after his debut novel. Every scene is graphically ‘designed’ and that makes the visualization unique. The rashes, the carcasses, the rodents and worse of all- the stench. Every word targeting the different senses. There were times I had to put down the book for the gory details were too much for me as a reader. ​

I did get a whiff of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Just a whiff. Though one cannot say that the story is similar in any aspect yet the fear of a new bride in discovering things about her husband strikes the same eerie chord. Maya is not a virgin when she enters this marriage yet she embarks on a journey of sexuality, discovery and most of all alienation from her loved ones. Her loneliness gets to you after some time. There were moments when I wanted to shake her, to make her see that she is slowly enclosing herself in a cocoon misery. I could see it as a bystander. Could she not do the same? But then love is blind and when her colleague did try to tell her …..

This novel touches many aspects where a lot of research much have gone into. From the Aghori culture to cannibalism. In fact, I learned about the existence of Gore magazine, thanks to the author. In the recent years, I had read a few books on the Aghori culture where their customs and traditions had either been belittled or they are shown as monsters. Niel D’Silva has explained every custom in relation to their beliefs. They are not killers but scavengers. Why? That shows some deep research on the Author’s part.

Then the scene where Maya is investigating with Akhram. ​

“…..he managed to drop them one after the another, allowing one foot to bear the brunt of the fall and then the other.”

​Such minute details makes this a very [pleasant] interesting read.

No doubt this is a dark book and not meant for the faint hearted. If you loved the series of the movie Evil Death – you will love this book. ​

I loved the emotional journey of Maya. From exuberance to sensuality. From sensuality to fear and then the fighter in her emerged. A complete woman protagonist.

I would have loved if the mystery got unfolded through Maya’s eyes. For eg. The incident about Bhaskar’s father should not have been revealed to the reader before it was revealed to Maya. I wanted to feel Maya’s shock. I already knew ‘who’ was there sitting on the chair in the garage. I wanted to see Maya’s fear. I already knew what happened to Padma. I wanted to feel Maya’s disgust. What would have made this book unique is the presence of well-timed Revelations – make the reader see the horror through Maya’s eyes. Just this one point makes this wonderful, nail biting read fall short of being a masterpiece.

If you like some nail biting moments in your life, this one is a definite read. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.

Once again, petrified that it might be a lizard or a centipede that she might have inadvertently roused, she backed off towards the door for a while. She stayed there, breathing heavily for a minute, looking at herself in the cabinet mirror. Her reflection taunted her, made her realize how moronic she looked heaving her bosom like that. Foolish of her indeed to be afraid of a reptile that was probably no longer than her little finger!

I am one of those morons and this novel is written by a man! :D
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87 reviews4 followers
November 20, 2017
Product Description
In the suburbs of Mumbai, the atmosphere is gloomy. There is an evil shadow lurking around, stalking and snatching able-bodied people. The hapless victims are never found again, all their bodily traces lost forever.

In the midst of this is Maya Bhargava, a school teacher trying to forget a past personal tragedy. Her career looks promising though. She is learning to pick the broken pieces of her heart and move on.

While still trying to cope, love comes her way. It comes from the most unexpected of quarters, from a man named Bhaskar Sadachari who is despised and even feared for his weird ways.

The sensible and cautious Maya has her head in the right place, but it is her heart that refuses to obey.

She chooses her new husband. And the horrors begin to unfold.

For the first time, I am speechless to write a critique of a book, Maya’s New Husband. I have no language to explain or review for this book, anyhow, I have to write something about it. There is not a single loophole or whatever type of mistakes in the book. One of the best Horror/crime/thriller/suspense book I read till date.

The story at a glance:
The starts with Maya’s life, who is the lead character in the script. She is a widow, working as a teacher in a school. After her husband’s demise, she was just living like a dead body. Life must be moved on and she is trying to get the best from that horrible past. In between this, Padma became her best friend, who always tries her best for Maya’s recovery.

On the other hand, in Mumbai city, a dreadful terror is coming. People are missing and even police were unable found the dead body of the dupe. So many latest technologies failed to follow the evil shadow. Who is constantly staying on its work? Why that evil shadow kidnaps the victim and what he/she is faring with them. When you know the secret, the earth moves beneath from your feet for sure. I want to reveal the shadow and all things, but even if I impart a hint of this story, then all things are going to ruin.

In the high school, Bhaskar Sadachari named person working as an art instructor. On the recommendation of Principal Mr. Purohit himself, no one is pointing out a question about it. Bhaskar hair was perpetually in a state of disarray, his eyes often bloodshot, some odd type of stink is coming from his body, his chest has the red scar type mark, so he always tries to cover them. After all this, he was rather famous for students. His drawing is superb and he helps all students to make their best of it.

Anuradha Bhargava is the mother of Maya, a middle-aged woman. Namrata is her sister, worked as a floor manager at a suburban mall. They all are concerned about the Maya’s wedding and destiny brings Bhaskar and Maya closer. they started to date each other without letting on to anybody. Like we said no, truth never be concealed beneath the curtains, her family came to know about it and they want to meet him. Finally, two lovebirds get married.

Maya steps into a new life again, trusting that this time fate will not punish her. But what can be executed when the terror is just a step back you and you are unaware of the upcoming storm in your life. Maya was deeply in love with Bhaskar that, when her mother questions him, she simply ignores all topics. Just said, let me handle my life on my way. Maya’s life is failing to change upside down and the real story started here. What is going to happen that she repents for her wrong step? All of you must be thinking, Bhaskar must be torture her, but it’s not like that. He loves her madly and never bring a scar on her body. So what is the twist coming in this newly married couple’s life and who are all going to suffer from this.

In between that evil shadow continuing its devil work. Do Maya and her husband be the next victim of this man? How long a man can go to fill his desire and obsession. To know more about all character life journey, you must run through the book and I can guarantee you will never disappoint on the story. Eagerly waiting for the continuation of this horror trilogy.

What I love the most:
This script contains all phases and relation in our life. You will discover true love, friendship, obsession, hatred, evil, crime, devil, and revenge. The language of the book is awe-inspiring and the narration is superb. I must say when the writer desires to describe something beautifully and without using any adult word, this type of book ban.

The story narration is so much superb and fascinating that the reader can’t able to leave the book in the middle of reading. You will visualize each and every case of the book and when the reader feels the book, we can say the author has done a marvelous job. He is success to show you his imaginary world, produced by himself.

Rating meter: –
Title – 4/5

Plot – 5/5

Narration- 5/5

Book cover- 5/5

Language – 5/5

Worth reading- 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5
61 reviews1 follower
January 5, 2021
Sometimes we can't perceive things we see. Most of the time people are so blinded by love that they can't look into what's being shown to them, which in turn leads to drastic consequences.

Maya's New Husband is a fictional horror, is a gripping thriller read.
The story of a person blinded by love, that they can't see what's wrong for them even after thousands of signs.

Story revolves around Maya, a biology teacher, who just lost her husband a short time back. She's a young beautiful woman, widowed at such a tender age.
She tries her best to overcome the grief of loss, she continues with her life when she met a very mysterious man. The man was her colleague Bhaskar, an arts teacher at the same school. Time changes everything, and destiny plays major role and that's how the story starts.
With time, love blossomed and they got married.
Sometimes what we see isn't reality.
The same loving, caring, sensible man is just a veil to cover the darkness within.

The darkness that can't be overtaken.

What will happen to Maya?
How will she got back to normal?
And what will be the secret she'll unveil?

The story is gripping and a page turner. The story is fast paced and interesting. The story is trail of thrills and secrets. The character building is impeccable which adds a great flavour to the story.
The book is narrated in a very intriguing manner.

A must read for thriller lovers.
Profile Image for Alexis.
7 reviews3 followers
August 1, 2015
The story was not at all digestible. I knew people who like this genre but it was not my types. I simply will avoid these genres in future. I am a fast reader, but MNH took very long. I almost decided to quit, but I thought of giving it a go. I went for the book because it was very much hyped on "Goodreads" and horror attached to it. According to me, this is not a horror genre, its completely different it should be categorized into a "Gore" genre.

The storyline was gruesome and lots of things were going which I thought were unnatural and hard to believe. I thought I will like it, but on a honest side, I would rate it worst read till date. Its so violent and the character's misbelief and blind faith was beyond my imagination, may be In India such type of practices are happening. Good for me that I am not associated with any means to such country. Some of my pals found it a real story from India's perspective, these rituals are followed there, I thought lets find it out what actually it is. And believe me it was the "CRUMMIEST" among other reads, I'd ever apprehended.

On the other hand it was a foreseeable read.
Would only recommend to those, who love Gore and gruesome genre, not my cup of tea.

Profile Image for Krishnasree V.
39 reviews
January 9, 2021
Maya's new husband is a nail-biting horror thriller, written by the bestselling author, Neil D' Silva. I love this book!! My first read of 2021, which I loved to the core!
In the suburbs of Mumbai, the atmosphere is grim. There is an evil shadow lurking around, stalking and snatching able-bodied people. The hapless victims are never found again, all their bodily traces lost forever...

The story portrays Maya Bhargava, a school teacher trying to forget a past tragedy, with a promising career. She is learning move on, while still trying to cope, love comes her way from the most unexpected of quarters, from a man named Bhaskar Sadachari who is despised & even feared for his weird ways. The sensible & cautious Maya has her head in the right place, but it is her heart that refuses to obey.

She chooses her new husband. And the horrors begin to unfold..
The story was an excellent page-turner. I liked how uniquely the author narrated the story. Kudos to the author for this flawless book. I assure you, this book will keep you on the edge! This book was such a thrilling and interesting read!

Recommended to everyone who loves spine-chilling thrillers
Profile Image for Divyesh Patel.
1 review1 follower
January 7, 2018
My take on this thriller book:- It was perfect in every way! Just what I needed to read about. I would say it was more of a thrilling experience rather than horror. But it was worth the time. Actually I was bit sad in my mind when I was reaching the last stage of the book because the story was at the end part and I wished it to be more long. Anything critical? I felt that the part four of the story was going bit fast, but that's okay. Overall I just loved it! Thank you Neil D'Silva sir for giving me this book. Just can't wait for the other two books which is going to be a three part story of this horror/thriller!
Also, people who are saying it's gore genre it's not exactly gore. Yes some words may described this term but saying the whole book was entirely gore would be wrong.
Profile Image for Akash Rumade.
Author 6 books9 followers
August 19, 2015
Mesmerizing,… I would say I wasn’t disappointed at all! Maya's New Husband is a great Horror fiction written by Neil D'Silva.
The Day I began reading Maya’s New Husband it left me spell bounded. The pace, plot, characterization is equally balanced. Every writer has his own style and so unique is Neil Sir’s style too. Aghoris scared the hell out of me. MNH is hope for revival of Indian Horror genre. I am eager to read his upcoming books in the same genre!
My first desire on finishing it was to go back and re-read it!
Overall the book is really awesome and a must read for everyone.

Profile Image for Rhiti.
Author 3 books4 followers
August 20, 2016
Neil D’Silva’s Maya’s New Husband had me at tenterhooks from the first line. I am not a big fan of horror but this book is something else. It is hard to believe that D’Silva is an Indie author and this book is not backed by a publishing house. D’Silva has taken Self publishing to a comepletely different level, he proves all you need is an excellent plotline and great writing skills to produce a good book. Some traditional publisher absolutely must pick this book up and give it a better spotlight. This book deserves to reach more hands.
Profile Image for Sneha Josie.
323 reviews3 followers
January 5, 2021
Title: Maya's Second Husband
Author: Neil D' Silva

Maya Bhargava is the protagonist of this Indian horror fiction. She is a teacher in a school who tries to cheer herself up with her friend named Padma (teacher). Maya has her own sorrows that pull her down i.e she is brooding over the death of her husband. Initially she loathes an art teacher in her school but later feels drawn towards him. So Maya and Bhaskar (arts teacher) gets married. Events starts unfolding where Maya realises maybe she doesn't know much about her new husband. Does she? Grab this book to know about the hidden layers of Maya and Bhaskar with spine chilling twists.

The plot is authentic and the usage of dual narrator adds some more eerie to the storyline. The graphic description of violence and cannibalism might be shocking but then shows the animalistic nature of the culprit involved. Loved the way the writer has penned the plot in an organic way where there is chances of missing the cues just like Maya. Way too scary honestly but shows the dark side of humans and how one shouldn't ignore the red flags ! The narration style resembles that of Gossip Girl where each chapter alternatively speaks the life of 2 characters. Though too many gory description and references are present the book is simply a page turner so unputdownable indeed.

The book has definitely shattered the stereotype of an Indian Horror Thriller which is a brilliant move. The characterisation of Maya is understandable. She begin by being a girl who is able to get herself up even after falling many a times but then love blinds her. Eventually she begins to pick herself without the help of external party. The characters are limited and characters like Anuradha (Maya's mom), Namrata (Maya's sister) and Padma plays a pivotal role to make the plot move further. There is no unnecessary description or characters that simply drags the page instead they all serve the purpose of proper storytelling with an aura of suspense. The glossary provides wide range of meanings for Hindu technical terms which shows the writer has done proper research before penning this tale which is capable of leaving an impact in YOU !!!
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Author 7 books37 followers
July 14, 2015
So at last I have completed the book I was waiting to read. Yes, it is Neil D’Silva’s Maya’s New Husband; the grotesque horrendous thriller.

I have completed the book in three sittings and I’ll point out below the aspects that have appealed to me.


If it’s just a thriller about a cannibal serial killer, the story wouldn’t be much interesting. It is the mythical theme of worshippers of Lord Shiva that has made the book more intimidating. The mythical angle has always remained an underlying theme over the gruesome story.

Glory in gore:

Yes, this book is full of nauseating and hideous scenes coming out straight from some Hollywood cannibalistic movie. But, the good thing is ─thanks to the author’s tremendous ability─ he has transformed even utterly macabre scenes into almost delightful wordplay.

See the following lines:
He lifted the stone. The skull was smashed in two and the brain was spilled out onto the wooden bed that he had been sleeping on. His eyes popped out with the impact, one of them smashed, a gooey yellow mass oozing out of it. The impact retracted the skin of the head, and his mandibles now jutted out, a sickly sight of white bone protruding out of his wizened wrinkled cheeks.

It is a textbook example of picturing something vividly rather than just narrating in a boring way.

Another example:
Another lay on its back, the skin torn, the spine broken and jutting out of it. A rotting spinal cord played peekaboo from the twisted vertebrae.


The book is full of satiric scenes which almost have made me laugh. Surprised, huh? How can a spooky book become funny? Okay, imagine the following scene: husband is having sex with her wife with animalistic force and they are having the following conversation;
“What is strange?” he asked. He had already stripped her naked and was forcing his way inside her and trying to squeeze her breasts at the same time, much like he were trying to milk a cow.

“Padma called me today saying that she wanted to come for a visit.” Maya felt the pain but did not show it; instead, she guided his organ into her. “But she didn’t turn up at all.”

He grunted and began moving his groin slowly over her.

“I tried calling, but she didn’t answer or even return calls. I am worried about her.”

“What the fuck!” he ceased and yelled at her. “Here I am trying to have a good time after a long day’s work and all you speak about is somebody that didn’t turn up? She’s not a child; she will find her way home eventually.”

Surely, Maya was not happy. But, this conversation has infused some black comedy in it.

Here is another example. I’ve laughed for the aghori saint’s awkward behaviour.
“Bam Bholenath!” She turned sharply towards the source of the sound—her own door. She had forgotten to close it after Akram had left, and now she saw the hermit standing right at her doorstep. The tantric—for that’s what Maya assumed him to be—cut an imposing figure, standing there with a human bone in his hand and with eight rings on his fingers, each containing motifs of human skulls in their various forms. But, what really paralyzed Maya was that the bowl he held in his hand was not just a bowl. Her innate knowledge of human anatomy told her it was an upturned cranium cut neatly out of a human skull.

“Bam Bholenath,” he repeated and Maya looked up at his face. From this proximity, his face looked more intimidating.

Also the author’s smart use of phrases like “Thigh Food” have added mockery is his presentation.

Actual horror elements:

Cutting hearts out, peeling skins are not the most horrific elements as one should expect. The book is spine chilling because there are few scenes that suddenly make you guess what bad things would happen next. See the following:
Padma disconnected the phone and moved out of the computer lab. As she walked along the empty corridor, she ensured the clip was still with her. There was nothing on her mind at the moment except showing that clip to her friend and perhaps help her decide the future course of action.

But, she shouldn’t have been so lost in her thoughts.

For, if she had been more alert and looked at the other end of the corridor, she would have seen the tall dark man staring at her with hands buried in his large trouser pockets and murder in his face.

She was stupid. Engrossed in her talks, she hadn’t even seen him earlier peering through the side window of the computer lab with his bloodshot eyes,…

Yes, this prelude to the cruel aftermath is the actual horror element.

Another one:
“You just said some garage—” began Maya but was immobilized midsentence, for her mother made a sign to her to keep quiet. It was a well-known gesture, understood by her daughters. It had been used several times over the years. But it wasn’t much of a deception and Bhaskar, who was watching his mother-in-law’s every expression like a marauding hawk, caught the slight wrinkle of caution that flashed over her eyebrows.


There are few clear cut metaphors like love with cocoon, but there are few subtle ones too. Have a look:
He had laid a meticulous plan to ensnare her, and she had fallen right into the trap. Like a fly that knowingly walks into a spider’s web. Only, this fly had apparently endangered the other flies around it too.


This book has shown some unknown emotions that can come out during acute existential crisis. The following line can send chills to any feminist.

A female victim’s thought:
If he just rapes me and leaves me, she thought, I’ll run away from here never to return, and forget all about this nightmare.

“Do what you want with me,” she said between her sobs. “But, let me go. Let me go, please. I have a son.”

However, there was no way this nightmare would end.

What could have been better:

This book is very good, even surpassing many recent thrillers. But the horrific and gory things have constructed the main thrilling elements here. The plot is sometimes predictive. The anti-parallel scenes in part one has already given hints to the later incidents. It would be lot better, if the author would try to hide the animalistic nature of the villain at first, and unveil it in later part, in a sudden shock.

But, the fact is, we are readers. And it’s easy to comment on something already near-perfect piece and boast about it. Even it has reminded me of the classic American Psycho sometimes. Hence, I like to congratulate the author ‘Neil D’Silva’ for writing a much needed book for Indian literature and that too with undeniable mastery.
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May 13, 2020
When I started reading the book, l didn't expect that this would be such a good book. There were two main character in the book. Maya, a biology school teacher, was trying to forget her husband's death and other character was Bhaskar, a drawing teacher in same school. He and Maya started to feel for each other. Bhaskar was not so handsome. He looked ugly, horrible and smelt weird. Still Maya was fascinated by Bhaskar. They decided to marry each other and soon many secrets started to reveal. She came to know that her new husband is an Aghori.
The story was very different from other books that I have read recently. And I liked it very much. I would now search for more books by the same author and will read them out.
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December 30, 2020
Maya's New Husband is a weird guy who was her colleague in the school, an art teacher named Bhaskar. Everyone in school speaks about as he is weird and a different musky smell come when he comes near. Maya is a widow as her husband Samar died, it was a suicide and found the body in railway track. At beginning Maya too doesn't like Bhaskar and soon she was falling for him and married him against the wish of her mother and sister. Bhaskar was a Cannibal who was kidnapping people and taking their heart of the atonement for his patricide. Everything started because of his want for the love of Maya.

All characters were narrated well and the story was written in a simple way that made me get along. I read the book at night a perfect time for a horror thriller.

There is no ghost or spirits or any supernatural things but it was horrifying with a lot of violence.
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October 8, 2022
Maya Bhargava, a school instructor, is recently promoted to the Head of the Department. She is enthusiastic about the promotion but somewhere deep down lies a pang of loneliness that yearns for love. After losing her hubby, she never felt drawn to anyone until a fateful event with the new art instructor kindled repressed emotions deep within her. Despite auguries from her mama & trepidations from her sister, she gets wedded to the art instructor & moves with him to his impoverished hovel. A quick & fast-paced thriller, the story incorporates elements of occultism & Aghori Babas. It also sheds light on how we are the most vulnerable when we find ourselves craving belonging.
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January 5, 2021
Book : Maya’s New Husband
Author: Neil D’ Silva
Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery
Format: Kindle
Pages: 225
Rating: 4/5

This story is about Maya. Her Husband dies and that leaves Maya broken. She is a teacher. While working she comes across a guy, Bhaskar, who is an arts teacher. They come together for a project, it is when love blossoms between them and they marry. It was shortly after marriage that Maya learns about true identity of her husband and is suspicious about his behavior. To know more, read the book. It is definitely a thrilling read.
The Language is lucid , though the writing style was really thrilling and spooky. Character Sketch of the people is beautifully penned down. The cover page is really beautifully. Title is so apt for the story.

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February 9, 2023
"Maya knew she was lying down, but something was not quite right about it."

My husband was the one who introduced me to Neil D'Silva, his interviews, etc. Since then, I wanted to read his books so badly. I am happy that it didn't turn out be a bad choice.

Maya is a teacher, who's widowed at a very young age. She re-marries and has high hopes in her new marital house.

However, will things be the same? Does she get what she desires in her new house? Is her husband a normal man?
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September 15, 2020
জানিনা কার কাছে এই বই কেমন লেগেছে,কিন্ত আমার পড়া সবচেয়ে বীভৎস সাইকো গল্প এটা। মায়া মুম্বাইয়ের একটা স্কুলে বায়োলজির শিক্ষক,একটা অনাকাঙ্ক্ষিত দুর্ঘটনায় মায়ার স্বামী সমীর মারা গিয়েছে। স্কুলের আর্টের শিক্ষক ভাস্করের চাহনী শুরু থেকেই যেন কেমন কেমন!!মনে হয় কিছু একটা যেন ঠিক নেই। তবু অনেকটা নিজের অজান্তেই মায়া ভাস্করের প্রতি আকৃষ্ট হয়,বিয়েও করে ফেলে। কিন্ত সে নিজেও জানেনা ভাস্করের মুখোশের আড়ালে কতোবড় পিশাচ বসবাস করছে!
ভাস্করের বাবা অঘোরী,যাদের বিশ্বাস তারা জন্মেছে দুনিয়ার পাপ,ময়লা পরিস্কার করার জন্য।সেই সাথে মানুষের কাঁচা মাংস ও হৃদপিণ্ড খাওয়া তো আছেই!!
অঘোরী বাবার মৃত্যুর পর তাকে বাঁচিয়ে তুলতে একের পর এক নারকীয় হত্যাকাণ্ড ঘটিয়ে চলেছে ভাস্কর, কি বীভৎস একেকটা বর্ণনা!!! মায়া যখন সব বুঝতে পারলো,সে কি বাঁচতে পারলো ভাস্করের হাত থেকে!!?
৮ টা হত্যা,প্রতিটার নারকীয় বর্ণনা!
যাদের হার্ট শক্ত তাদের ভয় নাও লাগতে পারে,,,কিন্ত আমার বেশ বীভৎস লেগেছে😓
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27 reviews
May 9, 2015
If you get a thrill from reading about gore and madness, read “Maya’s New Husband” by Neil D’Silva. The viscera is visible from the first chapter and the plotting and action are strong enough to keep patrons of the gross-out novel motivated to the end. Set in Mumbai, India, a widowed biology teacher finds herself strangely attracted to an unattractive colleague. Despite her better judgment, Maya soon marries Bhaskar and only afterwards realizes she has made a very big mistake. The reek of murder and mayhem sticks to Bhaskar, who is the bastard son of a man who was cast out of the Aghoris, a group of ascetic Shiva devotees. The author introduces readers to the darkest heart of daddy issues in India and sets the stage for four women to help each other unravel Bhaskar’s secrets or be destroyed.

The female characters provide a refreshing twist on this pulp horror story. Unfortunately, the book’s characters are uneven—meaning they show conflicting behaviors or unexplained behaviors that limit the story’s believability. The author seems to have attempted to move a very violent and misogynistic horror trope to new ground with his female characters, but the story line, which continues to rely on the characters’ blind faith in familial authority, religion and marriage--and the casual handling of rape--doesn’t allow him to achieve that. D’Silva’s writing shows promise. I look forward to more novels from him in future.
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July 11, 2015
Human mind is capable of creating its own heaven and hell on this earth- Bhagwat Geeta
When I read Neil D’ Silva’s book “Maya’s New Husband” the above mentioned line kept coming to my head. Yes, this book is SOMETHING in the genre psychological- horror thrillers. We know the story from the first 20 pages of the book and yet keep turning the page to know why what happened, happened. And it doesn’t disappoint the reader till last, the metaphors are mind blowing, the language creates the picture in the mind of reader as if the forth wall is taken removed and he/she is watching events unfolding in front of him/her, and trust me, the events of the books are not pleasant things to witness. And yet, as a reader I loved to witness those events because they took me to a corner of my own mind which I fear and keep under closet. Actually, whenever I read something, that is my ONLY demand from the writer, the book has to take me to a corner of my mind I didn’t know exist or I don’t pay attention to. And Neil does a fabulous job at that.
A must read for anyone who has guts to face what most of us fear!
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June 19, 2017
With MNH, there is no slowly easing in into the story. Neil launches right into it from the first word and you’re sucked right in with no inkling of mercy whatsoever.

When I started this book I knew enough about it to know it was going to be a tough read, and tough it was.

And yet, I am glad I read this book. A very well-written book wth gripping narrative, Neil knows just what to reveal and when. That’s what makes the book interesting because by the time you come to the part of revealing a particular mystery, you’ve already been wondering about it. There are no premature or long delayed reveals. The story flows naturally, and like Maya you feel sucked into it despite your own reservations.

This was my first horror read and I must say, despite the seemingly gory parts that I found hard to stomach (consider me more squeamish than usual), this book was absolutely unputdownable.

For those who like the horror genre, go and grab this book now. If someone like me could end up liking it, albeit in bits and parts (the rest I’d rather not even think about) you would love it for sure.

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November 9, 2015
I was never a great fan of horror. However MNH was in my TBR after my author friend Priyanka Naik suggeted it.

I loved the blurb, also the cover of the book & grabbed it once there was a pretty good discount on Kindle and started reading it right away. The book was one of the bloodiest that I have read in this genre by an Indian author (though haven't read many by other authors :p)

The book is fast paced and gripping. I have had moments of heart attack and was scared to travel in train at night after work.

The plot - quite interesting. Neil has that writing style that brings fear and at times aversion too (there has been nights I skipped my dinner). Halfway through the book reveals the concept of Aghori's and I thought that one might loose interest as the beans have been spilled but the best part is to find where the spilled beans rolled to and it kept me hooked till the end.

I felt the ending was a predictable one. Would have loved if Maya's mom came to the rescue :)
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July 17, 2016
What happens when the son of an Aghori falls in love with a sweet innocent school teacher?
You get a scintillating book called Maya’s New Husband.
This book , which is a #1 amazon best seller fascinated and yet repelled me at the same time.
Only thing I can say is that it is unputdownable.
This book was at once shocking and ground breaking. And okay, yes, eww with the ways of the Aghori sadhus. Reminded me of Hannibal the Cannibal. The story would have turned out to be another run of the mill Hannibal rip-off, however Neil manages to avoid falling into that trap with the addition of the Indian elements and the story of the Aghori. It is a really well researched book and this book is a testimony of the sweat and tears poured in by this very talented author.
I eagerly look forward to the second installment.
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