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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-Up Adaptation

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is Robert Sabuda's most amazing creation ever, featuring stunning pop-ups illustrated in John Tenniel's classic style. The text is faithful to Lewis Carroll's original story, and special effects like a Victorian peep show, multifaceted foil, and tactile elements make this a pop-up to read and admire again and again.

12 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2003

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About the author

Robert Sabuda

119 books148 followers
Robert Sabuda is internationally acclaimed for his stunning pop-up books, including America the Beautiful and The 12 Days of Christmas. He is also the illustrator of Chanukah Lights by Michael J. Rosen. Robert Sabuda lives in New York City.

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9,564 reviews41 followers
June 15, 2021
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-Up Adaptation, Robert Sabuda (Adaptor, Illustrator)

Robert James Sabuda is a children's pop-up book artist and paper engineer. His recent books, such as those retelling the stories of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, have been well received and critically acclaimed.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is Robert Sabuda's most amazing creation ever, featuring stunning pop-ups illustrated in John Tenniel's classic style.

The text is faithful to Lewis Carroll's original story, and special effects like a Victorian peep show, multifaceted foil, and tactile elements make this a pop-up to read and admire again and again.

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 24/03/1400هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی
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777 reviews120 followers
May 31, 2015
This was a present from my daughters as it is my birthday today. A masterpiece of engineering and this is not just for children, put this one on your shelves and admire the craftsmanship of MULTIPLE POP-UPS per page at their best.
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429 reviews594 followers
February 2, 2019
This is a vivid and mesmerizing work of art, with gigantic colorful pop-ups that put all other pop-ups to shame. As if this isn't enough, it also contains tiny books within books. It's no doubt the best picture-book adaptation of Alice in Wonderland out there.
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5,562 reviews197 followers
April 1, 2023
The illustrations and pop-up effects are magnificent, but the text adapting the original story is much too wordy, a dull skim through all the nonsense of the tale with none of the charm. I remember that my 4-year-old got tired of looking at the pop-ups long before the words ran out, as did I.

Still, it's a great toy to play with for a bit.
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1,068 reviews80 followers
March 24, 2019
Robert Sabuda’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an enchanting pop-up book which, of course, is an adaptation of C. S. Lewis’ work. I have always adored pop-up books, and Mr. Sabuda is an extremely talented ‘paper engineer’. I just wanted to climb right into the book to join Alice in her adventure even with the sour puss Queen of Hearts, and the pop-ups and their artistry enabled me to do just that. Great fun! 5 stars!
June 8, 2015
I just admire Sabuda's work. His three dimensional pop-ups are simply fantastic. You can look at them from all angles and get amazed over and over again. Moreover, I encourage you to do so, since there are plenty of "easter eggs" hidden among them - one of the leaves in the first pop-up is actually a green Cheshire Cat, and you can see Alice's face if you only look closely through the crack in the house she gets stuck, for instance. These are just some of them. Lewis Carroll's story is one of my favorites by itself, but with these pop-ups it gains another dimension; figuratively and literally. I highly recommend reading it.
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Author 1 book5 followers
August 19, 2015
When I was little I had a small collection of Robert's pop up books, and this was one was among them. It was one of my favorites. A great way to engage young children (or even adults) in the story of Alice in Wonderland.
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477 reviews14 followers
April 13, 2018
This is an absolutely delightful pop-up adaptation! Sabuda stays completely true to the whimsical nature of Alice and the pop-up elements are positively stunning.

A definite recommendation for all Alice fans, of all ages!
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34 reviews
September 11, 2023
I love these books and this is one of my favorite stories. My daughter thought it was really fun, too!
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707 reviews13 followers
December 26, 2010
I've been waiting 7 years to get this book, and my lovely wife finally obliged me with it this Christmas.
Sabuda's pop-up illustrations seem to demand a more descriptive term than 'pop-up,' as their intricacy is utterly mind-boggling. The pages are packed with single oversized standup illustrations, and the (heavily-abridged) text is in smaller sub-books attached to each page, which in turn have smaller pop-ups within them. It's astonishing to look at, and still a pleasure to read: the text appears to be from the original source, but is (as I've mentioned) quite trimmed to just the bare essentials (not only are there none of the Alice ruminations, but entire chapters have been excised). Still, an overall joy to experience, a proud addition to my Alice collection, and an inspiration to seek out more of this artist's remarkable work.
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64 reviews4 followers
October 2, 2007
Anyone who loves Alice's Adventures in Wonderland should have a copy of this amazing pop-up edition. Robert Sabuda does fantastic things with paper and with everything literally leaping up at you from each page, you get a feeling of surprise and delight much the same as the feeling you probably got when you encountered Wonderland for the first (and second, and third....) time. It's also a good introduction to the full-length novel and lends itself nicely to reading aloud because there is such a strong visual component to go with it. It's definitely worth buying for its own sake and its own artistic merits, though "Alice" in its complete, unabridged form is still the library essential.
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40 reviews
September 8, 2017
This book is perfect for kindergarten through first grade. The interaction in this book with the popups makes your better understand each scene in the book and makes a better visual for the reader. I am a little biased because I love all of the Alice in Wonderland stories and variations.
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174 reviews19 followers
October 21, 2016
Stunning! Best physical book I ever had. I need all my books to be 3d pop ups.
And I have 4 versions of the original already!
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23 reviews1 follower
November 9, 2015
Beautiful, the pop-ups are absolutely stunning but require careful handling
10 reviews
October 11, 2017
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Robert Sabuda is a pop-up adaptation of Lewis Carroll's original tale. Alice, the main character, is reading a book with her sister until she falls asleep and begins dreaming. In her dream, Alice sees a white rabbit and follows the rabbit down a hole to an alternative, magic world. There, she drinks a potion, which makes her change in size. Once she is down the rabbit hole, Alice meets characters such as the Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, the Duchess, the Queen of Hearts, and more. Throughout the book, she explores the different world and meets unique characters until she wakes up.

Major themes:
The major themes of this story are growing up and curiosity because Alice open-mindedly adventures a world of differences, social etiquette, diversity, and rules of the adult world.

Star rating:
I'm rating this pop-up adaptation five stars because I loved the visuals. The pop-up art was very detailed and made me engaged in the story.

Personal response to the book:
I loved this book because it was a pop-up book. Alice in Wonderland is not my all-time favorite plot, but the detailed pop-up art made me part of the story, which I loved. For example, when Alice fell down the rabbit hole, there was a piece of paper I could lift up and look through. Once I lifted the paper and looked inside the hole, I could see Alice down at the bottom of the hole looking up. This pop-up was a powerful way to show what was happening in the story and how big the fall was. This book also connected to me in many ways. First, I found a text to self connection when Alice explored a new culture and world. When I was little, I traveled to China and experienced a different culture of traditions, rules, and people. I was curious as to why people in China always greeted me differently than they did in the US. So, I understood how Alice felt when she met new people in the new world. Additionally, I acted in the same manner as Alice did. Whenever she witnessed something new about the culture, she went along with it. Second, this book connected to the greater world. Too often adults approach different cultures with such criticism and racial stereotypes. I felt like this book shows children and parents what it's like to see the world with a child-like, innocent mind. Last, this book makes the text to text connection since it's an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's original tale and the "Alice in Wonderland" movies. Children and family members can make connections from what they know from the original book and from the various movies made.

I recommend this pop-up book because it's visually appealing to adults and children. Not only do the pop-ups look cool, but they also help children understand the words by visually showing what's happening in the plot. For example, when Alice is falling down the hole, children can lift up this foot-long hole and look in it to see her fall. Each page has different interactive pop-ups for children to open and get excited for, which symbolizes what Alice felt when she approached something new in the different world. Additionally, the pop-up images really make readers think and see the story differently from the traditional tale. Overall, I highly recommend this book and would give this book to anyone who is older than eight years old.
21 reviews1 follower
March 1, 2017
Title: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Pop-up

Author: Lewis Carroll

Illustrator: Robert Sabuda

Genre: Movable/Toy Book

Theme(s): Pop-up, Magic

Opening line/sentence:
Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and having nothing to do.

Brief Book Summary:
The book is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice, a young girl, spots a White Rabbit while reading next to her sister. She follows him down the rabbit hole and ends up in a different world. In this world she meets many crazy characters such as the Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, the Duchess, the Queen of Hearts, etc… Alice must try to make it through this whacky world without getting into trouble.

Professional Recommendation/Review #1:
Kirkus Reviews
Girl falls down a rabbit hole, cries buckets, has a spot of bother about size, plays some croquet, and wakes up in time for tea. The quintessential Victorian children's classic, Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has been gloriously re-envisioned by pop-up master Sabuda. The bizarre settings and rude creatures of Wonderland burst out with every turn of the page, starting with an ingenious peep-show rabbit hole and ending with an explosion of cards. She's a familiar Alice; Sabuda, while paying homage to original illustrator Sir John Tenniel, uses vibrant colors, thick black outlines, and foil to create a work that is uniquely his. The text is abridged with most of the nonsense poetry left out; perhaps this engaging version will send a few new fans to the original. Carroll, no slouch in the paper-engineering department himself (he designed a disappearing Cheshire Cat stamp case), would be pleased. 2003, Little Simon, $24.95. Category: Picture book. Ages all. Starred Review. © 2003 Kirkus Reviews/VNU eMedia, Inc. All rights reserved.
(PUBLISHER: Little Simon (New York NY:), PUBLISHED: c2003.)

Professional Review #2:
Kathleen Karr (Children’s Literature)
Robert Sabuda, currently the dean of pop-up creators, continues his run in this "Classic Collectible Pop-Up" adaptation of Lewis Carroll's original tale. The six scenes chosen include a gargantuan Alice wallowing beneath the rabbit's house, the Mad Hatter's tea party, and the croquet game. The design cue is taken from John Tenniel's beloved illustrations, and all of Sabuda's major constructions are colorful and impressive. But the book really shines in its extras. Tucked into each spread is an adapted version of the story. Tucked within these slim pages are smaller constructions: the caterpillar; a flunky painting the roses red; a rather scary Cheshire Cat. Yet the tour de force is undoubtedly Sabuda's tiny Victorian peep show in the first spread, which shows Alice tumbling down an endless hole. This is an impressive book, with a traditional take on Alice. For those looking beyond the traditional, do compare this offering with J. Otto Seibold's equally exhuberant, surreal pop-up vision of the same story. 2003, Little Simon, $24.95. Ages 2 up.
(PUBLISHER: Little Simon (New York NY:), PUBLISHED: c2003.)

Response to the Two Professional Reviews:
Both reviews rave about the amazing paper engineering that went into to make this book an incredible pop-up.. Neither really talk about the story because it is an adaptation, so Robert Sabuda is known for the pop-up art work in this book. They both say that it “pays homage” to the original illustrator and authorship, with a few of Sabuda’s own twists. Although for me, the text isn’t as important. Due to the fact that it is so vibrant and detailed, the pop-up elements really tell the story. Karr talks about the hidden extra features in every page, that makes it a gold mine for curious children and I have to say, I could not agree more.

Evaluation of Literary Elements:
Sabuda puts the text in little pamphlet like features on the pages. There are multiple pages of text on each page, which is not traditional in most picture books or pop-up books. He uses bright colors and huge displays to tell the large parts of the story. However, the amount of small hidden elements that are in the text booklets or down on the bottom of the page really what make this story fantastic. Children can move characters as they flip the small text booklet pages. The text is small and denser than a normal picture book, but the pictures are there to assist younger students in their ability to understand the plot.

Consideration of Instructional Application:
This book could lead to an activity where students create their own creations out of paper. They can either be given loose instructions on what to create with paper, scissors and tape, or they could learn simple origami. Since Alice is presumably dreaming this whole world, it could lead to a writing activity where students create their own dream worlds. They are encouraged to make it creative, based off a real dream or not.
3 reviews
June 3, 2023
Okay, honestly, this is not well written. In terms of story pacing, it's dull, and somehow rushed and slow at the same time. It really falls flat in this regard.

But it's a visual masterpiece, with a degree of attention to detail that is unmatched. The whole book is full adorable little easter eggs, and touches that bring the entire thing to life. It's clearly been designed with so much love and care.

If you're looking for a good literary interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, yeah, this is not it-- just read the original. But if you're interested in something transformative and imaginative that makes you go "woah how did they do that"-- then yeah, check it out. Great to share with kids and trippy as hell if you're grown.
Profile Image for María Eugenia.
398 reviews12 followers
May 29, 2018
Un pop-up que no puede ser más bonito. No es solo por el pop-up "central" que ocupa cada página, también hay desplegables en los márgenes (donde viene el texto del libro, que por cierto, aunque es obviamente una versión muy abreviada, es más texto de lo que pensé que iba a traer para ser un pop-up) y que también tienen componentes que se elevan al desplegar la hoja. Muy recomendable. Y, sinceramente, creo que la portada no le hace justicia, para quien tenga dudas, que busque alguna foto del interior por internet. ;)
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120 reviews
July 16, 2023
Evelyn (age 7) says "I like that Alice is independent and she is brave and that it was a dream but it was curious. I like the Queen of Hearts that chops peoples heads off saying "off with your head"".

Alice (age 4) says "I love when Alice got near the pack of cards, and she loved playing croquet when she played a game she knowed the game was croquet and Alice went to a tea party that she didn't like so she ran away because she didn't like the Mad Hatters Tea Party".

Mummy (Nichola) "love this book so much and the pop ups are just so beautiful. A magical forever book".
41 reviews
November 1, 2020
Published 2003
This is a wonderful book with amazing illustrations and pop-up work. After seeing a video of this book, I had to add it to my collection. There is so much detail in this book, every time I read it I discover something new. I absolutely love this book and I think it would be really fun to use in the classroom. This could be used when teaching students about different types of books and book illustrations.
12 reviews
June 15, 2020
It's a strange story no matter how many times I read it, but it makes me nostalgic like jars that change in body size, sweets, mushrooms, Cheshire cats that disappear and appear, Trump soldiers, etc, there are many things that hart is dancing in wonderland. It's whimsical and noisy, but when I finish reading, I feel like I want to go back there.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Ishaartje.
7 reviews
July 9, 2022
while the book is very cleverly written, i much prefer the movie. the small interactions between characters are very nice, but at times quite random. the plot didn't feel very clear throughout, so it was a little difficult to follow. overall a very short read though and nice if you just want to let your imagination run wild.
134 reviews
July 27, 2023
Il classico "Alice nel paese delle meraviglie" in versione pop-up è una meraviglia per gli occhi. Pagina dopo pagina il lettore non potrà che rimanere incantato per la bellezza delle immagini e per la fantasia dell'illustratore che sorprende e fa "volare" nel magico paese delle meraviglie. Bellissimo!
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Author 1 book7 followers
December 17, 2017
OH. MY. GOODNESS! I've always loved pop up books, but this one is beyond belief! I bought it for my granddaughter for Christmas, but it SO awakened the wonder of my own inner little girl that I will have to buy another for myself! Thank you Robert Sabuda for bringing us this magic.
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58 reviews9 followers
August 14, 2022
So you have your regular childrens pop-up books, but then you have ones like THIS. I like the really elaborate pop-up books and this one is a beautiful design, with a good mix of mini-flaps and small objects and huge intricate full page structures. Our kids love this stuff.
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1,591 reviews15 followers
June 24, 2023
Three stars for the popups, zero stars for Alice in Wonderland. It gives me the terrible icks and always has. I thought a popup version would help but no. It is still as creepy as ever. (Same as Peter Pan, so expect a copy/paste review.)
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