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boy with extraordinary powers.
An army of deadly monsters.
An epic battle for the future of peculiardom.

The adventure that began with "Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children" and continued in "Hollow City" comes to a thrilling conclusion with "Library of Souls."

As the story opens, sixteen-year-old Jacob discovers a powerful new ability, and soon he’s diving through history to rescue his peculiar companions from a heavily guarded fortress. Accompanying Jacob on his journey are Emma Bloom, a girl with fire at her fingertips, and Addison MacHenry, a dog with a nose for sniffing out lost children.

They’ll travel from modern-day London to the labyrinthine alleys of Devil’s Acre, the most wretched slum in all of Victorian England. It’s a place where the fate of peculiar children everywhere will be decided once and for all.

458 pages, Hardcover

First published January 1, 2015

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About the author

Ransom Riggs

39 books22.1k followers
Hi, I'm Ransom, and I like to tell stories. Sometimes I tell them with words, sometimes with pictures, often with both. I grew up on a farm on the Eastern shore of Maryland and also in a little house by the beach in Englewood, Florida where I got very tan and swam every day until I became half fish. I started writing stories when I was young, on an old typewriter that jammed and longhand on legal pads. When I was a little older I got a camera for Christmas and became obsessed with photography, and when I was a little older still my friends and I came into possession of a half-broken video camera and began to make our own movies, starring ourselves, using our bedrooms and backyards for sets. I have loved writing stories and taking photographs and making movies ever since, and have endeavored to do all three.

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459 reviews162k followers
September 27, 2015

In all seriousness, I couldn't have asked for a more satisfying ending to this peculiar adventure. I'm so happy and satisfied with the way this story ended. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that this series is over. I'm going to miss these characters, but I'll definitely revisit these books in the future and relive the adventure over again.
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417 reviews1,242 followers
December 8, 2015

Without the old photos, this series wouldn't exist and you know it. While the premise is interesting, the writing is dull, the characters are flat, and it's overlong. All in all, this shouldn't have been a trilogy. The entire series could have fit within one 400 page book; there's just too much filler that doesn't go anywhere. I hate a meandering plot and side adventures when they don't serve the story and only take away from the flow. It's too much stop/start for me and it took me nearly a month to finish this last book.

The Takeaway: Interesting pictures, tedious plot. Ultimately not worth your time.
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484 reviews4,219 followers
October 18, 2015
Maybe more like 4.5

I really enjoyed this third book. I think maybe not having read the other books in so long threw me off starting this book, it was super hard for me to get into at first, but once I was in I sped through it.
I just love these characters a lot. And this story. It's so unique and wonderful.
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651 reviews825 followers
July 5, 2016
Satisfying conclusion! Ransom Riggs’ Library of Souls (the final installment in Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children trilogy) picks up where Hollow City ends. Even with a new purpose established at the end of Hollow City, I had become a little tired of the peculiar children always being on the run. They barely seem to have time to catch their breath. This made the first half of Library of Souls a bit difficult for me to engage with. Finally, though, Jacob, with his newfound ability to control the Hollows, takes the initiative. He is joined by his companion, Emma, and talking dog, Addison (yes, a talking dog, who is the most memorable if not the best character in the book). The fate of peculiardom is in their hands. The ending to this book and to the series is satisfying. I decided to bump up my rating from 3.5 stars to 4 stars because I enjoyed my time with the peculiars and maybe even because I’m looking forward to seeing how this series translates onto the big screen (beginning this December).
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878 reviews340 followers
October 4, 2015
I am absolutely so happy with how this series ended. If you have been a friend of mine for a while, you know that the end of trilogies never work for me for one reason or another. But this one, this was so so so good. There is truly nothing else I could have asked Ransom Riggs to provide. He gave us answers to questions, a plot that came full circle and concluded well, and a really beautiful satisfying ending that isn't over the top. I will admit that I am still not into the romance in this series. I don't like it and I don't think it needed to be included, but I really appreciate that it's not heavy in this series.
It's a bit sad for me to see this story end, since, for once, I've been with this trilogy since the very beginning, but I am so happy with this beautiful ending we got and as hard as it is to say goodbye to the books, I am hoping I love the movies and I look forward to revisiting these characters in the future!

Before reading:

Why is no one talking about how beautiful this hardcover is without the dust jacket?!?!
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120 reviews28 followers
October 23, 2015
I was originally going to give this 2 stars, but then I couldn't think of anything I really liked about this book, so even though it hurts my heart, 1 star it is.

What an enormous disappointment.

Honestly, if it wasn't the third book in a beloved series, I would have easily put it down pretty early on. I kept waiting for it to get better, and it never did. Let me go over all of the things that I did not like about this book.

1) Too many convenient moments in the plot. All too often, things were resolved through something VERY VERY convenient happening totally out of nowhere and by surprise. Never was success because of a character working hard, or because of a long ago planted plot device. Everything was devised just by random happenstance. There's one in particular that made me so mad I had to put the book down. I thought this book could do so much better. And it made everything so unsatisfying. There were no delicious wrap-ups like I expected at the end of a series that was birthed from plot twists and growth over the series. Just random shit happening out of nowhere and magically saving the day and altering the course of the book dramatically. This was easily my biggest problem with this book and was easily a huge part of why I hated it.

2) The setting. The first two books really blew me away in their kind of fantastic settings. We got to see the inside of beautiful loops and crazy worlds we could never imagine. This book had NONE of that wonder and fantasy. The setting for the book was dark, dreary and one note. Nothing about it had the fun and whimsy. Honestly, it was pretty boring and never actually explored in a way that made it compelling and interesting. What an enormous waste.

3) Twists were stupid. There weren't many twists, but when there were, they were all dumb. They didn't feel like big revelations, they just felt like another convenient eyeroll moment.

4) Unsatisfying ending. I can't say much about this without spoiling, and mostly it goes back to point 1, but I hated the ending of this book so much.

5) No supporting characters. This book is entirely about Jacob and Emma. I don't think that's a spoiler because it's established pretty much immediately. The thing I loved so much about the first two is the wonderful cast of characters, each contributing in their own way and having their vibrant personalities. We didn't get to see any exciting new main characters or our former beloved ones in this book, and honestly, that was a damn shame.

6) The plot did absolutely nothing new. Nothing in this book was new for the series. The plots explored and challenges faced were all things we've seen in the previous two books or are so freaking common in literature in general that it was just boring. This didn't bring any new and exciting elements to the plot of this book at all. Also, in the second book, we got a lot of new characters and things about the world that weren't in the first. Not so much in this one.

7) Terrible villain. Honestly, he was so unremarkable. He didn't really have anything interesting about him. I love villains usually, and this one was so freaking boring. He didn't have a good motivation, no good reasoning or explanation for how he works. Just senselessly evil, and not even in a cool interesting way, just in a boring way. YAWN.

8) Shitty incorporation of the pictures. Sometimes Riggs would just make a tiny aside scene (we're talking 2 paragraphs that weren't relevant to anything else) to work a picture in. Like, that's super weak, sorry. They didn't enhance the story at all.

9) Other things. I'm not really sure what all I hated otherwise about this book, because it was just kind of a general negative feeling I had while reading. It was really hard to motivate myself to read this book, I was really bored. I took breaks to do other things because I just didn't enjoy reading it. The first two books had fast plots and were really compelling but this book felt like it was just killing time until one big action scene (which honestly, dragged on way too long). The pacing was awful in this way and it made it impossible to get through.

What a huge unfortunate disappointment. I don't know if it's even worth reading TBH. Such a shame such a great first two books ended with one massive pile of shit.
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Author 8 books156 followers
October 6, 2020
This was my reaction when I found out this was the final novel of the Miss Peregrine series.

This was my reaction when I opened the book and found it intensely action-packed with all of zero breathing room:

And this was my reaction when I got to the end:

Along the way, Ransom Riggs more than outdid himself. He's taken Jacob, Emma, Addison, and us readers further back in time than we've seen before - to the slums of Victorian London. He's introduced the other brother of Miss Peregrine's - Mr. Bentham, whose motives and actions are mysterious and questionable at all times. We finally learn some truths about why Caul and Bentham betrayed the peculiars - and these truths are downright complicated, to say the least. And we're introduced to an unusual little creation called the Panloopticon - which is oddly similar to the Terminal in my own Red Rain series, but I think Riggs has done a much better job of fleshing out his multiverse than I.

Even when the adventure comes to an end, there's still about fifty pages to go - and most of those fifty pages are absolute hell for all involved. The full ramifications of Jacob's trip into peculiardom come to light, with nasty real-world results. No wonder Riggs declared Kami Garcia's gut-wrenching Unmarked a better book than the original - he himself was dabbling in giving his next book Seriously Increased Feels Syndrome just in the extended epilogue alone.

But it doesn't stay downbeat forever - the last ten pages or so are a massive explosion of hope, largely thanks to the Panloopticon, among other things. The future of peculiardom is so bright, we gotta wear shades. B) Seriously, we could have more peculiar adventures in this 'verse - a companion series would be just what the doctor ordered. Or, even better, something for which Riggs could collaborate with Tahereh Mafi (we've all been waiting for that to happen, we fans, have we not?) The awesomeness levels of such a project would be incredible.

I can't see any other book coming out this year to top this one - it's my favorite book of 2015, undeniably. I hate to see the adventures end, but end they must. With that, ave atque vale, Miss Peregrine and all her peculiars! Next year, our heroes on the big screen - I seriously can't wait! Come Christmas 2016, we'll all #StayPeculiar.
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673 reviews1,028 followers
November 6, 2022
Really enjoying this series!

Jacob, Emma and Addison are separated from the rest of the gang and they are determined to save them.
With Jacob’s new found power for controlling Hollows they may stand a fighting chance.

They stumble into one of the darkest places in perculiardom. Meeting a man who says he can help them.

With so many twists and turns along the way I loved how they wrapped it up. I’m also excited to see that there is a second trilogy - I think I’ll get onto them soon. 😊
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687 reviews317 followers
March 9, 2016
“No one can hurt you as badly as the people you love.”

Library of Souls is the most imaginative book of this series and the final conclusion to the war continuing since the last two books. Every element astounded me and kept my eyes attach to this book. The characters have developed perfectly, especially Jacob, I liked his mind and never did he bore me out because he always surpised me with his dynamic at every turn.

“Maybe," she said. "Maybe. But now you're making promises you might not be able to keep, and that's how people in love get very badly hurt.”

I don't want to say much about this one except it's beyond my expectation from the beginning to the end. The world Ransom Riggs created was wonderful and unique, he reminded me of X-Men sometimes, but actually it's not like that at all. This book is much more than some action or sci-fi movies, the book itself cloaks the profound messages immaculately between the lines and the characters have many dimensions.

Library of Souls is beautifully written but the story is a little bit slow compared with the previous books. Anyway, the ending is real epicness. I tried to catch my breath while I was reading that scene. At the last page, I miss every character and want to learn more about them. Ransom Riggs made me addicted to this series, and when I spent my time too far from this book, I wanted to come back and read it. I couldn't see straight until I read the final chapter. TRUST ME ! This series is a real addiction !

“It had become one of the defining truths of my life that, no matter how I tried to keep them flattened, two-dimensional, jailed in paper and ink, there would always be stories that refused to stay bound inside books. It was never just a story.”


ถือว่าเล่มนี้ปิด Trilogy ได้ค่อนข้างสวยงาม แรนซัม ริกส์เขียนฉากผจญภัยในตอนท้ายได้สนุกตื่นเต้น และทำให้เราวางหนังสือไม่ลงไปหลายชั่วโมง ถึงแม้ว่าเนื้อเรื่องใน Library of Souls จะสามารถจับทางได้ง่าย เพราะริกส์ใช้สูตรสำเร็จที่พบได้ทั่วไปตามภาพยนตร์ฟอร์มยัก��์หรือนิยายแฟนตาซีส่วนใหญ่ ในช่วงเวลาที่ยากลำบาก ตัวเอกจะค้นพบพลังอันแกร่งกล้าในตัวและระเบิดบู้มออกมาเพื่อช่วยเพื่อนๆในทีม ซึ่งเราที่ค่อนข้างจะอิ่มตัวกับมุกแบบนี้ก็เลยคิดไปว่าหนังสือเล่มนี้มันขาดรสชาติเฉพาะตัวไป รวมถึงการขยี้อารมณ์ผ่านทางสถานการณ์ในเรื่องและบทสนทนาของตัวละครที่พบไม่ค่อยมากในเล่มนี้ ทำให้เรารู้สึกว่าเสน่ห์และลายเซ็นเฉพาะตัวของซีรีย์นี้ค่อนข้างเบาบางลงไปนิดหน่อย

รวมไปถึงจุดหักมุมที่เราเดาได้ชัดเจนเลยว่าอะไรเป็นอะไร เพราะเราโดนหลอกมา 2 เล่มติด เล่มนี้เราเลยตั้งหลักและบอกกับตัวเองว่าเราจะไม่โง่ซ้ำกับจุดหักมุมเป็นครั้งที่สามแน่นอน นั่นทำให้เราอ่านด้วยความระแวง จับผิดความปกติของตัวละครตลอดเวลาที่อ่าน เลยเดาได้ง่ายว่าใครเป็นใครและเนื้อเรื่องจะดำเนินไปในทิศทางไหน แต่ถึงแม้จะเดาได้ มันก็ยังมีเรื่องให้ลุ้นอยู่ได้เรื่อยๆจนจบเล่มนั่นแหละ โดยเฉพาะตอนจบ ... ที่เราประทับใจกับตอนจบแบบนี้มาก จังหวะมันลงเป๊ะพอดี ยิ่งใหญ่และลงตัว ทำให้เรารู้สึกว่านี่แหละคือตอนจบที่เราต้องการ

ดีใจที่ได้หยิบวรรณกรรมเยาวชนดาร์คๆนี้ขึ้นมาอ่าน ถ้าไม่มี Goodreads เราก็คงจะไม่รู้จักซีรีย์ชุดนี้และใช้เวลาสามสี่วันจมไปกับอาณาจักรแห่งลูปเวลาของเหล่าเด็กประหลาด ถือว่าเป็นเวลาสามสี่วันที่ดีมากๆ หนังสือชุดนี้ทำให้ใจเรามัวแต่พะวงตลอดเวลาที่ไม่ได้อ่านว่าจะเกิดอะไรขึ้นต่อไปกับเด็กๆพวกนี้นะ พอกับมาอ่านอีกครั้งก็ยิ่งลุ้นหนักกว่าเดิมเรื่อยๆ เพราะมันมีครบทุกรสทั้งสนุก เศร้า ตลก โดยเฉพาะดราม่าบางประเด็นที่มัน realistic ริกส์สื่อสารออกมาและขยี้มันได้ถูกใจเราสุดๆ

ถ้าปีที่แล้ว Daughter of Smoke & Bone และ The Lunar Chronicles คือม้ามืดสำหรับเรา ดังนั้นคงไม่ผิดถ้าเราจะเรียกซีรีย์ Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children ว่าเป็นม้ามืดสำหรับปีนี้เช่นเดียวกัน ...

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709 reviews5,524 followers
May 15, 2018
Are you into creepy vintag-

Forget about that already, I got that far for the story itself..

In its darkest godforsaken loop, the real life, Victorian Devil's Acre.

Where the epic concluded...but the Peculiardom truly, fully established.

Okay, and there's still again Creepy Vintage Photos.... just as Book One and Two

*** The Loop ***

The story starts right after the events of book two, which is mean we're still in current day London...merely a week after the events of Book One.

The Goods ; fast action, the story really moving fast.. and continuing stable time-line you can track is great, I believe it's perfection I love that.
You feel like ages past, but yet it's a hell of a week.
And the Comic-Con setting in modern day London was fun, kept the “Peculiar” atmosphere intact.

“These strange-looking people weren’t peculiars. They were nerds. We were very much in the present.”
The Bads ; It may take a while, -better read a fast synopsis first of book two-, to get to know, where's the rest? How did they got here? And the Hollow following them?
But in no time you'll be in track...

Then the story goes to another Loop for a rescue mission, this time not only for the Ymbrynes, but for Jacob's rest of Peculiar Friends... who all been captured last book, now it's only him, Emma and the Peculiar Dog Adison..
In no time they will know their destination so set back and enjoy the creepiest, darkest Loop, with rather a Very creepy Peculiar company.

The Goods ; the Characters 80% of this part is just Jacob, Emma and Adison...which is easier to read, you won't get crowded with names most of the time.
No need much of a character development since it's already done by Book Two... only Addison here got his chance for a better development.

Oh and there's this Hollow and his relation with Jacob... bizarre as it seems but really made me sympathy with the hollow and love this relation so much.

The new characters are interesting really, Sharon the mysterious boat driver, and the other brother of Miss Peregrine who was really interesting till the end.
-there's a minor good develop on Miss Peregrine's character toward her brothers... I think it's felt so important message on siblings differences... it didn't take its space though.-

“Still, I could have been kinder.” She frowned, her eyes wandering. “Sibling relationships can be complex. I wonder, sometimes, if my own actions had some bearing upon the paths my brothers chose. Could I have been a better sister to them? Perhaps, as a young ymbryne, I was too focused on myself.”

And During the Rescue Journey they'll learn more about this Dark Devil's Acre loop, more into the Peculiar darkest history;
Slavery ; Peculiar people selling their powers by willing, or force slaving Children.
Ambrosia ; Kind of Drugs that enhances the Peculiar power for a while.. but harmful and addictive afterwards.
And the most Dangerously ;
The Library of Souls ...
Which is the reason the Wights are truly after... the possession of the most powerful Peculiar souls..

The Goods ; the Setting is fantastic, Devil's Acre is a real dark place in a dark era of Victorian London.. choosing this as the place where it all ends is really something.

“Within seconds, the happy, musical-inspired landscape I’d imagined melted away like a Salvador Dalí painting.”

It's Symbol of the ill of the world, the greed and slavery and injustice... the horror of it all, and horrors of drugs.

The many references to the Greek Myth, obvious ones or hidden, served good also in the Urban Fantasy atmosphere...
The narrating reminded me a bit with Percy Jackson, so that was kinda -which series am I reading now?- specially with the story of the Clash of the Peculiar over the Library of Souls and how people turned to Clash of Titans later.

Which leads to ;
The Bads ; It was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows all over again..., the part of the Hallows itself...
The Library of souls is just sudden-last-part-of-the-series exist-key.
That never been referenced before -and I even kinda wondering was it worth capturing every ymbryne? I felt like something issing here... as if it's a bit of forced new story adding to end it all.

But anyway it wasn't bad story, it's really good, describing it was perfect and made a truly Epic final.

“the last room in the Library reminded me with the Room of Prophecies from OotP”
Also there was this action scene before the climax chapters (Before entering the Library of Souls) that was prolonged and messy with all he characters that really made the pace isn't right...and it was kinda unnecessary to be that long.
Otherwise the library and after battle was characters packed but really fun.
***** The Ending *****
“I felt like one of those mythical heroes who fights his way back from the underworld only to realize that the world above is every bit as damned as the one below.”

Without Spoiler...
The struggle of Jacob and his love to Emma -which is powerfully stronger and much better written in this part and book two too.- HAS to come to an End...
Making it realistic is the trick, and Ransom Riggs made it..

The last chapter is the finally what happens to Jacob's parents the whole week or two he's been missing since the first book events.
How he's gonna make it up to them, and will be there's a future to his relationship with Emma and the Peculiar world?
All in last chapter that brilliantly mix the Bittersweet ending and the cheesy ending... he truly got it both in one.

He also established a magnificent world...
Some elements may be felt I saw in another Movie -clearly even some line from movies as well, Riggs' a big fan of cinema- or Novel universe like Men In Black or Harry Potter... even the drugs seems like something I read in Six of Crows novel which published AFTER Library of Souls...

But all these elements and rules are among many original, well crafted universe...which makes and keeps his “Peculiardom” strong universe.

And So, this lovely story of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children is a part of it, just a part of many more stories can be told of this wonderful Peculiar Universe with these great set of characters, more adventures to come...

Mohammed Arabey
From 8 Jan. 2018
To 13 Jan. 2018
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25 reviews2,249 followers
February 6, 2017
I wish I could give this 100000000000 stars! Bittersweet to have finished this series. Every book just got better and better. Ransom Riggs - you bloody legend
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155 reviews81 followers
February 6, 2015



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944 reviews1,086 followers
October 4, 2015
2.5 stars - Spoilers

Better than the last book, but still middle of the road in terms of entertainment factor and writing and story overall.

-The world was fun to immerse into with the peculiar powers and time loops. Enjoyed most of the characters, they weren't all that complex or interesting but they were fairly entertaining and easy to root for. Jacob and Caul were the only ones I wasn't all that impressed with, even though Jacob was rather likeable, him turning into a total speshul snowflake put me off his character.

-The plot wasn't very engrossing, it was too simple and there weren't enough twists and turns, the action scenes and various character interactions were pretty fun to read though. The rescue mission was sort of enjoyable, but also kind of irritating with Jacob and Emma jumping from one place to another and meeting new and convenient characters all so they could save Miss Peregrine and their friends. There needed to be more plot threads, the rescue mission just didn't feel like enough of a storyline to fill an entire novel, so things were unnecessarily dragged out and it made a lot of parts read like pure filler.

-Jacob turned into a mega speshul snowflake with his one of a kind newly discovered powers (that he managed to master in a mere few days). Everyone else's powers ended up being not as important as his, he was the only one that could save everyone with his ability to see and control hollows. It irked that without him the wights would have won and the peculiar world/people would no longer be what it was. Even though Emma, Miss Peregrine and the rest helped out, they were really just there to support Jacob in some way or another. What made it even worse was the fact that Jacob had only been a part of the peculiar world for a few weeks and in the grand scheme of things barely even knew Miss Peregrine and the peculiars yet somehow he managed to be the most important person in peculiardom and everything hinged on him. Yea, I wasn't convinced Jacob earned that level of power and importance when he was so wet behind the ears.

-Caul was a disappointing villain, everything he said or did made me roll my eyes. He was far too cheesy and not in a fun way but in a really one-dimensional-cringey-read-it-before kind of way.

-Quite liked Jacob and Emma's romance as it was mostly in the background. There was no wide-eyed blushing nonsense, heated moments, heaving bosoms or melodramatic declarations of love, which was down right impressive for a YA series.

-Loved the addition of Sharon, Bentham and Mother Dust. It would have been better if they'd been introduced earlier on in the series though as they played rather vital roles in this, it made their presences seem a bit deus ex machina.

-The disappearing parent syndrome was done well, as Jacob's parents were actually searching for him and in the last chapter or so they appeared and reacted in a realistic fashion to everything that had gone on with Jacob.

-The photographs were a bit of a let down in that it felt like the story had to fit around them rather than them fitting around the story.

Would recommend for the fun world and (mostly) decent characters, everything else not so much, not to say that everything else was bad, it was just a bit on the meh side.
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Author 2 books92 followers
November 15, 2020
Hollow City ended with Miss Peregrine still a captive of the wrights. Jacob, Emma, and Addison the talking dog were hiding in a phone booth in present-day London, Jacob discovered his astonishing power to control hollows, and their friends were kidnapped.

Library of Lost Souls opens with Jacob, Emma, and Addison still in the phone booth. They escape and, undaunted, vow to locate and free their friends, along with Miss Peregrine and her fellow ymbrynes. Their task, though, seems impossible. Fortunately, they finally figure out where their friends and the ymbrynes are being held, but they have to go there by water. Unfortunately, the only boatman who will take them there is an unsavory character. The journey proves to be treacherous, along a polluted river that leads to an underground town ruled by wrights. The boatman introduces them to some people who can help them with the rescue. But important questions remain. Can they trust the boatman or is he working for the wrights? And can they trust the people who are helping them to not betray them—or are they marching into a trap? All is resolved in an unexpected and socking ending.

This has been an unusual and delightful book (and series) to read, with plot twists that kept me turning the pages. The photographs are interesting—as is the way author Ransom Riggs adjusts the plot to suit the people in the photos.
October 25, 2018
I feel pretty sad right now, as I actually think, that despite all of the amazing reviews this book got, personally, that this book was the worst of the lot. I love the whole concept behind these books, and I especially enjoyed the first book, but this one, was really lacking a story for me. It kind of dragged along, at a mediocre pace, and nothing significant or exciting happened. The plot did not have me engrossed, and there were not enough twists. It was all fairly predictable.
The rescue mission involved some new characters, but these were not appealing enough to hold my attention, and the actual rescue mission, was very dragged out, tiresome, and was too long to fill the story out.
Caul, was a particularly disappointing character. Everything he did was predictable, and very tongue in cheek.
I do love the photographs in these books, and the ones in this book were no exception. I just feel that this book was a bit of a let down.
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December 21, 2016

"It had become one of the defining truths of my life that, no matter how I tried to keep them flattened, two-dimensional, jailed in paper and ink, there would always be stories that refused to stay bound inside books. It was never just a story.”

Oh my, the quote above is one of the most beautiful ones I ever encountered in a book! It perfectly describes my feelings about books!
This book was most definitely my favorite of all three books in this series. Not a single dull moment and I just breezed through. Suffice to say, I loved it!

After reading book one, I wasn't all that impressed and wasn't in the mood to continue this series. Thus Hollow City and Library of Souls kept lying on my tbr shelf for many months. That all changed after I went to see the movie adaption of book 1! Suddenly I couldn't wait to continue, and boy am I beyond glad I did! The first book just didn't do the rest of the story any justice.

Full review coming soon!
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1,728 reviews739 followers
April 6, 2020
With each book that's been released I've grown more and more in love with this series and these characters. This book was action packed from start to finish and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time with just the right amount of mystery and drama to keep me absolutely hooked. I also absolutely loved learning more about the culture and lore surrounding the peculiars, I feel like it helped me understand the story more as a whole. And as usual the pictures were gorgeous and made me feel like I was living the story along with the characters. I could really picture the world they were in and what they were fighting for. Towards the ending I was a little disappointed with how it seemed to be playing out but I was proved wrong and the ending was absolutely perfect and I couldn't have asked for a more fitting ending to this peculiar adventure!
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3,114 reviews1,977 followers
October 2, 2015
This is an enjoyable finale to this excellent trilogy. The photographs are amazing as they have been in all the books and the book itself is a pleasure to own. Hollow City ended with the biggest cliff hanger and Library of Souls starts straight into the action where we left off. In fact action would be the best single word to describe this book because it is practically non stop. I felt tired myself because the main characters never seemed to sleep. Apparently they lived for days on adrenaline alone! The story was like a roller coaster racing towards a conclusion and that conclusion ended up being very satisfactory indeed. There is talk that there may be more books about this world but it does not matter if there is not . This trilogy is quite complete in itself and I am very happy I have read it.
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March 10, 2018
Holy Moses Batman!

I can't believe that this wonderful series is over. I honestly really can't wrap my mind around that and make it true. It's like Ransom Riggs can do no wrong when it comes to Peculiar children.

Library of Souls was so freaking good. I could barely put it down to sleep, eat, work, and do everyday functions. I was completely hooked and enamored by this book. With the little twists put into this book I was basically on the edge of my seat and wanting to get through the pages even quicker than before.

The library of souls, well.. it had a lot of god damn souls. Old, new, evil, powerful, you name it.. it was probably there. Then there's Jacob, who will forever be my favorite character, was even more amazing in this book. Which, honestly, I didn't think could happen.. but it did and I am so freaking happy about it! He grew so much in this book and when he finally mastered his ability I was cheering for him so loudly.

Highly recommend this series because it's amazing! I just wish they made more movies!!
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December 10, 2020
So much happens in the third book. I feel like this should've been much longer. There's many leaps and bounds that the characters make that made me want to go, "wait a minute. Back up." Like how there's a black market for power-enhancing drugs? or there's weird peculiar cage fights. It just feels like we expanded from a little time loop to this whole new world far too quickly.

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February 7, 2017

This volume might be the best in the entire trilogy. It's an enjoyable and convenient conclusion to an excellent series. The story was darker, more menacing, and scary at times, although it felt draggy on some parts especially when it gets too descriptive in detail. I feel quite sad right after finishing this because I was immersed in this strange world I'd come to know from the two prior installments. I'm bummed to see Jacob and the peculiar children's adventures in Peculiardom come to an end. I highly recommend the Miss Peregrine's series! If you like a little weird or creepy... this trilogy is definitely for you.
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April 20, 2021
Third book in the miss peregrine's series shows the dark side of the peculiar world. It's more gritty than necessary imo.

There is a line with these YA series between dark and exciting to gritty and filled with extremely mature content. And this installment of our little tale of weird children trying to survive in hidden society with creepy historical photos is turn into an fight against extermination with drugs, slavery, blood sports, and stealing of children's souls. There's no sex which is really only a american concern when rating content but I consider this very mature despite that omission. I'm not kidding jacob and emma enter a over the top filthy, seedy, depraved underground worst than any in our world.

I'm getting ahead myself. This one starts off with Jacob whining and thinking about leaving perculairdom. I have mentioned that I'm not a fan of jacob's character in other reviews. Their friends are taken by the whites. So jacob resolves to recuse them with Emma than decided what to do after. So that the dramatic tension and I couldn't care less. Let jacob go the series would be better without him imo. They have the dog addison to help them track their friends and the honorably bracious pup is the best character in the book for me. Since mrs. P and the others are barely in it. They enter the underground and meet many underisirables including both mrs. P brothers. Bantham is decently written character although you know how his part will turn out. But Kall or however you spell his name is over the top evil. Reminds me of Galbatorix from Eragon just ridiculous. Let me tell you what makes a good villain...... Layers not by making him pure evil. Like modern history greatest villain hitler. There's a good poll in america I won't post it here but in summary it says you have to vote for a lifetime leader of the world candidate 1) is a rampant crippled womanizer. Candidate 2) is a lazy failure of a drunk who wakes every day past noon. And the third is a vegetarian war hero who never drinks or smokes. Well of course most pick candidate 3 who is hitler 1 is Roosevelt and 2 is Churchill. Point is layers make good villains and Kall is a ridiculously bad villain. Anyway side tangent over. Jacob gains a stupendous ability he does not understand and sort of develops it and Kall and the whites are defeated. The last quarter of the book is jacob saying goodbye to perculairdom which is really drawn out and overdone.

In short this is a over the top tale trying to be more epic than it has to be. Will read the others in the series later but this seems like a good stopping point for now.
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147 reviews
April 26, 2019
I freakin love these stories and hope they go on for a while.

I have to say Jacob and Emma's relationship is my favorite that I've read in a while. The way they interact throughout the novel is breath takingly beautiful. Every time I read a scene I felt like I was there with them following along the adventures. I really wish peculiarities was true.
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September 27, 2015
Get them back or die trying . . .

These books seem to be released just far enough apart for me to forget EVERYTHING that happened in the previous novel. If you, like me, need a refresher course on the events of Hollow City, Wiki has a nice synopsis - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_...

And they're off! While Jacob struggles to master his newly discovered and incredibly useful talent, the Peculiars are on a quest to rescue Miss Peregrine, the ymbrynes and the other Peculiars. Maybe it's just me, but this one seemed WAY darker than the last two books - lots of disturbing happenings, injuries and bloodied clothing. There are some tense, tense moments in store for the gang.

When he spoke, I glanced past him down the passage. My eyes were still adjusting to the dark, but what I could see was terrifying: winding and mazelike, it was lined with doorless doorways that gaped like missing teeth, and it was alive with sinister sounds - murmurs, scrapes, scurrying steps. Even now I could feel hungry eyes watching us, knives being drawn.

Luckily, there is plenty of comic relief, much of it provided by a boatman named Sharon (Ha!) who serves as sort of a tour guide through the terrors awaiting in Devil's Acre . When asked if anything is illegal, he replies, "Library late fines are stiff. Ten lashes a day, and that's just for paperbacks." Despite the fact that Sharon possesses a face only a mother gargoyle could love, he sure warmed my cockles.

Then there was this:

"Okay, okay, don't waste all your energy on them," Emma said, wobbling to her feet. Then a rotten head of cabbage bounced off her shoulder and fell splat to the ground.

She lost it.

"All right, someone's gonna get their face melted!" she yelled, waving a flaming hand at the squatters.

And, my favorite bit -

I have no idea if this is the last Peculiar tale, but I'm happy to take a look at anything else that may creep, ooze, crawl or slither out of the mind of this author.
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August 16, 2016
Co-read with the offspring, and while it was not precisely a root canal sans anesthetic, it was indeed painful. Very high drama, young teen adventure, magic, romance. A LOT OF YELLING! The author should have stuck to just the first book in this series and then wrote something else entirely.

One thing that was pretty pitiful right up front was that the main character and his girlfriend were bemoaning the kidnapping of their friends - they had this sad chat while they were on a train, taking care of another buddy of theirs who had been injured. They swore they would never ever leave a friend behind again. Never!

Half a page later, two bad guys catch up to them, and they have to make a run for it. The very first thing they do? THEY LEAVE THEIR FRIEND BEHIND. Oh, the plot inconsistencies abound.

Not a fan of YA but am parenting the kid well. His lil butt owes me.
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November 5, 2015
This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This is definitely the kind of book that will leave you reeling for days and days. Even a few pages in, I knew Library of Souls was going to be my favorite book of the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children trilogy. Ransom Riggs’s writing just gets better and better, the adventures get bigger, and my heart gets more and more attached to Jacob and Emma. Read More on my blog!
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November 25, 2015
Well I did enjoy this series a ton and it was recommended to me by a student at the school I used to teach at. I wouldn't have picked up these books on my own, but I'm glad I did. The first will always be my favorite. I'm glad they ended on a happy note, but I was hoping for something different, like Jacob leaving his family for the peculiars. Not them coming to him and staying. All in all great books.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 6, 2021
In preparation for its Book 6 finale, I am done re-reading LIBRARY OF SOULS - Book 3 in Peculiar Children Hexalogy.

Author Writing Style: 5 STARS. Yay - It is smooth-sailing as the first book. The writing consistency of Ransom Riggs is amazing! He writes clean sentences, polished paragraphs and intriguing chapters. Nay - I observe nothing.

Characters' Development: 5 STARS. Yay - There is a good mix of white, black and gray characters in this sequel - making the story more unpredictable. The most memorable is Miss Alma Peregrine. It amazes me to read and understand her growth. Her great beginnings were filled with challenges and betrayal.

Nay - Other peculiar children such as Bronwyn, Millard, Hugh, Enoch and Olive only serve as side-characters. They have their 'moments' but I wish I can read their backgrounds too.

Plot: 4 STARS. Yay - This sequel is a war between peculiars and wights set in a chaotic slum in London. They call it as Devil's Acre. Jacob and Emma are still searching for Miss Peregrine who remains lost since the first book. Nay - The ending is too stretch, in a way that it becomes a bit messy.

* * *

Done reading LIBRARY OF SOULS - Book 3 in Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series. Its paperback is sold-out in local bookstores, for this, I'm forced to entirely read it in an e-book format (NOTE: I now have the physical book six months after this writing).

Love the overall story. All characters are given more depth. It begins with only two main characters who survive the hollow attack in Book 2.

Jacob Portman and Emma Bloom. Emma is among the peculiar children who is in love with Jacob but constantly holding back. Then, these characters begin to mix with new characters to rescue their kidnapped friends.

Chapter 4 is my favorite part. A new mystery unfolds. Myron Bentham reveals himself as Miss Alma Peregrine's brother. He explains they have a brother, who instead of showing support, Caul constantly feels jealous of his sister. He wants more power and he dreams to own the library of souls - a sacred place where dead peculiars are stored inside a jar. Picture it as a cemetery.

But there's a catch. Caul demands to be in the possession of the jars, ingest the souls and become the most powerful peculiar in the world.

As much as I want to love it, the ending confuses me a lot. It feels like the narration has gone every where. It's still smoothly written in first-person perspective in past tenses but there's an unnecessary relevancy of merging peculiars and humans in one place. It's chaos as expected, or most likely, this is just the kind of ending that can persuade me to start reading the next book - A MAP OF DAYS.
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November 1, 2015
I enjoyed this, but so much of the same things kept happening.

How many time could Jacob almost die!?!? Hahaha

Besides that, I love the characters with my whole heart, and the ending was absolutely spectacular.
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