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When hackers seize the world governments everything changed for all of humanity. A new sense of hope arrived in the streets and young people everywhere embraced the new world order. However, what appeared to be a new found freedom soon turned out to be a new tyranny far worse than anything they imagined.

William Waltz formed part of the new elite that guarded the regime, that is, until the regime turned on him.

R.J. Huneke has spent years researching for his latest sci-fi thriller Cyberwar. A longtime writer and columnist, Huneke has interviewed cyber security professionals, carefully examined advances in science (including robotics and artificial intelligence) and compiled modern day speculations on technology and spun them into an electrifying journey into a dystopian society dominated by cybernetic hackers. His extensive knowledge on cyber warfare, robotics, and political protest, as well as his strong female protagonist are what set the riveting story apart.

Formats: Hardcover, Softcover, eBook
First Edition Release Date: May 5, 2015

Read more about this thriller on www.CyberwarSeries.com.

288 pages, Hardcover

First published May 5, 2015

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About the author

R.J. Huneke

2 books22 followers
At age nineteen, R.J. Huneke traveled across the country from New York to California in a dilapidated van with no brakes or heat . . . in the winter. And it was there that he began to write his first novel. He now lives in New York and graduated cum laude from Stony Brook University, with a BA for English with honors.

R.J. continues to master his craft in the fiction, photography, film, comic, non-fiction and poetic art forms. A former columnist for Newsday, R.J. writes about technology, books and popular culture regularly. R.J.'s publications to date, both online and in print, include fiction, poetry, photographs and non-fiction articles for Newsday, Dead Ink Books, Gadizmo, SciFiNow, Fantasy-Matters, Examiner, and more.

His current projects include a children's book, a graphic novel series, and a thrilling new novel.

You can see more of his biography and his works on the author's official web site RJHuneke.com.

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Profile Image for Joe Crowe.
Author 5 books23 followers
January 2, 2015
This one is a top-drawer action flick in book form. The good guys are cyber-warriors who fight the Cyber Elite, hackers who have taken over the government.

The drama here is gripping. It's close enough to reality to sink in emotionally. Nuclear devastation and a pandemic are plot points. Bad guys have plans that really could work, and good guys struggle to keep it together.

One problem: Commas. That's what this book needs. Lots and lots of commas. If my review copy had a glitch that deleted the commas, that's OK. But if the lack of commas is on purpose, my goodness. I can't even process that. I am an editor and writer. I NEED COMMAS.

Real stakes and emotionally true reactions are the keys here. That saves the book. It's good enough for me to overlook the comma thing, well, mostly. But the emotions and the drama of this story will stay with readers for awhile.
2 reviews
October 11, 2017
The overall book was a good read filled with action and subplots to keep you wanting to read more. The author at times in the beginning and middle of the book made some of the story-lines hard to follow but united them well in the end. There were a couple of plot twists near the end that I personally did not see coming. Looking forward to see how the author continues the series.
Profile Image for Blair Roberts.
117 reviews1 follower
June 13, 2021
Cyberwar is a great read while paying homage to Neuromancer. R.J. Huneke has created enjoyable characters in a not to distant grim setting. Sci-fi at its heart with a healthy helping of hard-boiled grit. I found the story gripping and compelling to the end. Definitely worth adding to your reading list.
Profile Image for Kirstie Ellen.
741 reviews101 followers
May 7, 2016
DNF at 51%

I received a copy of Cyberwar from the Goodreads giveaways.

I tried my best with this book but it just didn't agree with me. The plot was very confusing and that was the main reason I decided to stop at the midway point - for the most part I didn't understand what was going on. There's some sort of discontent in this futuristic world that has seemingly digressed in all ways except for technology. I'm still not entirely sure what exactly the main character Waltz, or William as he was spontaneously called sometimes, was trying to achieve (other than running away from Cyber). Everything was just highly confusing, jumping from one place to another and swapping in between perspectives. Maybe if it had just been Waltz's perspective I would've kept up better.

One of the other major sticking points for me was the language. I'm really not a fan of unnecessary foul language and this book is full to the brim with it. And it's all so unnecessary. The characters are just yelling expletives at each other in their anger (because they're all angry, all the time) and it put me off, swearing adds nothing to a story, ever. This was perhaps the biggest disappointment of this book for me. At least the book was free of spelling errors, that's a plus!

I had high hopes going into this but it turned out to be something different to what I thought it would be. Overall, the concept of the book was intriguing but wasn't executed in the right manner for me. So unfortunately I've decided to put it down and rate what I read 2/5 stars. At the moment this book isn't worth the while for me. The format of the book I received really frustrated me too, it was square ...

Happy reading!
Profile Image for Kate.
965 reviews13 followers
January 7, 2016
Really enjoyed the book-the concept and all the action. This book needs a serious copy editor because as someone else mentioned the commas are missing all over the place and there are many misspelled words. It threw me once or twice but does not stand in the way of a very clever tale. Some of the ideas of the future were fascinating and I look forward to Book #2.
Profile Image for John.
447 reviews15 followers
March 9, 2015
Cyberwar was a good thriller with great characters and one that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys Thrillers. I won this great book on GoodReads.com. Like I do with most my wins I will be paying it forward by giving my win either to a friend or library to enjoy.
Profile Image for Kurt Zisa.
365 reviews5 followers
December 23, 2014
Excellent debut novel that you just won't be able to put down. Action packed and set in a future that's not much unlike our own. Looking forward to the sequel!
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