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Sometimes, the rabbit hole is deeper than expected . . .

Alice Reeve and Finn Van Brunt have tumbled into a life of secrets. Some secrets they share, such as their employment by the clandestine organization known as The Collectors’ Society. Other secrets they carry within them, fighting to keep buried the things that could change everything they think they know.

On the hunt for an elusive villain who is hell-bent on destroying legacies, Alice, Finn, and the rest of the Society are desperate to unravel the mysteries surrounding them. But the farther they spiral down this rabbit hole, the deeper they fall into secrets that will test their loyalties and pit them against enemies both new and old.

Secrets, they come to find, can reveal the deadliest of truths.

* This is the second book in the adult romance/fairy tale Collectors' Society series.


First published February 26, 2015

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About the author

Heather Lyons

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Heather Lyons is known for writing epic, heartfelt love stories often with a fantastical twist. From Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels—one commonality in all her books is the touching, and sometimes heart-wrenching, romance. In addition to writing, she's also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.

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October 17, 2015
4.5 stars!

“Someone should write a book about how Alice Liddell from Wonderland falls in love with Huckleberry Finn. I might rather want to read that book.”

 photo hidden library.png

Heather Lyons has done it again in a unique and beautifully written story surrounding our beloved literary characters. The Hidden Library is the second book in the series The Collector's Society and must be read after reading the first book. This book picks up after the events at the end of the first book, with Finn running The Society. He and Alice are working to get answers out of their prisoners who had been tormenting The Society in the previous book.

Alice and Finn are on the hunt for the elusive big bad who has been destroying timelines and ending countless lives, but the further they get, the more questions they have. Finn and Alice also face old demons, enemies and threats along the way, hindering their search greatly.

 photo hidden library 2.png

This book began a little bit slow for me, but that's my fault because I waited so long to read this, I forgot some of the details. But it picked up very quickly before turning into an action packed novel with lots of plot twists and surprises. I love when the characters would venture into different timelines; I was enraptured by Finn's hometown and riveted by the trip back into Wonderland. The author has such a vivid imagination, and reading this book was like stepping into real and new worlds.

I have to say I was kept guessing while reading this book, I never knew where it was going to go next. The plot is so beyond intricate with character dynamics, settings, and more, it's a story that keeps you on your toes. I cannot wait to see what comes with the next book as this one was even better than the first.

My one teeny tiny little bit that wasn't perfect: my heart bleeds for the White King. I still feel his connection for Alice is incredibly strong. I'm hoping he gets a love interest soon because I just feel so damn for the bad guy that I am ready to be on his team (or keep him for myself. I may do that instead). Otherwise, I loved this book!

“True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to live.”

 photo RRR.png
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February 27, 2015
4 stars!


I have been patiently waiting for this second book in The Collectors’ Society series for a while now and I’m excited to say it didn’t disappoint. Once again, Heather Lyons has penned a creative, nail-biting fantasy romance that had me on the edge of my seat! Don’t get me wrong, I thought the first book was rich in action and adventure, but the author really takes it up a notch in this second book, weaving twist after turn that had my head spinning and left me clueless to where she’d take the story next. Not many books can surprise me like that, so I love that everything about this story was unexpected and had me guessing the whole way through.


This second book picks up right after the ending of the first one where the Collectors’ Society members are back again, especially the badass heroine Alice and the charismatic hero Finn as well as their colleagues. The premise of the story is that many beloved literary characters are well and truly alive, and each of the books they hail from are called timelines. A sinister villain is destroying those timelines, and hereby destroying characters in the process and it’s up to the Collectors’ Society to protect them. Lines will be crossed and love will be tested...


This book was just as gripping as the first one, though I admit in the beginning it took me some time to really settle into the story. The setting is in the 21st century but be warned, the writing style is reminiscent of historical times (which I LOVED by the way). The overall feel of the story was whimsical, quirky, and unique, and the dynamic characters, intricate plot, as well as the lyrical writing made it easy for me to get lost in the book. I think my one complaint with the story was that the romance aspect felt a little lacking but not where it hindered my enjoyment of the book. It’s just that Alice is such a strong heroine that she – in my opinion – completely overshadows Finn and it’s hard to remember she’s got a romantic interest sometimes. I get the feeling that if she ever lost him, yes, she’d be devastated but still be able to move on, and from a romance standpoint, I want to feel that need, that strong unbreakable bond. I still adored these characters individually though, and while I liked Finn in the first book, he really shined in this one. His unwavering support for Alice despite the circumstances is what makes him stand out to me.


Aside from the somewhat weak romance, everything else about this book was wonderful. The author stuns with her rich, complex plot and by the end of the book I was dying to get my hands on the next one. If you’re a fantasy and/or fantasy romance lover, definitely check out this series as it’s a reading experience unlike any other!

The Hidden Library is the 2nd book in this adult fantasy romance series and isn’t a standalone. You must read The Collectors' Society first.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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February 10, 2017
Wow! Just wow!

Really this plot. It makes me go crazy! I'm so glad I decided to read this book, because after reading the first book I was afraid that a love triangle would develop between Alice, Fin and the White King. I'm so glad it didn't. Really Heather Lyon, you did not disappoint!

I'm so glad we got to see more of Fin's back story. It only took me a day to read this book. I started to read it late into the night yesterday, and had my boyfriend not forcefully taken away my iPad, and made me sleep, I would have finished this book up yesterday itself!

For a second though, I almost thought- that's it, we've lost them. That's the end of Fin and Victor.
Supernatural photo: Supernatural. Super40.gif

Thankfully it's not the end! Two down, two more to go! I swear this series is giving me sleepless nights!
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Author 27 books774 followers
August 24, 2017
Author review here . . .
Oh, guys. I can hardly wait to share this one with you all! It'll be told from both Alice AND Finn's POV.
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September 14, 2018
Buddy Read with Elena Salvatore

For Readathon-2017: 40/52
In the category "A book that's been in your shelf for a while"

It’s more like 3,5 stars and the following review contains SPOILERS for book 1 so if you intent on reading the series proceed of your own accord.

“HELLO, ALICE. Have you found the right rabbit hole yet?”

I’m afraid poor Alice must stumble down many rabbit holes for this story to finally end.
The story picks up right where the first book ended but unfortunately again not many clues were given or mysteries were solved. In fact more mysteries and curious incidents were added making the unknown “villain” even more elusive.

The second book in a trilogy (or tetralogy as this is), is always tricky, because, after the first book usually hooks you, in the second the author must provide back-story and character development, while trying to keep the reader’s interest intact. For the first half of the story I had to push myself to go on because NOTHING happened. Only back story and DRAMA. I regretted being happy for taking some chapters from Finn’s POV because he proved to be such a cry-baby.

 photo cry-baby_zpsed87rwi9.jpg

The first half of the book is focused on Alice and Finn’s relationship. We watch them getting to know one another and fall deeply in love and what I liked best about them is the sincerity of their feelings. How they acknowledge each other’s importance letting nothing and no-one to step between them.

“Someone should write a book about how Alice Lidell from Wonderland falls in love with Huckleburry Finn. I might rather want to read that book.”

 photo Finn Alice_zpsojurfsh7.jpg

Alice and Finn are two lost souls who have gone through a tough up-bringing, lack of family, loss and betrayal.
Alice went through Wonderland’s madness and came out strong, determined, sharp, alone, even if a little bit crazy herself.

“So you never imagined yourself to be a princess when you were a kid?” He’s amused. “Never imagined some prince came to save you or saved him?”
My fingers twist tightly in the fabric of my dress. “I am a Queen. I was crowned during my second trip to Wonderland, when I was nearly eight. To pretend I was anything less than that, would have been ridiculous. And I quickly learned I could save myself.”

Finn, on the other hand, allowed grudge and bitterness to inhabit his heart, turning him into a loner, too attached to his adopted family, holding everyone else in a distance. Relationships from the past haunt him and regret over failing loved ones harrow him.
“Regret, Katrina once said, means nothing to the dead. But to the living? It’s the worst of demons, because it takes up residence inside your head and heart and whispers gleefully about your darkest pains.”

I admire him for having the clarity to see Alice as she is, just Alice, and not being a tool to contemn her power. They both act very mature in their relationship and this is very fortunate because there’s enough drama already in the story.

“I am not your Queen,” I say quietly. Meaningfully. “I am simply your Alice.”
And that, to me, makes all the difference.

I was glad to see some of the Wonderlandian characters from the previous book along with some new who were introduced in this story as well. As I already mentioned, unfortunately the questions keep pilling up with no visible answers in the horizon. But the action in the second half was breathtaking, lives were at stake and dangerous missions were curried out, entire worlds were jeopardized until an end that left me without breath.

 photo No_zpsunbbbjty.gif
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July 2, 2017
Buddy read with Irene Sim.

“Someone should write a book about how Alice Liddell from Wonderland falls in love with Huckleberry Finn. I might rather want to read that book.”

Well Heather Lyons did just that.

Let's forget all about the whole Alice theme... We found out from book one that this series isn't just an Alice in Wonderland retelling. She is just the progatonist who happens to be Alice Liddll.
If you are just seeking an Alice retelling, this isn't the one for you.

Now that we cleared that, let's start talking about what the book is about.
We have two POV's in this one. Finn and Alice's.

It picks up from where the last one ended. Finn is in charge of running the Society and Alice tries to make Rosmarie talk. Todd is gone and not to be found and an old acquaintance shows up again.
While Alice and the others trying to find out who is behind all this, Finn has to return to his timeline to settle some things.

This story was far more slow paced then the first one. It came to a point where I pushed myself to finish the parts that Irene and I agreed upon.

While the story goes on, the plot doesn't. Instead of focusing our attention on finding out about the villain, we focused on Alice and Finn's relationship.
I wouldn't really mind that if the plot of the story would continue on but inestead it stretches on and on and to fill the book the author created situations in which one of our protagonists was in mortal danger and the other ones had to do everything to save them, which meant they dropped everything else to save them.

The questions we had in the first book weren't answered, instead more questions were created and while we uncovered another villain, we don't know if he/she is the main one behind this entire organization.

Sigh. I came to have high hopes for this series.
Maybe the next one will do better...
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April 17, 2016
“You,” Finn tells me, “are a welcome sight.”
As is he. My heart flutters as I take his handsome visage. Tall, sandy-haired, and with the most lovely blue-gray eyes I’ve ever seen, I have been painfully attracted to Finn Van Brunt since the day I arrived at the Institute.”

I’ve never, never, never EVER read a book with such extraordinary characters in the fantasy the genre. They were familiar and unique at the same time. I fell in love with every single one of them, but the bigger part of my heart belongs to Mr. Finn Van Brunt. I was more than happy when I found out that this book was written in two points of view: Alice & Finn.

Alice was again amazing. There were less chapters in her POV, but I didn’t mind that. When I saw her through Finn’s eyes I could see her like I saw her in the first book. Badass, determinate, loyal and loving. She’s such an interesting character! Whenever she stood up for herself or her friend, I was so stunned about her courage and nerve.

“Talk to me, my star” I murmur. Quiet seconds tick by; his fingers have tightened around mine. I lean in and press my mouth against the curve of his jaw, just below his ear.

Finn… well like I said, I love him so, so, so, so much! The chapters in his POV were more than amazing. I loved his little mysterious side and whenever we found out more about his past, the more I fell in love with him. He’s so perfect for Alice and oh my god, the little moments he had whenever he was with Alice were just PERFFFF.

Although Finn & Alice are my OTP, I still have to admit I liked the White King (Jace) a lot! I don’t even have the right words to describe him. Loyal, honest, selfless and perfect just doesn’t cover it. The scenes he had with Finn were SO GOOD. I can see a time where he was perfect for Alice, because what he does for her is just unbelievable selfless. I hope he will find a true love soon and I really really really hope to see him in the next books, because I want more of him!! Now that I think of it... a little novella in his point of view would be kind of awesome too! Heather...? :D

“I’ve fallen in love with you how you make the worst places incredibly romantic. And with the fact that, even though it doesn’t seem like it, we’re so damn alike. You get me when most people don’t.”

The plot of this book is full of action, mystery and romance. They were parts that were very fast paced and where a LOT was happening. This book has a lot of little storylines that came together at the ending. I could never have imagined the ending. It was SO good! I’m in desperate need of book three. I just want it RIGHT NOW!

Oh by the way, you know the curse of trilogies/longer series? Where the first book is brilliant and then the next books become dull, boring, predictable, …? Heather is certainly not going that way. I feel like she has still a huge surprise that will blow us away completely. She absolutely has the potential to be even more brilliant. Aaaahhhh, this series is epic!!! If you haven’t read the first book: DO IT!

“True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to live.”
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June 10, 2016
All the Stars, absolutely phenomenal!!!

Book Title: The Hidden Library
Author: Heather Lyons
Series: The Collector's Society
Genre: Adult Contemporary, Time Travel, Fantasy
Source: Own Kindle E-Book

☆My Pick for Book Theme Song: All or Nothing by Theory of a Deadman --One of my favorite songs for one of my favorite books.

Ratings Breakdown

Plot: 5+
Characters: 5+
The Feels: 5+
Theme: 5+
Flow: 4.7/5
Backdrop (World Building): 4.7/5
Originality: 5+++
Book Cover: 5/5
Ending: 5/5 Cliffhanger: OMG...yes

Will I continue this series? Yeah

Overall Rating: 5+ STARS

My Thoughts

I have such a wondrous love for this series so far, so looking forward to reading the next book, The Forgotten Mountain. but still wanting to savor this one for a bit before I do read it. I'm also way happy that I just found out there is to be a 4th book, The Lost Codex. Oh, and there is also a Collector's Society Encyclopedia. Which sounds kind of cool, I may have to purchase that.

If you like your books unique with numerous references to actual jumping or portalling into all the classics, with some seriously amazing characters, then you should definitely read this. Or, just read it. Because Wow. This is now one of my all time favorites, plus the best second-book-in-a-series I've ever read.

Sex Factor: Yes, this is not YA, but it's only somewhat explicit.

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Author 39 books5,817 followers
May 7, 2015
Loved, loved, loved. So much love. Alice and Finn are better than ever.
Finn...of, Finn.

Heather takes us down the rabbit hole, twists us and turns us, leaving us reeling, mouth wide open. I can't wait to see if Finn and Alice get their happily ever after.
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732 reviews76 followers
December 30, 2016
I loved this one even more than the first book!
September 27, 2015
6 stars!

**Please note if you have not read The Collector's Society, this review will contain minor spoilers. The series must be read in order.**

Heather Lyons has done it again. The Hidden Library is a heart pounding, gut wrenching, beautifully unique story. The Collector's Society (TCS) series is quickly becoming my favorite.

Heather has such a way with words. She can make me laugh with her subtle humor and two pages later leave me crying from heartbreak. The same amazing cast of characters from TCS are back. Alice continues to kick as*, Finn continues to be sexy and supportive, The White King continues to break my heart and make me swoon.

THL is a dual POV story with Finn and Alice. Though TCS was firmly Alice's story, THL focuses much more on Finn's background and their relationship as a whole. TCS is still on the hunt for Todd and his band of villains so they can save Timelines from being destroyed.

A quick trip to Wonderland as well as several other Timelines will keep you on your toes! This is definitely a page turner. The action scenes are well thought out and I loved to see Alice and Finn working side by side.

I won't give away any plot details but as the story goes on, we learn that the cast of Villains is much more complicated that TCS ever thought. Finn struggles a lot with his past and even manages to get himself into some trouble. Alice comes face to face with one of her enemies but has the support of both men that love her.

In true Heather Lyons fashion, when I finished this book my eyes were red and puffy from crying and I loved every single minute of it. Her writing is flawless and the character development exceptional. I have no clue where she comes up with her unique story ideas but I'm so grateful she does.

Now I will be anxiously awaiting book three. This series keeps getting better and is a must read. A rare 6 star rating from this picky reader!

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2,579 reviews40 followers
March 31, 2015
The Collectors’ Society was hands down the most unique book of 2014. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to immerse myself in this world once again and see what new adventures would lie ahead for Finn, Alice, and the other members. Unlike its predecessor, The Hidden Library is written with Alice and Finn as narrators. I absolutely loved this new element. Finn is such a passionate character and seeing his inner thoughts and feelings added so much depth. We finally learn much of Finn’s past and the events that led him to New York. As always, Alice is the dominating and tough heroine I have come to love completely. They are the most dynamic of duos and Finn treats Alice as his equal, his partner. Few heroes and heroines share the intense connection and trust these two have for one another.

Our story is just getting started and, no damn author is going to write it. We will.

Since it a TCS book, there is a ton of action. Finn and Alice definitely have their fair share moments of attempting to save worlds. Danger exists on multiple fronts and their worlds are constantly in danger. However, the best moments are the intimate and loving moments. I can’t describe how much I loved seeing the closeness of Finn and Alice not only with one another, but with others. Their connection is often overshadowed by outside forces surrounding them. Watching their relationship blossom was complete bliss.

He enchants me more. He kisses me, because he knows. He knows me. He knows my heart. He has become part of my heart.

This series has the most distinct cast of supporting characters. Many that were introduced in TCS have returned. I enjoyed seeing Jace again and hope he turns for the third book. His devotion to Alice defines what love should be. Victor has quietly taken a huge piece of my heart, and I want desperately to find out his complete story and connection to Mary. There are also many new intriguing characters added, as well. I have never been a spider fan until this book. However, I had developed a certain fondness for one now. I am constantly awed by the extraordinary people and events Lyons has created.

The ending is complete anguish. I kept clicking my Kindle trying to make another chapter appear, and it just would NOT work. I will be anxiously awaiting to see what happens to my beloved Finn and Alice. I can’t recommend this series enough. It is one of the most unique and well rounded series I have read. It defies all genres.
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1,730 reviews42 followers
February 10, 2015
AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! What?!?!?!

Yeah, I got me an ARC and now I'm DYING!!!!! That's my honest opinion.
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February 26, 2015
I’m just going to apologize in advance for this crazy chaotic fangirl review, that I can only hope will make sense. Nothing I say will come close to doing this book the justice it deserves but please bear with me as I try.

The Collectors’ Society AND The Hidden Library are the first books to be on my Favorite Reads of 2015 list…and we’re only two months into the year. I am absolutely blown away, speechless, amazed, you name it. My socks have been so thoroughly knocked off that at this point I can’t even find them. I will say without a doubt that these books are going to be hard to top. Ms. Lyons has set the bar so incredibly high, as far as I’m concerned. She has created a world that is unlike anything I have ever come across before. Her imagination is nothing short of amazing. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time and energy she put into researching the different characters she’s included in the series, but boy am I 110% grateful for it and in complete awe of her hard work.

I signed up to review The Hidden Library completely unaware of the fact that it was the 2nd book in the series (not the first time I’ve done that), but completely head over heels in love with the idea of this alternate view of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, one of my all time favorite stories. What I never imagined was all the other classic tales that would find their way into this incredibly unique story. My excitement grew with each new addition to the story and every twist and turn. Reading, for me, has always been about the escape. The crazier and less realistic the better! So as a child I was immediately drawn to this incredible story of a little girl who disappears into a rabbit hole and has the most fantastic adventures imaginable meeting the most curious creatures. Naturally I jumped at the chance to delve further into what happened to Alice after Wonderland. Ms. Lyons does NOT disappoint. I’ve walked away with more of an appreciation for this favorite tale of mine and a strong desire to read the other classics mentioned. She has shone a light on these treasures that I have been overlooking for years, and I seriously cannot wait to dive into those worlds. I want to find as many as I can and devour them, just to get closer to the storybook legends she has brought to life.

So about THL...Imagine a world in which your favorite characters from your most beloved stories actually exist! Their lives have played out exactly as described in their individual stories. Amazing right?! Right. Except, these stories are in danger of being eliminated for good, every last person in them gone. The world and all its inhabitants just cease to exist. Even crazier, right?! Right. Stretch your imagination a little further and consider the idea that there is a special society dedicated solely to the preservation of these worlds, or timelines as they’re referred to in the book. What you’ve got is one intense, action-packed, page turner that you will not be able to put down.

What I loved most about the sequel is the use of dual POV’s. In TCS we heard the story from Alice’s POV, this time around we get to hear it from Alice AND Finn. Adding a second POV brings so much more to the table, giving the reader more than one perspective and vantage point. I think it also helped the storyline take a sexier turn, believe it or not. I really enjoyed hearing Finn’s thoughts and feeling his emotions. His childhood was just as chaotic as Alice’s, the only difference being his was based in the “real world” while Alice was in…Wonderland. The historical aspect of his story was absolutely fascinating, a wonderful touch to the story.

I haven’t been this excited about a series in a very long time and I seriously cannot wait for the next installment. Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend this series. These are not standalones, you must read The Collectors’ Society before starting The Hidden Library.
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126 reviews
February 21, 2015
"This pull, this understanding. It's the best kind of magic. It's the kind that makes me want to believe in fairy tales- the good kind. The kind where the endings have hope."

This book picks up right where the last one ended. Our collectors are interrogating a hostage, but having little success. There are people deleting timelines and they are trying to figure out who is behind such heinous crimes.

In The Hidden Library, Finn's timeline is in danger of vanishing forever. He doesn't like to talk about his past, and we come to realize why in this book (or if you've read his books, then you'll already know) because we get to see things from his POV. Alice is curious as well, since she knows very little about his past. When Finn's old friend Tom contacts him after years of radio silence, Finn realizes his past is rapidly becoming his present once again except this time, Alice is there with him.

Of course, our favorite characters run into some trouble and Alice needs Finn's help. We are introduced to new characters, and I don't want to give too much away, but I never thought I would have a soft spot for a spider.

I also loved seeing Alice and Finn's relationship grow. There were some steamy scenes in this book, which I loved. Finn made me swoon quite a few times in this book. They compliment each other so well. They love each other deeply, wholly.

"He knows me. He knows my heart. He has become part of my heart. My gravity pulls at his. He pulls at mine. We orbit one another, me and my north star, and I will be damned if anyone will ever tear us apart."

New foes arise, and our beloved characters are set on a wild goose chase through timelines to stop them from doing any more damage to books entire generations have held dear. There are still so many questions left unanswered, and I can't wait to read what the next book has in store.

Heather Lyons's genius is once again made apparent in this book. While reading The Collector's Society, I was in awe of the plot, characters, and just the entire concept. I kept thinking to myself, man I wish I had thought of this. Then while reading The Hidden Library, she continued to amaze and inspire me to reach beyond the world we know to create worlds we never thought possible. This series is unlike anything I've ever read and I love that I have no idea what's just around the corner. There is nothing predictable about this series. It keeps you guessing, even after finishing the last page. This world she has created is definitely one I wish I could write myself into.

"Madness is a funny thing. One can live with it for ages: embrace it, fall into it, lose their inhibitions with it. Priorities shift. Realities change. Understandings transition. Madness, in a lot of ways, is a comfort. Madness allows soft footing past harsh truths we yearn to flinch away from."

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July 10, 2015
Well, hello. If I had known the sequel would be this good, I would have rated the first book lower for lost potential. In fact, I'm doing it right now.

The mystery of the missing catalysts continues in this second instalment of the Collector's Society and raises more questions than answers. Sure we capture a few more villains this time round. Do they give up anything wothwhile? Ehhh, not really.

Unlike the last time, the literary universes thing seems more natural and the plot was pretty good. It was well paced, interesting, not that far off from that description of the Princess Bride: torture, fighting, revenge, and of course, true love.

Like the last time, the characters were my favourite part of the book. Lyons chooses to write with some of the less well known characters of literature but I don't have an issue with it since I already have my favourite one: Alice Lidell. I can't remember if Finn had a POV the last time, but I'm glad he does because he and Alice are so lovable, sensible and generally awesome people that it would be a shame to have only one of them narrate. And the biggest shocker of all: a love triangle that I liked! Never in the course of my reading did I think they would have been better off without that damn polygon, because it was so well done.

To quote:
“True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to live.”

The last thing I really liked was how (excuse the pun) wonderfully Wonderland was fleshed out. This is why I started reading it, after all - to explore the potential of a magical world. And talking cats, of course.

I'm looking forward to the next one now ^___^
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2,017 reviews230 followers
March 5, 2015
**You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: http://bookbriefs.net**

Note: I will try my best, but there will probably be some spoilers from the first book. If you are new to the series, check out my review of The Collectors' Society HERE. These books need to be read in order.
THL Teaser 1
The Hidden Library is the second book in the New Adult Fantasy Series, The Collectors' Society. And I have to first mention how much I love these covers. I think they are beyond beautiful. Ok, on to the review. The First book, The Collectors' Society, was one of my favorite books of 2014, so I beyond excited to get my hands on the second book. And even more excited when I opened the book on my kindle and saw that I was quoted from my review of the first book. (This has to be the most epic week on the blog EVER! I believe that there are 3 five star reviews in one week and I am quoted in 2 books. Neither of those things have happened before!) This is an amazing follow up to the first book. I have no idea how Heather Lyons manages to do it, but this book really has it all. The characters are even more complex and rich, the storyline keeps getting better and better and the writing is thoughtful, funny, and so very emotional.

The Hidden Library picks up right where the first book left off, but this time we get to see so much more of Finn's point of view! I loved it. The writing switches off between Alice and Finn every couple of chapters, and everything was very labeled and the POV shifts flowed along with the storyline very well. For the first 20% of the book I was a smidge worried that The Hidden Library was going to be a slower read than the first book, but I was completely wrong. The story zips along. Not only do Finn and Alice have their hands full with villains, but they also go into many more timelines than they did in the first book. I loved that because I got to travel to more book worlds, which was one of the things that drew me towards this series in the first place. THLTeaser1

Heather Lyons writing is something to talk about. This lady knows how to write. I love how she doesn't just use twists and turns for shock value, she uses them to layer on complexity and detail into her story. Not to mention she can make you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster ride. She will have you grieving on one page and laughing on the next. Every single sentence and character of hers evokes emotion. I can't emphasize how much I love that about this series. Her writing is masterful, and the Collectors' Society is a series that I can't get enough of. I need the next book right now. I want to go back to wonderland. :) This is not a series for fantasy lovers or new adult lovers. This is a series for all book lovers.


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November 26, 2015
"Words can still be lies even if they are freverently and wholly believed. Names can be lies, too. Names are nothing but assignments. Names are nothing but a costume."

Wow! Heather Lyons has done it again! I am completely blown away right now. I can not wait to get my hands on the next book!

The Hidden Library picks up right where The Collectors' Society left off. Alice and Finn are on the hunt for the villain who stop at nothing to destroy the time-lines. Questions will be asked. Some secrets will be uncovered and loyalties will be tested. Follow Alice and Finn as they try to unravel the mystery of The Hidden Library.

This book is a fantastic follow up to The Collectors' Society. I was immediately pulled into the story. It felt as though no time has passed since I was last with these characters. The writing was brilliant, imaginative and captivating. The story-line is so refreshing. I couldn't help but get lost in the characters and world that Heather Lyons has created.

"Madness is a funny thing. One can live with it for ages: embrace it, fall into it, lose their inhibitions with it. Priorities shift. Realities change. Understandings transition. Madness, in a lot of ways, is a comfort. Madness allows soft footing past harsh truths we yearn to flinch away from."

The Hidden Library is told from dual points of view and wow, what an amazing addition to this story. I loved seeing the events through Finn's eyes. I feel as though I learned so much more about him and can understand him better now. I love his partnership with Alice. Not only is he an amazing friend and partner, but he is completely supportive of her and loves her with every fiber of his being.

"This pull, this understanding. It's the best kind of magic. It's the kind that makes me want to believe in fairy tales-the good kind. The kind where endings have hope."

And Alice....what an amazing strong female character. She isn't afraid to deal with her problems and faces them head on. Never once complaining. When she loves someone, she loves them with everything that she is. She is supportive, kind and definitely curious!

The Hidden Library was such an exciting read for me. I got completely lost in the characters and the story. This book was smart, sexy, full of mystery and had some humorous moments. I loved the romance and the steam factor. There were so many great twists and turns. The closer and closer I got to the end, I found myself holding my breath in anticipation for what would happen next.

If you are looking for a refreshing and unique story that has a twist on some of your favorite fairy-tales, look no further. I highly recommend checking this book out!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*
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February 28, 2015
I was so happy and eager to read The Hidden Library. Heather Lyons totally hooked me when I read The Collector's Society and the sequel in this series was just as phenomenal!!
Being this is book 2, I will be mindful of my review and make sure not to spoil anything fir those who have not read the first book either.
I will say this though...Do not hesitate any longer on these books. Brilliance I tell ya...Just pure genius!!!
The Hidden Library picks up with the suspense that was built in The Collector's Society and boy does it throw you right in to it. We are still following Alice and Finn and their dueling POVs is something that keeps the story intriguing. Being in each characters head allows us to see and FEEL soooooo much.
These two have such a dynamic relationship that I totally lose myself in them. I love their tale from start to finish and as each event transpired within The Hidden Library...I just fell even more for these two...
Heather Lyons has created such a fabulous story. The world she has brought to us gives us a glimpse in to the crazy talent that she has. I am blown away at the ingenuity that she has spun in the suspenseful tale. Action packed that has you sitting on the edge of your seat....Seriously...I was so engrossed...turning pages, biting my nails, eagerly awaiting the outcome of these two amazing characters...And GAH!!! Alice and Finn aren't just the only two that you are so wrapped up in. The secondary characters have you rooting for them or wanting you to slap some sense in to them too...But alas...I had to come to the end of my read and needless to say...I was distraught. Sad that it was ending and flabbergasted at how Heather Lyons decided to leave me HANGING....WAITING...NEEDING the next book....I MUST KNOW what happens next...Ahhhhhh!!!
A mystically fantastic read that takes you on a magical fun journey....Start this series now!!!
October 3, 2015
I was highly excited to dig my nose right into this book head first and came out excited and ready to read more...

Sometimes, the rabbit hole is deeper than expected . . .

This book is simply fabjous and I enjoyed every last minute of it. This was an awesome and wild ride this story was. So much action, suspense and new characters to fall in love with or hate depending on who the character was to our heroic characters from the first book. I love how the author intricately spins a Web of classical stories with the plot of the story. This is a refreshing and fun read. I love these fairy tales that are brought to life by this author and memorable each character is in his story. The ending is shocking and has caught me off guard and has desperately made me want to dive right into the next story. I highly recommend this read to all.
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March 10, 2015
While I still love the concept, this book was not as well executed as the first. I was not a huge fan of the alternating narration, as the author seemed to struggle with Finn's voice. The plot was uneven, with not much of consequence happening in the first half of the book. The second half was much better, and I am still interested to see where the story goes next. However, there are a few too many typos and grammatical errors within the text for a published work, in my opinion. They were frequent enough that they really began to distract me from the story, and I sincerely hope better proofreading is done on any future releases.
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August 30, 2016
Originally posted on Three Little Birds Book Blog

Fiercely fantastic, outrageously original, and deviously delectable – this sequel to one of last year’s most original reads was over-the-top good!

So much happened in this book. So, so much happened in this book! Overall, I fucking LOVED this book. It was so fun and entertaining, and such an outstanding continuation to the first book. I thought The Collectors’ Society was thrillingly unique, and my mind was blown by Heathor Lyons’ creativity and genius, but The Hidden Library was on another level. I didn’t think that was possible! This story was intensely rich and vibrant, and I feel like I just survived the most thrilling whirlwind. My brain is muddled.

I’m so glad that this is a review for book two because I can finally talk about the characters and the world of these books. It was pure torture trying to write a spoiler-free review last time. Not that I’m going to give anything away in this review (I’d never do that), but I can finally give this author the true fangirl service that she deserves. Storybook characters! STORYBOOK CHARACTERS! THIS BOOK IS ABOUT STORYBOOK CHARACTERS!! How could you not love a fantasy romance built around the most beloved and timeless characters ever written? It’s not possible. This is like a book addict’s Nirvana. Alice Lidell, Huckleberry Finn, Abraham Van Brunt, Mary Lennox, Jack Dawkins, Marianne Dashwood, and Victor Frankenstein Jr. are just a few of the awesome characters who make appearances in this book and the first. They are privy to a secret that most of the world is unaware: the worlds that authors create are real, and they’re called Timelines. In order to protect this secret, they’re a part of a clandestine group called The Collectors’ Society, and it is their mission to collect valuable items, called Catalysts, responsible for the existence of these worlds between the pages.

In book one, we learned that the Timelines were being stolen and destroyed by a mysterious villain who may be a part of a bigger scheme, one that the members of TCS are determined to unravel. Like I said, brilliant! Also, totally thrilling. As we follow this main storyline, we learn more about each character and each timeline. Don’t worry; this isn’t just a retelling of the popular stories that have already been told. Heather Lyons put her own spin on each remarkable character and made them even more extraordinary. In book one, we got to know Alice as a complete badass female who escaped madness in Wonderland and joined TCS to become an asset in the battle to save the Timelines. Her partner, Finn, helps her acclimate to the modern world, and a sweet romance begins to bloom between the two. So so sweet.

Book 2, The Hidden Library picks up exactly where book one left off, with Alice being a fierce female, and the Society engaged in a battle to save the Timelines. Everyone involved has to explore sides to themselves that they don’t like to look at, and decisions are made to do what is required to save many lives.

“War often requires a person to do whatever is necessary.”

Have I already said how much I love an awesome heroine? Well, I love and awesome heroine, and Alice is exactly that!

I also love an epic love story, and the one that builds between Alice and Finn is just the best. I swooned, I melted, I evaporated into a puff of sparkly goodness because these two interacting together gave me life. I loved them! Alice and Finn both have trust issues, and they’ve both been burned by life, and it was just the most delicious experience to watch them lower their guards and open their hearts.

“He and I…We’ve never said those words, though, not the ones that truly spell out fragile, deep secrets of a heart and soul. Words so easily and yet unfortunately uttered by many…Words [that] can be the most difficult, most painful, most meaningful, most cherished syllables we gift another person.”

Aww. Love that. This love story is just so juicy because they’re both learning to be in a relationship. Alice has already had a great love, but it was a love that thrived in madness, and what she has with Finn is something new. Finn has his own baggage and scar tissue from his childhood, so to watch him struggle to reveal himself to Alice…gah!! I just cant…*swoon*

“Familiar yet loathed insecurities resurface, and I force myself to remember I am not that kid anymore.”

Alice is patient with Finn, because she knows that he’s worth it. She’s willing to risk the heartbreak that she knows can come from allowing yourself to give in to love. She’s willing to fight for her future.

“Her hands curve back around my face and she stares at me. My heart thumps painfully within my chest, because I swear she’s not just looking at me, she’s unraveling me.”

“She understands what she means to me. How she has stolen my heart…and how I don’t want her to give it back. How she made me believe in love, made me believe it’s real. That it’s worth fighting for. That it’s worth holding onto with both hands.”

I absolutely loved how Heather Lyons built this love story on respect and partnership. I don’t think there’s anything more romantic than a team. When I read about a couple that works together, and helps each other overcome personal strives, and is there for their love – even when they have to put their heart and happiness at risk…damn, there’s nothing better than that.

“And my regrets are so vast sometimes I wonder if they’re going to swallow me whole.”

“She was right, though. If only is a beast.”

Of course there’s angst and heartache – the best love stories always have those, but it’s the kind that makes the couple stronger, and helps their development, so they’re multidimensional and you root for them. Every hardship that they experience only makes the sweet times that much sweeter.

“He kisses me, because he knows. He knows me. He knows my heart. He has become part of my heart.”

So this was a very wordy review, but guess what? I didn’t tell you anything about the plot! I gushed about the romance and the characters because that was my favorite part of the story (and I can’t talk about the action too much, because that would just spoil things), but there is so much more to The Hidden Library, and the only way to understand how amazing this book is is to read it. You have to experience this ride!

This review took forever for me to get down on paper because I kept rereading it, and the reread is the ultimate measure of love for this blogger. I get attached to books and characters. I love revisiting stories, and diving back into places that I loved. If I fall for a book, then it’s very hard for me to let it go, and I don’t think I’ll let go of this one anytime soon.

“True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to love even more…True love encourages you to live.”
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January 7, 2016

*Inkslinger PR kindly provided me with an ARC of the book*

Once again Heather Lyons managed to completely satisfy me! As I've already read quite a few trilogies and series I know that second books (or books further into a longer series) tend to lose their quality and become significantly worse, which is actually pretty sad. Heather Lyons on the other hand is totally different! Her characters are somewhat interesting and the whole concept of this series is fantastic - I can't say it often enough!

Alice Reeves, also known as Alice in Wonderland, is such a strong female lead character! Other characters could definitely learn a thing or two from her. She doesn't complain, she does what is necessary to protect the people she loves - and Timelines, of course - and is generally one brave woman. I seriously have a weakness for badass characters like Alice!

Finn Van Brunt is amazing too! I really liked and enjoyed his scenes with Alice because I think they're (1) a great team that just functions well together and (2) a really, really cute couple - they bring out the best in each other and support one another whenever and wherever they can! Seriously though, what Finn did for her in this book is incredible ... he's definitely more than a good guy and probably also a perfect match for our beloved Alice.

"I will always come to your aid if you need me. Always."

I've mentioned him in my review of "The Collectors' Society" and I'm definitely going to do this here again because he deserves an extra paragraph - The White King aka Jace. He stole my heart in the first book and hasn't given it back yet - he still has it. I just can't believe how amazing this man is - what he sacrificed for Alice and her to be happy, for his world, Wonderland, and all his people there ... he's just so great and I love him a lot! Whenever I read a scene with him and Alice my heart ached because I know how much he loves her but also can't be with her. It's just terribly cruel and I really hope he finds someone else (how about me? I'd volunteer!), so he can be happy too. He definitely deserves it! So, so much! For me, he's one of the best characters of this book/series! *sigh* ♥

Heather Lyons also created various worlds we got to explore a little more in this second installment - Finn's timeline for example! I must say that I loved it! All the worlds are so unique and interesting but so far Wonderland is definitely my favorite - I just love the idea of all this magical stuff and the different "creatures" and so on - I really wouldn't mind reading a book only about Wonderland itself and all the Queens and Kings (especially The White King!) sometime!

"True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to live."

The storyline was a bit confusing and "hidden" at first - I didn't really know what it all is about, except for finding Sweeney Todd and all this other terrible guys who tried to destroy Timelines but obviously there's so much more to that! Especially the last few chapters were really action-packed and fast-paced and I couldn't quite believe what I read and the end itself ... oh cliffhangers, how I love you. And this one was extremely mean. How long do I have to wait for book 3 now? Hopefully not too long, ahhh.

Overall it was a pleasure diving into these worlds again! I love the characters, Heather Lyons writing style, her ideas in general and just everything about this book. I'm recommeding the first book to everyone who asks and who I think would enjoy it immensely but I want to say it again - READ IT! You won't regret it! ♥

15th February:
Oh my gooood, I can't believe I'm already finished with this, nooo!

Heather Lyons is incredibly talented and I absolutely looove her writing style, the characters and her ideas - I'm completely drawn into the story and want to live there myself, it's so amazing! Or well ... If I'm being honest, I'd like to stay with Jace. He stole my heart in the first book and still has it, of course. I just love him loads. *sigh* ♥

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March 4, 2015
"The thing is," Finn continues quietly, "the Queen of Diamonds doesn't require me to fight her battles. She's more than capable of fighting them herself."

I am so deeply immersed in this series, it's not even funny you guys. Upon finishing The Collectors' Society, I instantly wanted the next book in my hands so I could embark on the next adventure. Now, after finishing The Hidden Library I ALSO want the next book in my hands, because this time there's a cliffhanger. And lives are hanging in the balance and I JUST CAN'T. I absolutely adore the premise behind this series and I love that we are thrown once more down the rabbit hole in this one. We have some new players, as well as new enemies that threaten The Collectors' Society and what they have worked so hard to accomplish.

I love that Lyons has made this dual-POV too. We get an even deeper connection to Finn this way and I loved getting inside his head, seeing how much he cares for Alice, his friends, his family, and how seriously he takes his job. I liked Finn well enough in the first book, but I really fell for him in this one. He is really a good match for Alice and I love that he doesn't falter at having a strong, independent girl by his side. They are partners in every sense of the word and I really appreciated seeing that dynamic between them. We also get a lot more of Finn's backstory in this one, which I enjoyed, as heartbreaking as it was. Confronting his past is not easy for him to do and yet he does so anyway, knowing the pain, anger, and regret he would feel.

Alice and Finn's romance is also a bright spot for me. I love their moments together and that Lyons weaves romance into a plot that is focused on finding answers and who is behind the deletion of timelines. I also love that they still get sexy times amidst all of this. In addition to Finn and Alice, I do love Victor and Mary too. I wish we would have gotten a bit more on the romantic spectrum with them though.

For those of you who loved going to Wonderland in the first book (*points at self*), you are in for another treat! We do get to see some of our Wonderlandian favorites and I think that particular arc was my favorite. Some of it could be rather bittersweet and I found my heart once again torn in half over the injustice of fate and destiny.

I am beyond intrigued by the events that have played out in this one. I couldn't help but be taken by surprise by seeing some of those allied together and I am eager to find out how it will all unfold. The last 1/4 of the book is a flurry of action and my eyes were wide upon reading and I couldn't make myself read fast enough to discover what in the world was going on. I am incredibly suspicious of one character in particular, as I have never fully trusted them, so I am definitely curious as to whether or not my gut instinct is correct.

Overall, I found this to be an excellent sequel. The first half of the book does not read as fast as the second half does, but Lyons' use of foreshadowing is key and I believe the details to be a necessity to understanding what is happening later on in the book, as well as in the next one. I am so anxious to get my hands on the next book because holy ending full of action, suspense, and anticipation!

"True love does not have limits or restrictions. True love allows a person to love deeply and unconditionally. True love does not ask you to let go of life. True love encourages you to love even more, Princess. True love encourages you to live."

*Received a copy of this book via InkSlingerPR in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
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November 5, 2016
Warning: To avoid spoilers, do not read this review if you haven't read book one.

The magical journey continues. While the love story between Alice and Finn grows, the two are tested in nearly every encounter in this story, yet their commitment and care for each other show through time and time again.

Although we had a bit of a cliffy in book one, with yet another catalyst destroyed, and an attempt made on Van Brunt's life, this book started off slower than I expected. That's not to say a lot isn't going on. . .
The Society begins their interrogation of Rosemary.
Alice once again encounters the stranger, Gabe.
Finn struggles with the past that won't seem to let him go.

The information obtained by the Society about why catalysts are being destroyed and who is directing the moves of Rosemary and her cohort, Todd, doesn't come to light as you would expect. Reflecting back on their actions, I think the Society became too overconfident in their abilities and let their guard down. They are truly exposed when Finn takes on an old enemy. From there, the story really takes off.

Just like book one, I was memorized when Wonderland is revisited. I love how the author takes bits and pieces of the story we all know, and adapts them to her storyline. Given the dire situation occurring back home, I liked how Finn risked everything for Alice. Their love is evident in every action they make. In addition, the hint of the old love triangle is challenged, but with how each man handled things, it made me respect them more.

What I love about this series is how everything ties to books, whether it be travelling through old stories I have enjoyed over the years, or the interwoven scenes involving libraries. The Society has put their trust in others who share a love of books, but some of that trust will be tested. What was once a reality, is a mystery. Old enemies resurface and the power of one man is exposed at the worst possible time.

While the beginning of this book was slow, it felt like non-stop action for the last 20%. So much to take in, my brain is still churning. I thank my lucky stars that I have book three already, because with that ending, I have to know more.

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description description description description
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June 2, 2019
5/1/19: Adding the audiobook (non-CD) format.
6/1/19: Adding my full review

★¸¸.•*¨*•★Minor spoilers alert★•*¨*•.¸¸★

Format read: Unabridged Audiobook via Audible’s Romance Package membership
Narrated by: Gemma Dawson
Series: The Collectors’ Society, Book 1
Length: 10 hrs and 40 mins
Release date: 06-14-17
Writing Style: 3rd person omniscient
Publisher: Audible Studios


Overall ★★★★★
I talked a couple of book buddies into buddy reading this one with me, and so far all, of them have thanked me for doing so.

Performance ★★★★★ Gemma Dawson continues to knock the proverbial performance ball out of the park! I am so loving her voice acting and choices for both male and female characters. Doing both genders is no easy feat.

Story ★★★★★ Boy, did they spiral down the rabbit hole in this sequel! The uniqueness of this series has me seriously hooked.

Warning: this one ends on a cliffy, so have book 3, The Forgotten Mountain ready to go.
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475 reviews
February 4, 2017
I´m not sure how I should rate this 2nd installment as a complete work. I´d rather split my opinion down the middle and rate one half with solid four stars and the other half with two.

Obviously, I´m still hopelessly in love with the story, the world HL created, her beautifully crafted Timelines and the unique, fresh concept. The plot is filled with rasant wild goose chases, thrilling pursuits and mysterious happenings.

The main plot- The Collectors´ Society´s problem with the stranger who destroys Timelines - continues on as fast paced as it ended.
Old friends and foes grace the story with their presence just a s much as new, fitting characters. The crew gets closer and closer to lifting the stranger´s identity while being confronted with the madden game players and their dirtiest tricks.
Wonderland mixes with modern technology and Neverland greets from the sidelines.

A weird, albeit perfectly working combination determined to keep you hooked on the plot like the hatter on juice. Alice keeps growing on me, being the badass, no-nonsense queen she is. Instead of breaking down or despairing in times of no reasonable solution, she gets angry. She gets furious and crazy and simply refuses to be bested. She doesn´t blink an eye at violence, encourages rightfully hateful acts of revenge and recedes to eye rolls in the face of drama.
Alice, a heroine after my own liking.

All this adds up to a captivating 2nd installment with a fulminant ending.

On the other hand, though, we have the insufferable situation of relationships tangling together in a net of annoying, sappy confessions. Alice has this wonderful, disgustingly perfect relationship with Finn that is based on faith, trust and pixie dust. All you´d ever want, rolled into one pretty package.

Yet she keeps thinking of Jace, who (hooray!!) made quite the appearance in this installment. I love Jace and I´m a total sucker for their love story. Way more than for Finn´s tbh. But since Alice chose Finn, she rally should keep her distance from Jace. Instead, it´s more among the lines of:
Ooooh Jace, you are so great and good and generally perfect, willing to risk your life for me constantly. I love you still, but I wouldn´t have chosen you if I could, because FINN. He is my true love. We only thought we had that, apparently. Love is so cruel to pull us apart, to force us to burry our dreams and hopes. If only destiny… Oh look Finn!! I´m going to dry hump him and undress him with my eyes and continue displaying our uncomplicated love right in front of you. Thank you so much for understanding and still loving me with this favor, while I gradually forget about you.

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March 4, 2015
I truly didn't know what I was getting into reading this book, but, what I found, was a lush world of literary romance in today's world.

See, in this world, the characters are from books, and they work to save books. Alice, from Wonderland? She is all grown up and a warrior Queen, willing to take on a maniacal murderer. Huck Finn? Victor von Frankenstein? They got adopted by Brom and Katrina van Brunt (from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow) and raised in today's NYC. Finn and Victor are top operatives in the Collectors' Society. Finn and Alice are, in fact, a couple (expect some nice bam-chicka-wow-wow!).

Their current mission is to hunt down a rogue editor, believed to be Sweeney Todd, who has been collecting legacies--bits of ephemera that contain the 'soul' of a book--and destroying them. This, in turn, destroys the Timelines of every character in the book. It is akin to literary genocide, and was responsible for Katrina van Brunt's untimely death.

Along the hunt, Finn and Alice have to enter Finn's Timeline, the world of Huck Finn, to pay respects to The Widow who is dying--and deal justice to Tom Sawyer, who caused Jim to die. It's a HUGE kerfuffle.

Don't think Wonderland is sitting on the sidelines. The Queen of Hearts has a diabolical plot to kill Alice, despite her absence into the "real world". Alice had to leave in order to save her subjects, which meant abandoning her first love, the White King. Now, Finn has to seek his assistance in saving the queen of his world.

And, what the heck is happening with Peter Pan? The man who seems to be pulling all the strings is clearly a double-talker. And his house is an homage to the written word...or is it? His hidden library seems to be the key, if only Finn and Alice could find the door.

Here's the thing: I loved this book's pace and story. I found it thrilling and creative. Finn and Alice have to search their souls over, and over. And over. There's this part of writing that says authors have to torture their characters to give them depth--well these characters are practically water-boarded. The result? They leap off the page.

With the climax coming so close to the end, I was terrified we would be left with a horrifying cliffhanger. As it stands the cliffhanger is not-quite-barbaric to the reader, but...it's certainly uncomfortable. Looking forward to the next book!
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