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Shark Detective!

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Perfect for fans of Love Monster and Dragons Love Tacos, this sweet and funny story about an unexpected friendship will delight creatures of all ages.

During the day, Shark lived a lonely life in the big city . . . but at night, he dreamed of being a detective. When a kitty goes missing, could it be time for Shark's dreams to finally come true?

32 pages, Hardcover

First published September 1, 2015

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Jessica Olien

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Profile Image for Ariel Cummins.
810 reviews14 followers
October 30, 2015
This book is filled with bold lines and bright colors, but even more than that, it's filled with sly humor. Every single spread brought something to chuckle about, from Shark's little slippers to the facial expressions of the cat he encounters (spoiler alert, I guess?). I'm really surprised with the strength of the plot in this book - it's definitely short enough to read aloud in a preschool setting, but has a nice beginning, middle, and end.

One of my favorite picture books of the season!
Profile Image for Erin.
265 reviews5 followers
October 2, 2017
This is a freaking adorable book! It's about a lonely shark that loves to watch detective shows. One day he sees a lost kitten poster and it changes his life. The author shows how serious this shark is about being a detective. He does tai chi and tries to get into the mindset of the missing kitty. I highly recommend this to anyone with toddler aged kiddos. My son has read it several times since we checked it out last week.
November 18, 2017
I dare you to read this book without smiling, or perhaps even laughing out loud. It is a cute, wonderful, cozy, feel-good adventure for children. The illustrations are in a cartoon style, which only serves to make the book appropriate for ANY age! I send out gratitude and appreciation to Jack and Miles, two guys who apparently know a good book when they read it, for recommending it to me. The story even includes a scene in a library. Yay!
Profile Image for Eden Grey.
295 reviews65 followers
September 7, 2015
Shark loves watching detective shows and eating potato chips. One day Shark sees a flier for a missing cat and he decides to become Shark Detective! He spends all day searching for the missing cat, but no one he talks to will help. What is a Shark Detective to do? Find out by reading the heartwarming and hilarious "Shark Detective" by Jessica Olien!

The illustrations are bold and bright, taking up entire 2 page spreads that readers won't be able to look away from. The dialogue is short and to the point, and the text is bold and in-your-face, perfect for the illustration style. Everything about this book, from the pictures to the colors and the font, scream "fun!"

This book is fantastic! It will leave readers of all ages laughing and begging for more adventures with Shark and his detective hat. Highly recommended for shark fans, kids who want to be detectives, and teachers/librarians looking for the best read-aloud picture book of the season.
Profile Image for Ramya.
301 reviews5 followers
March 18, 2020
I love the mystery and detective genre. This was adorable and ... {;-) not really a mystery but more a heartwarming story of finding love and a family. {spoiler alert}. Even more adorable my 5 y.o. nephew read this to me!
Profile Image for Melissa.
1,525 reviews19 followers
December 10, 2015
My husband, naturally, spotted this gem in a Barnes & Nobles and we had to read it immediately! It is as hilarious as one can guess just from the title and cover :) Shark lives in a hotel in the big city but dreams of being a detective - so he sets out one night to solve a crime. The only problem? Everyone runs screaming away from him! Will he ever be able to solve the case of the missing cat??

I really loved the big, bold illustrations, and was delightfully surprised by the well put together plot.
Profile Image for Jennifer W.
474 reviews41 followers
October 24, 2015
Totally cute! I would buy this for my nieces and nephews.

Glad I took it home instead of reading it in the library, it cracked me up!
Profile Image for Lisa Boyd.
551 reviews10 followers
October 2, 2015
Love this book! I really want to be a shark detective for Halloween. I really like the easy narrative and bright but uncomplicated illustrations in this book. Also, cats.
Profile Image for Paula Hollohan.
501 reviews
May 4, 2016
I love stories like this one. Buy this for your classroom library and enjoy it with your students when you get a chance and laugh with them. K-3.
Profile Image for Gina.
Author 5 books22 followers
July 30, 2017
The storytelling worked really well. The pictures are cute, and there is a charming level of enthusiasm among the characters.
Profile Image for Hilda.
1,047 reviews126 followers
December 5, 2017
During the day, Shark lived a lonely life in the big city...but at night, he dreamed of being a detective.

What a delightful book. What a strong beginning to a children’s book. Shark was so precious.
948 reviews6 followers
May 24, 2019
Ok, yes sharks and kittens do not... cannot live in the same habitat! But that's what makes this the perfect book for a paired fiction/nonfiction book comparison about sharks!! Laugh out loud funny! Smiles lines on my face! My students loved reading the speech bubbles("But I'm a vegetarian!") and re-reading to find the fiction and facts in this one! (What was it that we read about a shark's nose?) And how can I not resist a shark that heads to the library to do some research!! We need a sequel!
Profile Image for S.
1,098 reviews
September 12, 2015
Really funny read aloud though I had to bite my tongue the entire time to keep from saying "Land Shark!!"

Shark has always wanted to be a detective - just like the one's he's seen on TV - but when he sees a 'Missing Kitty' poster and decides to take a shot at being one, people respond really strangely to a shark asking for a kitty.

Will Shark become the detective he always dreamed of or will he just cause everyone to run away screaming in terror?
Profile Image for Tim Johnson.
546 reviews13 followers
November 14, 2015
Okay, first off, a shark and a kitten cannot occupy the same biome. It just doesn't work. So if they are underwater, the kitten must drown or be eaten. If they are on land, the shark must suffocate and be eaten. Plus, sharks lack the opposable thumbs necessary to even hold a magnifying glass. Books like this will just completely ruin kids knowledge of zoology.

It was kind of cute though. . . in a don't give up no matter what people say kinda way.
Profile Image for Erin.
3,594 reviews45 followers
October 6, 2015
I wish this had been around for my Mystery Storytime over the summer. A fun, simple story about a shark with detective ambitions.
Profile Image for Villain E.
2,466 reviews9 followers
October 6, 2019
This reads like a book actually written by a kid. Shark lives in the city and fantasizes about being a great detective. He sees a missing cat poster and decides to try. He goes around asking questions and all the humans are like "Aaah, it's a shark!" and run away. Through no actual detective work, shark finds the cat, who has a mystery of his own to solve. They bond and have a big old happy ending.

There's no internal logic about why a shark is walking around out of the water, why he's the only anthropomorphisezed animal, until we meet the cat. But I could absolutely see a five-year-old making up this story and laughing the whole time.
34 reviews1 follower
September 21, 2022
Shark Detective was a good story that used the illustrations to reinforce the plot. There were added commentaries in the illustrations and included different reactions. I enjoyed that the illustrations were very similar to that of super hero comics or movies. The front and back cover began the story. It shows shark looking for a cat which is the whole plot of Shark Detective. This story would be cute to read to younger students and begin talking about stereotypes. All of the people were scared of shark because of what he is when he was really just trying to help. This teaches a good lesson and early elementary students would enjoy this reading.
Profile Image for Vannessa Anderson.
Author 1 book165 followers
October 30, 2019
Shark Detective is a story I’m sure kids will enjoy. Shark wanted to be a detective. Shark got his chance we he saw a picture of a missing kitten on a pole. He believed to find the kitty he would have to disguise himself as a kitty, sniff like a kitty and think like a kitty to do this he went to the library to research exactly how to become to a kitty. The outcome was totally unexpected but enjoyable.
27 reviews
April 20, 2020
Genre: Picture Book
Awards: n/a
Audience:Pre k-1
This is a fiction picture book because it has a talking animal is illustrated.
The colors of this book are mainly dark and have bright pops of colors like yellow, red, grey, and white. This makes the book look more dynamic and the dark colors add mystery.
I would use this book to teach interjections in a read-aloud because the book is very good about showing different forms of interjection like fear, disgust, and excitement.
Profile Image for Jessie.
1,925 reviews25 followers
January 10, 2021
Shark is lonely but wants to be a detective like on TV. He goes looking for a missing cat, finds it, and helps that cat find its mouse. The cat's family is grateful and invites Shark to stay with them.

Sweet and silly friendship story (and kind of about not being scared of someone or something different/not judging people quickly?).
Profile Image for Jennifer.
3,432 reviews44 followers
May 19, 2022
If you can accept the premise that a shark lives in a city hotel room (outside of water the entire time), this is a cute story. There's a ton of sly humor that kids probably won't get, but the adult reader will enjoy. The pictures are a little busy for a big group read aloud, but it's doable if the group isn't too big. A solid, but not outstanding, choice for preschool story time.
816 reviews24 followers
February 1, 2017
This is a very humorous book that might make a great read loud for astute young children. I think my first graders will laugh out loud at it, but not all of them will understand the humor. This will still enjoy the book, but it is clever enough to be beyond the grasp of very young listeners.
Displaying 1 - 30 of 75 reviews

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