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She bears the scars of the past. He blames himself for things he can’t control. Their defenses are up, but in Cecy Robson’s latest Shattered Past novel—perfect for fans of Monica Murphy and J. Lynn—true love lands a knockout punch.
Sofia Tres Santos remembers a time before her life went sour, before her innocence was ripped away, before she began punishing herself with risky behaviors and unworthy men. Now, at twenty, she just hopes she’s ready to rebuild some of what she lost. One way or another, it always comes back to her childhood friend and longtime crush, Killian O’Brien.
As strong as Killian is, Sofia has always been his one weakness. He knows Sofia has suffered and wants to ensure she’s never hurt again—not like before, and definitely not under his watch. When Sofia agrees to work at his mixed martial arts gym, Killian seizes the opportunity to help and protect the sweet girl he’s always cared for. And yet, as he trains Sofia to defend herself using his hard-hitting MMA techniques, he’s drawn to the vulnerable beauty in ways he never expected.
As Sofia grows stronger, she also grows brave enough to open herself up to love. And along the way, she challenges everything Killian believes to be true, showing him that no matter how much he dominates in the ring, the real battle is fought in the heart.

248 pages, ebook

First published May 19, 2015

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About the author

Cecy Robson

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CECY ROBSON is an international and multi-award-winning author of over twenty-five character driven novels. A registered nurse of nineteen years, Cecy spends her free time creating magical worlds, heart-stopping romance, and young adult adventure. After receiving two RITA® nominations, the Maggie Award, the Award of Excellence, and a National Reader’s Choice Award nomination, you can still find Cecy laughing, crying, and cheering on her characters as she pens her next story.

Connect with Cecy online at www.cecyrobson.com, twitter.com/cecyrobson or facebook.com/Cecy.Robson.Author

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2,652 reviews3,234 followers
March 25, 2016
Congratulations to the 2016 RITA Finalist
Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length
4 Need To Be Brave To Love Stars * * * *

Every action has a reaction...this is a truth...What happens in a moment causes a chain of events which could never be predicted. This is life... The only thing we can control is how we handle these events either during and/or after. This is how we become who we are... and hopefully, we have the inner strength to overcome the awful that sometimes can happen.

And the awful does not exist in a vacuum... it bleeds over to the ones we love and those who feel responsible...family and friends... it can manifest itself in violence and revenge... and also unbelievable levels of guilt. Guilt for not being there... guilt for letting others down... guilt for wishing to have made other decisions... the list could go on.

So, once these life changing events happen to the survivor... it is how the person comes out of it... and the path is not easy. Counseling, prayers help but may not be enough to overcome the self hate and fear...

This is a story of finding the strength to be brave; to live fully and fight not only the demons within but the cruelty from others... from the past. Because no matter what progress a person can make in becoming whole and moving forward... there will be others looking to remind you where you have been.

Cecy Robson created something very special in this series, Shattered Pasts. She took families of different ethnicity, combined them in realistic settings and did not shy away from the ugly events which are plastered in the media but hidden on the streets. She has used severe domestic violence and rape in past books with a loving hand for their survivors. It may have been loving but told with a no holds barred truth of the toll it took on all family members and the community which had to deal with it. It took a brave soul to present it so boldly and in this book she continued on the same path.

Sofia was part of the family which lived everyday through the hell of her father's abuse of his family. There was no excuse...he hid behind the cultural Machismo corrupting all that was beautiful in the meaning of the word by the violence he inflicted on his wife and children. Sofia learned how to make her self small, to curl up and try to disappear... and when she was able, to go to a neighbor's home till things settled.

When she was seven, a new family moved in near her...a huge Irish Catholic family with many brothers and a sister. She came out and saw Killian, a boy about 2 or 3 years older than her. She went and sat next to him on the stoop...looked up at his clear blue eyes and dark wavy hair..and asked... do you want to be friends...That was it...the bond was created.

Sofia's brother Teo became friends with Killian. She gave up dolls to play matchbox cars with all the boys. Killian and Sofia were inseparable until the 2 1/2 year difference became middle school/high school time. She was at that younger stage and Killian was developing into a sought after boy...girls want his time and willing to show him how much. He was also developing in the body... learning fighting and getting fit.

With the two of these families and kids so close...Teo leaned on Killian to look out for his sister when he left for the Navy. Promises were made... oaths sworn between young men. Life happened. Young people got hurt and then have to deal with the outcomes.

We meet Sofia when she is grown now and feeling her way through a journey which had many roads to travel... not all the best. She made her way back to a clear path but her journey left many scars... some more public than others. She was always a smart girl; she gravitated to computers because they could not hurt her like people. She is on summer break from college and Killian, now a famous MMA fighter, has his own gym in the neighborhood. He needed help with his website and business so he has Sofia come and work for him. For Sofia, this is too good to be true... she has loved him forever. She has been timid since her rape and it took 5 years for her to stop the hiding and be more sure of herself. We see hard, fighter Killian be soft and gentle with her. He is there and has this way of settling her down.

As Sofia is there in the gym, she fights the urge to hide when she hears ugly whispers about her... about when she didn't care how she behaved... how she would allow things to happen to her but never participated in her mind or heart...It was a very dark period and she had to fight to crawl out of that whole she was in. She did and now is trying to have a fresh start...but the past can never go away...
Killian sees when someone approaches and cages her in the office. The whole family and him attack the guy and his friends, throwing them out of the gym. Sofia collapses; Killian looks out for her and the bonding they had resurfaces.

This is their love story and there are two major parts to it; first the awakening of trust and patience to learn how to let someone she cares for touch her without frightening her. Killian is so gentle and willing to let Sofia take her time... to lead and he follows... fighting his desire to take her and be the man he usually is physically. The path they take together is true and real ... it makes sense and we see how it evolves.

The other part of the story is actually the more complex... it is all about Guilt... and how we handle it; how it can not be the basis for love between people because then it has destroyed the trust and open heart of giving...This is the hard part...to see what is before you... understanding whether things are done out of guilt or freely.

Then there is the continuing part of this series... the main focus of these families and past characters we learned to love. These people are not cookie cutter. They are unique to their lives, yet their pain and issues are things which are very real in this world we live in. When demons are revealed...when the pain they have caused, surfaces in our characters...we understand and hope for their resolutions... and with certainty, we know their future stories will give them what they need.

This is a strong series. This is a series with heart and people willing to show what they are made of. It is a series which should not be set aside. I know I will not.

Suggested Reading of Once Perfect for full impact of story.
Warning: Triggers for Rape and Domestic Violence (in the past)
~~~ Before Reading ~~~

I am really excited to be reading this. Was struck with the first book of this series, Once Perfect. https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

A gifted copy was provided by Random House Publishing through NetGalley for an honest review.

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291 reviews79 followers
July 14, 2015
3 stars!

Sofia is a young girl who has really had a few rough and difficult moments in her life. Her father abused her, her mother and her siblings and she has always been the one who took care of her mother in her darkest moments.

When she was 14, she was raped and from that moment she got lost. Now, she is trying to find her way back and start a new life.

Killian and Sofia used to be bestfriends, but at some point they went separate ways. After a few years, Sofia is hired to work at Killian's gym. Killian is not only the owner of the gym, but also a professional fighter.

They have always felt something for each other and the attraction between them is obviously still there..but will Sofia be able to trust and open up her heart to him again?

This is the second book that I read in this series ( I haven't read the first one yet) and it was a sweet and enjoyable read.

Both Killian and Sofia were likeable characters; Killian was really sweet and patient with Sofia and I loved to see them overcoming the obstacoles in their life together.


He was always there for her and willing to help her through her darkest moments, he sure didn't want to lose her for a second time.

I felt bad for Sofia and with all she went through, I admired her for the way she managed to get back on her feet.

Overall, it was a good book and a cute story. I hope that Flynn's story is next! I seriously NEED his book!

This is the third book in the Shattered Past series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Arc kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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986 reviews1,094 followers
November 1, 2015

4.5 Stars! I was so excited for Sofia and Killian’s story and was not disappointed! Loved this couple!

A well rounded read with some angst, healing, forgiveness, passion, and plenty of steam!

Sofia’s upsetting and tragic past, which had been hinted at in the previous books, is finally revealed in full. While I didn’t think Killian deserved the blame that Mateo handed him, I could see, being as honorable as he was how he would feel he was responsible for what happened. Theirs is a love that started when they were childhood friends, and although the journey to becoming a couple was difficult at times, it was also very sweet, and their destiny was undeniable. There were bumps in the road, but Sofia and Killian overcame them quickly, continued to work on building a solid relationship. The exciting ending showed just how far Sofia had come and that she was no longer a meek little mouse, but a strong determined woman who wasn’t going to allow anyone to hurt her or those she loved.

One of the things that I found so appealing about this series is the Tres Santos sibling connection, the love they have for each other and their protective nature. In Once Pure the O'Brien's added their own special brand of family drama and fun to the read. Finn and Wren were amusing characters; they rooted Sofia and Killian on knowing that these two were destined to be together. There is a darker side to Finn, and I’m hoping that his story is one that will be explored in the future. Wren is my kind of kick-ass heroine, loved her foul mouth and all, and underneath that rough exterior is a kind, understanding, fiercely loyal woman! There are plenty of O’Briens to go around and I want to spend time with all of them!

The gym setting and exploring the professional MMA world was another enjoyable aspect of this read, as was getting a good dose of the sexy Mateo, his lovely Evie, and their little guy, Mattie….and a little bit of Lety and Brody too…oh how I love this family!

The author rewards the reader with an incredibly beautiful epilogue, which choked me up! I’ve enjoyed the Shattered Past series so much and will miss it, but Once Kissed, the first book in The O’Brien Family series is on deck for November, and I for one can’t wait! I’m sure since these families are so closely connected that we’ll get glimpses of Tres Santos family too!

Woohoo…keep ‘em comin’ Cecy Robson!
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2,205 reviews919 followers
August 31, 2018
Sofia Tres Santos is young (20-years old) but has already faced a lot of suffering. Her highly-abusive father regularly beat her and her siblings and she was raped as a teen. She was so traumatized that she then engaged in risky, demoralizing behavior. Now she’s taken control of her life and is going to school and working for Killian O’Brien, an MMA fighter who she grew up with and has secretly admired. He’s highly protective of her, harboring some guilt regarding the violence of her past.

This was the story I waited for as Sofia has healed so much since the first story. She’s still suffering from crippling fear whenever she feels threatened and her own painful sins of her past resurface at embarrassing moments. I loved how she faced these circumstances head on and took steps to try and overcome them. Her relationship with Killian developed rather sweetly and I liked his patience with Sofia, putting her needs ahead of his own even when it was difficult.

The new adult genre can be challenging for me as it’s often fraught with lots of miscommunication and flight is typically the first response to conflict. There’s some of that here but not protracted and it’s eclipsed by the tenderness of the story and well developed characters. The horrific nature of Sofia’s past was handled deftly, nothing gratuitous in the describing as the focus was on her feelings rather than the acts. I felt the degradation, not the physical aspects, which is really great writing.

I liked the narrator who captured the heart of Sofia. She told the story without dramatic embellishment, important giving the topics. I enjoyed so much about this story, primarily Sofia’s triumph and experiencing the little and major milestones. This was a fitting conclusion to the series, especially as the characters from the previous books were also featured substantively. And, you’re in for a real treat with the epilogue. Now that’s how you write an ending!

(I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)
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3,405 reviews449 followers
January 13, 2021
cw: rape

this should have hit me harder than it did... I read all books in the O'Brian series Once Kissedand I enjoyed them so Killan & Sofia are familiar characters.. I think I waited too long to read this series..
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3,001 reviews369 followers
August 28, 2015
There is no question that Cecy is a master at playing with your emotions and when it came to Sofia's story, I just knew this would be the worst of them in the very best of ways. So, with a Kleenex box in hand and the house to myself so no one would see me ugly cry, I cracked open Once Pure and dug right in.

I knew this read would tear at my heartstrings like only Cecy can do but I also know that it would make me laugh, make me smile, and make me happy cry like only Cecy can do and I did, in fact, get all of that.

I have to start by saying that I absolutely adored the O'Briens clan, especially Wren and Finn. I can't even tell you how many times I laughed out loud whenever there were a part of the story. I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that they both get a story in the future because I would absolutely love to read it and experience it.

I felt so much for Sofia as she tried to gain some normalcy in her life. As she tried to move on from all the horrors that she has been through, honestly, way more than any one person should ever have to go through. I loved how much she grew, how strong she became. I was so proud of the person she was by the end of the story. Of really, of all that this family has been through. I loved that we got those glimpses of Teo, Evie, Brody, and Lety as well because they all have cemented a place in my heart and I love seeing their happily ever afters.

This was another wonderful read by Cecy and one that I am so thankful I took and experienced. Cecy really has grown as a writer in this genre and it shows with this latest installment. I'm hoping like heck that she continues to write in it because I know that I, for one, will be picking them up and devouring them as quickly as she can write them.

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1,288 reviews528 followers
May 12, 2015
****Full Review****

3.5 stars

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Sofia and Killian were childhood bestfriends but a traumatic experience leaves its mark on Sofia and sends Killian on a dark winding guilt trip. They go their separate ways for a few years only to reconnect when Sofia is hired to straighten out Killian's accounting for his gym. They rediscover the friendship that was always there while romantic feelings start to make themselves known. These two are meant to be together but as secrets get revealed they are going to have to fight for it.
Once Pure is third in the Shattered Past series but can definitely be read as a standalone, there are mentions of past couples that people who read the previous books will enjoy. Killian and Sofia are both in their early twenties but I still think this read more like a contemporary romance instead of a new adult. They both exhibit sensitivity and at times a lack of confidence that comes with this age but came across more mature in a way that I think will appeal to a broader readership.
Killian is going to steal quite a few hearts with his sexy exterior and tender interior. He owns and runs a gym while being a MMA (mixed martial arts) star but has no problem asking Sofia for help when it comes to balancing the books and promoting. Sofia prefers to remain in the background and while she may have diminished her inner flame, Killian still sees it burning. Sofia's rape is obviously a defining moment in her life but as the story goes on her character grows in way that the strength she builds from that moment is the only thing defining her. Sofia easily could have developed into a one dimensional quiet mousey character but the author infused her with this great strong vulnerability that only became stronger and less vulnerable. Killian had almost the opposite progression, he easily could have been left as the tough, untouchable, and muscle bound alpha but instead he is revealed to be multifaceted. He is, of course, strong strength wise but also gentle, kind, and vulnerable when it comes to Sofia. They are adorable together; the story might get a bit cliché and induce some good natured eye rolls but I still found myself fighting big grins.
Secondary characters, which mostly consist of Killian's brothers and sister, played a big part in the story and I can definitely see some future leading men and woman potential. The first half was quick reading for me as I was locked into Killian and Sofia sweetly coming together while the second half kind of slowed down. All I can say is bring your umbrella because the angst pours down on you. Our leads start to get a little too emotional and begin to question and guilt trip themselves to death over circumstances tied to Sofia's rape. It's all a little heavy handed and one or two of these angst moments could have been left out as all together it became too much.
Now, why I think you all should read this and what I consider the hidden gem of the story is the subtle way Killian builds Sofia up. He is never pushy with her and in fact, the kind way he takes things slow for her will warm your heart, but Killian manages to slowly get Sofia to work out with him and get her to learn self defense moves. In an unmeaningful way that means so much he'll say he wants her to know how to defend herself and then quietly positions her to gain those tools. It's not heavily focused on in the story and why I call it the hidden gem but when Sofia gets herself out of a dangerous situation and says to Killian "I fought because that is what you ingrained in me" it really hit home for me. These two aren't only sweet and sexy together but more importantly stronger together. Killian and Sofia make each other better, what could be more romantic than that?
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1,901 reviews404 followers
February 20, 2016
Hmmm, I'm a bit torn with my rating on this one. See, I loved Killian - he's the sweetest, hottest, badassed (is that even a word?), patient, tolerant, nurturing, hottest (yeah I already said that) alpha male that was so perfect and good for Sofi.

Initially I really liked Sofi, felt for her and still do sympathise with her horrific childhood and subsequent rape as a young teenager. But unfortunately I can't set aside that she let anything with a dick bang her for years yet poor Killian got the cold shoulder and had to really work to get anywhere near her. Double standards much? This sadly killed the book for me, and if it wasn't for Killian and his hilariously crazy family I think I would have ditched this.

So 5 stars for Killian and 1 star for Sofi, so I'll call this 3 stars and be done.
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1,714 reviews430 followers
February 7, 2015
Been DYING to read Killian and Sofia's story and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!

BTW, Cecy Robson, finding out there was going to be MORE books in this series, after thinking this was the end, ABSOLUTELY MADE MY YEAR!!!

*ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Random House Publishing*
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2,417 reviews69 followers
February 10, 2015
Received an ARC for review

Hi! It's me again. The one who reads a book from the middle of the series. This is especially bad considering I have the first two on my kindle and haven't read them.

Ok, enough of that. I loved Killian. He was seriously HAWT! Don't you effing think about touching his girl. Sofia made my heart ache. The rest of their family was amazing too (guess what I'm reading next). The epilogue was perfect. Can't wait for the rest of the series.
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385 reviews17 followers
October 3, 2020
Al contrario di Lety, che ha un carattere battagliero, che non si è lasciata piegare, Sofia è più dolce e fragile, quello che ha subito, l'ha devastata, per anni ha voluto farsi del male conducendo una vita promiscua, voleva annientarsi e morire, fino a che non ha deciso di reagire, ma non sempre ci riesce, ancora ci sono situazioni che la paralizzano, ma ecco accanto a lei Killian, di nuovo presente, come da bambini, loro due erano migliori amici, ma arrivati all'adolescenza il loro rapporto è cambiato un po', Killian ha scoperto altri interessi 😉 e quello che è successo a Sofia li ha allontanati...
Dopo anni si ritrovano a lavorare insieme nella palestra di Killian e tra loro nasce un rapporto più profondo, Sofia torna a vivere, a provare sensazioni, che le erano state strappate con violenza, ma ci sono ancora tanti dubbi, fragilità sensi di colpa, anche Killian ha i suoi segreti...
Ho amato molto la metamorfosi di Sofia, lungo tutta la storia e come nonostante tutto quello che ha passato sia rimasta una ragazza dolce...
Anche questa storia è stata emozionante, ma allegerita dai siparietti esilaranti della famiglia O'Brien...

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530 reviews
December 13, 2020
Really disappointed with this book. The author used rape as a plot device abs did it horribly. The hero and heroine had been childhood friends. The even had their first kiss with each other at children. Hero cloaks to have been in love with her since he first saw her when the they were kids. When they were 14/16 he was supposed to walk her home from school. Instead he took off with the school slut (right in front of her, he chose the other girl) and left her to walk alone. It broke her heart. She was violently raped on the way home from school. The author described this scene in such detail that I immediately hated the hero. Then the author made everything worse by going the poor “broken victim” route and she became a massive slut that let boys use her over and over. She didn’t have a healthy enjoyable sex life, she made sure to describe how pathetic she was. I wish authors would stop with this crap. Stop having a hero screwing another chick while the heroine is being RAPED! He is unredeemable after that. Some things are just unforgivable, and this guy didn’t even grovel. When his need to get laid caused the girl that he “loved” to be raped you would think he would learn something. But no, he went on to be a manwhore. All while he later claims he was in love with the heroine. Just so freaking pathetic. Adding in all of the unhealthy sex she had afterwards, and this book is just a joke. Note to author... Women can recover from being a victim without screwing everything that walks. I’m so tired of seeing this crap!
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3,336 reviews1,017 followers
May 23, 2015
I have been dying to read Sofia and Killian's story ever since they were introduced in the first book of the Shattered Past series. Sofia is the youngest of the Tres Santos family and her siblings Mateo and Lety have always been very protective of her, something that only increased when she went through a horrible traumatic experience a few years ago. Sofia's experience broke something inside of her and the previously shy and quiet girl went completely off the rails making poor choices when it came to men. It's taken a long time but Sofia has finally put her life back together, she is studying hard and knows what she wants from the future but she is still very timid and her experience has made her very wary of new people, men in particular.

Killian has always had a special place in his heart for Lety, they were childhood friends and he cares deeply for her but she is his best friend's little sister and therefore should be off limits. That hasn't put a damper on the attraction he feels for her though and he would do anything to erase the past and give her back her confidence. When Sofia agrees to help Killian update the website for his MMA gym it means working in close proximity and Killian sets out to help Sofia regain her confidence. He starts with self defence training but the more time they spend together the more he realises that he wants so much more. It's not going to be easy to convince Sofia to give him a chance but she is definitely worth fighting for.

I absolutely loved this story, we've already seen how much Sofia has been through and I was desperate to see her find happiness and start putting the past behind her. More than anything Sofia is a survivor and I loved seeing her slowly grow more confident as Killian and his family encouraged her to stand up for herself. Killian was fantastic, unlike so many new adult heroes he's not a player, sure he's no innocent virgin but he's not someone with a different woman on his arm every night who has no intention of settling down. In fact, for a long time the only person he has been able to think about is Sofia. He is incredibly patient with her and I loved the way he helped to build her up, when he looks at her he sees a strong and independent woman and he wants her to see herself in the same way. They do have issues to work through but I never doubted that they'd be able to make it in the long term.

Once Pure is quite an emotional story, it's utterly heart wrenching and in places brought tears to my eyes but there is also plenty of humour thanks to Killian's crazy siblings. Can I just say right now that I loved all of the O'Brien clan and I'm incredibly excited that Cecy Robson will be writing stories for each of them. I'm already particularly excited about Finn and Wren's books but I know I'll be devouring them all! Another thing I really enjoyed was getting the chance to catch up with both of the previous couples. Mateo is not happy when he finds out about Killian and Sofia but the guys work things out and I think even Mateo can see how good they are together. I love this series and can't wait to continue reading it.
279 reviews2 followers
February 17, 2015
Loved..loved...loved it. First you had the story of Teo and Evie. Then you had Lety and Brody and now you have the story of Sofia and Killian. I think what grabs me about these stories is the strength of the characters. Despite the crap things in life they are dealt, they always seem to rise above it and find the strength to come out stronger. Sofia and Killian have been friends since they were children and have probably loved each other just as long. As Killian says, when as a child she smiled at him and asked him if he wanted to be her friend he was all hers, she just didn't know it. However, when Sofia was a teenager she was raped and Killian has always blamed himself. The story itself picks up a few years after this incident when Sofia and Killian meet up again. Sofia helps Killian set up a new website for his business. As they work together, they start to become closer. It starts out as a sweet romance because in a way this is Sofia's first romance. Killian helps Sofia over come her fears of intimacy and teaches her how to fight for herself. And while Killian might at first feel he is with Sofia out of guilt, he realizes he cannot live without her. He sees himself married to her and her as the only mother of his children. What I also like about these stories is that while there is drama, it is not overly done that it takes away from the storyline. I also like that there is always humor written into the story. Killian's family is a riot. You just never know what will come out of their mouths. You can also feel their strong family bond. I also like that the author starts getting you to you think about the next storyline. Maybe Finn and Sofia's cousin, Sol? Wren and ?. I can't wait for the next book. Definitely recommend this author.
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180 reviews1 follower
February 26, 2015
5 Amazing Stars!!!

ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book was amazing! I loved it! I read Once Loved first, which is actually the second book in the series, so now I have to go back and read the first one. But, this one is my favorite so far. I've been wanted to read Killian and Sofia's story since I got a sneak peak of them in Once Loved. So glad I was approved for this ARC. I got lost in the pages, and couldn't seem to put the book down. I devoured it in less than 2 days!

Sofia has a very troubled past. She has built up walls and is very timid and broken because of everything that happened in her past. She starts working for her childhood friend, Killian who she's been in love with since she was a little girl. Killian owns his own MMA gym and he hires Sofia to help with the finances and advertising. They become much closer over time and soon their walls they have built up from their pasts starts crumbling down.

I loved, loved, loved Killian! "What if you tie me up?" REALLY! Hot Damn! He was funny, sexy, smart, charming, sweet, caring, protective.... Seriously, the list goes on and on. Perfect book boyfriend! I admired Sofia, and loved her character even more as the book when on. I simply admired her. After everything she went through, you see her slowly transforming into a strong, brave, and confident young women. The author does a great job with this is in book. You notice the change slowly throughout the book in her thoughts, her demeanor, and what she says. Very good writing!

I can't wait to go back and read Mateo and Evelyn's story now! Read this book! Trust me, you will not regret it! Great read! Thanks again!
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6,949 reviews827 followers
May 13, 2015
Paige's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

I liked the others in the series but the story between Killian and Sofia is my favorite. This can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the other two first. The subject matter of the book was bit of a struggle to read at times but the author handled it with compassion and caring.

I loved watching Sofia grow from the first book until this one. She was so fragile when we first were introduced to her. I enjoyed watching the changes in her throughout the series. I thought she had the most obstacles to overcome.
Killian came back into her life at the right time. I loved the underlining current between these two throughout the series. You knew they would be explosive when they finally connected.

I liked his over protective nature when it came to Sofia. I also thought the author did a great job showing his emotional struggles.

While some storylines and characters I thought were over looked, I liked being introduced to new characters. Especially Killian’s family. I also liked reconnecting with Teo and Letty.

Review copy provided for an honest review.
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May 9, 2015
This was such a good story! Sofia has gone through so much in her life and she feels weak and broken. Killian wants to protect her and make sure no one ever hurts her again. Killian and his sister, Wren (who I hope gets her own book because she's hilarious and awesome!!!), teach Sofia self-defense. I loved how Sofia gained strength throughout this book and took back her life and gained even more. This story deals with a lot of really sensitive issues but this author handles them extremely well and realistically. Even with the sensitive subject matter, this author also managed to add a little humor as well. Overall, this is a really beautiful romance and I highly recommend it!

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**
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April 8, 2015
Once Pure is another winner!! After reading Once Loved and Once Pure back to back I'm kind of glad I have to wait for the next book in the series so I can get some sleep tonight!!

Once again Cecy Robson kept me reading into the early morning hours. I LOVED the alpha, protective Killian and sweet (but not too sweet!) Sophie. I loved getting to reconnect with Teo and Evie from Once Perfect. And I loved meeting Killian's siblings. Now that I see the series is continuing I hope we get to see Finn and Wren's stories!! And Seamus and Molly's. And Curran's. Such an entertaing group!

I highly recommend this book!
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May 4, 2020

Eccovi il capitolo conclusivo della Shattered past Series di Cecy Robson, dopo Teo e Lety questa volta tocca alla più piccola della famiglia Tres Santon Sofia e al suo Killian.

Sono tutti stand alone e si possono leggere separatamente, accomunati dalla nefasta storia famigliare, da quell'orco del padre Carlos che ha rovinato l'infanzia e non solo a tutti e tre i figli, una famiglia cubana vecchio stampo trapiantata a Philadelphia.
Sofia alla giovane età di vent'anni si trova a essere una sopravvissuta non solo per la violenza del padre che durante la preadolescenza la costringeva a indossare magliette a maniche lunghe in piena estate per nascondere i lividi ma perché all'età di quindici anni subisce uno stupro e il periodo di abusi che ne consegue la fa crescere fragile e nella paura.
Bellissima con i capelli neri e ricciolini, occhi verdi, pelle olivastra e un fisico che non può più nascondere nonostante i vestiti lunghi e poco appariscenti.
Finalmente può guadagnarsi qualcosa da sola e avere un po' di indipendenza economica da quella famiglia che tanto l'ha bistrattata quando risponde a un annuncio, un sito web da rimettere a posto per una nuova palestra di arti marziali il cui responsabile non è niente di meno che il suo amico di infanzia, Killian.
Killian ha pochi anni in più di Sofia, capelli corvini e occhi blu da cardiopalma, fisico massiccio e statura imponente, è un campione MMA che mette sul ring tutta la frustrazione di scelte sbagliate, rimpianti che riguardano la protagonista e avvenimenti con gesti estremi che l'hanno cambiato inerenti alla sua famiglia.
Irlandese e cattolico di origine, con un'enorme croce celtica tatuata sulla schiena, appartiene a una chiassosa famiglia di sette fratelli che per anni hanno abitato proprio davanti alla sfortunata famiglia Tres Santos, sono inarrestabili e molto curiosi, i fratelli Finn e Wren accompagnano i due protagonisti nella narrazione, Wren soprattutto aiuterà Sofia nell'apprendere quelle mosse di autodifesa che la faranno prendere coscienza della sua forza e la porteranno a reagire, finalmente.

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May 20, 2015
Mon avis en Français

My English review

Cecy Robson always takes me completely away with her books, whatever the genre that she may write. Her Weird girld series is a pleasure to follow and it is the same with her Shattered Past one. I do not read a lot of New Adult novels but each of her books touched me deeply! Having had the chance to follow a brother and sister from one family, we find this time the youngest, Sofia Tres Santos.

Our heroine has crossed many obstacles since childhood and we could really understand all that through the first two volumes. Sofia was also hurt, even more than her brother and sister because of her nature and it is true that we hope she will come to rebuild her life as she would like it to be. Alas, nothing is ever simple. But now, she is determined to get her act together and to move forward! So for that she comes to work for Killian, or at least to help him with the new gym that has just opened. And as they evolve together, a nice story appears between them, a link that touches us and moves us. Yet both hide secrets that reappear and threaten their relationship more than once. Will they ignore it all and experience something together?

Cecy Robson has a true gift to convey the feelings of the characters in her novels, and I must say that she isn’t really sweet with them! We hope, we suffer and we are happy with them throughout the history. It is very easy to relate to Sofia and to understand her and I loved to see her evolve in the course of history, to see her become stronger, to see her face her past and finally to get to break away of it to advance. We also fall easily under the Killian’s spell. He is sweet and patient with our heroine, trying to do the best and remains present for her when she needs it. But in addition to our main characters, we also find those that we have previously discovered with great pleasure. It’s so nice to see what they became and how they interact together.

So yes, you have surely understood it, I had a great time with this new book. Cecy Robson has once again shared a story that keeps us in suspense throughout the chapters that I struggled to put down. I do not know if this is the last volume now as it’s the end with this family but in any case it was a new very good third volume and I can only advise you to start the series.
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May 20, 2015
For me, ONCE PURE was a highly anticipated release because I was intrigued with Killian and Sofia from the beginning. I wanted to know WHAT happened between them, or what was the link that held them together, and Cecy gives us that and so so much more!

On a side note, I can't wait for the O'Brien siblings to get their books, they are such a boisterous family who love each other but still can drive each other crazy, those are my favorite kinds! I know their romances will be just as much fun as the Tres Santos Family was!

Aside from Killian and Sofia having some beyond excellent chemistry...get the fire hose ready ladies...there is a connection there, we don't know if it's love, if it's respect, if it's sisterly affection or guilt, but it is definitely something, and Cecy takes us on such an emotional ride with ONCE PURE, that I swear I started it and a moment later I felt as if I just tore through the pages until I was ripped open and raw with emotion. Be prepared to go through the ringer with ONCE PURE.

With Cecy's signature recipe for romance [High-Emotion and Steamy in the Sheets], ONCE PURE was nothing short of perfection!
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February 8, 2015

You don't touch Killian's woman, that boy will go all animal on you a **, "you effing touched my girl?" Killian roared at him. "You effing touched Sofia!" Killian has a hard time paying attention to things when his woman is involved not to mention he's not bashful;
"The one outlining everything my program does. I emailed it to you three weeks ago."
"Were there naked photos of you attached?"
My cheeks heated, but I laughed anyway. "Um, no."
His response wasn't even the least bit apologetic. "Then why would I open that s***?"
I loved this book I'm always looking forward to the next one in this series.
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Shelved as 'nfmaa'
November 5, 2018
Spoiler/note to self

h was raped as a teen and then had sex with lots of different guys in the years following before she eventually got her life together.
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December 8, 2016
Once Pure is the third book in Cecy Robson’s Shatter Past series and features Sofia Tres Santos, a young woman whose past has left its mark. Throughout the series, we have witnessed the attraction between her and Killian O’Brien. In Once Pure Robson finally rewards us with their story.

Touching, tender and with secrets that could rip them apart I quickly became caught up in their story. Sofia has always been the most fragile of the Santos family and has the deepest scars. I was worried about how Robson would handle the romance between her and Killian.

I enjoyed watching this delicate romance with its tender moments unfolded. Their story was not an easy one to share. Killian carries guilt for what happened to Sofia and blames the events on himself. Sofia carries not only the memories of that painful event but also the dark path it led her own.

Robson tackles some tough issues including domestic abuse, rape and molestation. She tackles these topics head on and does not gloss over the darkness that grows from them. At its heart, the story is about healing and finding love and forgiveness. Of being ok with the past and moving, forward. She also weaves in secondary stories involving other characters. Wren, Killian’s sister and Finn both have me curious. Robson even gave us updates on previous couples as we see Mateo and Evie, and heard from Brody and Lety.

While I still am not a fan of the angst, miscommunications and volatile relationships typical of the new adult genre, I do love the heart that Cecy Robson brings to these characters and enjoyed Once Pure. I am looking forward to the next books in this series.

Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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October 20, 2015
If you've read this series since book one, then you've been on high alert waiting for Killian and Sofia's story. Or at least you should have been!

Their story is touching and tender while seriously hot and amazingly sexy!

You're going to feel a lot when you read this story. Sofia's background is not an easy one and Killian has always been the protector. They've known each other for forever but had a lot of baggage to unpack before moving thru to HEA.

The story wasn't without its predictability but yet you will not put it down once you start because Killian and Sofia are that perfect of a fit!

ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review
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February 10, 2015
Thank you to the author and Netgalley for providing a copy for an honest review.

I have been waiting for Sofia’s story since Once Perfect. I knew this was going to be a good one and I was not disappointed. I have read all three of the Shattered Pasts books and I can’t decide if this one is better than Once Perfect. I love how strong Sofia is despite her thinking she is weak. Killian, such a big heart but when this hunk messes up he goes all out. Killian’s little brother is going to be another emotional one. I can’t wait!
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