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Nova Ladies Adventures #1

Ding Dong! Is She Dead?

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It's tough being a Nova Lady! Allie loves delivering and helping her customers until she arrives at Megan's house to find the door broken and a trail of blood leading down the hallway.
Ding Dong!!! Is She Dead? Allie must find a way to save Megan's daughter from the person that is determined to kill them no matter what.

203 pages, Paperback

First published September 18, 2014

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About the author

Paris Morgan

42 books5 followers
Paris' passion for finding justice for victims came from working with several organizations that help those in need. Gaining knowledge from a police ride-along and her criminal justice class while in college, it brings an authentic flavor to her characters in her Psychological Thrillers and Suspense Novels.

When she isn't trying to figure out way to save her characters from serial killers, she enjoys watching t.v. shows and reading from her TBR list.

She also writes spicy, steamy romances under the name Pepper Paris while fighting zombies under the penname Alathia Morgan.

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Author 20 books85 followers
April 23, 2017
I admired the character, Allie in this book. She has a lot of strength and determination, and empathy toward others. The story flowed well, the characters are likeable, and the romance is sweet, not cheap. It's an easy read with a pleasant amount of suspense. It borders on a cozy mystery, but it tackles a serious social issue. I could see this being a successful series for the author, much like the Stephanie Plum series, and the author gives an except from chapter two at the end. I'll be watching for its release.
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1,921 reviews21 followers
August 8, 2015
For a debut novel this was quite a good story with an intricate plot full of lots of complex characters and a fair amount of mystery.
I was really baffled though by all the readers who proclaimed this was humorous (the cover sure "looks" like it is comedic story)...for me it was anything but funny. A woman who has to go into witness protection because she did the right thing by reporting a crime she witnessed and then yet again gets herself involved in a horrific situation by helping a battered woman and child get away from the abusive husband who wanted to kill anyone who got in his way. It seems like this book was a cautionary tale for women everywhere...don't get involved with other people's problems unless you want to find yourself dead...and the stories surrounding Allie were all dealing with woman vs men in various ways.
I found many of the male characters to be very unlikeable (cops who should protect and instead belittle abused women or were themselves the abusers) and females who ranged from strong-hearted but internally weak to those who were easily fooled into believing a woman's place was "under her man's thumb" and expected no more.
It did have a few good relationships throughout but was mainly about an obsessed husband who wanted revenge for his wife walking away with his child.
Violence seen through a child's eyes (Sally) was gut-wrenching and it sadly is more common in today's society than we see.
I think that for a first time author, Morgan had a lot she wanted to say and she sent her message loud and clear...too many women give so much and get way less than they deserve out of life but continue to stay strong and rely on their "sisterhood" of friends to get them through it all.
I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

**** 4 **** "getting the confidence to survive" stars
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3,032 reviews3 followers
July 4, 2016
Jennifer Smith witnesses 2 men trying to lift another man into the back of a car and the next thing she knows she has become Allie Foster and has moved to Texas to begin a new life. She begins work as a Nova Lady and when she goes to deliver products to her friend Megan she finds her life once again upside down.

Megan's husband, Mike, works for the Sheriff's department and has been physically abusing her. Allie vows to keep Megan and her daughter, Sally, safe and find her own life once again in danger. Will Allie learn who she can trust when they discover that someone is definitely helping Mike.

When the Greenley's help Allie, Megan and Sally will their lives be in danger as well? Will Justin Greenley be the savior Allie needs in her life?

I liked this book but I also found that there were some holes for me that took away from the story. I was surprised that there was only one mention of the Witness Protection Plan again and I thought it would have played more of a role. I was also surprised at the end that there was no mention of how Mike was getting help and I'm not sure if that comes into play in the next book or not. I'm hoping it does as that left me mad.

I liked Allie and how she was trying to be so helpful and caring with Megan and Sally. I was very surprised that she trusted Justin as much as she did right away knowing that Mike has someone helping him.

Megan and Sally were trying to get themselves together and I was super proud of Sally at the end of the book with her actions. I'm glad she had the courage to do what was right!

The Greenley's were awesome and I absolutely loved GG! She was definitely a force to be reckoned with!

I hope book 2 ties up the ends that were missing at the end of this one!

Profile Image for Delinda McCann.
58 reviews5 followers
October 5, 2015
How refreshing to find a book about strong sensible capable women.

When Allie starts a new career selling Nova cosmetics, she is looking for a way to earn a better living while helping other women find financial independence. She had no idea how involved she would become in another woman’s life.

After two months of selling cosmetics, Allie had a customer base and even made a few new friends. The grit of the story begins when Allie makes a delivery to her new friend Megan’s house and finds the front door standing open and broken. From the moment Allie finds Megan on the bathroom floor beaten and bleeding the tension comes to life and doesn’t let up until the man who beat Megan, her husband Mike, is lying on the floor bleeding.

Complicating the manhunt for Mike, is the fact that he is a well respected cop. His colleagues are reluctant to believe Megan’s story until one of their own is attacked in Mike’s efforts to get to Megan.

We meet some wonderful people along the way and there is hope that both Allie and Megan will find love with the right sort of men.

While the mystery and suspense are the reasons I picked up the book, the thing that raised this story above many others are the women. Both Megan and Allie are strong women who make friends with other strong women. They don’t set out on their own to do something stupid, like find Mike. They don’t open the door when they hear something suspicious. They are careful and follow the orders of their bodyguards. They do keep moving forward in making life the best it can be for themselves and their friends. I hope to read more about Allie and Megan.

Profile Image for Summer.
40 reviews1 follower
September 26, 2015
It's not easy being a NOVA Lady...it's not so much the door-to-door life that has Allie on the move. This is a woman who seems to face more than her share of 'wrong place, wrong time' situations--like witnessing a murder while taking out the garbage at her day job when her name was Jennifer not Allie!. Witness protection is supposed to get her out of trouble, but all that changes when Allie makes a NOVA delivery to a friend. Allie finds her friend, Megan, badly beaten. The two of them are soon swept up in the turmoil faced by many women with ruthlessly abusive husbands--in this case a husband who also happens to be in law enforcement. Allie is there at Megan's side, urging her on, and helping her pick up the pieces. Megan's husband has other ideas, however, and aims to teach his wife a lesson and anyone in his way is fair game, too. Allie is forced to deal with a whole range of issues way out of her comfort zone--caring for her friend's child and trying to keep the child safe, outwitting and outrunning Megan's abusive husband, and confronting the possibility of letting a new man into her own life. You might just be surprised by what an enterprising NOVA lady can do when put to the test. Go Allie!
Profile Image for Helen Christmas.
Author 9 books29 followers
December 16, 2015
A Thrilling Drama

I was very happy to have found this book, a fast paced cat and mouse drama involving domestic violence (which is never a happy subject). The central character, Allie, is instantly likeable, having fled a lonely existence in New York to start a new life in the country, setting up her own business selling cosmetics and introducing women to independence.

On the day she discovers her friend badly beaten by a violent husband, she knows she cannot leave things - even if she risks her own life trying to save her. The fact that the husband is a police officer doesn’t make their escape any easier - if anything, he knows how the system works and able to stay one step ahead of the law, especially with a corrupt colleague on the inside. This book was a real page turner where I found myself constantly gunning for the victims as the violent partner seeks to avenge them. If anything, it can make you very angry at times where you truly want to see justice. It is a story well told - one which depicts the truly controlling nature of an abusive partner and the shattered confidence of his victim. There is even the hint of a new romance, so not all doom and gloom. A light, easy read and very exciting.
Profile Image for Charles Ray.
Author 418 books140 followers
October 20, 2014
I received a free review copy of Ding dong! Is She Dead? NOVA Ladies Adventures, Book #1, by Alathia Paris Morgan, and, based on the title, anticipated that it would be a humorous mystery. As both a mystery and a humor fan, I particularly like when an author is able to effectively combine the two.
I wasn’t completely disappointed. The story of Jennifer Smythe, a big city girl who works in a bar who witnesses two men disposing of a corpse and ends up as Allie working in a department store in rural Texas, does have it moments of humor. There is mystery as well. The concept is solid, and author Morgan in her first effort is well on the way to making it work well.
The dialogue in this first effort was a bit stilted, and some of the transitions are a bit jumpy. Morgan gets a good grade, however, for effort. Writing mystery is difficult; writing humor even more so; and combining the two the most difficult of all. Ignoring the aforementioned issues, Morgan has done a creditable job in creating likeable characters with whom the reader can sympathize. I predict that this author will be even better in her next effort.
Profile Image for Bj Quigley.
175 reviews1 follower
June 13, 2016
OK. So obviously, people who rated this book knew the author OR were Avon representatives. This is NOT a four or five-star book in any way, shape or form! I ordered this book because I thought it sounded good and was fooled by the ratings. It's self-published and the author unfortunately did NOT have an editor look it over. If I hadn't bought it, I would have tossed it aside very quickly due to the ENORMOUS amount of grammatical errors throughout the book ... and I mean ENORMOUS. Incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, incorrect usage of apostrophes, the list goes on and on. But here's what else ended up making me read it: the story wasn't bad. It was easy to read and it had good intentions (awareness of domestic violence). The NOVA plugs (AVON) were a bit nauseating, I must admit. Writing was just okay. Once I figured out the author was promoting the AVON business and the domestic violence issues, I pushed through it. I read it within 24 hours of starting it. I just REALLY, REALLY wish someone had edited it!
Profile Image for Ellie Midwood.
Author 39 books859 followers
April 9, 2016
When I just picked up “Ding Dong is She Dead” I thought at first that it would be a sort of a chick-lit mystery, but I was very pleasantly surprised to discover a very serious topic at the center of the story – domestic violence and finding one’s courage to stand up to it.
Allie is a new girl in town, hiding her real identity under the witness protection program. However, as if witnessing one crime wasn’t enough, she soon finds herself in even more trouble, after she finds her client Megan, who she was supposed to deliver cosmetics to, badly beaten. What is more horrifying for both women is that the perpetrator is Megan’s husband, who happens to be a local cop. Now the two need to bond to protect themselves, and Megan’s little daughter…
The writing was superb, and the action was fast paced. The author did an excellent job in finding a perfect balance between ‘showing’ and ‘telling,’ and I found myself completely engrossed in this brilliant first book of the series. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the sequel.
Profile Image for Richelle Robinson.
1,200 reviews35 followers
July 15, 2016
The story does discuss some sensitive subject matter and was a little heavy at times.

We have Jennifer who is in the witness protection and has to start her life over as Allie. I'm hoping we will find out more about that whole situation in the next book. Along the way she makes friends with Megan who is in an abusive marriage. Allie helps Megan and her daughter Sally in their time of need. I won't go into too much detail. The friendship and bond between Allie and Megan knew no bounds.There wasn't anything they wouldn't do for each other and it showed in this book. Allie's love interest Justin had a heart of gold. I wished the author would have developed their relationship more. It would have been nice to see it play out and feel their connection. I loved the way his family took Allie, Megan and Sally in and treated them like family. Overall, I did enjoy this book and will be reading the next one.

*review copy was given for honest feedback*

For more reviews check me at: http://www.shellysbookcorner.com/
Profile Image for Sheila.
2,952 reviews43 followers
September 15, 2015
Megan has been beaten by her husband and left seriously hurt. Allie, her Nova Lady and friend, stops by, sees what has happened, and takes her to the hospital. Allie is there for her as she comes to terms with what the future has in store for her.

I liked Allie. She's got a lot of problems of her own but she still goes out of her way to help others. These are good characters. While domestic violence is not a pleasant topic, it is handled very well here. I liked how this book shows the emotional, as well as the physical, side of it. I particularly liked how the after effects of hospitalization and the fear of the perpetrator's return is shown. With Allie and people who have become her friends, Megan has a support system. Allie has also found a support system within this circle of friends. Both have found a family who will support them no matter what happens.

This was a good read with great characters. I look forward to the second book.
Profile Image for David Boiani.
Author 10 books35 followers
August 16, 2016
When I saw the title "Ding Dong! Is she dead?" I thought, this book is going to be a bit comical. I couldn't have been more wrong. The author did an astounding job touching on domestic violence .. Creating a character named Allie who grew up in Foster care, going from home to home, which made her strong-willed and independent. Never knowing what it was like for someone to actually care for her or love her... Allie decides to change careers. She is now a Nova lady, selling cosmetics door to door. When she goes to make a delivery to a friend she finds her severely beaten. Allie then decides to take it upon herself to help her friend and her daughter through this nightmare. As the story unfolds you will not be able to put this book down. Extremely well written. I definitely recommend this read.
Profile Image for D.K. Cassidy.
Author 20 books120 followers
August 21, 2015
Great Start To A New Series

Don’t be fooled by the fun title, this is a serious story about domestic abuse. The main character Jennifer is in Witness Protection after observing two men hiding a body in the trunk of a car. She is moved to Texas where she changes her name to Allie and begins a new life.

After working at the mall for two years, she meets a member of Nova Ladies. They sell cosmetics door to door. Allie decides to become a Nova Lady and finds out she is a natural.

Life is great until she discovers a terrible secret about her friend Megan. Megan’s husband is abusing her. What follows is an intense yet ultimately joyful story of women finding their power. This is a good first novel. I look forward to reading more by this promising writer.
Profile Image for Fiona.
354 reviews5 followers
June 26, 2016
An unusual blend. The style and feel is that of a cozy mystery but the subject matter of domestic violence was heavier than I expected to find within frothy, light hearted prose and to my mind the story was more of a thriller than a mystery.
Allie, A successful Nova Lady (similar to an Avon Lady for UK readers) is usually concerned with make-up tips and gossip. She comes across Megan and her daughter Sally victims of domestic violence and supports them as they leave the family home. Suffice to say the husband isn't happy and comes looking for them.
An interesting look at the psychological damage of domestic violence and the value of friendship given in quite a unique format. Likely to appeal more to women than men.
Profile Image for Teresa Kander.
Author 1 book180 followers
July 9, 2016
I have to admit to getting VERY frustrated while reading this book. I can't understand the four and five star ratings at all. There was obviously little or no editing done to this book, as it was filled with errors: there were TONS of incomplete sentences, nearly every new sentence was a separate paragraph, a lot of the sentences that weren't just fragments were run-on sentences, there were a multitude of apostrophe misuses, etc.

The idea behind the story, spotlighting domestic abuse, is a good one, and I think the story could do much better if given the benefit of an editor.

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.**
Profile Image for Heather andrews.
9,520 reviews151 followers
July 8, 2015
I don't think Allie really likes to have a helping hand especially from Justin at times, “just so you know Justin, I will manage to get into your truck all by myself next time. There will no need for your ‘assistance’.” Allie proclaimed with embarrassment as she realized he had firmly cupped her butt to assist her into the truck." Justin really was a sweetheart, “I can take care of that problem. Taking you on a date I mean, the offer is still good.” Justin grinned as he realized Allie was not upset at the idea of moving in with him." I liked this book, there was humor and romance, and mystery.
90 reviews1 follower
August 10, 2015
Ding dong! Is She Dead? NOVA Ladies Adventures, Book #1, by Alathia Paris Morgan, is a murder mystery, drama, and romance.
The story is about Jennifer Smythe who witnessed a body being shoved into the trunk of a car. For her protection she is placed into the witness protection program and Jennifer, a city gal, is shipped to Texas. Jennifer leaves a job to become a beauty representative. Her new job introduces her to new people and once again she is in the center of another murder.

“Ding dong! Is She Dead?” is not a light mystery, it is gripping. Writing a mystery is not easy, and I feel that Morgan did a great job. I am looking forward to book 2. Well done!!
Profile Image for Sharon Brownlie.
Author 10 books29 followers
March 22, 2016

I had no problem assigning Ding Dong! Is she dead? five stars. The narrative is clear and concise at moving forward the well thought out plot. The pace was steady and I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue.

Allie, the main character life changes the minute she becomes a Nova Lady and from there the reader is taken along with her story. Relationships are examined and domestic abuse is there, but it's believable and central to the plot. Humour plays a part and it is executed perfectly.

I am glad the book is titled Ding dong! Is She Dead? NOVA Ladies Adventures, Book #1 because I will be reading #2.
Profile Image for Dermot Davis.
Author 14 books50 followers
May 9, 2016
Allie thought she had problems until she finds her new friend Megan stretched out on her bathroom floor. My initial thought was that she was dead and there would follow a mystery and murder investigation but the author cleverly went in a completely different direction and right away I was hooked. Megan's husband turns out to be the culprit and by helping Megan with her situation, Allie takes on way more than she at first bargained for. Not only is Mike a bad apple but he's also a cop, which greatly complicates matters. I loved reading the developing relationship between Megan and Allie deepen and it looks like the story will continue in the next book.
Profile Image for Twilightwatchers.
40 reviews16 followers
November 10, 2014
This book was okay. The concept was good. However, the dialogue was very stilted. The characters were unemotional to the point of being robotic. Unfortunately, the seriousness of domestic violence is downplayed so much you feel like it was just a stubbed toe to get over. At one point the antagonist is injured and hospitalized. This is a major plotline and you have to assume his injuries were caused by a car accident that left the heroine unhurt but for some soreness.

I received the book free for review from Story Cartel.
Author 7 books96 followers
October 26, 2015
Captivating Story of Domestic Violence

I liked this book from the first line of dialog. The author has done an excellent job of fleshing out characters and maintaining several story lines. The way she delivers the story is refreshing and keeps you interested. Even though it is a work of fiction, I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation because right along with all the ugly aspects of the horrors of domestic violence, it delivers a positive message to abuse survivors. For a first novel, I am impressed and look forward to future great things from this author.
Profile Image for Gwen.
788 reviews3 followers
November 6, 2015
I truly enjoyed this story that grabbed you from the beginning. It gives you a sense of what women go through in regards to domestic violence. With this story, you get involved so much that you really want to kick the villain in the you-know-where. This is not a subject that many authors will address in a romantic suspense story as it is categorized as. Well done and I will be reading more by this author.
Profile Image for Peggy.
2,277 reviews40 followers
June 1, 2016

**WARNING** Can be a sensitive subject!

Completely amazed with this book! Not at all what I was thinking going in. The characters and plot of this story can really hit home with what really goes on or can happen. I found myself turning the pages faster than I realized. Found that I was completely lost in the story. Well written. Very impressed with the works of this author!

*Received for an honest review*
Profile Image for Charissa Dufour.
Author 36 books133 followers
August 2, 2016
Is She dead? actually has some strong female characters, which is rare in fiction. We often find ourselves screaming "don't open that door!" well not with Allie! She actually listens to the police and works hard to protect those she loves. We need more fictional characters like this.
I could only give it 3* cause it needed just a bit more polishing in the proof reading area. Otherwise, a fun read.
Profile Image for Julie Powell.
Author 69 books315 followers
April 26, 2017
A good mystery/psychological thriller with some strong female characters and important issues tackled.

Allie life is changed more than once - witness protection and risking a different kind of employment...all to the good.

Things get messy, people she cares about are in danger and...

Overall, a good story for those who enjoy this genre.
Profile Image for Medusa.
51 reviews43 followers
May 23, 2016
I will have to say I definitely loved this book....I loved my adventure with Allie....Thank you to the Author for doing what you do for us readers...will definitely be watching for more of your books....
Profile Image for Cherime MacFarlane.
Author 114 books551 followers
August 28, 2016
I must say I wasn't sure about the book. But this is a cleverly written, entertaining story. And it has several great messages smack dab in the middle. A touchy subject is handled exceptionally well in this fine start to a series.
Profile Image for Lisa Marie Barrera.
426 reviews25 followers
September 15, 2018
OMFG!! DING DONG! IS SHE DEAD!...Had me at the Very First moment to started reading this Marvelous Book! Ala Alathia Paris Morgan is a First time AUTHOR for me and She BLEW ME AWAY!! It was Nonstop Action from the Very beginning and Wonder WHERE you Ventured to Next! It was like reading a Mysterious Action movie with all the Twist and Turns that will leave you Speechless.
It starts out with Jennifer Sythe aka Allie relocating to Texas from New York city after witnessing a murder taking place while taking out the trash after her shift. Entering into a Witness Protection Program. Then struggling to work at a Sports retail store for 3 months where a regular customer Pat McClure induces her to making commissions on helping people becoming a Nova Lady. After couple of days hold on to Pat's business card, Allie calls her about a New Career Adventure.

And NEW ADVENTURE is what Allie gets! As six weeks passed selling Nova products, she starts having regular clients and becomes friends in the process. Then One Afternoon as she was making her delivery's for the day, finds a horrible site of the front door hanging off the hinges and partially open. Pushing the door so she can enter, finds the house in disarray and calls out for your friend Megan. After hearing a whimpering sound from down the hall, finding Megan in a battered mess and struggling to sit up. Allie decides to call 911 after Megan's protest in hopes to save her and her daughter Sally from her husband's violent hands.
This Book is NOT for the Faint of Hearts because it deals with sensitive subjects of Domestic Abuse. Not to mention, Megan's husband Mike is also in law enforcement and knows how to work the system. Allie and Megan work together to create a safe haven for Megan's daughter Sally to keep her out of harm's danger. But Mike has other ideas for his wife and meddling friend Allie.

This Book has All the Feels you can ask for in a book plus it Grabs You by the Horns and never let's you go! At times you might wanna to Throw your tablet across the room and Yell at the characters themselves. Again it's such a Mysterious Action Book that you WILL HAVE YOU INTRIGUED AND LEAVING YOU WITH AN AWE FACTOR IN THE END!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE FROM ALATHIA!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Profile Image for Nickie Sale.
604 reviews4 followers
October 8, 2018
Loved this was totally engaged right from page one. Allie has spent most of her life moving from foster home to foster home and was placed in witness protection after witnessing a MOB murder. Now she's in Texas, with her new identity and new life. She gets a job selling Nova cosmetics (love the Avon in reverse) and at last is really starting to settle down. Here she makes lots of new friends but one in particular,Megan is an abused wife and mother. Allie wants to help Megan and her daughter, but in doing so finds not only is Megan's life at risk but so is hers. With Megan's abusive husband being a cop, and a mole in the police force feeding him information, they are not safe anywhere they go. It's only when Allie meets a stranger, Justin, at the bar she works in and he subsequently helps her escape when Megan's abusive husband tries to attack her that both Allie & Megan find a sanctuary where they can be safe, at least for a while and both Allie and Megan find themselves warmly welcomed into Justin's family. For Allie being part of a loving family is a new experience and for Megan the realisation that she doesn't have to put up with an abusive husband. Soon with the police having no luck finding Megan's husband and the attacks on them stopping, the police protection is stopped. Allie and Megan start to feel safe again. Allie and Justin have got together as a couple and Megan has been given a wonderful property to renovate and move into. But it's not long before Megan's husband finds out where Megan is and decides it's time his wife came home to him. He creates a diversion taking everyone surrounding Allie and Megan away from them and Allie and Megan find themselves caught alone with him, their lifes are in danger. Can they survive or will Megan's husband finally get what he came for?
Profile Image for Amy Harrison.
62 reviews1 follower
September 24, 2018
This is not my normal read, but I love it. Alathia has outline perfectly what happens in a relationship where there is domestic violence.
Megan was married to Mike, deputy who was extremely abusive. They had a child together Sally.
Allie was in witness protection being relocated to Texas from New York after witnessing a Murder.
Allie found Megan beaten when she went to deliver her Nova products to Megan. Megan was beaten and Allie had to get Megan to the hospital. She had servers lead injuries. She asked Allie to help protect Sally knowing Mike was still out there. There was a warrant out for Mike’s arrest.
After a week Allie was able to return to work. She worked at a bar in the evenings. She had police protection when she went in.
When she was leaving for the night, she was attacked. The woman who was protection her was also stabbed. Stan(a co-worker of Allies) and Justin(a man who Allie was talking with that night) witness everything and called for help.
Mike was also injured that night. He was taken to a hospital in another town by his friend and partner in crime JD.
Allie stayed with Justin that night. He didn’t want her to be alone.
He took her, Megan and Sally to meet his family. Where there eventually moved in. Megan and Sally where going to stay in the guest house while Allie went to stay with Justin.
Mike found them preparing the house to move in. He attached when they were the least protected. GG (Justin’s mom) knew something was wrong and went to the house where she found Mike and he had a gun pointed at Megan and Sally(Sally shot Mike in the foot). GG shot and killed Mike, but Mike also got a shot in, and it hit GG. GG survived.
This book was amazing. A must read if you want to know what happens with Allie and Justin
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