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Fearing retribution from ruthless gangsters over an unsettled debt, intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr ventures to a distant world to collect the reward for Boris Skringler, a notorious terrorist, who has been sentenced to death by political rivals of the InterGalactic Alliance.

When she fails to secure his release, she decides to break him out of prison. Zyra soon finds herself an unwilling participant in events that lead to a climactic showdown between the most powerful worlds in the galaxy.

214 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 1, 2012

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About the author

Kevis Hendrickson

40 books175 followers
Kevis Hendrickson is the author of eight Science Fiction and Fantasy novels, including The Legend of Witch Bane and the Rogue Hunter series. His second novel Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter won the Red Adept Annual Indie Award (2010) for 'Top Science Fiction'. His most recent novel is Rogue Hunter: Valor. The sixth book in the series, Rogue Hunter: Death Moon, is scheduled for release in 2017. Along with an epic fantasy re-telling of Cinderella, he is working on a brand new urban fantasy series which also makes its debut this year. He has also published one novella, one epic poem, one non-fiction book, and eight short stories.

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Author 13 books490 followers
August 14, 2016
This exquisitely written book made me read it in two days. The main character in the book is a bounty hunter Zyra Zanr who came to New Venus on which they live the only woman to pick up a prisoner Boris Skringler. All that she planned was to pick up a prisoner and took him to InterGalactic Alliance to pick up a bounty for prisoners, but all went wrong and she ends up in prison. The story is so full of action and sudden upheaval in the story. Zyra is a great character polished although dangerous bounty hunter and deadly to her enemies, also reviewed all its decisions without going to the dark side as she sometimes does not help in the business of bounty hunter. Her heart was exactly where it should be but to his enemies, she doesn’t have any mercy, especially if they shake her feelings. The story is great, writer Kevis Hendrickson's all falling into line and constantly keeps us in suspense until the very end. Believe me that this story will keep in constant uncertainty and will want to know what will happen on the next page. I really loved the character of Zyra and all characters that are associated with her.The book I would recommend to all lovers of science fiction.
"Copy provided courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review."
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1,293 reviews284 followers
May 21, 2013
Please note: Read in October 2012. Fixing some typos and changing order to match new formatting

Book Info: Genre: Space Opera
Reading Level: YA (16+ per author)
Recommended for: fans of space opera, the previous books, lighter sci-fi
Book Available: November 1, 2012 in ebook format; December 1, 2012 in paperback

My Thoughts: This book is a reworking of Kevis Hendrickson’s previous Rogue Hunter books, moving us back in time and starting from a younger age with Zyra Zanr.

There are occasionally overly clever word choices used, I presume, in an attempt to avoid overuse of more prosaic terms. However, this is otherwise an engaging story. It’s wonderfully refreshing to read a book with a bisexual female protagonist of the more realistic sort, albeit still gorgeous and feminine, yet super strong...

This is space opera in the truest sense – lots of drama, lots of action and an almost impossibly fast pace. Not to mention layers within layers within layers … and a cliffhanger ending leaving us waiting for more. So, if you’re looking for a new space opera, if you were a fan of the previous books, if you enjoy lighter science fiction, check this one out.

Disclosure: I received a free ARC ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Fearing retribution from ruthless gangsters over an unsettled debt, intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr ventures to a distant world to collect the reward for Boris Skringler, a notorious terrorist, who has been sentenced to death by political rivals of the InterGalactic Alliance. When she fails to secure his release, she decides to break him out of prison. Zyra soon finds herself an unwilling participant in events that lead to a climactic showdown between the most powerful worlds in the galaxy.

Torn between her desperation to rid herself of the threats to her life and her guilt in agitating the conflict between two galactic superpowers, Zyra is horrified to learn that the lives of an entire world of people hinge on her ability to return Skringler to his captors. However, her distrust of Skringler gives way to lust, unraveling her plans. Will Zyra give into her passion and allow Skringler to go free? Or will she surrender him to her enemies to stop an impending war? The fate of billions depend on whether she chooses life for a killer or the death of her lover.
Author 2 books6 followers
December 23, 2015
Bounty hunter's tangled mission on an all female planet

New Venus is a world off-limits to men. It is ruled by a men-hating queen, run and defended by independent and proud women, who even reproduce on their own. Any man caught on the planet is condemned to death. Boris Skringler is no exception. He is going to die for no other reason than being found on the planet, even though he is a notorious criminal wanted by the InterGalactic Alliance for his murderous crimes. While Skringler awaits execution in the planet's most guarded prison, bounty hunter Zyra Zanr has other plans. Skringler is her former mentor and lover, and he still matters to Zyra. More important, however, is the sizable bounty Zyra would get if she could hand Skringler alive to the InterGalactic Alliance's justice system. The reward would suffice for Zyra to pay pressing debt and settle down with Mikaela, a New Venusian woman, who is Zyra's current love interest.

The novel Inquest intertwines Zyra's rescue mission with local politics, with the ups and downs of her relations with Mikaela and with mishaps created by Skringler following his own twisted agenda. For me, the most interesting part was the setting of an all-female planet. Although the New Venus propaganda presents the world as peaceful and perfect society, not everything is rosy among the women who banished their male oppressors. Perverts serve as wardens in prisons. The elected queen is a nasty bitch who deems she knows more than anyone else.

I expected to see more world building about this planet. As it is, I found their level of technology to be confusing. For example, they have bio-engineering that is advanced enough to create female babies, without the need of sperm, yet they use primitive detection methods (rather than straightforward biometrics) in their most secure facility. Another problem is being repeatedly told that, “The Venusians were among the fiercest warriors in the galaxy”. I wanted to see actions that support this claim, but instead, I encountered pretty generic “proud” but stupid females, who would rather die than use tactics and common sense.

I recommend this novel to those looking for a fast-paced read that combines an unusual setting, adventure, interesting characters and a tangled love triangle.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for a non-reciprocal review.
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Author 2 books59 followers
August 24, 2016
In Inquest, the first installment of Kevis Hendrickson’s Rogue Hunter series, we meet Zyra Zanr, a beautiful and relentless bounty hunter with a sad and complicated past, who is on a mission to capture the infamous criminal, her ex-lover and mentor, Boris Skringler, and return him to the Intergallactic Alliance where he is wanted for ruthless crimes against humanity. Zyra has her own score to settle with him, and the fact that Skringler has a hefty price on his head is an added inducement for her to succeed. This is a space opera, full of drama and action, some sex and innuendo, inventive gadgets, interstellar politics, and jam-packed with brutal fight scenes. Descriptions are very vivid, and I think that Inquest would make a great graphic novel. The language and metaphors can be odd and, at times, overblown. All in all, this was an entertaining read.
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173 reviews13 followers
March 6, 2013

Rogue hunter follows the story of Zyra, A bounty hunter and how she has ended up being on trial for breaking out one of New Venuses most wanted criminals.

I haven’t read many sci-fi novels but I am so glad that I have read this one. From get go i was hooked!
You discover why Zyra is in the predicament that she is in through the medium of present day narration and through flashbacks. Even though this is a litter confusing at first, you get used to it and in the end I don’t think there would have been as much depth to the tale if it was written in a different way.

I love the Zyra! As a main character she is brilliant. She is so complex and there is so many different sides to her character. She seems quite harsh and robust but bit by bit it you can discover how soft she becomes, especially when it comes to her love for Mikaela. You feel sorry for her too because she seems to be so broken and confused. It is awesome to see her highs and lows throughout the novel.

Another thing I adored was the world building. This universe is a whole new concept for me but due to wonderfully descriptive writing style. You are able to picture it so vividly. I find the concept of this interpretation of the future so intriguing! The politics between the worlds in the galaxy also had me. They were not too complicated and it was very easy to follow.

Normally with books I can guess elements of what was going to happen. But this, with each turn of the page took me by surprise. I would be sat there reading and be like: OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!

At 175 pages on the PDF, I was scared that this novel would not be long enough; that the characters would be introduced in a rushed manner and the world building would be scarce... This novel could not be further from this! I could not have been more wrong! This read is so action pact... so much better than novels triple its size! This is definitely a perfect example of quality over quantity.

Recommend to lovers of Sci-Fi adventures and also to people who have never read sci-fi but want to try it!

I will be totally be keeping an eye out for more of Kevis's work. Many thanks to him for the review copy.

Rogue Hunter: Inquest will be available from the 1st of November.
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1,311 reviews78 followers
November 7, 2012
This is not my normal genre to read. That said, I am happy I read Rogue Hunter: Inquest.

I like a character driven story and the protagonist,Zyra, is a powerful character.

Zyra needs money badly. Her solution is to break Boris Skringler out of prison. As a bounty hunter, she would get a tidy reward to help clear her debts.

Boris is in prison on New Venus, a planet consisting only of women . No men are allowed there and he’s caught. Guess his disguise as a woman wasn’t too convincing. Next stop for him is execution.

Zyra follows Boris and is caught breaking him out of prison and ends up locked up herself.

Now the war that’s been looming has come to New Venus and everyone must fight to survive.

I don’t normally read space operas so I wasn’t too sure whether I’d like this or not. I enjoyed it very much, mostly because of how well it was written. Kevis was able to show me a new world, a world where men are not wanted or needed. The women are able to thrive and procreate without a male counter-part. It is actually quite believable and reminded me of Amazon women a bit.

The author writes Boris as the “bad guy” in the story and does it convincingly. For some reason, I found I really connected with him. His personality is strong and he’s quite the character.

There’s a history between Zyra and Boris and it’s explored anew in this story. However, it’s not the main focus here. Zyra also has a female lover which causes a lot of emotional conflict for her. She has some hard decisions to make, ones that could end the lives of so many people.

I really connected with Zyra and liked her immensely. She is strong and determined, but has self-doubts, which made her genuine for me.

The story starts a little slow, but once the action starts it never stops and races super fast to the conclusion. You do get a cliff-hanger at the end, but to me , it’s just the tease I need to read more of the series. My questions were answered and I was left smiling.

My rating is all about the writing with this book. I didn’t think I’d like this book, but I did and that says a lot about the author. Thanks Kevis, for getting me to read outside the box. Look what I’d have missed.
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4,691 reviews1,268 followers
November 5, 2020
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Kevis Hendrickson.)
Bounty Hunter Zyra Zanr is in prison, charged with trying to aid a mans escape from execution. Now it’s her head on the chopping block.

The criminal – Skringler, is set to be killed for once reason – he is male. Venus is now an all-female planet, after the queen decided that men were to blame for all the war and killing etc. that had gone on, and shipped all the men off the planet.
Skringler disguised as a woman, infiltrated the planet in a bid to avoid being caught by the InterGalactic Alliance, who also wanted to execute him for his crimes, and obviously got caught out there for being a man.

Zyra doesn’t think that it’s right that Skringler should be executed for being a man, she wants to take him back to the InterGalactic Alliance, where he will be executed for killing loads of people. She would also very much like to claim the large bounty on his head.
Can Zyra really get Skringler out of there though? And who will get hurt in the process?

This story opens with Zyra facing trial for her part in Skringlers escape. Zyra felt that it wasn’t fair to execute him for being male, and that he should be executed for all the people he killed. She expected the queen to just hand him over, which obviously wasn’t going to happen. She even went so far as to tell the queen of the Vesuvians that her laws were wrong!

Zyra’s motivations weren’t the purest though. She was pretty annoyed that her credits (money) had been stolen, and wanted to get it back by claiming the bounty on Skringlers head. She did intend to do this peacefully though, and didn’t want to add to her kill count.

I have to say that I hadn’t really gathered from the blurb that the planet of Venus was women only, and that when Zyra got there she would meet up with her girlfriend and have a bit of a steamy encounter! Another new one for me this year!

Overall; this book had elements of sci-fi, ideas on the battle of the sexes, and a big fight scene at the end. Think star-trek, but with more women.
6.5 out of 10.
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1,288 reviews64 followers
January 4, 2013
Kevis Hendrickson has decided to revamp the Rogue Hunter series and ‘Inquest’ is the first book in the new incarnation. Here we meet Zyra Zanr, a bounty hunter with some bad debts who will do anything to collect the reward on Boris Skringler’s head. What Zyra doesn’t realize is Skringler is pivotal in an impending war and his presence will either stop or start an interplanetary war…will she be able to save millions of lives or will her love for him doom them all?

In ‘Rogue Hunter: Inquest’ I was introduced to New Venus – a world of only women. The author has given the reader a lot of depth and history into the beginning and evolving society of New Venus. I was very intrigued by the emphasis on women’s rights and how one woman’s journey could affect them all. Zyra’s sexuality and sexual passions play a big role in this book, but the romance and mild sexual situations are not the crux of this story. The focus is on Zyra’s strength and the consequences of the choices she makes. The politics and history of New Venus play an integral part of the story, more than just being the setting. ‘Rogue Hunter: Inquest’ is a great beginning to a rebooted sci-fi series featuring a strong female protagonist. I was happily surprised by how much I truly enjoyed the characters, the world building, and the shocking twist at the end. Pick up ‘Rogue Hunter: Inquest’ and you won’t be disappointed.

Rogue Hunter Series: Inquest (1), Death Moon (2), Alliance (3)
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Author 78 books181 followers
October 8, 2013

Action, politics, sex, drama, romance, temptation and more... this opening volume to a space opera series has it all, as bounty hunter Zyra Zanr pursues the lone male on a planet full of females, intending to hand him over to the galactic authorities for his crimes. But the locals would rather kill him themselves for the fault of being male. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, political and military forces gather for war.

Cool gangster dialog combines with well-timed revelations to give depth and background to the tale. The writing carries a self-conscious, space-operatic sense of scope, heavy-handed perhaps, but well-suited to the genre. And the complex relationships move as fast as spaceships with just as many threats.

Sensual love, in its various forms, is juxtaposed with carefully detailed violence. But the action-packed battle scenes are probably the strongest part of this novel. Bodies heal fast in a futuristic world, but hurt just as truly, while hearts are just as surely wounded. And the right deed can be hard to find behind flashes of emotion, politics and war.

A fast-moving tale with the feel of a graphic novel and the scope of intergalactic space opera, Kevis Hendrickson’s Inquest tells a complete story while leaving questions to fuel a whole new series with its intrepid female protagonist challenging evil in outer space.

Disclosure: I was given a free ecopy with a request for my honest review.
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Author 7 books58 followers
June 26, 2013
A great combination of spicy scenes and hard-punching action! Rogue Hunter: Inquest truly lives up to the traditions of hard-hitting action in the last part of the book, but the opening section moves a bit slowly for the genre. I did like the development of the relationship between the Zyra and Mikaela, but found the dialogue somewhat stilted. The prose throughout are tight and well written.
The story turns and twists in sometimes unexpected ways. I did not expect Boris to abandon Zyra at the end of the prison escape. The Queen of Venus demonstrated depth of a political leadership role. Her part could have fit well in a Star Wars-type series.
As I often think with action books, Rogue Hunter: Inquest aches for visuals. The silver screen would be a great match for Hendrickson's skills. As well, writing screenplays would tighten up the slowly building climax by imposing its arbitrary set of build-up rules.
The book successfully creates new political worlds and often startles in its plot structure. Amazon Studios should search out this talented action-series writer.
I received a copy of the book in exchange for a non-reciprocal review and was in no way encouraged to give this great book a strong review.
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Author 6 books10 followers
June 25, 2013
I have to admit straight up that I am a real sucker for Space Operas, so it won't surprise you that I enjoyed this book. Based on a Ross Hunter concept with new material of it's own, it is a tale involving a beautiful bounty hunter on a mission to rescue a mass murderer, who also happens to be her former partner, from a death sentence on a planet named New Venus. A world ruled by women where it is death for a man to even go there. But New Venus is at the center of something much bigger, as two galactic empires collide on a course to certain war and are looking for an excuse start the fireworks.
I won't play spoiler here but there is plenty of action, some memorable characters, and good, old fashioned interplanetary warfare to keep the reader entertained. True to the form of Space Opera, it unfolds its story and opens the door to even further mayhem in future volumes. A light, undemanding read, it succeeds in delivering a satisfying action tale with plenty of action, galactic politics, secret weapons and warlike characters to fill the dark recesses.
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Author 8 books33 followers
September 10, 2016
I received free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Inquest by Kevis Hendrickson tells story of Zyra, a female bounty hunter, in her quest to capture a criminal by named of Skringler. The story mostly take place in a planet called New Venus, where being male is punishable by death. And Skringler, being male, has became one of the political agenda that is awaiting to be executed by the ruler of New Venus, Queen Karah Taresh.

This story is very fast paced. I am impressed by how the author can cover many aspects of the story in very short amount of pages. From the political agenda that is complex, Zyra thoughts and feelings, to love story between Zyra and her female lover, Mikaela. All is being covered very smoothly and in a nice way that has made this book is an enjoyable read.

One thing that I am not quite sure why, I found that I am having a hard time following through the fighting scenes. This is normally would be my favourite scenes, but somehow, in Inquest, I am finding the fighting scenes dragging too long.

But, overall, I like the story.
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Author 16 books383 followers
October 5, 2012
Oh, where to begin? A while back, I read one other book set in this awesome world Kevis has created, and enjoyed it, just like I enjoyed reading 'Inquest'. Wonderful descriptions and action scenes. So visual. I love the characters. Zyra, the heroine in this story, a bounty hunter is quite a character. Under all that toughness, she is complex and sensitive, carries lots of guilt of things she did before she became who she is. It was good to see a soft side of her - especially when she was around Mikaela.
Then there is Skringler. And wow. Talk about a cocky bad guy, and bad to the truest sense. I sort of liked him.. :D couldn't help it. Infact, I'm begining to think he was my favourite, right after Zyra. Anyway.
The end was .... unexpected. Brilliant. Kudos, Kevis. With that kind of ending, I look forward to the next book.

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Author 37 books2,499 followers
September 26, 2016
This is the story of Zyra Zanr, a female bounty hunter who is sent to New Venus to pick up Boris Skringler who is sentenced to death by the Queen of New Venus. This story is incredibly fast paced and full of action and intrigue including the political agendas of the Queen. Zyra was a character I really enjoyed. Tough, deadly, and calculating. This story really had everything, sci-fi, action, suspense and even romance between Zyra and her female lover - I loved that she was bisexual. This book is part of a series so the ending was a cliffhanger - those kill me, but I was into this book enough that it didn't seem to matter.
Overall a very fun read that I think almost anyone would enjoy.

I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review
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289 reviews56 followers
July 20, 2018
Zyra Zanr is on a mission; to extradite the dangerous terrorist Boris Skringler from the planet of New Venus, and give him over to the InterGalactic Alliance, but nothing is ever so easy. Ending up imprisoned herself, Zyra must somehow fix her own mess and capture her target, who just so happens to be her ex-lover.

(WARNING: This review contains MAJOR spoilers.)

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. My thanks goes to Kevis Hendrickson for giving me the opportunity!

I admit, I'm very particular when it comes to science fiction, especially space opera, whether it be watching or reading. It needs to have a certain punch to fully interest me, something more than flashy battle scenes or odd looking aliens, but a story that's got depth. Story is essentially everything and, of course, how it's presented. Hendrickson certainly impressed me with a number of things, from his world-building to his highly descriptive writing. Zyra Zanr was portrayed exceptionally well, her every emotion described in such intimate detail, it's as if I could feel her rage, or even her lust. Of course, Zyra wasn't the most wise of characters, as her issues were caused by her own impulsive actions, however after reading the author's note after the ending, I believe this was intentional. She's deeply flawed, but even so, she wasn't completely dislikeable. Perhaps she'll grow as the series progresses, become more careful, as such development is no doubt important. We all learn from our mistakes, after all.

Being a bounty hunter, Zyra is anything but a good person. Sure, she struggles with her decisions and thinks she's doing the right thing, but she's ultimately a killer for hire. At best, she's in amongst shades of grey. Mikaela, her lover, was the likeable sort; loving, understanding and Zyra's only hope of fitting into a normal life with a stable future. I wanted things to work out between them, I really did. I found Mika was trying to be an anchor for the troubled love of her life and it was lovely, yet perhaps destined to fail. (Yes, I'm a real sop sometimes.) Their first scenes were erotically charged whilst not going into the nitty gritty too much, which I actually loved; being able to convey such sexual heat without going into the act of sex itself. Not all writers can do this.

I didn't like Boris Skringler and I certainly didn't want a screwed up, abusive romance going on, so I'm glad Zyra got that out of her head. As a murderer, terrorist, former partner in crime, I found him completely undesirable and annoying. In fact, the few men introduced seemed to be the unsavory types, but that however added to the "girl power" aspect. I do hope in the proceeding instalments, men are given more of a chance. Although saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed the Venusian's and their all-female culture. It was fantastically done and held a very dark undertone that was even unnerving. Their past was pretty grim, with being experimented on, forced to have abortions and whatnot. I truly believe they should've been left alone to rule their world however they saw fit, even if Queen Karah was a nasty woman.

The space battles were an exciting bonus to the great storytelling. As Captain Edna Ajala made the difficult decision to sacrifice her own life, and those of her crew, to attempt one last blow to the Alliance, well that moment was emotional. I don't usually enjoy such battles, and yes I became confused at times with all the techno-talk, but Hendrickson really drew me in. I wanted to know the fate of New Venus, I wanted to know about the super weapon and just what the goals of the Alliance really were. It was truly great, with a shocking finish.

In conclusion: I feel that Zyra, as a protagonist, has a lot of potential. Despite the plot being highly political, I really enjoyed it; the differing cultures especially drew my attention. I know one thing for sure - I have to check out more works by Kevis Hendrickson.

Notable Scene:

Ajala turned around and looked directly into the faces of her crewmembers. But instead of fear, she saw their courage. It was invigorating to be surrounded by such proud women, women who were willing to give their lives to protect their world. She took strength in their nobility and felt a surge of confidence. Death was going to come to them all. But she was going to see to it that the enemy died with them.

© Red Lace 2015

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19 reviews23 followers
June 8, 2014
Rogue Hunter: Inquest is the first book in Kevis Hendrickson’s “Rogue Hunter” series, a space opera of sorts that focuses on the adventures of Zyra Zanr. Much like Samus Aran from the “Metroid” game series, Zyra is a beautiful, blonde, take-no-prisoners badass bounty hunter…except in this instance, when she actually needs to take a prisoner.

Boris Skringler is on the run from the InterGalactic Alliance, one of the superpower empires that inhabits the book’s galaxy, and he is held personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds. A ruthless bounty hunter in his time, Skringler is an unrepentant misogynist and ex-lover of Zyra Zanr, and he claims to have taught her everything she knows. Hoping to hide from the Alliance, Skringler disguises himself as a woman on the officially neutral planet of New Venus, a ruse which proves ineffective and lands him in jail. His crime? Being a man on a planet from which males have been banished.

Zanr’s motivations are only briefly explained: she has some bad guys after her for money, though why exactly is never made clear, likely to be held in reserve for future stories. As for Skringler’s reasons for going to New Venus, those are confused as well; it doesn’t make much sense for a man to seek refuge under a tenuous disguise on a planet that persecutes men on sight.

The first few chapters occur out of chronological sequence, setting up the fact that Zyra is on trial for something and then going back in time to explain what happened before returning to the present action. It worked fine, though a more conventional approach would have been just as compelling and perhaps less confusing. The trial is also kind of repetitive, with Queen Karah Taresh coming off as purposefully ignorant and frustrating. The queen is using her prisoners as bargaining chips to protect her planet from the Alliance, and these political maneuvers only increase in depth as her point of view develops.

Zyra also carries on a relationship with a woman on New Venus, Mikaela Darr, who acts as a source of support throughout the book. There is some kissing and petting early in the story, but the hottest action occurs off-screen, and the focus of the narrative soon shifts to the actual retrieval of Skringler from his cell and the repercussions of that mission.

The plot is solid overall and provides a story that will appeal to sci-fi fans who enjoy a little politics blended in with their action. The author sometimes gets caught up in describing the fight sequences, though, which can actually work to slow down the flow of the scene. There were times when I felt a couple of sentences could have summed up large paragraphs of choreography.

Some of the best scenes in the book come from the dialogue that takes place between Zanr and Skringler. As former lovers and bounty hunting partners, these two are full of sexual tension and resentment for one another. Their relationship feels the most organic, and no character comes alive quite like Skringler at his cruelest. He is as heartless as he is ruthless, and the brutality with which he handles every situation is sobering.

A few of the characters felt superfluous, namely the officers in charge of battle aboard the space ships in orbit over New Venus. While the space battle was useful for understanding some of the political motivations behind the imprisonment of Zanr and Skringler, it was confusing at times to understand exactly who was winning the battle. Each time a POV was visited aboard one of the ships, it seemed like the tide of battle had turned. After this happened the second time, I decided to stop choosing sides and just wait until the end to see who emerged victorious.

That being said, I really enjoyed this book. While we are given more character background than development, this is not uncommon for the debut novel of a series. I didn’t care much for Mikaela as a character, but I am interested in seeing how the war unfolds between the Alliance and the Legion of Worlds. Zyra Zanr’s character arc is far from over, and there is a lot of room for the series—and its author—to continue to grow.

4/5 stars.
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323 reviews28 followers
October 14, 2013
At just under 200 pages, this is a good fast paced read that is a promising start to the Rogue Hunter series. However, for those who may find them offensive, it does include LGBT relationship scenarios and, with this in mind some readers may want to avoid it.

As befits the beginning of a series of short books that mesh together as they progress, there is little or almost no character development in this piece. The main protagonist is an ‘anti-hero’ type of strong female, but as to why she is this way, I couldn’t seem to find in my reading through this book. It was not just the main character that seemed to lack any colour, most of them were so flat that if they weren’t mentioned for a couple of pages the reader could easily forget about them and what role they were playing in the whole storyline. A great step forward for this book, and I’m not sure if the Author is intending to do this as the series progresses, would be to develop the characters more by giving them more of a back story that the reader can relate to and, in time, possibly come to care about them. As it reads at the moment, the characters just appear, and we are left wondering what is to come. I also felt that the sex scene in the book was a little gratuitous and did take away from the story at that point.

Having said this though the book does take place in the grand sweeping arena of outer space, which allows the reader’s imagination to run rampant and fill in the descriptive blanks with any manner of alien life forms; the Author also has taken a great deal of time to include a lot of detail to aid the imagination on its journey. The action is definitely fast paced and keeps the pages turning, especially once you reach the main part of the plot, and this made up for the lack of development in the novellas characters and kept me reading to the end. Unlike so many e-books out in the market-place currently, there was ample evidence that time and care had been taken when editing this one, as it was not filled with grammatical and proofreading problems; a lot of readers find these irksome to say the least so it was a pleasant change to read one that was so error-free.

I would highly recommend this book to readers of lighter science fiction, and also those who enjoy the Star Wars series.

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Author 10 books24 followers
January 14, 2013
This is actually the first scifi novel I've read and I am not disappointed. The story centers around Zyra Zahn, an inter-galactic bounty hunter (great concept) in dire need of money after her credit (liquid assets in galactic terms) mysteriously disappears.

The story opens with Zyra in New Venus prison wearing a torturous spiked mesh prison outfit. She is on trial for trying to initiate a prison break for notorious galactic terrorist and ex-bounty hunter, Boris Skringler and extradite him to Galactic Alliance were he is wanted for murder and other terrorist acts. His only crime in New Venus was entering the all-
female world (since men are forbidden to enter the planet under a sentence of death). It is hinted that Skringler is being used as a political pawn by the fiercely independent New Venus government (and its opponents), making him an example to other worlds not to mess with New Venus. The question in the readers mind is how Zyra is going to vindicate herself and escape a death sentence at the trial and how she ended up in that predicament in the first place. And how is Zyra and Skringler relevant to the inter-galactic political intrique?

The heroine is well-drawn, strong at the same time sensitive, and terribly conflicted about her profession as bounty hunter. She is truly modern, a bisexual, attracted to both men and women. The Skringler character is devious and the reader is left mentally telling Zyra not to trust or fall for him again (the two had a past as galaxy-hopping, paint-the-world red
bounty-hunting partners). But of course, Zyra does the foolish thing and she is double-crossed, which lands her in prison. The pacing suffers a bit from constant flashbacks and backstories to develop character, plot, and the world of galactic politics. The dialogue-heavy scenes to explain the situation also slows down the pacing. But once you get past that, the
novel moves at an entertaining speed. The galactic world the author created is believable and exceptional. I like the concept of the all-woman world with the New Venus citizens disgusted with men's obsessive folly on war and conquest, great political themes. What happened in New Venus was a bit of a disappointment, but that's as far as I would go without being a spoiler. Nonetheless, this is a good book. I highly recommend it.
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208 reviews8 followers
September 29, 2012
The author kindly sent me the ARC for review.

The good:
The plot is interesting. I like the idea of a female bounty hunter & her hunt for Skringer on a world where only women are allowed. Firstly it makes me wonder why the heck did Skringer risk a death sentence going to New Venus? Unless I missed something, the book doesn’t really make this clear.

The idea of a world populated only with women isn’t new. But I did like that New Venus was born out of a reaction to a war started by men with atrocities carried out on women. Being a woman, I can relate to the feminism inherent in the storyline. The good things is, the women in this story are not one dimensional characters. There are good women & bad women. Just as there are good & bad people of both sexes in real life.

The action scenes were well written. I could visually imagine each movement in the fight scenes between Skringer & Zanr. Good description of technology as well. If anyone in the movie business gets their hands on this book, it would make a good movie.

The bad:
Some things aren’t really explained in the book. Such as, why did Zanr stay with Skringer if she despised him so much? She admits to being naïve & love struck. But even when she meets him in his prison cell there’s still a visceral attraction for her that doesn’t make sense to me. As for Zanr herself, I couldn’t make heads or tails of her. She’s a bit of an enigma. In some novels the author really let you inside the mind of the main character, but I couldn’t figure out her motivations. I never really felt close to Zanr. But the story was entertaining enough that I didn’t give up on her. Ironically, it wasn’t until she started getting beat up that I felt some sympathy for her as a character.

The story is kind of slow at the beginning & didn’t pick up for me until Chapter Twelve. Which I think is when the action started happening. The flashbacks were a bit awkwardly placed & seemed to hold back the momentum in the beginning of the book.

Final Comments:
Other than the slow beginning, I did enjoy the book. The final scene in the book is a cliffhanger which indicated there might be a follow up book to continue the story. When I read the final scene I thought to myself, “Oh man, Zanr is going to be so mad!”
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Author 12 books189 followers
November 6, 2012
First impressions: It brought to mind movies such as The Fifth Element, Star Wars and definitely Star Trek. I love a strong female protagonist, who kicks ass. I even liked the villain Skringler (perhaps a little too much) who had some great classic lines and an accent, which made him hard to hate. The description of his sex appeal was lacking, where the main character’s was not, nor was her love interest’s allure. Skringler possibly should have been introduced with more description, earlier in the plot -though Kevis seems to favour slow discovery of important plot aspects.
I was less interested in the star ship war chapters at the end, than I was in the conflict between Zyra and Skringler and the triangle between the two and Zyra’s lover, during the battle. I liked the history between them which seeped from the page. The beginning was vividly drawn; it however lagged slightly after the first chapters until chapter 13 when things suddenly changed a little, and there is hope again. I love the unexpected and the thrill of wondering how the character will inevitably end up in the situation portrayed at the beginning of the story. After some thought I wondered what did happen with Molly that shook her up, before the book begins? Zyra is emotionally distant even from herself and I assumed quite traumatised from spending most of her adolescent life hunting.
Zyra’s fight in the end was reminiscent of the ballsy tenacity of the character Lisbeth Salander. Skringler is relentless, Zyra determined as a dog with a bone.
The only thing that was lacking for me was the description of the scene setting, at certain points, like the escape in the garbage disposal bay and some things such as the weapons which are only explained as they appear in the story. Boris Skringler was too likable, being that he was supposedly a man with a ruthless reputation and Zyra’s motivation at certain points wasn’t as convincing to me as it should have been, because if she had killed a lot before, then why take so long to kill a certain character who hurt, taunted and irritated her so much - for me this needed a clearer reason. I liked the ending (no spoilers here). It felt like an important chapter in something bigger.
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1,564 reviews393 followers
August 23, 2014
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I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Rogue Hunter: Inquest is a book written by Kevis Hendrickson. It is the first in the Rogue Hunter series and centers around a galactic bounty hunter named Zyra Zanr.

Rogue Hunter is a Sci-Fi novel that starts out with a news bulletin that states that the wanted killer Boris Skringler has been captured in New Venus. The bounty hunter Zyra Zanr went to retrieve him and was also captured, who is now believed to be dead.

It took me about 4% of the book to figure out what was going on… and then I couldn’t put the book down. I lost sleep I got so into the story. It is not just any book that can possess a reader in the way that Rogue Hunter:Inquest had with me. I loved about 85=90% of the story. But when the galactic battle began, I felt like the visualization and character connection was all of a sudden missing. There were all these names of ships, but not a good idea of the size or capability of them. Also the new players on the scene in the battle had little descriptors that stood out, except for their eyes.

Overall, the flow of this book was exquisite. I loved that Kevis was not afraid to push the envelope and that Zanr was not choosy in the sex of her heart’s desire. There was not a lot of background in the beginning, but flashbacks filled the reader in on what brought Zanr to the present predicament. It was easy to connect with Zanr and root for her. The ending was one of those “please don’t let it be true…” sort of endings that left me wanting more from this series.

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars. If it wasn’t for the jumble of the battle I would give it a 5/5 either way for site review purposes, it deserves to be rounded up to a 5. For a book that I cannot put down in my busy lifestyle that is saying a lot about the story telling ability of the author. I highly recommend this book as an entertaining read. It is most suitable for people who enjoy sci-fi, romance, intrigue, betrayal, suspense, unsavory characters, fiction, woman-empowering, etc.
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47 reviews6 followers
December 15, 2012
Review: Rogue Hunter: Inquest (Volume 1)
by: Kevis Hendrickson

My Review:
The life of a bounty hunter is never easy: they aren't accepted anywhere and they have to kill- for money. But the life of bounty hunter Zyra Zanr is even worst than that of the others: if she doesn't bring back the terrorist Boris Skringler "Widow Maker" that's being accused of killinf three hundred and twenty-two passengers on a deep space transport, her life will be the pay; besides having a history with this criminal that was the man that made what she is of now, she's in love with a Venus woman named Mikaela from New Venus world- a world which once was ruled by mens and when the fight came now womens are the ruler and the only living things in that world; they even invented new forms of having a child, but those childs will only be girls. Zyra Zanr life is about to change when she asks Queen Karah Taresh for the release of Skringler to transfer him to where he belongs, to receive the punishment from his own place: from the InterGalactic Alliance; but when the Queen refuses to do so because of her stubbornness she decides to make a plan to take him and get out to get the money she needs to finally have a life- to stop killing. But everything gets out of hands when she's mistaken by a spy, and now not only does he is valuable because her life and money is at risk but because when war starts he is the only thing that can save New Venus. If she comes alive.

My opinion:

Such and amazing book! (again haha) I really have to say thanks to Kevis for all the stories he has created but also because I don't usually read sci-fiction, besides the fact that I have never read Space Opera. So thanks for giving me a new world.

Also, the thing about New Venus (all of it) was a brilliant idea! and I do believe they are very strong. Not because I am a woman but because they are strong.

Can't wait to know what really happened with her father, about her mother and about the ending (not telling!) and about Mika. Because Mika and Zyra being a couple was very sweet and a strong love.

You really have to read this. READ IT!

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Author 4 books51 followers
November 5, 2012
I have read many of Kevis Hendrickson’s books, including several Rogue Hunter books, but with Rogue Hunter Inquest, the author took the character and the settings to a whole new level.

Although it often goes unmentioned, the setting of any story provides an important backdrop for the plot; In this case, I think the setting warrants special attention. Rogue Hunter Inquest takes place on a planet where men have been exiled and trespassing males are executed. On the surface this sounds like something out of Star Trek, but where it differs from the famous series is in the richness with which this planet is described. It has a complex and layered history. The author delves into how and why the planet came to be ruled by woman and explores the emotional consequences that such a purging had on its remaining inhabitants. Furthermore, we get to explore many different aspects of this planet, from the prestigious court system to the abusive prison system and from the royalty all the way down to “the seedy underbelly teaming with the usual cast of truants, perverts, scoundrels, thieves, smugglers, fugitives, and murderers.”

The other thing that truly grabbed me about this book is the unprecedented depth with which we delved into Zyra Zanr’s personality and motivations. While all the characters in Rogue Hunter Inquest were complex, well developed and interesting, Zyra’s personality almost drove the story. With every layer of her personality and history that was uncovered, more mystery was exposed. I was left reading on just because I was intrigued by her and wanted to understand her better. What was more impressive is how these layers of history stacked up to pull her in different directions so that I fully empathized with her struggle to reconcile her actions with the different emotional forces that drove her. Suffice it to say that I love the new Zyra and I’m still anxious to learn more about her.

In my opinion, Rogue Hunter Inquest is without a doubt my favorite book by Kevis Hendrickson and I await the next one with great anticipation.
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232 reviews
April 21, 2016
A free digital copy of this book was sent by the author in exchange for an honest review

Rogue Hunter: Inquest is the first book I’ve read which takes place in a galactic empire in space. I was a little tentative about it since it’s my first foray into the space opera and fantasy genre. Fortunately, I tried it out and to my surprise, I actually liked it.

Inquest was fast-paced and packed with action. I didn’t find it lengthy or dull at all. What I liked about the book was how the events were nicely paced. Most books with action on every page are really confusing after the first few chapters but Inquest was an exception.

The protagonist, Zyra Zanr, was a feisty and independent heroine. She was an excellent fighter and her character development was brilliantly done. I liked how she seemed vulnerable at the start and gradually got tougher as the book progressed. I did find her flashbacks jarring, however. I don’t think the transitioning between past and present events were done well enough. I felt that the alteration was unpolished since I was confused in which time sphere I was currently in.

One thing I did have a problem with was the character of New Venus. As in the planet and the citizens themselves. I felt as if they hated men for no reason at all, thus portraying feminism in a very wrong light.

Zyra and Boris Skringler’s relationship should have been more explored. It would have been better since I wanted more insight on their past because they had this very dysfunctional partnership in Inquest. It was hilarious at times but Skringler was one of the few fictional characters who terrified me.

Hurrah for my first space fantasy book! I don’t know why it took me a long time to get into this genre since my first try at it is shockingly so good. Kevis Hendrickson is a terrific writer indeed. He really made me feel that his characters were real people and I can’t wait to see more of his works.
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Author 4 books13 followers
October 18, 2012

I was given an ARC of Rogue Hunter: Inquest from the author to review this book. It in no way alters my review of it.

I gave this book 4 stars because of a slow start. My biggest thing I want when reading a book is being enthralled right away. Though it made me curious enough to continue on it didn't really get me until about half way through. After that point I found myself staying up late just to read a little bit more to find out what was going to happen.

Having never read any of the other Rogue Hunter series I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to understand what was going on. That wasn't the case at all. Infact, the author has redone the series, so this group is actually seperate from anyothers you may see out there.

There was enough back story in Inquest to help the me and any reader understand a little bit about Zyra's past with the people in her life. That being said, the scenes didn't jump around too much and it the book was pretty easy to follow. Kevis also did an amazing job at bringing the world to life with visualization and person to person connection. I felt like I was right there following along with Zyra.

Though the synopsis states that there is a lust between her and Skringler (when I first started to read the moments between them I even kind of rooted for that fact because I love to read about bad boys) it is not as strong as it would appear. The fact is Zyra is in love with a woman named Mikaela who lives on an all women planet. So with that there is some woman to woman moments.

There was no swearing and the intimate scenes were not too descriptive but they were enough for me to state my age range as 16+. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read what happens next.
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601 reviews108 followers
November 3, 2012
This was a fun, fast paced read!

This is the first book of Kevis Hendrickson's that I have read. When asked if I was interested in a copy for review I was literally looking for more science fiction to add to my reading stack and jumped at the opportunity to read this one.

I enjoyed the focus on women. Women's rights, and the society they had built on New Venus and able to procreate and continue on in a society of only women. But the real focus here is Zyra and her quest to capture Skringler. As a bounty hunter, there is a price on his head and if she returns him, there is an award to be gained. One that she needs pretty badly.

Although the author takes a bit more of an adult edge to the story, it's really not more than just some make out scenes. Nothing to lustful or uncomfortable, it's still pretty tame.

The idea is for her to capture Skringler who has gone to New Venus in the disguise as a woman (only women allowed) but was caught. In her pursuit to get her hands on him, she herself captured and put in a cell to be questioned on what her motives are. The authorities will not let Skringler go as they have other plans...the anticipated war is upon New Venus. Time has run short and chances of escape is slim.

With the anticipation of the war upon New Venus the authorities are on high alert. The prisoners are heavily guarded and every woman is needed to fight. The story is very fast paced, engaging and imaginative. I was pleasantly surprised by the detail of how the women ended up there, how they continue to procreate and survive without the need of men.

War is upon them and they fight back!
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851 reviews6 followers
October 7, 2012
I received this as an ARC from the author to review.

Overall, I gave this book 3.5 stars. The plot was very slow until about halfway through. The first half was mostly character building and some drama leading up to the rest of the book. I am not a big fan of drama and so was mostly bored with the first half. The second half was action packed with space battles and Zyra fighting with Skringler. The actions scenes were really well written and easy to visualize. I liked Zyra a lot but found myself missing the Zyra from the other stories. The tougher, more badass version of Zyra takes a backseat to Zyra fighting with her emotions and demons from the past.

I found Zyra's relationships with the other characters a bit flat and dry. I didn't feel a real connection between her and Mikaela and was confused by her connection with Skringler. She seemed to really hate him yet still felt attracted to him physically and I found that confusing.

I enjoyed the concept of a planet with only women populating it and thriving. I also enjoyed how the politics in the story weren't so complicated as to be boring. I normally don't like politics in stories but with this story, it was just enough to make it interesting. I found myself not really liking either side of the political fight and was more interested in Zyra and how she played into the story. The twist at the end was really good and I am curious to see how things turn out in the next book. Thanks again to Kevis Hendrickson for the ARC and hope to see many more books from him in the future!
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Author 2 books31 followers
September 19, 2015
Inquest is an excellently crafted space opera and the first in a series of Rogue Hunter that I read. And truly speaking, it was way too different from what I had expected. No wonder then that it is said never judge a book by its cover!!

Kevis Hendrickson's writing takes you into a world of imagery. Every description springs up a visualization along with special effects in the mind. It was as if I was watching a movie in my mind as I kept reading.

The book is not just about vivid descriptions, its about a female superhero called Zyra Zanr. She has a conscience, craves to be loved and has dreams like any other woman but she is definitely not the one to be messed with. As a bounty hunter, she kills. Kevis took years to create her and undoubtedly, her character with all its flaws is extremely well-crafted.

The book replicates the modern world in space. There is political drama, feminism, love turned into hatred, pain and revenge. You would love to love Zyra, love to hate Boris, empathize with Mika and sympathize with Karah. Its a perfect feature film material. There is action, drama, emotion, and a well-written story that promises a sequel.

P.S- This book has prompted me to check out the next one.
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141 reviews8 followers
February 12, 2014
I recently entered one of the giveaways on goodreads for book 2, Rogue Hunter: Dark Space. The start of book 2 read well so I thought I would start with book 1.
Rogue Hunter: Inquest follows Zyra Zanr, intergalactic bounty hunter in search for the bounty to top all bounty's. But of course, things go wrong in her attempt to rescue the bounty, terrorist Boris Skringler, from his prison on the all female New Venus. In the end, Zyra must choose between returning Skringler to save a planet, or executing him for her personal issues. This is politics, fighting and an epic spaceship battle worthy of Star Trek.
The book was written very well, easy to understand. The chapter structure was something like this: the first chapter or so was Zyra's present predicament as a prisoner in the prison she was obviously supposed to get Skringler out of. Then the following chapters determine how she got to be there. These flashbacks come during Zyra's interrogation by the Queen Karah. However, these chapters have no label telling the readers when in the narrative this has occurred, although I did pick it up easier enough so it did not bother me too much.
Definitely looking forward to book 2.
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96 reviews12 followers
August 10, 2012
The deep-space sci-fi books aren't usually the genre I read, but the author was wonderful and provided me a copy to read prior to its publication. He wanted honest feedback, and I gave it to him, and now I give it for others to see.

Zyra is a kick-ass bounty hunter and is on trial facing execution for breaking the most wanted criminal out of New Venus's prison. The book jumps forward and backward in time to weave her story together. I don't want to say too much because I see the author has yet to write a description himself.

From the first paragraph I knew I would be hooked, and I was until the end. If things like work, kids, house cleaning, etc. hadn't gotten in the way, I could have read this all in one sitting because it drew me so well! As I said, this type of book isn't one that I usually gravitate to, but I enjoyed it immensely. The characters were very vivid and wonderful. Once I realized there were other books too, I set my sights on reading those others as well. Thank you to the author, Kevis Hendrickson, for the exciting, intriguing, and fast read!

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