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Love Least Expected

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Nine stories. One happy ending.

Under the Mango Tree - Meredith Bond

Lakshmi is a good 18th century Indian girl who should not be avoiding her chores and enjoying a mango while hidden amongst the high branches of the mango tree in her mother’s garden. She truly should not be seen by a man who is not a member of her family—an Englishman, no less. And she absolutely should not even contemplate speaking with this man. But Lakshmi has never been one to follow the rules. This time, though, it could ruin—or make—the rest of her life.

Rolf’s Quest - Aubrey Wynne

Baron Rolf Arbrec, the royal wizard for King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, is burdened with a centuries–old quest to free his descendant, Merlin. To lift the enchantment, he must find true love without the use of magic or deceit, something that has eluded the male generations before him.
Finding genuine love is no easy task, even for a wizard, If he cannot break the spell and fails his quest, future generations will be deprived of their chance for happiness. When Melissa steps from his dreams and into his arms, he realizes his need for her love runs deep and she is more than just a way to free Merlin.
Lady Melissa Garrick travels to London to meet her betrothed. Along the way, she encounters a man who haunts her dreams and makes her reconsider her destiny. Torn between loyalty to her family and her intense attraction to Rolf, she struggles to remain an obedient daughter. Though she desires him, will she defy her family and turn her back on her betrothed? Or will time run out and Rolf be doomed to a life of discontent and bitterness like his ancestors before him?

Fall Into Darkness - Valerie Twombly

Eli lives by his own rules and bows to no one, even when summoned before the Tribunal Seven. They deem the hunter has lost his humanity and sentence the angel to earth with one mission: find some compassion or be condemned to hell.
Ashley considers herself a freak. With one glance into a person’s eyes, she foresees their death. When an attack brings a handsome stranger to her rescue, she can’t help but be drawn to his steel–blue gaze.
Fate will bring them together but desire could bond them for eternity.

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo - Kris Calvert

On the night before Valentine’s Day, floral and greenhouse owner, Alexander Chase Tabeau should be preparing for the biggest day of his family’s business. Instead he’s drowning his sorrows at the Voodoo bar after burying the only real parent he’s ever known—his grandfather, Pops. The rugged and handsome man promised Pops he would get his life together, leaving behind a string of undesirable women and focusing on what was most important—family.
Rose Westwood has always known what she wanted and planned her life down to the tiniest detail. She’s packed up her belongings and is ready to take a new and challenging position with her company as their first female vice president. Not wanting to be alone on her last night in Tampa, she stumbles into what she never planned on—the best night of her life.
With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Rose and Chase spend one night confessing their hopes for the future and their failures of the past. After opening their hearts to one another, the morning after sheds new light on their destiny. Can one night together change them both forever?

Alphabetical Disorder - Katie Stephens

Everyone in Mason’s Circus understands and respects the powers of the resident gypsies—the Romani tribe—and most steer clear of any involvement. But when Susie gets caught in a web of prophecy and magic that brings danger to the troupe, her non–Rom interpretation turns out to be flawed. She pushes aside the man of her dreams to date alphabetically, in the hopes of saving her circus family.
Sam has had his eye on Susie since she joined the company. He’s puzzled by her actions, but not blind to the way she responds to him. A patient man by nature, he battles his need to claim her immediately or allow her game to continue. When disaster strikes, they join forces with their Romani friends to stop the curse before it destroys the circus.

Love’s Not Viral - Nessie Strange

Twenty–four–year–old bartender Aster Sanderson’s life is turned upside down when drunken Hollywood actor Bradley Stone snaps a picture of her...and tweets to his 12.8 million followers that she’s his fiancee. As the internet blows up with the news and gossip flies out of control, she’s left feeling helpless. This has to be a misunderstanding, right? But when the actor in question shows up on her doorstep, it’s clear he’s unhinged and she soon becomes a prisoner in her own home (literally).
Her savior? Bradley’s handsome—and seemingly normal—older brother, James, who quickly stirs up feelings she never expected. Can they disarm the ticking time–bomb that Bradley Stone has become before any more damage is done? And is their mutual attraction the result of these unusual circumstances...or could it become something more?

Taking the Plunge - Kishan Paul

Since graduating high school, Eve Cambridge has dropped ten dress sizes, became an RN, and dumped her jerk of a boyfriend—all on her own. So when her high school crush shows up in her life, she does what any normal self–reliant woman would do—pepper spray him.
Since inheriting the family plumbing business, Pete Russo has tried to make the best of a career he never planned for. He’s made his share of mistakes, but he’s worked hard to learn from them. Now that he’s run into Eve, he’s not so sure he isn’t making another one. After all, she did almost blind him.
When logic and emotion don’t agree, which path should they follow?

The Trouble with Never - Isabella Harper

Summer McKenzie is starting fresh. With her soon to be ex–husband in another state, she’s ready to start over in her small Texas town. That is, until she runs into the one person that has never gone too far from her memories, or her heart.
Since graduating college, Caleb Davis has planted roots in the form of a thriving BBQ business. He’s got everything he’s ever wanted, except the one woman that he could never have. It’s clear she’s had a painful past, but he wants nothing more than to create a promising future.
Will she let love heal old ones, or will she let her fears push him away?

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate - Michaela Miles

Eleanor Carrara is angry. At the world, at the people who had her committed to the institution, and at the people holding her captive in it. When the sexy, but calm and stoic Chris becomes a fellow resident of the facility, things begin to change. He taunts her, challenges her, and even makes her cry. But her anger dissolves as she realises he’s the one person who may be able to break through the armour built around her heart.
Christopher Tailor feels nothing. Haunted by the memories of his awful past, he is institutionalised, and utterly alone in the world. Meeting Elle changes everything. She’s conceited, rude, and completely unaware that in some ways she’s just as broken as he is. But something about her gets under his skin. He takes a chance and shares his secret with her.
Falling in love was the last thing Chris and Elle expected. But for them to consider having a future together, they first have to let go of their past and trust the system imprisoning them both.

406 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 3, 2015

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About the author

Meredith Bond

61 books188 followers
Meredith Bond's books straddle that beautiful line between historical romance and fantasy. An award-winning author, she writes fun traditional Regency romances, medieval Arthurian romances, and Regency romances with a touch of magic. Known for her characters “who slip readily into one’s heart,” Meredith loves to take her readers on a journey they won't soon forget. She is currently living in Europe enjoying the Bohemian life. I write a blog on writing and self-publishing that is published every Sunday at www.meredithbond.com/blog/posts

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Author 14 books1,414 followers
April 13, 2015
"I'm Here to Clean Your Pipes, Ma'am"

Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul is surprisingly deep for a novella. It's also sweet and fun.

Eve had a crush on Pete in high school. Her crush intensified when Pete stood up for her against the bullies taunting her for being overweight. Pete didn't have it much easier. He dreamed of attending college and pursuing his own life, but his family's poverty and mother's cancer forced him to follow his father into the plumbing/construction business. Pete dealt with his pain by getting addicted to pain pills.

Fast forward eight years and Eve has dieted her way to a slimmer figure. Pete's also shed unwanted weight by sloughing the drug addiction off his back. Eve helps her uncle by checking on a rental property only to run into Pete the contractor at the unit. And what a first meeting it is -- she pepper sprays him! He doesn't recognize her either because the spray blinded him or she's lost so much weight.

It doesn't appear the two will see each other again until Eve brings her brother Chris to a NA meeting, where they run into Pete. Eve has no idea how to support her brother, but Pete may have some good ideas for her.

I like how the characters' backgrounds unfolded page by page. And the sexual tension between Eve and Pete leaves me with much anticipation! Apparently this story is part of a full-length novel to be published later this year.

I didn't get a chance to read the other stories yet but hope to check them out.
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February 4, 2015
Yes, I read (past tense) a romance book. Nine short stories, to be exact. I know, it is very shocking. Especially for anyone who knows me. This is a genre I just can't even convince myself to like, but every February, as we get ready to celebrate Crap Day (haha), I force myself a little out of my comfort zone, and choose a few short stories that catch my attention.

In this situation, one of the authors (Michaela Miles) contacted me, curious as to whether I would want to give their anthology a try. After reading over each story's synopsis, I noticed that there were a couple in there that caught my eye, and decided to give it a go.

There's actually a little something in here for every romance lover - historical, paranormal, fantasy, southern, and contemporary. And, to be completely honest, they weren't half bad ... for romance.

Under the Mango Tree: This was a nice little love story. I liked the characters and the fact that they both went against what was "right" to be together. And I like the beautiful way Meredith writes.

Rolf's Quest: I am a fan of historical fiction, especially when it has to do with Arthurian legend and British royalty. I liked this one - in fact, I think it was my favorite.

Fall Into Darkness: This was an interesting story, but I could have done without the sex (I would consider this erotica). Unfortunately, it doesn't come to any real conclusion. But she does plan on concluding the story in a second book (and I think I may have to check it out, just to see what happens). I liked the character of Eli.

Alphabetical Disorder: An interesting story - one I quite liked - but the end left me with questions and the epilogue was sex with some discussion of the previous events, which didn't seem to go with the way the rest of the story was written.

Fall Into Darkness: This is another story I would consider erotica, but a good storyline. Only the beginning - another story that doesn't quite end, and we have to read the next one in the series to see what happens, but I am curious to see where this goes.

Love's Not Viral: This story really pissed me off. The Bradley character made me angry with his behavior, and the fact that the police just ignored her plea for help, instead believing she was some crazy woman on her period, really made me want to scream. There was a nice twist, though. Even though I thought the story nicely written, I felt like the thing with James was just a little too easy.

Taking the Plunge: This was a cute story. I liked the connections that they unknowingly had from their past. Hearing his thoughts on what saved his life when he was younger was beautiful.

The Trouble with Never: After ending her marriage and going back home with her best friend, she never expected to find what she really wanted had been there all along. Cute romance.

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate: This was my second favorite in the book. I really liked how much the two characters grew individually, and together.

Note: I received a copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Please remember that this server is my opinion based on my own personal impression of the book.
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556 reviews18 followers
January 14, 2015
I will start with as a whole! I love love it. You can not go wrong here. 9 books some with historical settings, some with paranormal, and some contemporary and romance a plenty! Loved every page and wish there were more box sets out there like this! I would own every one! It has everything I love in romance books!

Under the Mango Tree
Meredith Bond
What a cute story. I loved it so much. Never read a book set in this area and I am so drawn in. Lakshmi is wonderful and was a joy to read about. Connecting with her was easy and when I first started I didn't think that I would. A great read!

Rolf’s Quest
Aubrey Wynne
Oh I really loved this one. Wizardry and tales of Merlin! Amazing. I loved the plot here and how the romance built between Rolf and Melissa. A bit suspenseful and a bit of romance in an adventure through the past! A great read!

Fall Into Darkness
Valerie Twombly
Eli's quest to find his compassion is amazing. I love how this story plays out! I just wish it was longer. This one was over too quickly for me! I wanted more here. It may just be my favorite of the collection. Ashley is great and just what Eli needs.

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo
Kris Calvert
Gotta say I love the title. It just pulls you in. A one night stand that leads to so much more! I freaking loved it. One night stands are often hard for many to deal with, add in the fact that you told the other person everything and things can get complicated. I loved this and I will be reading more work from this author in the future.

Alphabetical Disorder
Katie Stephens
So much angst in this one. I really feel pulled in here. I wanted Susie to quit pushing Sam away. I loved his patience and how the ending comes together. I this this is a great read and one many will enjoy!

Love's Not Viral
Nessie Strange
Oh how I loved this one. So great! The plot here is amazing. You would think being the fiance of a Hollywood star would be great! HAHAHA this is just great. I love it and I can not wait to read more from this author. I really can't wait. Aster and James are great and I loved the chemistry between them. A great read!

Taking the Plunge
Kishan Paul
So cute! This is by far the cutest read in the book. I really liked it and I know many other readers will as well. I loved how the two run into one another. I laughed so hard when Eve pepper sprayed Peter! Best part in the whole book! Great read!

The Trouble With Never
Isabella Harper
Oh a southern romance! Set in Texas and full of sweet southern love. I freaking loved Caleb and wish there were more men like him. This is quite a read and full of all the great things southern romances have.

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate
Michaela Miles
With a title like this you can't go wrong. Now its time to read Elle and Chris's story. I freaking loved it. It is amazing and most definitely my favorite book in this collection. A great collection of stories and this one tops the cake! Such a great read!
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480 reviews12 followers
January 17, 2015
If you are in the mood for romance, this book has something for lovers of several genres, and even though they are short stories, most of the tales will lead into future stories, so you might be left wanting more, but your needs will be fulfilled (eventually...) The storytelling of these nine authors is magical and will keep your interest until the very last page.

Under the Mango Tree: This is a cute little tale of two people meeting and being attracted to each other, despite what society thinks is proper. Lakshmi and Huntley should not have even met, yet they are so attracted to the other, they desire to marry. The picture that is painted here is quite vivid. I enjoyed this trip into the past and was delighted to realize the characters were actually the parents of a character in another book. I also enjoy seeing a glimpse at the traditions of another culture and learning how Lakshmi was to be wed, not for love but because of a contract that her father made. This was not my first book read by this author, and will definitely not be my last.

Rolf's Quest: I enjoyed this Merlinian tale. The story is so interesting, easy to follow, very vivid, and wonderfully written. I was transported right into the story. I could feel every breath, caress, flutter in my heart, and the warmth of love right along with the characters. I cannot wait for the continuation of this story! At the end, I exclaimed my happiness. You will fall in love with Rolf and Melissa and wish for their happiness and for Merlin’s curse to be broken. I LOVE ROLF!

Fall Into Darkness: You will love this story and absolutely be angry that it ends where it does.
Things you will love: See the image at the right? That was Valerie’s image of Eli, and that is exactly how you will picture him while reading the story. YUM. She has a way of describing everything that is so visual, you see it all playing in your head like a movie. This story gives you an intriguing twist on angels and how they can mate. You’ll be a bit disturbed at the hellhounds. You’ll also need to change your panties after the steamy stuff. I also loved that Ashley sees how people die when she looks in their eyes, and she doesn’t understand why. Lots of things to love in this short story.
What you will be angry at: The end. Where the story ends will have you throwing things, yelling at your e-reader, and cursing the heavens that there isn’t more… yet. I can’t wait to see more of Eli and Ashley’s story. Will they mate or won’t they? This is a must-read. You might get angry at the end, but it’s a must-read.

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo: This was a tasty little number. I enjoyed the quick attraction between Rose and Chase, but I also loved that they didn’t rush right into the sack (I mean, they waited an hour or two). They did actually take some time to talk and learn a little about each other. I would love to read more of their story. I’ll probably never look at a crab leg the same way again. It was a steamy story and left a few questions that I would love to see answered when the story continues. Why was Rose so set on leaving? Will the couple work out? I’m looking forward to the continuation, because they way the story ended left me a little frustrated not knowing for sure that they get their happy ever after.

Alphabetical Disorder: I was so excited to read this story. I love circus tales. The intrigue of the curse was also so interesting. I loved Susie and Sam’s chemistry. I felt like I was under the tent watching what was going on. This was a great romance, and the added mystery of the curse… I flew through the story and was sad to see it end. I’ll definitely be looking for more of Katie’s circus tales. .. wait, I already proclaimed my love for Rolf... I might adore Sam even more. I've already asked the author for more circus tales. So now I'm (im)patiently waiting.

Love's Not Viral: I wasn’t sure what to expect from this story, as the author doesn’t normally write contemporary romance. But I was pleasantly surprised. The premise of the story was great. What would you do if a celebrity decided to announce to the world that you were engaged, even though you only met in passing the previous evening? And for him to show up at your house, with no intent of leaving? How crazy is the guy? Aster is a great girl to read; she is smart, sassy, feisty, and headstrong. When Bradley’s brother, James shows up to save the day, they wind up locked in her bedroom. Could the insanity run in the family or is James a surprising perfect match for Aster? I won’t ruin the tale. It’s a fun read that will have you wondering what you would do in her shoes.
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88 reviews60 followers
January 21, 2015
I was not compensated by any of the authors for this review.

When I first started reading this anthology, I thought I would be able to number them in my review from most to least liked. After reading all these wonderful stories, there is no way to do that. I love each one and they are all very different complex stories! I really cannot wait to read more stories with the characters below!


Under the Mango Tree-Meredith Bond

This one pulled me in right away. I have always had an interest in aristocracy, but this was Indian aristocracy and I have never really seen or read any, so it was a mystery to me. I also loved that Lakshmi had a twin brother, so that made the story even more interesting. The description of the Sari's is beautiful. I also loved how they had such an unconvential meeting, it was very realistic.

Rolf’s Quest-Aubrey Wynne

Who doesn't love a story with Merlin in it? In this story he isn't so much of the hero he usually is. I loved Rolf and Melissa's characters, they fit right in the time period. This story is very witty and intelligent, and of course has one of my favorite things: aristocracy!

Fall Into Darkness-Valerie Twombly

I have never read a story about angels like this before. I read this story fast and loved the characters, and all the twists in the story. I wanted more when it was over!

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo- Kris Calvert

I really felt for the main character Chase (Alex), he is really having such a hard time. Sometimes it seems when we are at our worst something wonderful happens. This happens for Chase when Rose walks in the bar. Chase is so romantic and there is just no way you couldn't love this guy.

Alphabetical Disorder-Katie Stephens

This story was so cute and witty. Susie is trying to hard to do the right thing, she even sacrifices her deepest desires for her carnival family. The Romani is mysterious and interesting. I would love to read more novels involving the circus, I didn't know carnival life was so interesting!

Love's Not Viral-Nessie Strange

This story was so believeable. An actor is a little off mentally and decides to snap a picture of an ordinary girl, and tell the world they are going to get married! I loved Aster's personality and how she just wanted her life, even if it was just antique furniture and dying her hair over being with some glamorous actor.

Taking the Plunge-Kishan Paul

I loved this story but not just because the main character had red hair! Eve is a great character, her instincts are believeable. The thoughts she has in her head are thoughts most of us have in certain situations. I loved Peter too, he went through so much in the story. It's a beautiful will they? won't they? story!

The Trouble With Never-Isabella Harper

Of course I loved this story too, since it took place in Texas. I thought it was so cute that Summer's love interest has a BBQ business, and she's considering opening a bakery. They are perfect for each other! However, her ex-husband did a lot of damage to her. This story is a good reminder to not stay with anyone who controls you and makes you into someone other than yourself.

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate-Michaela Miles

This story was different and I loved it. Eleanor is in the mental hospital and she meets Christopher. You may want to have chocolate nearby while reading this story, since Eleanor has links to a big Chocolate chain! It was the perfect story to end this wonderful anthology on.

So there you have it. I recommend this anthology to everyone (18+). If you are single (like me) go ahead and read it! This will get you in the Valentine's Mood even if you don't want to be! It will put some happiness back in your heart and soul, and give you a warmth that you may need during this weather! If you get this anthology for the 99 cent price, you are in for a very sweet surprise! I will re-read this one for years to come.
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728 reviews22 followers
November 22, 2014
Love’s Not Viral by Nessie Strange – I honestly couldn’t imagine having some famous actor come knocking at my door let alone him spreading rumors that we were engaged. This story grabbed me and held me throughout the whole thing. It definitely got my heart racing and cussing the guy out. I’m not sure I would’ve reacted as calmly as Aster did in this situation, but I have to say she is one tough woman. Bradley is an arrogant man with some major issues. James is wonderful and a gentleman. Nessie Strange did an excellent job bringing these characters to life and showing the ups and downs of being famous.

Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul – This story WOWed me. I was drawn into the story and it brought back some bad and good memories. I was able to relate to Eve, Christian, and Pete on so many levels. Eve has a heart of gold even with being protective of her heart and those she holds dear. Christian is very strong even though he doesn’t see it himself. Pete is funny, cocky, and loving even through all that he has been through. Kishan Paul really made this story pop out at me and hold me every step of the way. Can’t wait to read more of these characters.

Rolf’s Quest by Aubrey Wynne – Love the twist on Merlin. This story was exciting and fun to read. Melissa and Rolf make for a fun and loving couple. King Henry and Queen Eleanor are quite entertaining with Eleanor’s match making. Charles Whitburn is a malicious creepy Duke. Lord and Lady Garrick are interesting, especially Lady Garrick, she has a way of being annoying and motherly all at the same time. Aubrey Wynne did an awesome job making these characters and their lives stand out and grab a hold of me. Can’t wait to for the next book.

Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombly – This story has a refreshing and HOT twist on Fallen Angels. Eli starts out cocky and a bit protected of his own heart and comes out a savior in Ashley’s eyes. Ashley starts out on a ‘train wreck’ of a life and finds herself falling for Eli. Ashley has a feel of being scared and depressed a lot but still has a brave side to her. I’m not sure I would be looking anyone in the eye if I were Ashley; I definitely would be too afraid of what I would see. This story kicks off straight from the start and holds on tight. As always, Valerie Twombly makes my heart race with her writing style and characters. I am really anxious to see what happens next.

More to come...

I was given this book for an honest review.
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219 reviews11 followers
February 25, 2015

The star rating for Love Least Expected is: 4 1/2 stars out of 5! :)

My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’ after reading an ARC Copy of ‘Love Least Expected’(via: BooksMoviesFandoms.wordpress.com):

“Love Least Expected” is a compilation of nine wonderful short stories from nine different authors. What a treat and perfect to read especially now with Valentine's Day right around the corner. These are story lines that will satisfy your need just like a variety-filled heart shaped box of delectable chocolates. There is a nice blend of delicious, romantic, classic, feel-good, dark and amazing in this anthology.

Under The Mango Tree by Meredith Bond:

The story is written in the main female character Lakshmi’s P.O.V.(point of view). Lakshmi lives with her family in India. She is being raised by the tradition of being married off to a young man who will be well suited for her and that her father approves of. All of the traditions look differently through Lakshmi’s eyes after she first sees and hears the young Englishman that her twin brother speaks to beneath her favorite Mango Tree. His eyes are so different from what she’s familiar with, two shades of blue and green. They both come from different lifestyles and traditions but when Lakshmi finds it hard to ignore her interest in Lord Huntley. Can love be found between these two or will tradition keep them apart? This is the beginning of a wonderful story. You should give this one a go’ especially if you enjoy sweet flourishing romance during a time long ago.

Rolf’s Quest by Aubrey Wynne:

We get to read the story in two P.O.V.’s(point of views) from the characters Baron and Melissa. The story begins with an infatuation so strong between a sorcerer by the name of Merlin and Viven, who would be his apprentice but whom he wanted more from. When they come to a disagreement about what is to become of their relationship, a curse set to effect a long-bloodline is made. The men in Merlin’s family line will be cursed to never find love and be alone. The only way to break the curse would be for the man to fall in genuine love with someone who feels completely the same love back for them. Merlin would have to live stuck in an ancient tree trunk until the curse is broken. Generations later, a young boy by the name of Baron Rolf Arbrec has to live alone to be raised by Merlin and to try to learn to succeed where his father and men before him had failed against the curse. There may be hope for the character when he becomes a man and meets a young lady named Melissa. They have both only lived in each other’s dreams until fate brings them into each other’s lives for real. Will the heart win them over or will loyalty and bitterness ruin their chance at finding real love? This seems like a magical and interesting story. If this sounds like something you’d find interesting, check this book out.

Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombly:

In the third short, we get to enjoy the story from the two character P.O.V.’s(point of views) of Eli and Ashley. An angel who is a hunter and loves to be on his own named Eli has taken justice into his own hands one to many times. The seven women who rule his kind decide on a punishment. He was not meant to judge so therefore they condemn him to living on earth with humankind until he found his humanity. There he rescues a young lady named Ashley who was about to be killed by a Hellhound. When Ashley finds out more about her history and more about Eli, she is faced with decisions. Will Eli and Ashley be able to handle their situation? Can Eli change his views on how he plans to live his life? This story is definitely something I would love to continue to read more of. Once this one is out, I will try to check this one out for sure!

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo by Kris Calvert:

‘Lexi’s Chance’ is the fourth Novelette and is written by Constance Phillips. This story comes from the two P.O.V.’s(point of views) of main characters Rose and Chase. Alexander Chase Tabeau is dealing with the loss of a very important person in his life and Rose Westwood has just recently left a very bad situation and relationship. The meet and share with each other everything that has brought them there to that place alone. She is beautiful and he is ruggedly handsome which makes the attraction between them practically instant. As they begin to talk and share about their lives with each other it only makes that attraction grow. They decide to take a plunge and share a night of closeness on more than one level. Rose has it in her mind that this will be a special night with this amazing man but nothing more can be promised after tonight. What will happen when Rose has to leave? Will Chase be able to find the love he seeks? This has so much promise of being a beautiful love story. I can’t wait to read the rest of this one when it’s out.

Alphabetical Disorder by Katie Stephens:

The fifth short story is written in the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Susie and Sam. Susie is a part of the circus. She must date in alphabetical order according to the Romani-magic-Gypsy-voodoo-mojo to break a curse that threatens to destroy the circus. As she dates different men in the circus in alphabetical order, it never goes passed the first date for different reasons. There is one guy named Sam Burke who she really likes and is attracted to but she is determined to stick to the alphabetical order in order to break the curse. When Sam and Susie have a sweet moment together, she is almost thrown off course. Susie remembers what she has to do and is determined to get it done even if it means putting her own heart on hold. This is very different because it’s about people in a circus that work together. It seems like a nice story. If this seems like something you could enjoy then try it out when the full novel is out.

Love’s Not Viral by Nessie Strange:

This short story comes in the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Aster and James. When Aster’s best friend Mia wakes her up to inform her that she really needs to tell her what is going on because she is all over the internet. At the urging of Mia, she discovers that a random photo taken the night before with the most eligible bachelor had gone viral. Not only had it gone viral but she was now listed as his new fiance! Aster had only served his drinks, spoke only a few words with him as his waitress and politely allowed him to pull her into his silly-drunken-photo shot. When Bradley shows up at her doorstep on that next day with paparazzi in tow, her world is completely flipped upside down. Can Aster get to the bottom of this sudden engagement with Bradley that she wasn’t aware of? When Bradley’s older brother James comes into the picture, can he be the voice of reason? This story is quite interesting and different because of the weird situation Aster finds herself in. It makes you wonder if Bradley has completely lost his mind? To see how this wild story continues I’ll say it is worth the read.

Taking The Plunge by Kishan Paul:

Then you have Taking The Plunge which is written in the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Eve and Pete. After Eve Cambridge goes through life changes after finishing high school which include losing weight, dumping her jerk-of-a-boyfriend Preston, and becoming an RN, she is ready to get a fresh start. Pete Russo was Eve’s high school crush during senior year especially after he defended her. He took over the family plumbing business even though it wasn’t what he had planned to do. When they reunite after an unexpected encounter eight years later, they find themselves trying to figure what comes next. They had no idea how much they both effected each other’s lives then and are beginning to realize that they may still have that effect on each other now. I am loving this one and am hoping to get a chance to read the full novel for this one when it comes out later this year. The characters are captivating and the storyline has everything I enjoy about a contemporary romance. This is one to definitely get a copy of when you get a chance.

The Trouble With Never by Isabella Harper:

The Trouble With Never gives you the two main character’s P.O.V.’s(point of views), Summer and Caleb. When Summer McKenzie discovers her husband’s infidelities she decides that she’s had enough. She met him in college and thought she found the one but through the years he persuaded her to distance herself from her closest friends and to basically become his trophy wife. With her long time best friend Faith’s help, she decides to pick up, pack up and leave the life she’s lived for the past eight years with a man who was verbally insulting to her. She decides to move back to her home town to start over again. What she didn’t plan on was running into one of her old good friends that she had lost touch with because of her marriage, Caleb.
Caleb has been running a successful Bar-B-Q eatery and bar in his home town. He had come to terms with the fact that his old long time friend Summer had chosen her relationship over their friendship even though it hurt like hell.

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate by Michaela Miles:

The ninth short has been written in the main character Eleanor’s P.O.V.(point of view). This was the final short story in this anthology. Eleanor Carrara was the daughter of a very successful father who happened to own a huge chocolate company. Upon his passing, she was set to run the business on her thirtieth birthday except strange things begin to happen. Her Uncle and mother both made her think she was losing her mind as things mysteriously ended up misplaced and emails were sent from her account that she didn’t remember sending. After she even got to the point of questioning herself, she was mandated to enter a mental institution where she would stay until she admitted she had lost her mind and needed help.
When Christopher Tailor first arrives at the mental institution, most thought he was guilty and maybe even a mute because he spoke to no one. That seemed the case until he finally spoke to Eleanor. But when he spoke he also pissed her off with what he said. Will these two drive each other truly crazy or find an ally where they least expected it? Are they actually guilty of what they are in there for or are there a few secrets keeping the truth from being revealed? This was an interesting and entertaining short to end this very compelling and delightful series of short stories.

I am very happy to have been given the chance to read and review an ARC copy of this great anthology novel because these stories were enjoyable from start to finish! The characters were well written, the stories are shorter yet very pleasing to the reader. Many of those shorts’ will be coming out in 2015 as full length novels so this gives you a glimpse into what is to come. Many are definitely worth the read. I do recommend this novel for those that love engrossing and captivating stories of romance.

The star rating for Love Least Expected is: 4 1/2 stars out of 5! :)

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December 29, 2014
Favorite Quotes.
Under the Mango Tree
She willed the man to turn toward her so that she could see his face, while he and her brother conversed about nothing. Turn. Turn. Tur… oh! He did turn. But then he looked up—straight at her! Lakshmi sucked in her breath and held it, praying that he couldn’t actually see her. But he had. His eyes… Oh, my, his eyes… blue—no, green—no, an odd mix of them both! They were the oddest, brightest colored eyes she’d ever seen! Well, she’d never actually seen anyone with eyes other than brown, but she’d seen pictures of men with blue or green eyes. But his… his were both at the same time—and they had widened when he’d caught sight of her. Lakshmi’s hand flew to her mouth. Silently, she pleaded with her own eyes for him not to say anything, not to reveal that she was there. If she was discovered, she would get a lot more than the switch. She would be confined to her room indefinitely after her beating—at the very least! To be seen by a man, first of all, was not allowed, ever. To be seen by an Englishman… She couldn’t even imagine how furious her father would be. And she didn’t want to.
Rolf’s Quest
Vivid dreams interrupted her slumber. She stood in small grove, shivering in the dark. She jumped at the sound of his voice. “I have waited for you.” The mysterious man on the hill stared at her from a tree. “Come down right now,” she commanded. Goosebumps prickled her arms, and she rubbed them with vigor. “How can you wait for me when we have never met?” “You are my destiny.”
Fall into Darkness
“You okay?” She shook free of the grip he seemed to have over her. “Yes. I guess I’m still a bit shell–shocked.” She licked her lips. “I’m sorry, you must have found me?” He moved off the edge of the bed and took a couple of steps back. “I heard your screams and found you unconscious. Brought you inside and tended to you the best I could.” Ashley nodded, grateful he’d been nearby to rescue her. “I must have ruined your shirt.” “Huh?” He raised a brow. She pointed. “Your shirt. I assume it must have been covered in blood.” He looked at his naked chest. “Yeah. Ruined, so I tossed it in the fire.” “Thank you for coming to my rescue. I’m afraid I would have frozen to death and become food for the scavengers.” She glanced down and realized she wore only a bra. She quickly pulled the covers up to her chin, but not before letting out a whimper from the pain in her chest.
Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo
Rose leaned into his chest, laying her head against his neck. “This has been such an interesting night,” she sighed. “I think it’s about to get even more interesting. I have a bag of crab legs, lobster and melted butter in my hands,” Chase joked. “I love it when you talk dirty,” she whispered. Chase gave her a smile and told the driver not to miss the turn ahead.
Alphabetical Disorder
“Stop staring at him,” Natasha whispered. “I can’t help it. You’re the one who made me give him up, and now he’s all I want.” Susie turned to her Rom friend. “Please do another reading for me, Nats. Please.
Love’s Not Viral
So proud to introduce Aster, the love of my life to the world. Wish us the best as we begin our lives together <3 #BradleysBabe I blink a couple times. Maybe it’ll go away. But it isn’t just one tweet and apparently it’s not the Twitter equivalent to a drunk dial. As I scroll through his profile, I see that he’s been putting them out every fifteen minutes or so since about five this morning. To his 12.8 million followers. I can’t w8 2 see my pink–haired #beauty today #truelove #BradleyheartsAster #soulmates #4ever His text speak and abuse of hashtags is at a near–impressive level. My first impulse is to reply, but what do I say? Do I flat out deny it? I can’t fit the obscenity–laced rant I’d like to use into 140 characters. Instead of hitting reply, I send out my own tweet. WTF is someone playing a practical joke on me? I am NOT getting married O.
Taking the Plunge
His mind flashed to a night seven years ago and his throat tightened. “Until one night I peed blood. It scared the shit out of me. I was trying to feel good, not trying to die. So I stopped using, and a week later, enlisted in the Army. The best thing I ever did. I’m pretty sure it’s the reason I’m still alive.” For a moment, no one spoke, probably waiting to hear the rest of his story. There really wasn’t much to tell. He came home, took over the family business and never looked back. “Thanks for sharing, Pete. Anyone else have a story to tell?
The Trouble with Never
She felt aggrieved as she stared out the window in stony silence. Sunglasses shaded puffy, swollen eyes with her hair pulled into a messy knot. In a way, she was grieving. Not the loss of her marriage, but the loss of her twenties, of time not spent with her best friend, of all the possibilities that had passed her by while she had sat stoically in a loveless marriage. She needed to work through the pain of being so blind and stupid. “Please tell me you won’t be this quiet all the way home.” Faith sighed from behind the wheel. “Don’t make me put early 2000’s dance music on the radio, because I’ll do it.”
Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate
“Who are you looking for?” she asked, whirling around. “I bet it’s that hot fried fish we just got, isn’t it?” “It’s fresh fish, Hetty, and no, I’m not looking for Chris. Why, did he say something?” “Nope. Not a word. I bet he’s had his tongue cut out by some drug lord.” “You need to lay off the crime novels, Hetty. He hasn’t had his tongue cut out.” “Ooh how would you know? Did he stick it down your—” “Hetty!” I scolded quietly. “You know they send you to the other wing when you get too excited about things.” She looked up and all around her. “Oh right. Eyes everywhere they have, don’t they? Shhh. Must be good then.”

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.
This book is an anthology filled with stories that are made of love and magic. I am not usually one who reads historical or past times but I really like this book. The stories gave you adventure, love, magic, romance, anger and humor. Each story and its own twists and turns. One minute you are saying what are you thinking and the next you are cheering them on… There are nine stories in all.
My favorite story was historical. Rolf’s Quest. In this story you have Merlin, magic, wolfhound, Lords, Kings, and more. Oh wait, did I tell you it had magic and shapeshifting….. Rolf must find true love to save Merlin and himself. Both their futures depend on Rolf and finding true love and not use any magic to do it. The problem is that Melissa the women he loves is already to betrothed to another man. Will he be able to accomplish it? Or will he be too late to get the girl he loves and has loved for years? Will true love win out?

This book is filled with nine great stories and nine great authors that will keep you wanting more. If I could give five starts for every story I would. They are all great stories and worth reading.

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January 26, 2015
Here's my thoughts on several of the stories in this anthology:

Fall Into Darkness

I may have been a bit predisposed to liking this one since I really enjoy the fated mate type of story, but even so...this is a really great start for this series. After starting off with a tense dramatic scene that immediately draws you in, we go right into another, and then your attention is kept from then on with the engrossing development of things between the two lead characters.

Eli is the definition of alpha male, with a healthy dose of condescension for humans for good measure. Ashley has her own issues, being able to see a person's death just by looking in their eyes...yet she still seems like a compassionate soul and deserving of some peace and the chance to feel and experience things as others do. The two of them together? They fit like pieces of a puzzle clicking together.

But of course there's more to it than that, and as the story comes to a close we're left with even more questions, but you'll become invested enough in the story to be clamoring for the next part as soon as you finish this one. Intense, absorbing writing along with fascinating characters, I give Fall Into Darkness 5 stars.

Love’s Not Viral

With the way this story opened, I was immediately interested with this unique hook. But my interest wasn’t totally held the whole way through as it felt like there was something lacking.

It’s very easy to see that there’s something not right with Bradley (I swear, a comparison to Charlie Sheen is popping up in my head right now). And it’s not just the “oh, get a load of the kooky celebrity” type of “not right”. As far as Aster goes, at first I thought she was going to be a great, strong female lead who doesn’t take any crap from anyone…but while she seemed tough at first, that kind of waned as things went on. For me, James was the best of the three of them…patient with his brother Bradley, polite and gentlemanly toward Aster, while still hot with a protective streak.

I think I would have liked this one more if it didn’t end the way it did. The regular part of the story just kind of…well…ended, and the epilogue really didn’t pull everything together for Aster and James like I’d expected it should-so it felt kind of incomplete. Overall, I’d give this somewhere around 3 to 3.5 stars.

Taking the Plunge

For a short story, Taking the Plunge really packs a good punch. A great opening scene, a lot of emotional moments for the characters, writing that pulls you in and makes you feel for the characters and an ending that leaves some things hanging but makes you want to know what happens next…all written to keep your interest and make you invested in the characters.

Both Pete and Eve are characters to whom you can really become attached-both with their own problematic pasts, both overcoming those pasts to build a good life…they seem perfect for each other.

I really enjoyed Taking the Plunge, and can’t wait to find out what happens next-you can be sure I’ll be picking up the next story as soon as it’s available…5 stars!

The Trouble with Never

This is one of those short stories that is just a bit too short to get the whole story…and one of those ones that you don’t want to have to wait to find out what happens and how things turn out. It is written well, focusing you in on the characters, how their situations affect them and how they handle those situations.

Kevin-ugh, yeah he’s one of those that you just want to walk right up to and give him a smack along with a very big piece of your mind. Meanwhile, Caleb is the polar opposite (and hot, sexy, plus a man who can cook-REALLY cook-that’s just a bonus), and he’s the one that you KNOW that Summer should be with. And Summer, after years of basically being oppressed by her husband, finally finds the strength to break free and start over…and women who find their strength are always a pleasure to read about.

There’s more coming to this story as well, so this short story is more like a prequel to what’s coming next-which I know I’ll be reading once it’s ready since this has hooked me in. 4 stars for The Trouble with Never.


This is a great collection of stories, definitely worth the read. My overall rating is 4 stars, and I’d recommend for 18+ for language and adult situations. A good addition to your library if you’re a romance fan!
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February 5, 2015
This review can originally be found on Olivia's Catastrophe: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/20...

So, in anticipation of Valentine’s Day I day I have picked up a more romantic read! It’s a bit weird to review though, because it was a collection of short stories and excerpts of longer novels… and it is hard to peg a rating on them as a whole! So the rating above is an average score, and now I will write a few sentences about each story individually.

Under the Mango Tree

This was a pretty simplistic story. The characters were simple and the storyline was too. It was about arranged marriage and was a historical fiction. I wanted more of the Indian feel too it (India was where it was set.) 3 stars.

Rolf’s Request

This was a pretty good fantasy, but this is a hard genre to have as a short story. I wanted more world building in it. There was a hint at insta love and a very little love triangle. But I did like Melissa’s courage here. 3 stars

Fall into Darkness

Loved it! Just loved it! I loved the angels that were included, the characters were brilliant and there was a great explanation of everything even though this was purely an excerpt. There is some language and explicit scenes though. Well written. 5 stars.

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo.

In here the roles were reversed: it was the girl who wanted a one night stand and the guy who was looking for commitment. I was okay, but pretty much purely an explicit scene with some hint of building characters through hints of difficult lives. 4 stars.

Alphabetical Disorder

I’m sorry, but I thought this story was ridiculous. I thought the idea was silly and not well explained. And the explicit scene at the end was completely unnecessary and added nothing to the story. 2 stars.

Love’s Not Viral

This was a pretty crazy and unrealistic story plot, but I still loved it. I think the characters were the best bit, and simply how entertaining the story was itself. A bit of language. Aster was not my kind of girl, with her tattoos and piercings, but I loved her anyway. 5 stars.

Taking the Plunge

Such a sweet story, but dealing with some pretty serious themes here, such as bullying, death, cancer and addiction. The characters were well done and realistic and I want to read more of this story! 5 stars.

The Trouble With Never

There was a divorce theme. Nice, clean romance and loved the characters. I see a lot of development in store for them and this was just the beginning of it. 5 stars.

Keep Calm & Eat Chocolate

I thought this story was a bit unrealistic and had a too good to be true ending to it, but I liked it nicely enough. There isn’t much for me to say, but it was a nice story to sum this collection up. 4 stars.
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February 1, 2015
Amazing bunch of short stories in one.

I managed to read and review x3 of them that intrigued me and caught my eye :)

Fall Into Darkness: (Paranormal Romance) ~ by Valerie Twombly
Now this is what I'm talking about, I absolutely LOVED this book!

I will definitely be waiting for the continuation to land sometime this year!

This story kicks off straight from the start and holds on tight, it's a great love story about fallen angels...

Eli who doesn’t follow rules very well. He has lost his humanity so they clipped his wings and sent him to earth to find it.

But what he finds is Ashley, a women who could potentially be his soul mate, his fated female. Rules are made to be broken, it makes you wonder if this couple will be the ones to break the biggest one of all.

Together Eli & Ashley bond for what they think is just a short time, but could they make it a bond for eternity?

Alphabetical Disorder: (Fantasy Romance) ~ by Katie Stephens
Another one that I loved.

The intrigue of the curse was also so interesting. I loved Susie and Sam’s chemistry.

Having to interpret a prophecy in which involves yourself if a tricky one, and if one thing goes wrong this could cause a butterfly effect in the future....

Prophecy is one of my many fascinations and like most things, they are open to interpretation which is the main concept behind the story.

I really liked the characters and the story line and I liked the way the author explored the prophecies given to Susie.

The Romani is mysterious and interesting.

Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Michaela Miles
Who doesn't love a good romance story.....even with a twist of crazy in it!

Two crazies who are not crazy at all meet in an institution where either fellow loved ones or other people put them. One because they wanted her money the other because the police felt he did something wrong...Both angry at the world and those that put them in there.

Helping each other in return finding love.

It is a story you will fall in love with as much as you love the characters

You find yourself laughing even when your heart is breaking

Are these two really crazy? or are YOU the crazy one?

I totally loved this story.
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November 25, 2014
Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombly....This is a great love story about fallen angels. Sexy angel Eli gets his wings clipped when he disobeys the rules for the third time. He is banished to earth to find his humanity~~~or be sent to hell. Ashley has always thought of herself as a freak all her life. Seeing how a person will die when she looks into their eyes has finally sent her running to an isolated back woods of Alaska. Eli comes to her rescue in more ways than one. Ashley is also the answer to the humanity he seeks. Together Eli & Ashley bond for what they think is just a short time, but could they make it a bond for eternity? Valerie Twombly is an amazing writer. This tale had me lost in this sweet love story...can't wait to see how it ends~~~

Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul....Eve Cambridge had a difficult childhood, always being made fun of in school. Then one day the boy of her dreams comes to her aid. Fast forward, Eve is now an RN and just dumped her jerk of a boyfriend. When she runs into the boy she once had crush on from her HS years, is now a tall, sexy handsome man now. Will Eve take a chance and try to find love with the sexy plumber? This was the fist story by this author I've ever read and she truly did a wonderful job and can't wait to read the rest of this great love story.

Rolf's Quest by Aubrey Wynne....I truly enjoyed this lovely fairy tale type love story. A magical tale set in the whimsical time of Merlin the magician. Can Rolf, the handsome royal wizard of the English court of King Henry II and Queen Eleanor, win the heart of the beautiful Lady Melissa? This story had all the things a great old time fairy tale. We even have an evil villain in the form of a Duke. Rolf must capture the heart of the fair lady without the use of magic to free the legendary wizard Merlin from his prison before time runs out.
788 reviews6 followers
February 2, 2015
This book was terrific! It was like a smorgasbord and had something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what kind of romance you are looking for! I was lucky to find some new authors who I will definitely be looking for more from. It would be difficult to pick my favorite because everyone had something special. From paranormal to historical and Southern to contemporary romances, you definitely will find a story to love. Great read for Valentine's Day and every other day too. Who doesn't need a little romance?
January 7, 2015
I was fortunate to get a sneak peek at this collection so that I could review before it's release. Overall, I'd have to say this is an amazing collection of stories that explores the emergence of love when it is least expected. All of the authors did a wonderful job and I will be on the lookout for more from each of them in the future. Honestly, you can't find a better way to spend $0.99. Under each title is my thoughts.

Under The Mango Tree: (Historical Romance) ~ by Meredith Bond

This one was okay. I really liked the beginning of the story. The descriptions of everything was wonderfully vivid and I really had high hopes for the story. The coming of age, differences in cultures, quest to find one's place in life, the hope for love... I couldn't get enough, and I think that maybe therein lies the problem. Even though, things went exactly like I wanted them to go, the ending seemed a little rushed. I think that the potential for a full novel, or at least a longer story is there. Now, from what I read at the end, it is just a little back story about a character's origins from another book. I think that is a pretty cool concept- to tell the love story that made the existence of another character possible. Overall, I give this story a 8 and I look forward to reading more by this author.

Rolf's Quest: (Historical Romance) ~ by Aubrey Wynne

OMG! This was absolutely amazing! I will fully admit that I have a thing for Arthurian stories. Magic and chivalry is the stuff childhood dreams are made of (at least mine were). The idea of Merlin's descendants trying to save him from a curse he brought upon himself... just brilliant. The characters were amazing and the story was completely spellbinding. This one definitely earns a 10. Even though the story seemed complete, I was thrilled to learn there will be more on this incredible story coming out. I will definitely be on the lookout for it!

Fall Into Darkness: (Paranormal Romance) ~ by Valerie Twombly

I have to admit, I have a huge crush on Val because of her amazing stories. She is the best thing to happen to the genre since Sherrilyn Kenyon. She creates more than stories, she has fashioned an entire universe for her characters to inhabit and I don't intend on missing a single book she puts out. This one focuses on an angel and his quest to find his humanity. It is wonderfully written and super hot. Like some of the others in the collection, this is just a sneak peak at a story that will be coming out so it does end on a cliffhanger but I can promise, it will be one of the best snip-its you read in this collection. It's a perfect 10.

Alphabetical Disorder: (Fantasy Romance) ~ by Katie Stephens

I really liked this one even though there were parts that had me scratching my head. Prophecy is one of my many fascinations and like most things, they are open to interpretation which is the main concept behind the story. I really liked the characters and the story line and I liked the way the author explored the prophecies given to Susie. But there were a few questions that I would have liked to seen answered in the story. Overall I say it is a 8.5.

Roses Are Wrong, Violets Taboo: (Southern Romance) ~ by Kris Calvert

This one is powerfully emotional and sexy as hell. Burdened by loss and life's changes, Chase and Rose shouldn't fall for each other but they do. It is one of those love stories that happens because two people are in the right place at the right time, but falters because Cupid' s arrow picks a pretty crappy time to hit its mark. I am a sucker for this kind of thing. There is something about seeing couples overcome adversity that makes the possibility of true love and fate survive. I didn't want the story to end and I was glad to see that the brief encounter in this book isn't the last we will hear from this couple. I really cannot wait to read the rest of this story. It ranks a 9.5 on my scale of awesomeness.

Love's Not Viral: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Nessie Strange

Okay, I will admit this one had me shouting at my Kindle. I really enjoyed the story but there were some things that bothered me about the character's actions. (Yes, I'm the type that can't watch horror movies without telling the people on screen how stupid they are.) Of course, if Aster had acted like I would have acted to the situation, there wouldn't have been much of a story. So after I got through some eye rolling because I have never managed to understand acting like a girl (not sure if it is a southern thing or just my warped brain but I would have been more forceful--hell, I'd have made the cops arrest me to get away from the psycho), I settled in and really got into the story. I loved it. It was just so different from most things you read and it definitely explores some interesting challenges that people could possibly face in our digital and celeb obsessed world. 9 out of 10.

Taking The Plunge: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Kishan Paul

This one is another of those that is a excerpt of an upcoming longer book. This one just about ripped my heart out of my chest. The power and emotion behind this one was absolutely breathtaking. But there was also humor and comfort there to keep me from becoming a wailing mass on the bedroom floor. Like I said before, there is something about seeing two people overcome adversity in the name of love. I hope that this one lives up to the promise given in this passage because if it does, Kishan Paul will definitely be added to my favorites list. 10 out of 10.

The Trouble With Never: (Southern Romance) ~ by Isabella Harper

This is another of those that I was glad to find was only a glimpse at an upcoming release. You have a young woman who finds out that she has spent the past few years as a trophy wife, a philandering husband, a kick-ass best friend, another friend that wishes he could have been more, and a return to a small home town. Summer is desperately trying to take her life back but it doesn't look like it will be an easy task. The potential for fireworks and drama is at an all time high. I am practically salivating to find out what happens next. Another 10 for this collection.

Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Michaela Miles

This is a new one for me- two people finding love in the loony bin. But it is such an incredible story. They are both so loss in their own tragic tale that they can't find the peace they need to release their prison. Of course, the walls of the institution and the men in the white coats aren't the only jailers they have to face. It is only through sharing their pain with one another that they can begin to heal and find a new reason to live. Wonderfully written, this story is a complete one that just makes you believe in the healing power of love. This one earns a 10 as well and I hope to find more by this author, soon.
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January 24, 2015
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Love Least Expected is an anthology of love story short stories/teasers. The stories are all short and basically set the background, plot and characters for the next installment (most due sometime in the summer of 2015). Some stories are more developed than others. I like anthologies in that they give readers the opportunity to get a taste for new authors. The best anthologies have full stories. I usually pick up an anthology because I follow one of the authors, and I frequently find at least one new (to me) author whose work I would read.

Love Lest Expected contains nine unrelated stories by nine authors. Each story is a love story, and that is the extent of their similarity. The genres range from historical romance, fantasy, contemporary romance and everything in between. The anthology is perfectly timed as a Valentine’s Day holiday offering.

Under the Mango Tree by Meredith Bond is rich in vivid imagery, very short and is based on a very unrealistic interracial relationship in the 18th century.

Rolf’s Quest by Aubrey Wynne is a fantasy piece based on Merlin’s familial successors and breaking a hundreds-year old curse. The story is well developed but it wraps up abruptly. I would definitely read the follow on book.

Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombly is a paranormal romance with an interesting premise. I didn’t care for the gruff nature of the lead male, a hunter angel, but the interesting story line hooked me. The story tension is great as is the complexity of the of the potential paths the story can take. Fans of paranormal, science fiction and fantasy are sure to love this series.

Alphabetical Disorder by Katie Stephens is a fantasy romance set in a circus full of Gypsies. One of the performers believes she must date her way through the alphabet in order to find true love when in truth she is smitten with a “S”. I couldn’t get into the story and found the plot too obvious.

Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo by Kris Calvert is a well written short story about choices. While the story was well written and had a good premise, it didn’t grab me.

Love’s Not Viral by Nessie Strange didn’t work for me on many levels. The premise of using social media to progress the story reminded me too much of a recent novella serial by another author. The idea that a young bartender living alone would allow an unhinged actor into her home was hard to buy, but even harder to accept was that she would become interested in her captor’s brother. If a guy tells you he’ll call but doesn’t and three months later walks into your bar, would you welcome him back as a potential love interest? Neither would any self-respecting woman.

Taking the Plunge - Kishan Paul is a contemporary romance that was well written, but didn't grab me.

The Trouble with Never by Isabella Harper is a contemporary romance which is ultimately set in the south. Leading lady Summer chooses romance to a roguish cad over a friendship with a friend. After putting up with more than 10 years of patronizing domination, Summer returns home to restart her life. While there was insufficient backstory to Summer and her soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin, the potential romance she finds in her home town offers much. This story could develop into a very suspenseful romance involving the soon to be ex and the new beau or it could become a homey story of renewed friendship and love. I’m definitely interested in finding out which path this story takes.

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate by Michaela Miles is another contemporary romance, and it is set in a psychiatric unit. The lead characters, Elle and Chris, are wrongfully institutionalized after being set up by power-hungry family and vengeful acquaintances, respectively. The judicial hoops that one would have to jump through to commit a family member against their will made this story completely unbelievable for me. The plot points that lead to Elle’s and Chris’ eventual release are just as farfetched. The required suspension of disbelief was too much for me to get into the story.

Anthologies are a good source for trying out new authors. Some you will continue to invest time and money into reading and others not. The great thing, is that different readers will appreciate different stories. Overall, Love Least Expected provided me with more new authors to investigate than I typically find in anthologies.

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February 4, 2015
This is a fabulous anthology containing nine novellas. A wonderful way to discover new writers and their work.

1. The Trouble With Never: (Southern Romance) ~ by Isabella Harper. This is such a treat for me, as I love Southern Romance stories and whilst I felt a bit frustrated at the end -Is that it! I'm so happy that there will be more Summer and Caleb to come soon. The author manages to capture the intensity of feelings between the protagonists as they face up to their mutual attraction. The air crackles between them as they deal with the past that has kept them apart for ten years and the resulting emotional baggage. 4 stars

2. Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo ~ by Kris Calvert. On the Eve of Valentine's day, Alex Tabeau is alone in a bar after burying his beloved grandfather. The man that had brought him up had once told him “you'll know her when you see her.” So when Rose Westwood walks into the Voodoo Bar, he knows that she is the one. Will just one night together be the beginning of their future? 4 stars

3. Love's Not Viral ~ by Nessie Strange. A fun story with a serious undertone - Astley becomes an overnight media social media sensation when drop-dead gorgeous Hollywood actor Bradley Stone announces to his twelve million followers that he's going to marry her! After Bradley turns up on her doorstep with a media entourage looking on, it is his older brother that Astley turns to for help. Surprisingly this “old man” has more in common with her, which is a good thing right? 5 Stars

4. Take The Plunge ~ by Kishan Paul. RN Eve Cambridge has changed a lot since High School. For a start, she's ten dress sizes slimmer. When she accidentally sprays pepper into the face of the guy she spent High school drooling, the mistake turns into a date. However, a chance meeting before the date highlights issues that Eve would rather forget. 4 Stars

5. Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate ~ Michaela Miles. What happens when two people meet up in an institution, both knowing that themselves are sane and not ill, recognising this fact in each other too? An intriguing short story on how two people help each other work towards being released from their forced detention and seek justice for those that wronged them. 5 Stars
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January 3, 2015
Independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.

What more do you want over the festive period than 9 short love stories in one well this is the Anthology for you.

Written by all these delightful authors,Meredith Bond , Aubrey Wynne , Valerie Twombly, Kris Calvert, Katie Stephens, Nessie Strange , Kishan Paul , Isabella Harper , Michaela Miles

Seeing as this was such a large book and its new to me writing a review on so many short stories im going to review the one i liked most.

Set in the 18th century Lakshmi is a good Indian girl who should definitely not be avoiding her chores and enjoying a lovely mango while hidden amongst the branches of the mango tree in her mother’s garden.

Lakshmi truly should not be seen by a man who is not a member of her family especially an Englishman, no less. And she absolutely should not even contemplate speaking with this man. But never less Lakshmi has never been one to follow the rules. This time, it could ruin or even make the rest of her life.

this was the first story in the book i found it very naive and cute i had to remember that this love story was from 18th century and im a 21st century girl so i had to remember love is still love no matter what time you come from :) below is my favourite line from the story where she is describing the Englishman.

She willed the man to turn toward her so that she could see his face, while he and her brother conversed about nothing. Turn. Turn. Tur… oh! He did turn

In this story i very much like Lakshmi brother as i no courtships where different then and the higher class were not meant to be mixing with the lower so for her brother to be helping her and not getting in trouble i found it really sweet honourable even.

this is a clean story so its ok for anyone to read

3 out of 5 fangs
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February 8, 2015
I enjoyed this mix of short romantic stories.
There was a story based in the past, a paranormal one,
and other contemporary romance ones. Truly
was a nice blend. A little something for everyone. =)
There were some that I can say were my kind of love
story and I look forward to reading more surrounding
these characters in 2015!

My rating: 4.5 of 5.
My full-bloggers-review will be found at:
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January 18, 2015
Here you have 9 different stories about love, each have their own twists and turns that keep the reader interested. Each gives something new to each story that will keep you turning the pages. There is something forever one. I have no doubt you will find one in this outstanding book that you will fall in love with. There is some wonderful writing here, which is easy to follow, the words flow easy. You will find many smiles, a few chuckles and tons of love. What a wonderful way to learn a little about each author’s style for a wonderful low price. We each do not like the same thing, so it is safe to say that some of these stories you are going to love more than others. It is a nice set to just get the feel of an author and find a few outstanding reads. You might even find one that will be your favorite.

I thought this set was an outstanding read, I really can’t pick my favorite there are so many that I totally loved. Even the genres that were not my cup of tea were outstanding, I really enjoy reading them. The authors gave me a new light on things I was not to crazy about. I might have to check more into them, I might just find I enjoy more than I thought. I found each story well written with wonderful plots and outstanding story lines that you could sink your teeth into. Don’t take my word for it go pick up your own set today.

Under The Mango Tree: (Historical Romance) ~ by Meredith Bond

This would have made a wonderful novel, you have two people from two different sides of the world come together to learn and grow. Life and rules are different for both, they must find a way to overcome them. From first site they have a pull, a draw so strong that they knew when the other was near. I would have liked to have known a little more about these characters, there is only so much you can put in a short read, I would have to say for a short read it was a lovely read well written. The author wrote in a style that you could feel them connect, you felt the pull and knew they were meant to be one. The author showed how love with overcome even when you have different life styles. Sometimes nothing can keep two people apart not even different cultures. You are going to love all the characters and what to get to know them better. Keep your eyes open for the ends to a few wonderful outstanding reads.

Rolf's Quest: (Historical Romance) ~ by Aubrey Wynne

I thought this was well written I am just not into wizard and magic, I have never been to much into this genres. It has nothing at all to do with the author or her writing style I thought that was great. This is all me and the type of books I like to read. She wrote a wonderful story of years gone by with spells and magic when one wizard wanted the love of one woman that she could not give. What it must be like to dream of one person who you know must be yours only to have that person be put right in front of your eyes. If you like this type of story you are going to love this author’s style and her ability to write such a lovely story. One that will keep you interested as she takes you down the path of mystery the spells are cast that will keep you interested until the end.

Fall Into Darkness: (Paranormal Romance) ~ by Valerie Twombly

I loved this one, I am not crazy about cliffhangers but this one sure does make you want to go out and get the rest of the story. Don’t get me wrong cliffhangers are ok, I just like to be about to go get the book right away. I always forget to get it later on. In this one you have Eli who doesn’t follow rules very well. He has lost his humanity so they clipped his wings more like they pulled them out and sent him to earth to find it what he finds is Ashley who could be his soul mate. Rules are made to be broken, it makes you wonder if this couple will be the ones to break the biggest one of all.

They author gives you mystery, the beginning of love. Angels and fallin angels along with some bad men what else could you ask for in my book not much else but maybe the rest of the dang book.  Her style makes you want to turn the pages to find out what is going to happen. In my view this story is a keeper, you will want to look into more of this authors work. She gives you just enough to keep you hooked. This read is hooked BIG TIME. Ms. Twombly nicely done…..

Roses Are Wrong, Violets Taboo: (Southern Romance) ~ by Kris Calvert

This was a very touching emotional read, two people come together to help each other get over something. They met in a bar, have a few drinks and decide oh why not….could this be just one night or will they make a connection?

I have to say the author has me interested, the ending will hook you for the full book. This is a page turner, the author’s style is easy to follow and you will find yourself rushing to the end of this hot mess. I like this story a lot and cannot wait to see how it ends. The author gives you a few twist and turns, with tons of passion, lost, pain and sorrow. What else do you need for a wonderful romance?

Alphabetical Disorder: (Fantasy Romance) ~ by Katie Stephens

OH my you have a curse and she must work out the riddle, who doesn’t love riddles and circus? I DO I DO….this was a very interesting read, I am not sure I could find enough men to date in alphabetical order. Poor Susie having to find men in A B C order when she only wants one man. Who knows the man she thinks she wants, she might not but then again maybe nothing will change her mind, she has her sights set on Sam and he is the only one for her. There is a curse she has to break before she can even think about her heart’s desire.

I did find this a little hard to keep up with, I am never any good at riddles. Even though I found it hard to work out I did find it interesting enough to keep reading. It turned out to be a wonderful read even if it was a little out of my genres.

Love's Not Viral: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Nessie Strange

Oh MY, I loved this one, what is there not to love. When Hollywood actor Bradley Stone goes off the deep end pulling Aster down with him what a send off. This was just enough off the wall to make it an outstanding read. You are going to laugh your butt off as you read this, one over the top, to the next as Bradley decides he found the women of his dreams. One problem he didn’t tell her, she finds it out in the media as Bradley takes over her home. I laughed so hard when she makes her calls to find someone to help her. When James comes on the scene it is just too dang funny.

I found this to be a page turner that I could not turn fast enough. The author had you hook right from the start. Even for a short read you do not feel like much is left out, the ending was great but I would have liked to have known a little more. This would have made a great novel it would have been nice to have known a little more but it is not necessary the author gives you all the important parts. I loved this authors writing style and can’t wait to read more. I did think the author would take it a different route in what way I can’t say without giving the story away. Outstanding read!

Taking The Plunge: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Kishan Paul

The intrigue in this story is outstanding, I feel the name fits this book in so many ways. The author deals with some major issues that will break your heart. This is a story you can relate to and I am sure many of us has had to deal with these issue at some point in our life either with ourselves, our family or our friends. I totally enjoyed this story and look to read more of this story.

Eve is overweight when she is young, people make fun of her. One day a hot guy steps in and helps her out. Pete has issues of his own with a messed up family. Eve doesn’t know it but she has helped him out when life had him at the lowest. Years go by they both move on, life has a funny way of bring us back to where we start. They met again both have issues now they need to see if they can make a life together or if the past is to much to overcome.
I thought this was well written, I totally enjoyed it. A lot was written into a short time, the author gives you all the information to make this an outstanding read without leaving anything out.

The Trouble With Never: (Southern Romance) ~ by Isabella Harper

What a delight this was, so much pain and abuse in more ways than one. Summer after many years of being a trophy wife, having a man control her every move how she dressed even to what she eat is madding enough but to find out your husband has been unfaithful to you and laughs in your face when you put it in front of his face is to much. She has had enough and walks out, that just leave how he is going to take it….

She goes back to her home town meets her old best friend and flames come off them. Now she has to work out what she wants out of life and where does Caleb come in. You will have to wait until the whole book comes out to find out but I feel sure somewhere along the way the ex Kevin will be in it making trouble. Caleb I am sure will have a few things to say about this and what will Summer do.

It is never easy to walk away from any marriage but to walk away from one where (your not so) better half controls you is even harder. There are more ways to abuse someone than by hitting them. The saying sticks and stones might hurt me but words will never hurt me is not true. Sometimes words can hurt worse than anything as Summer finds out.

I thought the author did an amazing job of telling Summers story, I found she place humor in her tale just where it needed to be. She sends a strong message but display it in a wonderful way and wraps humor around it at times. I look forward to reading the rest of Summer and Caleb story.

Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate: (Contemporary Romance) ~ by Michaela Miles

What a lovely crazy romance, two crazies who are not crazy met in the institution where people put them. One because they wanted her money the other because the police felt he did something wrong. This was such a touching story, so much pain and hurt, so many people against you before you even start. Both angry at the world and those that put them in there.

I thought the author gave a wonderful story of two people done wrong, of them finding each other. Helping each other in return finding love. It is a story you will fall in love with as much as you love the characters. There really are some wonderful characters here even down to the doctors and other patience’s. The story is easy to follow as you turn the page to find out just what Chris really did. Eleanor is a trip in her sassy way and her outstanding humor. You find yourself laughing even when your heart is breaking. When reading Chris story I really thought he was a nut case, did he really want us to believe all this. Turns out I might be the nut case…..I totally loved this story.

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312 reviews
February 3, 2015
**Book provided by the author for an honest review**
Review on Fallen into Darkness By Valerie Twombly

Eli, the Archangel bounty hunter, has one job: to retrieve fallen angels and bring them to the Tribunal for judgement. That seems to be a problem for him, considering his charges haven't been coming back alive! Eli had witnessed his once friends committing awful acts on humans, but instead of dealing with the situation in a humane way, Eli just kills the angels and leaves the poor humans to suffer. The only way the Tribunal saw fit to punish Eli was to condemn him to Earth to find his humanity. Before falling, Tegan, Eli's commander, must remove Eli's wings, literally.....OUCH!

When Eli falls, he lands in the middle of nowhere Alaska! YA! With no shirt on!! And it's snowing!! Super Sexy is just in time to save the day!! Hark! I hear a cry for help! As SS glides across the snow like the wonderman he is towards danger, he makes out a woman being attacked by a dog-like creature, great! So after rescuing the damsel in distress, Eli feels a strong need to stay with the young woman and nurse her wounds, or to lick, nurse, lick, what's the difference?!

This story had a ridiculously great premise and has me wishing it could be a full novel because I want more! The icing on the cake was the fact that Ashley isn't your ordinary human and, in fact, turns out to be just what Eli needs! The chemistry between them was more destiny making sure shit got done right than anything else. It was pretty cool. The snow storm that prevented Eli from just leaving once Ashley woke up was the perfect scenario to keep them locked up in close quarters, to get to "know" each other, if you know what I mean, wink wink!

My favorite part of the book had to be the shower scene! I'm on the fence as to whether it's the funniest scene, or sexiest scene! I mean, the whole idea is just out there, but it is a fictional book, so why the hell not, right?! When Ashley wakes up after the attack, Eli explains all her injuries to her. Despite what Eli has told her about not being able to stand on her own because of the deep wound on her leg, she insists on taking a shower to wash the dried blood off her entire body. You know what's coming next, right? Ashley and Eli, in the shower with their underwear on! Now, Ashley is supposed to be mortified, ok.....So during the shower, she asks him if he would mind washing her back, uh huh....SURE Eli replies, lol. In order to do that, Ashley has to brace herself, so she puts palms on the shower wall, back facing Eli, and bent forward to put all her weight on her good leg, so her ass is up pointing at him! First thought that came to mind, Oh my god, he's going to just do her right now! No one has that kind of restraint, just boink her!! Then..........hysterical laughter!

There is a point to Eli being dropped in Ashley's neck of the woods. Ashley has her own issue of being able to see how a person will die when she looks in their eyes! But not when she looked in Eli's eyes. So as we get to the nitty gritty, the book ends! On a cliffhanger!! A note from the author, more to come in 2015! No fucking fair!! I want to know what those fucking bitches, the "Seven," have to say for themselves!! So there ya go.......I really liked the book, it was cool, funny, sexy, dramatic and suspenseful! Hurry please and release the next chapter before I go insane, thank you :)
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February 4, 2015
Under the Mango Tree by Meredith Bond: an Indian girl (Bengali) falls in love, from atop her mango tree, with the delicious young Englishman sent to tutor her brother. Will he whisk her away from her family? I'm not telling!
Rolf's Quest by Aubrey Wynne: this is the first I've read of her books, and I'm encouraged to seek out more. Rolf is a wizard, and descendant of Merlin (yes, THAT one). Each first son, in a long hereditary line, has been tasked with finding his true love, without using magic or deceit. If one eventually succeeds, the curse holding Merlin in the tree will be broken. If the tree dies before Merlin is freed, he will die too.
Fall Into Darkness by Valerie Twombley: Extremely well written, as is usual of her works, Fall has an engaging plot about Angels. Eli is punished for losing his humanity, and is stripped of his wings and cast to Earth for thirty days. If he can regain his compassion, he will resume his duties in the heavenly host. If he fails, he'll be banished to Hell. Warning...cliffhanger!
Roses are Wrong, Violets Taboo by Kris Calvert: Chase has just lost his grandfather, and is trying to drown his sorrows in a local watering hole. In walks Rose, looking like she walked off the cover of a magazine. The story takes you through some really excellent plot, then ....it stops...cold.... There is so much unresolved here, that I will need to read the next book, just to have some closure. Ms Calvert is extremely talented, and I look forward to reading her full-length works.
Alphabetical Disorder by Katie Stephens: Susie works for a small circus, and is convinced she is cursed. The basis of the curse is quirky and fun, the results ...not so much. This was a textbook short story. No cliffhangers, a beginning, middle, and end... Neat and tidy, and highly entertaining!
Love's Not Viral by Nessie Strange: A major movie star walks into the bar where Aster slings drinks part-time. He takes a picture of the two of them together, then tells the world that he's engaged to her. Of course nobody believes her. Can his older brother James help her tame the crazy jerk? Or will they all end up dead?
Taking the Plunge by Kishan Paul: I have to admit, this is a story I've been looking forward to reading. For a first-time published author, she has an all-star support cast. And, apparently some bad influences! After reading about love, lust, and substance abuse, in an entertaining and enlightening way, she drops the story after a couple of chapters. Just a fair warning: Majorly huge cliffhanger! Ms Paul is immensely talented, and is going to be added to my already huge TBR list.
The Trouble with Never by Isabella Harper: Grrrrarrrr! Another intro/cliffhanger!!! Summer leaves her abusive husband, and starts to have feelings forCaleb, her BFF in college. Well-written and intriguing...
Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate by Michaela Miles: A really great ending to an awesome anthology! Two crazy lovebirds meet in an insane asylum...what more can you ask? This story was extremely satisfying, and ended appropriately.
All in all, this box set/anthology is a really good deal. It has introduced me to several new authors, and reacquainted me with some favorites. Five easy stars!
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367 reviews26 followers
November 30, 2014
LOOK LOOK WHAT MOUSIEY HAS TODAY!! A book that has not one story but 9 DIFFERENT ONES IN IT WITH 9 DIFFERENT AUTHORS!!!! Now isn't that Exciting???I was given an ARC of this book from Valerie Twombly , in exchange for an honest opinion of their book. Here is mousiey's honest opinion of "ANTHOLOGY OF ROMANCE , LOVE AND MAGIC. " I SURE THINK SO. This book is called " LOVE LEAST EXPECTED" The authors that have written this book are as follow---MEREDITH BOND ( UNDER THE MANGO TREE) AUBREY WYNNE (ROLF'S QUEST) VALERIE TWOMBLY(FALL INTO DARKNESS) KRIS CALVERT ( ROSES ARE WRONG, VIOLETS ARE TABOO) KATIE STEPHENS (ALPHABETICAL DISORDER) NESSIE STRANGE (LOVES NOT
Now as you can see there are several different authors - and different stories: they all have something in common. LOVE. However, I have to say this. The way each writer writes there story is so moving and compelling. You feel the characters and what they are going thru. Each story is very unique!! I recommend this book to all. And I do mean ALL. I give it a total of 90 stars out of 5 as there are 9 different authors. Each one is worth is more. THIS BOOK IS ON AMAZON . DON'T WALK BUT RUN NOW TO AMAZON !!! GET YOUR COPY NOW .. But before you do please read the following
Five songs that inspire me to write
It’s funny, I know many authors who have playlists for every novel but I’m not one of them. I sometimes get inspired for a character or scene by a song and I’m all over the place with my music. Here are some of the songs that help inspire me.
• Hells Bells, by AC/DC helped me get into the mood to write my villain in Eternal Flame and is still a go to when I need something a little more sinister.
• Harder to Breathe, by Maroon 5. The minute I heard this song on the radio I knew it belonged to my dragon shifter, Caleb. It fit him and his mate perfectly.
• Man in the Box, by Alice in Chains. This song was used often while writing Seth’s story in Primal Hunger. For some reason it brought out the desperate, crazy vampire.
• Primavera from Santa’s Supernatural always helps inspire the love scenes. I have no idea why; I don’t understand a lick of Spanish, lol. The music has a sensual beat that makes me think of sex. Go figure.
• Let’s Stay Together, by Al Green. I have always loved this song and it really inspires love.
See! I told you my music was all over the place. I never know what song will inspire a character or scene. I’m listening to Primavera right now; I think I need to go write something sultry 

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February 8, 2015
Under the Mango Tree by Meredith Bond:

It was the title of this story that first hooked me. Growing up in the sub-tropics, I know well the allure of summers spent in the branches of a mango tree, the intoxicating aroma of ripe fruit, and the taste of mangoes – still warm from the sun – as they are devoured in great numbers.
This delightful story – part of the Love Least Expected Valentine’s Day Anthology – is a refreshingly different, culturally exotic, and joyful read, right from the first word.
Lakshmi is a girl who stretches the boundaries of the social mores of her 18th Century life in Calcutta, India. The rules surrounding girls, so at odds with the relative freedom accorded male children, are unfair. She tells her brother that it is wrong that he should be allowed to study geography, mathematics, and English when he hates it, whereas she excels at those subjects and indeed, helps him pass his exams.
But as she reaches young womanhood, it’s the other rules that rile her. When she discovers that the rules in her world are not the same in England, she questions why this is so. If English girls can choose their own husbands, why can’t she?
This story left a smile in my heart. I highly recommend it.
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Author 36 books185 followers
February 14, 2015
Love Least Expected is a collection of love stories by nine different authors. It’s a great read for Valentine’s, but I recommend it for any time of the year. The other great thing is it’s just 99¢ on Amazon! The stories range from historical to paranormal. There’s something for every reader. I rate the stories from 3 to 5 stars, so I gave it an average rating of 4.
Reviewing the book as a whole, I found each story to compliment the title. The main characters weren’t looking for love. It happened organically while following other paths in their lives. Some stories had a touch of magic, others a realistic theme. I enjoyed reading about the fallen angel searching for his humanity and how the wizard, Merlin, ended up as part of a tree after trying to force love. His only hope was for his ancestors to save him by finding true love.
Some of the stories are excerpts to longer novels, so expect a few to be cliffhangers. Those that were, I wanted to know more. The short stories all end in a satisfying conclusion. There’s a nice mix in this anthology. This is a great read for those who don’t have the time to invest in a novel. Read at will, chose your own story. What’s not to like?

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1,717 reviews315 followers
July 1, 2015
This anthology encompassed an enjoyable mix of writing styles and genres. It is a well edited and put together bundle, an approachable collection of short, sweet tales that gives you a taste of romance. Each story is unique. The mix of sub-genres provides something for all romance enthusiasts to enjoy. Some are sweet, others are hot, while others yet were fantastically imaginative. Above all, they all made me smile. I will warn readers, however, that this anthology is a mix of short stories & teasers for full length novels. Some will leave you hooked, wanting to go grab the novel that the author had originally written.

This anthology is a collection of new beginnings. This was a great introduction to a variety of new to me authors. I had a great time getting to know each of them.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 19 books36 followers
December 27, 2017
Truly enjoyable collection of short stories and truly a great Valentine's Day purchase. All of the stories were exceptionally well written, with fun plots and characters. Being a fan of fantasy Rolf's Quest was my favorite, but each and every story/author delivered an enjoyable read. I found this collection a marvelous way to try new authors and discover new favorite authors. Well worth the $ spent.
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29 reviews18 followers
February 22, 2015
Hot DAMN LADIES!! This is a total must read!! A few new authors to me and I must say I loved every one of theses books!! Uplifting and heart warming from the start to the end. I am so looking forward to reading more from each and every one of these author's! You will not be disappointed you will be looking for more from each author.
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28 reviews6 followers
February 10, 2015
Disclaimer: I was given this set for an honest review.

I can tell you right now that I am going to love this set just by reading the blurbs of each book. I am giving a partial review as I am in the middle of reviewing another book. This set is going to be on my next read. I will have a full review up on my blog once I have done reading this set.
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