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unTouchable Season 1

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Ep 1 - Ep 85

Sia Lee is a modern-day vampire who absorbs energy from humans by touching them instead of drinking their blood. She has been desperate to touch Jiho since the day he moved in next door—but he's a germaphobe. Will Sia best his mysophobia and touch Jiho?


First published February 12, 2014

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Profile Image for Henz.
233 reviews87 followers
August 8, 2016

I need more Chapters!!! Oh why?!? one updated chapter per week?? I'm dying! I shouldn't have read this right away!

September 5, 2021
It was interesting to read about a vampire girl who lives off energy through physical contact rather than drinking blood, trying to seduce a germaphobe, who didn't want to do anything related to contact at all. But it got boring pretty soon. It lacked the expected sense of humour.
Profile Image for Joyous.
209 reviews12 followers
August 28, 2020
Dnf at chapter 37

This webtoon has such an apt title. I mean, now I know why it’s titled ‘unTouchable’ coz this shit should NOT be touched by a ten -foot pole. I am gonna make a list of some of its problems.

1. Jiho (H) judges and slut-shames Sia (h) for being a model on different occasions.
2. Sia was overbearing and wanted Jiho for her personal greed.
3. Without having any medical background, she believed to cure him of his OCD and social anxiety using some tricks and tips provided by her psychiatrist sister.
I am sure that there would have been more if I had continued with the series. As it is, I think I read 30 chapters too many.

P.S – I didn’t much care for the artist’s art style either. Not my favourite.
Profile Image for Delirious Disquisitions.
447 reviews182 followers
April 20, 2021
Yeah...no this ain't it. This was a whole mess I didn't ask for and certainly didn't have any business experiencing.

First off, I don't much like the art style in this they aged down the characters even though they were supposed to be a lot older. But this is really just a me problem and not necessarily a universal one. It's a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

The major problem I have with this is just how badly they botched up the whole OCD issue the love interest had and made it something of a fun problem the heroine could "solve" for her own selfish needs. The bits with the psychiatrist were just laughable, they looked like scenes taken straight out of GLEE! I know it's a light webtoon, it's not supposed to be that deep. I've watched enough Kdramas with far more absurd plots that my tolerance for bullshit is pretty damn high. But damn if I didn't hate every single moment I spent reading this. I can usually suspend my disbelief if I'm somewhat invested in the characters, but with charcaters this dumb? Yeah no.

The characters are so, so shallow I feel nothing for anyone. Except Baryu. I felt pure rage for Baryu. But I'll get to that in a minute. Lee Sia was so fucking selfish and just utterly one dimensional that even when she actually falls for Jiho and undergoes a whole character arc I just felt nothing. Also, why on earth would you even like Jiho??? Guy has the personality of soggy bread and all the charm to match. Listen, if my man was constantly, and I mean constantly, believing every other person on this planet (except for me) about my feelings for him and then acting like a total douchebag and ghosting me out for hurting his fweelings God but I would dump his ass so so hard! I cannot believe she stayed with this emotionally stunned man child for as long as she did.

But then again, her options where this guy and...Baryu. I don't understand how constant sexual harassment, both verbal and physical, where you act like a womaniser who's just looking for his next piece of ass, could possibly translate to you declaring your love for your best friend of 15 years. I don't get it and neither does Sihwan (the only sane character in this webtoon who's closeted and secretly in love with Baryu, no you cannot change my mind). I don't understand how this obsessive asshole constantly touches Sia or tells her things about how he wants to put on her clothes and take them off or about taking baths together like they did as kids (of which he has a picture because he thinks that's hot, EW) or telling her he knows what her boobs look like etc, doesn't make Sia uncomfortable. No. She's just like ah my childhood bestfriend the jokester. Girl no. That's disgusting.

Not to mention how this obsessive asshole tried to break her relationship with her boyfriend, going so far as to actually put him in danger so that he would be killed off in a way that cannot be linked to him so that Sia wouldn't actually hate him. Like???? Is this supposed to be sweet or???

I don't get even want to talk about how Sia's sister used her knowledge about Jiho's physiological issues to then manipulate him into leaving her sister by furthering his trauma and trust issues. She.is.his.psychologist.

I just...*sigh* everything is just so, so fucking bad that I was hoping the villain would spice things up but nah. He turned out to be a wet diaper with mommy issues and ughhhh!!! This series is so fucking bad! I've read up to chapter 138 and that's 137 chapters too many.

1.5 stars for some cool art effects in the goldfish death scene, for Sihwan as the only worthwhile character, and that one scene with Choi Juhyeok looking fine after he just got out of the shower.
Profile Image for bookaholic_kim.
408 reviews50 followers
May 28, 2017
I am delighted that it ended but also sad at the same time. This webtoon started in 2014 but i only got to discover it in July 2016. It has been 10 months for me and I already miss the characters and the weekly updates.

Profile Image for haven f.
717 reviews9 followers
May 30, 2020
And so ends my reread of this series. *sighs wistfully*

I found it to be funny but also emotionally realistic. The art style is very well done and was stable throughout the 149 episodes. Most of the characters were multidimensional, even the hated ones.

I really liked that instead of blood, vampires need to touch someone (ex. handshake) to get energy. Of course, it saps the human’s energy. It’s a unique twist.

Such a good vampire read. I propose for a sequel that continues the final episode.
Profile Image for NadiaN99.
271 reviews
February 8, 2016
دارم اينو فينيشد ماركش ميكنم چون نويسندش ميخاد يه دو سه ماهي استراحت كنه
اولا خيلي دوسش داشتم
موضوع جالبي داشت و همين موضوع جالب خاصش باعث شد ازش انتظار بيش از حد داشته باشم و در اخر به خاطر سطحي بودنش و اسون جلوه دادن مشكل جي هو ازش نااميد شم
شايد اگه بخام سختگيرانه در موردش فكر كنم بگم لوس و بچگونه بود اما خوب وبتونه ديگه...چه انتظاري داشتم؟!؟!؟!
تازه اونم انقدر كيوت و خوشگل
Profile Image for cindy.
1,979 reviews148 followers
March 29, 2017
Line Webtoon
Season 1 - 3 (141 chapter)
2014 - 2017 completed

Always feel a little sad when a series that have beed followed for years come to an end. But it ended properly, not dragging unnecessarily, and TG it was a happy ending (last 10 chapters or so made me think of the worst) ;)

So the story was about Lee Sia, a gorgeuos model who actually a modern breed of vampire that prey human energy through physical contacts. She met and fell for Shin Jiho, a writer who suffer OCD and avoid touching everything. It started very funny, he thought Sia was a stalker, so she determined to prove he's wrong by - yeah of course - stalking him. I felt like kicking Sia again and again coz she was really giving Jiho hard times, hahaha.... but then, one thing lead to another... unfolded many dark secrets from both of them. The reasons for Jiho's OCD, the past and almost tragic incident that happened to Sia, and the true reason why everybody tried to break them up.

Nice story, light hearted romcom, believeable twists, great ending, plus loveable characters and beautiful colorful artworks. Very enjoyable.

It has been my diversion every monday afternoon for last couple years, sure gonna miss it now.
Profile Image for Leila ✨.
1,252 reviews324 followers
August 6, 2022
Después de leer la joyita que fue Unholy Blood le estoy dando chance after chance a los libros de vampiros (오렌지 마말레이드 1, éste) pero tengo que afrontar la cruda realidad: Unholy Blood fue la excepción y ese género is simply not for me. Untouchable se me hizo re pesado y aburrido, y tampoco fui muy fan del dibujo :( lo único que me gustó fue que los últimos capítulos fueron la representación en un manhwa de la canción “right where you left me” de Taylor Swift

2 de 5 estrellas.
Profile Image for Rain.
697 reviews116 followers
January 7, 2019
Who needs sleep anyway? ^^' I didn't expect the story to become so good. I thought I'd read a few chapters to see if I want to read on, but I couldn't put it down and now it's about 5 in the morning and just read the last chapter. It's official guys, webtoon replaced Goodreads as my favourite app 💕
Profile Image for Anastasia Antonova.
262 reviews22 followers
June 10, 2015
Она - энергетический вампир, которому нужно прикосновение чтобы пытаться энергией людей. У него самая "вкусная" энергия из всех, которые ей попадались. Она безумно хочет к нему прикоснуться. Он считает ее сталкершой. Она не оставляет попыток. Он называет ее прилипалой и просит отстать. И ни один не сдается, стоя на своем до последнего.
Эта история о молодой вампирше Сиа Ли. Она модель, уверенна в себе и считает что может заполучить в этой жизни все. Очевидно, это было до встречи с молодым писателем Джихо Шином. У него мизофобия (боязнь прикосновений, микробов) и последнее что ему нужно в жизни, это навязчивая девиц��, которая так и норовит урвать его прикосновение. Но кто его спрашивал? Ведь если Сиа что-то вбила в свою голову, она так просто не отступит. Даже если ей придется попытаться излечить его недуг своими силами.
Манхва очень легкая, забавная и милая. Рисовка отличная, чего только стоит главная героиня. Она действительно красивая, без излишней пошлости. То что нужно, чтобы почитать и расслабится, иногда позволяя себе посмеяться над этими домогательствами со стороны Сиа Ли.
На русском есть около 20-ти глав, хотя в оригинале и на английском около 50-ти. Радует что в последнее время переводчики начали стабильно выставлять главы, поэтому есть шанс того, что они догонят онгоинг.

Итог: 9 из 10
Profile Image for Rachel Aranda.
879 reviews2,260 followers
November 17, 2017
I can't believe that this comic is finished; it's been around for so long on WebToons that I thought it would continue, but I can see how 3 years is about time to wrap up for the author. I greatly enjoyed this comic and would definitely recommend for those people who feel "I'm so tired of the vampire craze." I was one of those people because I admit the Twilight series completely frustrated me with vampires in the modern world. This comic made me actually feel up for reading about vampires as main characters, which admittingly I've been putting off for a long time now. (Think I'll read "Interview with a Vampire" soon.)
Profile Image for Amanda.
117 reviews5 followers
January 11, 2017
Didn't like it at the beginning but his character kept drawing me in and about half way through i couldn't put it down.
Profile Image for Andi.
463 reviews20 followers
August 10, 2021


What a surprisingly fun, sweet, and heart-warming Webtoon! I like it. Although the plot sounds really cliche, I liked that it has a different interpretation of what vampires are. It was a bit slow at the start but it was entertaining to read how Sia and Jiho's relationship grows. Sia came off assertive to the point that her actions will irritate you but you'll grow to like her as the story progressed.

Overall, it was a really good read.

If you want to check out this series, unTouchable is available on Webtoon!
Profile Image for Valentina.
202 reviews7 followers
July 30, 2022
4.5/5 ⭐️


Creo que me voy a explayar más en la reseña de la 2temporada, pero esto está siendo muy hermoso y tierno 🥺💗

Me parece una trama muy interesante que los vampiros hayan evolucionado de tal manera que ahora solo necesitan contacto físico humano para alimentarse, y se me hace mucho interesante (y salseante) que el interés amoroso de la protagonista tengo este trastorno de los gérmenes.

Me encanto que la ayuda para curar el trastorno de Jihon sea profesional y se tratada de alguna manera realista. Ame sus interacciones con Sia, yo los shipeo caleta y necesito que estén juntos por siempre PORQUE SON BIEN BONITOS ✨💗✨💗✨

Y por ahora es todo, denle una oportunidad es muy bueno.
Profile Image for kitty ♡.
406 reviews29 followers
October 3, 2021
i’m dnfing this for now, not sure if i’ll come back to it or not.
i keep trying to push through it but i just don’t care about the characters at all and the art style just isn’t for me unfortunately
Profile Image for Debasmita.
29 reviews
July 14, 2020
I'll be honest I wanted to dnf this webtoon throughout the first 30 episodes I read since I was really iffy with how Sia treated and overstepped the lines at treating Jiho's ocd :/ but truly started growing on me by the episode 40 and now I can vouch that this has to be one of the best webtoon comics I've read. The character development, the tension, the romance and angst and drama and everything about this webtoon *chef's kiss*
Profile Image for Sam.
274 reviews6 followers
March 17, 2019
2.75 stars

Going out on a whim, wanting a little nothing to real while feeling ill, I picked a comic that was already finished. And this one, based off of the description, seemed cute and harmless enough.

The beginning of it was a bit rough to get through. You don't know much about either character, and especially the main character came off as selfish, ignorant, and plain stupid. (I agreed with one of the comments I saw while reading, if the roles were reversed gender wise, more people would have a problem with her actions.)

Our main character, Sia, is a vampire, one that has to touch to feed off energy instead of suck blood. As you can imagine, that brings up humorous moments, innocent moments, and violations of consent moments. (Albeit, not rape, but I'll explain.)

Our male lead is a germaphobe. So, the whole 'touching' thing can be an issue.

Sia takes it upon herself to "cure" him of his mental illness, which oof, that was difficult to read. Some of her actions are scolded later, but I don't think it was really pushed enough. Getting on the topic of mental health is a tricky one, so to see things seen as 'okay' to do to someone who is afflicted with trauma, having her be rewarded, and have things work out in ways they likely wouldn't in the real world (ie too perfect of scenarios because it's a comic), can be troublesome to ignorant and impressionable readers. (I understand this is a fantasy comic, some liberties are okay, but mental health is real, so I'd rather it be taken a bit more seriously, even if that means adding a few extra panels or chapters to get the proper points across.)

It did get a little draggy with the forced love triangles (note that the love triangle aspect wasn't /as/ bad is they usually are) and keeping secrets tropes. (OH BOY the "keeping secrets" tropes is like 99% of the comic.) The story is cliche, but it had a few moments of shining. I can see why it's so popular, but it's too 'pointless drama' for me. It got better here and there as I kept reading, and I don't usually stop part-way if I can help it, which was why I finished it.

Though the artwork isn't my favorite, it's still nicely done, and I appreciated how well the background/prop 3D elements mixed with the drawings.

As an aside, it is a little unfortunate that the only LGBT character is a villain :/

Not one I'd read again myself. The ending concluded nicely though. If you're into this kind of story, I recommend "Wish" by Clamp or "Chibi Vampire". Regardless, props to the artist/author for finishing the comic.
Profile Image for Gayathiri Rajendran.
375 reviews10 followers
October 31, 2019
I was not expecting this webtoon to be so good. The art work is well done. Though there are some issues with the plot and the behavior of the characters(double standards),it gets better after a few chapters.It's a funny,feel good story with a light hearted plot.
Profile Image for Chelsea.
332 reviews5 followers
June 5, 2022
Dnf ep 107
I love it when the girl is the one chasing after the guy, but Sia just didn't do it for me. The plot revolves mostly around cliches and miscommunication, which gets old and frustrating very fast.
Profile Image for Abbie.
356 reviews15 followers
December 18, 2017
This was such a nice romance. While the beginning is shaky--their romance begins as a completely selfish act--the two main characters grow and bloom so much, and it was lovely to see. As far as drama goes, yes, there was a love triangle (but it was one-sided) and yes, there were characters who intervened to break up the couple, but there were very good reasons later explained (though you'll still probably dislike anyone for getting in the way of these two).

Jiho, the male love interest, was just soooo sweet. It always feels so refreshing to read a romance with a sweet male lead because it feels like most leads start off mean (at least, the ones I pick up). Jiho might not be his sweet self in the beginning, but his behavior was completely justified given the circumstances.

Sia, however . . . she really irked me in the beginning. In this one, the girl is the aggressor, and she didn't hide it from herself for a second how her pursuit of Jiho was a purely selfish drive. Even when it grew beyond that, into something real, she couldn't let go of her initial motive. But through it all, she grew too.

But once you get past the beginnings, and once they realize their true feelings for one another . . . ahhh, it's so sweet. If you love romance, pick this one up. It's currently available for free officially and legally on LINE Webtoon.
Profile Image for Katt Hansen.
3,411 reviews96 followers
September 12, 2019
Whew! This was a long commitment, but I'm so glad I read it.

Found entirely online, this story follows a vampire girl, who absorbs the energy of humans to survive. She finds the perfect flavor in her new neighbor who is sadly, a germophobe, meaning he cannot be touched.

This story had such depth and heights of passion. As we explore the story we start to question just which of the two people falling desperately in love is truly untouchable. Beautiful and at times poignant, I enjoyed this tale all the way through, never feeling like the story was lagging or going anywhere unnecessary. Seeing how the whole thing came together was an absolute thing of beauty. I wish very much this author had more stories to enjoy.
Profile Image for Lizzie RoseShine.
643 reviews4 followers
December 12, 2019
Finally sia with jiho n already got married,I love Baryu, he's changed after knowing sia that she loved jiho even though she rejected Baryu 4 times, I feel bad for him but at he's changed, When jiho is about to die when gentleman guy tried absorb jiho energy, sia to rescued n saved jiho even it means sacrifed herself to give jiho her blood to his mouth,finally he wake up from hospital bed, in 3 years jiho waited for Sia even though he still remembers her, on the sia birthday comes, Baryu n sihwan come to birthday greeting n tell her about happened even she's still asleep, then her hands n that means she wake up n meet jiho n they got married, Baryu, made me laugh that he doesn't let go of sia, gentleman vampire have found his love n they lived happily ever after.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Inumon.
83 reviews16 followers
May 24, 2022
Me gusta mucho el concepto de vampiro que maneja el webcomic.
Ellos evolucionaron y ya no consumen sangre para sobrevivir. En cambio consumen energía de los humanos por medio del tacto y tienen estrategias para evitar ser descubiertos. Principalmente conseguir trabajos donde puedan constantemente tocar a otros como médicos, pastores, artistas o modelos, etc.
Definitivamente es una premisa interesante.
La protagonista, escapando de la sobreprotección parental, se independiza y se muda justo al lado de un humano que tiene la energía más sabrosa que haya probado. Hará lo que sea para conseguir alimentarse, pero el principal problema es que él tiene germofobia, lo que complica sus planes, pero no se dará por vencida.
Tierna, divertida y dramática, ideal para pasar el rato.
Profile Image for Katie Umland.
112 reviews29 followers
October 16, 2017
All of the grammar errors drove me crazy but I could not stop reading. Usually I would have ranked it 4 stars because of all the errors, but all of my "read again" are ranked 5 stars, so I thought I would let it slide this once. I thought this was going to be a comical romance, but by the end I was bawling. I would rank it in my top Webtoons series, right up there with Orange Marmalade, Where Tangents Meet, Siren's Lament, and I Love Yoo. I would definitely read it again (even if it was hard to read sometimes because of poor grammar).
Displaying 1 - 30 of 89 reviews

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