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Wildcats #1

Lion's Share

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Abby Wade has a dangerous secret.

Two months ago, she disobeyed an order, but instead of kicking her out of the Pride, Jace offered her a job. Since then, she’s been battling a completely inappropriate crush on the young, hot Alpha. But when accepting his job offer seems like the only way to keep her skeletons safely in their closet, Abby doesn’t hesitate.

Jace Hammond has a big problem.

A rogue is slaughtering humans in his territory, and he must eliminate the threat before the entire shifter species is exposed. There could not be a worse time for Abby to accept a job he only offered as a boost to her confidence. Abby is smart, beautiful, and resilient—more than enough to distract any man from the mission. Unfortunately, she may just be the worst enforcer ever to hold the title.

As they hunt the killer, Abby’s secret becomes a threat to Jace’s authority and to her own life. But the real danger is the grip she has on his twice-shy heart.

270 pages, ebook

First published February 23, 2015

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Rachel Vincent

66 books9,706 followers
[Note: Though Rachel's blog entries are cross posted here, she does not frequent Goodreads. The best ways to contact her are FB, Twitter, or her Wordpress blog. PLEASE DO NOT SEND HER MESSAGES HERE. SHE DOES NOT CHECK THEM.]

A resident of Oklahoma, Rachel Vincent has a BA in English and an overactive imagination, and consistently finds the latter to be more practical. She shares her workspace with two black cats (Kaci and Nyx) and her # 1 fan. Rachel is older than she looks-seriously-and younger than she feels, but remains convinced that for every day she spends writing, one more day will be added to her lifespan.

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706 reviews380 followers
May 9, 2015
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.

As a long-standing fan of Rachel Vincent’s SHIFTERS series, I was through the roof with enthusiasm when I discovered this spin-off five years later. I recommend reading the prequel / bridge novella, HUNT, prior to this one because it sets the tone for LION’S SHARE, and its events are referenced throughout this story. As fired up as I was about WILDCATS book 1, the author’s switch from Urban Fantasy to New Adult Paranormal Romance did worry me, and my trepidations turned out to not be entirely false because I did in fact have issues with the heroine’s foolhardiness, Jace’s backsliding, the questionable set-up for subsequent installments, and… RANT TIME!

The world-building and recap aspects fell a bit short in my opinion; fortunately I already had all of the essentials given my existing familiarity with the other novels, however if you opted to skip the five originals you might be left scratching your head for a bit. Same thing goes for the reappearance of a handful of the previous series’ characters; without former knowledge, you may find yourself wondering who some of them are, and won’t be immediately starstruck by Jace Hammond. Neither were a problem for me, yet I felt that it was worth the mention for newcomers who are considering using this title as a primer to Vincent’s SHIFTERS.

I gave Abby way more chances than I would have a normal heroine given her age, and everything that she’s been through in her short life. Her secret and refusal to confide in anyone including readers drove me up the wall, and made following her POV a hair pulling experience. I think a little extra insight would have helped make her more likable, and by the time the big reveal rolled around I’d already reached a similar conclusion, so the twist wasn’t an uber shocker anyway, and the trade-off was an obnoxious female protagonist. The author chose an extreme approach instead of a happy middle which permanently damaged Abby’s character in my eyes. I mean, after all of the lengths she goes to in order to protect Robyn, only to hand her over to the very people she was hiding her from after a rushed explanation, and then hightail it to the free zone. She undermined all of her earlier actions in one fell swoop.

My first thought when I saw this book’s blurb was that it was about time that Jace got his HEA. He’s been Alpha for 4 1/2 years now, held his territory against numerous threats, and earned the respect of his enforcers. Based on this, I expected a man, but what I got was a child. You’d think that he’d want to avoid a Faythe-type repeat at all costs, yet his resistance caved faster than a house of cards; all of his discipline and hard work went the way of the dodo because of a red-haired tabby. I was annoyed by how quickly he lost control of the situation, and quite frankly he deserved every bit of the council’s harsh sentence. This novel destroyed my previously high view of Hammond and did little to convince me of WILDCATS’ shelf life.

I can’t help but wonder how the author is going to make a romance series out of strays given the rarity of female cats. And, after this, I’m not sure that I care. To paraphrase Rachel Vincent: “nothing that felt this good could ever be wrong…” (Loc 1896) except where LION’S SHARE was concerned.
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3,343 reviews1,015 followers
December 11, 2017
1st Read: February 2015
2nd Read: July 2015
3rd Read: December 2017

I absolutely loved Rachel Vincent's Shifters series but although I was happy with the way the series ended I have missed the world and the characters over the last five years. So as soon as I found out about this new spin off series I pre-ordered my copy of Lion's Share and I started reading it the moment it appeared on my kindle. In fact, I read all night until I finished it at 8am because I was enjoying it so much! I've been a bit lax with my review writing this year though so I decided a reread was in order so I could rave about the story properly. I don't do much rereading and it's incredibly rare for me to reread a book more than once in a year so that's high praise indeed. Where the Shifters series is definitely urban fantasy, and all told from main character Faythe's point of view the Wildcats books are going to be more romance focused with each book featuring a different couple and told from dual perspectives.

In this first instalment we finally get to see Jace's story and I loved every minute of it. I was always team Marc when I was reading the previous books because I thought he was a better fit for Faythe but I still loved Jace's character and was a little heartbroken for him when he was rejected. In the couple of years since the ending of Alpha Jace has been running his sister's Pride, he knows he'll have to leave when she gets married but for now he's enjoying being Alpha and has worked hard to make a success of things. Unfortunately he now has problems, there is a stray werecat in his territory murdering humans and they are bringing down far too much attention from the authorities. The Council aren't happy and they're questioning is authority so he needs to resolve things quickly if he doesn't want to loose his position.

Abby is a survivor, she went through hell as a teenager but she came out the other side and has worked hard to gain her independence. She had a close circle of friends at college but if you read the short story, Hunt, which connects the two series you'll know that things haven't gone smoothly for her. This time when Abby was attacked she was able to fight back though and although the event has left lasting consequences she has come a long way from the scared child we first met. I loved seeing how much Abby has matured, she has really come into her own as a strong and independent woman. She loves wholeheartedly and she will do anything to protect the people she thinks of as her own.

I absolutely loved the romance between Jace and Abby, considering her previous experience she is understandably nervous but Jace is very patient and makes it clear that things will only move forward at a pace she is comfortable with. There are some incredibly sweet moments between the two of them but they also have fantastic chemistry and Rachel Vincent manages to make even the most innocent interactions between them practically sizzle the pages. Although this story is focused more on the romance than the previous books were that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other things going on to hold your interest. You have the intrigue over the stray werecat, there are hunters who have been stalking Abby, Abby herself is keeping some pretty major secrets and we are reminded just what a bunch of pompous old fools half of the alphas on the Council are. There is a major upheaval at the end of this book that is going to have a huge impact on the werecats and I can't wait to see how this plays out in the next instalment.

I had so much fun being back in this world, it was great to catch a glimpse of characters I already knew and love but we have also been introduced to some new faces that I'm looking forward to spending more time with. I enjoyed this book so much that I've decided to dive straight into a reread of the Shifters series and I'm hoping that'll keep me going until the next book is released. Thank you Rachel Vincent for revisiting this world, I'm so excited to see where you're going to take us on this new journey with the Wildcats and I'll definitely be auto-buying anything else you release in this series.
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Author 4 books715 followers
April 7, 2015
LION’S SHARE is an incredible start to Rachel Vincent’s spinoff series Wildcats. It has the perfect mix of action, mystery, tension and suspense, and steamy sexy romance. Told from both Abby Wade’s and Jace Hammond’s points of view, readers will get to experience the sizzling chemistry, the search for the killer, get teased about the secrets being kept, and uncover the shocking and horrifying truth about the victims from each character’s perspective.

With a killer on the loose in his territory, Jace Hammond has to bring Abby back to the safety of the Pride. He can’t risk her remaining at school unprotected, especially after what happened on the camping trip she took with her roommate during fall break. And while he might have expected Abby to put up a fight about leaving, he did not expect her to insist on joining the hunt. Or to keep secrets from him about why she really wanted to come along. And he certainly didn’t expect to feel things about her that he had absolutely no business feeling.

Abby Wade never imagined how much trouble she would get into by demanding Jace keep his promise and allow her to become an enforcer. She just needed to ensure that her secrets remained secret. She didn’t think the price would be as high as it was. Or that her decision would affect anyone other than herself. And she never thought it could mean losing the one person she was willing to give her heart to.

Author Rachel Vincent brings together two characters that readers of her Shifters series already know and love and new readers will instantly adore in her novel LION’S SHARE. She gives readers the chance to get to know some of their thoughts and feelings and secrets by telling the story from each of their perspectives. And she allows bits and pieces of the mystery to unfold in the alternating chapters, prolonging the anticipation and suspense, until most everything is revealed – except for what remains to be uncovered in future books in the series – by the story’s end.

The author keeps the pace steady, the flow smooth, and the tension building through each of the viewpoint transitions. She teases readers with the secrets Abby’s keeping, with the growing attraction between the characters, and with the mystery behind the deaths of the locals in Jace’s territory. And she adds in just the right amount of heat to make their romance sinfully delicious.

LION’S SHARE goes beyond the basic framework of a new adult romance. It incorporates all the elements of urban fantasy and paranormal romance that readers have come to expect from the author and it melds them seamlessly together into a story that is exciting and gripping and enticing and unputdownable and the start of a series that promises to be amazing.

Original GR comment:

Of course I loved it. I'm not saying a word about what happened.
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261 reviews1,577 followers
February 26, 2016
I love you my precious babies.
Actual rating: 4.5/5

755 reviews11 followers
April 20, 2023
Abby Wade is a Tabby, a female cat shifter one of only nine in America. Her role in the Pride is to marry an alpha male and have lots of.babies.......no, seriously......... The car shifter population is in danger of extinction because of the rarity of its females. Abby was abducted when she was seventeen, kept in a cage she was raped and brutalized and saw another teenage tabby murdered. Faythe Sanders is responsible for her being alive today. (See the Pride.series) JaceHammond is alpha of the Appalachian pride and although she is engaged to another man Abby has a strong attraction to Jace which she knows will never go anywhere. Then on a camping trip Abby was stalked and hunted, her friends murdered (all but one) and she was forced to defend herself (the short story Hunt). This caused Jase to see Abby in a new light but nothing could come from it as Abby was still engaged to someone else. Then Jase comes to collect Abby from college and take her home, there's a rogue shifter on the loose and he's killing people, Jase has to hunt the rogue down and kill him but he wants Abby somewhere safe first...............trouble is Abby doesn't want to be safe ,...... She wants in on the hunt..................
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1,155 reviews
April 5, 2015
‘Lion’s Share’ is the first book in a new paranormal romance series from author Rachel Vincent. It’s an independent spin-off of her ‘Shifters’ urban fantasy series (so she’s releasing it herself, not through any publisher), and Vincent explained the finer details in her January newsletter:

While the Wildcats books are set in the original Shifters world and involve many characters you already know, this spinoff series will be romance, rather than urban fantasy. What's the same: The world and its rules. The action. The political landscape. My "voice" as a writer. What's different: Each book will follow a different couple, and each story will be told from both points of view. Up first? Jace and Abby.

Vincent’s new ‘Wildcats’ series actually kicked off with a short story called ‘Hunt’ which is all about Abby Wade getting caught up in a dangerous kidnapping gone awry – and it’s really important that you read ‘Hunt’ before ‘Lion’s Share’ because that story definitely forms the basis of the book’s storyline, and especially Jace and Abby’s first spark …

I will say that I didn’t think ‘Hunt’ was great, and I was dubious about going into ‘Lion’s Share’ after reading that short story. But I’m really glad I stuck with it, because I didn’t realise how much I’d missed this world until Rachel Vincent threw readers right back in it.

Last book ‘Alpha’ came out in 2010, and I remember at the time having serious reader-whiplash over the conclusion of Faythe’s story … particularly around her romantic decision between Jace and Marc. That aspect of the finale never sat well with me, partly because Vincent had done such a great job of keeping readers (and Faythe) guessing about which guy she’d pick – and in the end I just really wanted to know what became of the guy she didn’t choose … which is where ‘Lion’s Share’ picks up.

This story – the first in a series about the only stray-run territory of the Werecats (currently in the process of being officially recognised by the alpha Council as a legitimate territory and not just exiled land) – is all about Jace and Abby. Jace, of course being the man that Faythe didn’t end up with …

When we meet him again, Jace is Alpha to tabby Abby – the young girl (not so young anymore) who was locked in a cage and brutalised during the ‘Shifters’ series. Abby has gone to school to study politics, in anticipation of one day taking over her father’s territory and marrying young enforcer, Brian whom she’s been engaged to for four years. But Abby doesn’t actually love Brian, and memories of the past are always just beneath the surface threatening to rise up … when hunters who know about the existence of werecats and pose a threat to her pride’s secrecy start winding up murdered, Abby becomes an enforcer in order to help Jace track the murdering stray cats down.

Though Vincent stressed that this new series would be more paranormal romance than urban fantasy, there’s still a heady dose of mystery and whodunit at the heart of this book, but the main focus is certainly on Jace and Abby. Jace seems off-limits to the young tabby – both because he’s her alpha, she’s engaged to another man and because she knows the tricky history between Jace, Marc and Faythe (she’s also borne witness to Jace’s bedding a multitude of human women in the aftermath of his heartbreak over Faythe). But after the events of short story ‘Hunt’, Jace had started seeing Abby in a new, mature light and Abby no longer wants to sit on the sidelines of her own life.

“I’m six months younger than you were when you came to the Lazy S. If you were a virgin at seventeen and a half, I’ll bite off my own claws.”
How was it possible that seventeen looked so much younger on her than it had felt on me? I’d thought I was ready to conquer the world, one human girl’s bed at a time.

I really enjoyed Jace and Abby’s romance, even as I still would have liked more from Jace about the after-effects of his being rejected by Faythe, and maybe something of how Abby felt coming after the great and powerful Faythe in Jace’s heart. That being said, it was great to catch up with all the main players of the ‘Shifters’ series – to see where Marc and Faythe are at, and another young traumatised tabby called Kaci, the tabby stray Mercedes.

Abby is also a great leading lady. She’s not nearly as prickly as I often found Faythe, she’s very funny and rails against everybody’s perceived fragility of her as the victim of sexual abuse.

“How do you like your eggs?” she asked, as I began pulling travel mugs form an overhead cabinet. Which I could barely reach. Being short sucks.
“I take them as an unavoidable ingredient in cakes and brownies. Or fully grown in the form of nuggets or tenders,” I added with a glance into the backyard, where the rising sun was painting the east cabin with bright streaks of light.

Jace and Abby are hot. They’ve got a lot going against them – her engagement, his precarious alpha status not withstanding – and I loved how much friction this back-story gave them. Like I said, I wish there’d been more concentration on Jace’s head-space after Faythe didn’t choose him, and how Abby felt possibly being compared to Faythe but otherwise I thought their romance was a great balance of heat and heartache, and I definitely look forward to Vincent giving readers a sneak-peak at how Abby and Jace progress in future books …

I could definitely see who the next books will be focused on in this series, and I look forward to following those characters on their journeys too. All in all – I didn’t realise how much I’d missed Rachel Vincent’s series until she came out of the blue with this one, now I think I’m getting hooked.

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1,037 reviews157 followers
February 25, 2015
Not my favorite read at all, and I was so excited for Jace's story. The entire story felt like it was just some big lead in to the final two chapters when things actually started to get interesting with a tabby's storyline and the first real introduction to the Lion's Den. I really wish those two things would have been featured more in Lion's Share.

Abby - annoying and immature. I just kept thinking, Jace deserves someone so much better than this girl. Frankly he needed a WOMAN, not a girl who's just about ready to finish college. I never bought in that Jace and Abby had any type of romantic chemistry.

I had much higher hopes for Jace's story, so it's disappointing to see how things played out for him. But I'm left with some curiosity over the Lion's Den and what will become of Robyn, so I'll probably give the next book a read, should Vincent keep going with the series.
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502 reviews320 followers
August 26, 2017
These cats have scratch

cat attack

I'm a big fan of this author and she did not disappoint.

Series: Yes, this seems to be the first in an upcoming series?

Sexy times: Some. Not explicit per se.

Plan on reading more by the author: Indeed

Synopsis There's a lot of cat politics that are more clear to the reader if you have read the previous Shifters series. Even if you haven't, it's clear enough to follow. That said, it's better if you have familiarity with the previous characters and their dynamics.

Anyhoo, in this story Abby has some pretty big secrets that she will do anything to hide from her pride and the other prides at large. Behind all of this is the dynamic that the so called prides at large are wrestling with the idea of giving strays their own pride.

There have been a string of human murders all at the paws of a cat shifter and Jace, Alpha of the Appalachian pride, and his crew are on the move to find the killer. Enter Abby who has insinuated herself in this hunt in order to prevent her secret coming to the surface.

Add in pride politics and the incendiary relationship between Jace and Abby and we have a story of mystery, not mystery and a bunch of pride rules being broke, broke, broken. It can be a bit hard to keep up with but enjoyable nonetheless.

Heroine: Abby. Gah! At points you just wanna knock her right off her smart little arse. She makes some decisions that are asinine at best and even after you understand her secret, you're all "I just don't know about you, girl". Yet you're still invested enough to want to find out what happens. Kind of a love hate thing. Kinda like you wanna yell at her for childish behavior when she's trying to be an adult.

arya childish

Hero: Jace. Guy never had a chance. Abby was his before he knew it and he walked right into every one of her traps. She was good. Very good. In the end, it worked out as it usually always does in romance novels.

Why it did or didn't work for me: It worked just fine. Even my disappointment in a child of a heroine was not dashed for the inner mechanisms of pride life and the bad, bad, oh so very bad men they were chasing kept my interest all the way through. Add to that, the author weaves an interesting tale (tail, hehe) that kept me flipping those pages.

I'll read the next one if you get around to publishing =)
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1 review1 follower
January 31, 2015
A whole book about Jace and Abby too. YES!!!! I've been waiting 6 years for this to happen, i never gave up that it would and I'm really hoping for a happy ending for Jace this time, he deserves it as does Abby, given everything they have gone through. I am only just hanging out until the 23rd for this book, no doubt i'll have it read that very day too.
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1,690 reviews101 followers
October 1, 2015
It’s been too many years since I’ve been away from the Pride, but Rachel Vincent has returned to her beloved world that first gained my attention to her name with Lion’s Share and it is basically the MOST AWESOME thing ever!!

While you may be wondering about this spinoff and thinking, there’s a 6 book series ahead of it, is it necessary to read all of those first? No. But should you, just to enjoy the incredible awesomeness that is Rachel Vincent? Hell yes. There was also a short story Rachel wrote years ago, and then revised and re-published last year, Hunt, that would actually be beneficial to reading before this one. Events that happen there are sort of the prelude to what goes down in this story.

Now I believe I finished the Shifters series before my blogging days, but friends from the old Pride discussion board, know that I was totally and 100% Team Marc! Faythe and Marc belonged together. I liked Jace. I just didn’t feel like he was meant to be with Faythe. So when he went his own way at the end of Alpha, I was sad and happy for him. And then when I saw his role in Hunt, I suddenly realized how much he and Abby belonged together! That she was THE ONE for him! Though there is an age difference between them, it almost seems nonsensical in the light of day. Plus, both Abby and Jace have to get over their deliberating feelings about having a relationship with the other.

Abby is engaged to one of Jace’s enforcers, but it’s clear that there’s no love going on between them. Which is sad, because Brian is a really sweet guy. But he’s almost too sweet for Abby’s liking. Something I wasn’t sure I could totally grasp, but when Abby explains things to herself and others, it totally makes sense.

But the ever debating/growing romance is only a part of the story. The bulk of the story starts with an enforcer bring a tabby home from college unexpectedly. Sound familiar? LOL. There’s a stray on the loose who is killing humans and basically putting the existence of the Prides at risk of exposure and all sorts of bad things that come with it. Abby manages to finagle her way to be an enforcer to help solve the case. And all the while, she lets on that she knows more than she’s telling.

I haven’t really mentioned it yet, but this story is told through both Abby and Jace’s point of views and I loved that! I loved getting to know Jace on a deeper level. And I will admit to be a little weepy over his growing feelings for Abby, because Abby is after all “spoken for” and Jace has been down that road before and got hurt. But I think based on the cover alone we kind of know what direction these two are headed in! And Rachel did not disappoint!!

Lion’s Share is the first in the new Wildcats series, which is a spinoff of the original Shifters. In earlier talks, Rachel says that the books will show us more of the other characters that we hardly got to know. Though I am expecting it will be among Abby and Jace’s new circle of friends, so to speak. Needless to say, I will be breathlessly waiting over here for the next book!

Rachel reminds us old fans why we adored the Shifters series with Lion’s Share. Abby is not Faythe, yet you can see some of that same stubbornness Faythe had in Abby as well. Both were strong minded women, though it does seem clear that Abby knows exactly what she wants. No debating here! What was also a wonderful experience was seeing some of the Shifters gang again, some five years late (if I am remembering right, so five years after Alpha). Faythe and Marc, Owen and Manx, Michael and Kaci…it was great! I loved seeing everyone again. I loved seeing them in their happy endings, so to speak, as the chaos that’s about to hit their lives might interrupt that a bit!

But basically, this book was just so amazing!! And as I said before, if you’re new to the Shifters world, you don’t “have” to read the first 6 books to enjoy this new adventure. You’ll definitely receive some spoilers to endings and such, but at least you all can binge read the books! I was among the unlucky few who was waiting for every book, especially after Prey. Yeah, not even going to go there! But to all my Shifters fans, please do read this book, because it’s truly the GREATest read ever!!!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars
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1,952 reviews274 followers
May 18, 2015
The prequel Hunt provided a bridge between Vincent's Shifters and its spin-off series, Wildcats. Strays, or Wildcats as they prefer to be called, have petitioned the council "... to formally acknowledge a Pride made up entirely of strays who wished to carve out a territory of their own in one of the free zones." If you read Shifters, you know that Faythe's husband Marc is a stray himself. So, it's no surprise that Faythe has been playing an active role in the process.

Lion's Share picks up several months following the events in HUNT. Abby's plans to spend the holiday at the college campus with her best friend and roommate, Robyn, are squashed when Jace turns up early to take her to the ranch. The council has called an emergency meeting to discuss the recent human deaths, which are reportedly due to wild animal attacks.

The story refreshes Shifters fans on the world and characters while setting the scene for the Wildcats. Relationships are forged, mended, and broken. Plans are set into motion. Secrets are revealed. Punishment is meted out. All in all, I enjoyed the story and look forward to more to come.
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815 reviews111 followers
February 26, 2015
**4+ stars** The Shifters Series is one of my favorite series and I was so happy when I found out that Rachel would be doing a spin-off series. I wanted more from this “world” because I wasn’t ready for it to end. I really enjoyed this story and I’m very much looking forward to the next in the series. While there were a few things I had some frustrations over (with Jace & Abby’s characters), overall it was a great read and I was into it from page one. Sexy times, suspense and I definitely felt many emotions reading this story. I will say that if you haven’t read the original Shifters Series, things may be a bit confusing because of characters and past references to things that happened in the Shifters Series. If you want to dive right in though, I do suggest at least reading “HUNT” (short story) which is a bridge between the two series and sets up events in Lion’s Share. It’s currently FREE on multiple retail sites for a limited time!
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12.7k reviews447 followers
April 16, 2015
I really liked this author's Pride series and was sad when it ended. So when I realized that this story was the start of a spin off series I was very happy. I really liked that this book was centered around Abby, the girl from the first book that was so broken. It was nice to see her strong, to have gotten past what happened to her and learn from Faythe. And whooo boy, did she ever learn from Faythe. You don't realize it until the end when all of Abby's manipulations come out. I really like the choice that she made at the end, it was a strong one, one that will put all the "old school" Alphas on their asses. Something that needed to happen for a long time now. Abby made it clear she would fight for those she thought were important and those that she loved. I can't wait to read more to see all the reactions.
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697 reviews10 followers
March 11, 2015
3.5 stars

Well, I didn't expect it to end like this. It felt like an opening for another book rather than a stand alone. That was why I was a little disappointed. I think their story needs more than one book.

Well, after I let myself cool down. I realized that there was no other way to let them stay on the Pride together. The council wouldn't let that happen. The author always has a strong storyline. She never did something like plot convenient. And for that I gave the book 3.5 stars. Because I still didn't like the ending. That, and there were some typos, as well as the writhing style was slightly different from her other books.

Even that, I'm going to read the next book. I need to know what would happen next.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,385 reviews94 followers
February 27, 2015
This was a good romantic read, with a murder mystery tied in, including a few wheels within wheels.
Unfortunately, I will say I pretty much worked out half the mystery in the first quarter, with just a couple of points that were clarified later in the story.

The main character was very likable with normal aspirations wanting to get on with her own life in the way we all want to have some control over our future. The supporting cast and love interest were also very human by nature with concerns that are credible.

The mystery was all there and progressed at a good pace keeping the tale interesting and enticing you to go on.

A fairly light read with a good jot of romance and a good mystery to boot.
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791 reviews48 followers
March 6, 2015
I've noticed some really mixed reviews on this one, but I have to say that I enjoyed it. I liked the original series overall, but Faythe tended to get on my nerves with her self-centeredness, so Abby was a more likeable heroine for me. And I loved the way Abby handled herself at the end.

I will say that I wanted Jace to end up as a Hero, and I was NOT team Marc, but in the long run, I prefer Abby for him over Faythe. Yay!

1st person POV from both sides, something else I like, and NOT in present tense (thank the lord already).

Looking forward to book 2.
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2,818 reviews1,360 followers
March 1, 2015

We are back in the Shifters world.  And it's so good!!!  After the Shifters series ended I was satisfied but I wanted more.  I'm so happy the author has decided to revisit it.

The romance in LION'S SHARE takes a center focus when young Abby all of a sudden is not so young anymore.  After knowing her since she was just a kid, and seeing the trauma she's been through, Jace sees her for the woman she's now become.  And he wants to take a bite.

The politics of the Prides and the council are back in full swing when a series of "cat" attacks leaves a string of dead humans behind.  Jace, newest and youngest Alpha, and his enforcers are assigned to investigate and track down the possible stray responsible.

Sparks sizzle between Jace and Abby throughout this whole book.  For me, loving Jace since the Shifters, I was beyond the moon with his characters getting an HEA.  And this was a great story for him!  I loved him with Abby.  She's challenging to him enough.  And has always had an attraction to him.

And while Jace was perfect, I had some minor issues with Abby.  Her rebellious attitude and her thought process during this  book was getting annoying because she should've known there were other options for her.

But don't think this book is strictly for readers of the Shifters series.  I do recommend having the backstory and reading this in order, as the spinoff it's meant to be.  But if you want to be stubborn and just pick this up, then I think other that missing some info you can manage to understand this story.  And being that the focus is more on the romance, you'll be just fine!

I see plenty of stories that I'm more than excited about reading!

Favorite Quotes:

"What's wrong?"  Your hot chocolate doesn't have enough whiskey?"
"The world doesn't have enough whiskey."

"What happened to the rest of your skirt"
"I left it in the nineteenth century."

"You've gone over to the dark side."
"Join me.  I hear we have cookies."

"I  was starving for a taste of her, and a starving man can't think straight."

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389 reviews116 followers
March 12, 2015
Let me start this review by saying, FINALLY! I've been awaiting another Shifters book for so long, and it's finally here! For those who don't know, Lion's Share is the first book in a new spin-off series. The original series, Shifters, was Rachel's first published series and it was really awesome. This original series featured Faythe, Marc and Jace and from what I gathered, this new series will feature a different couple each novel, following the traditional paranormal romance series (Shifters was more Urban Fantasy). You don't NEED to read the Shifter's books to read Lion's Share, but I strongly suggest it. It will allow you to really grasp the nature and laws of the Shifters, Jace & Abby's pasts and honestly, it's heart-poundingly good, so why skip it?

Jace is everything a girl could hope for. He is swoon worthy, powerful & loyal. I was sooo very happy to learn this book would feature him, because let's be honest, he had more then his share of trouble, and unfortunately, he gets even more this time around. At least, he now got the girl for his trouble haha. Abby was a traumatized girl who's grown into a confident woman and I loved that change in her. She definitely needs to learn some self-control, but it makes for some interesting scenes! I really loved the two of them together, their chemistry and their fights.

The plot was action-packed and I was totally hooked even though the intrigue was very predictable. I wished Rachel didn't remind us every other page that Abby was hiding something because I figured it all out pretty quickly. It did not hamper my enjoyment of the novel so no harm done.

The conclusion was a killer though! I DID NOT expect that! I had a couple of possible scenarios in mind, and it wasn't one of them! I would've paid good money to see the face of all those stuck-up alphas at the end and I can't wait to see how the series will evolve from there.

Rachel Vincent is self-publishing this series because no publisher wished to purchase the rights because it had been too long since the last Shifters book. Because of that, the very existence of future books depends on the sale of Lion's Share so I URGE you to purchase this amazing novel and encourage her. I really really hope there will be more novel in the series and I wonder which couple will be next!
Profile Image for Jess.
577 reviews8 followers
July 30, 2015
Technically, it isn't necessary for us to read Rachel Vincent's Shifter series before starting this, but it would definitely help. I, for one, have not read the Shifter series, so I was very much confused for a lot of the plot background. A lot of things were difficult to piece together, and a sadly large portion of the background was left for the reader to inference.
Even without reading her story, I got the sense that Faythe was the kickass character, and Abby was her inept runner up. Here, I assume Abby supposed to be fearless, bold, and ballsy, but she ended up whiny, idealistic, and careless. Moreover, things with her and Jace didn't really add up. At least, the romance didn't. Maybe if I read the Shifter series, it would make more sense, but for just this one book, their "love" seemed unreal and forced. I had hoped for better.
Besides that, the first sex scene was so so-so-so unbelievably awkward. It was a bit hard to read, I almost skimmed though it. And that made me cringe when the sex popped up again.
Finally, the whole right-in-the-nick-of-time-Jace-figures-out-all-the-secrets-and-saves-everybody thing was a cliche and predictable. And of course, Jace got nearly every detail right about Abby's secret. I just couldn't take that seriously.
I thought the ending was cool, but I had complaints even about that. The little plot twist in the end was unexpected, but the last 10% of the book felt ridiculously rushed and crammed into that little portion. I didn't understand the point of that.
Overall, it was a little less than meh for me. Which was weird, because I loved Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series... I was disappointed with this.
Profile Image for Alisa.
1,079 reviews1 follower
March 9, 2015

I can NOT believe she came out with the spin-off. I missed all the characters. Greatly missed them. It's like... coming home. Brings back fond memories of when I immersed myself in this world and the original Shifters series.

Still as good as it was then. I've always felt bad for Jace. Sure I loved Marc and Faythe as the "It" couple more.. but you just can't help but love Jace too.

And it brought back memories of Ethan :( I don't know what her plans are with this series or world.. I'm so out of the loop, but I'm beyond ecstatic that it's being brought back to life.

*Off to re-read the Shifter series? ... It was so damn good....
Profile Image for Pamela / SpazP.
617 reviews120 followers
March 2, 2015
This made me want to go back and skim my Shifters books. I don't remember much of Abby, but was ALWAYS team Jace. I enjoyed this and look forward to see what else RV has for us in this world! :)
Profile Image for Komal.
325 reviews19 followers
June 1, 2015
Loved it. It was everything I wanted after loving the Shifters series, and was definitely a worthy continuation. Not perfect, by any means, but satisfying nonetheless.
Profile Image for Sandra "Jeanz".
1,174 reviews162 followers
August 18, 2015
As I totally adored the Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent, it was a no-brainer that I would definitely want to read this spin off series. I consider myself as a Rachel Vincent Shifter Series fan so to say I have high expectations for the Wildcats series is a bit of an understatement!

I purchased a kindle copy of this book from amazon UK. As I have said above I do consider myself a Rachel Vincent Shifters Series fan so couldn't resist purchasing this one. I also should add that though the Shifter Series was published by Mira Books, the Wildcats Series is self published by Rachel herself. The Cover features a female who I'd presume to be Abigail Wade with her gorgeous red hair! leaning up against Abby is Jace Hammond(gorgeous werecat hunk) leant towards her kissing her. phew quite a hot cover really!
So would the cover encourage me to pick this one up from a bookstore shelf? The cover certainly attracts the eye and then the imagination so yes I'd say this cover works well. Both the characters featured on the cover correspond to the imagery the book gives me for them.
I admit I kind of did things the wrong way round in that I read this book before realising there was a novella which bridged the Shifters Series to Wildcats Series. Having said that it really didn't affect my enjoyment of either this book or the bridging novella by doing so.
So this book begins with Abby being on campus at school, she has transferred to the Appalation Pack being run by new younger than normal Alpha Jace Hammond. It was necessary for Abby to switch packs to attend the college she wanted, as the Kentucky College is right in Appalachian territory. Abby does still secretly crushes on new Alpha Jace Hammond, and has done so since she was just 15 years old. Abby is quite happy at college living and studying in the Appalachian territory, it's the cold that bothers her most as she is more accustomed to the hotter weather of her home in South Carolina. Abby is handling "the incident" of her kidnap and the horrendous slaughter of her friends during a camping trip. (The trip is covered more in Hunt, Shifters 6.5 novella) quite well on the surface even though she struggles with nightmares, and room mate Robyn Sheffield is the only one that knows and as she was on the camping trip also understands the horror of the "incident" from first hand experiencing it. Abby has planned to stay over at campus with Robyn for the holidays but there's a pack-related situation that is becoming a possible danger to her, so her Alpha father has sent Jace to bring her to a meeting and her to then fly home for the holidays. Naturally Abby protests, repeating her plans to stay over with Robyn on campus, but her father Alpha and her current Alpha, Jace insist on her going home. It seems Abby is very reluctant to leave Robyn alone and makes sure her friend promises to ring her is she should need her for anything. When Abby hears about the people being killed in the Appalachian territory and the strays going missing it's quite clear to see she knows much more about this situation than she is letting on. A preoccupied Jace doesn't think to push Abby for answers putting her reluctance to speak is perhaps due to the old "camping incident". But Abby has a hidden agenda, and will do anything to protect her friend Robyn who is also caught up in the action. Another reason Abby doesn't want to spend the holidays with her family is the fact that once she has her degree she will have to meet the proposal of a wedding and having babies to further the werecat race. There aren't that many tabbys, so they are usually married off quite young and are resigned to having babies and continuing to do so until they have at least one female baby and then the cycle begins over. Tabbys are somewhat spoilt and are well protected so its a shock when Abby manages to trick Jace Hammond into making her an enforcer on his team and allowing her on the current case that she seems to be quite obsessed and very knowledgeable about too. Abby also has to face her intended husband and cope with the conclusion that she is without a doubt not in love with him. Her heart doesn't beat faster when she hears his voice or at the prospect of meeting up with him, not in the way it does with Jace Hammond! In returning her former fiance's ring she makes some bad feelings towards her and Jace. In fact something Abby has done\known about comes to give those with bad feelings towards her and Jace the prime opportunity to seek and receive a nasty revenge of sorts. Sorry if this sounds a bit cryptic, it will all fall into place as you read the book.
We get a catch up with the other tabby's from the Shifters Series, Faythe an Alpha of her own territory as well as a wife and mother, Manx who married Owen and they have their family too. I really enjoyed re-visiting the older characters as well as the central plot around the perhaps lesser explored characters that appeared in the Shifter's Series.
Mmm favourite character's in this one. . . that's a hard one because I love all the characters really, even the more old fashioned "a tabby's place is home making babies" have their place within the pack and this book. Obviously I truly love Abby and the gorgeous Jace Hammond and can't wait to hear what happens next for the two werecats. As for one of the other characters in the book I genuinely liked a lot was Robyn. Robyn has been through a heck of a lot after the "camping trip incident"and there are lots more changes to put up with and become accustomed to, she is so loyal to Abby too.
So did I enjoy the book? Oh yes, every word and every chapter. Loved the whole book!
Would I recommend the book? If you read and loved the Shifter's Series, then this spin off series is a must read for you.
Would I be interested in reading more of this series? Thoroughly captured by it already after just one book. Already looking forward to more!
Would I read other books by Rachel Vincent? I am actually reading Menagerie now. A completely different pace and plot to the first Wildcats book but still enjoying. I also have The Stars Never Rise to read too.

Oh wow! Oh Jace! Oh Abby! Oh Rachel Vincent I soooo loved it! What an ending! An ending that hints at many new beginnings! A catch up with older favourite characters from the Shifter's Series. Further introductions and a more in depth look at some lesser known character from the Shifter's Series, as well as meeting some new characters too. I am wholly captivated by this series already and super enthusiastic to read more and more!
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1,393 reviews62 followers
March 23, 2017
I recently read Hunt which is a prequel to this book and I am really glad I did or I would have been so lost. I was already lost due to not reading the original series, but there was quite a bit of info from that series given throughout the book. A good thing because it helped me understand some things, a bad thing because now I know so much that now I am not interested in going back and reading those.

The main character, Abby drove me crazy, as did her secret. Her reasons for everything bad that happens were not exactly the best, to say the least! And because of her, horrible things happen to people she cares about. Enough already! The hero, Jace, put up with way too much too fast for someone he had barely started noticing as a woman even if they'd known each other most of their lives. I ended up feeling kinda sorry for him. Not what I like in a PNR!

Maybe if I had read the other series, I might have liked this one better. Or maybe not. I gave it 3 stars due to the middle of the book when most of the action happens. That part kept me turning pages. However, at the beginning I came close to a DNF because nothing much was happening. So better than a two star for me, but not quite a 3.5 star read for me. I will be reading book Two because I want to see what happens to a character that is featured in this one. Pretty good read.
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2,045 reviews194 followers
Shelved as 'd-n-f'
November 7, 2018
You start off getting thrown right into the deep end without any floaties and then it takes four whole chapters to get to even a hint of the conflict. And the author has unintentionally ruined a subplot during exposition intended to remind readers of some previous series. Both H/h seem pretty dumb so far and since I've got a million other books to read, I'm not gonna bother trudging through this. It's not terrible, I just feel like I'm wasting my time.

Edit: Apparently Abby's story begins in Hunt (Shifters #6.5), so that's why I feel like we're thrown into the deep end right off the bat. But I still don't care enough to continue, much less go back and read a novella about this chick.
Profile Image for Christina's Library.
822 reviews28 followers
August 18, 2022
Holy shniz, 5 stars is not enough! This is a spin off of the original series (Shifters) and its just as good. All the feels, war, lust, betrayal, devotion & every span of emotions like EVERY other book in this series! 2 more books in this series. Also, they are spicy. I hope she will write more cuz I never get enough
Profile Image for María.
605 reviews24 followers
September 8, 2018
Abby tiene un secreto: Robyn, su compañera de cuarto, es la primer mujer que sobrevivió a la infección de un stay. Sin embargo, después de la terrible experiencia que tuvieron que atravesar en el bosque, Abby sabe que Robyn no está lista para convivir bajo el cuidado de un concilio de Alfas.
El problema es que cazadores humanos están apareciendo muertos y Jace tiene que investigar...
Profile Image for Angela.
699 reviews56 followers
April 27, 2017
I loved this book! Great shifters spinoff, and I love hoe Rachel Vincent makes a story so compelling. I was shocked, twisted up inside, and happy. I can't wait to read book two.
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