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The Illusion #1

Just an Illusion - Side A

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One night changed her life…

Bestselling author Amelia Greyson has grown up in the music industry and isn’t the slightest bit fazed by fame or celebrities. However, when she attends a Bastards and Dangerous concert with her best friend Belle, her world shifts on its axis.

Double trouble…

Sawyer and Noah Weston are the front men of BAD. They’re fraternal twins and sexy as sin. When they hear the author of The O Factor is in their green room, they’re intrigued. She’s just the person they need to write their farewell story. The brothers offer Amelia the opportunity of a lifetime, which she reluctantly accepts.

Three hearts…

Noah is sweet and considerate, working hard to make Amelia feel at home on the road. Unfortunately, the closer they get, the more obnoxious Sawyer becomes. Sawyer is arrogant and distant and he wants Amelia, even though she’s not his for the taking. Only during stolen moments does Sawyer show her who he really is.

Can Amelia maintain a safe distance from Sawyer and keep her heart intact? Or will she shatter Noah’s heart by giving hers to his brother instead?

Just an Illusion – Side A is the first book in The Illusion Series.
Reading order of The Illusion Series:
Just an Illusion - Side A
Just an Illusion - The B Side
Just an Illusion - EP
Just an Illusion - Unplugged

301 pages, ebook

First published November 3, 2016

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746 reviews2,419 followers
January 14, 2018

Where do I begin? First, I want to say that I read this book straight through. I stayed up all night long to finish it. Second and third, I love the author's writing style, and I adore ALL of the characters she created. I absolutely think this is a good book.

 photo original-4_zps4vz2vari.gif

That being said, I have a big problem. I'm not a person that is turned off by a love triangle. Nor am I scared of them. I don't worry about them being too much for my heart or any of that bullshit, but this time....things are different. I am in love with Sawyer. I love Noah too (how could you not?), but my heart belongs to Sawyer. On top of that, I love both of them too much to want to see either of them hurt by the other. Because of that, I'm scared to keep reading. I honestly don't know if I want to deal with the pain I know is probably coming my way.

 photo Love-and-Other-Drugs_zpsws0f7gtz.gif

To make matter worse, I may have spoiled myself for the third book a little 🙈. I hate being spoiled, so the fact that I was digging for information like that should tell you how worried I am. I'm terrified! Why the fuck did I decide to read this?! Why didn't somebody stop my ass?! 😭 I don't think I'm going to get out of this sober! Pray for me, people!

 photo giphy-76_zpswx84dlfo.gif
June 24, 2017
*****5 STARS*****


I found the prologue very interesting and I couldn't wait to dive into the story. I was looking forward to having all my questions answered.

Amelia is beautiful and is surrounded by beautiful men in the hottest rock band out!!! This rock band also come with twin brothers who both find her fascinating and can't wait to get to know her. Normally, it would be great to have two rock stars wanting you but when it's brothers and twin brothers at that, it has to be hard and awkward. And it does get awkward folks.

The book is well written and the authors talent comes through on every page.
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1,038 reviews2,382 followers
April 15, 2017
Just an Illusion is engaging, entertaining, and brilliantly executed! The writing is fantastic. The plot is fantastic. And above all, the main characters are so well done. Amelia and Noah are so sweet together.

Here's the breakdown: Amelia agrees to attend a concert and meet and greet with her best friend. She's a new author, but after much coaxing agrees to shadow the band and write their story. Sawyer and Noah notice her immediately. The attraction is palpable. The only problem? Noah and Sawyer are brothers!

What I Loved: I love all the characters! Sawyer, Noah, and Amelia are fabulous MCs. Mel is strong, independent, self-assured, beautiful, genuine.
Sawyer is generous, sweet, gorgeous, a bit of a romantic, and sexy. Sawyer is an enigma. You never know what you're gonna from him. Needless to say, I really loved him.

The plot, storyline, and writing were phenomenal. The steamy bits were hot!

The concept / trope is a popular occurrence, although I haven't read many books with brothers in the triangle. That made for some very interesting situations and amped up the emotional aspect of the story.

My only minor critique is the length, it could have been a smidgen shorter. There's a lot going on with other subplots. And that cliffy will lead you to drink! Seriously, have libations ready when start this one. It's a good thing Book 2 is already available because I'm not sure I would have made it 😂 Have book 2 queued up when you start this one.

 photo ARC_2.jpg
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2,225 reviews81 followers
October 29, 2016
5+++ star rock romance read. Hopefully that got people’s attention because I don’t want anyone who loves rock romance to miss out on this fantastic book. You will definitely end up with a book hangover after reading this sexy and suspenseful rock romance.

Amelia Greyson is a bestselling author with some big secrets of her past that she tries to keep buried. These secrets are getting harder to contain especially when she is the person chosen to write the tell all book on the biggest rock band around which means she will be going on tour with Bastards and Dangerous (BAD) for the next year. The Weston brothers of Noah and Sawyer head up this band of friends and even though they are twins they could not be any more different. Noah is the sweet one with a heart of gold that any girl would be more than lucky to be with and then there is Sawyer who is more of the bad boy that exudes sex. Both brothers want Amelia but how will this work when the three of them are living on a tour bus together for the next year. The Weston brothers let a woman come between them before and they can’t let it happen again because it almost tore the band and their family apart. What will happen when Amelia’s true identity is found out especially when they learn that she is the result of rock royalty at its finest?

Sawyer is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders from something he witnessed as a kid and this has been playing a big part of what makes Sawyer tick. Is Amelia going to be the one person who can break through everything that is making Sawyer self-destructive? That’s going to be a little tough because Noah has made his intentions regarding Amelia pretty clear and he definitely wants to have Amelia as his.

There is so much going on with these three along with a great storyline for the rest of the guys from the band and Amelia’s friend, rock magazine writer, Belle. This book has pulled me in so deep that you can’t put it down and with that said I am going to have a really hard time waiting for Side B to come out but believe me it will be the first book I grab to read when it’s available. This is my first time reading D. Kelly’s work and I am more than impressed with the way she tells a story. She gave me just enough in the middle of this book to set me trying to guess what the hell is going on only to get to the end which left me with my mouth hanging open only to then have so many words that came flying out of my mouth it wasn’t fit for anyone else to hear! Lol I can tell this book will occupy my mind for a while which for me is a tell mark for a great book. There are so many things that I HAVE to know and can’t wait to see how this will all play out. I can only hope that there are going to be many more books in this series because M. Kelly gave us plenty of people that need their stories told too.

I received this ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.
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619 reviews105 followers
July 30, 2018
This is one of those books that sucked me in and made me want to read straight through without stopping. I adored the characters and it definitely had a decent dose of the angst I love.

The dialogue for the guys was a little young and feminine sounding in the first few chapters IMO (but that quickly resolved itself). That, along with the need for further editing cut this down to 4 stars (some proofing issues and a few areas that were a bit too long-winded).

However...for me, the wonderful story line well outshone those concerns, and I loved it so much that I immediately moved to the 2nd book. Highly recommend, but be warned, it has one HELL of a cliffy!
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527 reviews90 followers
January 4, 2020
Not for me.

The heroine is a special kind of mary sue who is surrounded by the hottest boy band, does everything perfectly, has no flaws, is talented at everything she tries. She has the full attention of the twin brothers in the band -- one is obviously perfect and the other shows the world a bad boy exterior but inside he cares a lot and has been working on a lot of past trauma. She couldn't even pick the right guy because she is perfect so she needs perfect and simple -- nothing too messy.

The writing was just okay, becoming lost within a predictable plot that didn't bring anything new for me-- the usual tropes you'd expect to see, not being subverted or reinvented. The ending didn't make sense. I'm not sure how it could happen if you had all of those precautions in place.

I am just glad this is over. It has been hanging over my head for months. Moving on.
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571 reviews41 followers
June 28, 2019
I need to stop reading series when they aren't completed!!! Also, I'm Team Sawyer and I'm not even sorry. This book really interested me because the heroine is pretty awesome with her own issues and the twin brothers thing is fascinating to me. They are both gorgeous but total opposites and I personally think Sawyer's the way to go even though the heroine struggles with balance between the twins. The book lost an entire star for the heroine being an idiot and making a choice that's ridiculous in choosing the nice guy. Nobody chooses the overly freaking nice guy when the freaking Fourth of July fireworks happen with someone else. Ugh!

I do look forward to the next book and will, of course, read it because I want to know. I need to know. I am slowly rolling around having a fit because I need to know what happens next and love Sawyer. I like the complicated, multi-layered, in need of fixing heroes, what can I say?
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854 reviews400 followers
August 17, 2020
Not a standalone. The story continues in book 2

Amelia "Mel" Greyson was not exactly jumping up and down to attend a BAD concert (Bastards and Dangerous) but her best friend Belle was doing an interview with them so Mel went along to support her bestie.

Mel recently became a best-selling author and was not a fan of the band’s music. However, she met them and was completely irritated by one of the band members and gave him a piece of her mind. She didn’t hold back on her feelings and when she didn’t fall all over him the rest of the band immediately liked her.

Ultimately Mel and her bestie are offered an opportunity to get to know the band much better.....Belle will be granted exclusive access to do some band blogging and Mel was offered a book deal. The only catch, she’ll have to travel with the band as they tour.

The band was not aware that Mel was the daughter of two rock legends and she’s got quite a bit of baggage from her childhood. Mel had to learn how to deal with that baggage while on the road.

Mel originally had some chemistry with Sawyer, but she was a bit fearful of her feelings for him (he’s extremely intense) and ultimately chose to start a relationship with Noah instead.

Noah and Sawyer are extremely close twins. There was a shooting from their childhood that has had a significant impact on Sawyer and he used sex as a coping mechanism against those memories. Although Sawyer was attracted to Mel, he loved his brother and saw how much Noah liked her so he backed away. It just really showed how much these two brothers loved each other. But, I never felt like Mel settled for Noah because he was so incredibly kind and good and there was no way you couldn’t fall in love with him.

A crazy ex makes an appearance and stirs things up by making some threats against their lives. This adds another layer of drama and keeps the story propelling forward.

Meanwhile, there is also a relationship building between the bestie Belle and another band mate and this added another nice layer to the story.

I’m not a fan of triangles, but this wasn’t a story about a girl torn between two brothers. You knew both brothers were attracted, but Mel made her choice pretty early on so although there was a triangle undertone, it wasn’t the focal point.

Overall I loved all the characters and the extremely close bond of the brothers and the band.
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832 reviews27 followers
June 23, 2017
Will give a review when I am finished with the series.
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Author 11 books105 followers
November 3, 2016
When 28-year-old best-selling author Amelia "Mel" Greyson tags along to the BAD (Bastards and Dangerous) concert with her best friend Belle who is doing an interview with them for her magazine she is not a fan.

When she meets the band and immediately wins over the band by putting the sexy lead singer, Sawyer Weston, in his place Mel and Belle are offered an amazing opportunity - Belle will do once monthly features about BAD's upcoming farewell tour in her magazine and they want Mel to travel with the band on their one year tour and write the official book on the band. In exchange, the publisher of the book will also contract her bestselling self-published novel and coordinate a book tour for her to coincide with the band's tour.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mel but in agreeing to go along for the ride she'll have to put her troubled childhood as the daughter of two rock legends - whose relationship had as many highs and lows as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love - behind her once and for all.

Mel has instant chemistry with Sawyer but she pushes him away, chalking it up to his playboy rockstar ways, for the sake of professionalism but as she gets to know the band and spends time on the tour both Sawyer and his brother Noah begin to develop feelings for her. But which one will she choose? Sawyer, the sexy bad boy with demons of his own? Or Noah, the nice, do-gooder type that always says and does the right thing? At the same time Belle and BAD's drummer, Darren grow close but what will happen when a surprise changes everything for both of them?

As Mel makes her choice between the Weston brothers and allows herself to fall in love, a crazy ex of Mel's new guy reenters the picture and turns all of their lives upside down. The ex's instability soon shows that she's not willing to let Mel have him... even if she has to go to deadly means to tear them apart.

Let me start out by saying I LOVE rockstar romances. What woman hasn't fantasized about being with a rockstar at some point in their life?

Just An Illusion - Side A grabbed me right away and I devoured half the book in one sitting eager to see if maybe, just maybe Mel would end up with the brother I think is perfect for her. I was rooting for Sawyer from the moment I first read the blurb for Just An Illusion. What can I say? I've always gone for the damaged ones. Even though Noah really doesn't do it for me I could see that he loved her so much, and he was easy to like so I could see why Mel was drawn to him.

I loved this story and I enjoyed reading about all these amazing characters. Just An Illusion is sexy, addictive, and emotionally satisfying. By the end, you'll be dying to read the next book and see how everything turns out.

I thought the writing was excellent and right up there with Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series, Jamie Shaw's Mayhem series, and Emily Snow's Devoured books, so if you love a good rockstar romance, Just An Illusion is a definite Must Read!
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835 reviews1 follower
January 9, 2017
DNF at 20%. I tried to chew through it, but ultimately I gave up the ghost. This book was not without potential - the idea of traveling with a band while the h is there to document for a biography incapturing their farewell tour is a good idea, and I liked the personalities of the band members, but the writing execution was lacking. The author had a tendency to write a rather long piece of dialogue, but wait until the end of the diatribe to mention who was actually doing the talking. I found myself constantly scanning ahead to figure out which of the 7 characters was doing to talking at any given point. Even more upsetting was the dialogue itself. There was little natural flow to the conversation. Everything felt stiff and almost formal. The timing and transitions of the smut-talk were even more awkward and inorganic. Character's actions and reactions rang false or forced as well. Everything being the sum of its parts, I just had a really hard time suspending reality and getting over these issues. I found myself skipping to the end to see what direction this duet was headed, and found that I didn't really care for it - crazy cliffhanger and all. I decided to DNF. Some may like this book, it just wasn't for me.
On a side note, I find it very frustrating when an author introduces us to a character, but fails to physically describe them until like 6 chapters later. By then I've already come up with my own idea of "who" they are, and getting a belated description that is different from the one that I've assigned to a certain person is kind of unsettling. I prefer to have an idea of their physical form while/before getting to know their personalities. It's a pet peeve of mine.
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656 reviews34 followers
April 10, 2019
Dying here!💔

Wow, D. Kelly, this is my first book of yours and you sucked me in with all your gorgeous rockers, Bastards and Dangerous, aka B.A.D. boys in the this world famous and weary band. Amelia, a writer with an interesting story of her own, found herself right in the middle of their huge year long tour, contractually obligated to get to know them well enough by the end of it to write their whole story, from the beginning to the end, no holds barred.

Four sexy men and her assigned to the bus with those two hot brothers, what could go wrong? Maybe something right? Could be life changing for more than Amelia. Read and enjoy this exciting story. This was sitting in my KU library waiting for me a while, I knew it was going be angsty, but decided to finally dive in.

This book has been out for a while but I am glad to have found it, later than most but, I really loved it. I'm really so glad that I don't have to wait to see what happens since the next book is out at this point.

This wonderful book is filled with tension, music, new soul shaking love that will literally rock your socks off and make you swoon your brains out. Be ready for some crazy drama and suspense building danger around the corner. It also ends on a cliff so I am almost afraid to see what the next book holds for me. Hope my heart, which is firmly in someones particular corner, can take whatever is waiting there in Just an Illusion- Side B.
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3,647 reviews215 followers
June 21, 2017
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book had my heart in my throat the ENTIRE time! I couldn't put it down and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these characters!

There were so many unexpected things happening that I couldn't even guess what was going to happen next.

I was going through so many emotions while reading this book and on the edge of my seat during a few moments. I loved the chemistry between Amelia, Noah and Sawyer and was so sad when the book came to an end because I was not ready to be done hearing their story.

This is a must read book for sure!- By Alisa
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117 reviews9 followers
November 21, 2016
Once you go BAD, you never go back. D. Kelly rocked my book world and had me had me begging for Side B. Just an Illusion - Side A was the best rock star romance of the year. It was poetic, emotional, expressive, TWINTASTIC, and such a thrilling book. I fell in love with these characters (except one in particular). I am a huge fan of music and this book was so enlightening. The life of a rockstar isn’t always fun and games. I think we see this clearly with Amelia, Noah, and Sawyer’s experiences. This trio of characters were some of the best written characters I have read about. Each character had a role in this book, whether i liked it or not. Amelia Greyson was a bestselling author who grew up in the music industry. She downplayed her writing success, had a best friend that is there for her no matter what, and who had the opportunity of a lifetime. One night at a concert of a band she wasn’t even a fan of rocked her world. Noah and Sawyer Weston are the front men of BAD and are bad in all the right ways. They are fraternal twins, but couldn’t be more opposite. Being a twin myself, I totally appreciated their relationship more and are the only pair of twins I would break my “no dating a twin” rule for. Noah is the perfect gentleman. Even though he has got the looks of a bad boy, he has the sweetest personality to match the sweetest eyes. He is boyfriend material, but is not one to trust so easily. He hasn’t thought about a future with a woman, until Amelia walks in with some smoking hot knee high boots. Sawyer notices too. Sawyer is the bad boy that you can’t help be attracted to. He has had a traumatic childhood that he is still working on overcoming. He uses sex as his therapy and doesn’t open up to many other than his family and bandmates. Amelia changes that in only one night. Amelia knows how to set him straight and has everyone mesmerized. What is it about this one woman that makes Noah and Sawyer want to open up to her? She knew she shouldn’t get involved with anyone on tour, especially with Noah or Sawyer. Her attraction to Sawyer was instant and almost led to something more, but Noah has a persistent charm about him. Can she write their farewell story and be involved with one of them? Noah or Sawyer? Is Amelia ready to be in the spotlight again? So many questions are answered and you will be a fan of this book and D. Kelly’s for life. D. Kelly is a writing genius and had me so enraptured in this story so much that I was ready to stand in line for some BAD tickets of my own ;) That cliffhanger was so unexpected. Even if i wanted more of the story, I can appreciate a phenomenal story and cliffhanger when I read one. Thanks for making me a BAD fan for life. Don't forget to "live today like there's no tomorrow"!
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145 reviews28 followers
March 29, 2018
Extra points for a freebie on the kindle (I love a good freebie). I needed something a little lighter to read after serial killers and drug addicts. I could pretty much tell by the first few pages that I was going to enjoy it. It’s the first Book I’ve read like this that is centred around a rock star romance and it’s pretty hot. Not MC novel hot but hot none the less.
I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. This follows Amelia as she joins BAD on their final tour to document their lives for a book she is going to write on them. I’ll say now though, there is nothing bastard and dangerous about the band, they have their issues, but I was surprised to see how sensitive and emotionally in tune they were. That doesn’t make for a bad read though.
There’s some good past histories/traumas going on which only add to the story, and it was a pretty original easy going read for me. Also, there’s no denying this author can write a decent sex scene, some of the best I’ve read were right here in this book.
The only criticism I have is that I didn’t feel like I really knew the characters before they were ripping each other’s clothes off. Buy me a drink first.
Things seemed to move really quickly between Noah and Mel, and while it was nice, I felt like I’d missed something. Often it seemed like what they were saying shouldn’t have came from them.Just for example, sawyer had known Mel all of five minutes before he tells her he wants to fuck her, I mean, that is something he would say but i wouldn’t know at that point as there had been no character development prior. That’s probably not a good example but it’s just the feeling i had at the beginning.
I’m not a massive fan of Noah..I found him pretty clingy, doesn’t build up to a sexual encounter very well. When it did happen it was worth the anticipation but he just made me cringe up to the point I thought/was kinda hoping he would be a terrible lay. Sawyer on the other hand..I was crying out for her to go to him from the beginning.
It sounds like I’m slating the book, but if you can overlook that and take it for what it is, a whirlwind romance with a rockstar or two, then you’re good. A sexy little 3.5/4 stars from me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
694 reviews16 followers
November 4, 2016
Darn, this book. First up, a warning - major cliffhanger. I mean major. And I have no idea when the next book is due out. Just saying. Right, now that's out of the way, I can wax lyrical about the greatness of this story. I'm not a love triangle fan, I'm really not, but I'm not sure the situation with Sawyer and Noah really counts as a love triangle. Why mention it then? I hear you ask. Because it's a pretty major part of the story, and I'm not sure how to describe it without giving too much away. Whatever it is, it's intense.

I'm a big Rock Star Romance fan. I'll read anything in the genre I can get my hands on, which means I've read some astoundingly good novels, and some real dross. Thankfully, Just an Illusion falls into the first category. From the very start it drew me in and wouldn't let go of me until the last page. Kelly's characters are addictive, and not just the main ones - there's a large cast of really great characters in this book, which always impresses me. The story has all the drama, intrigue and secrets you expect from a Rock Star Romance, and it manages to still feel fresh. Kelly has mastered the balance between feeling close enough to real life while still providing excellent fantasy escapism fodder.

Please, please will someone tell me that the next book is going to be out soon though, like really soon, because I'm suffering a major book hangover and the only cure is the sequel!
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2,053 reviews
January 9, 2017
This was my first book by this author and I loved it and her writing style. I was hooked from the prologue. I wanted to know so bad what was going on.

Amelia goes with her best friend to a concert and meets the fraternal twins Sawyer & Noah who want her to write their story. Only problem is going on tour with the sexy brothers while keeping herself and her secrets safe. She quickly realizes that the brothers are complete opposites & undeniablely sexy and they are both attracted to her.

Amelia is strong, independent & loving. Noah is just so sweet, loves his family more than anything and is so so sweet. Sawyer is dark, brooding and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. But during meeting with Amelia when no ones around the true Sawyer comes out and as much as I liked Noah, I loved Sawyer!!!

I absolutely can't wait for the next part to come out!!!

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book
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1,595 reviews45 followers
June 27, 2021
I have mixed feelings about this book.

I really loved the aspect with the band and how Mel and Belle get involved with BAD. D.Kelly really throws you in and you instantly want to know more about the characters and their backstory. Mel has such a tragic past and she is reluctant to get back into this lifestyle but once BAD realise she is an author they need her to write their biography while they go on tour. Obviously, Mel needs to follow. The story then starts to become less about how Mel got the job and why she is there and more about Mel figuring out her feelings and relationship with Noah.

Mel and Noah are great characters for each other. They just bounce off of one another, a ying to one's yang. The issue I had was this relationship was Mel having thoughts about Noah's brother Sawyer. I couldn't get with that, especially with how long the lingering looks went on with the timeline of events and her confused thoughts on how she felt towards them. I still don't know how I feel about Sawyer for this.

The timeline is drawn out but events seem to happen quickly and every scene seems to have some important event, that started to feel unnatural and forced. It doesn't help that you are also following Belle's relationship with another member of BAD and witness their milestone moments as well. When that could have been saved for another book.

I listened to the audio of this and maybe I would have felt different if I had actually physically read the book but I did lose interest as the story went on.
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324 reviews64 followers
November 4, 2016
{Received in exchanged for an honest review}

Wow! This book took me by absolute surprise in the best possible way. It was addicting, funny, romantic and full of heart. The heart in this book is what really sets it apart from all other rocker romances and let’s be honest, there are a lot! I was blown away by this tight-knit group of characters that made me fall head-over-heels in love with them page by page. When this book was over, I was sad because I wanted more! This is going to be one of those series that sucks you in and you never want it to let you go.

This is my first book by D. Kelly and I loved it! It had the addictive qualities of some of my absolute favorite books, which has landed it on the top of my list of guilty pleasure reads. Although this book is full of romance, angst and drama…it is also full of so much more. The story is told in first person, with Amelia being the main point of view. There are some blog posts thrown in from Belle (Amelia’s BFF) that gave the story a fun spin. The pacing was perfect. It moved swiftly, but also allowed time for great character development.

One of my absolute favorite aspects of this book was the characters! They were all amazing! D. Kelly did a great job of giving each of these characters their own personalities and traits. Each one was completely different, with great fleshed out histories. I think the characters are what really gives this story heart and makes it dynamic. It made me want to be part of these characters inner circle because the friendships and relationships all felt very genuine and sincere.

I loved Amelia as our main character. She was sassy, relatable and down-to-Earth. I also loved Amelia’s BFF, Belle. She was one of my favorite characters and I really can’t wait to see how her story unfolds in the next book! Noah was absolutely amazing, almost to the point of being too perfect, but I can overlook that! I loved that Noah was a good guy and has defiantly made it onto my list of favorite book characters. Sawyer was more standoff-ish and mysterious, but the moments he had when he opened up really made me like his character. He is the bad boy with the sweet side who consistently makes bad choices, but wants to change. All of the band members of BAD were great! They all seriously need their own book and I would devour each one of them.

The romance was amazing. When I read the synopsis for this book, I was both intrigued and also scared about where it could go. I am a reader who enjoys love triangles, but only if they are done right. And this one was done amazingly! Both love interests were equally swoon worthy. However, I felt like there was only a slight love triangle in this book. One relationship was far more developed than the other, but who knows how the next book will play out. I do not want to go too in-depth with the romance aspect of this book since it is kind of a spoiler, but know that it is some of the best romance I have read! I loved how cute it was and it most defiantly gave me all of the feels.

The other aspect I loved about the romance was that there were multiple romances throughout. I loved reading about the other relationships with the band members of BAD, which made the story feel more complex. I am really crossing my fingers and hoping that there may be some spin-off books featuring the side characters.

I am also going to warn readers that this ends on a HUGE cliffhanger. I finished this late at night and my mind was racing from the ending! If the second book would have been available, I would have had to stay up later to at least read the first couple chapters to see what was going to happen. Personally, I think cliffhangers are fun when the wait for the second book is not too long, but I know they drive some readers crazy.

Overall, I really loved this book. This year is going to be a hard one to rate my favorite reads because there have been so many, but this one is defiantly up there. I will be getting my hands on the second book as soon as possible and hope that there are several books to this series. If you like rock star contemporary romance, then defiantly pick this one up!

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March 25, 2017
The beginning of this book dragged me in, and had me really wanting to like it. But by 30% through, I was wondering when it was going to end. I did like the general story, and I think it showed promise. But there were so many declarations of love, too many hugging and kissing or sex scenes, and not much going on. There's the promise of some difficult choice between the two Weston brothers, Noah and Sawyer, but there really isn't. Unless you consider constantly telling yourself you choose the one you've been with the entire book a choice. It's pretty much a done deal, in my opinion, when there are no real actions involved and one person only has feelings he doesn't act upon. Sorry, your brother got there first. Move along.

My biggest issue with the book, beyond the storyline that just never ended, was some of the writing. Everyone always did everything softly, gently, obviously and literally. Every knock on the door was a soft knock. Characters said each other's names constantly while talking to each other, beyond what is believable for the real world. Also, Noah was the perfect guy. There was no conflict. All bad things that happened were completely external and it stopped being interesting.

I don't know what happens in book 2. But if it's anything like the first book, I truly believe that trimming down some of the declarations of love, the -ly words, and maybe one or two of the unnecessary subplots, could have turned this into a really good single book. As it stands, I started skimming just over 50% of the way through because I couldn't bring myself to read how much the characters loved each other or how right their friends and family thought they were for each other one more time. I really wanted to like the book, and while I did skim until the end so I could see what happened, there was enough here to detract from the overall good.
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June 21, 2017

Deliciously angsty love…

Oh the drama! This is my first book by this author and I don’t think I was mentally ready for the whirlwind of emotions that this story brought out… Be prepared for a journey that will take your heart out and toy with it, just a wee bit…. Okay, who am I kidding, a LOT!

Amelia. Sawyer. Noah. Wait, wait. Who is falling in love here? Well, that’s not the easiest thing to decide when you have full on characters that feel right together. All of them… No, this isn’t a ménage romance, but there is love and lots of it. Brotherly. Romantic. The love that exists between only the best of friends. Sounds messy? Crazy busy? Definitely! Complicated, steadfast and true? Without a doubt. There is chaos and turmoil along with tender moments and sizzling scenes. How could it not be when love is what brings people together and tears them apart.

I loved every minute of getting to know all the many characters in this book and feeling their struggles and their joy. There is teeth gnashing galore and if the author’s intent was to keep the reader guessing she nailed it! This story simmered and burned with so many balls in the air I should have been dizzy but not so. Instead, it had my devoted attention up until that doozy of a cliffhanger! I knew it was coming but it still managed to surprise me… And make me very glad book two is waiting for me!
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September 4, 2020
5 Epic Stars

I fell hard for this author's binge-worthy books. It was insta-love for me. I read 7 of her books in one week because I got hooked on the ANGST.

This is the ultimate love story. It has it all—twin hot rock stars (double the yum), whirlwind romance, angst, heartbreak, second-chance romance and more. It truly was EPIC. Noah and Sawyer Weston swept me off my feet and I loved them both equally. How was Amelia able to choose only one Weston brother? But she did only choose one and that should have been the most difficult thing she ever did in her life. It wasn’t. Because book 2 comes along and well, I really can’t give anything away. The more I read, the more captivated I became. This series is on my Top 20 List of all time favorites.
D. Kelly, you're my ROCK STAR!

You can rest assured that this series has a HEA and it was grand!
OW/OM Drama: Not much...trust me.
Steam Factor: 5 Hell Yeah Stars

Reread September 2018
This is still a top favorite :) Noah Weston—my heart sighs—swept me off my feet again. This guy is a dreamboat and not to be missed, my friends <3
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November 3, 2016
Dee Kelly reached out and told me about this release and I am SO glad she did!!!! Although I hate her a little for the cliffhanger and making me wait! I don't want to ruin this book for anyone going to read it (because you should read it) but I will give you some bits.

Amelia is familiar with rock royalty and the celebrity lifestyle and that doesn't impress her and she doesn't want to be involved in it. Her best friend Belle, is dragging her to the BAD concert (Mel has no idea who they are) and they're heading backstage for a backstage interview with the band. Mel is attracted to the twin bandmates (Sawyer and Noah) but doesn't care about their celebrity. And that immediately strikes the band and they want Amelia to be their autobiographer on their tour.

This is the start of the story of Amelia and BAD and everything surrounding them.
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April 4, 2017
Terrific Start

This new to me author wrote an incredible first book in a new rock series. Just an Illusion has everything you can want in a story, love, jealously, a to die for book boyfriend in Noah his awesome band mates including sexy, sinful tortured twin brother Sawyer. Amelia Greyson romance book author agrees to go to a concert with her music blogger bff Bella where they are both offered once in a lifetime opportunities to follow and write about the bands farewell tour. Amelia with secrets of her own reluctantly agrees to accept an offer she can't refuse. Some of my favorite parts of the book is the blog posts by Bella, they are so well written that you would swear it's real. I also fell head over heels for Noah, but can't wait to see how this plays out with Sawyer, the crazed ex girlfriend and the total OMG ending. The B side can't come soon enough.
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February 14, 2018
To celebrate the release of Just an Illusion - Unplugged - Side A is free for a limited time!
If you've been wanting to start the Illusion Series but weren't quite ready, now is the perfect time.
You can grab Side A free at the following retailers.
This is a great series to buddy read with your friends.

ibooks - http://apple.co/2cwMsfw
Amazon US - http://amzn.to/2tK7BWz
Nook - http://bit.ly/2dPo5VX
Kobo - http://bit.ly/2elyttP
Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/2hnSmRJ
Amazon CA - http://amzn.to/2ieOSh5
Amazon AU - http://amzn.to/2iqulJA
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November 10, 2018
This review is based on the ARC received from the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.

This was an awesome read. I will warn you now that it ends in a brutal cliffhanger, so if you don't have access to both halves it will get a bit angsty. The author did a very good job getting the reader engrossed in the storyline.
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November 2, 2019
“Don’t forget, live today like there’s no tomorrow!”

I think this is the hardest review I've ever written. The reading took me on a journey of various emotions, where it was impossible to drop the book, each page turned revealed another piece of the puzzle to try to understand what actually happened. Prepare the tissues. The trajectory of Amelia, Noah and Sawyer will not be easy. Will stir your hearts.
Amelia or Mel (or Princess, in Sawyer's case) is a bestselling author who, while accompanying her journalist friend at BAD (Bastards and Dangerous) concert, has her life turned upside down. Hired to write a book about the band's final tour, which has decided to retire at its peak, she is forced to face former demons. It is undeniable that the publicity that the book will bring will help in her career. But being in the spotlight can make her biggest secret come out.
Daughter of two great music stars, she witnessed the tragic love story of her parents. And with this past as a reference, she avoids relationships and commitments. But Noah and Sawyer, the band's vocalist twin brothers, will shake her strong resistance.
Sawyer is the bad boy. Noah is the prince charming. And as much as she tries to deny it, they both catch her eye. But Sawyer reminds her of a very vivid past. While Noah awakens security.
But as the story unfolds, and the time they spend touring together, she will see that the bad boy is not that bad. And that the good boy is more generous and perfect than she thought.

“I love you, too. Always”

And with this set scenario, the plot shows us the unfolding story of these three characters, as well as inserts the rest of the band and even other people to compose the whole narrative. Far beyond a love triangle, what is reported on each page is a real, raw, visceral story, where well-written and developed characters show the reader a journey of self-discovery, mistakes, secrets, frustration, love and tragedy.
The Illusion Series Trilogy comprises the books Just an Illusion Side A, The Side B and EP.
The first and second part ends in a cliffhanger. The first is a jolt in routine and a warning to the lives of the characters. The second is a gale of epic proportions. Nothing will prepare the reader for the plot twist. Despite the signs present at all times.
I cheer for Noah, but Sawyer stole my heart. I can say that Amelia was the weak link, being blamed for much of the initial confusion. Avoiding the initial feelings for Sawyer out of sheer fear of repeating the past, she created unnecessary tension. But if the course were different, we would not have this story.
Their journey will not be easy. Many tears will be shed. But being able to follow their love story was a great pleasure. One of the best books I've ever read, and one of the best love stories I've ever come across. Although controversial and with a happy ending that may not please the most romantic.

“Sometimes, I forget this isn’t just about us falling in love and the consequences of that, it’s also about you being okay with someone else. . . Especially when that person is me.”

Mel went from heaven to hell and managed to rise again. As difficult as her journey was, it was real. And as Noah would say, everything was written by fate. And after reading, I can't disagree with him. Fate has united these three. And in the midst of tears and pain, but also much love and good memories, living is all that remains for them. And never forget the beautiful story they lived. A story that will be with me for a long time.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest Review *

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March 23, 2017
OMG really?????

I knew this was going to be a two parter but dangit what an ending to side A. I really hate cliffys they SUCK butt. I am so in love with this set of characters and the storyline is brilliantly written. I just can't believe we were left hanging like that, but on saying that I really highly recommend this book.
Loving Amelia's character. She is a woman with a tragic past and not all of it is of her making. Just put it this way she is no stranger to the limelight and knows what its like to travel on a tour bus. Love is a really hard thing for her but I understand why. And now she is going to be traveling on a tour bus with two of the sexiest twins alive!! Two totally different personalities but sex on a a stick for sure.
Noah quickly claims her affections and oh my "gasp" love really quickly. Sawyer has a pace in his heart for her too. And to tell you the truth I am going to leave the boys with that, not giving it all away. So guess what read the book!!
Just when you think everything is going just fine then BAM it turns to hell. This book had amazing HOT sex scenes, sexy Rock stars, angst, and oops let's throw in a stalker!! Going to say again highly recommending this book, in all honesty it deserves more than 5 STARS.
Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis
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