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Royal Blood #1

Royal Blood

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"There was no black and white in my world. It was black or blacker. And I was the blackest of them all."

Xavier "X" Blood only remembers the last few years of his life.
Trained as an emotionless and deadly assassin, he goes through each day crossing out names on a never-ending list, not once asking why they deserve what he delivers. Death.
Then one day, his programming starts to unravel and it's all because of her.

Mercy Reid has a secret. A big one. The kind that will get her killed if it gets out.
Looking to get lost, she runs from one hopeless situation and falls into the clutches of a monster. A monster that was programmed by the worst of the worst to kill without remorse. A man who is looking for her.

When X is given his latest target, things become muddy. He knows his mark is right in front of his eyes, but he doesn't want to acknowledge it. He's literally losing his mind after all.
Will he defy his programming and save the woman who has made him feel again?
Or will he pull the trigger?

253 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 8, 2014

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About the author

Amity Cross

55 books792 followers
Amity Cross is the author of wicked stories about rock stars looking for redemption, gritty romances featuring MMA fighters and dark tales of forbidden romance. She loves to write about alpha males and the strong women who challenge them to fall in love.
Amity lives in a leafy country town near Melbourne, Australia and can be found chained to her desk, held at ransom by her characters.
Don’t send help. She likes it.

The Beat and The Pulse - (Series Complete)
Unexpected - (Series Complete)
Royal Blood - (Series Complete)
L is for Luminous - (Stand Alone Romance)
The Thornfield Affair - (Series Complete)
The Devil’s Tattoo - (Series Complete)
Fortitude MC - (Series Complete)

And more coming soon!

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July 15, 2015
DNF at 48%

Now before I say this, take a quick look at my shelves for the books I've read. You'll see that I tend to lean towards the darker and grittier reads, especially lately, and I've definitely read my share of them. It also means that I tend to be very picky with the dark books because I've read my fair share of them. So what I'm about to say goes against pretty much everything I know and thought and never thought I'd find myself saying it. EVER.

This book was too vulgar for me.

Yeah. I'll give you a moment to process that.

See here's the thing, the story is actually quite unique and was very promising. And if the writing style will work for you? You will love it. Unfortunately, that's precisely what didn't work for me. The writing read like it was trying too hard. What I mean is, I felt like it was attempting to shove down my throat how "dark" this book and the characters are. It was very superflous to the point of redundancy. The hero, X, kept telling the reader over and over and OVER again what a bastard and monster he is. As a matter of fact, the word "monster" appears 34 times throughout the book. Yes, I get it!
There was no black and white in my world. It was black and blacker.
And I was the blackest of them all.

then a few chapters later...
I was dark and twisted...unfeeling. My talent was taking life away. I never got off on it, it was nothing more than a job.

and a few chapters later...
I was good for one thing and one thing only. Killing. A monster couldn't love. I couldn't feel anything, so why even try.

On top of that, this book was littered with 'fucks', and I'm not just talking of the erotic variety. The word 'fuck' appears a sum total of 415 times.

Nothing against a strategic use of "fuck", I'm known for throwing around my share of them. But I think 415 happens to be my limit.

It felt like this book was just trying too hard. Trying too hard to be dark, trying too hard to be gritty, and trying too hard to be rough edged.

The one requirement I have with dark reads, is I want them to make me feel. Show me the characters' inner turmoil and struggles. Make me feel it, believe it. And this book did neither. I felt like I was being told what to think and feel from the very beginning. I don't need a story littered with 'fucks' to show me that it's gritty. Make me believe it.

Now take into consideration that I only got about halfway, so things may have taken a dramatic turn in the second half and gotten much better. Unfortunately sometimes I just know when a particular writing style just isn't for me, and no matter how great the story is, it won't work for me. This was just that case.

Don't let my review deter you from reading it. Like I said in the beginning, the premise of the book is very unique and it just may work for you. I've recently turned into a picky beech, and as you can see I'm in the very minority with my opinion. So give it a try and judge for yourself.

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January 2, 2015

** 1-1,5 "trying too hard to be dark" STARS **

There was no black and white in my world. It was black or blacker.

And I was the blackest of them all.

I swear I tried. I read the first %44, almost forcing myself to enjoy it, looking for SOMETHING to like about the book... But at some point, my willpower broke and I started skimming through the rest of it for the sole goal to end this torture.

I still have several reviews waiting, but I gotta get this outta my chest ASAP, so here it goes:

# Mercy Reid is on the run. One day, she dyes her hair black, buys a burner phone, leaves her bar job at the strip club in which her a** has constantly been grabbed by slimy perverts and just crosses the street to beg for a new job in The Gambler's Inn. The owner of the bar, Weiss, a member of the Royal Blood MC, bedazzled by her “strong” personality, and by that I mean the swear words that she keeps throwing at people’s faces, hires her immediately!

# At her first day at work, Mercy locks eyes with a tall stranger that suddenly barges into the bar. A set of green eyes, a black leather biker jacket, a peek of a neck tattoo and a "grabbable" ass (her words) is apparently more than enough for Mercy to instantly get wet between the legs, but she still tries very hard to hide it with her “colorful” personality we already talked about before.

# The green-eyed sexy devil is Xavier "X" Blood, another member of the Royal Blood MC, the hitman of his club and he is there on business. He is being ordered by the Prez of the club to do another hit: 6 months ago, the president of the Necromancers MC, Sykes, woke up with a gun on his head, by a woman covered in black and determined to put a bullet between his eyes. Obviously, it didn't happen, but now Sykes wants that person dead in the hands of X.

# X narrows the possible suspects into one and decides that the woman was one Alison Crawford, a 23-year-old blonde girl with blue eyes, who tried to avenge the death of his entire family, brutally murdered, and who is probably on the run now.

Remember anyone else on the run, guys? Someone who had to dye her hair for disguise? WOOOOOOOW, what a surprise, right?

# The rest of the story isn't that much interesting either. But that's not the only problem with this book, oh no, no no no...

PROBLEM #1: The first day they meet, Mercy and X dry-hump each other in one of the employees-only rooms. The next day, they f*ck in Weiss' room first and then they go to Mercy's apartment to f*ck a lil bit more. And all this time, they treat each other like garbage.

Can someone please explain to me where in those 2 days could either of these people possibly start feeling lovey-dovey towards each other? Because all of a sudden X starts thinking about "his heart twisting" and how "she makes him feel again" and the fact that "he just shouldn't care for her more than physically"...

PROBLEM #2: Too much usage of swear words.

“It's just fucking.”


“Why not? Don't you like to fuck, Mercy?”

“I like to fuck.”

I swear to God this is an actual conversation from the book! And this is NOTHING! There are all kinds of vulgar words in EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE of the book!

PROBLEM #3: X reminding us of his "pitch black soul" every other page. He is a monster. A merciless coldblooded killer. He is hollow and soulless and beyond saving and BLAH BLAH BLAH! You don't need to repeat the same things over and over and over again, we're not dumb...

So why 1,5 stars but not 1?

It's courtesy to X actually respecting the lady's wishes and cooling off on the ass-play. I hate it when the male MC insists that "it will feel good" and goes on as planned in anal scenes! Even if the lady ends up liking it...

OVERALL: No, I don't recommend this book. AT ALL.

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Want to read
October 22, 2015
 photo FreeOrxBbysb_zps0163628c.gif

FREE on Amazon US today (10/21/2015)

Book 1 in series. Book 3 released.

A hit gone wrong, an impossible contract, revenge and the ultimate kicker… falling in love.

Mercy Reid is a runner.
She found the perfect place to hide, until it wasn't.
Xavier "X" Blood always gets what he wants.
He had the perfect arrangement, until it wasn't.

X is the mysterious tough guy from Royal Blood MC who gets shit done. Cross the Club and you get a visit from X. Only one person walks away at the end of it...and it isn't you.
Mercy is hiding something. Something big. Looking to get lost, she runs from one hopeless situation right into the clutches of a monster.
When X and Mercy meet, something more electrifying than sparks fly. Something dangerous, passionate and forbidden.
When you deal in death, there's only one way things can end...
Or is there?


FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf: Kindle-freebies (currently over 490 books)
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December 9, 2014
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TITLE: Royal Blood
SERIES (Royal Blood #1)
AUTHOR: Amity Cross
GENRE: Erotic Romance
RELEASE DATE: December 8th 2014

Reasons why I jumped on this:

(1) The cover!! Wipes chin!!
(2) The crazy assed reviews for this drove me to run from all other reading commitments to start this!!
(3) My all time fav genre!! Biker!!
(4) Then the blurb

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


I'd say this was more dark grey than black, it had it's moments of true grit which being a dark and twisted kind of girl I loved!! It's so very unique to anything I have read to date, had elements of being on the same line as "Seven Sons, by Lili St Germain" in regards to the female character and her need to seek revenge but that's where the similarities ended..


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Xavier "X" Blood ~ Attachments, I didn't do them, I wasn't capable, I wasn't broken, I was made this way, I was made empty, HOLLOW, I didn't have a SOUL, I was Beyond SAVING..There was a reason they called me X. When my mark was DEAD, when the job was done, I took the photo that had been given to me as visual ID, and scratched it out. Scratched it with deep gouges. X marks the spot.


I picked this up and could not put it down, the twisted raw story line sucked me in..I even tried prolonging it so that ending wouldn't rush at me so quickly, yeah na that didn't work, like a sucker for a good story I inhaled it!!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Xavier "X" Blood ~ There was no black and white in my world, it was black or blacker, and I was the blackest of them all


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


They'd been shot..BAM..Right between the eyes..


Soooo listed above are all my positives for the book, now for the negatives, hmmmm let me think, there weren't any!! An ending to end all endings where it keeps you hanging, stalking the author for the next instalment!!

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643 reviews89 followers
January 18, 2015
**4.5 monster stars**

A hit gone wrong, an impossible contract, revenge and the ultimate kicker... falling in love.

Mercy Reid is a runner.
She found the perfect place to hide, until it wasn't.
Xavier "X" Blood always gets what he wants.
He had the perfect arrangement, until it wasn't.

X is the mysterious tough guy from Royal Blood MC who gets shit done. Cross the Club and you get a visit from X. Only one person walks away at the end of it...and it isn't you.
Mercy is hiding something. Something big. Looking to get lost, she runs from one hopeless situation right into the clutches of a monster.
When X and Mercy meet, something more electrifying than sparks fly. Something dangerous, passionate and forbidden.

When you deal in death, there's only one way things can end...
Or is there?

Gosh, where to begin? This book was so gritty and vulgar. I didn't mind the writing, but I know some people will have problems with the style. The story was interesting, I am a complete sucker for heros who are hitmans/assassins or badasses in general and heroines who are sassy and talk back. I really like Mercy and X(avier)'s relationship. They were so perfect together! She was strong, resilient and didn't take any sh*t people tried to throw at her.

Xavier was sooo gooodddd. I absolutely loved his character. Something was done to him to make him a monster, I'm assuming they tortured him and conditioned him to kill and be emotionless, but after he meets Mercy and getd to know her it's like his humanity flicks on and the emotional floodgates open :D

Mercy as I said was strong, after what happened to her in the past she's turned darker and is more of a realist when it comes to the world. I'm not quite sure about her characters motives. I mean, she wants Sykes (the cause of her pain) to die but her main focus throughout the book was Xavier. But I won't complain much! Most MC books focus on romance whilst this is more business/revenge focused.

Bad things?

Too much swearing. There was literally the F word on every page, it was really annoying every time I came across it -- which was a lot. Ugh. Felt like the author only used it to force-make Xavier all bad and evil.

Looking forward to this series ^-^ if you like the Gypsy Brothers series by Lili St Germain you'll probably like this!
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1,336 reviews369 followers
July 8, 2015
Dark, dirty, gritty and magical. Royal Blood has got to be one of the best MC books I've read so far.

 photo RBBlurb-1024x792_zpsjkkbhl0e.jpg

Xavier Blood's loyalty lies with the Royal Blood MC. He has one job; execute orders. He is an assassin. He is a killer without a heart. He doesn't feel anything and that is why he is perfect in his job.
When the MC offers him one final task in exchange for his freedom, he is determined to locate his target and kill her. He wants to cut ties with the club and he wants to be done with the job as soon as possible.
What he doesn't expect is Mercy Reid. When he sees her working in one of the club's bars he knows she will be trouble. He also knows that he wants her.

Mercy is running from something, something that has her looking over her back all the time. When the MC's hitman takes an interest in her, she doesn't expect to feel for him anything more than lust. As she gets into a tangled web of passion with him, she realizes that there is more to X than what he allows others to see. Beneath the cold, unfeeling mask he always has on, she sees something that gives her hope.
When X gets closer to his target, he realizes that her death won't be as easy as he thinks. The revelation of who she is will bring him to his knees. It will unfold a part of him that he has always dreaded; it will bring forth the monster he has locked in chains.
What will Mercy do to bring him back? You have to read to find out!

 photo X_YoureNext_sm_zpsogmrewug.png

I loved how the story unfolded. The writing had me hooked and the dark, gritty atmosphere fueled my excitement. I loved how dark Xavier is. I love how brave Mercy is. She is a kickass heroine and I felt proud of her.
The plot is full of twists and turns and the chemistry between X & Mercy was sizzling. I cannot wait to read the next book.

5 Stars

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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3,749 reviews442 followers
December 4, 2014
Oh Amity Cross! What in the hell did you just do to me? Seriously, my brain is fried and my emotions on overload. I don't think I've read a story like this ever! Yes, I love biker books. Yes I love hard ass men and the women who tame them, as much as they can be tamed, and bring them to their knees. Royal Blood is definitely a new spin on an old trope. I love that it wasn't what I was expecting.

Mercy is trying to disappear. Her entire life has gone to shit and she needs to hide. X is looking to fulfill one last contract so he can have his freedom from Royal Blood. When Mercy and X cross paths it's lust at first sight. But what happens when the lines begin to blur and the job gets pushed to the side?

Okay, I have to be vague on purpose with this review because there is so much to this book. Layers upon layers of rich, raw, carnal intrigue. Royal Blood will have you biting your nails and leave you thirsting for more. With its complex story, characters and backdrop it truly leaves you guessing.

This isn't a hearts and flowers story, most biker romances aren't. This novel is very dark with a provocative and dangerous hero and a heroine with a set of brass ones. If you're looking for a damsel in distress story this isn't it. This is biker fiction in its best form. Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. But be forewarned there is a cliffy. And it's an epic one.

~ Erin, 5 stars
Author 30 books499 followers
December 8, 2014
The cover of this book is what drew me in – I was intrigued by the gritty danger of it. Reading the synopsis informed me that this book would be a mix of two of my favorite things – MC romance and dark, twisty storylines. After learning all of that, how could I resist? Royal Blood jumped the line on my TBR and it was a damn good decision on my part. This was a book I enjoyed – the mystery surrounding Mercy’s past and what she was running from was interesting (although it was a bit predictable I must say), and X – well I will just say that he is what makes the book. Scary, intense and brutally handsome – he is just the kind of leading man I love to devour in a book..
I wasn’t broken. I was made this way. I was made empty. Hollow. I didn’t have a soul. I was beyond saving.

Mercy Reid is a smart-ass, sassy talking woman. I loved her character, she is feisty and fiery and full of contradictions. Being on the run from something from her past that’s haunting her, she finds herself behind the bar at The Gambler’s Inn. You would think that a girl looking to hide, wouldn’t make too much of a spectacle of herself, however that’s not Mercy’s style. Her spark doesn’t dull no matter her demons, and no way is she about to let someone push her around. Especially a cocky, sexier than hell biker that threatens to have her walls crumbling down.
“Don’t worry about me, I said. “I can hold my own.” As the door closed, I vaguely heard Weiss say, “Not against X, you can’t.”

Xavier Blood is not Prince Charming. He’s not the boy next door and he certainly isn’t the man you bring home to meet your parents. He’s a cold-blooded killer, conditioned by the Royal Blood MC as their contract hitman. Known as the best in the business, his resume speaks for itself – drawing in even unwanted business from rival MC’s. When his latest task has him hunting a woman, his search lands him in the perimeter of the beautifully irresistible Mercy Reid. A distraction he doesn’t need as the clock is ticking on finding his mark. X’s character is what kept me glued to this book – I loved the dark danger that surrounded him, the man is dripping with undeniable sex appeal (seriously, keep a fresh pair of panties handy ladies).
It was time to forget my cock and feed the beast what it needed to survive. Blood.

Overall, this is a great read for fans of the more raw, dark side of MC romance. There were times I found the story to be predictable as I mentioned, however that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story – I just would have liked a bit more suspense around the mystery of the plot. If you like a bit of a darker read, then X is just the man to give that to you ;)

xo Cassia
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2,188 reviews631 followers
June 3, 2015
DNF at 34%



I just knew it...

I'm sorry i tried cause I liked the two books I've read before from this author and I went into this because of her writting BUT i don't really give a damn what happens next...
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1,822 reviews324 followers
December 9, 2014

If you’ve read the authors warning: If you like sparkly unicorns and hearts, Royal Blood is not for you. If you like dark twisty anti-heroes and heart stopping roller coasters, Royal Blood is for you. If you like teddy bears and kittens with whiskers, Royal Blood is not for you. If you like unapologetic alpha males that talk dirty, Royal Blood is for you. You have been warned. Well let me tell you she wasn’t lying with this warning. Royal Blood was dark, twisted and one heck of a ride.

I will warn you, X is an unapologetic ALPHA MALE that screams SEX. I was hooked after reading the first page. I loved the 2 main characters X and Mercy Reid. The plot was dark, twisted and so intriguing. There were so many twists and turns, hot scorching hot scenes and some come to Jesus moments in this book.

Mercy has a dark past that has changed her forever. She is hard, feisty, sassy and beautiful. She is running and needs to hide after failing to get her revenge on the man that has caused her darkest moment. The man she failed to kill is powerful and ruthless and has ordered a hit on her. In order to keep hidden she has changed her image and is hiding in a place that no one will ever think of looking for her, in a biker bar. Her boss knows that she is hiding from something or someone but he has no idea what is really going on or who Mercy truly is. One night at the bar in walks a biker that Mercy feels an instant attraction to. A man she knows she must ignore.

X is a member of hit man for Royal Blood MC. All he wants to do is finish this assignment so he is free. No one really knows who this attractive, dangerous and dark man really is, but this last assignment frees him from the very people who made him the callous killer he is today. The second he walks into the bar to speak to his handler about the assignment, he spots Mercy. X wants Mercy and will do anything to get her.

“You think I’m going to let you f*** me?”

“Who said I was going to f*** you?”

“Your c***.”

“No when. When I f*** you, I’m not going to share your screams with anyone.”

The banter and turmoil between them was enjoyable and fun. It was different because of the complexity of their characters. Mercy and X are both hiding secrets but the one thing they are honest about is the sex and attraction they share. Fighting their pull for one another, their denial does not last long. When X has had enough of the games he finally takes what is his.


“F*** you, X.”

“If they touch you again. Of they even look at you, I will kill them. You hear me? I will kill them?”

“What do you want from me, X?”

“I want your body Mercy. I want to bury my c*** in you. I want to hear you moan. I want to hear you moan. I want to hear your screams.”

There were many moments in the book that had me biting my nails. The suspense, angst and the revelation of secrets that had me scared to read what would happen next. X’ character is hard due to his past and how the MC made him. He does not show much emotion of remorse for the life he leads but there is something that Mercy stirs deep within him. Mercy sees past X’ walls. She sees what is deep within him because those demons live inside her as well. Their relationship is different. Neither knows if they are capable of love but they do know they can’t be without each other. What will happen to X and Mercy when the truth is revealed? Will X and Mercy still fight the demons together or will this end their complex relationship for good? Will X finally be free of the Royal Bloods or will he forever be tied to the MC? Although this is MC book the MC life is not present in this story. It is more of a back story. I was happy to find out that Mercy and X will get a 2nd book which I can’t wait to read.
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798 reviews
December 2, 2014

After reading Amity Cross previous book, Beat and loving her writing style and the book, I was looking forward to see what the authors next book was going to be and if it lived up to the first book I read by the Author. I have to say that Amity Cross has smashed it. Royal Blood was amazing. It was gritty, dark, sexy and completly different to any biker book I have ever read before.
Mercy is a hard feisty beautiful women. She is looking to get lost after failing to get revenge for something that happened in her family. She is now in danger, so she has ran, changed her image and is hiding by working in a biker bar. Nobody knows that Mercy is on the run and is hiding, to the people around her, she is just a hard women to crack who won't take any rubbish from the people at the bar. Mercys whole character is a mystery at the start. I liked knowing that there was a mystery about her and that she wasn't who we thought she was. I found her intriguing. I wanted to know the story of why she was running? What her personality was like before she ran? Was she always this hard and feisty? Or was whatever happened changed her? I loved the mystery of her character and because it wanted answers it kept me gripped to the book.
Then there is "X" he walks in to the bar Mercy is now working at. X however isn't a normal guy, he is a hit man. His identity is a secret but he wants out of the Royal Blood and to get away from the people who made him a cold hearted killer all those years ago. He walks in to the bar Mercys working at to get his last assignment that will hopefully free him from this life.
X is beyond georgeous, but he us also very dangerous and dark. He also has secrets just like Mercy.
X wants Mercy though from the minute he sees her and he is prepared to do anything to get her. I loved watching them both try to fight the attraction between each other as they both have to many secrets and lies to start anything with each other. However there is only so much fighting the attraction between each other they can do before they end up giving in.
I loved the pull they had to each other even though they both know how complicated things could become as they both have a lot of secrets.
There was a lot of ups and downs and so much complication between them both throughout the story. X is a killer, and has been most of his life, that's not something you forget easily when your attracted to someone. I loved that Mercy saw past that though and tried to see to good in X and also to get him to see that he had good in him too. She tried so hard to get X to see that he was made this way by the Royal Bloods, it's not who he is, so he can change and she will help him.
Their romance isn't what you would call normal but it works for them under the circumstances they are in. Once the secrets and mysteries start to come to light what will happen though?
I loved this story. It was a very different spin on a MC book, which I found really refreshing. The story was gritty and full of mystery and suspense throughout. I did however guess quite early on what was going to happen. That was the only let down for me throughout the whole book. I loved all the obstacles the couple faced and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.
The author again has wrote another amazing book and is fast becoming one of my davourite authors. Amity Cross really knows how to tell a story, draw you in, create great characters and a amazing story.
This is a must read, even if your not keen on MC books give this book a read as its not a typical MC story at all and I can garentee you won't be disappointed......esp when you get to dream about the dirty, dangerous, delicious X.
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961 reviews256 followers
December 3, 2014
Um wow. I've recently gotten on this revenge / mafia kick, so when my best book buddy brought Royal Blood to my attention, I saw it had the revenge part as well as bikers! So of course I was all over it like white on rice. It helped that the blurb sounded freaking awesome too! ;) So I went into this one basically blind having only read the blurb, which I almost never do. There's a reason for this. I will try to curtail any spoilers, but there is one that I simply can't not tell my fellow readers right off the bat. There is a cliffhanger in this book. I abhor cliffhangers. They are the Antichrist I tell you! Hence my need to never go in blind as I've been burned before.

The book as a whole, without the cliffhanger, would be a solid 4 stars for me. It was intriguing, action packed, there were twists and turns and it had a unique story line. Oh, and lots of really hot sex! I enjoyed almost everything about it! The writing was good, the characters were well developed. There wasn't a point where I lost interest. Things were going fairly well, if I do say so. Until I got to the end. The cliff forced me to drop a half star. It would have been a whole star had the book itself (and it must be said, the last line was KICK ASS!) wasn't so damn good! Honestly, had I known prior to starting that there was a cliffhanger, I would have declined to review this until after book 2 was out. Alas, I didn't have that information in the beginning. Hopefully the author won't make us wait too long and even more hopefully, the next book won't have a cliffhanger too!!! (hint hint, please don't let book 2 have a cliff!!!)

First up is Mercy Reid. She's got a dark and gruesome past. She's hiding from something / someone and she has a secret agenda. Revenge. Dig it!

Next up is Xavier Blood, known as X. He's a hit man for the Royal Blood MC. DIG IT! ;) He has an even more dark and mysterious past. So mysterious, even he doesn't remember what it is! Poor guy was treated to some serious shit times to force that knowledge out of his head.

X gets a new contract. Someone tried to kill the president of a rival MC and they decide to stall the war with the Royal's in order to utilize the talents of X to find, then dispatch said wannabe killer. Here's where things get tricky. And here's where I pull a stunt like the author and leave this review on a cliffhanger! Mwahahahahaaaa!!!

Seriously, if I were to continue down this path I'd end up giving away all the goods. And for once in my reviewing life, I'm not gonna spoil it! :P (neener neener ha ha)

I liked this book a lot. The end pissed me off as ALL cliffhangers do, but the difference here is, this author left it with a KICK ASS line, and made me want to actually read the next one! That never happens, so props to Amity Cross for that smooth move! ;)

2,004 reviews24 followers
July 20, 2022
ANYONE know what's happened to Amity Cross? Has she stopped writing?

I can take sparkly unicorns and heart-type stories but, Royal Blood IS NOT that kinda story.

I love (and prefer) dark twisty anti-heroes, heart-stopping roller coasters, and adrenaline-packed stories so Royal Blood was my cuppa tea.

X (Xavier Blood) is an unapologetic alpha male. He talks dirty, acts dirty, and shows no mercy until he meets Mercy Reid. Xavier "X" Blood is the mysterious tough biker from Royal Blood MC who gets shit done. Cross the club and you get a visit from X.

Mercy Reid is a runner - she finds the perfect place to hide - until it wasn't perfect any longer.
When X and Mercy meet - the words dangerous, passionate and forbidden don't exist in their vocabulary. Running from one situation to another, she runs right into the clutches of a monster. After all, when you deal in death there is only one way things can end........ can't it?

straight onto book 2.
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February 27, 2015
I dont know what to say other than I really didnt like this book.
It felt like it was trying way to hard to be a tough talking story and just sounded like a bunch of cliches instead.
Early on, X mentions something about being the 'darkest of the dark' or something like that and it sounded so incredibly wanky. From then on I was put off his character, having labelled him a total tosser. I think his overly crass language was more for shock factor than anything and it was WAY overdone. A guy doesnt need to speak like that for us to determine that he's a tough guy. I'm no prude by any means but X was just vulgar. The bikers in Madeline Sheehan's books were crass but they sounded authentic at least. X was just a cookie cutter bad guy.
Mercy was the stereotypical tough talking bitch who didnt need anyone to look after her - or so she said. That was until she met X and then she was all over him and came off as needy and clingy. She made a comment to him after screwing him the night before for the first time that 'I should never have let you stick your finger in my arse.' Yes, people, she's clearly all class! I mean, who the frig would think that warrants a line in a novel?
Mercy's assumption that the sex would bring X 'back to life' and to her was ridiculous! Shag the hardened criminal a few times and he'll open up like a flower? He'll spoon you in bed? I mean, really?
As I write this my two stars is fast dwindling to one.
I have no care to know what happens in part two. My guess is a shitload of sex and the prolific use of 'of' instead of 'have' - editors really SHOULD HAVE paid more attention to this manuscript - and declarations of undying warm and fuzzy love.
No thanks.
1.5 stars

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August 12, 2017
This was an alright read. The premise of the story was interesting to me. I think that the execution of the plot was lacking. I thought the main characters were good. As the characters got to know each other and progress in their relationship, I felt that the book took a darker approach to the romance as there were some sex scenes that were dark and disturbing. I thought the book dragged at times. The ending was okay. I thought the book could have been way better. I will recommend this to fans of darker MC books. Overall, an okay read.
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November 25, 2014
That. Was. IN-FRAKKING-TENSE! It’s no secret that I covet every new book that Amity Cross writes, but Royal Blood has blown me the frak away. It is so dark and so sexy and wow.. SO dark!! I loved how as a reader we got front row seats to X’s inner turmoil – the battle he wages in his mind.

I also really enjoyed the fact that although X is a member of Royal Blood MC, this story doesn’t delve into ‘club ways’ like most MC books do. It was refreshing to have it focused on the characters situation & development without the club laws becoming an overbearing factor in their relationship.

This is definitely a dark read with a lot of personal demons faced by the lead characters, but it is absolutely a journey you want to take.

5 Royal Bloody Stars!

Cover Reveal, Excerpt & Giveaway: http://www.booknerdfangirl.com/cover-...
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November 21, 2014
X is someone who plays by his own rules not caring what anyone else thinks, "my c*** stirred in my jeans, pressing against the material uncomfortably. Sticking my hand down the front, I rearranged myself, not giving a s*** if she saw me." He's a very possessive man, "if they touch you again. If they even look at you..." he hesitated, his eyes flashing with something... "I will kill them. You hear me? I will kill them." He and Weiss have a strange relationship, "I've done s*** to her," I snapped. "I effed her over your desk, by the way. I came right there." I pointed to where his cigarettes were sitting in front of him." I enjoyed this book, every once in awhile I like to read books that aren't 'fluffy' (there's nothing wrong with 'fluffy books I sometimes just like a change,) as I call them and this one didn't disappoint.
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November 27, 2014
4½ Stars

Mercy is on the run and winds up securing work at the Gambler's Inn. The run down pub is frequented by Royal Blood MC members and it is here she meets Xavier 'X' Blood, the club's Hitman. 

X is incredibly hot, dark and dangerous and Mercy finds herself with a physical attraction to the mysterious guy who everyone appears to be afraid of. She is warned to stay away from him and the fact that she's already on the run, she knows that developing anything with X is pure suicide.

At first it isn't clear what she's running from, but quickly we learn the reason. As for X himself, he claims he is a monster. He doesn't have any emotion and the fact he can kill someone without sparing a thought, is testament to that. Mercy sees something different though and is determined to break through and find the man she knows he can be, but it turns out that that's going to be easier said than done as both X's and Mercys worlds collide in a huge way.

This isn't your usual MC book. For one, very few Royal Blood members are featured and although X wears the club's Cut, he wants to be free of the club and go it alone. 

I loved Mercy, she was so feisty, but at the same time she has an incredibly vulnerable side that made me warm to her. 

I was completely engrossed in this story from beginning to end, but it is clear that it is set up for far bigger things to come and I for one can't wait to find out what happens, especially what happened to X to turn him into the self proclaimed monster he believes he is. 

Overall it is a brilliant start to a series that has the potential to be truly amazing.
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August 11, 2015
This was a really fantastic read. I started this one evening and stayed up until Id finished it as its unputdownable.

I love a good biker story. I also love dark reads so I was super excited to read this.
Mercy and X are the main characters. The attraction between them is instant. Mercy is a feisty character. She's got secrets and is on the run. X is dark and twisted.

Be warned this is a dark read. If you like raw dark stories then this could be the book for you. This is the beginning of what looks like a very promising series. I'm so looking forward to reading more from this author about these characters.
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July 17, 2015
X marks the spot...
It was the mention of Royal Blood MC that convinced me to give this series a try. I'm a self-proclaimed badass biker addict and I can't get enough MC Romance. While I really enjoyed Royal Blood it wasn't what I expected. I did not take a trip to the clubhouse, attend church, or hang out with any old ladies or brothers of the club. Nope, while Xavier is a patched in member he apparently does all his 'club business' away from the club, at least in this installment. He had most of his 'business meetings' in the office of a bar that was run by his best friend, also a member. That's where he met Mercy who was the new bartender. Not only was she beautiful, she was badass with a major attitude. This was the first job where her tendency to tell off the customers was appreciated rather than grounds for termination. It was the perfect place for her to hide since most of the customers were bikers or drunks and it wasn't in the best part of town. The first time X & Mercy saw each other there was instant attraction. But of course they didn't do anything but imagine what they wanted to do to each other at first. They both had attitude and neither wants to give up control to the other. I enjoyed the sexual tension as I waited for the fireworks. X is well known and when he enters a room, most everyone tends to clear out. Even he describes himself as "black or blacker" and admitted that he was dark and "there was no gray in his world." But for some unknown reason, while others avoided looking at him, she wasn't afraid to make eye contact. She found him to be extremely attractive and with no knowledge of his reputation she only judged him based on his assholish behavior. X was not a big conversationalist, being used to having his short abrupt demands obeyed immediately. Well, he soon discovered that Mercy had no problem setting him straight. He found that to be very hot and therefore her efforts did nothing but make her that much more intriguing to him. Okay, I've set it up for you now. Sexy badass biker with attitude + sexy badass bartender with attitude = the detonation of a very explosive chemistry...BOOM! It's too bad that she's a 'runner' and he doesn't do relationships, he just fu@ks. They are both hiding too many secrets to risk intimacy. They are both broken, damaged beyond what either considers to be fixable. But they are drawn to each other, maybe because of their darkness rather than in spite of it. Now that shit has hit the fan and secrets and identities have been compromised and especially since I'm diggin' X's filthy mouth, I'm ready for more Royal Blood.
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December 1, 2014
This book was so damn good. I don't even know if it's possible to write a review to even begin to do this book justice.

X is a hit man for the motorcycle club Royal Blood. Like the synopsis says if you come in contact with him, odds are you never going to be seen again. He's ruthless, and unfeeling. Nothing seems to faze him no matter what the circumstances. Until he meets Mercy Reid.

Mercy is running from something. She's started a new job in a biker club, and no one seems to pry too much as long as she does what she's told. She thinks she has hidden in the perfect place until X walks in the door.

Both X and Mercy try to fight their attraction, but once it becomes too much they give in thinking that one night will take the edge off. However, this is only the beginning of their time together. X is working on a hit. One that he is having to hunt down, so when his employer sees him sniffing around Mercy too much he decides to send a message. Leaving Mercy realizing she's walked out of a dangerous situation right into another one. And Mercy, is doing things to X, things he doesn't exactly understand, and he fights them as much as possible but in the end, Mercy may be the only one on his side after all.

I loved this freaking book. It wasn't overly long, so it was pretty easy to fit in between longer reads. But what really drags you in is the intensity of X. You almost want to hug him at certain times, but are actually too afraid to get that close, lol. He has sooo many struggles once he meets Mercy. He's sort of just lived his life doing what he knows and not letting anyone get close. But she seems to unlock him, and sends him spiraling. And Mercy, well she has her own set of problems. She's in hiding, she just didn't know that who she was hiding from was so close. And the danger she was running from was nothing compared to what she gets into.

The book was dark, and like I said really intense. At times you just want to hide under the covers. At every single turn it seems to only escalate and you can't seem to put it down because you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Both X and Mercy get POV, and I have to say I loved Mercy. She was sassy, and extremely brave, but I absolutely LOVED getting into X's head and actually seeing no matter how ruthless he acted in his head he actually had struggles and other feeling than he showed.

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December 6, 2014
I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.

HOLY SMOKING HOT, Really is this how it's gone end, O.M.G. I felt in love with this book, I did not wanted to finish reading this story, I want more I love the characters, love the action and the bad attitude, once I stared reading this book I couldn't put the book down, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.

The story begging with Mercy, after four years of being away at collage, she return home its being four years that she haven't seen her parents or her brother, into the night that she walk up the drive way and see that her parent house front door open, just to see something that she never though she would see, she wanted to see a world full of color, but what she got instead was a world of Red and Beautiful Corps of her family, now she had change her image and looking for a job, that's how she end up at the bar working as a bartender, on her second week working at the bar while serving one of the customer, the door slam open and the person that walks in had everyone looking in fear, that's when she saw him standing right in front of her.

It was the Sexy rough handsome man know as X, real name Xavier, his a hit man and dont remember nothing about his past, he was made into a killer with out a soul, when X saw her he ask who she was, and Mercy answer him with an attitude and that got X interested in her, after that night he kept going to the bar he couldn't get Mercy out of his head, but at the same time he was into hunting for his next kill, and he knew that Mercy was hiding something, what will he do when he find out the truth of who Mercy really is.

I love the way how Mercy and X are with each other, love the bad attitude that they have going on, love it how Mercy don't take shit from him, and the Sex Scene are HOTTTT.

I really love and enjoy reading this book, and cant wait to read what will happen next, Author Amity Cross THANK YOU for introducing me to this awesome characters and this amazing wonderful book love it.
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June 20, 2015
This is a dark and gritty story about light VS darkness. Real darkness.
The kind of dark that blackens a soul beyond repair. No gray and white. No color.
X is darkness. Alison’s light seeking darkness…..
Alison Crawford was a lot of things.
Alison Crawford was the image of perfection.
Alison Crawford was dead.
Everything’s changed.
After years away, Mercy returns home to a blood-stained slaughtered house.
Her whole family murdered.
Bam. Right between the eyes. Night after night, her nightmares only bring painful sorrow.
She wants revenge. Desperate, she takes matters into her own hands.
All Mercy wanted to do was get lost.
She ran from a blood bath, only to run in the direction of what would be her execution.
Xavier “X” Blood does what he wants when he wants and who he wants.
Runs hits for Royal BLOOD-MC, with a deadly-license to kill.
Lost his soul with his first target. He’s had many targets, whom feed the beast within.
X is hunting a new target, failed attempted assassination on a rival MC president.
This unknown target is closer than he realizes.
X gets off on Mercy’s smart mouth. There’s just something about her.
One night, one encounter of raunchy sex stirs never felt before feelings for X. He just needs to get Mercy out of his system. That one time turns into several down and dirty sexcapades.
X is on the prowl. He never fails. Especially when he prides on giving those results.
When Mercy’s secret past is exposed, X is stuck between his revolution of awakened feelings. , a brewing turf war, and serving Mercy’s head on a silver platter.
The clock is ticking. Tick-tock. Time for X to make a life changing decision.
An unknown future and a spiraling inevitable downfall
I was graciously gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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December 16, 2014
Book Review - Royal Blood by Amity Cross - **** did someone mention dark and twisted stars

I’ve read a few Amity Cross books before and I simply adored her last book Beat, so I was excited to get to this book.

The strong willed female full of bite and banter is ever present which I loved and we have a new anti hero.

X is a hitman, a cold and ruthless killer. Can someone who lives in darkness find a sliver of humanity within himself and open himself up to everything that goes with that?

Mercy is determined to find out. She looks into him and sees something to believe in. She looks and finds something beyond their sexual chemistry (which they have in droves.)

This book comes with a warning that it isn’t for the weak hearted and here is where perception comes in, because a reviewer friend of mine was uncomfortable with how dark it was. For me, it didn’t go dark enough. I wanted to follow him on some hits, see some of the dark and torturous stuff he did with his kit. I wanted him to make certain people pay in inventive ways, and whilst there was a little bit of invention, I was bloodthirsty for something darker. My soul revels in it.

Amity writing style is strong and I was drawn to both main characters into the book, wanting to know more about them. For me, however, there weren’t enough ups and downs in the story, I expected a few twists and to be thrown along the way, but what I felt was we ended up with a book scene setting for the next, where all of the action is going to kick off.

So now i’m tapping my fingers, waiting for the next instalment, when I hope to see the dark depths of our killer and finally get to see who he was before he became X. And to see Mercy step up and become his equal.

Bring it on.
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November 24, 2014
I just finished Royal Blood and I just loved it. This was a dark, and gritty biker book that had me from the get go. This story is about Mercy and X. Mercy is hiding something, no one knows what it is but by just looking at her you can tell. She is working at this dirty gritty bar when X walks in. He is dangerous, dark and she cannot help but want him. He wants her, and will do anything to get her. They both have dark, dangerous secrets and being together will ultimately cause issues. You know this. They know it. That doesn't stop them. What happens when those secrets come to light? Will they be able to overcome them? You will have to read and see.

I really enjoyed this story. Like I said above, it was dark and plus with it being associated with bikers....I was sooooo gonna read it! There is a lot of mystery to it and even though you kinda figure it out, it was still a shocker to see both X and Mercy find it out. The story line, the characters were on point. It flowed really well.

X is a what I call a double d. Dark and dirty! I wouldn't want anything less from him. He is a hitman so expect him to not care about anything or at least until Mercy shows. He was not expecting her...at all. She is feisty and beautiful, gives as good as she gets. Wouldn't want nothing less from her either. Their secrets intertwine and I couldn't help but root for the both of them. They have a lot of obstacles in their way but I am hooked and I cannot wait to see what happens!

Story 5
Sex 5
Overall 5

Reviewed by Beggin (Shay) from Mommys a Book Whore
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November 25, 2014
Let me start off by saying this book is different. It has lots of dark moments and it feels a little like a Bonnie and Clyde want a be. I enjoyed the book it kept me reading, and once I started, I did have a hard time putting it down. It was well written and the characters were extremely well developed, which made reading the book easy.

I loved the plot, a girl who wants revenge on something that had happened to her family, when she tries to follow through on it she fails and has to run. Mercy runs right into a biker bar and becomes a new person with a hard edge. When the door flies open one night she finds hope in the big tall biker guy named X. But it's not your normal romance by any means of the word!

X is a hitman, that's what the Royal Blood made him to be, a cold stone killer. X knows nothing else, but how to find you, and kill you. When he was given, what he hoped to be his last job, turned his world and what he knew upside down and right side in. Don't get me wrong, he is still a killer and can snap in a heartbeat, but Mercy helped him see a part of his soul, and hopes that with more of their connection she can help him find out who he is and what the Bloods took away. Then they can come back and clean house

4 out of 5 fangs

Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock
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February 11, 2017
לספר יש פוטנציאל גבוה אבל משהו התפספס בדרך לצערי.
השפה ממש שפת רחוב שפחות התחברתי.
הרגשתי לא בנוח בקטעים מסוימים,ניתן היה להעלות את הרמה של הכתיבה כי הרעיונות טובים.
הסקס (ויש הרבה ) אגרסיבי ואפל.
מרסי מתוארת כבחורה הורסת מבחינה חיצונית, אסרטיבית עם פה נוראי-שלי אישית זה הפריע וגרם לי לא לאהוב אותה .
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