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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the fifth book in the hilarious Miss Fortune series.

Things are starting to look up for Fortune Redding. Even though her life was at stake, the CIA assassin had balked at taking on a new identity in Sinful, Louisiana. But instead of hating it like she’d thought she would, Fortune now has friends she cares about and just finished up an incredible first date with the sexiest deputy in the state. Sure, there’s been a murder or two that she’s gotten mixed up in since she arrived in town, but she’s hoping all of that is behind her.

But when someone almost kills Deputy Carter LeBlanc, Fortune tosses her dreams of peace and quiet into the muddy bayou and shifts back into being the deadly trained professional that she is. With the help of Ida Belle and Gertie, Fortune launches a manhunt, intending to find a killer before he tries again.

249 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 23, 2014

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About the author

Jana Deleon

93 books3,341 followers
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon was raised in southwest Louisiana among the bayous and gators. Her hometown is Carlyss, but you probably won't find it on a map. Her family owned a camp located on a bayou just off the Gulf of Mexico that you could only get there by boat. The most important feature was the rope hammock hanging in the shade on a huge deck that stretched out over the water where Jana spent many hours reading books.

Jana and her brother spent thousands of hours combing the bayous in a flat-bottom aluminum boat, studying the natural habitat of many birds, nutria and alligators. She would like you to know that no animals were injured during these "studies," but they kept makers of peroxide in business.

Jana has never stumbled across a mystery or a ghost like her heroines, but she's still hopeful.

She now resides in Dallas, Texas, with the most spoiled Sheltie in the world.

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1,337 reviews64 followers
March 12, 2019
Gator Bait by Jana DeLeon is the 5th book in the Miss fortune Mystery series. When Deputy sheriff Carter LeBlanc is shot and left to drown in the swamp, CIA assassin Fortune Redding and her friends Ida Belle and Gertie find themselves caught up tracking an arms smuggling ring. This series is always fun to read and so entertaining. Despite their skills and abilities, the trio seem to find themselves in quite a few odd and funny situations. A fast paced, delightful and enjoyable adventure. I listened to the book on Audible and the narrator especially did a wonderful job and added to the experience.
Profile Image for Anita.
2,059 reviews140 followers
November 15, 2017
I love a series where I can depend on being entertained, has a mystery to solve and has a touch of romance. This series delivers on all of the above and does it with wit and humor and respect for all us old farts too. All the action in these books takes place in a short period of time and reading in order is highly recommended.

Swamp Team 3 (Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie) are back in action after Carter calls a mayday in and the Team finds him and saves him. Who would be stupid enough to fire on the deputy while he's in the well marked police boat? When Carter wakes up with amnesia and can't even remember, the Team decides that they need to investigate since Carter's life could still be in danger. When the ATF takes over the case and another attempt is make on Carter, the Team knows that something big is going on and they step up their game with some really hilarious results. Fortune is not about to let anything happen to Carter when she is just now realizing that she has real feelings for him.
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744 reviews178 followers
March 5, 2018
3.75 stars

The fifth book in the series means that Fortune is somewhere in week four or five of her summer long hide out stay in Sinful, Louisiana. This one picks up the day after the last one ended. Fortune and Deputy Carter LeBlanc have had their first date and Fortune is hoping to ride out the rest of the summer in peace and quiet. When Carter's trip into the bayou to check on something ends with shots fired and him calling in a mayday to the sheriff's office, Fortune has to face that her feelings for him are getting more complicated. And when his medical condition sidelines him for the immediate future, it's up to Swamp Team 3 to find out who was brazen enough to try to kill a law enforcement officer...and why. The fact that the ATF gets involved means that the stakes are even higher.

As usual, this entry into the series is a lot of fun though absolutely not to be taken seriously. It was nice to see everyone's concern for Carter but I'm more and more bothered by Fortune's continued dishonesty with him. Maintaining the lie of her true identity before they really knew each other was one thing, but doing it after they've become friends and especially now that romantic interest has been expressed and reciprocated it seems wrong. I think it's past time for Fortune to come clean. Hopefully this happens soon.

I was a little disappointed at the backtracking done with regards to Celia Arceneaux but I'm still looing forward to more Swamp Team 3 misadventures.
Profile Image for Pam.
280 reviews12 followers
February 11, 2022
Fortune does it again with her octogenarian sidekicks. Fortunae is a CIA undercover assassin. This time it is for her protection in a small Louisiana town. Somehow she always finds a murder or situation that threatens her undercover gig. This series is entertaining in the way of Janet Evanovich. Try it, and you may like it!
Profile Image for Pamela(AllHoney).
2,631 reviews355 followers
February 28, 2017
The fifth installment in the Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana Deleon. At the end of the previous book Fortune and Deputy Carter LeBlanc go on their first date. When Fortune and the old ladies learn that Carter went to check something out where they had their date and his last radio transmission indicated shots were fired they rush to the scene and are barely in time to save his life. Now the Swamp Team 3 activate their investigation skills to track down the person responsible.

Another fun addition to the series. I finally felt there was a tad bit of romance but still not enough to call this a romance. Still I have hope that Fortune and Carter will have their HEA (Happily Ever After). Lots of laughs and lots of goofiness and lots of hilarious chases. Don't expect any seriousness in this series.
Profile Image for Kay Van Slyke.
292 reviews4 followers
November 16, 2014
This has got to be one of my favorite series. I just love the characters and can't wait to see what happens with Celia as mayor of Sinful!! Wow, I sure hope that doesn't last long!!! And, I'd actually give this a 4.5 if I could.
Profile Image for Tracy.
538 reviews44 followers
February 15, 2022
This is book 5 in the series and it's fantastic. Lots of ridiculous incidents and antics with Gertie and Ida Belle and gang. Love these books. They always make me laugh!
Profile Image for FangirlNation.
684 reviews133 followers
March 1, 2017
The morning after her date with Deputy Carter that concluded Swamp Team 3, Fortune is called upon to save Carter's life when the junior deputy runs to find her upon receiving an S.O.S. call from Carter with gunshots in the background in Gator Bait, the 5th book in Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune series. Stealing a boat, Ida Belle and Gertie go with Fortune to the island where he took her for their date, only to see the sheriff's boat sinking and no sight of Carter. In no time, Fortune has dived into the lake, locating the unconscious Carter (with her heart, according to Gertie) in the dark, murky waters and brought him back to the surface, miraculously saving his life to the astonishment of all.

Read the rest of this review, more reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation
Profile Image for Sarah.
39 reviews
November 4, 2014
This definitely isn't the best book in the series. I read this book and swamp team 3 back to back which was not a good idea. I loved swamp team 3 but was bored with this one. I keep waiting for something to happen between Carter and Fortune but it never does. I want them to get together already. There isn't much interaction between them in this book and that is what I keep reading this series for.
36 reviews2 followers
October 27, 2014
I loved this book, love Gertie, love Ida Bell and add in a hiding assassin, a hunk of a deputy sheriff, some arms dealers and let the fun begin. where but the south, can you break into buildings, have a drink with a Mafia Don and have the sheriff come to the rescue ridding a donkey. When Jana writes a store you are guaranteed of fun, laughter and events that will just tickle you. Love this series!
Profile Image for JoAn.
2,060 reviews1 follower
April 3, 2018
Gator Bait by Jana Deleon was another hit with me. I laughed till I cried at some of the scenes with Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie. The really great thing is that the plot is just twisted enough that I never guess who the culprit is or the why behind the murders/attempted murders until the reveal. I've got this entire series on my "hold" list at my local library so I can just keep reading.
Profile Image for Nancy Wilson.
630 reviews3 followers
February 15, 2019
Often you will read a review that says "funnier than Evanovich" and it isn't even close! This may not be funnier than the early Stephanie Plum but it beats all to heck most of the later books. There were several instances were I was laughing so hard I was coughing and in tears. Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie sneak and connive to keep the little town of Sinful, LA safe.
Profile Image for Lucinda Race.
Author 43 books516 followers
January 12, 2021
I am enjoying each book in the Miss Fortune Mystery series that I am making myself savor each action packed page. I usually binge read a series but for this one I want to lay back and read. I do wish like Fortune I was hanging out in a hammock with a warm salty breeze coming off the bayou but I can escape there anytime I start a new book. Well done and I'll begin reading book 6 soon.
Profile Image for Karina Fabian.
Author 83 books99 followers
March 1, 2020
Popcorn reading

These books are just fun light reading, " popcorn reading." I'm impressed with the author's imagination and ability to follow the same format while creating new hijinks each time. Getting the next one now.
Profile Image for Janet Epperson.
323 reviews
March 14, 2023
Love love love this series. Keeps me laughing and love the mystery they all solve together. Characters in these books are great.
2,320 reviews30 followers
October 27, 2014
Gator Bate by Jana DeLeon (Miss Fortune #5)


I should rate it 5 Depends. I laughed so hard reading this story many times. Just on the silly, trouble that Gertie gets into makes this book. The book is full of laughter, action, and drama.
One of the scenes I laughed the hardest was when Fortune is breaking into the deputy's house with his pit bull in the backyard named Tiny. Feds were in a car waiting for Sheriff with warrant. When Fortune is trying to sneak out. Tiny gets loose and chases her than chases Gertie, Sheriff, mule collides. Mule with Sheriff ends up on top of Feds. car and Tiny trapping them all. Gertie lost part of homecoming dress from decades ago and she is showing her camo underwear. Just picturing scene makes me laugh again.

Fortune is a CIA Assassin hiding out in small town of Sinful, Louisiana. She is pretending to be a beauty queen librarian. Which is her opposite. I really like Fortune

There are a lot of characters in this book that you don't expect to run into. Like Gertie and Ida Two seniors who have mad skills they hide. Fortune is making friends and enemies in this town.

I really want to read more Miss Fortune stories. I also want to see her tell Deputy Carter the truth about her.

I will read more from Jana Deleon in the future. I hope she writes faster. I don't want to wait till next spring for next adventure.
Profile Image for Katie Edmonds.
Author 3 books3 followers
October 27, 2014
I don't recall quite as many laugh out loud moments in this one as in the earlier ones but that was probably because Carter wasn't busting her at every turn. I don't like books where "normal" people do stupid and dangerous things in the name of solving a mystery. Fortunately, Fortune and her sidekicks are far from normal. In addition, while their actions are always risky, they aren't stupid or without thought. Their plans just don't ever come to fruition without a few kinks. I like it when Fortune shows her badassery and especially so when she actually gets to take credit for it. There is a little of that in this book but not much. The part that I am growing weary of is her coming off as a spastic follower to Carter. Let him in on her secret already! Great series though!
Profile Image for Sonia Cristina.
1,813 reviews50 followers
June 26, 2016
Que hei de dizer? O mesmo que disse sobre os volumes anteriores: fartei-me de rir! Adoro Fortune, Ida Belle, Gertie e Carter e as aventuras delas as 3 deixam-me sempre bem disposta. Derreto-me com cada pequeno momento que Carter e Fortune estão juntos, momentos estes raros e, por isso, preciosos.

Fico admirada com a forma como a autora consegue escrever pequenas histórias cheia de humor mas ao mesmo tempo com mistérios bem desenvolvidos e complexos. Tudo em poucas páginas.
Profile Image for Linda Quick.
1,204 reviews18 followers
October 26, 2014
This is another winner in the Miss Fortune series. I just love how this motley group of women, with an unusual skill set, manage to get into mischief as they attempt to save the day.
Profile Image for Eden.
1,720 reviews
March 17, 2020
2020 bk 93: The fun continues in this book. Jana DeLeon writes some of her funniest scenes in the hospital where Deputy Carter is recovering from an attempt to kill him. Unfortunately he cannot remember the immediate moments around the attempt. To tell the truth, Fortune is not at the top of her game either as she stayed a tad bit too long under water in rescuing him. The fun of this book is meeting Carter's mother and in seeing the trio trying to keep the truth behind their activities from Emmeline, and Carter, and Walter. You get the picture. Another fun read and one that kept me up about 4 hours past my normal bedtime.
Profile Image for Connie.
1,061 reviews5 followers
March 16, 2019
This series goes for several more volumes, but here is where I leave it. While the first couple of books were fun and the dialogue was great, they have quickly devolved into a one-note series with someone new getting bumped off each volume and the Heroine worried that her cover as an assassin with the CIA will be blown. They are short books and can be read in an afternoon at the beach, though, so there is that.
Profile Image for Karen.
218 reviews3 followers
October 21, 2019
This series is so hilarious. There's a lot of crime in the small town of Sinful ever since CIA assassin Fortune moved there to hide from someone who's trying to kill her. But unlike other mystery series that ignore the sudden uptick in crime, everyone's talking about how Sinful has changed for the worse since Fortune came to town. I could be having the worst day and all I have to do is read another Miss Fortune book and my day instantly improves.
Profile Image for Shelley.
375 reviews102 followers
January 19, 2022
There's a scene at the beginning that involves a pair of Bumpus hounds and hot dogs and as an owner of a Bumpus hound I enjoy reading about their madcap misadventures. Yes, I'm fully aware that Bumpus hounds aren't a breed but if you've seen A Christmas Story then you know what I'm talking about, large, unruly hounds, and if you've never owned one I can assure you that the stories of their wakes of chaos are all too real. I needed something light and funny and Gator Bait hit the spot and is my favorite so far in the series.
Profile Image for Deborah Schultz.
339 reviews
November 21, 2018
This book is just as good as the others. The characters still make me laugh, especially Gertie. I want to eat Francine's cooking and Allie's baking. I am annoyed along with the main characters by the FBI and by Cecilia. I can picture a nap in the hammock in Fortune's back yard. And I can't wait until the next one.
Profile Image for Belinda.
122 reviews3 followers
February 21, 2017
This was not as entertaining as the others. However it was still fun and sparked of that humor only those characters could make work.
1,368 reviews2 followers
February 23, 2018
Another great, funny one! Fortune, Ida Bell and Gertie are the best! Going to need some of those receipes, though! Keep getting hungry in the middle of the book!
Profile Image for Tracy Smyth.
1,401 reviews2 followers
October 13, 2022
I’m really enjoying this series. They are a fun light read with a bit of murder thrown in
Profile Image for Jennifer Martin.
28 reviews
January 26, 2022
These books aren't great literature, but they are a guilty pleasure for Audible when I want to listen to something easy and fun.
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