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Hell's Belle #2

Tainted Blood

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After surviving a vampire assassin (not to mention an awkward affair with a hot FBI agent that ended worse than she could have imagined), witch/vampire hybrid Nina Martinez is reunited with the full Blood Ops team in Providence, Rhode Island. Her Aunt Babe is tutoring her in all things witchcraft, and her vampire partner Frankie is enjoying the benefits of daywalking, courtesy of a demon spell.

When a segment of the Rhode Island vampire population is marked for death by a tainted blood supply, Nina and her team race to find Patient Zero before the local vampire population is wiped out. But when a demon infestation threatens to take control of the city, Nina must join forces with newly elected mayor—and closet demon— Ami Bertrand before the city falls into ruin.

Filled with fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action, Nina and her group of supernatural misfits battle a surprising new enemy that threatens their very existence.

No wonder she still can’t get a date.

292 pages, Paperback

First published October 19, 2014

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About the author

Karen Greco

7 books118 followers
I've spent close to twenty years in the New York City area, working in publicity and marketing for the entertainment industry. A life-long obsession with exorcists and Dracula drew me to urban fantasy, where I can decapitate characters with impunity. After writing plays for a long time, then leaving that behind, I decided to try to write a novel. HELL'S BELLE is my debut.

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263 reviews18 followers
February 1, 2015
I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Tainted Blood is one high adrenaline, heart-pumping, non-stop action read that will have you asking for more. After reading Hell's Belle, I was looking forward to this book. It did not disappoint!

Nina Martinez, a witch/vampire hybrid, is trying to balance both sides of her nature. It is a little difficult since vampires and witches don't play well together. Her Aunt Babe with the help of Nina's ever present ghost, Casper, are trying to improve Nina's witch skills. You never know when those will be needed or in Nina's case how often. Frankie, Nina's Blood Ops vampire partner, is still enjoying his day walking abilities. Tainted blood is decimating the vampire population, and a horde of demons are threatening to destroy the city. Nina, Frankie and the whole Blood Ops team will have their hands full trying to deal with the chaos that has hit Providence.

Nina is struggling with her own issues, but is always there for her friends. Her tenacity along with her willingness to help others is what makes her a good agent. Nina's family puts the "D" in dysfunctional, but they are a lively bunch. I love the inter-play between Nina and Casper. Definitely put a smile on my face! I will have to say that I stared at the last page awhile saying,"No that can't be the end!" Can't wait for the next book!
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1,875 reviews144 followers
September 3, 2015
2 stars
FYI:Cliffhanger ending.
Not going to read book 3.
I think my major problem with this series is I really could not care less what happens to the world, the berserker, the vamps, the ghost, the druids, or anyone at all including the protagonist &/or her love interest whom ever that may be. So in 1 word uninterstrested.
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5,159 reviews458 followers
October 23, 2014
**I received this book for free from Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.**

*Genre* Urban Fantasy
*Rating* 3.0

*Full Review Posting @ Gizmos Review 10/23/2014* Blog Tour Stop for Tainted Blood.


**Giveaway and Excerpt for Blog Tour found here:


*Recvd via Bewitching Book Tours* Top Stop 10/23/2014 *Published October 16th 2014 by CreateSpace
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1,346 reviews62 followers
December 2, 2014
I am not one of those people that can remember details from books I have read, unless I am reading a series back to back. So I may remember wanting to read the next in a series, but I don't necessarily remember why. I knew I loved Hell's Belle, the previous book in this series, and had been keeping half an eye out for the next one to come out, so I was really pleased when I saw it was now published. It didn't take me long to realize why I wanted to read it. The main reason being, how fun the whole read was. Laugh out loud moments, and snark can be fun in urban fantasy for sure.

Nina is a half vampire, half witch, who is working for a secret government agency that is tasked with cleaning up the messes that supernatural creatures cause. Her partner is Frankie, an old but still young and handsome looking, vampire. He cares about Nina a lot, more then Nina is comfortable with at times. Max is a recent recruit to the agency. He's still FBI, but since being turned by a demon in the last book, to berserker, he now works for both agencies. Nina and Max had a short lived thing in the last book, but that's all over with now. Or maybe not? This time around, Nina, Max and Frankie are forced by a demon, into being a protective detail for a rock star that's coming to town. Whenever the band plays, deaths and destruction follow. The rocker also happens to be Nina's cousin, one that she has never met. To make matters worse, someone is supplying beta vampires with tainted blood, and they are dropping like flies.

"Men. They wont ask for directions, but they'll ask a demon for a favor" is just one of the many snarky thoughts in Nina's head. I loved her sarcastic mouth, and thoughts so much, because they provide so many laugh out loud moments in this book. There are many of these moments, but the book is also very serious at times. People die, demons possess, and beta vampires literally explode. Mayhem literally reigns in the city at times. Through it all, Nina is a kick ass main character that thinks everything has to be done by her or it wont get done. I love Frankie's character as well. He was my favorite from the last book, and he still is. He has recently been given the ability to daywalk by a demon, and discovered the mall and shopping. That made for some of the lighter moments as well. Max is a total alpha male, and still getting used to his berserker side. There are lots of other good characters, Darcy, Nina's best friend, and a banshee, Casper(nickname), an eighteen year old ghost witch, that jumps in and out of Nina's body, and Bertrand, the demon mayor, are just a few more of the characters that round out this book.

As you can probably tell, the world building is extensive, and very thought out by the author. Most of it is doled out in little snippets, but at times we do get longer explanations as needed. I found this to be a well written, and interestingly plotted book. The ending had me chomping at the bit to get the next one asap, but I guess I just will have to wait patiently. If you decide to read this, make sure you have time to read, because it really does draw you in really fast. Adult urban fantasy fans are probably the target audience, but I think people that just like a fun read, with lots of action might also enjoy.(RabidReads.com)
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524 reviews33 followers
June 28, 2017
This is by far one of the best books I have read so far this year. Why this only has 295 reviews is confusing as hell, because this series has turned into my top 7 favorite series ever written. I loved this one so much I read it in an afternoon. You have lots of action, some silliness, seriousness at many points that matter, lust, love, friendship, courage, doing the right thing, and so much more.
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1,069 reviews11 followers
January 24, 2015
Review posted here...
Tainted Blood was just as good as book one – Hell’s Belle – and had excellent progression in both story and characters.
I love this genre and am rarely disappointed but this definitely has all of the elements that I like in an urban fantasy. Nina, the main character is easy to understand and connect with and I like that she is very capable at what she does. She is still having problems connecting with her witch half even if her Aunt Babe is tutoring her, she knows enough to get by but I’m wondering if the witch half is being cancelled out by the vampire half or is there more for Nina to learn about herself?
The storyline this time sees someone tampering with the vampire blood supply sending normally submissive vampires into ferals, attacking people and gorging on blood then coming to a most gruesome end and with more and more being infected…. How long until all vampires are tainted? That isn’t Nina’s only mission though and she finds herself cowtowing to the Mayor as he holds Frankies’ daywalker status over her head.
I really enjoyed the direction the story went and I liked the way the vamps were put in danger. The whole vampire population is threatened by it and even Nina and Frankie are susceptible so there is a huge burden on their shoulders which turns into a race against time. There is also the job for the mayor that Nina is forced to do and introduces us to her cousin and a former fling , I liked this part of the story but didn’t really feel that it was going anywhere until right at the end because there are a lot of threads that blend together to bring this story to a climax and another shock is in store for Nina – which I loved! The romance was minimal again and the connection she had with Max has sort of waned off but we get the feeling that more than one person is interested in Nina and I’m routing for one a lot! Usually, I like a lot of romance and sexytime in my books but I found I didn’t mind so much that is was minimal because the story more than kept my attention. The book as always is filled with action, misdirection, plots, naughty supernaturals, strange behaviour and some more secrets to be discovered by Nina which is perfectly paced so there’s never a dull moment and I can’t wait for more!
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346 reviews24 followers
September 19, 2015
I only have a couple of things to say. Nina & Frankie FTW!! I'm SO glad he's showing Nina his feelings. I have no feelings for Max at all. He's hot, smart, etc. Frankie has depths I want to learn more about! I felt horrible when Babe died. The way she died was particularly horrid. I'm glad the Betas will be nesting on Nina's property, it makes sense. I want to know more about Bertrand but I believe I've said it before. Tavio is sweet, I hope Nina lets him in a little. He is her uncle & her family is dropping like flies in this book. On to book 3 whenever it's written. Happy reading!
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183 reviews48 followers
December 15, 2014
DNF @ 81% when I read between the lines and realized the author had the MC let a bunch of people die, who she could have saved with little inconvenience or risk to herself, for no other reason than to heighten the dramatic tension when she saved the few who survived. I wish I could call her tstl, but the way it was hidden in plain sight was to smart for that.
76 reviews1 follower
August 20, 2017
Hell's Fire

This story is so good it is scary,pun not intended. I cannot wait for the third installment!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In fact I really hope that there will be a fourth and maybe even a fifth???????????????
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22 reviews
April 2, 2019
Can’t figure it out

I don’t know where this story is going. I really want to like it but there are so many twists that I don’t know who are the good guys or which love interest I’m supposed to be rooting for. Very confusing.
8 reviews
June 27, 2017
Great 👍 story

The story keeps you on edge of you seat and hard to put down the character are also well done. Can,t Waite to start the next book
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731 reviews5 followers
November 18, 2018
A definite improvement in the series. Characters are more fully developed and feel more real, story is good and feels very Providence/Crime Town in the execution. A good read.
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2,801 reviews50 followers
November 2, 2014
Tainted Blood, Book 2 in the Hell's Belle Series, Karen Greco
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy
It’s a year since I read book one so I reread it to refresh the story in my mind, before reading this ( a year and several hundred other books..). I loved that one.
So, book two: The story picks up more or less where the last one finished, with Nina still staying with her aunt, Babe, who is teaching her spell craft, aided by the teenage, witch ghost that can talk to Nina. Frankie is out enjoying the day walking benefit gained from Demon Bertrand. I have to say I found Frankie serial shopping to be just plain odd, he’s a several hundred years old vampire but with a shopping addiction that just didn’t fit the image of him I had in my head, and I really wasn’t keen on the “new” Frankie. Luckily once the action starts he’s back to the vampire and man I love! Max is still earning to cope with being a Berserker and live with all things supernatural, though he’s still got those pesky Human ideas such as calling in the police when dealing with the supernatural crimes. He just can’t see the harm that would result, and poor Nina is at times irritated by that – and I understand her, he’s risking all their lives.
I loved getting the main crew back, though Dr O and Babe take a back seat in this episode of the series. There were times that I found Nina’s anger hard to take, she’s very definitely shoot first, questions later at the best of times, and that seems to have got far worse....and with the problems they face although they need to act quickly, they need cool heads and plans. Her gung-ho approach risks a lot. There are reasons for her behaviour though fortunately, as I really didn’t like “this” Nina. Of course the triangle of Nina, Frankie and Max is still running through – its not a paranormal romance per se, but there is that thread of tension and jealousy. Max is a great guy, but for me the Nina/Frankie team is the winner...ultimately we’ll see I guess.
When they go to what should be a routine callout, and discover a problem with vampires that Frankie hasn’t seen for a very long time they need to track the source fast. The infection sends them mad, finally exploding them and the blood contact infects all vampires it touches. At the moment its just Betas infected, they don’t bite, and aren’t aggressive, but should a full vamp get it mayhem and mass killing would result. Throw in to that problem a mass demon infestation, and there’s action, mayhem and madness all round. What I love about series like this is the way what seem like totally unrelated incidents slowly join up and become part of the whole, while seeds for future plots are also sown. I like to look back and see if I guessed correctly – usually the answer is No, I’ll get better in time maybe...
This was another great read but...I did find it a very slow start, and was very irritated by Nina’s OTT anger and Frankie’s shopping addiction – they just didn’t seem to fit the images I had in my head, but of course that’s my problem, and everyone “sees” characters differently. Clearly Karen and I didn’t have the same ideas, but its her book so I’m the one out of step!
Stars: Four and a half, that slow start knocked it back from five for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
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1,302 reviews1 follower
November 8, 2014
Well holy moley!! Ummm, I just wanna say that your cliff hanger KILLED me, because now, I seriously am about to pee myself. I did not see that ending coming, and I'm freaking out. Like a lot. But ok, anyways, let me talk about how much I love this series. Because it's cool and different, and full of surprises. Nina is a half blood, but what she didn't know before book one started was she's half vampire, half witch and half human. Well that's too many halves but I'm not how to explain the percentage so just take my word for it :) Nina is part of the Blood Ops team, a secret government department that keeps the supernatural beings in check and out of the human eye. Her partner, Frankie, her department head, Dr. Lachlan O'Malley, her BFF Darcy, and now the FBI agent Max. They are all supernaturals on this team. And something is happening in their home town. Vampires are going on a rampage and then dying horribly. And other supernaturals are fololwing them there. The mayor, who's a demon, is also giving Nina hell. His right hand man, who is Nina's Uncle, has a son who is a rock star and their band is playing in their town. Mayor Bertrand makes Nina work as security to keep them safe. And on top of that, they have the dying vampires to deal with.

Nina is not your typical lady. She doesn't like feelings, she doesn't trust anyone. She has issues with intimacy. And she hates being told what to do. Plus, she's ok with her vampire side, but the witch side of her is causing troubles yet she needs that side now more than ever, so she needs her ghostly friend to help her learn quick, because Dr O and Her Aunt Babe are now missing.

I love all of the characters. Even the friends get some great spot light time and I love that. We learn about them almost as much as Nina, and they are surrounding her so I love that we get to know them more. My only bother is that Nina is gunna now have trouble picking. Max is in love with her, but so is Frankie. And after the incident of the first book, I thought she had more connection with Frankie, but dammit, I think maybe Max is still in the running, maybe leading. I am still not sure. I am not even sure who I chose. Well, that's a lie, but I'm holding on to that for now.

I am going to say that Hell's Belle was more action oriented, where as this one is more character driven with more mystery. There's multiple things going on that have to be resolved her. And there's a new bad guy, but we don't know anything about him or why he's causing this to happen. AND I didn't see that coming, who the bad guy is. And thank goodness there's another book because I am dying to know if that bad guy is gunna die horribly. AND I seriously wanna know what's up with Mayor Bertrand. I mean is he good or is he bad? And boy, way to make me cry. Because I am devastated with that ending. Seriously, why did that one have to die!!! Like seriously! But, with that said, I need more. GIMME GIMME!!! LOL 5 MAGNIFICENT PAWS!!!
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Author 19 books32 followers
November 12, 2014
Review Courtesy of April Hollingworth

This is the second book in the Hell’s Belle series and can be read as a standalone. It is funny and fast paced, filled with action and fantastic characters. I must admit I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who loves supernatural books with an odd sort team of fabulous misfits that you just can’t help but love.

Opening Scene:

“Jesus Christ, Frankie,” I muttered as the crowbar hit the worn marble floor with an earsplitting clatter.

The Review:

Witch/vampire hybrid Nina Martinez is reunited with the full Blood Ops team in Providence, Rhode Island. She’s also trying to learn witchcraft courtesy of her Aunt Babe and Casper the ghost. If that wasn’t keeping her busy enough, her vampire partner Frankie, is trying to drag her to the mall for clothes shopping now that he can daywalk courtesy of a demon spell. So life is interesting to say the least as she has no interest or skill in shopping and witchcraft.
Soon though vampires start dying from tainted blood that’s being supplied to them, and Nina and her special ops team are in a race against time to stop the virus and find patient zero before all the vampires are wiped out. And if that wasn’t bad enough a demon infestation is trying to take control of the city and Nina must join forces with the newly elected mayor, and closet demon, Ami Bertrand, before the city crumbles into ruin. Shame she can’t stand the demon

Notable Scene:

“Yes, I got it. Okay, we are on the top floor. Max is on his way to power up the building to get her out of here. Just get here fast.”
“I am on my way.”
The phone went dead. I hightailed it over to Frankie, who was staring helplessly at Kate.
“Frankie, we gotta get out of here.” I pulled gently on his arm.
“Please don’t leave me.” Kate’s voice was so weak, I could barely hear her whisper.
Frankie didn’t move. He just looked sadly at the sick Beta, his eyes filled with tears.
“Come on, Frankie.” I nudged him again. “We can’t be in here right now. Dr. O’s on his way.”
He hesitated. “We can’t leave her like this.”
“We aren’t going to do her any good if we get sick, too,” I reasoned.
He ignored me. I changed tactics.
“Stop being a stubborn ass,” I raised my voice. He still ignored me.
Kate moaned and fell into a fetal position. She began to convulse. Frankie made a move towards her, but I grabbed him. Standing in front of him, I took him by both shoulders and stared into his eyes.
“We need to get out of here before she barfs blood all over us. Don’t make me go witchy on you.”

FTC Advisory: Karen Greco through Net Galley provided me with a copy of Tainted Blood by Karen Greco. Published through Karen Greco. Kindle Edition. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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1,209 reviews16 followers
March 2, 2017
Uncaged Book Reviews:

This book never slowed down, and there are some good surprises along the way. There isn’t much in the line of romance in this series yet, a lot of hit and run, but there are possibilities looming. A fun and fast urban fantasy that’s a fun read.

4 1/2 Stars

Full review at UncagedBooks.com
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Author 43 books1,203 followers
December 12, 2014
After surviving a vampire assassin (not to mention an awkward affair with a hot FBI agent that ended worse than she could have imagined), witch/vampire hybrid Nina Martinez is reunited with the full Blood Ops team in Providence, Rhode Island. Her Aunt Babe is tutoring her in all things witchcraft, and her vampire partner Frankie is enjoying the benefits of daywalking, courtesy of a demon spell.

When a segment of the Rhode Island vampire population is marked for death by a tainted blood supply, Nina and her team race to find Patient Zero before the local vampire population is wiped out. But when a demon infestation threatens to take control of the city, Nina must join forces with newly elected mayor—and closet demon— Ami Bertrand before the city falls into ruin.

Filled with fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action, Nina and her group of supernatural misfits battle a surprising new enemy that threatens their very existence.

No wonder she still can’t get a date.

Nina was a part-time witch, part-time vampire, and full-time badass commissioned by the government to put down paranormal problems before they became public. When tainted blood killed some of the local vampires, she's put on the case. The investigation revealed it wasn't an accident. Someone was targeting them. With the dubious help of demons, witches, vampires and a berserker, she must find out who wanted them dead before her vampire partner suffered the same fate. But as she's dragged further into the case, buried secrets about her past threaten everyone she holds dear. With spells and potions and a faithful ghost to back her up, Nina must decide who's friend and who's foe before she becomes the one hunted.

I love the Urban Fantasy genre. While the unique world-building drew me to book one, Tainted Blood was a little watered down from its predecessor. There was a little too much downtime between action scenes for my taste. While I enjoyed Nina's humorous quirks, the splash of magic mixed with mystery, I wanted more intensity and action. Just when the story began to take off, I was rewarded with a cliff-hanger ending. *sigh*

Posted from my site: www.StaceyBrutger.com
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818 reviews4 followers
December 16, 2014
ARC provided by Random House Publishing through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Nina Martinez is unlike any other paranormal person out there. She is part human, part vampire and recently discovered that she was also part witch. Working for the Department of Defense, she is part of an elite team of individuals that are all supernatural and each have their own area of expertise. They work together to clean up the messes that other supernatural leave behind to help keep humans in the dark about their kind.

In book two, Nina and her team find themselves working with the newly elected mayor who just so happens to be a closet demon. They are to protect the lead singer of a rock band, who just so happens to be a cousin that Nina never knew she had. At each city that the band plays at there are all out riots after the band finishes their playlist and the mayor is worried about what could happen in his city as well as Matty, the lead singer who is a vampire himself. At the same time they are also working against time to try and save the local vampire community from tainted blood. Vampires are being poisoned at an alarming rate and when someone close to her becomes infected as well, it’s a race against time to not only put a stop to it but also to try and find a cure.

When I received the ARC for this book I decided to purchase the first book so that I could read it first. While I was happy that I did, it wasn’t really necessary because the author did a great job explain what had happened in the first book. All of the characters in book one were back but I was disappointed that we lose one of my favorites in this book. Another thing that I didn’t like was how Frankie was written in book 2. He’s a 500 year old bad ass vampire but he came off as being a pansy in this book and more worried about how his butt looks in his new jeans then he was about fighting crime. Other than that though this is a great series with a fast paste storyline that you will find hard to put down. I can’t wait to see what happens next but I’m really hoping that the author will once again make Frankie into a butt kicking vampire rather than shopping diva.
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585 reviews44 followers
November 18, 2014

I think it’s finally happened… I think I make have broken my book love barrier.. I never thought I would ever be able to love a book so much that I’d rate it above 5 stars. But, its happened… Tainted Blood has achieved what I thought would be the impossible…

This story literally left me speechless at the end of the book. I’m a chatty Cathy just ask my husband and I couldn’t even verbalize real words after reading the last page. Nina’s past really comes back to haunt her. Sure, she knows she’s half witch half vampire, but that’s not even close to being icing on the cake for her genetics. Her family is seriously messed up and damn I loved every freaking discovery. She gets probably what may be two momentous shocks in this book, a romantic one and a family one. I can’t giveaway those two secrets as that will spoil the book completely.

I will say this book is loaded with Frankie goodness. He continues to dominate my top vampire list with his funny antidotes and thoughts about modern life. If he ever called me to come to the mall to check out his ass in an expensive pair of jeans, I might break the land speed record getting there… just sayin’. But, this book isn’t just for shits and giggles with Frankie. He faces probably one of the biggest foes for vampire kind. Again, I cannot spoil the book for any new readers so I will have to leave my review at that.

Tainted Blood is filled with edge of your seat thrills and chills. You will be emotionally drained after you finish this book because Greco knows how to pull and push on your emotional heartstrings when it comes to Nina and Co. Now, I must get back to Facebook and good reads stalking Karen to find out when the next book in this series will magically appear!
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764 reviews9 followers
January 21, 2015
I loved this book, I liked the first book in the series but in my opinion this was so much better; this book had a lot more action, and thrilling moments. It was mysterious and full of adventure and it was also a great book for character development with the main character Nina showing lots of growth.

The main character is the same as in the first book, Nina; in this book she is battling with an illness that is affecting vampires. She is still battling with the spirit who inhabits her body; she faces a person from her past that puts her whole future in question. Nina’s aunt goes missing and with the growing troubles between the love interest in her life there seems to be not a lot she can do about her life as it is in this book. This book is a great lead up and now I can’t wait to read the third book in the series. Nina in this book is fantastically resilient and strong. Nina in my opinion is turning into a real leading lady in this book even without a guy in her life.

The secondary characters include Frankie, Max and Leila. Frankie is an important character in this book as they are a great friend to Nina; they also come to discover Frankie is suffering from the illness affecting other vampires, I’m still not sure if this character is female or male but that does not retract from the reading experience. Max is the fbi agent who was in the first book however in this book the relationship in this book seems slightly awkward. Leila is the bad guy who readers don’t find out about until the very last minute; for this reason I’m not going to talk about her other than as a bad guy I love her.

The pacing in this book is superb; it offers lots of tibits of action throughout the book and then giving us a huge climactic ending and a cliffhanger.

The storyline was great, I found it much more fun to read than the first book; the story included a lot more thrilling and fun moments that made it great to read.

I found this book hugely enjoyable. 4 stars
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79 reviews18 followers
November 10, 2014
I love a series where you have a kick ass heroine and hot men to back her up sorry it took a bit to leave the review on this one i went back and bought the first one in series but this can be a standalone book.Poor Nina -works for a private paranormal group for the government when i say private i mean private every-time she turns her head something else has gone wrong she has to try to fix .Nina is half owner of a bar with her aunt oh and i forgot to tell you she is half vamp and half witch which the two races cant stand each other. Now the male characters of the book well my favorite shall i say would have to be Max which is a Federal Agent(FBI) that a demon turns him into a Beserker to find out what that is your gonna have to buy the book to find out what that is.
Then you have Frankie which is Nina's best friend which happens to be one of the oldest vamps they are partners in the agency but could possible more .Both men are hot as Hades and both crush on Nina and along with dealing with that she had to deal with tainted blood that's out on the streets that kills vamps Nina has to find a cure Frankie has caught it .She also has a demon for a uncle oh ladies and gentle this is just the tip of the iceberg oh i could write a whole story on her aunt Babe is is just as kick as as Nina she is a with one of best out there i love her character and we have Al a witch that everyone thought was just a ole drunk.This book is so action packed from the beginning to the end its just WOW ! Its rare i say that about a book that's how bowled over i am by Karen Greco she is one amazing writer i cant wait till the next book comes out i would give this book 10 Stars if i could most diffidently a must by. .
4,591 reviews15 followers
January 14, 2015
**I received an ARC of this story for an honest review

This is the second story in the Hell's Belle series. There are also two novellas along with it. I haven't read any of the others so this is the first in this series for me. However, for some of the stuff that has happened to Nina, it would have been more helpful having read the other stories.

Nina is a half-witch, half-vampire being who had to be turned by Frankie, a full vampire, to save her life and binding her to him. Frankie has been charmed by a demon so he can walk in the sun. This allows Frankie and Nina to work as partners. They belong to an organization called Blood Op. The Blood Op deals with supernaturals and is lead by Dr. Lachean O'Malley. Max is the newest member and he is serving as a double-agent in the FBI. He's also a berserker. During an assignment, they break into a superman building and find three vampires.

Aunt Babe is helping Nina with her new-found witch abilities. Nina also has a ghost that possesses her to help her with spells and such. Nina's character is very brave and caring. She's definitely a bit hot-headed. During this book she is going through a confusing time as she adjusts to being a witch and is adjusting to her abilities. She loves her Aunt Babe very much. She cares about Max even though he's finding it hard to accept her supernatural side as well as his own. She also cares a lot about Frankie. Of course her being bound to him has some to do with it.

I loved this story up until the very end. However, I don't like cliff-hangers and the end just didn't work for me, especially with not knowing when the next book will be out to continue the story. If it had been a serial where a cliff-hanger is expected, maybe it would've worked better.
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November 6, 2014
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Nina and her crew are back in this installment and it is filled with love triangle drama, crazy vampire attacks, demons being really evil, and soap opera like surprises. If you enjoyed the first book (which you should definitely read before this one), you’ll love getting even more in this wild and crazy world.

In this book Nina is trying to reconcile her two lives: one as a developing witch and another as a vampire Blood Ops agent. Oh, and she’s walking on eggshells around her kind-of-ex-turned-Berserker. Nobody can fault her for feeling a little out of sorts. Add on the fact that she is now forever linked to her vampire partner Frankie, and it’s like a soap opera playing out before our eyes. Don’t get me wrong ��� Nina kicks some serious butt. Unfortunately, it appears she’s not the best at the interpersonal junk, and that’s what ultimately gets her in trouble (and out of trouble, sometimes). The characters are unique and cleverly written, keeping me guessing and hooked from start to finish.

This book had everything from rock star riots to sizzling sexy paranormal chemistry to witchy spell casting. It ranges from gritty urban fantasy to paranormal action read all mashed into one. As a paranormal romance junkie, I was happy that we get a little taste of that thrown into the mix, too.
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August 10, 2016
This book was quite good. Even though it wasn't the first book of the series, I had no problem understanding and following the storyline. I would have given this book a solid 4 stars but it kept repeating some of the same information as though the author forgot having mentioned it in a previous area, making it iritating to the reader. Also, there was some minor inconsistency with Nina (lead character) in regards to her vampire related strengths. Specifically, at times Nina was able to do some amazing physcial things yet in previous sections she was unable to do something of less physical prowess due to her "living vampire" state. Enough of the negatives which I might add were actually minor and few. Nina is a great character as well as her supporting cast. The book has a romance story embroiled with 2 larger stories but it only adds to the other stories so in other words, it actually has a plot which I find refreshing. Nina's duality of person is also refreshing; she is part vampire and part witch who is independent and with family issues. The book started strong, throwing the reader into an action scene, as well as ending strong with some major familiar revelations and "world-changing" happenings. Now I really want to get the first book to have more of Nina's family story as well as see a next book of the series.
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September 8, 2015
I received a copy of this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Vampires were getting sick, and it could actually kill them. While trying to figure out how the vampires were getting sick, Nina was forced to deal with another big supernatural issue. These problems were connected in ways that Nina couldn't imagine.

The writing had vastly improved from the last book. Everything flowed much better. Character development improved, but I still didn't connect with the characters. At least, the side characters were more integral to the story than in the first book. Not only that but they became more individualized.

The love triangle detracts more than it adds to the story. One of the suitors doesn't have the same appeal as the other. When Max and Nina are together, they don't have a relationship beyond work, so the attraction doesn't make much sense. It doesn't help that Max is about as interesting as a rock. Frankie was appealing. He and Nina made sense together, but it's hard to tell how things will turn out.

Many things were left open ended, so there was somewhat of a cliffhanger. None of the things left to be solved made me desperate to read the next book.

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November 10, 2014
I have to admit the first half of this book was a bit slow for me, it took a while for the story line to get going but once it did, wow! I had a few WTH moments with Frankies sudden obsession with shopping, which was way out of character and didn't add anything to the plot, I wondered why it was in there. Not sure if it was to show the change that was about to happen to him or if it was a whim on the part of the writer.

Once I hit the 50% mark things picked up fast and furious! I, along with many others, hated Kittie with a passion and wanted to smack Matto as well. I love how more developed Nina, Frankie, Max and even Al are in this story and would love to see Frankie and Nina hit it off. I was stunned towards the end of the book and didn't see what came down the pipeline at all! I won't' go into anything as it would give a lot away and don't want to ruin it for anyone but needless to say your jaw will drop at the end folks!

Hate the drop off the cliff ending and want more!

Book provided by author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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June 16, 2015
Trade/Urban Fantasy: I liked this book with its vampire politics and many story lines. It drew me in at the first chapter. This is book two of the series and I did not read book 1. However, the author does a great job summarizing to the reader who people are and why without bombarding the reader. (I have one series in particular that spent 14 pages regurgitating the past books. It wasn’t pretty and I stopped the series after book 3). I was not too crazy about the writing style. I like a lot of quick witty banter and there was too much narrative during conversations. I thought the book was interesting and I feel there are more double agents than what we were lead to believe.

Personally, I don’t feel the need to go to book one, but I would go to read book 3, BUT….I would only do it electronically or in mass market paperback. Why? The book is heavy; like heavier than some hardback books.

I won this book on GoodReads for an honest review.

Update: I found two free prequels on B&N and downloaded them to my Nook!
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November 26, 2014
This review was originally on Sara's Books and Things

This is book two of the Hell's Belle series. As I have a tendency to I dropped into the series in the second book... Oops? Anyway as someone who jumps into the middle of the series I can tell you that you'll be able to figure out what's going on pretty quickly. Personally I grew to care about Nina, Casper, and Frankie extremely quickly. Max well he's just not my type I guess.

To me Tainted Blood has it all; humor, fantasy, mystery and a little bit of romance. It's an extremely well written story, that makes you care about the characters and want to know what happens next in the series.

After a major cliffhanger of an ending I'm going to have to read the next book just so I can figure out what happens.

I recieved this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review.
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December 26, 2014
I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal).

Right before reading this book, I read book 1 in this series, Hell’s Belle. I was so excited to continue the story with this book and I was not disappointed. There were enough new characters in this book to keep me interested. Add in the drama with the existing characters and I couldn’t put this book down!

The writing in this book had my emotions all over the place. The one liners from all of the characters (but mostly Nina) had me literally laughing out loud, certain events made me feel the characters’ anger, and some simply had me near tears. To me, this is the mark of a good book!

If you happen to have read Hell’s Belle, I promise you won’t be disappointed with Tainted Blood. If you haven’t read either and enjoy fun paranormal books, I would highly recommend you pick these up!
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December 8, 2014
Nina is a half vampire half witch who works for a secret government agency. She is in charge of protecting the world against paranormals that break the law and wreak havoc on the world. She does this with the help of her partner, Frankie, an older vampire who just so happens to be quite attractive (with an unhealthy shopping addiction) and her ex, Max, a beserker who used to be a normal, everyday FBI worker. In this book, Nina is trying to figure out who is killing Beta vampires. Will she be able to stop the attacks in time to prevent the normal world from discovering all the creatures that go bump in the night?
This book had a lot of laugh out loud moments that I think a lot of people will enjoy.
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