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The past is Darker than they thought… 

Between helping her mother with the Darker Agency and laying the smack down on monster baddies, Jessie Darker puts the “normal” in paranormal. But lately, things have gotten a little crazy…even for a smart-assed half-demon teenage girl. 

For starters, Jessie’s been contracted into fifty-five years of annoying servitude. To a demon. Then there’s Lukas Scott, her sexy new boyfriend. Once the former incarnation of Wrath, he’s been going through some…uh, changes. Like residual anger. And trading chaste hangouts for lusty make-out sessions. 

But it’s when Lukas and Jessie accidentally release a Very Nasty Demon that things get really bad, setting into motion a chain of death and mayhem that threatens both Earth and the Shadow Realm. Jessie has exactly four days to fix it…before all of Hell breaks loose.

320 pages, ebook

Published November 11, 2014

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About the author

Jus Accardo

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JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook. Determined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. But at the last minute, she realized her true path lay with fiction, not food.

Jus is the bestselling author of the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing, as well as the Darker Agency series, and the New Adult series, The Eternal Balance. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald.

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662 reviews2,253 followers
March 12, 2015
I loved the first book in this series and was excited to get back into Jessie's world. Jessie works at a paranormal agency with her mom. They have a fun sort of Gilmore Girls partnership but with demons and mayhem. Jessie has been able to spend more time with her demon dad since he was freed. Except now Jessie is locked into a 55 year contract serving the demon, Valefar. She also has her new boyfriend that was trapped in a box with Wrath for over 100 years. Danger is never far from Jessie and she accidentally releases a new baddie demon that must be recaptured.

I just love every character and relationship dynamic in the book! Jessie and her mom are such a fun team. I usually get bored with parents in books but I do find Klaire to be a badass mom and I love the way they work together. I love Jessie's protective demon father, Damien. I even love how Lukas has become a part of their family. I am especially enjoying Valefar. He makes an interesting demon boss. Really wondering why he is so interested in Jessie and wanting her to serve him. Demons love being owed favors but I think there is more going on with Jessie and the Shadow Realm.

I love Lukas and the chemistry between him and Jessie. Some super sweet and hot makeout scenes. I love how he is always trying to protect her although Jessie really doesn't need any protection but I do think she needs a partner in crime. I love how her best friend Kendra has been stepping up with her witch skills and wants to be Jessie's witch partner too. I do wonder what Lukas is hiding. Jessie's dad is sort of helping Lukas learn the ways of the demon world and I think Damien and Lukas have some secrets and I wish more had been revealed! Now I have to wait for the next book!

"I hardly think your father's idea of guard duty entails the inappropriate placement of my hands and lips."

"That kiss in the park..."
"That was hardly just a kiss," he said gaze hungrily zeroing in on my lips. "It was me losing control."
"Yeah, but that's the kind of slip in control I could get behind."

"Protecting you isn't my job It's my life. You're not an assignment, Jessie. You make me crazy, but at the same time, keep me anchored. You're my reason."
"Reason for what?"
"For everything."

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review*
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November 4, 2014

There is absolutely no doubt that Jus Accardo is one of my favorite authors. She continues to entertain me thoroughly with every book that churns out and I could not be happier to have found such a fun author. The first book in this series, Darker Days, was a blast and I was eagerly waiting for news on this second installment. I did not hesitate to click that request button as soon as I saw the book up on NG. There was honestly nothing I hated about this book and I loved how much it made me laugh and swoon.

It was such a thrill being back with this cast of characters. I was especially happy to be reunited with the protagonist, Jessie. She continued to shine as a character with her witty, sassy and snarky self. I loved that this girl could make me laugh out loud multiple times during the book. She wasn't only there to humor the readers though, Jessie was also a very smart main character and I loved that she thought about her decisions and tried to involve everyone around her in them. Lukas, her new boyfriend, also continued to be as amazing as in the first book. He was still the sweetheart that he was in the first book, but he was struggling with his new state as a demon and was battling with some issues. Regardless of that, he remained as swoon-worthy as he was in the first book. A girl could die for one of his kisses! I mentioned in my review for the first book about how much I appreciated the role that Jessie's parents played in her life, especially her mother. With that regards, Jus Accardo did not disappoint one bit. Her parents were still very much essential to the plot line and knew exactly what was going on with her, which is rather refreshing for YA!

The romance in A Darker Past was even better than in the first book. The romance did have tones of developing a bit too fast in the first book, but it never bothered me because I understood the romance and it didn't really feel like insta-love. In A Darker Past, we get to see Jessie and Lukas go through some obstacles in their relationship, but the beauty of it all was how they worked together as a couple to overcome these obstacles. There were many moments when I was rooting for these two and cheering on them for their great decisions. I also often found myself swooning hard at the tender moments between Jessie and Lukas. In addition to a great romance and lovely characters, A Darker Past also had a fun plot which began as a result of a mirror breaking and a crazy homicidal demon being released into the world. It was entertaining watching Jessie, Lukas, her family, her witch best friend and her boss working together as a unit to solve the problem. It was most definitely a thrilling read!

I didn't think my love for Jus Accardo could increase, but I go into crazy fangirl mode whenever I read a new book by her. If you are interested in reading a fun YA paranormal read with a fantastic cast, lots of humor and a lovely romance, be sure to try this series out! I can't wait to see where the story heads to next.
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5,163 reviews458 followers
November 29, 2014
*I received this book for free from Entangled Teen via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.*

*Genre* YA, Paranormal
*Rating* 3.0

*My Review*

A Darker Past is the sequel to Darker Days and picks up several months after the conclusion of said novel. 17-year old Jessie Darker and her mother Klaire, operate the Darker Agency. They pursue the darker aspects of living in Penance, New York like demon possession, zombies, out of control witches, and the Seven Deadly sins.

*Full Review posted @ Gizmos Reviews*


*Recvd via NetGalley* Published November 11th 2014 by Entangled Teen
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1,177 reviews116 followers
November 14, 2014
4.5 Stars

'A Darker Past' is the exhilarating and fun second book in a young adult paranormal series. It continues to follow our leading lady - Jessie Darker - as she spends her time helping her mom with the family detective agency (which deals mostly with the strange or supernatural), spending time with her boyfriend Lukas (fresh out of entrapment in a small box for over 100 years and now turning into a demon), and running errands for Velafor - the demon she has to serve for the next fifty-five years. These daily occurrences are natural for Jessie and she's getting into kicking some real monster butt, along with managing her first relationship, when everything hits the proverbial fan. Jessie and Lukas accidentally break a mirror that was imprisoning a nasty demon who hates the entire Darker clan - and promises to rain down all sorts of hell if he doesn't get what he wants within four days. No pressure or anything. Now Jessie and Lukas have to figure out just who this demon is and exactly what it is he wants - before it's too late.

I absolutely adored the first book in this series and waited anxiously for this installment to release so I could see what Jessie would get into next. I had high hopes for the book considering how much I loved the first one - and I'm happy to say that it went above and beyond anything I could have wished for. It was just as fast-paced and exciting as the first, if not more so. Jessie continues to be an awesome main character. She's one of my favorite heroines actually, mostly due to her various personality traits. She's half-human and half-demon and (for some unknown reason) she inherited some of her father's demon abilities. When it comes to personality, Jessie has it in spades. She's witty, sarcastic, smart, devoted to her friends and family, and determined to kick some monster butt. On the other hand, she does have some bad traits - she can be incredibly pushy and stubborn with a habit of not letting things go. Which usually lands her in trouble of some kind. The book is told from Jessie's point of view, so the reader gets to know her on a really intimate level - more so than any other type of writing style. Because of this, we get to hear her snarky and hilarious inner dialogue (I found myself snickering a lot throughout the book) but we also get to see the hidden things about her - the hopes, fears, and doubts that she tries to hide from those around her. I loved getting to know Jessie even better in this book, along with watching her character continue to grow and mature in different ways - both normal human ways and part demon paranormal ways. I also loved watching Jessie's relationship with Lukas grow. I think the romance was the perfect amount - not too much to overrun the main story line, but enough to satisfy our demanding romantic hearts.

The plot was intense and full of almost non-stop action. It seems as if Jessie can't go five minutes without something happening - whether it's her fault or not - paranormal or not. She's like a magnet for these types of things. I loved getting to know more about the history of the Darker family along with the mythology involved in the series (with all the demons and their backgrounds and other details). I hope we continue to learn more about all of these things in the next book too. I believe it adds a depth to the series that helps to set it apart from others in the genre. Underneath all the paranormal bad guys and the magical problems, the book deals with some heavy topics that you don't really catch while reading it - probably because you're so wrapped up in the story. It talks about family - both good things and problems - relationships and love, friendship, determination, and not giving up. It adds a solid layer of deeper issues underneath all the fun and scary moments. The writing was phenomenal, as usual. I was immediately drawn back into Jessie's world from the first few sentences - and I didn't come back up for air until I finished reading the entire book; which happened to be only a few hours in one sitting. The tone was so conversational and it had such an easy flow that I lost myself and the time within the pages, and before I knew it - I had finished it. I seriously can't even begin to tell you how much I love this book and the entire series. It's got something for everyone - paranormal, fantasy, monsters, romance, action, adventure, humor, etc. I very highly recommend this book to everyone - especially fans of YA paranormal and fantasy fiction as well as those looking for a fun and original twist on the usual paranormal books out there. If you haven't read this series yet - do it now. I promise you won't regret it!

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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1,069 reviews11 followers
November 10, 2014
Review posted here...
A Darker Past is the sequel to Darker Days and second book in The Darker Agency series featuring the very awesome Jessie Darker. Following the last book, Jessie is now in service to Valefar for 55yrs in a deal that freed her father and allowed him to be with her mother full time. As he puts her to work, Jessie finds she doesn’t realise what she has let herself in for being at the beck and call of a demon who has the habit of popping up at the most inopportune moments. Add to that, that she is still working for the Darker Agency on their cases and juggling her budding relationship with former Wrath demon – Lucas Scott. When Jessie and Lucas are sent to retrieve some Darker artefacts, they unwittingly set free a Demon unlike any Jessie has come across before and no amount of quartz powder will harm this piece of work but when he starts murdering witches and then chooses to come after the Darkers to get what he wants, the Darker’s are in need of the Belfairs again because this demon is all about bringing Hell to Earth.
This was a great sequel and it was so easy to step into the series once again. Jessie is back with her snarktastic attitude and her kick ass ways, she still has her awesome sense of humour and I find it so easy to read her character, she’s easy to gel with and connect to and her attitude is fun and always leads to trouble but that’s what I love about her. I’m glad Lucas is still around and it’s good to see them together still. I like that they are having differing views on where they think their relationship should go – with Lucas being from another time, he has old fashioned values and keeps everything very PG between him and Jessie, much to Jessie’s frustration. I like that it shows how courtship has changed over time and it’s usually the male that does the pushing, but not here. However, things are set to change as Lucas starts to go through a few changes, giving us some very steamy make out scenes with Jessie.
The storyline was just as good as the first book with still more secrets to be revealed. I love the kind of books that have a long family history and that it affects the people in present day, Jessie and her mother are always having to unravel some clues about what their ancestors had been up to in order to put things right in the present day and because it’s a family with a weird history – that makes me like it all the more. The Darker family connection/rivalry with the Belfair witches heats up yet again and this makes a major stumbling block in ridding them all of the new demon but also leads us to some discoveries that will affect all involved. Not only are the humans worried about this demon being on the loose but the demons are as well and none other than Lucifer forces Jessie and Lucas to right their wrong with no help from the shadow realm or their demon associates. So they are forced to go to great lengths and confront their greatest fears in order to try and trap the demon once again leading to an eye opening conclusion that will have far reaching effects.
The book was well written, fun, with great pacing, great humour and not afraid to show us the ‘Darker’ side of magic & demons and I’ll definitely be carrying on with the series
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430 reviews140 followers
November 17, 2014
Originally posted on City of Books

It had been ages since I read Darker Days, the first book in this series. So of course I needed a re-read, and while doing that I remembered just how much I loved that book! A Darker Past is a great follow-up, and it was awesome to see all the characters again, especially Jessie and Lukas.

Jessie has begun her fifty-five years of service to Valefar, and though she finds it annoying that he can summon her whenever he wants, it's overall not too bad. She's also having a great time with Lukas, her new boyfriend. He's still confused by twenty-first century slang, and I still find it hilarious! But when the two of them accidentally drop a mirror holding an evil and powerful demon trapped inside, it cracks and lets the demon free. And of course it starts wreaking havoc, targeting the Belfair witch coven. Jessie and Lukas have to find the demon and trap it before it wipes out the entire coven, including Jessie's best friend Kendra.

This book got me out of the giant reading slump I've been in for the past couple of months, and I'm so grateful for that! It reminded me of how much I love reading and escaping into a different world. Jessie's kickassness is exactly the same as it's always been, which was great. Lukas though has started changing quite a bit, becoming more demon-like. His emotions are all over the place, and while that means we get more swoony scenes, we also get some more intense stuff.

Like the previous book, there is a time constraint in this one. In Darker Days, it was five days to find seven Sins. In this one, it's four days to find one demon that's going around killing witches. I love the concept, it makes everything so much more exciting!

We get to dig a lot deeper into the background of the Darkers and the Belfairs, and what happened with their ancestors. I found all of that super interesting. There are clearly well-constructed family trees surrounding them, and that makes for a good story. There are also quite a few surprises in this, more than in the previous one.

Some ends tied up a little too well for me, but on the whole I really liked this one. And I'm definitely looking forward to the next book. At one point I thought I was done with YA paranomal surrounding witches and demons, but Jus Accardo changed my mind in an instant!

*Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours for providing me with an eARC for review*

Rating: 3.5/5
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303 reviews63 followers
November 29, 2014
Why I Picked It Up
I really enjoyed the first novel in this series, Darker Days, so of course I had to read book two!

A Darker Past follows Jessie and Lukas as they get themselves into yet another sticky situation of the paranormal kind. This time, Jessie has accidentally released a super-demon into the world and he is out for blood. A Darker Past was just as interesting as Darker Days. It was a really easy read with a good pace that kept me interested. It had me cracking up laughing at various points throughout the novel. There was a ton of drama in this novel, too—family drama, relationship drama, everything! It was definitely entertaining.

Leading Lady
Jessie was as much of a trouble-maker as usual. She was tough and sarcastic just as she was in book one. She is in servitude to a demon in this time around but that didn’t do anything to quell her spit-fire attitude. Jessie is always a fun character to read because of her internal and external dialogue. She never fails to give me a laugh!

Leading Male
Lukas is a bit different in this novel—he’s been freed of Wrath but is now going through a different kind of change. He was a bit off in this novel because of it, but he was still a great character.

Jessie and Lukas are one of those innocent couples that you can’t help but love, probably because Jessie doesn’t have boy experience and Lukas is really really old. They did have a few problems in this novel with secrets and Lukas’ transition. However, the fact that they did have problems made them more real as a couple. The relationship drama definitely added a nice touch all the action in the novel.

Other Characters
We see a lot more of Kendra, Jessie’s witch friend, in this novel. She was going through some troubles with her mean mom, Cassidy. She really evolved over the course of the novel. She went from a unconfident witch to a strong one with enough guts to stand up to her mother and a super-demon. It was nice to see her personal growth over the novel as it really added depth to her character, which we were introduced to in book one.

An interesting mix of demons, fights, and drama, A Darker Past was another great novel from Jus Accardo. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table!
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1,249 reviews207 followers
October 28, 2014
A thrilling and thoroughly entertaining YA paranormal romance, A Darker Past was a wonderful sequel that I really enjoyed. I thought it was a lovely read.

Jessie was great. Clever and feisty, she definitely livened up the pages. Lukas was wonderful as well. Sweet and determined to be a better person, even with the effects of Wrath still lingering. I thought they were both as likable as ever.

The romance was lovely. Jessie and Lukas still had some obstacles to overcome, particularly with the changes going on with Lukas, but what made them a great couple was that they knew how to work through them. Despite everything, they were always sure of their feelings for each other. I thought they were great together.

The plot moved quickly and had me hooked the entire way through. There were plenty of thrills along the way, and a few surprises in store. I really enjoyed the story and the ending had me curious about what will happen next.

A Darker Past was a wonderful YA paranormal romance that I really liked. It was a lovely sequel that definitely won't disappoint, though there was enough explanation that it could be read as a standalone. YA lovers, this is a book worth checking out.

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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1,529 reviews81 followers
November 11, 2014
A great sequel to Darker Days. This was a very balanced novel with such thrill and romance that I couldn't put it down. Jus Accardo is fabulous! This was a fast paced book, which I loved! It kept me on the edge of my seat needing to know what happens next. I enjoyed the action, twists and turns that occurred and the build up for the next book.

Jessie, the protagonist, is such a sassy character. She keeps me laughing and waiting for her next line to come. With her humor she brings smarts which makes her a kickass female lead character. I am such a huge fan of Jessie because she's just so realistic for me with her attitude, impulsive ways and all the emotions she goes through -- like any girl. The new boyfriend, Lukas is such a sweet heart. Even as he began to deal with the changes of being a demon he pulled through as the same loving guy that's perfect for any girl. The romance was perfection. It was developed so much better than in book one because there are some obstacles that keeps Jessie and Lukas on their toes like any real couple.

That cliffhanger…I seriously need the next book like now!

Highly recommend this beauty. It's an awesome YA Paranormal Romance novel.
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156 reviews
April 22, 2018
Honestly...Not a huge fan. Left a lot of unanswered questions. Almost sounded like there was going to be a 3rd book but there isn't. Got so tired of the eye rolling. It was too much. Not a dark book, hardly any cussing and no sex but they did make out a little bit. I skimmed through parts of the book where she rambled. I was almost more interested in her mom and dad's love story than Jessie's and Lukas. And again, the big unanswered secret that Lukas couldn't tell her because it wasn't his to tell??? Really??? I have a feeling it would have had something to do with her birth and mom & dad. That's all were it kept heading and then with the whole Valefar plot?? Where was that going?? It was at times border line creepy and also quotes from Jessie. I don't know. That was weird as well.
Author 3 books130 followers
December 19, 2014
Jus writes captivating characters that are equally witty and daredevils. AND A darker past is no exception. I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEDDD this book. Its not your typical paranormal kind and entertains you in a way that you want slap the MC and hug her all the same.

But that's what makes Jus's writing sooooo tempting. It's the way she ensnares her readers to hate, but still fall in love with her characters. For those that enjoyed the Darker Agency, you won't be disappointed with this book! I can't wait to read the next in this series!
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6,911 reviews31 followers
November 17, 2014
Really enjoyed this book, really entertaining, and yeah, a 3rd book wouldn't be too bad!
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842 reviews43 followers
November 11, 2018
A darker read!

The past is Darker than they thought…

I absolutely adore the heroine - so snarky, bada$* and witty! The hero *sigh* Love these characters. So enjoyable.

Such a perfect sequel! A real, absolute treat and a rare gem of a book. The author has real talent - incredible writing, characters and story!

So much happens here that I could whiplash. I am so eagerly awaiting for the next book. Hopefully it will be published soon.

Full of demons, Hell, action, adventure, twists and turns, family, love and secrets.

Perfect for readers of paranormal romances.
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1,304 reviews1 follower
November 12, 2014
I love this series! I know I need to read the rest of her books, which I will, but this is the first series I have read by her and she's just amazing :) This is a great sequel to the first, which features a mother and daughter, who run the Darker Agency. Sure it's like a PI, but they do supernatural problems as well. I loved this. Kalire is Jessie's mom, and all she wanted was for her daughter to be normal. Except after the last book, normal is out the window, way way out the window. And, Jessie has her BFF, her boyfriend, her dad, and her mom, all around her, yet it still doesn't stop the bad guys from killing people. And this time, they are the one's with their heads on the hit list. There's a big bad demon that got loose and he wants them dead. And Lucifer wants him locked back up! So, Jessie needs to get creative.
Jessie is hilarious. She is always in trouble. Not always by her own means, but still, it's like trouble follows her everywhere :) She is so funny too. The things she says. I mean really, do we need to be sassy to the crazy bad demons who wanna kill you. She's really smart, and she's brave, and she's willing to sacrifice herself for those who she loves. And she will stop at nothing to save the ones around her. And she's pretty kick ass while she's at it. But now, Lukas and Kendra are getting the bad ends of the deal instead of Jessie. And Jessie is learning you can't save everyone, but you can be there to support them and love them no matter what.
Lukas is amazing. I love his character. After the end of the last book, I almost screamed, but thank goodness he is still around. But now, that live saving thing is gunna change his live, maybe not for the better. He has a lot going on, but he still puts Jessie ahead of himself. Plus he's so old fashioned with his chivalrous nature, and selfless attitude. And being her dad Damien's right hand man, means Lukas might have to make some hard decisions he might not like. It's gunna be a rocky road from here on out.
And Kendra. I seriously wanna hug her. For being brave, for living through what she did, and I have a feeling the fall out is gunna hit when we least expect it. I am not sure I could deal with what she is dealing with. But she is the bestest best friend ever. And she is gunna get crazy, I just see it coming, and I look forward to that!! :) Jessie's mom and dad are having more spotlight in this one as well, and I look forward to seeing some good things for them in the future.
This one is fast paced, full of action and mystery, and I can't wait to see how Val and Jessie's relationship is gunna grow and change with all that has gone on. We are seeing more action, but we are seeing more romance between Lukas and Jessie too. I look forward to learning more about the demons and the Shadow Realm. And now, that Lucifer has made his big appearance, I look forward to seeing him too! Oh yeah, this one is getting so good :) 5 DEMON PAWS!!
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200 reviews3 followers
April 23, 2015
What can I say? I'm pretty sure that I heart Jus Accardo, and she is quickly becoming one of my fave authors.

I usually don't like the female lead, because they whine a lot and it makes me want to smack them. But Jessie Darker has a personality where she's a sarcastic 'shoot first, ask questions later' type. And I love it. I was pretty much laughing throughout the whole book because of it.

And Lukas...even though I was kind of sad to see wrath leave (not really) in the first one, we find out that he, well...is having some slight side effects. Though, it's probably more to do with him becoming a demon than side effects.

Yes...you read that right.

In this story, it starts with the town doing a history thing. Showing off memorabilia from families through the history. So of course there's a booth set up for the Darker family. But only because the church donated some stuff to the cause and when the people came to pick up the boxes...well, they took a little extra than they were supposed to. So instead of Jessie's mom saying "hey, that stuff belongs to my family, and we don't want it to see the light of day". They decide to steal it.

Why is it that this method never works out for the best?

So it's Jessie and Lukas inside city hall late at night to steal the stuff back. And the first thing Jessie's mom tells her is to not piss off Lucy...the ghost.

Right. But Jessie not pissing off someone is like telling her not to breathe. Like that's ever gonna happen. Especially since Lucy isn't actually her name...and she just so happens to be Lukas's ex.

So yeah, she pisses off the ghost. And when that happens, all hell breaks loose. And I mean that quite literal because a demon is released from a mirror. And he's not a nice demon.

He kind of goes on a killing spree of the local coven, ya know, the one Jessie's best friend is a part of. The one where the friends mother is over it. Yeah, not so good. Especially, when we find out that Jessie's friends mother is the one allowing the demo to kill off her cover, all because she wants more power. This is a little off topic, but I was hoping that the coven would go Los school on her ass like American Horror Story: Coven and burn her ass at the stake. But...she ends up diapering.

Anyway, there are a lot of secrets that Lukas is keeping that I hope we find out soon about. Also, there was a lot of foreshadowing with people (demons) saying that Lukas was going to be the end of Jessie. Umm...I sure as Hell hope not. And it seems that her father (demon) finally proposed to her mother (human). But at about the very last part of the story we are told that demons and humans can't be married.

Umm....wait, what?

What does that mean!!?! I don't want too...but we'll just have to wait to see what happens.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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120 reviews4 followers
December 11, 2014
**I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review**

3 stars!

Teenage Jessie Darker doesn’t have the typical high school problems of crushes and frienemies…no her problems are much darker, and more sc-fi than that, especially seeing as she is a half-demon. Her family has owned the Darker Agency since her great-grandfather – exercising ghosts, hunting down cheating spouses, and keeping the town of Penance safe for generations. And to make matters worse, since saving her parents, she committed to a fifty-five year to the demon Valefar. Of course, things are all bad, with her hottie new boyfriend, Lukas Scott, who was recently liberated from Wrath in tow, Jessie’s life is really heating up.

With her father back in her life, Jessie tries to feel like a normal teenager, but she knows with her family history of being a half-demon Darker, the chances are slim to none of that happening. Giving that she has inherited her father’s shadowing ability (being able to pop in and out of any shadow, even halfway across the world when necessary), it comes in handy when she’s out “Monster-Mashing”, or tracking down stray demons with her mom.

But when Jessie and Lukas sneak into the Town Hall to retrieve some Darker family items and they inadvertently set an elementary demon loose that is looking for some vengeance from, wouldn’t you know it – the Darker family, as well as the Belfair family of witches (which also happens to be the family of Jessie’s best friend Kendra). He swears his vengeance and begins with killing several of the Belfair coven. So not only does Jessie have a crazy demon active seeking out ways to hurt her and her family, but there’s the demon she is tied to for the next 55 years constantly popping in to call her in for “jobs”, as well as her part demon boyfriend that is fighting his urges that accompany his transformation from Wrath to demon…yup, all in a day’s work for Jessie Darker! But can she find a way to make it all work this time – or will she be brought down once and for all?

While I liked this story – it was light, not scary, while still being an intriguing story; I had a really hard time connecting with Jessie, her family, etc. For me, the best part was finding out about the mystery of Lorna Belfair (won’t give any spoilers, but she was involved in trapping the demon, Gressil, in the mirror in the first place, along with one of Jessie’s relatives, Charles) and what really became of her. It had action, as well as a little romance, but I just had a hard time getting into the story. This is probably a great book for teens/ tweens that enjoy stories about the supernatural, just not really my cup of tea.
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June 20, 2015

This review might contain spoilers if you have not read the first book.

My Review:
I think I can officially say I like this book better than the first one. Jessie Darker is a snarky, funny, bad ass supernatural fighter, only problem is she is bound to a demon, had a demon for a dad and her boyfriend use to be Wrath, one of the deadly sins. All was going somewhat normal for her until she broke a mirror and let out a rather nasty demon.

I thought I knew Jessie in the first book but wow I found out a lot more in this one. The story was really good and you got a better picture of the history of the Darker family and their connection with the Belfair Witches one of whom just so happens to be her BFF Kendra.  You also learn a lot more about Jessie's boyfriend Lukas and how he is handling being free of Wrath and living in present day. I love when she calls him Grandpa. Jessie's character is really funny and I laughed out loud quite a few time throughout this book. Her sarcasm is hilarious  and even tried a bit of it on Lucifer, which is not a good idea. Jessie is also bound to a demon named Valefar who I found to be rather sexy for a demon of hell.

This book was filled with action, humor, demons and a lot of sexual tension. I loved the story and I adore the characters. I also think the ending was done very well and makes me scream for the next book. I had no problem giving this amazing book 4.5 stars my only issue was everyone just had to many secrets and no one was saying what they were. I still want to know what is really going on...can I have the next book now? Please ;)


Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my review

Hope you have a great day and Happy Reading!

Name2014 This review was originally posted on Because reading is better than real life
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May 24, 2015
Spoiler alarm spoiler alarm…. If you did not read Darker Days do not read this review as it will ruin it for you.

A Darker Past starts off a few weeks after Darker Days ends. Jessie’s daddy is spending more time on our realm and Jessie is spending more time on his. I mean after all she is bound to the demon, Valefar for the next fifty years. Daddy dearest has decided that Jessie needs a bodyguard, who happens to come in the form of her boyfriend Lukas. This is great until Lukas old crush decides to crash the party and a baddie demon is released. This demon is wreaking havoc across their town, and it seems like the witches of the town are not safe. This is not good, not good at all as Jessie’s bestie is a witch. So…. what is Jessie and Lukas to do but confront and defeat it.

Jessie is as spunky as ever in this tale. She has faced demons and lived, she has bonded herself to one and lived. There is nothing that she cannot do, especially if she has the faith of her momma and her bestie Kendra. There are moments when self-doubt arises but she just faces it head on and then starts to kick some demon behind.

Lukas is an added bonus. He is still dealing with the after effects of being attached to Wrath for so long but he has is almost always in control of himself around Jessie. He worries about her and is extremely protective of her. He is having issues with all the changes in the world especially the courting changes. Don’t worry our gal Jessie will help him out in that area.

Speaking of protective, Valefar, surprises me in this one. He is the demon that holds Jessie’s contract, so we are supposed to hate him but to be honest we cannot because he is so well just wait your will see. He has a hidden agenda but he seriously protects Jessie’s behind the scenes. He works around the confines of the rules of his realm and guides Jessie through them. She just doesn’t know that she is being guided.

I absolutely loved loved loved this book. Jessie, Lukas and Kendra are my new besties. There was not a moment were I wanted to put it down. Fast-paced, fun-loving novel that seriously leaves you wanting more.

My Rating 4 stars out of 5

Favorite Quote I was a bad influence on his resolve, he told me, I kinda loved that.

Other People

Kendra- witchy bestie
Valefar- Demon who holds Jessie’s contract
Cassidy- Kendra’s witchy mom, she is a mean one

My Review
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 19, 2014
I absolutely adored Darker Days, and I had been looking forward to the sequel for some time. A Darker Past did not disappoint. Accardo's lovely and captivating writing combined with Jessie's sense of humor and Lukas' depth made for a terrific novel. Everything I loved about the first book was present in the second installment as well. I can't wait to see what's in store for Jessie and company next!

The characters in these books really make the stories what they are. Each character has depth and is extremely unique. I absolutely love Valefar. I know he's supposed to be a horrific demon, but he just cracks me up. Lukas' adjustment to the 21st Century is also endearing and funny. Jessie's sarcasm makes me love her, and Kendra's flirty nature is a nice offset to Jessie, who had sworn off boys until she met Lukas. I also enjoy reading about Jessie's parents. Her demon father and human mother make for an interesting couple. I'm so glad that the parents aren't conveniently MIA for the novel and that Accardo has included them in the story. Jessie and Lukas both evolve over the course of this novel, and every change felt organic. It seems as if Accardo lets the characters tell their own stories instead of manipulating them to fit her plot. I really love books like that.

The plot itself is packed full of suspense, not only because of Lukas' changes (showing a darkness that his character lacked in the first installment), but also because of the fact that they have four days to fix their mistake before they have apocalyptic repercussions. Between my interest in the characters and the suspense of this novel, I was flying through the pages. However, Accardo's exquisite world-building can't be ignored. I really love she gives us more history about the Darkers and Belfairs and talks about the ancestry in this novel. I'm a big history dork, so seeing more history made me understand the world that much more. Also, the author paints vivid pictures of both Hell and the Earth-bound settings. My only complaint about this novel is the ending, which I felt was a little bit too clean cut. I'm still looking forward to the next installment, though!

If you're looking for a lighthearted, fast-paced read, look no farther than this series. It's a great escape from your everyday life, and Accardo is a fantastic author.
23 reviews
November 18, 2014
I admit, I'm a little wary of YA fiction since it's been a couple of, ahem, decades since I've read a YA book from front to back. And YA paranormal? Well, let's say that I almost never voluntarily read anything paranormal. But after reading A Darker Past, I definitely need to reconsider YA paranormal stories.

If I had to pick one thing that I really enjoyed about Jessie, the main character, it would be that she has so many, fully-developed dimensions -- daughter, friend, girlfriend, awesome paranormal investigator. This is a credit to the writing of Ms. Accardo. All of it was pretty seamless. It didn't feel as if Ms. Accardo was telling Jessie's story in a lock-step manner, like "in this chapter, I'm going to show Jessie as a girlfriend, and this chapter I'm going to show Jessie as a daughter." Rather, the story felt like Jessie was revealing an aspect of herself little by little with each page so that readers were right with her, as opposed to observing her from afar.

Paranormal activities aside, this book tackled the universal themes that are present in every great story -- friendship, family bonds, young love, and self-discovery. I really enjoyed this book because these themes, as explored from Jessie's teenage point of view, were heightened and felt more acutely. For example, as love develops, it can cause tension between friendship or family bonds. Loyalty to one's family can sometimes stifle self-development and self-discovery. It was a throwback to the best -- and sometimes not-so-great -- parts of my own teenage past (minus the demons, of course).

Overall, this was a great book that I would recommend for YA paranormal newbies (like me). It's difficult to covert someone like me, who has avoided YA paranormal for years. At this point, the highest complement that I can give to a YA book is, "Yeah, I'll read another one." So, my verdict on this book? I'm looking forward to the next Darker book and have placed Book 1 in the series on my "To-Read" list.

Reviewer's Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and errors are my own. This review is an excerpt of the review on my book blog.
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November 13, 2014
Darker Past is just the book I have been looking for, and even though I have not had the chance to read the first book, Darker Days, I enjoyed it immensely. With all the reading I have on my plate I do not always get to series and books when I want, and even without reading the first book, Darker Past stood on its own. I am defiantly going to have to clear sometime to read the first book though, and soon. I defiantly found a new favorite character in Jessie Darker.

I love Jessie’s attitude and snark, but also that she is fiercely protective of her family and her friends. I would not want to get in between her or her loved ones, that is for sure. Also the family dynamic that is developing now that Jessie’s demon father is back in the picture is adorable and made me want to read Darker Past even more. I also like her relationship with Lukas Scott, and I am curious to see how the they move forward with it in future books.

Even though I just started this series, I picked up on a lot of hints being dropped that there is a lot more to explore in future novels. I know that there are secrets in the Darker family past, secrets possibly about Jessie, and maybe even life altering secrets still to explore in the next and even future installments. I know I am defiantly dying to find out what everyone, especially what Jessie’s father is keeping from her and her mother.

Jus Accardo has a talent for hooking readers in and she has defiantly done that to me with the Darker Agency series. It is not just the pace and excitement of the story, but mainly the characters. The characters each have something I loved or hated and it drove me to find out more and keep turning the next page. I find that characters that I can get behind or capture my attention make a book far more enjoyable than just simply following a plot line. Jus Accardo has defiantly created a group of characters worth knowing in The Darker Agency series and if you have not grabbed it already, you should do so now.

**Unabridged Bookshelf received this book, in exchange for an honest review**
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December 11, 2014
3.5 dreamcatchers

First off, I'll admit I haven't read the first in this series, but I didn't let that deter me from diving right in. I loved Jessie's sarcasm, especially in the first quarter of the book. Her snarkiness seemed to fade a bit from there, but she occasionally graced me with something sassy to lift my mood. Her boyfriend Lukas is recovering from being Wrath's b*tch for way too long, forced there by his crazy ex, and is now under the tutelage of Jessie's Father in hell, but can go back and forth freely. Well, mostly freely like Jessie, who finds herself being sucked into hell every the demon she's now in servitude to decides to beckon her to his semi-creepy side to do a job for him.

While checking out something for her family's demon agency, Lukas' crazy ghost of an ex goes mental and ends up setting loose a demon that had been trapped. And since Jessie's family had a hand in putting him there, he unleashes his vengeance on every member of the Darker family and the ones they love. Who will survive his wrath before he can be trapped again?

A Darker Past started off strong and was a decent story, though it began to drag for me about half way through. I think that might've just been me though. I was enjoying Jessie's sarcastic thoughts so well, that when her sassiness began to fade a bit, it made the story come off a little more ho-hum for me. But I think most people who like this genre will be more than happy with Miss Accardo's world of demons. And romance lovers will be sated with the lustful-yet-still-respectful relationship between Jessie and Lukas, who find being similar in the fact that they're both demon-newbies just a little stressful on the ole love life.


ARC provided by Entangled Teen for honest review.
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March 21, 2016
Original review posted at www.fictitiousdelicious.com on 11/19/14:

Oh, man. I can't go that long between reading books by Jus Accardo again. The wit this woman writes with makes me look like a fool when I'm reading because I've got a perma-grin plastered on my face. Her heroines have the exact same sense of humor I do and that makes me feel more than a little bit awesome.

There are two things that kept me from enjoying this story as much as I could have. Number one, the relationship between Jessie and Lukas comes across so much like a sibling relationship that the kissy parts made me feel a little uncomfortable. That dynamic changes during the second half of the book, but the first half felt a little awkward. Along that same line, Jess and Lukas feel an awful lot like Dez and Kale in Accardo's Denazen series. Now, I LOVE those two, especially Dez, so it's not that the similarities in these characters is necessarily a bad thing. But, the character comparisons I did in my head during some of the key scenes in this story was distracting.

Secondly, that part about the demons not being able to help Jess do that one thing just didn't make sense to me. It felt like a plot point thrown in for mere convenience. I didn't buy it and often times I can overlook that kind of thing, but, again, it stuck in my head and distracted me. I'm really my own worst enemy sometimes, lol.

Once again, Accardo dons the crown as Queen of the Action Scenes. That sequence in the cave was so great that I read through it TWICE. If kickass action scenes with badass heroines is something you like (and you should), you've got to pick up this series. That, combined with the crazy lovable friendship between Jessie and Kendra, makes this second book in The Darker Agency series work for me in the end.
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January 4, 2015
Move over girls, Jus new book is out! Jus is one of my favorite authors, her books always make me laugh, cry and sit at the edge of my chair waiting to see what happens next. I can happily tell you that Darker Past didn't disappoint one bit.

Jessie is back and almost better than ever... because you know, she now has to serve a demon for the next 55 years. But she has her boyfriend, her witch best friend is learning new tricks and her parents can finally be together. So life is looking good until a mirror breaking frees a demon and things get nasty!

I loved how Jus kept the characters voices true to themselves in this sequel. Jessie is a strong character who can do things on her own, while impulsive at times she takes the time to make the hard choices with a cool head. And best of all? she's not afraid to ask for help. Her snarky comments and humor kept me reading and laughing all day. I couldn't put it down.
Lukas is back and more swoon worthy than ever. Turning into a demon has its complications though, and is not easy to handle.
The relationship between Lukas and Jessie is great. The chemistry from the first book is still going strong but they face some problems along the way that takes it to another level.

I love how the secondary characters, like Jessie's parent, play such an important role in the plot and help the story move forward. Even Valefar, the demon owning Jessie is a great fun addition. His habit of popping out of nowhere and in the middle of any situations creates some pretty funny moments. (Is it wrong that I like the bad guy?? He's kinda awesome with his mercurial temper)

The ending though.... yeah I might have to stalk Jus and ask for more soon... Like right now!
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3,363 reviews103 followers
November 11, 2014
Even though I hadn't read the first book in this series, this book just places you in the action from the very first page. The background information from the earlier book is provided where it is relevant to this book, making it easy to get on and enjoy this one without necessarily having read the first one (I can vouch for that as I haven't read the first one yet!)

The central character to this is school girl, half shadow demon, Jessie has agreed to essentially be enslaved to the 'bigwig' demon from the shadow world, Valefar - not just for a day but for fifty-five years to save her parents from a madwoman. Now he wants to get her working and life is going to get interesting for her yet again! What with Valefar and her 'eighteen-going on one hundred and forty eight year old boyfirend' Lukas Scott life is certainly not that of your typical seventeen year old but then again, she's anything but typical! The story is fast paced with a thread of humour as well as horror running through it. Jessie's best friend Kendra is one of the Belfair witches and their families have a long and tangled history. Will they work together now and in future or will the past interfere? Can Jessie work with her family and friends to save the world from the new demon that threatens now? Well you'll just have to read the book to find out!

A lively, thoroughly enjoyable book I have no hesitation in recommending! I'll certainly be looking out for the first book in the series and the sequels when they are published! Thanks to the author and publishers for enabling me to read an ARC of this book in exchange for this honest review.
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December 11, 2014
Also posted on: The Shadow Realm

A fabulous sequel, this book was just as exhilarating as the first. I am seriously loving these books and one of main things I love is the snark and biting wit of the characters. Especially Jessie. I seriously love that girl, she is just all kinds of awesome. It was fun watching the relationship between her and Lukas develop more. They are a great couple and couldn't be more perfect for each other. They had some really sweet and some really intense moments and it was fun watching them bicker over how far to take things as Lukas is so old-fashioned.
A character that I am growing a bit of a soft spot for is Valefar. He may be Jessie's "Master" now, as he likes to remind her, but there's more to him than meets the eye. I'm definitely eager to find out more about him in the next books and learn how deep his ties to the Darker family runs.

Like in book #1, there was plenty of action and some really kick-ass scenes. Never a dull moment to be had. There was also lots of twists and turns and shocking truths revealed which just had me glued to my kindle. I was hooked! And I really loved the connections between past and present that were unveiled. It was really interesting learning more about the Darker ancestors.
The book ended with dozens of questions still to be answered so I can't wait for book #3 to see what is to come next for Jessie and gang. The wait is killing me!
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June 12, 2016
Read more on booklover.blogspot.hu

"One of the most important things I’d learned, though, is when things that shouldn’t happen do happen, the demon shit eventually hits the fan."


Hell in a hailstorm! The Monster Masher is back in the saddle! And Jessie is way too ready to bring trouble all over her head. Not that I've expected anything tranquil or rational on the part of Jessie...

"Mom kept telling me I acted first and thought second. She was dead on. The sad part? I never seemed to learn from my mistakes."

To make life more rainbow and unicorn-ish, it wouldn't be her if she happened to unleash the lieutenant of the Shadow Realm on the untutored society. What an empty brusque hole of space would it be without some teeny-tiny troubles in paradise? Especially if your personal hottie were there ready to pull you out from the edge of the pit?

“No one ever told you? Nothing in life that’s worth anything is ever easy."

I adore her for her cut-the-bullshit way of life. The world needs more of this kind of heroine. Edgy, die-hard straightforward and full of passion. The yummy make-out-sessions with Lukas is icing on the cake.

I'm wondering if I could make a living by chasing demons and exercising slimy ghost. That would be a thriving business, let alone the constant fusion of adrenaline...maybe in an alternative universe.


I am a planet-sized buttercup-boulder rolling at warp-speed down a steep hill smashing awesomeness-ville.


5 out of 5
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November 10, 2014
I’ve said it before and I will say it again – this should be a TV series. Move over Buffy there is a new slayer in town ;)

Jus Accardo does a fabulous job of recapping events at the start of the book so you don’t feel as if you’ve forgotten crucial details before embarking on the new journey with Jessie.

I utterly love Jessie, she is fill of sarcasm and sass. Not only that but the way in which she can banter with anyone, even Lucifer’s right hand man, is a skill that needs to be fully appreciated. Although Jessie can be reckless, impulsive and emotional adding fuel to the fire in already volatile situations you can’t help but admire her.

The plot is fast paced and action packed at every turn. Friendships, families, demons and covens are all woven together with the quest for power alongside age old vendettas. Secrets are continually hinted at within the narrative, piquing the curiosity to impossible levels. While tiny puzzle pieces are revealed there is so much more to be uncovered causing a tightrope of tension as you read. It really is like watching the movie unfold in your head as you read.

I would dearly love to know how many books are planned in this series, so I can ensure I get my fix of The Darker Agency and especially Lukas ;)
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