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Unwilling #1


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Neely McIntire’s dreams warn her about the future but will not protect her from the danger hiding in plain sight. On graduation night, she plans to tell her best friend, Hayden Nelson, that she's in love with him. Instead, they argue. Neely's hurt feelings leave her vulnerable, giving her secret admirer, Andrew Huckley, the opportunity to put his mother’s monstrous plan into motion. When Neely gives in to her broken heart and pushes him away, Hayden knows he must fight to recapture the spark he felt in their last kiss. But will he find her in time to reverse the damage or will she be changed forever?

**This is the first of 3 books, it's recommended that they be read in order to fully enjoy the experience of the story**

341 pages, ebook

First published November 10, 2014

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About the author

K.D. Wood

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K.D. Wood lives in north Mississippi with her family and a very spoiled White Waug. She creates love stories and smoking southern erotica, but not your mama's happy ever after. She’s a consumer of chocolate but not spiders and completely composed of liquid awesome. When not in her office pounding the keys she can be found under a snuggly blanket, cup of coffee close by, with her nose in a book.
Follow her on Twitter at @KDWoodauthor, stalk her on instagram @K.D.Woodauthor, like her on Facebook, you’ll find her neglecting her blog at K.D.Woodauthor.blogspot.com, or email her at K.D.Woodauthor@gmail.com

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Author 2 books99 followers
July 1, 2016
I was very excited to read this book since I've read it's synopsis. So I started reading it as soon as I got it with that thought that I'll read a bit then continue reading another night.

Well! I read the entire thing in 3 hours! I honestly couldn’t put it down. The story just took me away and I just had to know what was going to happen next after every chapter I finished! It started of like a typical teen/new adult love story where boy secretly loves girl and girl secretly loves boy. Then there’s the third party, the typical other boy who will stir things up. I thought to myself, Oh yeah, I’ll settle in with a nice teen romance with paranormal twist thrown in somewhere.

THEN something happened and I was like: what the heck just happened?!? And after that it was history. I was caught hook, line and sinker. At the risk of saying a spoiler out loud, I have never been so annoyed with the lead female to the point of shouting: “Wake up!” and being drawn to the lead boy’s heartache throughout the book. Hayden IS the man.

Anyway, after all that I could honestly say: Grab a copy of this book and be as gripped as I was and be pleasantly surprised at how KD Wood will capture your attention. Well worth a read!

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November 11, 2014
Normally a paranormal romance isn't something I'd choose. But, in the case of Unwilling, I sure am glad that I did. This is one of those books that you think, as soon as I get to a good stopping point I'll go in and cook the kids some dinner, and they end up with pizza.

From the beginning the promise of a sweet romance between Neely and Hayden kept me going. Neely's time spent with Andrew at their graduation party is what hooked me. I quickly became attached to the main characters. Even "McCreepy" found a place in my affections.

For the first time ever I truly enjoyed reading a paranormal book. I just might become a fan of the genre if K.D. keeps writing books like this one. The worst thing I can say about Unwilling is that I'm disappointed in the fact that I have to wait to see what happens next!
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2,089 reviews148 followers
April 9, 2017

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

“Unwilling” was a surprise read for me. I knew nothing about the book or the author until I attended a writer’s conference. Wood spoke so passionately about her book, I just had to read it. I was rewarded greatly.

This beautiful written story was like a modern version of “Beauty and the Beast” meets “Alice in Wonderland”. The tale she spun was so creative and intriguing.

Hayden was my favorite character. He was a loyal best friend and even better boyfriend. Aunt Gee Gee, another favorite, was the embodiment of Southern charm—full of wisdom and spunk. She’d put you in your place faster than you could blink your eyes.

The character of Andrew left me on the fence. His personality was revealed slowly. By the story’s end, I still had formed an opinion about him.

One character I was definitely against was Neely. I was sympathetic in the beginning, but then she did a total 360 in attitude. Neely needed Aunt Gee Gee to put her in her place.

Wood has an awesome way with words. She can really turn a Southern phrase. ‘Holy Moses’, ‘yacked it back up’, and ‘What’re you, a disobedient puppy piddling on the rug?’ were some of my favorites. Wood handles words in such a way that readers get a real sense of the emotion behind them. You get a good image of each character.

Wood gives the reader some great vivid dream sequences. Not once did they detract from the story. Instead, each one enhanced the tale and gave me a real understanding of what was going on.

Overall, this was a fantastic story. It kept me turning the pages and grabbed my heart strings. It will test your patience, but in the end, you’ll love it.
November 2, 2015

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Wow where do I start?  Not at all what I expected!  The story was refreshing original.  I’ll admit there were times I wanted to throw the book in a corner and poke it with a stick to make sure it was dead and couldn’t get me.

I’d finish one chapter and be like “OMG I need to know what is going to freaking happen next!”  Then I’d finish another chapter and again be like “OMG I need to know what is going to freaking happen!!!!” lol.  You get the picture.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Ok I’m going to do my best to write this review without spoiling any of it for you.  So basically there are three main characters.  Neely, Hayden and Andrew.  Neely and Hayden are best friends that are secretly and madly in love with one another but too afraid to express their feelings for fear that it will not be reciprocated.  In comes Andrew.  He has been after Neely for years but she has yet to fall for his charms like everyone else.

After graduation and yet another failed attempt to tell him how she feels, Neely accepts a dance from Andrew out of pity and knowing that she will probably never see him again after this night.

In comes the strange part….Neely finds herself drugged and kidnapped by Andrew and his mother.  They perform a ritual on her but before his mother can complete it they are interrupted. 

Hayden is distraught when Neely comes up missing at the party and is determined that Andrew is behind it.  But mister cool calm and collected is denying everything.  When Neely is found, she is unrecognizable and in a deep coma.  Hayden stays by her side day and night.  Desperate for her to wake up.  He pours his heart out to her and admits his deep feelings hoping that some how she will awaken.

Only when she finally does she has no memory of Hayden and is convinced that she is in love with Andrew…told you it gets crazy!

Andrew is elated that his plan worked.  But he is more evil than you can ever imagine…there are parts in the book that might confuse you at first and you just have to keep reading for all of it to make since. 

Meanwhile Neely’s health is deteriorating and Andrew convinces her that he knows a specialist in NY that can help her.  She agrees to go with him and then to New Zealand to meet his family.

Ok in comes the HOLY @#&! moment that I can’t tell you about or it would completely ruin the story (and give you nightmares lol). 

When Neely she takes a part of Hayden with her.  Will he ever be able to save her?  Will she ever remember him again? The ending will surprise you…

Favorite Scene: New Zealand

Favorite Quote:

Dawn wasn’t far away when her fingers finally relaxed.  We’d spent the the whole night on the grungy carpet fighting her demons together.  I’d cried silent tears into her hair.  The questions I’d whispered into her ear was still thick on my tongue.  What happened to my girl? 
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82 reviews3 followers
November 2, 2014
Graduation was supposed to be the night Neely told Hayden, her best friend, that she loved him. Who knew the nightmares she'd been having for the last four years were about to come true.
Swept away into a her real-life nightmare, she is led to believe she loves the one guy she really despised, Andrew McCreepy.
Can Hayden find her? Can he help her remember her real-life, not the one that Andrew and his evil mother have led her to believe is real?
Will she ever break free from the nightmares or has her hell just begun?
The story of Neely and what happens to her is too unreal to believe. It is in that moment, however, that you are hooked till the end.
1 review
October 22, 2014
I am not an avid paranormal romance fan, but this book was amazing! K.D. Wood has an exceptional voice that will hook the reader from the first chapter. The relationship with Hayden/Neely/Andrew was an excellent triangle, which had me completely enthralled the entire book. She also paints a very vivid picture of the settings and emotions of each character, so you feel like you are right there with them. The book also had a lot of humor mixed in, so you were able to experience some comic relief as well. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading anything else written by K.D. Wood.
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2 reviews4 followers
October 24, 2014
Unwilling will take you down a twisted path and will make you shiver, then make you cry and want to hug Hayden. A gripping, throat choking read. I was hooked at the start and couldn't stop reading. KD, my spine is still tingling. What a great read!
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1,115 reviews48 followers
March 26, 2015
Be prepared to be shocked, thrilled and have your heart wrenched when you read it.

"Oh my God," Mrs. McIntire screamed. She'd dropped to her knees, the dark sand and water soaking into her jeans. "Neely!"
Mr. McIntire held his wife while she screeched her daughter's name over and over. "She's going to be fine, sweetie," he kept saying.
I really wanted to believe him.
"Is she on the other side?" I paced the shore. I couldn't see anything except a piece of driftwood lying at the water's edge. "I don't see her."
Mr. McIntire didn't answer, only pointed across the rolling water.
A log had washed up on the shore. It looked like maybe the water had rubbed all the bark off and left a naked, saturated trunk behind.
"Tell me where she is." Aggravated, I stared until my eyes blurred with stress. "All I see is a damn log."
"Son," Sheriff Mills said from behind me. "That ain't a log."

UNWILLING by K.D. Wood is an excellent read, but very difficult for me to classify. It's a paranormal, a romance, a horror, a mystery, a sci-fi, and, most definitely a nightmare of epic proportions with a heavy dose of inconceivable mythology. UNWILLING is the first book in a trilogy with the second installment scheduled to be released later in 2015. It was a bit out of my normal genre - which I would never have guessed from the blurb - I can honestly say that I've never read anything like this before.

There's a bit of a love triangle as it is the story of Neely McIntire and Hayden Nelson, who have been best friends throughout high school, and Andrew Huckley, a classmate of theirs.

The story opens seemingly as a sweet romance in a small town Mississippi bayou on grad night...So... what could go wrong? The chilling chain of events that begins on grad night will forever change each of their lives and leave the reader aghast at what happens.

My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Check it out here: http://www.readingbetweenthewinesbook...

4 1/2 Wine Glasses
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33 reviews3 followers
November 12, 2014
I was lucky enough to get an ARC of UNWILLING, but I was chomping on the bit to start reading this book!

UNWILLING takes you on an adventure of intrigue, mystery, and paranormal fantasy all mixed together with some real southern living, myths and legends, and just enough truth to make you, if not become a believer, at least wonder – could this happen?

You get not one, but two stories that intertwine like the leaves of a forbidden forest – drawing you in and never letting go. The angst starts in chapter one and doesn't let up. And just when you think you have it figured out, guess what… NOPE!

My heart raced, then broke, then raced again. I kept turning the pages, waiting to see what new twist was around the bend and loving every heart-wrenching emotion.

I found myself caught up wondering where Neely’s dreams started and her nightmares ended. It took me a bit longer to get into Neely, but as the story progressed I saw what a strong character she was. I sure as hell wasn't that empowered at her age. You want to shake her, point to the what should be obvious, and comfort her when all hell breaks loose. In the end, Neely shows you how to be strong even when you can’t tell friend from foe.

Then there is Hayden. *sigh* Talk about a tortured hero. And HAWT *fans self* You root for Hayden (at least I did) and admire his refusal to give up, even when all seems lost. Stubborn little cuss. Probably why I liked him so much. His devotion to Neely makes him so real and the interactions with his brothers (speaking from experience) is realistic as hell. Right down to the nit-picking and sibling rivalry.

Not going to spoil it for you, although there was this one chapter where Neely and Hayden kind of — *slaps hand over mouth* Phew! That was close! Let’s just say, DA-YAM slid out of my mouth more than once – and yes I did add the southern drawl to it for effect. (Much to my kids amusement.)

Do yourself a favor - GET UNWILLING TODAY!
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575 reviews41 followers
April 29, 2017
Unwilling by K.D. Wood is a paranormal story unlike any I have ever read. It is intriguing and inventive. This book really surprised me and I really didn't know what I was getting into. From the beginning I was left saying what the heck is going on in this book and then the ending where I was actually a little freaked out. This book seemed like it should be in the horror section as well but it also mythology. And it's well known that some mythology is downright disturbing at times. The New Zealand and Maori reference was cool and I enjoyed that a lot. The story bounces back and forth between Neely and Hayden so for me I made a point to see who I was reading about in each chapter. I would like to know more info on the mythology parts and how things came to be so hopefully other books touch on that. I feel like this book moved fast and kept you guessing as to what would happen next. I had a feeling about how it would play out and while I wasn't completely right I was still shocked when everything came out. I have to say though this book is probably one that will stick with me for a while because I just can't get over things. The writing was good. I didn't really feel like I connected with the characters but I think it's just because there was so much going on and things were moving so fast. I would read others in the series if given the chance. I did enjoy it and would rate it 4 stars.
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1,197 reviews250 followers
March 1, 2016
I was apprehensive when I first decided to read this book. This isn't my preferred genre, and I generally don't get into fantasy books too much. I didn't want to not like it. I am glad that I chose to pick it up.

This is a very unique and intriguing story. The fantasy element of this story is just that, an element. It isn't the whole book. I was pleasantly turning the pages from start to finish in this one. Between the sadness that consumed me at times and the smiles that I held during other times, this story kept my attention throughout.

The twists and turns in this story had my brain reeling. The plot is a little more out there in left field than I normally prefer, but it worked for this story. I don't think it would have been good with out being so out there.

I couldn't wait to get to the end of this story to see how everything was going to play out. By the middle of the book, I was greedily soaking in every word and in a hurry to turn the page to see what was coming next.

Even if this book isn't your preferred type of read, I still recommend it. This is a combination of love, friendship and fantasy. It is the perfect balance of all three that you won't be disappointed.
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97 reviews3 followers
December 19, 2014
Wow this book. I have never read anything quite like this before and it was fascinating. I was literally up all night reading because I just couldn't put it down. It snagged me right at the beginning making me all kinds of curious about how this story was going to go. I honestly never could have predicted what I got.

We have our three main characters in Neely, Hayden and Andrew. Recent high school grads Neely and Hayden have been friends for what seems like forever but Neely's always been a little in love with him too. Finally ready to tell him how she feels, she tries to speak to him at their graduation party and he doesn't handle it very well. Enter Andrew or as I like to remember him hilariously as McCreepy, Neely's creepy stalker. He takes advantage of her vulnerable state and initiates the downfall of Neely's life as she knows it with the help from his crazy monster mother. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a little different thrown into their reading repertoire you will thoroughly enjoy it.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)
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279 reviews8 followers
November 11, 2014
I received an ARC of this book from the author for an honest review. And honestly, it's the best book by a new author I have read in a long time. I had no idea what the book was about when I first started reading it. But that didn't really matter, because from the beginning, I was drawn into the story and I couldn't stop reading if I wanted to. This is a story about unrequited love and obsession with a little mystical folklore thrown in to make it even more interesting.
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159 reviews25 followers
December 3, 2014
OMG!!! I've got to say that this book is unbelievably awesome!!!! I am so impressed with the writing. Some of the scenes were totally creepy -which is a good thing since not much creeps me out:) The relationship between Hayden and Neely was so sweet and heartbreaking and genuine and the setting for the story was perfect. I loved it! Go read this book NOW! Will write more later once I process everything. An ARC was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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4 reviews3 followers
November 11, 2014
This book was amazing! I literally read it in one night, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!! I am not usually a paranormal romance reader, but I am So glad I read this book!!! It has just enough Twilight to draw you in, but also just enough home town to make you believe it!!! Having known KD most of my life, I am very proud of her!! I can't wait for the next book she releases!!!
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2,151 reviews40 followers
April 10, 2017
Unwilling was about Neely who dreamed about monsters. These dreams were referenced in italics between some chapters. Those dreams added a paranormal element to the story. The creature in the dreams seemed mythical. The mythical creature was part of a Mâori tribal legend.

The story was written in alternating points of view between Hayden and Neely. The story was primarily about Andrew and Neely yet Andrew's point of view was not included. The dreams or nightmares that occurred could have been their own story with the amount of times Neely encountered one. The content of these dreams and characters added to my confusion of the story. The story contained two parts. Part one consisted of Neely being kidnapped and transformed into something unrecognizable. Part two was about Neely taking on the love of another guy who was not Hayden.

I did not like how I was in a constant state of confusion reading this story. Nowhere in the description of this book did it indicate this was about a mythical or paranormal creature developed from ancient tribal history. There are elements of young love between two separate boys both pining for Neely's love. Both boys hope to have Neely's love. Hayden had to fight for her love. Andrew controlled her love.

This was a coming of age story about Neely undergoing physical changes to her body that were of the paranormal type which caused her body to react in unexpected ways speeding up her hormones. Neely was developing in both unnatural and natural ways that she was unaware of. The reader slowly got to piece together the weird circumstances of Neely's development.

I liked how Hayden never gave up despite watching Neely change. Hayden looked for clues to help piece together the mystery behind Neely's behavior.

Unfortunately, I was confused by the execution of this story. At times the author was working in a paranormal storyline while combining elements of a love triangle. The paranormal aspect was an odd addition at testing love between Hayden and Neely.
It was like invasion of body snatchers meets aliens using an eighteen year olds body to harvest.

The story progressed slowly with repetitive scenes. I felt liked I missed vital information about Andrew's connection towards Neely prior to him being with her.

I did not like not having Andrew's perspective. I felt his point of view would have added some clarity to the confusion I felt about his intentions with Neely. I did not like not knowing who Cana, the boy, and the monster creature was that Neely was dreaming about or having nightmares about. I did not like having this Mâori legend unexplained.
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3,332 reviews12 followers
April 29, 2017
Unwilling by K.D Wood a fantasy bringing four-star read. Unwilling is the first book in the Unwilling series. This is the 2nd book by this author I have read, and I have enjoyed them both, I plan on reading more as I find the writing both passionate and intense and so wonderfully written that they take you away to another world. This is a different genre that the other book I read, but both are equally well written.
Unwilling takes us on a journey of romance, passion, drama, angst and also takes you on a spine-tingling path of mythology and nightmares. The story keeps you hooked and won’t put you down until the last page, it will leave you wondering about many things, but one of them won’t be how good the book is. The story is told by duel point of view and is a young adult, but there are some very grown up matters dealt with in this story. There are so many characters in this story, we only get to hear about the main few but the development to them all is fantastic.
Neely McIntire has been having nightmares and what she doesn’t realise is that the nightmares are actually trying to warn her of a danger she will face. The story tells us that Neely has secretly been in love with her best friend Hayden Nelson for years, and she decides that graduation day is the day that she will tell him, she will confess her feelings. What she doesn’t realise is that he is also in love with her and plans the same, but fate out a roadblock in the way. They don’t get to speak when they planned and a young man named Andrew Huckley who has always had a secret crush on Neely steps in and takes advantage of the roadblock. Leading to a path that will change lives forever.
This is a hard hitting and story that will keep your heart in your throat, and you won’t be able to put it down. I would have loved to give it five stars and nearly did. But there was one thing that stopped me, maybe when I re-read it I will be able to see it better.
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1,723 reviews79 followers
September 7, 2017
Rating: 4/5

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Recommended Age: 15+ (slightly mature scenes)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This did not sway my opinion of the book in any way.

Neely McIntire's dreams warn her about the future but will not protect her from the danger hiding in plain sight. On graduation night, she plans to tell her best friend, Hayden Nelson, that she's in love with him. Instead, they argue. Neely's hurt feelings leave her vulnerable, giving her secret admirer, Andrew Huckley, the opportunity to put his mother's monstrous plan into motion. When Neely gives into her broken heart and pushes him away, Hayden knows he must fight to recapture the spark he felt in their last kiss. But will he find her in time to reverse the damage or will she be changed forever?

I never went to parties in high school, but if wanted to this book would scare me away from them forever. This book is a perfect Halloween book that details what happens to one of our protagonists one night after graduation. The story is perfectly told for the most part. The plot development and pacing is perfect, I loved how the dream moments were told and utilized, and I loved how vivid the characters were for the most part. Even the “villains” were very vivid and had some serious character development. The book was very well written and the book is very easy to read. On Amazon the book is suggested for those that are 18 and over. While there are some suggestive scenes and mild language, I don’t believe that the book should just be limited to 18 years old, but to those that can handle mature scenes in books.

While I did like this book I did feel that Neely’s character fell flat and that the dream sequence can be very confusing to understand in the beginning. I also want to point out if you don’t like books from multiple POV then this book might not be for you.

Verdict: I am a little disappointed in Neely’s character (although she is very confused throughout the majority of the novel so maybe there is a reason behind her behavior), but I believe this book would be an excellent Halloween read this season! If you enjoy being scared and like paranormal romances, then this book is for you.
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68 reviews4 followers
January 10, 2015
Set in small town Mississippi, Neely is the average girl next door whose focus is on young love and life after high school. Hayden is Neely’s best friend and he’s every bit as anxious to start his life after graduation. But the pair, each, have a secret to tell each other—and it takes the entire length of the book to find out what both are dying to say.

Unwilling is a book that should come with a warning label. At the outset, its main characters Neely and Hayden seem normal enough, until they begin to sink deeper into a dark and twisted plot that is reminiscent of your worst nightmare. And author, K.D. Wood throws us into this world very quickly.

The characters’ futures crash off course on the night of their graduation party when Neely dances with Andrew Huckley, a classmate affectionately known as “McCreepy”, and then disappears for hours. When she’s found, she is not the same girl she was. Thus, the quest begins to find out what happened to her and why—with Hayden vowing to figure out the mystery and Andrew bowing out of the situation all together. That is, until the real adventure begins.

This book had me intrigued from the title. “Unwilling” just sounds like a book that’s going to give you goose bumps, but once I got past the first couple of chapters, I realized that I had vastly underestimated this story. The twists and turns that I was taken through made me feel as if I’d been plucked from my own reality and dropped into the center of a corn maze on Halloween night. It was a never-ending whirl of love-induced drama, attitude and pop-up villains dipped in underworld mania. In short, there was love. There was amnesia. There were monsters. There was pain. And then there was a somewhat happy ending—though readers may have a different perspective on that point.

Though this was not a book that I would’ve thought I would like, it was certainly one that I could not put down. Where other books of this genre are oddly predictable and slightly unbelievable, author K.D. Wood dared to be different. Passion spilled from one page to the next, and the plot thickened with each plummeting disappointment that Neely and Hayden endure until the end. I recommend this book to anyone brave enough to face the demons of Neely’s nightmares to get to a cliffhanger readers dreams of.
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917 reviews41 followers
February 4, 2015
Holy Smokes! What did I just read?! This book really surprised me, because from the book blurb I NEVER would have guessed the direction it would take. 3.5 Stars!!

I don't even know how to talk about this book without giving away major spoilers. And I don't want to do that! I'm so glad I didn't read any spoilers, because if I had I may not have wanted to read this book at all. If I had known the paranormal element it was about, I would have immediately thought "B-movie" and would never have picked this up.

With a slow start, this book picks up steam and keeps rolling along. I was up until 2 a.m. because I had to see what crazy direction it would take. I honestly have NEVER read a book like this, with these specific paranormal elements, folklore. It was a very welcome change.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, some plot holes, lots of head scratching (for good and bad). I never really connected emotionally to the characters, and honestly didn't really see the characters emotionally connected to each other. When it came to the the relationships, there was a lot of tell, but not show, but the plot just kept pushing the story forward. Things happened very quickly, which made for some strangely disjointed paragraphs and chapters. Like they turn on to a highway, speak one sentence, and are suddenly at their destination, or a boy is in one chapter overseas, the next he's suddenly back in the USA, as though no time has passed. There's so much going on, that there were times when there was an info dump, where I would have liked to have seen the story fleshed out a bit more.

Some characters and events are mentioned, and never seen or heard from again (what exactly did you do, Ivan?) Some characters needed more explanation and bigger roles (Andrew's Mother, Masa).

The general idea would make a great movie, then a really fun Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode! It was campy, I don't think it took itself too seriously, neither should the reader. Just enjoy the shocks, the twists and the turns.

There is a bit of a cliffhanger (even though you do see it coming well before the epilogue). I really look forward to reading what's coming next, so I hope this author plans a sequel.
17 reviews1 follower
November 24, 2014
I recently finished this book. I was given an arc & asked to read for an honest review. Let me begin by saying that though I don't typically read this genre, I have read some of the latest paranormal series such as "Divergent," "the Hunger Games," & "Twilight." It is becoming obvious to me that I need to add many more books in this category to my reading repertoire, especially if they are as well-written & as entertaining as this debut novel.
This love story blew me away as it's so easy to fall in love with the characters, but what really made the story a page-turner was the author's skillful handling of tension. It starts immediately & continues to build & grip the reader from beginning to end. I kept thinking while reading that there simply couldn't be a "sagging middle," in a tale so infused with the drama & mystery inherent in the storyline, and I was so right! I especially liked the villain, Andrew, because of his multi-layered attributes of good & bad. Though he loved the heroine, he was too ingrained in his own selfish goals to be able to fully understand his own species' evil.
This book was so amazingly well-written and so creepily GOOD, that I simply cannot wait to read more by this author.
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200 reviews29 followers
April 12, 2015
I received a copy of this book in exchange for honest review from Lovers of Paranormal, a group on Goodreads.

This book was extremely hard for me to read. It was such a great idea with such awful execution. The writing was so choppy and very hard to follow. I was so confused about the plot and what was going on where throughout most of this book. Characters appeared out of nowhere, such as Neely's brother Kyle and both Andrew's brother and sister. And I'm still not exactly sure how any of the so-called plot twists even got into the original storyline. Oh look, it's your baby but had none of your DNA.... oh look, there be psychics in this family. Oh look, people are dead, oh wait no, just kidding! And who the heck is Cana? Also, it would have been nice to actually understand the paranormal creature in this book and not trying to guess about it by reading poorly imagined flashbacks or whatever those scenes were. Man, I'm even more confused now after trying to review this book when I was finished reading this book. Harsh, I know.

Overall, it was a very frustrating book to read and left me wishing I had rather not read it.
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February 4, 2015
I don't generally read books with paranormal elements (I exclude BDB here because they are stand alone f%@* awesome and I want it to be real) but thought I'd give it ago having followed this author on twitter and because her dog is so cute!

Anyway, I surprising really enjoyed it. I'll never look at my Kiwi friends and work colleagues the same again though.

I do like YA books if there is a great story line and not some standard college style romance of " I hate him, I love him , I hate him again" blah blah blah. This book is thankfully not one of those. Mystical elements and ancient storytelling are weaved into the pages of this book and got me turning the pages quickly so I could see where it all ends. EXCEPT THERE HAS TO BE MORE NOW!!

Don't get me wrong, The storyline does all come together by the end of the book but then Ms Wood throws in a 'one-liner' that can only lead the way for another book to be penned. Or else it's a cruel joke.
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July 30, 2015
This book was a crazy, wild, and emotional ride. It was a very good book, but at the same time it was very different. Neely is a young girl who is graduating and troubled by strange dreams. She disappears the night of her graduation and after that she is a completely different person.

This book had me to the point that I did not want to put it down. I just wanted to know what was wrong with Neely. I was so wrapped up in the story and the lives of the characters. I cried quite a few times because it could be very emotional. While it was a great read I still had to rate it a 4 because of grammatical issues. Throughout the book I found issues in spelling and as a reader and reviewer that is one of my big pet peeves.

Despite the issues in spelling, I'd definitely recommend this book. It is very fast paced and unique....Stormi


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May 12, 2015
Unique. Definitely unique.

I've never read a book even close to this one. It had me wondering what was going on several times and definitely kept me intrigued. I admit there were times when I thought it was a bit 'out there' but not in a bad way. More like, 'Where the heck is this going from here? I gotta' keep reading!' It was really hard to put down, and there may have been some dishes and laundry piled up when I was done.

I received a copy of this book through the Lovers of Paranormal group on Goodreads in exchange for an honest review, but I do think I'd buy this one. It pulled me right in and kept me engaged throughout. I'm sure I'll be checking out more from K.D. Wood.
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March 28, 2015

I'm incredibly speechless! This is unlike anything else you have ever read! It's the coolest thing I've ever read! Takes paranormal to a whole nother level! It was a jaw dropping read! It was beautiful and a little shocking but amazingly well done! This is something I can't explain except to tell you that it is a serious must read so you can see for yourself! I highly enjoyed it and hope to catch the next book because I gotta see how this plays out!
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March 9, 2015

Interesting story! I was totally wrapped up in the book! Ms. Wood had me so intrigued through the whole story! A strange and intriguing story! Very suspenseful and it kept me on edge! Worth the read!
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February 14, 2015
Wow. Amazing book. I didn't expect the storyline to be like that! Totally sucked me in and couldn't stop reading.
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April 22, 2017
Unwilling by K.D. Wood is a Young Adult book that has a little bit of everything in it, from romance to suspense to various emotions. This story is about love, tragedy and how you deal with all of it. This story has just a little bit of everything in it, anything from romance to suspense. You will enjoy how the author has created characters that are a little bit different but Young Adults will be able to relate to them. You will also enjoy how these characters connect to each other and really do just make the story flow until the end. These characters will take you on a roller coaster ride of different emotions including compassion. There was some confusing parts but in the end it all seemed to make sense. Find out what happens to these young adults that will change their lives forever.

Neely McIntire is a teenager that is having dreams about her future that are warning her about danger that is hiding in plain sight. What she doesn't realize is that what happens on graduation night will change her life forever. She has been in love with her best friend forever and graduation night is when she is telling him how she really feels about him. But an argument happens before she can even tell him. She doesn't realize she has a secret admirer, he is about to take advantage of their fight. What will happen she pushes her best friend away because of her broken heart? She does the only thing that she knows will make her feel better, she runs. How damaged is she? Will she ever be the same again?

Hayden Nelson has been her best friend forever and he has fallen in love with her. But when they have a fight about his future, what will happen to them? Will she ever know how he really feels? She pushes him away, what will he do? He knows the one thing he must do and that is to find the spark they created with that last haunting kiss. Will he be able to find her to reverse the damaged that was caused? Will he lose her forever?

Andrew Huckley has had a secret crush on her since he could remember. When she gets into a fight with Hayden, he makes a move. Will she be receptive towards him? Does have really have other plans for her? Will he take advantage of her situation to put his mother's plan in place?

This story is Neely and Hayden story but then you have Andrew who sticks his head in the middle of this. She is not necessarily a strong character but the story surrounds her and what she goes through. The other two characters are pretty strong and they relate to each other because they both have feelings for Neely. One wants to fight for her love and the other just wants to control her. Who will she choose? This story is more about Neely and Andrew and not so much Hayden's relationship with her. But together they all make this story work. These characters will have you sitting on the edge of your seat in one minute and questioning what was she thinking in the next. This is a love triangle story that has a twist of paranormal to it. Find out what happens to these three as they take on a journey of finding out who really has true feelings.

This is my second story by K.D. Wood. I enjoy how she brought a different type of story then the first one, I read of hers. I can't wait to see if there is more to this story and what she will create for us next. K.D lives with her family and spoiled White Wang in northern Mississippi. When she is not writing, you can find her under a snugly blanket with a cup of donut shop planting her nose in a book. This story will have you turning page after page, just waiting to see what will happen on the next page. These characters will keep you wanting to see what will happen with them and pulling for them to find what they are looking for. You will enjoy the paranormal twist that she has put in this story and its part of what is appealing in this story. I highly suggest you read this story as I know you will want to see what happens with these three characters as they start a journey that will change them forever.
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