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Good Omens

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A full-cast BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman’s celebrated apocalyptic comic novel, with bonus length episodes and outtakes.

According to the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, the world will end on a Saturday. Next Saturday in fact. Just after Any Answers on Radio 4….

Events have been set in motion to bring about the End of Days. The armies of Good and Evil are gathering and making their way towards the sleepy English village of Lower Tadfield. The Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse - War, Famine, Pollution and Death - are assembling. Witchfinder Shadwell and his assistant Newton Pulsifier are also en route to Tadfield to investigate unusual phenomena in the area, while Anathema Device, descendent of prophetess Agnes Nutter, tries to decipher her ancestor’s cryptic predictions.

Atlantis is rising; fish are falling from the sky; everything seems to be going to the Divine Plan. Everything, that is, but for an unlikely angel and demon duo, who have been living on Earth for several millennia and have become rather fond of the place. If they are to prevent Armageddon they’ve got to find and kill the one who will bring it about: the Antichrist himself. There’s just one small problem: someone seems to have mislaid him…

Adapted, sound designed and co-directed by Dirk Maggs (Neverwhere, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) this first ever dramatisation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s novel features a large cast including Peter Serafinowicz, Mark Heap, Josie Lawrence and Paterson Joseph.

5 pages, Audio CD

First published May 10, 1990

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About the author

Dirk Maggs

83 books124 followers
Dirk Maggs, a freelance writer and director working across all media, is principally known for his work in radio, where he evolved radio drama into "Audio Movies," a near-visual approach combining scripts, layered sound effects, cinematic music and cutting edge technology. He pioneered the use of Dolby Surround in BBC Radio. He was among the first nominees for the Directors Guild of Great Britain Outstanding Achievement in Radio Award, and in 2005 he was invited to become one of the first Honorary Fellows of the University of Winchester for his work in the dramatic arts.

From 2003 to 2005, Maggs produced new episodes of Douglas Adams' science fiction comedy series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, adapted from the novels based on the original radio series that Adams wrote. The books that Maggs adapted were written after the radio series ended its original run.

He co-founded Perfectly Normal Productions Ltd (PNP) with Paul Weir and Richard Adams to create compelling high quality popular audio drama in serialized form for delivery to personal digital players and cell phones.

Early in his career Dirk became known for directing adaptations of comic book storylines. He started in 1988 with the 50th Anniversary Man Of Steel docudrama Superman on Trial, carried on with a 50th birthday tribute to the Dark Knight: Batman: The Lazarus Syndrome. This was followed by The Adventures Of Superman, Batman: Knightfall, The Amazing Spider-Man and his final BBC Radio superhero series, Judge Dredd in 1995. Along the way his production of Superman: Doomsday and Beyond ("Superman Lives" in the USA) won the 1994 Audie Award for Best Dramatisation from the American Booksellers Association and Spoken Word Audio of The Year from Publishers Weekly.

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381 reviews17 followers
February 20, 2017
Typical crazy Gaiman stuff. Superb dramatisation, with a cracking cast just rollicking along through this crazy tale. Loved it. Hope R4 keep these coming, as after Neverwhere this time last year, I am seriously hooked.
Profile Image for Paul.
2,307 reviews20 followers
March 29, 2016
I'm not going to review the book here; I'm assuming that, if you're checking this dramatisation out, you already know and love the original book.

This dramatisation is fantastic. Well worth listening to for any fan of the original book. The adaptation is spot on and the casting is perfect.... Well, almost perfect. I didn't like Death's voice. It wasn't... final... enough for my liking. Don't let that put you off, though.

The author cameos were very good, even if hearing Terry's voice made me a little sad.
Profile Image for Devann.
2,434 reviews135 followers
September 3, 2019
A great adaptation of a great book! It's so interesting to look at the original book and the radio drama and the TV show and look at what they all have in common and also what was done differently in each. Also I love how everyone says that Crowley's voice in this is like way too smooth and sexy because I was listening to this for .5 seconds before I went, 'oh my god is that the guy from Black Books whose voice Fran masturbates to on the radio??' ...AND IT WAS. I feel like the TV show version is how other people really see Crowley but this cool version is how Crowley thinks of himself in his head ;)
Profile Image for Dawn F.
495 reviews65 followers
January 16, 2020
Any version of Good Omens is a good version <3
Profile Image for Tamara.
684 reviews200 followers
March 30, 2015
4,5 stars

EDIT: March 30, 2015
R.I.P. Terry Pratchett :( BBC Radio 4 is going to repeat GOOD OMENS as a tribute to amazing Terry Pratchett. It starts Monday the 6th, at 22:30 UK time. You can listen to it from anywhere in the world, using the internet, or an app (if you have only a phone/tablet). Make sure to listen to this BBC Radio dramatisation if you havent already guys!!

January 3, 2015
Currently you can listen to it for free at BBC Radio 4

Neil Gaiman introduces Good Omens

The six episode radio adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s fun apocalypse novel Good Omens is now on BBC Radio 4. All six 30-minute episodes (the last one is a bumper hour-long special) can be found on BBC Radio 4’s iPlayer, but beware that you’ll only have from three to four weeks (depending on the episode) to listen to them before they’re gone. I was really happy when I found out The BBC Radio iPlayer, unlike its TV counterpart, was available globally without restriction. So simply click the link I’ve shared above; all the episodes are there but remember, for a short time. For the first episode you only have 18 days left to listen.

The Premise: Good Omens tells the story of angel Aziraphale, who is also a second-hand book dealer and demon Crowley, who was once the serpent that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, and their attempts to stop the coming of the apocalypse and preserve their now comfortable lives on earth.

There's just one small problem: someone seems to have mislaid them. Unfortunately, Aziraphale and Crowley's job is made much harder by the actual son of Satan being switched at birth, the young boy they're tracking being just a regular child.

I thought the story was rather fast-paced and never had any dull moment. There were other bunch of people as well such as;

-Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell and his assistant Newton Pulsifier; also en route to Tadfield to investigate some unusual phenomena in the area,

-while Anathema Device, descendent of prophetess and witch Agnes Nutter, trying to decipher her ancestor's cryptic predictions about exactly where the impending Apocalypse will take place.

They were all trying to stop Armageddon taking place by trying to find and kill the Antichrist who will the one to bring about the Apocalypse but the fun begins when they are forced to face the fact that he is an eleven-year old boy and was raised pretty much as human.

The story isn't a bitter, apocalyptic affair though. Rather, it pokes fun at horror movies such as The Omen and the pre-millennial fears of the end times that spiked alongside a fascination with the prophecies of Nostrodamus.

The Cast and The Production Value:


This audioplay was perfect. It had awesome production value. I loved the voice-acting. I loved the sound design. All the voices were excellent, the effects were steller and the music (specially in the second episode) was brilliant!..

The Good Omens radio adaptation was directed by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio play‘s Dirk Maggs. He also directed Neverwhere. Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman were directly involved in the adaptation. They even had brief cameos ^^

The cast involves (yeah I googled them just for you, BE THANKFULL!) Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy, Shaun of the Dead) and Mark Heap (The Indian Doctor, Spy) as the book’s major characters, Crowley and Aziraphale.

Other notable cast includes Colin Morgan (whom I loved from Merlin), Louise Brealey (Sherlock), and Paterson Joseph (The Leftovers).

Pros and Cons:

While I enjoyed Aziraphale and Crowley as characters a lot, I thought their adaptation fell a bit short. I havent read the book YET but correct me if I’m wrong, arent they supposed to be the major characters? I felt like they werent emphasized as major characters much şn the audioplay. One minute they were there, next minute we had other set of characters.

I honestly couldnt understand why Aziraphale and Crowley as an angel and demon gave a flying fuck for the fate of humanity. A few lines here and there hinted they got used to being around humans but I wish it was explored more. Also, Crowley wasnt what a demon should be. I guess that’s kinda the point; why else would he want to subvert the Apocalypse but I need more information damn it! I’m sure after reading the book, I’ll understand their determination to stop the End of Times better. *sigh*

There were lots of good jokes and I enjoyed Crowley being wonderfully sarcastic (I LOVE HIM!!!) a lot. However, I think the humor wasnt as sharp as the book. I remember being said this was a really humorous book that felt like a comedy at some parts but this adaptation didnt feel like that. Or my friends were wrong, I dont know. I'll judge properly that part of the story when I read the actual book I guess.

Another problem I had was Adam. He was pure ANNOYING. I nearly gave 4 stars to this audio play because of him. You annoying little piece of crap.

Time to increase the sensitivity on your bullshit detector, people:
“Crowley: Did those children just defeat the four horsemen of the apocalypse?
I cant remember who: Giving their leader who he is, the outcome was possible…”
Excuse me what? That’s bullshit. Adam was just all ‘throw this, throw that.’ What the actual fuck? A 11 years old annoying child and his friends won against 4 horseman?

Only in a Neil Gaiman book that would happen hahahaha. So weird. He felt just too mature for his age, though. Pepper all the other childs were too mature too. I mean what the hell they know about life to give such good advices to Adam?

Random Thoughts:

- Published in 1990, Good Omens was developed after Gaiman sent an unfinished manuscript, titled William the Antichrist, to Pratchett and the fantasy author liked the quirky book so much he asked to come on board and co-write it with Gaiman. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

*bowns down to the Terry Pratchett*

You, sir Terry Pratchett are an amazing person. Thanks for making Neil Gaiman famous (he wasnt all that famous before this book, right?. I promise to check out some of your work. I’ll buy them. I’ll read them. I’ll recommend them. THIS I PROMISE YOU!..

- The BBC set up a dedicated Good Omens minisite, which hosts background material for the show, including graphic novel content and behind the scenes clips. Check it out at here.

Some of the artwork:

- When I heard the name Crowley my mind directly went to Supernatural.

You know, now I think about Supernatural’s whole angel/demon war/apocalypse certainly feels like a reminiscent of Good Omens. They even had a rebel angel and the rebel demon was named Crowley (who is my favorite villian. EVER.) They even had a brief antichrist episode, right? Hahaha. I got you Supernatural but I’ll forgive you for just this once cause you and me we can break up. I’ve been watching you for 10 seasons, damn it!..

My favourite demon and angel pairing is Castiel and Crowley from Supernatural but Aziraphale and Crowly from this one comes really close to being favorites to!..

- Damn it, am I going to get addicted to BBC Radio 4's dramatizations now? I like this multiple narrators thing. Maybe I should check out Doctor Who ones? The Eight Doctor's audiobook adventures seem really interesting, right?

- Well, obviously the book will always be better. I’m sure they had to cut some stuff. I sensed they did. Hence the reason why I gave 4 stars. Maybe 4,5. Ok 4,5. I cant help myself. I LUV THIS AUDIO PLAY.

-Ok, is it me or Neil Gaiman is just awesome at posing for his book interviews:

He always looks so charismatic ^^


I’ve heard so many good things about BBC radio version of Neverwhere which I’ve just found out that was a smash-hit and starred Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, Christopher Lee and Natalie Dormer. I’m sold already. I’ll definitely check that one out as well 

Profile Image for Gabrielle.
277 reviews41 followers
February 2, 2015
I hope that radio adaptations of Neil Gaiman's work become a BBC Radio 4 tradition, because these are absolutely delightful. The script shows a real love for the original text. The voice actors are all engaging, though Peter Serafinowicz may just be the MVP of the cast, as his Crowley stands above all others (ironic, considering his fallen status).

However, I felt that by the last two episodes, it became harder to follow the plot as it jumped between the various groups of characters. In this aspect, last year's Neverwhere was easier to follow as listeners. One other small nitpick I had were the American accents, as some of them sounded particularly bad to my North American ears.

These small complaints should not in any way deter you from listening to this adaptation. The magic of the original story by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman remains as present as ever. For a few days, it made my daily commute a little more...out of this world.
Profile Image for Jenny (Reading Envy).
3,876 reviews3,049 followers
January 22, 2015
Great adaptation of this book! While Adam feels like the focus in the book and audiobook, this seemed to better feature the angel/demon duo, kind of a sad end to a very civil war, soon to end with Armageddon.

Still too many uses of the word ineffable, but I think that's a joke.
Profile Image for Ceri.
284 reviews91 followers
February 14, 2021
I read the book of this (by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman) years ago, and watched the TV adaptation starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, which I loved so I thought I would listen to this radio dramatisation. I thought it worked really well in this format.

The premise, if you are unfamiliar, is that Arizaphale (an angel) and Crowley (a demon) are both on Earth, the one to keep mankind on a righteous path, and the other to tempt them off it. After a while a friendship of sorts springs up between them, in the way a work friendship might begin, and over time it has become something of a real friendship.

Now Satan has caused his son to come to Earth as a baby and when the child reaches 11 armageddon will ensue... Heaven and Hell want this to happen, but Arizaphale and Crowley are not so keen as they have become rather fond of Earth. Also, they have been keeping tabs on the wrong boy, and need to find him ASAP. There are one set of prophecies from years ago which differ from most prophecies in that they are all correct - the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch could help them find the boy and save the world, if they could only find them.

I thought this was an amusing and entertaining listen.
Profile Image for Silvia .
635 reviews1,402 followers
July 23, 2019
This was sooo much fun!!! I'd never listened to a radio dramatisation before but it really worked well and I even liked some of the voices and the acting more than in the show. I highly recommend to listen to it while it's available on https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04k...
Profile Image for Dawnie.
1,245 reviews128 followers
December 29, 2019
This audiobook or Radio dramatization was fantastically done. One of the best i have heard in a long time.
I defiantly recommend this version if you want to listen to the book, since it really is done very well and for the lack of better word choices, done in the old version, where the is an entire cast, background noises for driving in a car and all of those added little details that make it feel more like listening to a theater performance than just simply an audio book.

If i would only rate the performance and entertainment of the audiobook itself i would give it 5 stars without any thoughts, so worth the listen!

To the book itself i can't say a huge amount, only that i will have to reread it sometime to be really sure about it.
The reasons for that are multiple but mostly because for this type of book i always have to read it twice to really be sure if i enjoyed it or not, or if i just was entertained by the story itself and the little things i didn't enjoy as much where simply because i wanted to get faster to the parts of the story where everything was actually happening. So in a re-read i can see if some parts of the book are actually a little slow or a little overdone, trying a little to hard to be funny in a situation where its not necessary to be funny or if it was just because i wanted to get to the "good bits" of trying to find out what would happen next.

All in all it is a very entertaining story though. And i do love the idea of the entire premise that an angel and demon actually really enjoy humanity and what they are doing and wouldn't want it to end simply because where would the fun in that be?

If you don't a bit of religious humor and poking at some of the absurdities of it, i am sure you will at least enjoy this book, so give it a try!
Profile Image for Sissy Lu {Book Savvy Reviews}.
519 reviews50 followers
November 28, 2017
Gaiman is one of my absolute favorites, he has a whacky sense of humor and his storytelling capabilities usually astound me. Pratchett, although I have yet to read through his collections, I have read a few of his works and his quirky storytelling capabilities pair perfectly with Gaiman's.

This was an Audiobook I found in Overdrive and listened to while I worked, which allowed me to giggle through my working frustrations. I opted for the radio dramatization and I am so glad that I did. I feel as though the production truly brought the story to life.

The opening lines are ones that truly ensnared me, Crowley and Aziraphale are memorable characters that continue to be highlighted throughout the book. However, I feel as though if I had listened to the book itself I would have been lost about 3/4 of the way into it, mostly because there are pieces of the story that grows a touch dry. Crowley and Aziraphale truly were my favorite characters throughout the story and when it happened to shift to others it lost my attention, it was all important issues in the background which made the end result, but it still holds a dry quality that didn't seem to be present when Crowley and Aziraphale were at the forefront.

It is an interesting view of nurture vs nature - as Gaiman and Pratchett often do, they write satire and this one was rather interesting.

It was definitely a fun listen, though!

- Website - Facebook - Instagram -BookTube -
Profile Image for Jacquelyn Koh.
21 reviews1 follower
December 24, 2014
Currently listening to. Absolutely gutted to know that they can't cover the whole book. And hope one day there'll be an unabridged dramatisation, but this is entertaining as it is.

Peter Serafinowicz is perfect as Crowley and so is Mark Heap as Aziraphale.
Profile Image for Alexandra.
37 reviews
March 2, 2018
I hadn't read the book before listening to the dramatisation and was warned that it might be a tad confusing. But all it was, was awesome! I am completely blown away by the story, the dramatisation, and the cast.
Profile Image for Katie.
162 reviews12 followers
November 5, 2018
Regardless of how many times I've listened to Good Omens, I enjoy it each time. Pratchett and Gaiman wrote so well together, and this adaptation is perfectly casted. Peter Serafinowicz is a superb Crowley.
Profile Image for Wiebke (1book1review).
893 reviews496 followers
April 1, 2015
A wonderful adaptation of a great book.
Although you can fully understand the story from just listening to this I also recommend reading the book, as it is a treat.
Profile Image for Eli Claire.
528 reviews1 follower
January 5, 2020
This was a delightful first “read” of 2020 - loved the different ways the characters were portrayed (especially the voices of Crowley & Death), how the sound effects were used during certain scenes (especially the burning bookshop part), and how one of my favorite lines was interpreted! I have never before listening to a radio adaptation of a book, and I was not disappointed! Now to read the book again, watch the show for the millionth time, and then compare them all.
Profile Image for Diba Tano.
66 reviews32 followers
September 9, 2020
همه‌ی بخشای کتاب که تو سریال نبودن اینجا بودن، حتما اگر طرفدار کتاب بودید به این گوش بدید. پایانش خیلی بهتر دراومده بود. و به یه سری ریزنکته‌ها دقت شده بود.
شخصیت‌ها و رابطه‌ی کرولی و ازیرافل کاملا شبیه کتاب بودن. پیتر سرفینیویچ به عنوان کرولی محشر بود. جوزی لارنس تو این ورژن هم به عنوان اگنس ناتر و هم به عنوان راوی هست.
در کل یه آدیورامای خیلی خوبه اگر طرفدار اینجور چیزا هستید
نیل گیمن و تری پرچت یه کمیئو خیلی خوب داشتن.
Profile Image for Laura.
6,872 reviews556 followers
December 28, 2014
From BBC Radio 4:
Events have been set in motion to bring about the End of Days. The armies of Good and Evil are gathering and making their way towards the sleepy English village of Lower Tadfield. The Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse - War, Famine, Pollution and Death - have been summoned from the corners of the earth and are assembling.

Witchfinder Sergeant Shadwell and his assistant Newton Pulsifier are also en route to Tadfield to investigate some unusual phenomena in the area, while Anathema Device, descendent of prophetess and witch Agnes Nutter, tries to decipher her ancestor's cryptic predictions about exactly where the impending Apocalypse will take place.

Atlantis is rising, fish are falling from the sky; everything seems to be going to the Divine Plan.
Everything that is but for the unlikely duo of an angel and a demon who are not all that keen on the prospect of the forthcoming Rapture. Aziraphale (once an angel in the Garden of Eden, but now running an antiquarian bookshop in London), and Crowley (formerly Eden's snake, now driving around London in shades and a vintage Bentley) have been living on Earth for several millennia and have become rather fond of the place. But if they are to stop Armageddon taking place they've got to find and kill the one who will the one bring about the apocalypse: the Antichrist himself.

There's just one small problem: someone seems to have mislaid him...

With a cast led by Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap this is the first ever dramatization of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens.

Adaptation and sound design by Dirk Maggs.
Produced by Heather Larmour.
Profile Image for ke-sha.
329 reviews175 followers
January 26, 2015
So I listened to the BBC 4 Radio Dramatisation of this and really enjoyed it. I would have to enjoy it because you guys know how I feel about Audio Books.

But I loved the actors in this and their voices were awesome and if they ever make a live action movie they should keep the cast the same :)

I definitely want to pick up the physical copy and read it just to clear up a few things because I have a need to know ALL the little details Lol but im waiting until I find a copy that I want.

All in all. It Was Awesome!!!
Profile Image for Mark Congdon.
46 reviews3 followers
July 9, 2022
Made it about halfway.
It's an amusing premise, but as a Believer it is impossible to tolerate the flippant contradiction of biblical truth for long. There is a disturbing, not-so-subtle attempt to blur the lines between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, God and Satan. I enjoy both authors' works. This story provides sad insight into the nature of their hearts.
Profile Image for Katharina.
510 reviews92 followers
January 17, 2015
Like Gabs said in her review, I hope the BBC continues it's excellent radio adaptations of Neil's work. This was just as whimsical and hilarious and fantastic as the original, though I can imagine that it may get a bit confusing at the end if you haven't read the book.
Profile Image for Rachel.
213 reviews4 followers
February 21, 2021
I'm not a massive fan of Neil Gaiman books in general (I haven't read any Terry Pratchett) but I found Good Omens to be a very enjoyable read. Yes, the broad British humour in almost every aspect of the book, and the tongue-in-cheek nature weren't my favourite, but they were executed well. The plot was consistently interesting (and a brilliant premise!) and it kept me keen to read the next section, but I was disappointed by the way the plot ended - probably having read other books with Apocalypse plots, I had more expectations.

But I should probably have realised that this is just how Gaiman books work - suddenly something changes, and you realise maybe it's not realistic per se, like a big fantasy book, but it's trying to tell you something. It's a message. I'm the kind of person who gets annoyed when the message is being driven home to me too clearly, but I didn't mind the message in this book.

Most of what made this book great was its INCREDIBLE set of memorable characters, especially the main two supernatural beings. I've disliked some of Gaiman's generic characters in the past, and these two really exceeded by expectations. They were the kind of characters you'd like to spend entire afternoons with, just listening to them interact and tell you about their life. I wanted another book just to follow them around for longer - and a little bit because I was left intrigued as to how the plot might progress after the end of the book.

On top of this, I haven't read the physical book and this BBC4 Radio Dramatisation was my first experience of this book. From what I can tell, it's much more similar to the TV show (which I enjoyed the first few episodes of before my subscription to Amazon ran out hahaha) and the book is a little more tongue-in-cheek. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend the radio dramatisation because it was very well done with very talented voice actors and great dialogue making it clear what's going on without much narration.

To conclude, I have mixed feelings. But the mixed feelings are not bad.
Profile Image for Kate (Reading Through Infinity).
702 reviews405 followers
April 16, 2020
I haven't read the Good Omens novel, but after watching and loving the TV show, I found this audiobook on my library app and decided to give it a go. And it was pretty great.

This is a full cast dramatisation, so there are about 10-15 voice actors in every episode and everyone really got their characters spot on. The story follows the TV show plotline closely, with each audio episode pretty much mirroring each episode from the show. It took me a little while to get used to Crowley not being voiced by David Tennant (since he plays him in the show) but once I did, I really enjoyed this.

The one thing I would say about this is that because it's a dramatisation, there's very little narration. So if you haven't either seen the show or read the book, I'm not sure I'd recommend it, because I think it could be confusing. It seems like it was produced for people who are already fans of the novel, and it works brilliantly if you already know the story. But if you haven't read the book or watched the show, I'd recommend doing that before you listen to this.
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