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The Last Riders #7

Lucky's Choice

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Life dealt him a dead man’s hand.

Lucky had always led a life of service. Always put his life on the line for someone else, managing to survive by pure luck and skill. After bringing an end to a multi-state drug ring, he was finally able to live the life he had wanted as a Last Rider…

A good man would walk away and not touch the curvy woman who had been tugging on his heartstrings. Lucky wasn’t a good man. Therefore, the bad-ass biker in him had a choice: once again become the man he had pretended to be and stake his claim, or take the devil’s highway.

Some girls had all the luck.

Willa wasn’t one of them. All she wanted to do was give a home to the children she had made orphans. Instead, she found herself needing help from the man who had left the pulpit behind to embrace a life of sin.

Painfully shy and withdrawn she wanted a quiet life, a simple man, and well-behaved children. The last thing she had ever expected was for Lucky to want her size twenty body and show her a passion that would lead her straight to hell.

357 pages, ebook

First published July 27, 2015

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About the author

Jamie Begley

38 books7,433 followers
Jamie Begley is not your average Kentucky girl, and while she does like to cook her southern meals, this down-home momma prefers living in her biker and alien worlds!

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365 reviews7,054 followers
December 26, 2019
1.75 stars

this is my reaction for every book in this series so far:

there are sooo many tropes in this series that i avoid like the plague (sex with OW, h seeing H with OW, sharing, h becoming friends with the OWs aka the MCs "women"/whores) but once in a while, my curiosity gets the best of me and i end up reading books that are out of my comfort zone.

*sigh* so alas, here i am, regretting (but also kinda not regretting) beginning this series.

why do i kinda not regret reading this series, you say? i grew attached to the characters, the writing and story is actually pretty good, and my curiosity is STILL winning so, yes, im still going to continue to read the series. because let's be real, it is quite unhealthily addicting.

i honestly didn't mind all the unsafe things happening in the previous books because i didn't really care and i was in the mood where nothing can phase me. and besides, the OW scenes in the other books seemed so emotionless, short, and mechanical. it didn't seem like the H enjoyed it that much but that's definitely the opposite here.

i definitely had a lot of eyeroll moments and ew wtf am i reading moments while reading the previous books but after reading this? i genuinely hate Lucky (H).

don't worry y'all i gotchu. lemme show you why i hate Lucky:

➳ the prologue started with Lucky screwing OW Jenna and telling her her frosting is better than Willa (h).
Lucky watched Jenna ran a finger through the vanilla icing, lifting it to her peaked nipple.
"Help yourself," she teased.
Lucky bent over her, licking at the frosting until it melted against her flesh.
"Delicious," he said, licking the last dollop away before straightening.
He felt his cock jerk as he came in the condom he insisted he wore with Jenna or any woman when he fucked them.
"Better than Willa's frosting?"
Lucky leaned over her again, licking her nipple. "Much better."

apparently he was "lying" when he said this to the OW but does this scene seem like he was lying?

➳ orgy with this random OW, Rider, and Jewell and Raci. and this whole thing with this OW was so random? it served no purpose to the story at all and it was just there to be filler or something. this scene was too long so here are a few snippets:

Jewell writhed under his steady strokes as his hands gripped her hips, raising her ass off the bed so he could fuck her harder. She clawed at the sheets as his cock slid through her tight pussy. It never failed to surprise Lucky how good it felt to fuck her.

H says that he was thinking about h whenever he was with OW but does this seem like he was thinking about the h?


i agree with Dean Winchester. this is Y-U-C-K, YUCK.

... aaand another one from the same scene:
"You still want to suck dick?"
Anna's mouth opened, and Lucky drove his cock into it as he leaned over her, sucking her clit into his mouth, ravenously licking at it as if he had never sucked one before. His expert tongue had her convulsing with her orgasm before he could work his cock to the back of her throat.


➳ and another scene with Jewell (one of the women in the club) that was completely useless. i have no idea why the author even added this. it's disgusting . this is another long scene btw so here's a little snippet:
"Fuck me!" Jewell chanted over and over while he thrust his cock inside her as he kept spanking her with his knife. Once her ass glowed red, he threw the knife at the headboard, burying the tip into the dark wood while he buried his cock in Jewell's clenching pussy as she came.

this scene alone CONVINCED me that the H enjoyed sex with OW more than his vanilla sex with his wife/h. so again, why the hell was this a good idea to add to the book?

➳ the foursome H had with Stori, Raci, and Ember literally the same night he and h shared their first kiss. thank god this was fade to black scene cuz i couldn't handle another full-on scene with OW(s). but again, why did this need to happen? what purpose this add to the story? this just made the H completely 100% irredeemable and unlikable to me.

so overall,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

i never say anything negative towards those who write the books but i just thought it was a really bad decision when the author wrote those VERY DETAILED and VERY LONG scenes that were prolonged with OW. i really don't get why these had to be shown in that capacity a few times. it doesn't make the book sexy, in fact, it makes the readers disgusted with the H considering how the author wrote it in a way that H enjoyed sex with OW more than with the h.

i mean, you know there's something wrong in a book if the OW scenes are way steamier than the scenes with the h.

so again, i have no idea why the author decided to include the long ass OW scenes (or any OW scenes) because it honestly just made the H's proclamation of love ingenuine and tainted.

but on the bright side, THANK GOD BLISS IS GONE.
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482 reviews768 followers
August 17, 2015

Finally its Pastor Dean *cough!* LUCKY's turn!






Heck.. after reading SHADE, I think we already know its Willa.. *cross fingers!*

We'll see how this turns as LUCKY "thinks" his ideal type are sluts.. and even thinking of marrying one. LOL. The sluttier, the better eh? :P


5 Lucky Stars!
Hands down the second best book in the series!
February 14, 2017
#1 (Ginormous) REASON Lucky's Choice DESERVES 3 STARS.


That's right peeps. I'm giving a Begley book 3 whole stars! So, without further ado, I present to you:


The #1 (Ginormous) Reason Lucky's Choice Deserves 3 Stars:



Until she blows someone into getting her back into the club again ...

Which ... C'mon!


But until she does:


*Deep. Satisfied. Sigh.*

Alright! Alright!



There's no chance in HELL I'm EV-AH reading a Bliss book! As far as I'm concerned, she’s DONE after THAT scene! I don’t care HOW "painful" her unrequited love for Shade is! It’s NO excuse for acting like a SPOILED, SELFISH, INSENSITIVE BITCH TO OTHER WOMEN; ESPECIALLY WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT KIND TO HER!


A shit ton of the blame for Bliss’ continued & escalating bad behavior is a DIRECT RESULT OF THE WAY THOSE PUSSY LAST RIDERS DEALT WITH HER UNFORGIVABLE TREATMENT OF THEIR WIVES! Those dumbasses either used SEX to punish a woman who THRIVES on the attention she receives from MEN who have SEX with her; or, they THREATENED to NEVER have sex with her EVER again EVERY time she behaved badly, then IMMEDIATELY had sex with her AGAIN, & AGAIN, & AGAIN despite her REPEATED HORRIBLE TREATMENT OF THIER MUTHA FRACKIN' OLD LADIES!

I mean...


But WHATEVER! That's a discussion for another day. Until then...

Lucky's Choice (Last Riders #7) by Jamie Begley: 3 "Ding Dong The Whore Is Dead (or close enough anyway)... (at least until the Last Rider pussies let her blow her way back into the club again)" Stars!

For information about my rating system, see my profile page.
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423 reviews110 followers
September 6, 2015
Repulsive trash!

This author excels at writing the most stupid mindless brainless women in existence who allow their "men" to continually humiliate and degrade them.

And the overused over copied reason why Lucky screwed around for YEARS on Willa ?(which also happens to be the "go to" for all the men in this series):

“I’m going to tell you something that’s not easy for a man to admit. The only way I could touch that woman or any woman was to pretend it was you under me. That doesn’t make it right, and it’s pretty shitty, I know, but it’s the truth. I fucked up with how I treated you from the beginning."

Yeah, he screwed around with all those women EVERY NIGHT because he wanted her? Really? Then why wasn't he chasing her instead of every other woman! Was someone holding a gun to his head forcing him to bang these women? Of bloody course not, was someone forcing him to have 2somes, 4somes, full on orgies? Yeah, exactly.

OH, how flattering to her....knowing he had his d@@@ in practically every female around while keeping her on "ice"....disgusting pig.

There is no love, or emotional connection in any of these books, the men are sluts and the women are sluts. It's just all very seedy orgies non stop between immoral and repulsive men & women. In the real world they would be dead from some horrific STD!
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199 reviews14 followers
August 3, 2015
I dont ususally write reviews of books I didnt care for but this one I cannot keep quiet. First of all this is book #7 in the series and i think I have struggled with them since Knoxs book. One of my main issues is that these women all act like stepford wives...none of them are comfortable with the situations they are in. Wnter wont look anybody in the eye..lily runs when anyone talks about sex..Beth still turns bright red and Rachel covers her head with a blanket and wont come out..so basically none of them LIKE where they are at and what goes on and dont get me started with the chicks who still live there and give the wives shit. So Finally Im thinking One of these characters has got to have some growth here and When Lucky made his choice to have Willa Instead of club I was like WELL OK a man with some balls...then nope right back to the same old formula every other book has..DOORMAT no self esteme does good for her MAN! UGH..BORIIIING! The other issue I had was personal in the sense that there is NO WAY a pastor and His devout shy wife would be ok with the contradictions in their faith I mean it was SO contradicting it bordered on ridiculous! Now I know this is a book and not real but come on. Thesebooks are the same formula over and over no Growth of characters, spineless women who act totally ignorant and now they are having kids..ugh..Killyama is the only chick with any sense and Im sure she will shortly be turned into a club stepford wife soon
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551 reviews61 followers
October 19, 2016
This one was a disappointing read. Lucky went from a charismatic handsome preacher to a complete asshole...and not in a good way either. Willa oh Willa, I thought Diamond was the weakling but you got her beat by a long shot. The characters lacked any chemistry or credibility for being together.
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343 reviews322 followers
January 20, 2016
Well this biker bitch (me!) sure is happy because whenever Jamie Begley releases a book about one of the Last Riders I'm in biker heaven :P


If you haven't read The Last Riders series and love MC novels you should totally give it a try because this is one of the best biker series I have read...and I have read a lot ;)


We finally get Lucky and Willa's story :D Who are they? If you've read the series you already know and if not...well...


Lucky is the Vice-President of The Last Riders and has worked (in the previous books) as an undercover agent posing as the town priest. Now his back with his brothers and after years of abstinence (in the name of the Lord) it's a fuck fest in there :P


Willa is a good girl that has suffered a lot in her life and has serious self-esteem issues because she's plus size. Now because of an unfortunate accident she has 5 kids to look after that aren't even hers.


On paper this two can't work but when they finally come together they somehow make it work...even if Willa is a and Lucky sure likes his during sex ;)
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3,317 reviews429 followers
November 18, 2015

I've read all Last Rider books and as you'd expect I've liked some more than others 'Shades Fall' and 'Shade' I've absolutely loved, the last book 'Cash's Fight' was a huge disappointment, so much so that I briefly, very briefly considered not reading this one mainly because while I'd loved Lucky as Pastor Dean I didn't really like him as Lucky and from the bits we'd seen I really didn't want him to get Willa and I knew that for this book to work I had to be given a reason why he's been so awful to Willa.
Yes, we're given a reason and yes this book does work, Lucky won me over, who am I kidding he more than won me over I love him.
We get loads of our favourite characters including a little cameo from Penni, can't wait for her and Jackals book, anyway this book just works, Lucky is fabulous and Willa has a few surprises up her sleeve and there's a scene which proves Ms Begley has listened to a lot of her fans, so thank you Jamie.
I still can't believe how much I enjoyed this book, who'd have thought I'd grow to love Lucky and while I didn't think it was possible to love Shade any more, I was wrong, it is and I do.

#### ok it's seems like ages since I read this I'm wanting more now.
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27 reviews
December 4, 2015

“The clubhouse isn’t about the sex, Willa. It’s about the brothers having your back when you need them. That’s why people in the military have such a hard time adjusting when they get out. They’re used to that camaraderie, being up each other’s ass all the time. We’re LONERS, and we respect each other’s privacy when we need it, but it’s nice to be able to walk into a room and be surrounded by friends just sitting around, shooting the shit, drinking a beer.

~ Meriam-Websters Dictionary


Let's see, The Last Riders,

Live together, eat together, sleep together, shower together, work together, work-out together, party together, have sex together, watch TV together, shop together, spend holidays together, build their houses on the same property together, & would probably die together if they could.

Does that sound like the actions of people who are “often alone or who like to be alone”?


The Last Riders are the LEAST independent group of men over the age of 21 ever; both in fiction and reality. They’re like aging frat boys who refuse to grow up and live mature, autonomous lives. Which would be fine if they weren’t continually described as “LONERS” (which they are NOT).
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1,181 reviews286 followers
April 18, 2017
2.5 - 3 stars. I admit, I'm a bit disappointed.

I skipped the previous book just so that I can get to Lucky's story faster, I couldn't wait to see how he and Willa end up.
Maybe I was just too eager (or maybe I've read too many MC books one after the other) but this one wasn't what I hoped it'd be. I didn't feel a great chemistry between them and well, frankly, I expected Willa to be a badass. She wasn't...
And Lucky wasn't really how I hope he'd be either.

It had its great, fun parts, and this is still an excellent MC series, just don't get your hopes up when reading this one or you might end up like me: disappointed.
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1,256 reviews211 followers
August 30, 2015
All I can think off after finishing this book is that Bliss will be getting a story with Drake and my response is HELL NO I will not be reading that!!!
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4,006 reviews439 followers
February 12, 2021
3 ⭐⭐⭐ - OK decent reads.
UPDATE: Reread 07 February 2021

Rereading the author's books in the order indicated by her while I wait for Gavin's third book.

The 3 stars go to the scene in which our heroine creates a backbone and reacts to the abuse of her shy personality by people in the club. And our "walking vagina" aka Bliss gets kicked out of the club. It was a "bliss", lol!
Our hero is the same as always, he fucks everything that breathes and moves and is an asshole.
Did you notice that the women in the club are judgmental in the way that our heroine likes to serve the hero? They don't want to be judged on their choices, but they are quick to judge Willa. Hypocrites!


==>Re-read July 15, 2017
==> Re-read March 27, 2016
==> Read July 28 to 30, 2015
Review in Portuguese and English.
Eu tenho uma relação de amor e ódio com esta série. A autora escreve bem e definitivamente me fisgou no universo criado por ela. Então eu sempre acabo voltando e lendo o novo livro da série.
As heroínas desta série são fracas e de pouca personalidade e Willa não é diferente. Somente no final do livro ela demonstrou ter back bone. A cena foi a melhor do livro inteiro.
A vadia Bliss continua tão odiosa como sempre e espero que tenha sido o fim dela na série. Não pretendo ler nenhum livro sobre ela.
A história foi boazinha mas não é nenhuma obra prima. Mas eu recomendo a todos que estão acompanhando a série.

I have a love-hate relationship with this series. The author writes well and definitely hooked me in the universe created by her. So I always end up going back and reading the new book in the series.
The heroines of this series are weak and with little personality and Willa is no different. Only at the end of the book she demonstrated back bone. The scene was the best of the entire book.
The bitch Bliss continues so odious as always and I hope it was the end of it in the series. I do not wish to read any book about her.
The story was good but it's no masterpiece. But I recommend to all who are following the series.


“You jealous bitch.” Her hand flew out, smacking Willa across the face before Lucky or Shade could stop her."

"There was nothing more embarrassing than when a popular man realized the fat chick had a crush on him."

==>FUCK FEST!<==

"Anna’s eyes narrowed in jealousy as Raci and Jewell strode in barely clothed and jumped on the bed."

"Lucky moved to Jewell, taking her hand and tugging her closer to his body until her breasts were pressed to his chest. “Let’s go to my room,” he murmured seductively."

"Bliss was wearing a black leather halter top with a pair of low, hip-hugger blue jeans that showed the top of her ass when she leaned forward to hug the rider."

“The only thing I want on my dick right now is your mouth,” Lucky groaned. Jewell lifted her head, giving him a seductive smile."

"Stori and Bliss came into the kitchen. “Going to Ohio in the morning,” he told them. “You girls want to be the ones to give me a send-off?”


"She was pulling the chair out when Bliss rose, carrying her plate away without a word and sitting down at another table. “Did I do something wrong?”

==>JUDGMENTAL BITCH! They want to be accepted without judgment but are the first to not accept the way of life of others. Everyone has to fit in promiscuous mode of their life without question.<==

“That woman needs to grow a backbone,” Winter said, glaring accusingly at Lucky."

"Winter made gagging noises, which she stopped when Viper sent her a stern look."

“Yes, he was.” Jewell’s sarcastic voice didn’t make it seem like a compliment, and Willa frowned."
"Jewell put her fork down on the table. “You’re kidding, right? Do you know what century this is?”


"Bliss shot her a hateful glance, brushing past her without a word."

"Bliss shrugged as she went to the refrigerator. “I knew Willa would have it under control.” She waved her hand at the food laid out on the counter. “And I was right.”

“Careful, you almost burned me.” Willa hadn’t been near enough to burn her, but Bliss’s harsh comment rattled her."

"Going back to the double oven, she leaned over to pull out the tray of biscuits. “That’s not a sight I want to see first thing in the morning,” Bliss said nastily from behind her. Willa’s face flamed at the insult, aware the whole room had heard the comment."

"Willa watched in horror as Bliss’s hand went to set down her orange juice, deliberately sliding it forward and knocking over the cookie jar that Willa had filled an hour ago with Lucky’s cookies. It shattered on the floor in a thousand pieces, which was exactly how many pieces her heart broke into."

“Friends!” Bliss yelled at her. “Friends don’t stab each other in the back.” “How did I stab you in the back?” Willa asked, thoroughly confused. “You fucked Shade! I saw you go downstairs with him! You stayed down there a long time in the bedroom. Does Lucky know you fucked Shade on the same bed you do him every night?”

“Does Lily know?” Bliss gave a bitter laugh. “He wouldn’t cheat on Lily with me, but he did with you. Do you want to know the funniest part? The night before Lucky was supposed to leave for Ohio, he wanted me to fuck him, and I didn’t! I turned him down because you made me that fucking candy. He fucked Raci, Ember, and Stori all night, instead."
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83 reviews18 followers
November 30, 2015
A lot of cons this time around:

The religion aspect exponentially decreased my enjoyment of the book. So minus 1 star for that.

I disliked that Willa found out about the bet at the end and just... let it go. Have some self-respect, you were bet on like a toy. minus 0.5 star

Willa didn't have a backbone till the very end-ish of the book. Also, believing in god and religion and what not does not mean you forgive people for shit they did to you and pray for them. For every action there is a consequence, when you take out the consequence, you leave no learning curve, so not much is going to happen if you pray for that person. minus 1.5 star

I actively disliked Lucky. You don't want her but no one else can have her. WTF? minus 1 star
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2,369 reviews421 followers
February 5, 2018

Almost gets bumped another star for the following scene, but couldn't do it. No, the big bad biker in preacher's clothing isn't the reason. Lucky is actually decent to Willa after a while, it's Willa's turn-the-other-cheek to worthless Sissy and a few others. But for those that want to see where the worm turns with Willa and Bliss gets her due, this is for you....

“It stops now! Do you hear me?” This time, Willa yelled at the whole room of onlookers.

They all nodded in unison.

“That chore list sucks! If I want to cook and manage this kitchen, then I’m damn sure going to do it! Okay?” She glared at Viper.

“Knock yourself out.” Viper’s concession didn’t slow her down.

“If I want to do it, I will,” she snarled at her husband who was about to protest. “If it gets to be too much, I’ll tell you.”

“One person can’t do it all. You can’t handle this kitchen and your baking business—”

Willa cut him off. “I don’t plan do to it alone. I plan to hire someone. Ginny can quit the diner. She hates it. Everyone can keep their freaking clothes on while she’s in the house for a few hours a day. Everybody should pick the chores they want to be responsible for. If they don’t get done, dock their pay and give it to Ginny to pay her for doing them.”

“We usually vote on…” Viper began then stopped at her glare. “We’ll try it on a trial basis.”

Willa went to the pantry, taking out the broom and dust pan, angrily sweeping the broken glass and cookies up jerkily.

She pointed the handle of the broom at Raci. “If I want to wash dishes by hand, I will. It relaxes me.”

Raci jerked back as the broom handle nearly tapped her nose. “Okay.”

Willa dumped the glass into the trash can before turning her heated glance toward Winter. “And if I want to fix my husband breakfast and wait on him because it makes me feel good, then I will!”

“But, it’s archaic—” Her teeth snapped together at Willa’s glare. “All right.”

Stori moved out of Willa’s way as she put the broom and pan back in the pantry. Willa shut the pantry door then stopped in front of Stori, pointing her finger at her chest. “If anyone is going to make my husband’s lunch, it’s going to be me. If I’m not here, then he can fix it his own damn self.”


Willa looked at her watch, realizing she was going to be late for work, and she hated being off schedule. She was almost out the kitchen door when she turned around.

“And, Rider, put down the freaking toilet lid in the half bath when you’re done, dammit.”

“I’ll remember that.”

Her tirade wasn’t over as her gaze focused on Jewell. “Do you see a nose on my face?”

Jewell gave her a strange look, nodding her head.

When Willa slammed her hand against the kitchen door, sending it flying the rest of the way open, Jewell hastily moved out of the way so it wouldn’t hit her when it swung back.

“I want my perfume back. It’s been missing since the day I moved in, and I smell it on you.”

She stormed out the kitchen door, still yelling her angry volleys over her shoulder as she headed toward the front door. She was going to get The Last Riders under control, and if not for good, then it would at least be until her and Lucky’s house was built.


The kitchen was silent as they all listened to Willa’s shouts from the other room as she left.

Lucky saw Moon open his mouth to reply when he heard Willa yell at him to get his boots picked up off the floor.

“Don’t say anything. She might come back,” Winter whispered.

Moon closed his mouth, flinching at the sound of his boot hitting a wall, which had them all staring at each other in trepidation that she would come storming back into the kitchen. The slam of the front door had more than one member giving a sigh of relief.

Raci went to stand by the back door. “Do you think she’s really gone, and she’s not faking us out?”

After several seconds, Viper opened the kitchen door, looking into the other room. “She’s gone.”

“Thank fuck.” Jewell sat down shakily at the kitchen table. “I thought she was going to kick my ass.”

“Mine, too.” Winter’s hand was trembling as she lifted her coffee cup to her lips.

The tension in the room didn’t dissipate with Willa leaving, though.

First review
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this disgusting manwhore POS to the lovely but feeble and pathetic doormat.



I don't approve of slapping people as it is too humiliating (with the obvious exception when a tiny h plants one on one of our resident alpha-romero Spanish/Italian/Sicilian/Brazilian arrogant asshats), but an exception needs to be made for frickin' Sissy. Slap the taste out of her, Willa!

And, now that Shade is getting a little lovin' from the love of his life, he seems to have acquired a sense of humor. It's at the expense of everyone else, but still. Nice to see life in the old boy.

Very bad spoiler. I didn't DNF soon enough.

I ended up finishing and bumping back to two stars. Still not sure, but there was redemption. Literally.

Lucky was in several other Last Rider stories. He was the undercover preacher. In the last half, of the book, he returns to his roots and jumps back into the pulpit. Jamie Begley went full out on this as he struggles with being in a MC gang and how does this jive with being a man of God. Lots of Bible quotes. There is also a huge reversal in his treatment of the heroine who becomes the love of his life.

Reservations as a reader as it is such a 180. MC gang club manwhore reformed into Bible beating, Scripture quoting monogamous Preacher?
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3,147 reviews1,899 followers
July 31, 2015
3.5 Lucky Stars

I honeslty have no idea what to say about this book because my feelings are all over the place.

Lucky, a.k.a Pastor Dean, is now back with his club and living the life he missed while undercover as the towns Pastor. Back on his bike means back to his asshole ways and being a dick to everyone. Also means fucking all the girls around the clubhouse. After being told that Willa had a crush on him he is an even bigger ass to her, trying to push her away. He doesn't want her to have feelings for him and definitely doesn't want to have feelings for her.

Willa is still an amazing baker and still fostering Lewis' kids, feeling guilty for killing their father. She's shy and get's nervous around Lucky, but she kind of hates him. Being shy doesn't stop her from telling him repeatedly that she hates him, though. Lucky is fine with that and only feels a little guilty when he's so mean to her. But when he see's other guys giving her attention he becomes jealous and wants to make those other guys stay away from her. And when she needs help keeping the kids, he wants to be the one to help her, no matter what he has to do.

What made this book amazing:
Lucky, when not being a total dick, was a really sexy and even sweet character. I liked that he would do anything to protect Willa, even if it meant going back to a life he didn't want. Did I mention sexy? 'Cause he was! Ugh I wanted to lick all of those tattoos and have my wicked way with him! The change that we see in him once he stops fighting his feelings made me love him. He became so caring and more protective, and just all around (you guessed it) sexy

Willa finally found her back-bone and I was cheering her on as loud as I could. She went off on people and started yelling at them for the silliest things. I was laughing so hard and had to re read that part over again. I was really glad that she stood up for herself finally and made people see that she wasn't being walked all over, she genuinely liked doing things for people. I loved that about her, that she was just so nice and helpful and at first it came off as her being a pushover, but then we see that she just really likes to help.

I loved that the other members are still heavily involved in the book, especially Shade. I loved that we got to see more of him and how loyal he was. He really helped Lucky and Willa get to where they needed to be in their relationship and he was a really good friend.

Lucky still had an enemy from his days in the military and I really liked the suspense that added to the story. I wanted to know what happened so bad, and then when I found out I wanted to kick some ass!

What annoyed me:
I eventually liked Willa a lot, but in the beginning I wanted to slap her. She had body issues, and I get that, but she was constantly pointing out how pretty other girls were. She would mention all that she had done to look like them, by changing her hair, and dieting a lot. It got to be really annoying and I wanted to see where she finally got confidence in herself, but we didn't really get to see that development.

She was constantly doing this mumbling thing, where she would mumble a word or a sentence to someone and then when they asked what she said she would make up another word/sentence. At first it was funny, but after about ten times it got old real fast. Every time she did it I had an urge to choke her!

I didn't understand the time jumps. A lot of the beginning of the book is Willa and Lucky still denying their feeling, but then when they finally get together and he asks her out, it skips a couple of months into their relationship. I waited all that time to see them get together and then we didn't even get to see their relationship starting out! And it happened again

This is my own personal issue, but all of the scripture quoting was getting on my nerves. Yes he was a Pastor, and they both had grown up in religious households, but I had to skip reading all of those. When Willa was trying to help Lucky and she was just quoting the Bible, I wanted her to actually talk to him, not just quote some stuff. Maybe it's because I'm not religious at all, and have been pushed off the path of religion after thirteen years of catholic school, so this will probably not bug anyone else.

I gave this 3.5 stars because it wasn't bad, and kept my attention but I just had annoying times. Overall, the story was amazing and the characters were great by the end, it just had a rocky start for me.

Not safe!This book doesn't have cheating, but there are descriptive sex scenes between the Hero and women who aren't the heroine. If this bothers you, either don't read, or proceed with caution. And if this isn't something that bothers you...
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Want to read
October 14, 2014
I can't wait to read it OMG. Please be Willa. Please be Willa!
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March 24, 2017
Re read.
My Willa


I need this right now....my bio is my pix is what lucky looks like. How about killyama for him,,,

Wow I can now change my bio picture. I love lucky and I keep forgetting its pastor dean I'm reading about. Willa licks ass, especially when she flips her shit and has the whole crew shaking. Lol I loved it...
Shade, I can read 10 more books about him. Really he is the one who keeps them together and is the mastermind knowing what each needs. Rider, man he needs to get the next book. He needs to meet his female version. Too bad shade doesn't have another sibling.
And please please I feel a tiny tiny bit sorry for bliss. Not enough that I need to read her book but jewel is the one that should end up with rider. I freaking love her.
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February 6, 2016
I cannot stand cheaters and I try to stay clear of books that will have cheaters in them. When I say cheaters, I mean when the Hero or Heroine cheat on each other. Saying that though, along the same lines, is reading sexual scenes between the main character and their whore IN EXLICIT DETAIL – it results in me doing a mental cringe and skipping. However, if it was the exact same scene but WITH THE HERO AND HEROINE…then there is no problem and I love it.
Its really hard for me to read scenes of H f***ing whores when he is supposed to have feelings for heroine. I can understand when H doesnt want to admit his feelings but what I DONT WANT is to read IN DETAIL his sex scenes with other women…it makes it harder for me to like him and enjoy the scenes. I don’t want to hear/visualise HERO getting off with Other Women/Woman in THAT MUCH detail.

Tip for writers:
•Please remember who you are writing for
•When doing 'sexy' scenes...make sure it’s between the hero and heroine...and if it does involve other people BESIDES the H or h....keep it BRIEF!!!!!!!
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August 3, 2015
I'm not really sure why I keep reading this series?! I really am not a fan of "sharing" in sex or orgies!

I liked Willa but felt she was a bit too insecure! If as many men that checked her out in this book checked me out I would be one cocky bitch lol However, I did enjoy how Lucky really did not like when Willa said negative things about herself.

She heard and saw Lucky apparently wasn't into her (we later find out he is). I don't get why she would not maybe make him grovel or chase abit after everything he said/did.

And now it seems as tho Bliss might get a book? Big fat NO THANKS!!

I like this author but maybe its time to say goodbye to this series for me!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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3,427 reviews
May 9, 2020
Finally Willa got her man, I felt so bad for her in the previous books and how badly everyone treated her for having a good heart and how much everyone took advantage of her, especially being bullied but I was also absolutely fuming the way lucky behaved after stepping down as Pastor and how he treated Willa along with that Jenna, not sure I myself would have handled everything as graciously and even looked at him at all, ever after everything never mind marry the ass, but I guess that's the difference between myself and the God fearing Willa, I'm more a Killyama kinda woman lol, I'm hoping I get to read that story real soon. But anyways another fabulous bit of storytelling and definitely worth the money, nearly wet myself when I saw it on Amazon bookstore because I wasn't sure if anymore was coming from this series, but yes very happy, keep them coming Jamie and I'll keep buying X.
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July 29, 2015
Oh Pastor Dean.

You are a dumbass as Shade kept calling you throughout half the book, but! You make up for it.

To put my feelings as I read the book in the form of gifs:
as my kindle downloaded

the beginning

The baby shower

27% into the book


Bliss part 1

Willa scaring the shit out of the Last Riders

Bliss part 2

And the epilogue

Now.. warning If you can handle that, you'll be happy to get to Francois! the dashing pirate! and his first mate.

I cried. And laughed. I absolutely adored Rider in this book. He's still my main squeeze. He made up for himself from back in Viper's book. And I want to have a Moon book! Please say there will be a Moon book!

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August 4, 2015
I usually have issues with Jamie Begley´s books. I buy them,read them,like them...and have issues with them, more specifically with the whole orgy theme that seems to have become a reference for the series.
It´s not that I consider myself a prude, I´m totally into erotica and have no problem with group sex, but in a romance....just no.

RAZOR´S EDGE would have been the beginning and end of the series for me, if it hadn´t been for Shade and Lily. I loved both of them from the start and it was their build up that had me comming back to the series.

Of the whole series I only had zero issues with Cash´s book, which was surprising, as I didn´t like the character at all...

LUCKY´S CHOICE had almost no chance with me, as I disliked Lucky the moment he became Lucky again and left his pastor Dean persona behind.

I had great expectation for Willa and they didn´t come to happen.
He was a jerk and I didn´t feel the dylemma he was supposed to be in.She was a doormate and I couldn´t believe how fast she went with everything, considering she is shy and quite weary of men, more so of him.

The whole lovestory felt unbelievable, there was no tension. It felt rushed and just uninteresting.The sex scenes between the main characters were much tamer than the ones with the club´s female "members" and the pirate scene was hilarious, but I asume it wasn´t supposed to be...

To me it was a step down in the series.I have no idea who is next, but I´m done reading, especially knowing Bliss is getting her own book....Bliss? Really?

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December 11, 2016
I didn’t read this one but listened to the Audible. So I didn’t make notes and therefor this is a shorter review...

I have read 8 of her books and loved them all!! But now this one... I’m a little bit disappointed. I really did love Lucky. Any woman would be happy to have him. Even if I don’t believe myself I wanted him! All of him... I wouldn’t want him to change for me and I felt in this book that he had to change to much for Willa. And as for Willa... There is almost nothing I like about her :( She acts childish at moments. Her church means so much for her but she does often does name calling and lying. Lucky is a saint for putting up with her.

But Besides all that it was written very well. Just like her previous books. So even if I really didn’t like Willa and I’m not a big fan of religion in books I’m giving this one 3 stars. I also loved reading about the other couples...
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October 26, 2015
very strange mix of super religious and incredably raunchy. not a good mix
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August 9, 2015
 photo Slide1_30.gif
At first from all the negative reviews I wasn't going to read Lucky; I'm glad I ignored that gut reaction, because this was the bomb! Damn worthy of five stars! Dusty Springfield song "Son Of A Preacher Man" blares loudly in my head as I envision Lucky. At first I hated him, won't say why, but thought of him as the polar opposite of his introduced character. Then he does a one eighty losing some of his asshole self. Gotta say missed that side of him, but loved the change. This is why we love Jamie Begley the way we do. Her incredible writing style isn't predictable, she always keeps you guessing. Damn can't wait for the next in the series, enjoy!
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July 22, 2015
In typical Begley fashion...this one 'rocks the socks off' in the bedroom, but I think the humor and heart is what got me the most! Willa tops the list of favorite Last Rider heroines for me, and Lucky....not bad...not bad at all! (He's no Knox or Train, but I like him...especially without his shirt on!)

Sassy, Smoking Hot, So much fun...and really heartfelt...LUCKY'S CHOICE is a winner for me!

Keep your mouth shut and hold on tight...hurricane Willa is COMING!!

(Had the HONOR and Privilege of reading an early copy)
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