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Secret of the Sevens

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Everyone at Singer, a boarding school for underprivileged kids, knows the urban legend of the Society of Seven. Decades ago, the original members of the secret guild for elite students murdered the school's founder and then perished in the fire they lit to hide the evidence. Or so the story goes. Talan Michaels doesn't care about Singer's past. He's too focused on his future and the fact that he'll be homeless after he graduates in May. To take his mind off it, he accepts a mysterious invitation to join a group calling itself the Sevens. He expects pranks, parties, and perks. Instead, he finds himself neck-deep in a conspiracy involving secret passages and cryptic riddles about the school's history. Even worse, he's now tangled in web of lies someone will kill to keep hidden.

384 pages, Paperback

First published June 1, 2015

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Lynn Lindquist

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547 reviews641 followers
June 18, 2015

Secret of the Sevens is really a surprising read for me. There were some things that I wished happened in a a different way but overall, my feelings after reading this book is contentment. I enjoyed the whole reading experience and I would not complain if there'll be more.

First thing that I surprisingly enjoyed is the main protagonist's voice. I rarely read YA books that is in a male's perspective. Not that I'm avoiding them (because I'm not) but because I rarely encounter them. And our main lead here, Talan, was kind of an ass (and he knows it!!) But he is also very funny and likeable and he can be so sweet and adorable. You can really see him growing through out the book that's why you can't help but root for him and his friends. Speaking of, did you ever read someone from a book and wished they can be real so that they can be your friend? I totally felt that towards Talan.

The romance was really not in the focus here but when it's being highlighted, I actually found myself liking it very much. It was a bit unexpected and Talan and her love interest is not your usual match made in heaven kind of couple. But as I mentioned above, this book has a lot of surprises and it turns out, the romance is one of the best element in this book.

And of course, the mystery. The secret societies, puzzles, cryptic messages and sketchy people. It kept me invested and guessing most of the time. I'm such a sucker for old and haunting history so this book really caught my attention the whole time. Would I recommend Secret of the Sevens? Yes, I definitely do. A fun main protagonist, secrets and puzzles plus old and haunting set up. Secret of the Sevens is absolutely deserving of your time.
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2,274 reviews546 followers
June 6, 2015
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: I found this mystery to be a clean, gripping book with a suspenseful undertone that kept me hooked.

Opening Sentence: I can be such an ass.

The Review:

The Singer boarding school is for unfortunate children — those whom are removed from families where they are beaten, foster care, drunkards. Decades ago, when the Singer school was created, the founder collected seven trusted students and made a secret society. They were entrusted with his biggest secrets and allowed a part of his riches, in return for his help keeping the school towards its original purpose of helping needy children. The rumor goes that the founder was murdered by his closest friends (in an attempt to get all of his money) in a fire they started but couldn’t escape from, killing the sevens as well.

But only five bodies were found. Two of them escaped…And still live. Years later, when they are needed, the sevens are being resurrected.

Talan Michaels has learning disorders that make it difficult for him in school, where he lives and learns due to his mother being in rehab. He has football skills and hookups galore. He is painfully aware that as soon as he graduates he’ll be homeless, and what job can he get without a college degree, because he can’t pay for college? When he gets a mysterious black envelope that claims he has been chosen to become a Seven, he thinks it’s an elaborate joke. He joins only because Laney, his house sister whom he can’t help being attracted to, is convinced it’s real and has gotten her own invitation. As things deepen and they realize the threat to the school, Talan must embrace his differences in order to pass the tests and save the beloved Singer school.

I really enjoyed how Talan’s learning disabilities were done. It was in a way that you realized his differences and could empathize, but didn’t feel too much pity. You could also see how his brain was wired in a certain way that made it easy for him to solve the clues and riddles. He had strengths and weaknesses, both explored in the book. I must admit that the first few chapters, I didn’t like Talan very much. He had disgusting thoughts about women and would do things I didn’t agree with for his next hookup. As the story deepened he slowly developed, though still retained his sense of humor and the best parts of his personality. By the end, he had been changed by the experience and Laney.

I really enjoyed the clues in this novel. As far as mysteries go, they usually aren’t my genre of choice. They get so complex and the plots become tangled until it’s difficult for me to distinguish what’s going on. This wasn’t the case for this book. The mystery was clean and engaging with enough suspense to keep me gripped. The clues weren’t too obvious, but some of them I solved alongside Talon, which made me proud of myself when I did. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed how they formatted the novel so that the reading audience could play detective as well.

Altogether, I found this novel to be super good. I loved it a lot, especially the suspense and dark undertones that were subtly creepy. The story unwound at a perfect pace, not too fast and not too slow. I also adored the romance in the book. Laney was able to be a shoulder to cry on as well as her own capable force. He needed her more than he cared to admit and I liked how he could let down his walls with her. She changed him for the better, helping him keep grounded and recognize his own strengths and embrace them. Their romance was paced well too. Lynn did their relationship in a cute, relatable way that mirrored a high schooler’s crush. Also, fun was the male point of view, which was executed nicely. Prior to receiving the story, I hadn’t heard anything, and was super pleased when I enjoyed it so much! All in all I really enjoyed this book and I think mystery and suspense lovers will enjoy it!!

Notable Scene:

The room is empty, except for a chalkboard on one wall with a message:

Yes, Talan. The letter is for you. And it’s real.

My breath catches in my throat. What letter? What’s going on? I look around the room and then peer out into the hallway, but there’s still no one around.

Scanning the room again, I spot a black velvet envelope with a red wax seal sitting on the ledge of the chalkboard. I go over and grab it, just as a cold sweat begins to collect under my shirt.

FTC Advisory: Flux provided me with a copy of The Secret of the Sevens. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.
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87 reviews54 followers
August 11, 2021
Singer is a boarding school for the underprivileged children. The children come from abusive households, foster care, dangerous neighborhoods, troubled homes or were abandoned. They are given the chance to have a future that they could never dream of. Every student at Singer knows of the urban legend of the Society of Seven. An elite group of students who were hand picked by the headmaster and founder of the school William Singer. They were promised wealth and the fulfillment of their greatest desires in return. According to legend William Singer was murdered by the Society of Seven one night for his money. Mr. Singer and five other students died that night in a fire… The other two were never found and rumored to still be alive. Talan Micheals, an underachieving student, has no idea where his life is heading. One day he finds a black letter addressed to him. It’s an invitation to join the Society of Seven. Thinking that it will be a way to keep his mind off of graduation and to have fun he accepts. Not realizing that he will be tasked with finding something very important. Something that might just reveal the truth behind that fateful night.
The moment that I started to read Secrets of Seven I was immediately captivated by the story. I couldn’t stop reading the book and finished it in one day. I thought that the concept of a boarding school for the underprivileged was not only a fascinating and unique setting but it sets this story apart from others. The author does an amazing job of keeping this story so suspenseful throughout the whole book. Between the conspiracy, the riddles, and romance there is never a dull moment. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m not going to go too much into the story. All that I am going to say is that some of the revelations in this story completely blind sided me. Being able to read about how even the most ordinary things were clues to the puzzle was fascinating to me.
When you first meet Talan he is the star football player at Singer, a ladies man, and always thinking of new ways to prank the head master. But, as we get to know him it turns out that he is a much more complex character. Talan has ADD and feels that he will only ever be a dumb jock. So he doesn’t even try to apply himself in school and spends his time worrying about where he will be after graduation. After he is invited to join the Society of Seven he begins to change how he thinks of others and of himself. I like that he’s also not one of those brooding characters, he’s funny and smart so I really enjoyed reading from his point of view. His changes in his confidence and personality don’t happen by chapter eight. It takes him a while to begin to accept himself and open up to others. Which is something that not many authors do. I really liked the pace of the character development for all of the characters in Secrets of Seven.
I really enjoyed reading from Talans point of view his relationship with Delaney. There romance is not the focal poin of this story but, rather its highlighted. At first they’re always trading insults and arguing with each other. They have grown up together and have more of a brother and sister relationship at first. An interesting thing about their relationship is that he has always thought that she was attractive but she’s always just been Delaney his house sister. It’s not until they are working together to solve the clues and riddles does he begin to become attracted to her. I liked how he wasn’t attracted to her based solely on her physical appearance as he had always known that she was pretty but, rather he liked her because of who she was and her personality. Their relationship progressed at a great pace and was never rushed. Overall, this was a very well written book with a unique plot. With well written characters that I think that everyone would enjoy.
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460 reviews14 followers
January 13, 2016
Singer Academy is a boarding school for those underprivileged children who have no place to turn, and Talan Michaels is not an exception. For Talen, this is the only real place that he has called home, but new fears start to surface as he faces the reality that he will soon be homeless, with nowhere to turn after graduation. But everything changes the day a mysterious black velvet envelope shows up with an invitation to join the resurrected secret Society of Sevens. The Society of Sevens, is not only a famous school legend, but it is one that carries its own tainted past, with the alleged murder of the school’s founder and the deaths of its members. Despite the rumors, with the promise of receiving his greatest desires in exchange for his commitment and sacrifice, Talan decides to take a leap of faith and follow the tasks required for acceptance.
However, what he uncovers is more than he could have ever suspected. As he quickly gets caught up in a series of concealed clues and messages, hidden staircases and secret passageways best suited for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, all directing him to motives that lead to conspiracy and murder. With everything constantly changing, the people he thought he could trust, along with leaders in the school, start to turn their backs on the very principle behind the school’s motto, leaving the Secrets Society of the Sevens the only ones who can save it.
All too quickly, Talan discovers that there is more at stake than just the reward, because not only does the society want his loyalty, oath of silence, and a commitment to sacrificial service- but they except their members to exemplify the seven virtues: courage, compassion, justice, faith, sacrifice, wisdom, and service. Yet, when his heart gets involved, more than his life is at stake, opening him to possibly the greatest question of his life, is he strong enough to be a seven?
Lyn Lindquist takes readers on a thrilling ride of mystery and intrigue, while capturing the teenage boy voice perfectly. By taking the platform of giving a positive and identifiable light to ADHD, Lindquist lends humor, insight and a humanity to a common disorder among teenage boys. With a relatable writing style and captivating storyline, this is an author that can’t be missed. Secret of the Sevens, embarks on one of the greatest adventures with secret passageways, riddles, virtues, weeping angels and tombstones, all leading up to asking the ultimate question: Do you have what it takes to be a Seven?

you can find more of my reviews and giveaways in my syndicated newspaper column: For the Love of Books-Dixon's Independent Voice and with www.mpg8.com; as well as: San Diego Book Review & San Francisco Book Review
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Author 4 books248 followers
June 11, 2015
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Looking for an interesting mystery filled with suspense and conspiracy? Look no further than Secret of the Sevens. Lots of action, sweet romance, intrigue, and good old fashioned treasure hunting make this novel a winner.

Talan was an amazing character- I loved that the story was from his point of view. Cocky yet sweet, confident yet vulnerable, Ms. Lindquist did a fabulous job bringing this character to life. Just enough backstory was shared to really connect the reader to him and understand what makes him tick. Talan was the type of guy I want to be friends with. I also adored the fact that despite his ADHD, Talan was presented as intelligent and capable when he set his mind to it. The budding romance between Laney and Talan was so adorable. I haven't rooted that hard for a couple in a long time.

I love riddles and cryptic clues, and this novel was full of them. I shared the characters' excitement every time a new clue arrived, The Pillars and villain Kane were quite despicable, and I couldn't wait for their downfall. The entire mystery around the Sevens and the Singers was so intriguing and well-plotted. I liked that Ms. Lindquist created a complex mystery but still made it easy to follow and understand. The only issue I had was with the pacing. There were times when it was lightning fast but others where I found myself skimming to get to the next part,

If you like secret societies, conspiracies, and kids making a difference, then Secret of the Sevens is a book you'll enjoy. This is a great novel for teen guys as well, especially since the protagonist is male. I'll definitely be recommending this one to my son.
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658 reviews111 followers
March 29, 2020
5 Stars—This is easily one of my favorite books that I read at least once a year. I randomly saw it in Barnes and Noble and it intrigued me. I read it in one day. Although it deals with the fairly common idea of secret school societies and dangerous conspiracies, Lindquist adds such detail that I ended feeling like I was right beside Talan and Laney while they try to figure out each clue that they’re given. I learn something new every time I read it and I’m always surprised by the resolution. She includes all those teenage problems of high school without the unnecessary drama. Talan faces the real life problems of a “charity case” foster kid. Laney is the typical perfectionist nerd (yes, I did identify with her character) who puts so much pressure on herself and for whom failure is not an option. I loved reading about the interaction between Talan and Laney, between the unknown benefactor and the students. I really have nothing negative to say about this book. This would be the perfect book to get teens into reading. I recommend this book to all teens and to anyone who enjoys a good mystery.
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5 reviews
January 18, 2016
One of the most amazing books I've read, the book makes you feel as if you are living in the world of Sevens. Would recommend instantly to anyone and everyone.
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225 reviews2 followers
March 28, 2018
DNF. I could not stand the sexist and misogynistic ways of the main character. The mystery element got me to page 100, but I could not put up with the character anymore.
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3,131 reviews24 followers
June 11, 2015
This book with its suspense and secrets took my breath away. For me Talan made the book. He was so multi dimensional and more than I hoped for. The book was like playing clue and watching Sherlock. You get immersed by all the twist and turns, mystery and secrets in the story and wanting to unearth what is going on. With each clue that you want to solve more is revealed and more complexity to the story is added.

Talan is thought to be this non caring, smug kid who is just biding his time until he can branch out on his on. In reality he is a caring smart loyal guy who has secrets, fears hopes and dreams that no one is aware of. He is in love with Laney and in this book we see how this realization slowly comes together and how well they fit in each other’s lives. Talan does everything he can to protect those he loves even to the point of driving them all away but he is truly a good guy at heart. He is also the entertainment and the one who unravels the clues. The kid is a mystery in and of itself and Lyndquists writing slowly peals back the layers of who he really is and lets us see him in all his glory. talan learns so much in this book. He begins to understand what the seven missions of the school really were about and starts to believe in them and himself. We see this transformation happen over time and with the help of Laney and the others in the sevens society.

The surprise of who the Sevens were in the end was a wow for me and the whole reason for the Sevens being brought back was really original in how it was created. We see that everything isn’t as it seems and that with patience all can be revealed. What was the best about this book was how the writing and characters grab ahold of you. With the clues it brought me back to when I would want to solve mysteries with Scooby doo and Encyclopedia brown but with a more adult theme to them. I donned my Nancy Drew cap and totally immersed myself in each envelop looking forward to when the next would come. As secrets were revealed my jaw slacked more and more. Some were not what I expected others were just so wow in factor that it took a reread to fully comprehend that what I read was really there. Truly a book that grabs you and doesn’t let you go as you unravel each clue that delved you further into the murders and mystery of the school and brought about more danger for Talan and the seven. A must read suspense that will have you wanting to solve the clues and find out the truth behind it all while rooting for Talan and the others to succeed in stopping the evil ones in their dastardly plan for the school.
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Author 25 books512 followers
June 8, 2015
Oh my word, this book. So incredible. I can't get over how strong the author's voice is. From the very first page of this book you can't help but fall in love with Talan, a young man who uses inappropriate humor and levity to mask a very deep hurt and longstanding fear of abandonment. I think what I loved so much about this character is his depth even though it would appear there isn't much to Talan at first. This multi-dimensional character alone makes the story worth the read, but then Lindquist throws in a plot that is both compelling and original in nature.

I'm a huge fan of the movie Skulls, and The Sevens reminded me of the excitement and intrigue of these secret societies, but what makes this situation different are the clues leading to an unsolved murder that must be uncovered by Talan and Laney. The stakes for not revealing these secrets of the past are just too horrific to contemplate, which is why the dang book is so engrossing.

Laney has cared about Talan for years, and their budding relationship and obvious chemistry offers an extra element of suspense, tension and dimension to their characters and the plot as a whole. Talan's vulnerability and protectiveness where Laney is concerned is simply yummy, and Laney's fierce attitude and razor sharp wit adds to the wonderful give and take of their relationship. Do I love the characters? Absolutely. Do I love the story? Yeah. Pretty much. Should this be made into a movie? I will cry if the movie gods above do not pick up on my very loud, very obnoxious pleas on this books behalf.

Just a heads up for those who have issues with swearing. There is some in this book. Something I try to avoid when signing up for book blog tours, but it isn't always easy to tell from the blurb or cover. Usually with YA books you're safe on that note. I have to stop now otherwise the rest of this review will be filled with nothing but spoilers.

This fast-paced mystery is unputdownable. Fabulous romance, suspenseful subject matter, and danger lurking around every turn of the page. I highly recommend it to every single person I know and then some.
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929 reviews106 followers
May 27, 2015
Find this review, and others, on my blog

So glad this one didn’t turn into one of those overly done mysteries that makes the reader wish for it to end. Some of this wasn’t too surprising, but it did hold my attention.

I loved the idea of this boarding school catering to the kids who come from not-so-good homes and such; giving them a chance to get a good education and be successful in life. Talan has been at Singer for years. Now that he’s about to graduate, he has no idea where his life is headed. His grades aren’t all that, so any hope for a scholarship to college is looking unlikely. When he’s about to accept defeat, he is requested to the school’s basement, he has no idea what for. Inside, he finds a letter asking him to join the Society of Seven. From there, nothing will ever be the same.

Okay, for the most part, I liked this book. I can see how the author wanted to get our MC involved in this secret society plot. Why not play on his weaknesses, I’d have done the same thing. The mystery of the whole society intrigued me. It wasn’t what I was expecting when I started this book. Talan is a believable character in every way. He’s your regular high school jock, who struggles when it comes to the way he takes to his studies. He doesn’t come from a perfect home with both parents, with money to make up for his short comings. Basically, he’s not a spoiled rich kid and I’m so glad that the author made him that way. And, when you offer a desperate person all the things they long for, you are guaranteed an easy sale. Talan had no idea what he was signing up for.

I think that this is a good book for teens who love mystery and adventure. While I wasn’t completely awed by this book, it was very hard to put down. I was caught up in the whats and whys, so it definitely isn’t a boring book. Recommended!

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Author 1 book5 followers
June 5, 2015
In Secret of the Sevens you have a lot of the elements that make up a great story. There's a boarding school, a mystery, and teen angst. The only thing I needed for this to be better is for some supernatural elements to be added!

Talan Michaels has grown up most of his life in a harsh way. His mom was more focused on getting her next fix than on making sure her kid was fed, and he had to deal with so many hardships. That all stopped when he came to Singer, a boarding school for underprivileged kids - many of them foster kids with no homes. Worried that he may be homeless after graduation, he accepts an invitation to join a super secret society with promises of riches and freedom in his future. Little does he know, this invitation is about so much more, and will change his life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I was sympathetic to the characters and the situation they found themselves in, and watching the teens solve the mystery was pretty interesting and fun. I liked Talan, though he did frustrate me from time to time. And watching him slowly realize his feelings for foster sister Laney felt natural and sweet.

My biggest issue is that I saw a lot of the surprises coming...for example when we discovered who was sending the clues to the Seven's rituals. And at times I found myself skimming. Especially towards the end when I got a bit tired of the clues and games, and was ready to get on to the reveal. All in all, it was a good story, with fun characters, and nice drama.

3 stars!
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43 reviews17 followers
October 4, 2015
Thanks to Flux and NetGalley for an ARC!

Full review to come, but I have to say that I really enjoyed Secret of the Sevens. Usually when you hear about secret societies, you think about colleges - Skull & Bones, anyone? That this book surrounded a high school secret society was very interesting to me; Singer is a boarding school for underprivileged kids, where kids from rough neighborhoods, with drug addicted or absent parents, or from troubled backgrounds can come to live and get a better education.

The main character, Talan Michaels, never met his father and his drug-addicted mother is in jail. As a young boy, Talan was brought to Singer, where he has lived ever since. Now eighteen and nearing graduation, Talan isn't sure what his future holds. His grades aren't particularly good, and while he plays football on the school's team he isn't quite good enough for a college scholarship. So when Talan gets a mysterious summons to an abandoned basement room in one of the school's lesser used buildings, and finds inside a letter inviting him to join the Society of Seven, a secret society that was banned nearly 20 years earlier - and when the letter promises him wealth and wisdom - Talan is intrigued. He has no idea what is to come. Conspiracies, secrets, and the future of Singer.
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427 reviews10 followers
July 15, 2015
**I Received a copy of this book from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review**
Talan is one of the popular guys. He is on the football teams, has no problems getting nearly any girl he wants, but also has a trouble maker streak. His life as a kid made him hard and tough and he has carried that with him to Singer School. Lane is the smart one. She is the sweet, caring, motherly one that gets teased relentlessly by Talan. She has been there for Talan since he arrived and continues to be there for him. What happens when they both get invited to a secret society that involves solving riddles and missions? Can they work together? Will something develop between them?
I loved, loved, loved this book!! It was a book I could not and did not put down. The story line flowed incredibly well and was an attention grabber from the beginning of the book. It has you guessing, re-evaluating your guesses, and guessing more. It keeps you on the edge of your seat in anticipation for what’s to come. This writer writes this story with great detail. It’s easy to picture the scenes as you are reading the story and switching from scene to scene.
I can’t say enough good things about this book. I’d definitely recommend to pick up your copy today and get to reading. You won’t be disappointed!
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113 reviews1 follower
September 13, 2015
While reading this book, I liked it. The main character starts off obnoxious but grows on you, and he is so believably male that I was surprised the author was not. The love interest, similarly characterized as mildly naïve teenager, was also entirely likeable. So no complaints there.

This book has one of those stories in which there are clues that lead to a final prize. The problem with those sorts of plots is that if the reader can solve the puzzle before the characters, it is excruciating to watch characters struggle to solve problems that are horribly obvious. Not really a spoiler, but does anyone really have to stop and think when they see "Numbers 12:56"? Is there any real doubt that that's leading you to a quote in the Bible? Come on, Talan, we've established that you're not stupid. You too, Delaney.

Also the antagonist is one of those one-sided evil people that, if he existed in real life, would need a sign above him with an arrow pointing down that says "Evil Dude".

Despite plot holes that only become apparent after the book is finished, and despite my gripes listed above, the book was highly enjoyable and sucked up one of my afternoons. I would recommend if you have an afternoon that needs sucking up.
106 reviews10 followers
February 23, 2016
Surprisingly enjoyable! After reading through so many YA novels with female heroines, it was a good change of pace to read a well-written male main character. Lyndquist gives us a guy who is likable in spite of being a jerk, with a heart-wrenching backstory.

The only place where this book falls short is the series of riddles that the Sevens need to solvem which is unfortunately a major part of the book. While riddle and clue games are fun if you solve them yourself, it's usually dull to read about other people solving them. Especially if the solution to the riddle is obvious...but you have to wait a chapter for the characters to figure it out for themselves.

Most of the conversations go like this:

Guy: "Man, this riddle is so hard. I don't know what a (cryptic thing) could possibly be."
Girl: "I know! So mysterious."
Guy: "Hey, what if it means that random thing in another part of the school?"
Girl: "Genius! Let's go see."
(They go to see the random thing in another part of the school and find the next clue. Repeat.)

Note: One of the few really enjoyable riddle-solving books I've read is A Spiderweb for Two by Elizabeth Enright. Give it a try if you're in the mood for a puzzle-driven plot.
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4,838 reviews294 followers
May 18, 2015
One of my favourite book themes to read is boarding school novels and secret societies. In The Secret of the Sevens by Lynn Lindquist , we are presented with a boarding school for orphan boys and boys who have nowhere else to go. Each year seven students are chosen to be the Pillars of the school - they are the good kids , this year though there is a new chairman and the Pillars have been chosen are the Losers and Bad Kids of the school. Something is up and now it is up to the new Sevens to help save the day. Two decades a go , a group known as the Sevens along with the principal were killed in a fire and two remaining Sevens survived and went into hiding as they were blamed for the incident. Years later , the Sevens have been restarted in a plea to help save the school from being closed due to evil at play.

Without giving the storyline away as this is one book that all will find themselves drawn into with riddles, clues and danger abound as secrets and truths are revealed and a book that readers will not be able to put down.

If you love boarding school mysteries and secret societies , then you will feel at home with The Secret of the Sevens by Lynn Lindquist.
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Author 5 books58 followers
August 27, 2015
Talan Michaels is a student at Singer Academy, a boarding school created for underprivileged kids. Everyone believes that the founder of Singer Academy was murdered by seven trusted students who then died in a fire. When the new director of Singer Enterprises chooses the least capable students for an advanced program, Talan is asked to remake the Sevens with his house sister. Together they have to find out the truth of what happened all those years ago and save the school.

I loved this book, it's fast paced, well written and quirky. The main character is brilliantly written, he feels like a genuine person with fears and hopes. His backstory is sufficiently tragic, but it's not dwelled upon and feels more like part of his history rather than an excuse to whine.

The main female character is brilliantly done and the relationship between the two drives this book forward.

The plot is well written and exciting, there is no point during this book that I rolled my eyes or skimmed a page. I was gripped from the start to the finish.

If you love reading stories about secret passages, conspiracies and murder then you'll love this book.
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204 reviews
February 14, 2015
Talan Michaels might be a star football player but he is just barely and average student. But when he is invited to join the Society of Sevens he fears it is a prank set up by a group of bullies. All he wants is to figure out how to not be homeless when he graduates in the spring. Talan discovers the Sevens just might be the schools only hope and he discovers his dyslexia might prove to be an asset in figuring out the clues left by Mr Singer, the school founder.

Talan's dyslexia is better portrayed than in the Percy Jackson series. It is believable and allows for the strengths as well as the burden of the condition.

I would give this to teens who like a good mystery and adventure. Especially ones who like puzzles to figure out.
1 review
December 19, 2016
The Secret of the Sevens is about foster kids who live in an academy where many years ago something strange happened to their founder. Rumor has it that he was murdered by a secret society that he created, The Sevens. After the murder the Sevens disappeared and no one knew anything about them until years later a boy, Talan, and a girl, Delaney, where randomly invited to get into the Sevens. Throughout the book they have challenges and clues that they have to figure out to show that they are worthy of being in the Sevens. This book was interesting from the very beginning and if you are someone that likes spin-chilling books then this is perfect. Filled with action and mysteries you will never want to put the book down. I give this book 9 out of 10 and highly recommend it.
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January 30, 2016
Eighteen-year-old Talan Michaels is about to graduate from the Singer School for poor, unwanted and troubled children. Having been there since he was 7 years old, his housemates, house parents and friends are the only family he’s ever known. Upon graduation he will face a future of homelessness and uncertainty, which fills him with fear. Thus when an invitation comes to join the Sevens, a secret society at the school, Talan is ecstatic. He is sure the Sevens’ promise of riches will be his ticket to freedom after graduating. Read the rest of the review on my blog: https://shouldireaditornot.wordpress....
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April 25, 2015
Fantastic debut read by a talented new author!

I was fortunate enough to get to read an ARC of this exciting new novel by debut author, Lynn Lindquist. And let me tell you...if you're in to dark, mysterious and thrilling...this is one you don't want to miss!

From the moment I met Talan Michaels, and became immersed in his world of boarding schools, troubled kids, and messages from beyond the grave, I couldn't put SECRET OF THE SEVENS down.

I highly recommend you put this one on your to-be-read or just go on and pre-order!

You'll be SO glad you did!
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February 24, 2015
A fast-paced YA mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The setting is a boarding school for underprivileged kids. The characters are developed well and the plot is intriguing. Think Skulls meet Dan Brown for teens. It's smart, suspenseful, and the young adult dialogue and behavior is realistic. For readers of YA, especially fans of secret societies and teen mysteries.

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March 7, 2015
4 stars, male protagonist, clean read
A refreshingly clean mystery book for YA. Situated in boarding school for the underprivileged, Talan Michaels must fight until the bitter end to triumph, but at what cost to his friends and family? This book has the feeling of a Potter-esque book with the students joining together overcome bad with great risk and even greater rewards.
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April 29, 2017
Actual rationg 3.5

This book was surprisingly a enjoyable read. It was a bit slow at first but it was interseting the mysteries were abit predictable but there were some that i didn't see coming. Some parts of the book were confusing like, ok that just happened. But over all it was a good book to read. Something to read on a rainy morning or at night.
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February 18, 2016
What a fantastic read! This is the first book that I read from cover to cover and loved every twist and turn. The story line had a great rhythm and didn't have an uninteresting or dull moment. It was exciting, touching, appropriately hot (young adult), smart and witty too. I found the characters and the story to be very well thought out. I have already recommended it to friends.
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September 15, 2015
Singer is a school for orphans. Years ago the Founder and his secret society the Sevens were murdered. Now there is a new society being formed with riddles and puzzlers to be solved. Can the new Secret Seven solve them in time and save the school? This is a YA book but I really enjoyed it.
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January 30, 2016
I understand it took me a long time to read this book but life has a way of happening but I did finish it and was super super pleased with. It was spooky, mysterious and a slight love story on the side. All in all I give this book five stars nothing I didn't like about it!
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