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Benediction #2

Red Handed

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Shelly Bell returns with another steamy and suspenseful thriller set at the exclusive sex club Benediction …

An exhibitionist who's waited her whole life to be seen …

After her stepmother is abducted, Danielle Walker has no choice but to follow the kidnapper's cryptic instructions. Under the guise of a sex slave trainee, she must infiltrate Cole DeMarco's BDSM club and find evidence of his offshore bank account … or she'll never see her stepmother alive again. But Master Cole is no stranger, and despite the dark past they share, Danielle cannot resist his magnetic pull.

The voyeur who's always been watching …

As Danielle begins uncovering Cole's secrets, the artistic voyeur arouses her deepest desires, and she surrenders to a fiery passion she never expected. But with time running out to save her stepmother, Danielle and Cole will face off against an evil growing more ruthless by the day … and discover a twisted web of lies, betrayal, and murder that neither saw coming.

384 pages, ebook

First published March 10, 2015

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About the author

Shelly Bell

29 books646 followers
Shelly Bell is the author of the popular Shelly Bell is the author of more than a dozen romances. Her novels have collected numerous awards and have received starred reviews from both Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal. An attorney for more than twenty-five years, Shelly lives with her family in southwest Florida. When she's not working, she enjoys teaching romance writing to aspiring authors, volunteering in her local community, and reading by the pool. To learn more about her books, visit www.ShellyBellBooks.com.

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1,806 reviews335 followers
February 11, 2018
Red Handed is RED HOT!!!

With Red Hot we are exposed to the daily operation at Benediction, the setting for Bell's White Collared series.

The characters in this story are making me really excited for this series; from the sinful Master Cole to Master Logan. I love Cole, pretty damn difficult not to with his quiet demeanor and ever-watchful eyes. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, most of the time it's dirty.

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395 reviews51 followers
May 16, 2016
3.5 stars rounded down to 3.

I feel like I need to preface this by saying that I don't read erotica on a normal basis. This is mainly because I don't feel like I ever get an in depth story in a erotica book. Maybe I should I avoid it all together. Maybe I just needed something a little different. I don't know, but this book did not change my mind about erotica works.

I have only read a handful of straight up erotica and it's usually BDSM. This is no different. IMO, this book is "okay". Not great. Not bad. Just okay. It was very similar to another BDSM erotica book I have read. Since I haven't read that many, that greatly disappointed me. This book does have a twist though which was nice and added some depth and suspense.

Basically, the sex was hot. I loved that the heroine was "curvy" and that the H was some other ethnicity besides white. I don't believe the book ever said what race/ethnicity he was, which is a little disappointing because I like to be able to have a clear picture in my head. Maybe it's just me, but when the H is some other color besides white, authors don't normally like to blatantly come out and say it. Why not?! Will it turn off that many readers? We need more books where there are MCs with different ethnicities! *End rant*

Anyways. That's my two cents. :D

Spoiler shit:
Condom use:
Sex with OW/OM:
Drama with OW/OM:
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2,216 reviews61 followers
April 21, 2017
Smoking-hot & intriguing world!, April 21, 2017

This is the first book in a 3-book Benediction series, as well as my first read from this author.

Cole DeMarco had noticed 17-year-old Danielle spying on him when he was visiting her father for business. Now he meets her once again eight years later as Master Cole, owner of Benediction, a BDSM club. The only thing wrong with the scenario: her excuse for being there learning to become a slave does not ring true. As she is introduced into his titillating world, she learns surprising things about herself and Cole and is drawn to him even more.

Kidnapping, an insane sadist, blackmail, money laundering, Russian mafia, FBI involvement, and much more, all lend to the high intrigue in this storyline. Just how is Danielle going to navigate these dangerously messy waters? And all because of her father and his past dealings, this attention she inherited because of his suicide. So many secrets, and so little time left for Danielle to complete her real task, with or without Cole’s help.

Smoking-hot world, so well written! Love the layered complexity of the plots and subplots, as well as the twisty-turns all the way to the end. I will definitely endeavor to read books 2 and 3 as well!
Profile Image for M.K. Schiller.
Author 17 books1,825 followers
January 17, 2016
I think every girl has felt like Danielle at one time or another. I really loved her honesty about her body issues without it being the main focus of the book. This book had so many high-speed curves, I feared falling off the road. It's definitely a fast-paced read, but even without the hot sex, beautiful hero, and twisting plot, I loved the character development and Danielle's arc. Of course, Master Cole was the perfect man to act as her mirror!
Profile Image for Annamaria.
702 reviews10 followers
April 7, 2017
Five Amazing Stars! Danielle wakes in the middle of the night to find someone in her home threatening her stepmother. Danielle is given specific instructions to retrieve bank account information that is hidden in the private quarters of the owner of Benediction. Benediction is a prestigious sex club and Danielle must go in as a sex slave in training in order to gain access to Cole's private quarters. Cole is pleasantly surprised to see Danielle but he wonders why she is applying to become a sex slave. Strange things start to happen and Cole is too determined to find out who is behind this. Will Danielle be able to obtain what she needs to help her stepmother before it's too late? Red Handed is the second book and the Benediction Series and was truly amazing! I was captured from the first chapter and could not put the book down! This is a truly addicting novel and has plenty of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat! The author writes a well-written story with characters that have fantastic chemistry between them! I can't wait to see where I Ms. Bell goes next! I highly recommend it!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. This book was read and reviewed by Annamaria for Alpha Book Club.

Plot: 5
Chemistry: 5
Pacing: 5
Ending: 5
Character Development: 5
1,707 reviews5 followers
April 8, 2017
This is the first book I've read by this author and I was hooked from the beginning! There was so much complexity in the storyline. It had drama, suspense, and twists and turns. The sex scenes were off the charts! I loved Danielle and Cole! I will definitely be reading more by this author including the next book in this series.
*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This is my honest review.*
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1,723 reviews23 followers
October 11, 2015
Last May I was introduced to a new to me author Shelly Bell with her four part serial – White Collared. I enjoyed that story so when I saw this author with a new story that featured the same BDSM club, well, I just had to check it out. I am so glad I did. Red Handed was just as good. Don’t worry, Red Handed was a definite stand-alone story. Jaxon and Kate from White Collared made cameos but only as secondary characters.

When I started reading the first chapter I was rather concerned that I had chosen to start this book at bed time. I know better, but bad habit. The heroine is awaked in the middle of the night by a masked man and threatened with her step mother’s death if she doesn’t do what she is told. OMG! Instant suspense. Although it was difficult, once Danielle made it to Benediction, I was able to settle down and get a few hours of sleep before I finished the rest of the book.

There are couple things that made it very difficult for Danielle to complete the task of infiltrating Benediction and stealing from its owner, Cole. One – Danielle is a painfully shy wallflower with no self-esteem. She may fanaticize, but actually doing . . . Second – although she has had a crush on Cole since she was seventeen years old, she also believes he is responsible for her father’s death.

Benediction is an interesting club. Like many of them – Club Sin, Shadowlands, and Masters at Arms Club – the place was a residence and the owners also live in them, not to mention that the club is almost another character to the story. Cole DeMarco is the owner of Benediction as well as the acknowledged Master. He not only owns the club, but he runs a stable of trainees who also live there. Although he trains these men and woman in the joys of BDSM – some are total subs, some will be doms and some will be switches – he abstains from having intercourse with any of them. He doesn’t want them to get attached. He is not looking for, nor does he want, a sub/slave of his own. A bit unusual for the owner of a BDSM club, but well, that is what gives this book some added interest.

Now, that being said, Cole also has two permanent “slaves” that live at Benediction. Keep an eye on Adrian and Gracie, they are so much more than they are presented as. Cole, like any dom, is a multi-layered individual. He, of course, is independently wealthy. He has an artistic side and his pictures are displayed in the club. He has secrets on top of secrets though.

That my dear readers is the set up for the thrilling suspense story. There are, of course, the wonderful sex scenes that can be found in any book set in a BDSM club. *fanning self* But, there is also the “mystery” or suspense of the story. Where Danielle thought she would be safe while at Benediction, she is finding things in her locked room and still being threatened in the middle of the night. Doesn’t make for sleeping very well.

An old nemesis that was introduced in White Collar adds some further suspense. Just when I thought things were getting figured out and we could get to the happy ever after – BAM! The author throws a curve ball. OMG! Gasp! NOoooo! Okay, I have to breathe here. Let me say, things then got really tense and exciting. Nothing was as we were lead to believe. Now that is a good suspense thriller.

I have fallen in love with this author and Benediction. I can only hope there will be more. Gracie and Adrian need stories. Not to mention a couple of other secondary character. I will be watching for more.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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1,122 reviews302 followers
April 22, 2015
4.5 Stars

Danielle Walker will do anything to rescue her kidnapped step-mother, even if it means training to be a slave at the sex club Benediction, owned by the man she has had a crush on since she was 17 who helped to put her father in jail. Cole Demarco is the owner of Benediction and her father’s ex-business partner. He has watched over Danielle for the past 8-years without her knowing it. Will his obsession be enough to save her or will her sense of betrayal be the obstacle that puts her in the hands of those who would see her dead.

This story is more complex than what it might appear on the surface. Yes, it takes place in a sex club which is titillating but that part of it is no more than backdrop in the greater scheme of things. It lends itself to the intrigue/romance that is the real basis of the story. Might intrigue and sex club angles be an over-played trope? I certainly didn’t think so given the brilliant twists and turns that kept me guessing the entire time I was reading. I can see how some of the BDSM and sex scenes could put some readers off though. The BDSM elements were more intense than what is often encountered in this genre and there is enough sizzle to make your eyes open wide, but they are all integral to the development of Danielle and Cole’s characters and their relationship to one another. Their relationship is definitely complicated though their characters are somewhat typical. Danielle is the sad, lonely girl with poor self-esteem who gets finally gets to realize her longtime infatuation with her father’s business partner. Cole is the broody club owner who holds himself aloof from everyone, only interacting with people on a mechanical sexual level. What drives them both is part of the thrill of reading the story. It set the pace that kept me glued to the pages. To say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book is obvious. The plot was engaging to the end and I at no time was disappointed. This is an 18+ read though and I would reiterate there are strong BDSM and sexual scenes that may not appeal to some but might swizzle to others.
- Leila
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Author 26 books369 followers
March 9, 2015
I've been in a bit of a book funk lately, but this one caught me from the first page and I couldn't put it down. I read it in one day.

Danielle is being forced to infiltrate a sex club so she can find documents that no one else has been able to get their hands on. Cole, the owner, is someone she knew in the past.

Their chemistry was incredibly hot. The BDSM aspects of the book were mild, but still done well in a sexy way.

I loved the unique twists in the story because every time I thought I had it figured out, I'd be proven wrong and that was a beautiful surprise.

The only part of the story I didn't care for were some of the clinical terms when it came down to the naughty bits, but it was easy to see past and enjoy the story anyway.

I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.
Profile Image for Ruthie Taylor.
3,545 reviews37 followers
March 11, 2015
"I received a free copy of the book to read and review for Wicked Reads"

This fast paced mystery based in a BDSM club has all the ingredients to get you hot and bothered. It mixes high drama and danger with sexy scenes of D/s and a budding romance many years in the making. Bluff and double bluff with a big unexpected twist or three at the end are enough to make the reader forget to breathe! Couple this with an emergent love story, with a potential tragedy thrown in and it probably uses up as many calories as a work out at the gym - but far, far more pleasurably. Fun, feisty, frenetic, and undoubtedly little unbelievable, this is definitely worth a read.

Wicked Reads Review Team
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1,264 reviews91 followers
March 11, 2015
It pains me not to like this because I loved the first book so much! Lets just say that if I read Red Handed first, I wouldn't have continued with the series.

The style and even the tone is very different from White Collared. I loved the premise, but the suspense part disappeared for most of the novel. It became more about Danielle exploring her kinky side and fulfilling a crush, than really trying to rescue her stepmother from the clutches of a sadist.

And what is up with the romance? I expected it to be crass but some of the lines just had me laughing from the silliness. I love you so let me fuck your ass? LOL

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1,154 reviews168 followers
August 13, 2017
Danielle and Cole's story is a lot more than the synopsis give. Cole was actually Danielle's father's silent business partner. They never actually met but they'd seen each other once before when Cole stopped by the house to speak with her dad. She's been holding a flame for him since she was 17. Her father wound up joining to jail and killing himself and it's all because of Cole. So, when Danielle's stepmother is kidnapped and she's tasked to infiltrate Cole's BDSM club in order to get her hands on certain documents, she jumps at the chance to not only save her stepmother but take down the man who ruined her family. The only problem is, she realizes that her feelings for Cole have never gone away and that maybe he's not as sinister as she's cooked him up to be in her mind.

Red handed was a very sexy read and while that's great, I felt like the suspense, the whole reason why Danielle is there in the first place, took a backseat in the story. It was almost non-existent at times as she explored her inner sexuality at the club. I found myself forgetting that there was a person's life on the line until a random note or phone call would pop up demanding that she work faster. I kind of wish that the suspense was a little bit more predominate in the story. Also, when the whole bombshell hits and secrets are revealed, I felt like everything was just brushed aside with no actual repercussions. I don't want to go into details and give stuff away but I was expecting some feelings of betrayal or at least some hurt feelings but there was none of that.

While I would have liked to see more suspense, Red Handed definitely delivered on the erotic aspect of the story line. Since Danielle is new to the lifestyle, she's slowly introduced to things and starts to realize that she has a little bit of kink in her. Not only that, but Cole definitely delivers in allowing her to explore her newfound interest and those scenes made for some extremely sexy times.

I wish there was more suspense to the story but I still found myself enjoying Cole and Danielle's characters. They were both strong individuals who were not afraid to fight for what they wanted. I enjoyed all the secondary characters that came into play and I look forward to reading their stories. While there were some minor errors in the novel, it didn't detract too much from the story and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a steamy erotic romance.

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1,270 reviews102 followers
March 19, 2015
Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsReview copy kindly provided by Avon
in exchange for a honest review

I love a good book regardless of genre and I was curious enough to take a chance on this novel. Red Handed may be my first book from Shelly Bell but it won’t be the last. Mixing a bit of intrigue and bdsm, my first foray into the world of Benediction didn’t disappoint as it was the perfect mix of the genres.

Red Handed tells the story of Danielle Walker who is torn, forced into a position she rather not be with the last man she wants to be with and rather would like forget to him. Ever since she was teenager and he changed her life. Half attracted to him and half angry with him. Danielle is in a tenuous position as she forced to join Benediction to save her beloved step-mother. With a flimsy story she under Cole DeMarco’s care to be trained, however she is there for one thing, to get information that will help her rescue her step- mother.

The last thing she expects is to find what she needs and sense of belong instead of the outcast she has been feeling for her whole life. Cole is the man she remembers from when she is younger and she can’t help be swept up the same feelings as before. However he the Master and one who betrayed her father all these years ago and what family is left is important to her. So regardless of her feelings she needs to get answers. However Cole is hiding secrets that could change what she thinks about their shared past.

Cole has one rule, never get close to a sub, this alpha male is happy to train the subs coming thorough the doors after his expertise. However despite Benediction being his home , and his place of refuge. IT is a place of full of secrets, and he knows exactly why Danielle is there and see through her flimsy excuse immediately. As he not immune to her and he felt the same as her all those years ago , however is that enough when there is a lot on stake .

These two dodn’t things by half measure, one has a fantasy about the other but is sticking to the rules, the other trying to resist and falling. Add in the secrets, and you got a mess and the only thing that was overruling everything is the desire. Bell doesn’t hold back with this too, there is a lot of action between these two as despite everything going on with Bendection day to day operations. You could almost call this a second chance romance, if wasn’t the fact they didn’t get up to anything the time they first met. It was a missed opportunity and these two were are make it up for anyway they can despite their shared past.

Love is Love and that what comes out strong in this book despite the suspense threaten to ruin their romance. I love this book wasn’t over the top with BDSM lifestyle. Actually I was surprising how much suspense was weaved into this book by the end. This author keeps you on your toes the last bit and will leave you wondering and guessing what will happen next. As she will surprise you with her clever twists and turns and will leave you, wonder how didn’t we not noticed that earlier. I enjoyed this foray into this world and hopefully this won’t be my last. With a broody hero like Cole and descriptive writing style , I enjoy this book a lot.

4 couples

For more of my reviews, visit Confessions From Romaholics.And drop by the blog's Facebook page
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341 reviews85 followers
May 9, 2015
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at The Romance Evangelist.

Anyone who follows my reviews at all knows that I’m not a big fan of serials, but one of the best romances I read last year was Shelly Bell’s four part romantic suspense serial, WHITE COLLARED. So naturally I was excited about reading her full length follow-up novel, RED HANDED. The previous story introduced us to the super exclusive BDSM club Benediction, and now in RED HANDED, we get to see that club’s mysterious owner Cole DeMarco find his own HEA with a woman we meet at the worst time in her relatively short but turbulent life.

Danielle Walker was still in shock after her father had gone to prison and died there soon after, apparently by his own hand. But now that Danielle’s seen her own stepmother kidnapped by the same people who’d helped send her father to jail, she has only a few short days to infiltrate the BDSM club of the only man she’d desired but could never have, Cole DeMarco. The kidnappers want whatever Cole’s hiding in his private office safe, and the kidnappers want her to get there by offering herself up to Cole as a sexual submissive trainee. So off Danielle goes into certain danger, never suspecting that what she’ll find along the way is her one true love.

Cole had known Danielle as the lovely but off-limits daughter of a man who’d gotten over his head with a dangerous crowd. Now that she’s old enough to be naked and under Cole’s control, he’s the one who’s over his head in what is definitely overwhelming sexual attraction but could also be the love he’s tried to avoid his whole life. With the impending danger to them both, there’s no time to take things slowly, and when everything Danielle believes in gets turned on its head, it’s Cole and Danielle’s love that will ultimately see both them and the reader through.

I love this author and this new series, but I’ll admit I was seriously put off by the initial premise of RED HANDED. Romantic suspense is always a bit tricky for me, as there’s only so much violence I can handle as a reader, so the opening scenes involving Danielle’s stepmother and the kidnappers’ threats were almost too intense. The idea that Danielle was being forced to participate in a 24/7 BDSM relationship under duress really didn’t sit well with me, but I continued on, trusting that the author would get me to the place where everything made sense. When that moment arrived, my relief was palpable, and my enjoyment of the story unconditional. Cole and Danielle are more than equally matched in both body and spirit, and as the story progresses, we see how their romance was inevitable in spite of the evil forces that had brought them together. The twists and turns are never too over the top, and the final HEA is well earned. If you love romantic suspense with a BDSM flavor, Shelly Bell’s Benediction series, including RED HANDED, is a must read.
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2,125 reviews174 followers
March 20, 2015
This is a very entertaining combo of thriller and erotic romance. It's also the perfect vehicle to explore the world of BDSM, slave training and kinky lifestyle. It's intense, but it actually paints this kind of relationship with respect.

It was eye-opening to me in the way that it provides a shocking but illustrative start to how a woman would be trained to become a willing sex slave. The reader becomes Danielle, sensual but innocent in those ways. She harbours hidden longings secretly bonded to a man she craves since she was a teenager, but also despises because he was responsible for a family tragedy.

The best thing of this plot is that she enters his training programme not on her own accord. Mysterious men have kidnapped her stepmother, forcing Danielle to lie and spy for them.

To me, this is a really provocative and arousing premise. It made me really look forward to finding out so many things. For example, would she succeed in her spy category despite her inexperience? Would her Master hurt her because she wasn't prepared for this double-edged world? Or destroy her when he found out she was deceiving him? What about the kidnappers? Would they kill her even if she accomplished her mission? Oh, so many questions, and they were all answered in unexpected and wonderful ways :o)

Without any hesitation, I confess this story has enthralled me. I'd have liked to read Cole's perspective, oh the Master!, but even without it, it has all worked wonderfully. Danielle's training goes forward slowly through classes, scenes and detailed possibilities in the BDSM lifestyle. The narrative is very graphic and will linger in your mind for a long time.

At the same time, Danielle plots to get the information as commanded by her stepmother's kidnappers. It was thrilling and dangerous. The most tantalizing part is the intimacy she shares with Cole. He's aloof, professional, and that hurts her, but he cannot deny his attraction. The wax scene is really memorable. And it's followed by a rich, mind-blowing chain of scenes that become more original and arousing as the plot thickens. Surprises keep coming from all corners such as scary things related to the criminals that have cornered Danielle into this lie, sensuality between an increasingly interesting Master and her. I also loved the scene with Logan when he asks Danielle questions to ascertain what makes her tick. Artful.

I was disgusted by the villain of the story as much as I was intrigued by the criminal plot. As soon as it was swiftly dealt with, the main tension point focuses again on a personal obstacle that threatens Cole and Danielle's happiness. The, the author throws more plot twists on the unsuspecting reader and keeps building the stakes, along with extremely steamy scenes that are not to be forgotten.

I loved the ending and I'm very satisfied with this hot cocktail of romance, thriller and voyeuristic BDSM sexiness.

First reviewed on Literaria http://sede-literaria.blogspot.com
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586 reviews14 followers
March 21, 2015
Readers were introduced to Benediction and it's secrets in Shelly Bell's White Collared series. The series was brilliantly penned and such an intriguing take on the world of BDSM. Eagerness filled my book loving soul when she announced there would be a full length Benediction novel. Cole DeMarco is the mysterious owner of Benediction. While we know his limits and know his turn-ons, we don't know about the real man.
Enter Danielle Walker. Benediction's newest sex slave trainee. Curious as to if Cole will recognize her after all these years, Danielle infiltrates Cole's club to save her stepmother from her kidnappers. Intrigued by her own desires and yet hesitant to fall into her old lusty thoughts about Cole, she enters with an open mind plans to save her stepmother up front in her mind.
Cole wants to show Danielle just how he sees her - the beauty that exudes from her every pore. His ways may not be conventional, but he achieved his goal. Cole was her mirror.
Within the pages of this novel is a story filled with such suspense and a mystery filled with twists that left me shocked when the final culprit was revealed. NO LUCK, not spilling the beans here. The turns this story takes with each page will keep any reader on their toes. You will adore the supporting cast of: Gracie, Roman, Adrian and even Cassandra. Each has their part to play in the story.
While this story takes place in a club like Benediction, the relationship is nothing short of sweet which I think will throw people off since many assume that relationships within the BDSM community cannot be caring and romantic.
"Eight years ago, I set my eyes on the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, She was too young for me then and circumstances kept us apart, but she was never far from my thoughts. I watched from a distance as she bloomed, dreaming about a life I could have with her if only things were different. Then one day..."
And then, there are moments when the playfulness of their budding relationship is just heart warming. They both peel away layers that have been hiding buried facets of their personalities that the connection they shared was strong enough to sense.
Tossing her ponytail over her shoulder she crossed the room, her sole focus on him.
"Yes, Master. How may I please you?"
His lips tilted up in a grin. "Oh, let me count the ways."

"Because when I think of you, only one words comes to mind."
She couldn't catch her breath. "What word?"
"Mine," he growled, crashing his mouth against hers in a claim of possession.

I give this book a FIVE. A blue wristband wearing FIVE! Why you ask? I hope many more books from club Benediction join me and my Kindle! (PS - I friggin LOVED the nod to Cynthia Sax and her Sinful Rewards serial! Did anyone else catch it?!?)

Check out the FULL review here: http://areaderlivesa1000lives.blogspo...
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Author 20 books22 followers
April 7, 2016
Okay! Shelly blew me away with this one. I didn't want it to end. I was enthralled with Danielle's journey into BDSM and Cole...well, sexy doesn't begin to describe this man.

Danielle Walker wakes in the night to find a stranger in her home, her stepmother’s life being threatened, and she’s given instructions to retrieve bank account information hidden in a place where no one but one man has access…the private quarters of the owner of the most prestigious sex club in Michigan—Benediction. So her only choice is to become a sex slave in training under the one man who has haunted her dreams and sexual fantasies since she was a teen—Cole DeMarco.

Cole DeMarco is surprised but pleased that Danielle Walker, the daughter of his former partner, has submitted an application to sex slave training at Benediction but he can’t help but wonder what she’s up to, and if she’s up to all it means to be a sex slave. When unusual things start happening with Danielle in the center of the action, Cole is determined to discover who, and for what reason, is behind it all.

Danielle may have set out to seduce him but she ends up being seduced by the world of delights available to her and Cole at Benediction.

RED HANDED, the actual book one of the Benediction series by Shelly Bell simply blew me away. Having read these out of order didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the series at all but I am surprised that the first real Benediction book turned out to be one of the best. Having already read BLUE BLOODED, I knew somewhat what to expect but in fact, I had no idea just how seductive the world of BDSM as Shelly paints it could be.

The characters, the mystery, the suspense, and the sensuality of RED HANDED is what hooked me in, seduced me, if I may say, and now has me totally addicted to this series. Shelly’s characters are alive and people that I would love to know in real life…especially the men. She kept me on the edge of my seat not knowing who might be behind everything but I have to admit, who it was…I never saw it coming. She got me and that’s usually very difficult to do.

The Benediction series by Shelly Bell, as well as the White Collared books are not exactly for everyone but if you’re willing to take a step on the wild side, or if you read the dreaded SHADES books, then I highly, highly recommend reading RED HANDED by Shelly Bell. Darlings, the SHADES books haven’t got a clue as to how hot, how amazing, how inviting, and downright exhilaratingly sexy, BDSM can really be.

***copy purchased for my own personal reading but I'm sharing my honest and unscripted review.
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1,187 reviews65 followers
May 16, 2017
Holy smokes Red Handed is definitely a panty melting hot read.

First off I love me some interracial love so that was amazing and definitely a plus in regards to this book. Go interracial love!!

Danielle wakes up in the middle of the night one night to a man in her bed and a gun to her head. Now her stepmother has been taken and she’s heading into enemy territory. Having always been a sexual deviant Danielle takes this opportunity at Cole DeMarco’s sex club to help get her stepmother out of danger and to explore her sexual side. Except everything is harder than she thought. Danielle is falling in love with Cole her long time crush and Danielle fits in more than she ever expected.

I loved this book. Seriously it was the bomb.

Danielle has some self-esteem issues but she grows into an amazingly strong character. She starts off as a shy scared woman, but she turns into such an awesome woman who will fight for what she believes in.

Cole is a foxy foxy who has some issues. Cole is a super hot alpha male who has a major hot spot for Danielle. He is running the sex club to help others find what they need in a safe space. He has also done everything in the last couple years he’s been taking care of Danielle from afar.

The casts of characters in this story were absolutely amazing. Gracie and Logan were all absolutely hilarious. I loved how all the characters were important to every part of this story. I am definitely on board to reading the rest of this amazing series.

The entire story and mystery surrounding both Cole and Danielle’s life is so insane I couldn’t believe it. The real evil person in this story was so not who I thought it was. This whole story was just not what I expected at all. It was a great mystery with lots of suspense and hot sexy times. I loved every minute of this story.

I seriously want to recommend this book to every single person who loves BDSM and romance. Completely love this story so to those of you who love kinky love stories you need to get on this.
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2,435 reviews380 followers
March 29, 2015
Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads .

Not only had I never read a book by Shelly Bell before Red Handed, I had never read anything from Avon's Red Impulse imprint. I went into this one a bit blind, but hoping for a good solid, sexy read. That's exactly what I got. (Oh, and it was a good bit dirtier than I expected... and I am more than ok with that.) Shelly definitely brought the heat. :)

I loved having Shelly's dreamcast for Cole and Danielle when I began this book. Cole was a tough guy to get a read on at first, but picturing Jason Mamoa as I read definitely didn't hurt. (Rawr.) Danielle was a little easier to relate to in a lot of ways. I felt I better understood her motivations and what was driving her. Cole was mysterious. Sexy as hell, obviously interested in Danielle, but guarded and full of secrets. Which, given his line of work, made sense.

This book is as much about Danielle's growth as it is the abduction of her stepmother and the relationship between her and Cole. In the midst of everything else, Danielle is given the opportunity to discover who she really is and embrace some of her darker desires during her time at Benediction. There's a certain freedom to being able to fully explore your sexuality without judgement or recourse. Danielle definitely found that here. She also found a real connection with Cole, a man she's had a crush on since she was a teen.

I already mentioned Red Handed brought the heat, but it also brought the suspense. A little dark at times, it kept me guessing at what would happen next and who was ultimately behind everything. There are some unexpected twists that I enjoyed too. I'd not read the White Collared serial before beginning this book, but I didn't feel that was a problem. The Benediction books stand on their own. I do think I'll go back and read it though, just because I enjoy Shelly's style and her characters.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review.
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March 20, 2015
Red Handed
I was a huge fan of the White Collar Series from Shelly Bell and I have been eagerly awaiting a new book, well I have to wait no longer, as Ms. Bell has release a new book called Red Handed.
So we start the book in the mind of a crazy man, He is about to start the ball rolling on something that will change the lives of so many people, but all he has in his mind is Murder!
Danielle’s stepmother has been kidnapped, and the villain who is holding her stepmother is sending to be a trainee slave at Benediction, a private club, which specializes in BDSM and D/s relationships, to get close to Cole DeMarco, the man Danielle has had a crush on for years. Now the villain who is holding her stepmother is sending to be a trainee slave at Benediction, a private club, which specializes in BDSM and D/s relationships.
Now, if you have read the White Collar Series, you would remember Cole DeMarco. Well now were going to be hearing more about his back story and how that ties to Danielle and her father. But Cole also has a big secret to hide, one that will alter his life forever, a secret that will prevent him from ever having a family of his own.
So through these intense twists and turns of Red Handed, nothing and no one is what they seem. Benediction seems to be the place where the turn “trust no one”
comes in very handy.
There is SO much going on in this book that I honestly cannot do it justice in this review and would basically be giving away the storyline. But I did love the book. The plot was spellbinding and moving. The writing smooth and the characters delicious. I will admit there is one scene where Danielle receives her Stepmothers finger in a Tiffany box, which has caused me to HATE the sight of Tiffany boxes.
In the end and after not much thought (as I loved the book) I give Red Handed 10 out of 10. It is one I have and will continue to re-read again and again.
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February 15, 2015
Thanks to Edelweiss and the author, I was allowed to read a complimentary copy of this book. I was very excited because I have read Shelly Bell in the past and loved her work. I was not disappointed as this book was not only a very hot read, but a very intriguing one also.

The book takes you into the world of BDSM. The majority of the book is spent in the home of a sex club and centered around Danielle's entry into the world as a sex slave trainee. Danielle is only there to try to get secrets of the owners in order to save her step-mother but she secretly has desires that fall into this world. Even bigger is her renewed attraction to the owner, Cole, even though she has blamed him for years for her father's death.

As the book proceeds, we learn more about Cole. Danielle and Cole can't deny their mutual attraction. The suspense increases as Danielle tries to get the information she needs without losing Cole in the process. Then comes the final twist of the book that no one expects.

This book keeps you on your toes and wanting to read it to the end. It was a great read and five big stars. Great job Shelly Bell!
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March 10, 2015
Red Handed by Shelly Bell was an intriguing read. This book is extremely well written. The characters have depth and are written into their places in the story with precision.
I loved the fact that our main character, Danielle, is not your typical run of the mill love interest. She has demons about her body style and fears that no one could really love her because of it. Especially not Master Cole DeMarco. Master Cole ' s character had me enthralled with reading Red Handed. Shelly put just the amount of chemistry between these two characters that it literally left my stomach tied up in knots.
Excellent book! Excellent story!!!
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March 14, 2015
I will admit that I am not a person who picks up a BDSM AND Suspense novel and reads it in one day. But this book, I read it in two days. The hero and heroine had unbelievable chemistry. I liked Shelly Bell's writing style and Benediction was an eye-opening experience.
Without giving anything away, I appreciated the underlying suspense tone which amplified the intensity of their relationship. Master Cole was awesome and throughout the entire book, you wondered if you could really trust him, while unable to resist falling for him.
It was a great read and as the second in the series, it lived up to all my expectations.
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April 3, 2015
Red Handed: A Benediction Novel is such an amazing read!!! It's scorching hot, so there maybe times when you will fan yourself. I was kind of in a book funk before reading this, but that all ended as soon as I started reading Red Handed. I read it in one sitting, because frankly I couldn't put it down...I didn't want to put it down! Danielle and Master Cole sure know how to heat up the pages and keep me interested. There wasn't a boring moment in this book, the twist and turns that this author created renewed my passion in reading and gave me something to look forward to. This author will now be on autobuy for me. Thanks for an amazing read!
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September 22, 2015
I guess I like my BDSM with a bit of suspense in the plot. The main character, Danielle, was not completely annoying. She had some self esteem issues because of her weight, but overall she wasn't dumb. Mostly. Because it was a suspense novel, so she had to make a few wrong moves.

But Cole. Ah, Cole. Me likey. Me likey a lot. I could picture him in all of his sexy, tough yet caring, protective glory. Good stuff. I'm giving it a 2 1/2 stars because it had a cheesy HEA ending that I tend to like but some silliness that caused me to roll my eyes. Not quite three star territory but I find myself wanting to read the others, too.
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October 6, 2015
Cole Demarco is HOT, hotter than hot and a dom to boot~! Danielle has been attracted to him for a VERY long time, he was a business associate of her fathers. Danielle's father died in prison for white collar crimes, she blames Cole for his plight and she is at war over her feelings of lust and hatred.

The story begins as she is informed her step mother has been abducted for information she has to get from Cole, but toget this information she has to become a sex slave. Cole is all about sex slaves and training them and he agrees to train her.

There is a good mystery and off the charts sex and a evil ow (or two)

A really good book !
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March 27, 2015
Red hot romantic suspense with some super sexy light BDSM scenes! Cole and Danielle burn up the pages right from the start. They both have secrets they are hiding from each other, and their are a couple of twists that I did not see coming. Danielle starts out as a bit of a wallflower, but Cole teaches her to be confident and to explore her kinky side. Gracie, Aaron and Roman are some great supporting characters that I would really like to see have their own happy ending - ;) 4.5 stars

ARC received via Edelweiss
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May 21, 2015
Great book! The characters were well done, the sex scenes were smoking hot, and the pacing was terrific. While the BDSM elements enhanced the story, they didn't overshadow the characters or bog down the plot. I think fans of the genre will enjoy the book, yet there was nothing too extreme to put off readers who don't typically pick up a BDSM novel. The suspense was good, and the ending had a twist I didn't see coming. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a spicy read.
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