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I open my eyes to darkness. Total darkness. I hear my own breathing, but nothing else. I lift my head…it thumps against something solid and unmoving. There is a board right in front of my face. No, not a board…a lid.

A teenage girl awakens to find herself trapped in a coffin. She has no idea who she is, where she is, or how she got there. Fighting her way free brings little relief—she discovers only a room lined with caskets and a handful of equally mystified survivors. Beyond their room lies a corridor filled with bones and dust, but no people…and no answers.

She knows only one thing about herself—her name, M. Savage, which was engraved on the foot of her coffin—yet she finds herself in charge. She is not the biggest among them, or the boldest, but for some reason the others trust her. Now, if they’re to have any chance, she must get them to trust one another.

Whatever the truth is, she is determined to find it and confront it. If she has to lead, she will make sure they survive. Maybe there's a way out, a rational explanation, and a fighting chance against the dangers to come. Or maybe a reality they cannot comprehend lies just beyond the next turn.

345 pages, Hardcover

First published July 14, 2015

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Scott Sigler

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#1 New York Times best-selling author Scott Sigler is the creator of fifteen novels, six novellas and dozens of short stories. He gives away his stories as weekly, serialized, audiobooks, with over 40 million episodes downloaded.

Scott launched his career by releasing his novels as author-read podcasts. His rabid fans were so hungry for each week’s episode that they dubbed themselves the “Junkies.” The first hit is always free …

He is also is a co-founder of Empty Set Entertainment, which publishes his Galactic Football League series. He lives in San Diego, CA, with his wee little dog Reesie. Both Scott and Reesie are diehard Detroit Lions fans.

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Author 32 books1,735 followers
January 30, 2015
The less you know about Scott Sigler's Alive, the better.

In fact, I only want you to know one thing: drop whatever you are doing, right now, and read it.

The book is a voyage of discovery, a desperate and scrabbling effort to cut through darkness and discover truth. It has this in common with the best films of M. Night Shyamalan - a fog of mystery that conceals terrible danger and pitiless reality, a slow crawl to revelation, and, at long last, a payoff that leaves you reeling.

Alive is a at times a bildungsroman, at times a tremendous work of survival horror, at times a dystopian post-apocalyptic masterpiece on par with The Maze Runner or Divergent.

Alive is many things, but most importantly, it is this: easily among the best works of Science Fiction I've read in the past five years.

Read no reviews. Read no blogs. You shouldn't even learn the richly detailed and utterly compelling characters' names. No. Keep yourself in the dark, so you can join them as they struggle toward the light.

You'll be glad you did.
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366 reviews109k followers
June 16, 2015

Really really enjoyed this read. It was a fast paced and thrilling read, I never wanted to put it down because the mystery was too good.
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1,048 reviews159 followers
July 14, 2015
Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing for the opportunity to read the ARC of this book. I actually liked this so much that I bought the hardcopy!

Wow! Really great storyline with amazing twists and turns. My first thoughts after the first few chapters was that this felt a bit like Lord of the Flies/The Maze Runner. As I delved deeper, I realized that this story was completely unique and I couldn't seem to get enough. I'd try to put it down and would find myself picking it right back up to get some of my burning questions answered.

The book starts with the protagonist waking up in a coffin. A coffin?!! It was a horrifying beginning and grabbed my attention right away!

The reveals don't come easily and it wasn't until the last part of the book that a few questions are answered. A few I actually figured out, but I'm not quite sure how I guessed. The clues were very obscure.

Whatever happens, do not flip to the back and read ahead. The thrilling part about this book are those twists and turns and finding out FINALLY what the heck is going on. And it doesn't stop at the end of this book. There is still much more to come in this series and I really need to find out NOW what is going to happen next.

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5 reviews4 followers
April 5, 2017
As Scott requested in the preface of Alive, I've deliberately refrained from mentioning any specific details here so that every reader can enjoy this book's wealth of surprises for themselves.

When you see the name Scott Sigler on the spine of a book, you probably think of horrific science fiction monsters or perhaps intergalactic aliens playing football in the future. Alive is a significant departure from both of those. In fact, it's almost impossible to pigeon hole it into a specific genre. The setting makes its largest component science fiction, but not by much. The primary story arc takes us along for a tumultuous ride while the characters try to solve the mysteries of who they are, what's going on, and why they awoke inside sealed coffins. Excellent character development and ongoing strife within the core group is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies. The amnesiac angle reminded me of Memento. Alive simply refuses to fit into a single genre, but Scott blends them beautifully.

Overall, I would rate this novel 9 out of 10. It is not perfect, but it is very well done. Many readers may complain that they are kept waiting for answers too long. Scott does give clues as to what's going on throughout the book, but he does not give any explicit reveals until late in the novel. Also, keep in mind that Alive is the first book in a trilogy. You will not have all the answers you want, even when you've finished reading this novel. I was well satisfied with what Scott chose to reveal in book one, and I also think he picked an excellent point (ie a natural transition, not a manufactured cliffhanger) to end the first installment of the trilogy. I would recommend this book to anyone who does not mind reading a story where they're not 100% certain what's going on until near the end of the novel.
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2,415 reviews7,423 followers
May 29, 2015
Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/

Houston commercial photography

Included at the end of this ARC was an author’s note asking reviewers to not “spoil” this novel with their review. He asks that all reviewers “avoid giving away the good stuff.” Well, lucky for me there was no good stuff, so I don’t think I really have to honor that request. In the immortal words of the MC, I have the following to say:

“He thinks he can push people around. He thinks he owns people.”


First things first, are there zero original ideas left? I guess it’s my own fault for not taking the blurb at face value, but when I read “a gripping sci-fi adventure trilogy in the vein of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner” I didn’t realize it meant it would be a jumble of every plotline from every dystopian YA book ever written (with a little Lord of the Flies thrown in for good measure).

I also didn’t realize that nothing would happen. The premise sounded both original and action-packed:

A girl wakes up in a coffin-like enclosure in a war-torn environment, discovers there are others (both living and dead) with her, and has to fight in order to survive.

Sounds promising, right?

Yeah, notsamuch. Here’s what really happens: A girl wakes up on her 12th birthday in a coffin/cradle/bed/whatever, finds other kids, and discovers although they all believe they are 12, they now look like this kind of 12 year old . . .

Houston commercial photography

Although the names contained on their “enclosures” (for lack of a better term) clearly state first initial and last name, the MC decides her name will be “Em” rather than “M” (Please note everyone else will be referred to by their last name. WTF is the point of the “Em” bullshit? Especially when her last name is SAVAGE. I would totally want to be known as motherf*&^ing Savage!), and immediately elects herself as leader. Ummmmm, doesn’t anyone watch Survivor anymore? You never want to declare yourself leader. When you do, this happens . . .

Houston commercial photography

We then deal with various other “children” losing their shit because they want to be the leader. A whole lot of this ensues . . .

Houston commercial photography

I tried to make a game out of how many times Em talked to herself about how she was the leader, but taking a shot each time made me pass out by like the 14% point so I had to stop playing. Seriously . . .

Houston commercial photography


There are also various remarks made about symbols the kids have on their forehead. It was all very Sneetches and I’m sure there will be a super valuable lesson to be learned by any of you who ride this turdpile out through Book #3 . . .

Houston commercial photography

Since this is a YA story, we also have to toss a little horniness into the mix. Even though the characters are all 12 (with voices of approximately 7 year olds), our MC fails to notice the carnage that surrounds her, and notices the beauty of bachelor #1 upon his emergence from his “coffin” instead. She “shamefully” fantasizes about what would happen if their clothing ripped and she *gasp* saw a “grown man” naked and in stressful times she makes sure to take note of important things like, “his eyes . . . so blue” and the way he smells “it’s distracting – almost as if I like it, but it doesn’t smell good”

Houston commercial photography

Nearly the entire remainder of the book consists of walking through hallways and every once in a while coming across stuff . . .

Houston commercial photography

But then back to walking. Always walking . . .

Houston commercial photography

Oh, and arguing about who is leader and who should be leader and WHY WON’T THEY STOP F-ING TALKING ABOUT WHO IS THE LEADER?!?!?!?!?!

Houston commercial photography

Generally in a trilogy, book #2 or 3 is the “filler” book. Not this time. Nope, #1 was the one that could have had 90% of it left behind on the cutting room floor. Hands down this was the worst start to a dystopian series I’ve read. Obviously I won’t be reading the next book. For those of you who will? Well . . .

Houston commercial photography

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, NetGalley!
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Author 108 books4,017 followers
Want to read
July 26, 2016
Check out the new paperback cover for ALIVE, complete with the "New York Times #1 Bestseller" tag! Del Rey, the publisher, is changing cover style for the paperback release of ALIGHT, and when they do there will be this new cover for ALIVE. What do you think?

JULY 17, 2016:
Whaaaat? A year after publication, ALIVE hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list for YA ebooks. A huge accomplishment to get that #1, and quite a surprise!

JANUARY 19, 2016:
Check out the French-language cover of ALIVE, from the publisher Lumen. Woo-hoo!

JUNE 16, 2015:
Testing out using the "review" section to keep my Goodreads pals updated on the progress of Alive. I learned this trick from Michael J Sullivan — he and his wife Robin are whiz-kids when it comes to Goodreads.

Alive is out July 14, 2015. That means we're just over four weeks away from release date. Stress City, population 1. We're banging away on marketing at this point, with some really cool stuff planned. We've worked hard to cater to BookTubers, a YouTube sub-culture that, in my opinion, is reshaping the way people talk about books in the US.

We also have a book trailer coming up soon. It's being premiered on a major entertainment site on June 24 (unless big entertainment news pushes it out a day or two), so keep an eye on my Twitter, Instagram and at my scottsigler.com website for more info.

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225 reviews46 followers
August 29, 2015
I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started this book, but I was not expecting...that...what a great book this is!

In my ARC edition, there is a letter from Sigler in which he begs readers not to spoil anything via the interweb, so I won’t talk about the plot…but man I wanna talk about it! It was so cool!

I feel like this is what The Maze Runner way trying to be (but failed at miserably). Its got that mysterious Maze Runner-vibe with kids and whatnot, but, unlike The Maze Runner, this book has well drawn characters, originality, and a plot that holds together, twists and turns that flip pages like crazy, and an ending that screams, “Sigler, hurry up and finish the next book!” Yeah.

Also...based on his...um...enthusiastic fan-base, I feel like I should mention that this is my first Scott Sigler novel...

How to decide then if you’ll like this book...

Well, if you would describe yourself as someone who loves YA dystopian novels... (or if you loved YA dystopian novels in a past life, but you got burned out on them because of the glut of really bad YA dystopian novels and movies, but you wish you could return) ...if you love YA dystopian novels that don’t suck, aren’t cliched, and are actually really damn good, then this book is for you.

Ah, this book isn’t even coming out for another five months...you have so long to wait. Bummer, dude. Just go ahead and add this book to your “To-Read” shelf so you won’t forget to buy it when it comes around in July. You’ll thank me.
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9 reviews7 followers
June 11, 2015
Wow. I' m still trying to digest everything I've read. The novel begins with a young girl waking up in an unknown world. At first the book seems like it's going to be a metaphorical exercise about discovering one's identity but then violence creeps into the story as she meets other people. There's very much a Lord of the Flies vibe here but in this situation, the youths have to deal with hostiles other than themselves. Since revealing too many details about the plot would spoil the surprises in this book, I'll just say that every time I thought I knew where the story was headed, I was totally caught off guard by an unexpected twist. By the end of the book, I was riveted. And the cliffhanger ending left my brain buzzing. Alive is a highly enjoyable, action-packed intellectual read for both teens and adults.
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35 reviews4 followers
January 25, 2015
I am surprised that I finshed "Alive" alive. It certainly left my heart skipping a beat or two in certain places - dark, enclosed places.

Many have compared the book to "The Hunger Games" but I think it more closely resembles "Maze Runner". However, "Alive" would be enjoyable to anyone who enjoyes YA distopian novels.

Others have given a small, spoiler-free, introduction to the book so I won't go into that here. I do feel that many of the characters are well developed, especially the main characters for this book in the trilogy. I know that some of the minor characters are likely to have their parts grow in the next two books and I'm looking forward to seeing how their characters develop.

Overall a great read from an established author and highly recommended.
Profile Image for Guestford_junkie.
15 reviews2 followers
April 12, 2015
I was lucky enough to get an Advanced reader copy of this book from Empty Set Entertainment (Thank you!!).

From the moment I opened this book and found myself in a coffin, I knew I was in for something dark. I love the way that Scott pulls you into the world he has created and makes your heart race! I don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling it for those Junkies on tender hooks until September. but rest assured, this is Sigler gold!
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2,512 reviews53 followers
May 30, 2015
I’ve been a huge fan of Sigler’s since devouring Infected in one sitting. When I heard about his debut into YA fiction, I admit that my hopes were quite high - and Sigler does not let you down! Sigler’s genuine talent for immediacy and physical details turns this into a gripping read from the very first page. A nameless young girl wakes up in a coffin... what could be a more electrifying opening scene than that?? And it’s only the beginning - the action never lets up. Questions mount about the overall situation, but the only real option is for the characters to move forward and the reader to keep turning the pages - it’s impossible to put this one down! It’s exciting and fresh (though there are a few moments that may feel a bit reminiscent of Lord of the Flies) and I am thoroughly excited to have another trilogy from Sigler to look forward to reading - though I hope that the wait isn’t too terribly long for the next book - this is just such a fast read!

Despite my anticipation for the next book, this is a satisfying read in its own right. The conclusion is thrilling, but makes for a natural segway for a second novel. It is a bit gory for the YA genre’s younger readers, but thankfully not overrun by teen romance either (I actually think this will cross over well to adult readers). It lays a solid foundation for more excitement to come I can’t wait!
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72 reviews1 follower
January 20, 2015
No Spoilers here:

It is not often that an established author with a firm command of a particular genre of writing and a rabid fan base in that genre attempts a new venture. To my knowledge, it's ever more rare to see that author take on a new publisher AND a new genre simultaneously. But Scott Sigler is not unfamiliar with trying new things and this time I'd say it's done with great success.

Fans of Scott Sigler will already know that his books tend to follow common themes and also know that much of his work exists in what he calls the Siglerverse. I'm already scratching my head trying to envision where this intended trilogy will fit into the world of Sigler. Science fiction, monstrous enemies, uncommon heroes, and antiheroes as well as inexplicable symbology is just some of the hallmarks of his writings. This book is not a departure from those comfort foods.

What is a departure is the usual shock and awe that comes with a steady helping of horror and plot-furthering gore. This story has that gore and shocking images for sure. It wouldn't be a Sigler book without that. But what is new is the first person voice he chooses to write in. I consider first person to be the most challenging form of writing for two reasons: one, the reader literarily has no more knowledge of what's going on than the griot and two, the mystery of whether that character survives or not is removed. That means the author MUST make the surprises happen from other sources and in a convincing way. Not. Easy. At. All. But once again, Scott defies the odds.

This first person narrative immediately places the reader in panic mode because the main character is also in a panic. And for good reason. Soon we learn that this will not be the last moment of panic. I saw, as the story went on, discovery of self and of surroundings, exploration of others, of the past and the future all from a single characters point of view. Most interestingly this character sees this same kind of development occurring in others and that is what I liked the most in this story. It's not something I normally have a chance to see. I also loved seeing the dawning wisdom we see or hope to see in others we interact with was used as a means of learning about and caring about other. No character just appeared to be a red shirt (Star Trek) but instead we come to care about them as people. Dare I say a certain level of affection for them when the craziness comes.

I am going to recommend this book to fans of Wall-E, Quarantine #1 The Loners, Stargate and your better written dystopian future genre novels. This book is said to be about teenagers in a dystopian situation. It's not that simple. This book is said to be about said teenagers being trapped. That too is too simplistic a nutshell to describe who is trapped and who is trying to be free. This book will ask you how far would you go if mortality was an option? I can only imagine how far the main characters will go in book two to find out.
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301 reviews14 followers
September 15, 2015
Everyone trusts their own memory. At least, we hope we can. The idea of waking up one day without your memory, or discovering that your memories aren’t real - the whole idea of not being able to trust your memory is a frightening concept that has been used to great effect in such stories as The Bourne Identity, The Lost Symbol, Maze Runner, Total Recall, Memento and many others.

Now, there’s a new contender. In Scott Sigler’s Alive, a 12-year old girl suddenly wakes up without any memory of who she is, or how she got where she is. She has the ability to read and speak, but no distinct memories other than it is her birthday. She soon discovers she is not alone, and together with a handful of others in the same circumstance, they work on discovering the truth about the present and their past.

It’s a story of new beginnings and finding oneself. It’s about the difference between faith and blind trust. It’s about assertion of self and accepting insecurity. It’s a human story of inhumanity, as secrets are revealed after each literal and metaphorical corner is turned.

Sigler has done it again, providing an engaging story with likable, relatable characters to drive the story forward. There’s a goodly amount of antagonists, and not always from the sources you expect as you read. This time he teases you at the outset by announcing this is Book One in a trilogy. There’s a lot of effort evident in providing tidbits of information and glances into personality that I can’t wait to see expounded in the subsequent books. Even though Alive is the first, it stands on its own as a complete story, which I really like.
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35 reviews
February 15, 2015
I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book. I'm a huge fan of Sigler's work and it's very exciting to see him starting a new series.

While this is a YA series, he doesn't hold back -- there's plenty of tension, action, and yes - a bit of bloodshed.
And like all of his books, there are compelling characters.
No spoilers! so I'm not going to talk about the plot. Suffice to say that "Alive" truly is one of those stories that you want to devour in one sitting.

The book is available for pre-order now - be sure and get yours.
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Author 40 books752 followers
April 24, 2015
First, the caveat. I got this book from Netgalley as an advanced reader copy.

This is one of those books that makes you think. It makes you consider what you'd do in the same situation, and it makes you consider what choices you'd come to--what would be the most important thing to you.

I don't want to give spoilers, so I'm going to try to be careful. I plan to err on the side of vague. The book is about Em, who wakes up in a coffin. She breaks out and discovers she's in a dusty room with several other coffins. She doesn't know her name. She has some memories, but a lot of blank spots. She soon finds several others in the same boat, and now they have to find out where they are, who put them in the coffins, and most importantly, find their way home.

One of the things that some people will find off-putting is that the story is told in present tense. Normally that would drive me nuts, except that the present tense makes a lot of sense because it works well with the element of discovery. Em is constantly discovering things--she has little sense of the past or the future, so the present is where she lives. All her decisions have to be based on the now because she has no experience or any sense of what the consequences might be. It makes her situation tense, to say the least.

I enjoyed the story. It was gripping and at times grim. It didn't shy away from the difficult aspects. In fact, it embraced them, but focused more on the personal consequences of the choices and the events. Each character has to learn who s/he is. This is a story about identity. What makes it unique is that the identities the characters have no outside references to decide who they are, or what they should do or not do. This means they are stuck with making decision based on simply who they are without any external guidance or pre-existing framework of morals, except for a handful of memories that aren't all that useful.

The book raises a lot of meaty themes. The question of nature vs nurture when it comes to personality and self. Then there's the question of religion and what value it has. Leadership is important, and loyalty and friendship. When does the group outweigh the individual? There are questions of consequences and whether you can choose beyond your nature.

My only complaints about the book are that the religious element comes a little out of nowhere. I wish it had been eased in a little more intuitively rather than just arriving. It made sense and fit perfectly as the story went forward, but the arrival was awkward and unexpected. I also thought the leadership quandary was a little bit heavy handed, though a lot of it made sense and the doubts were important as well as the choices eventually made. Especially in light of the fact that they were based on the here and now and what logic the people could scrape together. There was no way to predict consequences and that made choices really scary. Another oddity, to me, was the basis in Aztec/Mayan culture. I wasn't entirely sure why that was the case. I also wanted to know how and why the monsters appeared as they did--I won't say more, since that would be spoilerific, and it really isn't very important to the story, but just something I'm curious about.

Once several revelations/discoveries are made, the development of the relationships become more interesting and important. I don't want to say much more because of spoilers, but just that there were some really cool and smart developments between the characters that blossomed in unusual ways by the end of the book.

I'd totally recommend this book. I am hoping there will be a sequel. I'm totally going to have my kids read it.
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5,073 reviews183 followers
May 20, 2015
I am a fan of Mr. Sigler's. I can still fondly remember his first book, Infected. The cover drew me in as it was creepy (in a cool way). So anyways I can remember reading Infected and not being able to tear myself way from it until I was finished. I still get goose bumps thinking about the story. So needless to say, I could not stop reading Mr. Sigler's books.

Yet, even with this impressive resume, I was a little skeptical about reading Mr. Sigler's newest book. I just could not imagine how he would do writing a young adult type novel. Well I am happy to report that I had nothing to worry about. In fact, this book far exceeded my expectations. I did not know what to expect from this story reading it. It was a little like Maze Runner but I thought this book was better. The whole reason for what Savage and the rest of the group experienced was in no way what I saw coming. This was a shocker. I liked this twist. I can't wait to get my hands on Mr. Sigler's next book. This book is a must, must read. It just might keep you up at night reading until the end.
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224 reviews
April 7, 2015
Alive is a mystery / thriller / survival novel that can be described as a fusion of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner.

The premise of the novel:
A teenage girl wakes up in a coffin - she doesn't remember anything and only knows her name based on what is written on the coffin. M. Savage. Soon she’s surrounded by strangers - other girls and boys whose memories are also gone. Beyond their room lies a corridor filled with bones and dust, but no people . . . and no answers.

M. Savage, or 'Em' for short, finds herself in charge, though she is not the biggest among the survivors, or the boldest, but for some reason the others trust her.

Em is determined to find the truth behind her situation and confront it. Maybe there’s a way out, a rational explanation, and a fighting chance against the dangers to come. Or maybe a reality they cannot comprehend lies just beyond the next turn.

Mt thoughts:
The novel successfully weaves horror and dystopian young adult well with a dash of science fiction. Built on a really interesting premise that took the whole novel to reveal, the reader will be hard pressed to guess the ending.

I loved that the lead female character is flawed and that she doesn't always have the right answers, but owns her decisions. Themes of cooperation, truth, and accountability are explored under circumstances that are high pressured and some times frustrating for the characters.

Its been a while since I've finished a novel so quickly but this one was hard to put down and a bunch of fun to read. I hope future installments and a continuation of the story is in the future.

*Disclaimer - I received an advanced reader copy of this novel for review*
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2 reviews5 followers
June 13, 2015
I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this book because I'm a long-time Sigler fan. I've been asked not to spoil any details, so I can't actually tell you much about it! I CAN tell you the following things: It's YA, so no bad language or sexual situations. The protagonist is a girl and the story is told from her POV. She wakes up alone in the dark and has no idea where she is or what the heck is happening. She has very few memories of the time before she woke up. The details about what's happening are revealed slowly as the story goes along. Sometimes maddeningly slowly! This is the first book of a series, so you never get ALL the answers, just enough to make you want the next book NOW! The ending comes at a good transition point to the next book. I didn't feel cliffhangered, but I'm eagerly awaiting the next one! I probably could have read it in one day if I'd had the time. It reminded me somewhat of "Lord of the Flies". Definitely recommended.

My 11-year-old niece is a non-reader. I challenged her to read the first 5 pages. After two pages she asked if she could take the book home with her.
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1 review1 follower
April 4, 2015
I started this book yesterday and, in short, devoured the text. The story was enthralling, engaging, and far too easy to relate to whether you are twelve or sixty two. I kept trying to guess what might be coming next, where the story might be going, what the hints and little tidbits of information might mean. I couldn't not turn the next page because there was no way I could put the book down without knowing if I was right or if I was wrong. I just had to know. I no sooner finished the story than turned to my daughter and insisted she stop whatever she is reading and pick up this book instead. Well worth the read - you will not be disappointed.
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125 reviews
May 27, 2015
Alive is the first book of Scott Sigler's new YA trilogy. I am not the fastest of readers but this story got me hooked from the very start. Imagine waking up in a coffin with the mind of a 12 year old but your body is that of an older teenager. You think you have vague memories of your parents and it's your 12th birthday but not why you are in a coffin and where you are.

Good characters and an intriguing caste system, cannot wait for book 2.

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21 reviews2 followers
February 3, 2015
At the risk of incurring the wrath of the FDO(and potentially getting banned from future ARC's) I'm not allowed to say much. Devoured it less than a week. I found it to be different from most of Scott Sigler's novels. That's not a bad thing... just an observation. I'm not giving anything away by saying there's a mystery at the core of this one. I, personally, would say its part Hunger Games and part Cube. I can't say any more. I can't. Its a fun read, even if its not in the same vein as Sigler's Infected, GFL, or Nocturnal romps. If you like Scott's other stuff, there's a darn good chance you'll enjoy ALIVE. I did.
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Author 23 books13.2k followers
February 24, 2017
It's really just not my type of book!
I liked the beginning, but the rest was just so wacky and odd.
I couldn't picture any of the setting in my head and the characters where so, well not my cup of tea.
I loved the first 50 pages but after that I was lost.
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22 reviews
June 29, 2015
I got a sneak peek of this book back in October when Scott read the first few chapters for those of us that attended Siglerfest 2014. I thought I was lucky then. But a few days ago, I received an unexpected package in the mail from Empty Set Entertainment. That package contained an advanced reader's copy of Alive (thank you Scott & A!)

I knew, after hearing those first few chapters, that I was hooked and couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. I was not disappointed by what followed those first few chapters.

In a lot of ways, this book felt like a Scott Sigler book. But in a lot of other ways, it is something completely different from everything else he's written in the past. For one, it's told from the perspective of a 12-year-old girl - a 12 year-old girl who wakes up with amnesia.

There were many twists and turns, and even though I had a feeling I knew where the book was going about halfway through, it still ended up throwing out a few more surprises before the end. And considering that this is the first book in what's going to be a trilogy, I can only imagine how many more surprises Scott has in store for us. I, for one, can't wait to find out!

EDIT: I wanted to give this book 4.5 stars but it appears that GR doesn't do 1/2 stars. My reason for wanting to give this book 4.5 stars and not 5 stars is this: In my opinion this could be a stand-alone book. It doesn't end with a true cliffhanger ending, it ends with what I will refer to as a "happily ever after" ending. Meaning, you know there's more to the story, but the author leaves the "happily ever after" to your imagination.

If there are people out there (they would obviously not be TRUE Sigler Junkies) who feel they don't want to continue on with the trilogy, I think they would be fine with the ending of Alive as it is - with the exception of one very important thing - the symbol, that you can clearly see on the main character's forehead on the book cover, and the symbols on the other character's foreheads are not explained in Alive, even though they are referenced throughout and are, obviously, very important to the story. I made my own assumptions as to what they "could" mean/stand for, as I'm sure you will, but there was no definitive reason given for them.

Now, I know that Scott will most likely clear this up in one of the following books, and maybe (probably) he has his reasons for not divulging that info in this 1st book of the series, but that's the one and only thing that irked me about this book - and my reason for the missing (1/2) star.

EDIT #2: The official book cover has been changed since this review was written.
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April 30, 2015
Alive by Scott Sigler is a dystopian YA novel in the vein of Hunger Games with a Lord of the Flies twist. That being said, there's some very graphic plot points, so I wouldn't recommend it for Middle School set. It's more adult than young. It's the first Sigler novel I've read. I got a pre-release copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I have to say, after finishing Alive, I am tempted to go find more of his work.

The novel opens with a young girl waking up in a coffin on her twelfth birthday having lost most of her memory. The author specifically urges that we allow new readers to discover the revelations on their own, so I'll leave the plot to you. Like a roller coaster climbing the first big hill, the book starts a little slow. The tension builds over the first hundred pages or so, but once the ride really starts, you won't be able to put it down. I finished the last two thirds in half the time it took me to read the first third. Although this is intended to be the first book in a trilogy, you get a satisfying ending with just enough left open that you want to read the next one. If you dig dark futures, I think you'll enjoy this one.
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June 11, 2015
I received this book through a goodreads giveaway. Where do I even begin with a book like this? Lately I've been in a rut when it comes to books. This book helped pull me out. It's a completely original and unique premise. I was not expecting the direction it went. I read this this entire book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. This book will amaze and surprise you from the first page to the last. It has become one of my favorites. The only bad part of this is that it's a long time until the next book comes out! Please do yourself a major favor and read it!!!
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November 14, 2014
I was lucky enough to get an advanced galley copy of Alive and Scott Sigler (The FDO) has done it again. It is a dark, and at times violent, story told thru the eyes of a twelve year old girl with amnesia. The uncovering the mystery of the past and dealing with the confusing present is suspenseful and draws the reader in - I could not put the book down. I cannot wait to read the next two books in this trilogy. I would recommend this to people who like mysteries, horror, suspense, and science.
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August 29, 2015
I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group for the opportunity to read the ARC of this book.

I think this book is amazing. It is so creepy. I loved how the kids are in these coffins and some wake up on their own and others being woken up. They all think they are 12 years old and it's their birthday, but in reality they are actually older.

This book is really unique to me. I didn't figure anything out like in other books, you can sort of get a hint of where things are going. This one kept the surprises going for me. I hope in the other books there are a few more things explained.

It's hard for me to put a lot of it into words without giving away any spoilers but I don't want to do that. There are a group of kids trying to figure out what is going on, what happened to them, where they are at, etc. Em is the leader of the group but there are a lot of amazing characters. I love most of them. A few get killed of course which is sad.

They are wandering around this huge place trying to find their way out and find food and water. It seems to go on forever. They are guessing they are underground somewhere, but can't seem to ever get to the top, they just climb and climb.

By some crazy accident they find a botanical room with food and water, but then it gets even more crazier as they meet monsters.

I really enjoyed reading this book and couldn't put it down. I just wanted to know the answers as much as they did! I'm really looking forward to the next book!

I recommend to all science fiction and fantasy readers.

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