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Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus
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Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus

4.04  ·  Rating details ·  83 ratings  ·  47 reviews
Welcome, he says, to the "fabulous fabulous" Lawrence Booth show. His flamboyance is well-practiced. They all know him, he's world-renowned (he reminds them). Then he calls them the faceless masses, says he doesn't care who they are. It's a familiar deadpan, his particular brand of sensationalism through effrontery. Then he gets more personal, but it isn't sincere—how coul ...more
Paperback, First Edition, 198 pages
Published October 1st 2014 by East India Press (first published January 1st 2014)
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4.04  · 
Rating details
 ·  83 ratings  ·  47 reviews

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Oct 21, 2014 rated it liked it
I won a copy of this short quirky novel in a Goodreads giveaway. It's a fun story examining a superhero in a cyber-pervasive future set about ninety years from now. I call it quirky because it's written in a sometimes awkward present tense narrative, and sometimes the dialog is summarized without quotation marks which gets a little clumsy, and the last chapter is far longer than any of the others and switches back and forth in time a little confusingly, but the overall effect seems to hold toget ...more
This isn’t a story about characters; there’s really only one character we can claim to know in this entire book, and even Beowulf himself remains largely a mystery, even with the tantalizing peeks given into the morality behind the armoured bear suit. And it’s not a story that focuses on the universe Behr has created, because even though we know enough to understand what’s happening, as we read, we don’t know enough to not be intrigued. What this was for me was a story about those facets of soci ...more
Mar 08, 2015 rated it liked it
Shelves: sci-fi
It was a fun, fast read that was somewhat thought-provoking, but overall pretty light fare. Films like the Running Man and Robocop came to mind while I was reading. It also brought to mind the comic X-Statix, which also explored super heroes and violence as a commercial commodity.

Aside from the story itself, I was put off by the overall formatting of the book. Monologue/dialogue was randomly presented in different styles (this seemed very contrived to me and served no purpose), and seemingly po
Sep 10, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I could put A Bloody Calculus down (only AFTER I finished reading it) but I couldn't stop thinking out it. Milo Behr's story springs--seemingly inevitably--from the intersection of character, situation, and philosophy. His world and people are both intriguingly unique and believably real. The central Beowulf character immediately gripped my imagination and then, upon better acquaintance, captured my emotions. Here is a rip-roaring action novel about a guy who is so much more than just really sca ...more
Todd Romney
Sep 16, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Much like J.K. Rowling did with fantasy, Behr seems to come out of no where as a master of the scifi genre. Not since Blade Runner have I been so completely transported to an awesomely constructed future. And unlike Blade Runner, Behr has the advantage of having seen into the future a few more years, creating an even more intriguing Blade Runneresque future by mixing in believable, and highly thought provoking, social media and hard core science elements. Think Blade Runner meets The Hunger Game ...more
Pauna oana
Feb 16, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus was a great ride, a journey in another land and time, a journey filled with mystery, emotions, fear and most of all suspense. I came to love Beowulf for what he does, for how he acts in this crazy frenetic world.

Beowulf is a complex character. Always trying to bring the peace in, the world in which he is stuck is more like a TV show where anything can happen. And each one of us has a Beowulf inside himself. We all try to make the right decisions, protect the truth and
Miranda Wood
Sep 23, 2014 rated it really liked it
The future of an ancient myth.
A futuristic mystery that really did have me guessing. Superheros doing advertising plugs while trying to catch the villian. Justice at your finger tips. I was completely surprised by who the bad guy was. I did not expect that. It was a true pleasure to read this.
Spencer Romney
Sep 16, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
As I said in my Amazon review of Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus, I think it's deserving of a place in the Cyberpunk canon, next to entries by such luminaries as Stephenson and Gibson, but the most exciting thing to me is that Milo Behr is just getting started. I can't wait to see what's in store next.
Jun 21, 2018 rated it did not like it
Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus is a dry sterile tale in a world that should be brimming with the smell of ozone, sweat and concrete. Instead we're dealing with stop-start stream of consciousness that doesn't build people or the world they live in. It's hard to get into, hard to stay in, and I feel like little was gained when I left it behind. This is not a book I would buy the next in the series too, and felt blessed that it was a loaner.

Styling jumps strange places, chapter to chapter, and I think
Oct 21, 2014 rated it really liked it
Beowulf is the type to put on a show. Well, that's really his job. He works with Lawrence Booth, the DJ of a show. Beowulf hunts down criminals and Booth obtains a sentence handed down by his viewers. While Beowulf saves the day, Booth broadcasts it to his viewers in the hopes of good ratings. That's what the future is like. This is how justice is in the year 2104.

At first the book is difficult to get into and, subsequently, it's taken me a while to read. I think the main problem is that the beg
Travis Pike
Oct 28, 2014 rated it really liked it
So the cyber punk genre has always been a niche market with it’s own problems. Cyberpunk is rarely done right, and often is misunderstood as a genre, a lot of cyber punk these days are stuck in the 1980s/90s vision of the future and in reality it’s simply not believable. Beowulf incorporates an elevated and expanded vision based on today’s technology and culture and days it quite right.
This includes reality shows, the current crop of ‘journalists’ who essentially use blood and carnage to draw an
Nina Harrington
Feb 15, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2015, science-fiction
This book delivers on the promise made on the cover and delivers in a stunning way that is both entertaining, thought provoking and deeply satisfying to the reader.
It's part mystery, part thriller, all in the plugged-in context of a cyberpunk future.

Milo Behr is an author who likes to break the rules.
Layers of language slip over one another to create a stacked complex of a fascinating experience which is equal to the deep immersion show presented by Lawrence Booth to the plugged in masses.
Oct 27, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Fast-paced action, intriguing characters, and a universe that I can’t wait to further explore in Milo Behr’s second novella… I think it’s fair to say that “Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus” is one of the best cyberpunk reads I’ve come across lately. The story grabbed my attention from page one, and I couldn’t put my Kindle down until I finished it. I simply had to know what happened next.

Beowulf is a different kind of superhero. It’s the kind of superhero that people of a highly technologized 22nd cen
Apr 28, 2015 rated it really liked it
Good, clean writing, beautiful style. Author's talent in cyberpunk and dystopian world creation, as well as command of language is obvious and should be kept an eye on, but I also greatly enjoyed the capturing and depiction of human emotions. While I thought the writer could do much better without a jocky jock main character like Beowulf, it doesn't mean I didn't care for him at all and that's surprising.

The parts with the female character were well written in terms of seeing her through Beowulf
Sep 18, 2014 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I've never done this before. I've never taken the time to review a book on both GoodReads and Amazon, but Beowulf deserves it.

Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus is real science fiction. Forget the `space operas' that have deluged the genre for decades turning `geek to chic' on popular television and film. Behr's work is gritty; a return to the science fiction that weaves unsettling, real-world questions into our hero's tale.

Yes, Beowulf is scary, but not because of the villains the eponymous protagonis
William Pauley III
Nov 02, 2014 rated it liked it
I won this little novella on First Reads and read the entire thing in one sitting. It's shorter than what I was expecting it to be, even after having received it. The last twenty or thirty pages are an excerpt from the second book in the series, so the actual book is only something like 150 pages.

I liked the author's style and sense of humor, but more than anything, I really enjoyed the dialogue shared between characters. It's spot on. It's an entertaining tale in a dangerous, chaotic world. No
Sep 29, 2014 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I was offered an e-copy of this book after having lost the win in the Goodsreads First reads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

I found this story to have a very interesting concept of a futuristic world, some details not being overly futuristic in fact, which had a great plot that could be further developed (thus, I suppose, the fact that this can/is a series). I see a lot of potential, but what made it less enjoyable for me was the style itself - the present tense narrative seemed awkwa
Jun 05, 2015 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
***I received a free copy through the Apocalypse Whenever group giveaway***

I would actually give this 3.5 stars

I wasn't sure how I would like this book. I've been burned by a number of free giveaway books, so I've been shying away from them. When this showed up in my group though, it hit me at just the right time. I was in the mood for something cyberpunk-ish and fast paced.

This didn't disappoint. The book is only about 100 pages and it is SUPER fast paced. It just keeps hitting you BAM BAM BAM
Samantha Pellegrini
Dec 01, 2014 rated it liked it
I do like your book and the world you created. The fact that no one is safe in your dangerous world is truly an entertaining and enjoyable aspect for me.

I am the type of reader that really likes to make connections with the characters so that I can become even more immersed in the world the author created. I didn't get a lot from the characters and I feel like more time could've been spent on them - not a whole book per character, but definitely more than was there.

Also, all of your curse and s
Oct 30, 2014 rated it it was amazing
A truly captivating story. I was completely engrossed from start to finish. Milo Behr has created the kind of sci-fi story that not only entertains but leaves you thinking about the possibilities that the future may hold for mankind. Beowulf’s job is to carry out the sentence of a jury when a crime is committed. Too often, the sentence is death. When a string of killing sprees begins he begins to question the cause. The character of Beowulf is well thought out and beautifully presented. He is no ...more
Trudie Lombard
Feb 14, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus is a thrilling, fast paced book that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the get go. The book provides an interesting blend of dark humor, philosophy, technology and RPG vs. reality. As an added bonus there are even some mythological references in this book too.

Based in a world that is ruled by technology, media and the justice of the masses; this book is a clear eye opener that shows how our love for technological advancement can be used against us in the most evi
Oct 25, 2014 rated it really liked it
A short novel set around the year 2100, in New York. Everyone has implants that help them connect to any database or more-than-lifelike simulation they choose. Talk-shows also function as live news channels, because the crowd's appetite for entertainment has grown to demand brutal diversions. Milo Behr puts forward an interesting question about our modern existence in the context of a possible future: Can technological advancement make us doubt even more the meaning of our existence?

The book is
Margaret Daly
Feb 12, 2015 rated it it was amazing
It’s rare that I’m completely mesmerized by a story. This book had me within the first few paragraphs. The timeline, positioning, and eccentricities made this story come alive for me, even playing like a movie in my mind.

A spark ignites as Milo Behr creates an engaging chemistry between his readers and characters.
When I read a book, I like to be connected with the characters, this was easily accomplished with the vibrant description of character and setting alike, bringing me into the story with
Jack Quick
Oct 27, 2014 rated it it was amazing
BEOWULF, A BLOODY CALCULUS, by Milo Behr: Remember Elvis Presley and the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Television Variety Show? Its 2104 and the Lawrence Booth Show outdoes anything the un-expressive Ed ever had on his show. Booth has Beowulf, New York City’s most celebrated Bounty Hunter. In an era when distinguishing between reality and fantasy is all but impossible Beowulf stands out as being the ultimate super-being. And Beowulf can be given authority to summarily execute his catch – if the stu ...more
J Scott Wilson
Oct 21, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: print
I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

This was engaging and full of action and, with a little bit of mystery and enough elements of my favorite genres (cyberpunk and scifi), it was hard for me to put it down.

Not fully cyberpunk in a traditional sense, but more of a futuristic action novel with a batman style superhero who's actions are streamed to, and influenced by, a live audience. Devoid of boring, drawn out descriptions and explanations, the story moves along quickly eno
I bought this book as part of StoryBundle's Cyberpunk Bundle and this book was kind of what I was looking for.

Milo Behr drops you directly into his vision of the future with no explantion.
I found it a little disjointing at first however it's nice that the author trusts that you can figure it out yourself/confident in the writing that it will be come clear.

The main character Beowulf is a kind of futuristic bounty hunter that is televised on a show where a presenter riles up a watching audience
L.A. Mitchell
Nov 03, 2014 rated it really liked it
This first, tantalizing stop into the 22nd century juxtaposed world of human instinct versus digital democracy delivers everything a thriller/cyberpunk reader craves with two added bonuses: a philosophical bent and a brilliantly written antagonist. Imagine the great and powerful Oz inside a where-did-we-go-wrong cautionary tale that circles the sewer drain of invasive technology, misguided heroism and idolatry.

The hero is a likeable, complex, self-proclaimed cynic who arcs into anything but, an
Sep 28, 2014 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
4 out of 5 stars Author Kindle copy for Review

A fast paced thrilling read that quickly moves along.

We are drawn into a television show with a flashy host named Larry Bennett who is more than meets the eye. A show where the audience are the judge of people crimes but is it really justice? It’s a game to him as the people so called justice are brought to an end by someone called Beowulf.

He is a well known bounty hunter going by Julien Clarke who ends the sentenced people lives. When the crimes bro
Quratulain Salim
Oct 25, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: All action/cyperpunk lovers. It's a definite treat.
I'll condense my reading experience into one word–exhilarating!

From the very first chapter, I was kept guessing. Where is the writer going with this? The story's set in a future that gives it a touch of technology as if you're watching an action movie with all the latest gadgets built for the user's absolute convenience and prompt response to everything.

The tricky part is that the reader gets into the head of almost every character introduced. It's like the reader appreciates the perspective of
Oct 30, 2014 rated it it was amazing
I was eager to read the book, but could’ve never predicted how fast I’d get caught up in the story. It was absolutely impossible to put “Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus” down! Since the dynamics of the book and the vibrancy of the setting were staggering, I quickly found myself submersed in the futuristic reality Milo Behr had created.
The plot of the novel is consistent and logical - everything has a detailed, believable explanation. “Beowulf” doesn’t lack a philosophical side either. It raises ques
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WINNER! London Book Festival BEST SCI-FI.
WINNER! Beverly Hills Book Awards BEST SCI-FI.

Milo Behr grew up in New York, Central America, Europe and the Middle East. His short-form fiction has appeared in the MechMuse Anthology alongside David Farland, Kevin J. Anderson, Eugie Foster, and others. He is an enterta
“The genius is apparent from page one. . . . A seamless fusion of virtuosity and insight. . . . If William Wordsworth were alive today and writing cyberpunk, this is what he might write.

—David Farland
New York Times Best Seller
Lead judge for the world's largest genre writing competition”
“Like all great works, it manages to be great without trying to be brilliant. It just is, and effortlessly so. . . . [Has a] rhythm that's sophisticated in its subdivisions of time and its impeccable sense of proportion and pace.

—James Guymon
Film Composer
VP, Composers Guild of America”
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