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The second book in The Alignment Series.

Liv's role in the war between the Bevans and the Moores is as solid as the motif carved in her protective amulet. The problem? She never volunteered. Her connection with Trey happened too fast. She can't trust in love built by magic.

Trey's place in the war has shifted. No longer the target, he's just someone in the way. Not if he can help it. He's packed and ready to return to the Moore estate. This time, he can’t bring Liv, but he can't leave her to battle Moore-trained assassins alone.

Liv knows if Trey goes, the Moores will kill him. Trey knows their remote mountain home won’t be safe until he’s executed every Moore. And Liv has a secret that, if divulged, will propel Trey to the estate faster than his fifteen-year-old need for revenge.

The Moores don't need Trey to come to them. They have a new strategy—an attack on the very thing Liv questions, the last thing Trey expects to be in their sights. Their love.

552 pages, Paperback

First published September 15, 2014

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About the author

Kay Camden

8 books67 followers
Kay Camden is equal parts writer, reader, and metalhead, who believes the best stories are love stories and all heroes must have a cool car. She writes twisty plots with smart heroines, haunted heroes, ancient feuds, forbidden love, magic, and revenge. She lives with her husband, two children, and an assortment of four-legged creatures in the middle of the U.S.A. next to the mighty Mississippi River. Other interests include learning the Irish language and listening to a lot of EBM/industrial/synthpop electronica and dark/progressive/hardcore metal the only way those types of music are meant to be played: LOUD.

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Profile Image for Jennifer.
2,692 reviews6 followers
July 8, 2016
3.5 stars rounded to 4.

This was a good second book. It was as interesting as the first, but in a quieter way. Kay Camden did a good job furthering the back stories, plot, and character development. The MCs are still the flawed characters they were in the first book, but also have more facets. I'm looking forward to the third book.

What I liked:
1) The writing. It was still choppy in places, but it was very engaging and well paced.
2) This book seemed like a good rest from the first book. There was less action, but more world building and explaining the past.
3) The dual povs. Both MCs had their flaws, but none of them were anything I couldn't get past.

Profile Image for Alison Bockius.
18 reviews
February 12, 2021
Amazing must read

Ugh such a good series so far!!! I love EVERY character, even the villains that's how good they're written. I'm on to book 3 now super excited
1 review
May 15, 2020
i loved this book and the first one, i want more
Profile Image for (;Missy.Lala;).
670 reviews2 followers
November 1, 2014
This series is seriously starting to lag on me :P

Does that mean I'm not going to read the Finale?
No. I'll definitely read it because I'm curious to know what's going to finally happen.

Does that mean I expect more action, romance, an ultimate battle between two family lines, and a happy ending?
Heck yeah!!!

Am I going to torment myself into waiting awhile for the next book?
Absolutely! I need Sloane to enter this world and kick the Moore's butts!!! xD

This series I have mixed feelings for. This series would be a no-brainer 5 stars because it has the potential for it. But what kills it for me, is Trey's mood swings, the questioning of true love, the lack of information for the immortals, the lack of information of the families, Kate (I hate her guts), the switch of mood for a lot of these characters (where one thing happens, and the next second something completely different happens), and the waiting. I mean why hasn't Liv had the baby yet? Why does Trey like to do things alone? Why is there always conversations and less action? What are the Moore's trying to prove?

I'm left with more questions than answers, and I have a feeling when the last book comes out, I'm not going to be able to get it for looooooooong while :P -sigh-.

Oh well... We'll see when the time comes :(
Profile Image for Terry Phillips.
20 reviews2 followers
December 13, 2020
Fantastic series.

I am enjoying these book. The story line is amazing as well as the characters. Kay paints pictures with words. Thank you.
Profile Image for Jennifer Neeley.
26 reviews1 follower
August 28, 2021
Writing was a bit choppy and bounced around with no transitions, making it a bit hard to follow.
Profile Image for ER.
2 reviews
November 6, 2014
I read The Alignment first and liked this second book too. The Two is an interesting story that builds on the first book, so you need to read the first book to keep up with the development of the storyline. It has tense action and touchy situations and witty, likeable people, and just enough suggestion of sex that isn't too graphic. In reality, the F word is everywhere and these two friendly jokers use it as normal so it fits. The story is about a family with magical problems and fixes that will keep you reading into the night when you should be sleeping. I want to read more about mean Kate and little Winnie with her sight into the future. I can't wait for next book to see them through this drama and to see what else can happen. The last page left me hanging, and now I really need to know the answer to the cliffhanger.
Profile Image for NerdyBookKingdom.
15 reviews1 follower
December 28, 2019
you will like this book, if you can see past :
Tray's bad behaviour, his addiction to alcohol, his anger issues, his possessiveness, and the fact that any psychologist would diagnose him with IED.

Christian being the guy you wish Liv to fall in love with.

Liv being incredibly stupid ( like how can she believe Tray can be a good father, and which kind of mother sends her daughter into war?)

Oh, and specially for me, Dillon being bad was a huge disappointment ( I so badly wanted him to be good and steal Liv away from psychopath Tray)

Will I read on ?
Yeah, even if it's only to know if Dillon is truly bad and to know if Christian will end up with Liv.
I feel like there's still something between them.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Alexandra G..
646 reviews1 follower
Shelved as 'could-not-finish'
April 14, 2016
Ughhhh. I really, really wanted to fall in love with this series.
But I've read 50% of this book and nothing interesting happens. And the characters are starting to be annoying. They do almost the same thing every day! And they have the same stupid discussion all the damn time.
I expected more.
Profile Image for Sarah.
2 reviews
October 5, 2014
This series is such a bad addiction. Such a good read, I can't believe I have to wait until 2015 to read the next one. I have high hopes for the next 3 books. Hurry!
Profile Image for Karen.
591 reviews2 followers
March 8, 2015
mostly enjoying this series, tho still getting annoyed at high handed Trey and his single mindedness. Sometimes he seems abusive. These characters could all use lessons in communication.
Profile Image for Kay Camden.
Author 8 books67 followers
January 6, 2018
Note from the author: If you're new to this series, don't start here! These books must be read in order. :) Book 1 is here.
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