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Game On #3

The Game Plan

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A beard-related dare and one hot-as-hell kiss changes everything.

NFL center Ethan Dexter’s focus has always been on playing football and little else. Except when it comes to one particular woman. The lovely Fiona Mackenzie might not care about his fame, but she’s also never looked at him as anything more than one of her brother-in-law’s best friend. That ends now.

Fi doesn’t know what to make of Dex. The bearded, tattooed, mountain of man-muscle looks more like a biker than a football player. Rumor has it he’s a virgin, but she finds that hard to believe. Because from the moment he decides to turn his quiet intensity on her she’s left weak at the knees and aching to see his famous control fully unleashed.

Dex is looking for a forever girl, but they live vastly different lives in separate cities. Fi ought to guard her heart and walk away. But Dex has upped his game and is using all his considerable charm to convince Fi he's her forever man.

Game On

323 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 1, 2015

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About the author

Kristen Callihan

26 books13k followers
Kristen Callihan is an author because there is nothing else she'd rather be. She is a RITA winner and three-time nominee and winner of two RT Reviewer's Choice awards. Her novels have garnered starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly and the Library Journal, as well as being awarded top picks by many reviewers. Her debut book FIRELIGHT received RT Magazine's Seal of Excellence, was named a best book of the year by Library Journal, best book of Spring 2012 by Publisher's Weekly, and was named the best romance book of 2012 by ALA RUSA. When she is not writing, she is reading.

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1,828 reviews29.1k followers
March 9, 2016
Re-read 2/8/16...Reading the Wall of Winnipeg made me want to re-read this again for some reason. Something about big, buff, stoic footballers, I guess...

10 Million, I LOVE Ethan Dexter Stars

I'm gonna make a bold statement here and just straight say that I heareby annoint myself as the Official Lead Minion of the Ethan Dexter Minion Brigade.


So all you other bitches?







Cause I'm watching you.


And I WILL cut a bitch.


Now that we've gotten that out of the way...let me talk more about my Dex.







To put it plainly:


This is the first time I ever considered putting a book boyfriend's name in my screen name as is all the rage.

In fact...lemme go...


Bam. Done.

Seriously though, I loved everything about Dex.

Even the dreaded man bun.

I love, quiet, strong, silent types.

Especially when they are built like a brick shithouse.



Have mad football skills.


Can calm crying babies.


And look like this:


Le fucking sigh.

I even loved Fiona.


Even when she got...indecisive.


Seriously though, I just LOVED these two together.

I was a little curious to see how the whole "Virgin Hero" thing would play out...because sometimes that can really turn into a train wreck outside of that usually awesome "sliding home for the first time" scene...

But I should have known that I can always place my trust in Kristen Callihan.

At this point, she could crap on a piece of paper and tell me it's about football and I would read it.

My only beef now?

I'm fucking pissed at myself for blowing through this one so fast.

And must now begin the interminable wait for the next one.


But them's the breaks.
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2,020 reviews12k followers
October 26, 2015
4.5 Stars

I didn't expect you, Ethan."
His eyes search my face. "I've been waiting two years for you to see me."

See that utterly pathetic pile of melted, swooning goo on the floor right now? Yep. That's me. Who would have thought I'd meet my end at the hands of a bearded, pierced, and man-bun wearing virgin?

Because if anyone was going to make my manwhore and asshole loving self fall completely head over heals for a virgin, it had to be Kristen Callihan. Having read 2 other male virgin books before this and being mostly underwhelmed, third time was most certainly the charm for me. Because this book? I loved it. I beyond loved it. I want to marry it and have it's babies. I want to rub myself in it and roll around basking in it's pure awesome all day. I want to lick it. Alright, you get the point here I think.

Ethan "Dex" Dexter has always been he voice of reason. The calm and collected one. The unassuming lumbersexual. Sexy, sure. A little shy, maybe. But there was also always something clearly swimming under that calm surface and you just knew that it would come out when he got his own book. And if you haven't? Clearly you haven't read the Game On series yet. I suggest you rectify that immediately.

Dex has had his eye on Fionna since the first day he met her. Fionna happens to be his college teammates and best friend Drew's sister in law. Two years ago she may have been too young for him. But now? All rules are off. As an NFL center, Dex is accustomed to assessing the defense and finding a way to run right through it. And it doesn't matter what defenses Fi throws out at him; they don't live in the same city, she's not into professional athletes...because when Dex sets his eyes on her, all bets are off. Game on.
I'm insanely attracted to you. I want to fuck you. I want to know you. I want to be with you. If you want that from me too, I won't let something as small as inconvenient living locations get in the way.

What I love particularly about this series, aside from the swoony heroes that somehow get better with each new book, is that the timeline progresses. What I mean is, with The Hook Up started when the boys were in college, and The Game Plan finds them as NFL professionals. The timeline for them progresses and isn't just stagnant with each new couple, which makes the story that much better. Because with each new book, you always get a little more about the couples from the past ones and I will never have enough of that.

Ethan is quite easily my favorite hero in this series to date. It just doesn't get any better than him. For once an author managed to give the readers a virgin hero, but actually have a good reason to go along with it. The character development is what makes this as good as it was. Dex is a character that you will fall for after just the first chapter, and continue to fall even harder with each new one. He's this perfect balance of sweet and sexy. Dirty talker and romantic.
I see Ethan Dexter; he shines for me. And I burn hotter than the sun when I'm in his orbit.

Fionna was the perfect ying to his yang. She may fight anything serious with him for a hot second, but it doesn't take Dex long to tear through all of her defenses. I really loved her personality and vulnerability. I really loved that she's just as protective of him as he is of her. She's not a perfect character, but she owns her imperfections. As a matter of fact she makes you like her for her imperfections.

Kristen Callihan has written yet another deliciously swoony romance in her addicting series. This book had a little of everything and all of it perfectly balanced; great story, incredibly sexy, swoon worthy romantic, all tied together with wonderful secondary characters that just bring it all together. I couldn't get enough of it. There wasn't one thing about this book that I didn't love. But at the center of everything was Dex. *dreamy pervy sigh* Who would have ever thought I'd be raving this much about a male virgin. But this sweet guy had just the right amount of edge to him to appease even perverts like me. I loved him to absolute pieces.

If you haven't yet discovered this series, you've been living under a rock and need to come out immediately and see the light. If sexy sports romances are your thing, it just doesn't get better than Game On. Period. If you've read it and loved it, prepare to have your heart stolen by Dex. Considering each book just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait to see what Kristen Calliahan has in store for us next.

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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1,260 reviews9,964 followers
December 13, 2015
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Genterously Provided by Author In Exchange for an Honest Review}
(BR with Dee and Mel)

"You've ruined me, Fiona. I'm not sure I know how to live without you anymore."

 photo b127c70bfe130bb979526cf137a4b2ad_zpsdubk0fo3.jpg

I think that romances with athletes, college or professional, are definitely on my top faves list along with the billionaire bad boys and bad ass bikers. The Game On series gives us some seriously HOT book boyfriends to swoon over. I am still very partial to Gray and was so happy that he has a huge presence in this story.

We've met Ethan Dexter, aka Dex, in the two previous books, but never really got a true sense of who he was. I really fell in love with him in this story and have a newly formed appreciation for body piercings!! Ethan has had a secret crush on Fiona Mackenzie for almost two years but has never made a move out of respect for his best friend, Grayson, since she is his sister in law, and also because he is somewhat of an introvert and insecure. In high school, he wasn't what you would call a hottie and he was always living in the shadows of his best friends, Gray and Drew. He wasn't bitter about it and learned to accept the way things were. But he also kept his defenses up to protect himself.

Fiona is considered the flighty one in her family. She always goes out and tries new endeavors but as soon as things get tough, she quits. She has yet to follow through on anything. She is this way with men as well. Fi would rather have meaningless relationships with guys that don't stand a chance of lasting, rather than get mixed up in something serious. She definitely does not want anything to do with Football players because of her father. Her parents divorce really affected her and she has a deep fear of being left behind.

Fiona and Ethan end up staying over at Gray and Ivy's house during the same week. They almost instantly become an item. But Fiona is hesitant because her life is back in NYC and Ethan's is in New Orleans, since he's the Center for the Saints. She doesn't think a long distance relationship will work and also is afraid that she will lose her anonymity by being with a professional football player.

There's a refreshing twist thrown into this story. Usually it's the woman who ends up being a virgin, but not in this book. No, Ethan is the one who is still holding on to his v card and the reasons why will definitely break your heart. I will say that he did wait for the right girl and boy was he a fast learner!! I definitely did take a cold shower because once Ethan gets a taste of what he's been missing, he's seriously insatiable!!

 photo 27155b83156a8f5688470b2d390e8565_zps8bgng0lo.jpg

Not everything is smooth sailing for the two. There will be some challenges the couple will have to face. Will their love for each other be strong enough to overcome anything?

If you haven't read this series, you definitely need to bump this one up your TBR!!

 photo 16094605_zps20no7cph.jpg
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2,379 reviews4,627 followers
October 25, 2015
*3.75 * FEAR THE BEARD Stars


Kristen Callihan delivered another enjoyable installment to this series. Ethan Dexter was a pretty wonderful hero. He has admired Ivy’s sister from a far and decides it’s time to make his move. Also ladies, he’s a twenty-four year old virgin!

”The bearded, tattooed, mountain of man-muscle looks more like a biker than a football player. Rumor has it he’s a virgin…”


Ethan and Fiona spend vacation time at Ivy and Gray’s and Ethan makes his move.

”I want you badly enough to put all my cards on the table, show who I really am. So I guess it’s your play now.”


”Didn’t seem to want anyone else,” He whispers. “It had to be you.”


Ethan’s unfailing confidence in what they can be together is swoon worthy. Not to mention, the sex scenes are pretty steamy.


I found myself more in like with this story than love, but I still enjoyed it. There’s minimal drama that is thankfully addressed between the couple before things go too far. Sexy Ethan tames flighty Fiona, his certainty and maturity was very well done.

”You’re my kind of perfect.”

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*
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1,415 reviews972 followers
August 25, 2022
Re-read on 5/1/2022
Listening Length: 9 hours 57 minutes.

"The bearded, tattooed, mountain of man-muscle looks more like a biker than a football player. Rumor has it he’s a virgin, but she finds that hard to believe."

SAY WHAT? A hot dude who's a virgin?! GAME ON

A beard-related dare and one hot-as-hell kiss changes everything.
Beards are in right now. Done right they can be hot. I saw it on the internet so it must be true. See the scientific evidence in this gif.
My high school daughter told me that her friend is dating a guy with a beard and that she likes the way it feels when they kissed. My daughter was gagging when she told me. I guess I don’t have to worry about her kissing any guys with a facial hair. *lol* I don't remember any boys in high school with a beard...they were still too baby-faced.

“I’ve been waiting two years for you to see me.”
Fiona is Ivy’s younger sister (book 2 is Ivy’s love story). We’ve seen Fi and Dex in the previous books but never as a couple - more in passing. When the series starts Drew (book 1), Gray (book 2) and Dex are all playing college football and now they’re playing for the pro’s. Dex has been interested in Fi for two years but has never made his intentions known. Fi never took notice of him… granted during that time she had a boyfriend.

”I see Ethan Dexter; he shines for me.”
Dex has been wanting Fi since the moment he saw her all those years ago. The women who’ve been interested in him, so far, have only wanted him as a way to fame and power. To avoid those type of women he’s been content to be a support and foundation for his friends. Not until he decided it’s time to let Fi know his intentions does this quiet giant come out into the light.


FearTheBeard & CherryBomb
They had some fun text messages between them. I love text messages in books because we get to see an uninhibited side to a more reserved character. The playfulness of their texting names was spot on.

I’m a fan of sports movies and these books have made me fan of sports books.
I love this series.

RELEASE DATE: November 1, 2015

The Hook Up (Game On, #1) by Kristen Callihan The Friend Zone (Game On, #2) by Kristen Callihan The Game Plan (Game On, #3) by Kristen Callihan
Can be read as standalones. Each following book is secondary characters from the first book.

**Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.**

descriptive text here
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555 reviews1,524 followers
November 1, 2015

"All’s fair in love and football…Game on."


And that my fellow reader friends is exactly how a romance novel should be written. Readers, this author is so insanely talented it's almost criminal just how good Kristen Callihan actually is. I'm so in awe of her ability to grab me into the heart of her story telling. You'd have to be mad not to fall in love with this author and her crazy good, romantic inventiveness. If by any chance you haven't yet invested your time and read a book by this author, then the best advice I can give you today is; go and grab this series. I didn't think it was possible to love this set of books anymore than I already did but Callihan has blown my expectations out of the water. Bravo.

What's it all about?
Ethan Dexter has stood on the sidelines and fallen in love with the sassy, confident and beautiful Fiona Mackenzie for years. Unable to shake his desire for his best friends sister in law this larger than life hero decides to take the plunge and make his intentions known. Fiona 'Fi' Mackenzie has never really been interested in a forever kind of love, in fact she is known to those that are closest to her as flighty and fickle. Ready to shake this identity off, Fiona is happy to give this hulking, hero a chance at winning her over and Dex is ready to take on the challenge. Follow this beard loving, four star worthy journey and watch Fi and Dex navigate the uncertainly of life as a couple and all the heart clenching moments in between.


What did I love?
Kristen Callihan is unstoppable, this book is unputdownable and these characters are unbelievably adorable. There is plenty to get wrapped up in embarking on the latest in the 'game on' series and once again this author has proven why so many readers have been counting down the days to get their hands all over this delectable romance novel. This book had its moments where it was exceptionally swoon worthy, the type of romance where you begin to hope that someone would invent a travel device that meant you were transported into the storyline personally. However with that being said, Kristen Callihan did a bloody good job of making me feel apart of the plot, so much so I honestly felt every emotion and fell in love right alongside Dex and Fi. With Plenty of flirting, passion and dirty talk I was well won over by this books hero and as for the leading lady, she's the kind of girl that I wouldn't complain about being my best friend. If you want spine tingling romantic excitement then look no further. kristen Callihan meant business with this latest under her writing belt and now I'm left begging for more.

Why not five?
I'm going be short and sweet here. This book couldn't have been closer to a five star if it tried. Personally for my tastes a romance novel will always be winning brownie points if it gives me long drawn out sexual tension. The kind that has you clinging to your kindle and your heart beating with crazy anticipation of the couple finally getting together. And whilst this book had a lot of things going for it, it also had a huge case of the dreaded insta love - the right here, right now, I can't bear to be without your love for another minute style insta. All of the slow burn and anticipation was missing in this book for little old me. However, as far as a book with this as a main theme goes it was definitely winning some romance winning points. In addition I did feel at times the book was drawn out a little, but in spite of all my little niggles with this book it was still outstanding and I loved these characters something fierce. So to the already dedicated fans of this series; have no fear this latest in the 'game on' series is likely to knock your socks off.


Final thoughts ...
Kristen Callihan is a sports themed romance writing goddess. She certainly knows how to tickle 'my love for this genre' fancy and if this book is the last of this series I think I'm going to be feeling a little on the heartbroken side. To Kristen Callihan - please don't ever stop providing the romance reading community with your sweaty 'I can't help but fall in love with you' heroes and delightful heroines. And to those readers who have loved the characters of this series, you are about to fall in love with one giant of a tattooed hero and his unforgettable heroine. This author has oodles of gorgeous talent and this book is one that is not to be missed. *sigh* will I ever tire of this genre? You can believe me when I say it's likely to be never. Enjoy readers, 'Dex' is waiting to be read. Kisses.

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.*
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523 reviews19.1k followers
January 31, 2023
Reread: went from 3 stars to 2.5 stars meh

The height difference and constantly pointing it out was annoying
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1,830 reviews2,187 followers
June 10, 2016
2.5 stars

So I'm having the hardest time writing my review because while I didn't hate this book, I really did not enjoy it either. It is a strong 2.5 stars. After loving The Hook Up so much, it pained me not to love this one, so I'll do my best to explain myself in a nice way.

The Game Plan is the story of NFL player Dex and a girl named Fiona. Dex has watched Fi over the last 2 years and fell for her hard from afar. Fi in return barely noticed Dex. When Dex goes to visit Fi's sister and brother-in-law (fellow football player Gray), the two discover a mutual attraction for each other and decide to try and make a long distance relationship work.

This book had too much instalove for me. For a man Fi never looked at twice before, she fell for Dex pretty quickly, like within days quickly. In fact the whole relationship was too sudden to believe. After less than a week of spending time together, when the two return to their homes they are suddenly miserable without each other and cannot stand it.

There was also a whole bunch of over the top and unnecessary drama near the second half of the book that I felt was random. Basically what I am trying to say but is coming out all wrong, is the author didn't sell me on this couple. I wasn't rooting for them, I didn't feel for them, and I didn't believe in their love.

I will say that Kristen Callihan is a great writer, she has the ability to suck you into a story and keep your attention. Just in this case I did not care for the characters. Dex had a lot of potential but I feel like he went undeveloped, like there was more to him and his choices that we never saw. And honestly, I feel horrible for not loving this book, so please don't hate on me peeps!

I do recommend this book for sports romance lovers who do not mind instalove and drama. This just wasn't my cup of tea personally.

ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review
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1,232 reviews2,042 followers
October 30, 2015
4.5 stars!



Together, they're explosive.

Kristen Callihan is probably one of three authors who can make me embrace and love a book with an insta-love trope. The Game Plan sort of straddle the insta love line considering that the hero Dex has had his eye on Fi the moment he met her and Fi pretty much fell for Dex immediately.

But the wonderful writing, the chemistry between the characters, the secondary characters and Dex (rawr!). As much as I love Fi in all her quirky girly glory, Dex made this book for me. He’s a virgin but more than that he’s just a really, really nice guy. Ms. Callihan hit it right out of the park with Dex.

Another thing I loved is the overall story. Dex is wary of the notoriety that comes from being an NFL player. His virgin status only added to his appeal. Meanwhile, Fi is floundering. Office politics and jealousies are wreaking havoc in her work life. A short vacation to San Francisco where her sister Ivy and brother-in-law live offers a short reprieve. It also led to Fi and Dex reconnecting.

And holy mother of wow did they reconnect. Callihan take readers on a ride with Dex and Fi as they navigate their fledgling relationship. One of the obstacles they have to overcome was time and space. Dex lives in New Orleans, Fi in New York. Add to that the relentless scrutiny of the media, Dex and Fi were in for a bumpy ride.

Despite that, this book was low in angst. The interesting cast of supporting characters also added to the appeal of this book. I cannot wait to read more. I want Rolondo to have his own book. Pretty please, Kristen, make it happen.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 43 books1,065 followers
October 26, 2015
4.75 "FearTheBeard" STARS

This was really well done. Ethan Dexter blew my socks off. This was sexy, sweet, endearing and yes, angsty but not because of immature drama...talk about a mature and refreshing relationship!

I know I'm not alone when I say that I freakin' LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!!! I seriously don’t know how Kristen Callihan does it but each of her leading men in this series have stolen my heart. I was gaga over Drew, loved Gray and now, Ethan! I’m going to steal Fi’s words to best express what Ethan does to me -- “sweet hot peppers”…

“…you were a sexy-as-fuck, sly-as-all-hell charmer who grabbed my attention and held it.”

“Jesus, there’s something downright dirty about beards. Fucking naughty. All I can think about now is sex. About other places with hair that’s both soft and wiry.”

Ethan Dexter (aka Dex), an NFL center and best friend of Drew and Gray, has wanted Fiona Mackenzie, Ivy's little sister (The Friend Zone), from the moment he met her. While he hasn't made a move and it's been years, he plans to. Whereas, Fi doesn't see him other than her brother-in-law's friend. He's not her type - she doesn't do athletes, big muscular men or beards!

 photo tgp_zpsi7d92cxr.jpg

As luck would have it, these two find themselves in the same place at the same time and Dex makes his move...or maybe it's Fi? These two connect, flirt and then something takes root between these two and a nickname is born…

“And it’s like my brain turns off, because I pull that cherry out of my drink and put it between my lips to suck it. Like some damn porn star. His gaze snaps to my mouth, and his eyes narrow.”

These two are definitely opposites attract. Cherry (Fi) is bubbly, vibrant, snarky, funny and confident.

Ethan is quiet, contemplative, sweet, smart, sexy and all pure broody male.

“I don’t know what to make of this,” I whisper. “I didn’t expect you, Ethan.”

“I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you, Cherry.”

These two have a lot of obstacles with living miles apart in two different cities, Fi's pattern of running when the going gets tough, Ethan's past and much more. And yes, Ethan is a virgin but you know what? That was the least interesting bit and that's saying A LOT.

“The power I have over him hurts my heart. It might unnerve me except that I suspect he has a similar power over me.”

Ethan was simply amazing and ALL man. And Fi, even with her past track record, she's so likable and true, and they SEE each other. These two together were golden! And when trouble did hit, it was so honest and so mature. There was no drama but real, raw and unadulterated feelings, conversations and actions.

I highly recommend this! The entire series is a must read!

***An advance reading copy was generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.***

For more reviews and blog posts.


Ethan, darling, a virgin you say?

Let me school you on the ways of the world. I promise, I'll be gentle!

LOL! Squeee....will be starting this in a few short hours, so CAN'T WAIT!! I am READY!

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639 reviews3,801 followers
November 1, 2015

Title: The Game Plan
Series: Game on #3, can be read as a Standalone
Author: Kristen Callihan
Release Date: 1st November, 2015
Rating: 4 stars
Cliffhanger:. No

”You’re my kind of perfect.”

If you are familiar with Game On Series you probably have been waiting anxiously for Ethan Dexter’s story. Fortunately the long wait is now over! And The Game Plan turned out to be another winner. It made me all gooey inside.

Kristen Callihan delivered another sexy, cute as ever sports romance that filled my heart and soul with warmness that spread all over my body. That woman knows exactly what to write to tick all the boxes! Not only can she captivate the reader with endearing storyline but create characters so complex they seem like real people. I love that about Kristen’s books – well along with great sex scenes she writes like a champion too!

The Game Plan was absolutely delicious read! The author wonderfully composed the story – from the sweet and heart melting parts of it to some drama and angst (yes, this book has it all) - Dex and Fi’s story was entertaining and addicting. I loved every part of it. It was sexy, flirty and funny. Complete cuteness overload and I couldn’t stop smiling. My cheeks hurt.

If you are like me addicted to fun and sweet and sexy, Ethan and Fiona’s story should be a must read for you. It is too good to pass up.

It was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy this charming novel. I am dying to see what else will Kristen come up with. I hope she’ll rock my world once again.

"She's my One, whether I want her to be or not.
But want her I do. And now I'm going to have her.”


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2,434 reviews4,575 followers
August 11, 2016
IT'S LIVE AMAZON http://amzn.to/1MA5cpp


"I've been waiting two years for you to see me."

Why did this story have to end?I loved it so much and I couldn't put it down! Fi and Dex are amazing!!I loved their characters so much and I just wanted to read more and more about them!! I love this series and this book is unique! I loved Gray and so far he was my favorite, but guys wait until you meet Dex! This man...he stole my heart!


Dex wants Fi from the first moment he meets her but he was afraid to make a move. Fi doesn't see him more than her brother-in-law's best friend because he is an athlete so he isn't her type. When Dex finds the opportunity to make his move things change.


I love their flirting and banter. They are two different types of people who somehow managed to make the perfect couple! Fi is funny, smart and confident. She is exactly what Dex's needs! Dex made me melt all the time, I loved him so much! He is simply amazing..ugh is there somewhere a guy like him???If yes I really need him in my life!! He isn't as confident as Fiona but he has tender heart and this made me love him even more. He is so sweet and hot. I loved their electric and passionate connection.


This is a funny, sweet, intense and hot story! Once more Kristen proved what an amazing author she is! An amazing story with lovable characters!!! I highly recommend it to everyone!

b>ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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959 reviews1,247 followers
October 28, 2015

Title: The Game Plan
Series: Game On #3
Author: Kristen Callihan
Release date: November 1, 2015
Cliffhanger: No

If you're a follower of Kristen Callahan (or even if you're not), I can say with confidence that this is pretty much a sure bet. It's everything I love about her books: fun, flirty, and addictive. With each installment I read in this series, it just seems to get better and better. The witty bantering, the camaraderie of this group of friends-it promises laughs and a comforting warmth to settle over me until the very last page.

The couples she pairs together seem inordinately perfect for one another. This couple in particular really pulled at my heartstrings. Well, who am I kidding here? I have a little crush on the divine hero we're treated to this time around: Ethan Dexter. If I wasn't already a fan of this series who makes it her mission to attain an advanced copy, I would be hauling ass to Amazon in the blink of an eye on release day. Just look (LOOK) at that bearded, manly specimen. He caused a riot on Cover Reveal day. Is it any surprise?

So. The story! This is book three in the Game On series and I think now my favorite of the bunch. Ethan wasn't your typical romance reader's alpha male. He was a big hulk of a man who's sensitive and artistic-he's the steady rock of the group. And...in case you missed the memo: A professional football star VIRGIN. Authors tend to lean towards creating young athletes who are manwhores. They kind of go hand and hand and are what's expected which is why I love the deviation from that. Manwhores are fine and all, but I like some variety and this book delivers on that. This hero is such a fantastically built character. Strong, intuitive about others, the silent watchful type and someone everyone can depend upon. His maturity in the relationship was extremely welcome and appreciated by this reader.

Fiona is Ivy's sister from the Friend Zone. She's a sassy, independent woman inside a tiny, petite little package. In college, she was a little flighty, and a little bit wild. But now that she's gained a little more real world life experience, she's matured and grown. She's more settled, but not the happiest in her interior design job. With a ruthless co-worker making her life miserable, she takes a trip to visit her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. But she gets a little more than she bargained for on her trip because Gray's old college teammate is also staying with them.

"I don't know what to make of this," I whisper. "I didn't expect you, Ethan."
His eyes search my face. "I've been waiting two years for you to see me."

His lumbersexual looks aren't what she typically goes for and he towers over her tiny frame. So then, why does that one impulsive kiss they share turn her molten and wanting like she's never experienced before? This couple had an immediate combustable chemistry to them and it only got hotter the longer you read.

His mouth claims mine-needy, demanding, a complete counterpoint to the careful way he holds me. Hot mouth, gentle hands.

I loved not only their adorable connection, but the raw emotion they created that was mirrored back in me. They just absolutely, incredibly fit. I fell hard, head over heels.

The premise is a pretty simple one: hero and heroine were friends in college, reconnect through their mutual friends and succumb to their intense attraction. But a long distance relationship is in their future if they want to pursue a lasting, committed relationship together.

With Fiona's job troubles and Ethan's career in the public eye, they have a lot to overcome. It never felt like there was unnecessary drama just for the sake of it, however. This book was everything I look for in a book, I couldn't give it any less than 5 stars. My enjoyment was off the charts and it put the hugest smile on my face for a long time after reading it. I can't even tell you how many highlights I had of swoon worthy quotes from this hero, it made it difficult to only choose a few. This book is hitting my 2015 favorites list for sure. You're not going to want to miss out on this one. Two words: Read. It.


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October 29, 2015
4 Stars****
 photo 7DCC2237-F51B-46AC-87D2-6B030313782A_zpsm2kv2tcr.jpg

I absolutely ADORE this series Gray gray was my favourite and he still is to be honest, he was just everything saying that this one is a close second and a much more maturer developed story. There was no immaturity with them both and they dealt with their path pretty well..

Fi is Ivy's younger sister and is a bit of a fly away in that she is always searching for something better. In her career to the men she sleeps with, that is until Ethan Dexter walks into her life.
 photo 6AAC69D5-C809-408D-A846-1079337E9038_zpsfkbreokz.gif

Dex is Grays buddy and after needing a small break from his job. Being in the NFL brings ALOT of hardship, plus Gray and Ivy could do with some sleep after having their newly born baby, they really need some sleep and Dex wants to hep them. Therefore Dex comes to stay with them for the week and that also includes Fi so they are in arms reach of each other during that time.

 photo 24B18E7E-B273-4A0E-8A2B-CD9DAB77CA66_zpse7i0gei5.jpg

Ethan has always been the one to want Fi and not the other way round, that doesn't mean he doesn't make her hot and in need of some 'attention' when he looks in her direction in that intense needing way.

They were such a sweet and devoted couple to each other from early on, and this story came with a lot of the feels I love to enjoy when reading Kristen's stories.

 photo C3E4215E-A9F3-4EA4-B7AC-057D6C5FC4AB_zpsirc0ujad.jpg

But Dex has been a very subdued in his past, if you've seen him about in the The Hook Up and The Friend Zone then you'll see how he's reserved and quiet. Yet here you see who he actually is here, see the fire he carries deep inside, see what kind of deep and devoted heart he carries for Fiona and see how he has felt like that for quite some time.

And once they get together, there is a lot of...
 photo kissing and biting gif_zpshpouizyu.gif

The thing about Dex though is that he has never let anyone in until Fi said yes, she's always been his Forever. And he is a NFL player which comes with the press and being in the spotlight. Therefore having a secret to keep, because frankly that's no else's F'n business, means that brought on a whole lot of publicity. Ethan wanted to keep Fi from it, yet it also put them both in the light and they had to deal with that as a couple and as individuals. Gah throughout that part of the story in the last 30% had me on tender hooks but again in a much more maturer way, these characters knew how to deal and then to loose control aswell.

 photo 855273BE-22C8-4FD8-854C-1DFE033F8E18_zpsdlgdupsx.jpg

Why not 5?
The only reason I would say it's not a full 5 stars was because 'for me' I didn't fully feel a deep connection between them both. In the middle their is a lot of sex, and as a couple it lacked that chemistry for me. They were very sweet and in love, but it didn't carry the intense connection I felt with Gray and Ivy's book. Saying that this is still a sexy sports romance, and I love this author, so will still recommend this and will continue to read on. Here's hoping Ronaldo gets a MM book of his own in the future.. Wink wink..

ARC gifted generously in exchange for an honest review

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November 7, 2015
It is always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. And in Dex's case, he's been patient and he's been waiting for the right time...the right time to make things happen with Fi.

We've met both Dex and Fi in the previous book. Fi being Ivy's sister and Dex being best friends to both Gray and Drew. So, it's a nice little group...everyone is comfortable with everyone else. And it's certainly convenient when both Dex and Fi end up staying the week with Gray and Ivy.

It all started with a dare. Fi was curious about "the beard" and Dex challenged her. It blew opened her world, not only seeing Dex for the first time but really seeing him.


I loved the whole virgin spin and WOW were these two HOT. Dex certainly had no problem figuring things out and Fi was only too happy to steer him in the right direction if needed.

But...there's always obstacles such as not living in the same city. However, Dex tells Fi to trust him and they will figure things out.

Situations are set up so that the future can be a possibility and of course, just when things get good, it all falls apart. (Although it was a little hard to buy that someone like Dex who could read people so well would leave himself open like that!)

And while I liked how Fi took charge of things, it was a little surprising at who she kept it from and what happened because of it.

The epilogue was amazing. I just loved seeing them all together!

So who's up next? Well, there are a few possibilities but my two front runners are Rolondo, if K.C. would write a m/m story and Finn. I would love to learn more about him!


Favorite quote:

♥ “I've been waiting two years for you to see me."

(Prior to review)

Dex and Fi...it's gonna be good!
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January 27, 2016

4,5 "Sexy Dexy" stars

Oh my Swooooooooon!!!

Ethan and Fionna.. you two love birds!!!

About the book:

It all started with a dare.. at least for Fionna.
Ethan's feeling have been develped from much longer than that. For 2 years he did nothing to win Fionna, not even get her attetion so when the time has finally came nothing couldn't stop him making her his, to be with her.

“If you want only one woman, the rest is just noise.”

Fionna and Ethan were so different yet they felt something similar about each other. Each of them was seeking love, happiness, protection and content.
Their connection was so strong that they couldn't fight it at all. Even though they tried to be reasonable about the distance relationships and the issues they were doomed to have, they decided that a try won't harm anyone. Yet everytime they needed to separate after a weekend together they were miserable.

What happens when you found your missing piece? Your soulmate?

Fionna was amazing character. I connected with her very fast because her fears, insecurities and feelings were so realistic. She was fierce, funny snd witty but she was lonely. She desired to feel wanted, loved and cherished - like every normal woman. She fell for Ethan and his sweet side which he only shows for her. She was a girl who was still seeking for true love for what she wants to do with her life as general. I loved that she was so devoted to Ethan and even though she was scared of how their relationship will develop she was determined to fight for it.

“I see Ethan Dexter; he shines for me. And I burn hotter than the sun when I’m in his orbit.”

Ethan.. oh Ethan Dexter! He was swoon worthy!!! This guy is a man who every woman would want. It was my first time reading about virgin hero and I was impressed BIG TIME! His reasons about keep his virginity were so honorable. He wanted to find a woman who will make his heart beat faster, who will love him for who he is and will his FOREVER.

“And I don't want anyone but you. It doesn't matter if we're a thousand miles apart or right next to each other, I will always want you. Because that's how it is when you find your forever.”

He was broody, strong, smart and always helping others when they need reasonable adivice but when it comes to his life he was lonely. He wanted to feel wanted just like Fi. So when he met her 2 years ago he saw something in her. He was fascinated by her but kept his distance. When they finally had a chance to know each other they both found out that they was searching the same things from life.

“FearTheBeard: <3 <—mine goes with you. Always.”

She was the person who understood him. She was the person who make him talk, laugh and feel. They were irreplaceable. And because when you know you JUST know they wanted to keep their relationship no mattet the cost.

“I’ve been waiting two years for you to see me.”

What I loved was that they talked their problems. It was mature handling. No unnecessary stress, only real life issues. He was famous, she - his woman.. it was impossible not to have problems but they were together and that was the most important thing.

Also I just loved their hugs! What woman wouldn't like affection from the man she loves?! They were so cute, so refreshing and amazing. SO REAL!

Plus the hot scenes! HOT DAMN! For a virgin he knows what to do with everything ! hehe It was hot, it was sensual, so much sexual chemistry and passion!

Kristen Callihan is remarkable author and this series is definitely a series who every romance lover NEEDS TO READ!!!

Drew, Anna, Gray and Ivy - HILARIOUS! SWEET! These friends are not just friends, they are family and they support and protect each other fiercely!!!

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January 21, 2016

** 3,5-4 “you’re my kind of perfect” STARS **

“I didn’t expect you, Ethan.”

“I’ve been waiting 2 years for you to see me.”



I can't say the same about Fi, though.

OVERALL: I don't exactly know what didn't work so much for me in this book. I just know that I was bored for 30% of it, and couldn't quite get into the romance side of the story. *sigh*


I see that EVERYONE except poor 'lil Eda has an ARC of this awesomeness...


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476 reviews386 followers
December 3, 2015
COVER LUST!!! I can't even... GORGEOUS!!!

ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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November 1, 2015
★★★ 3 Stars ★★★

Let me start off by saying how much of a fan I am of this series, I love a sports college romance and Kristen Callihan knows how to write a gripping new adult story with brilliant characters and the right amount of angst and drama to keep you turning the pages without feeling like it's over the top.

Ethan Dexter is a 24 year old virgin, now playing as a center in the NFL he decides he has been watching best friend Gray's sister in-law from afar for too long now and it's time to make his move.

Fiona has never really looked at Dex as anything other than her brother in law's shy friend who is so not her type, she doesn't date athletes and she is not into the whole beard and man bun look either, so when her and Dex end up staying with Gray and sister Ivy at the same time after the birth of their baby, she is blown away by how completely gorgeous and swoony he is underneath his quiet exterior.

The speed of their relationship escalated fairly quickly and this book focuses on their struggles with a long distance relationship, Fiona's troubles at work, and Dex's displeasure at living in the public eye.

"She's my One, whether I want her to be or not.
But want her I do. And now I'm going to have her."

I have been looking forward to Dex's story for so long now so maybe I hyped it up a bit too much, because I found myself feeling a bit let down because unfortunately a few things did not work for me, namely the insta-love and the very low angst and lack of any real drama.

The Game Plan is a very sweet and romantic read, and a lot more mature than the previous two books in the series.

Overall, I thought it was an OK read and am confident that a lot of readers will fall in love with it a bit more than I did. This series still remains one of my favourite NA sports romance and highly recommend it to anyone.

Part of a series, this is a standalone contemporary romance told in dual POV.

ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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December 14, 2015
4.5 Cherry Pie Stars!

Another book in the Game On series? A bearded sexy mountain of a man who just happens to be pure uncharted territory? HELL YES!

Ethan Dexter, *le sigh.” Such a beautiful deep soul whose angry intense play on the field is no mirror for his gentle/fragile heart on the inside. He has longed to play in the NFL his whole life…but his longing for Fiona Mackenzie over 2 years may just be his undoing.

“I didn’t expect you Ethan.” His eyes search my face. “I’ve been waiting two years for you to see me.”

WOW. When Fi finally sees Ethan it is no less than amazing. I was a hot mess of emotional upheaval. I swooned. I panted. I cried. I happy danced. It was like reading a private moment of intense love and actually feeling it deep in my own soul!

 photo PhotoGrid_1446556432597_zpsxzrimdhc.jpg

Callihan would not just let the happy love be…I mean the angst is pretty high but not completely devastating because even hundreds of miles apart and on completely differing life paths, Ethan has an amazing outlook and a true belief that they will be together. There is no entertaining the idea that they couldn't be, especially now that Ethan has had a taste of sweet Fi!

“The power I have over him hurts my heart. It might unnerve me except that I suspect he has a similar power over me.”

Yes! Fi has fallen too! Hot, Hot, Hot! I loved most everything about this read. I loved the intimacy. I loved the fight for what you love feel. I even loved the constant friend support from the first 2 books. The male bonding and banter made an already good story even better. I do however have a slight rant…I could say that I felt there was a bit of unnecessary drama that had Fi almost running and Ethan coming undone. From the fist 80% I felt that neither of them would have let the outside world affect them so strongly especially since they knew of the hoopla/innuendo surrounding a “virginal football God.”

Ok, so minor rant over and don’t get me wrong I am 100% a fan! From Drew and Anna, Gray and Ivy, and now Dex and Fi…”You’re my kind of perfect.”

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538 reviews399 followers
April 8, 2018
Welch ein gelungener Sonntag! Einfach den ganzen Tag mit diesem lockerleichten Roman in der Sonne verbracht ☀️
Ich lieeeeebe Kristen Callihan's Geschichten und vor allem ihren humorvollen Schreibstil. Die Charaktere sind alle so sympathisch und grade in diesem Teil kommen auch häufig unsere beiden Pärchen aus Band 1 und 2 vor.
Unsere Protagonistin Fi lernt man bereits auch schon im zweiten Buch kennen und ich hatte ehrlich gesagt Zweifel ob ich sie hier mögen bzw. ertragen werde, da ich sie im zweiten Band schon als sehr quirlig und jung empfunden habe. Aber das war dann hier gar nicht mehr so der Fall, da ihre Art null nervig, sondern eher erfrischend war.
Und Ethan Dexter? Hachz! Er hat einen Bart! Muss ich mehr zu ihm sagen? Okay abgesehen davon hat er auch einen super tollen Charakter und Stärke an den Tag gelegt.
Auch das "Drama" in dieser Geschichte fand ich total nachvollziehbar und grausam zugleich. Leider ist das mittlerweile dank zig Sozialer Medien und Plattformen wirklich alltäglich für Sportler und ihre Familien kein Privatleben zu haben und wegen jedem angeblichen Fehltritt niedergemacht zu werden... ich fand diese Problematik sowohl gut und realistisch gewählt als auch so beschrieben, dass ich auch Wut, Trauer und Hilflosigkeit empfunden habe, wie unsere beiden Protagonisten.
Alles in allem muss ich sagen, dass diese Reihe bisher mit jedem Teil noch besser geworden ist für mich 👏🏻♥️
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1,005 reviews799 followers
October 29, 2015
If you are looking for fun, look no further. If you are looking for heart, look no further. If you are looking for sexy, look no further. Long story short, this series/book is a must read! I honestly love these types of stories and Callihan knows how to deliver every time.

Ethan Dexter is big, strong, burly, bearded, a professional NFL player and a virgin. He also has a secret crush on Fiona Mackenzie, Ivy’s sister. So of course when Gray invites him to visit him for a week he jumps at the chance, especially after he learns Fi will be there, too.

Fiona is only visiting for a week and lives in New York, plus she doesn’t date football players. But she also doesn’t expect to be attracted to one either, especially so attracted she is willing to dry hump him in a bar. Yes, this happens and I was so freaking excited. Despite Ethan being a virgin the story is super-hot! I also loved how Callihan used Ethan's virgin in the plot, it added an unexpected twist and kept the story moving.

Fi may try to fight her feelings for Ethan, but Ethan is ready to jump right in. Let me tell you, I loved it! Ethan is totally swoon worthy and the perfect hero. I loved how he was honest and open, but not a pushover. He knew what he wanted, but wasn’t going to change who he was as a person to get it.

I also love how there wasn’t drama for the sake of drama. Obviously there was drama in the story, there has to be, but it was all resolved timely and really just helped the story move. I especially love how Ethan and Fi react like normal people and communicated. I know I am just rambling now about the things I loved, but seriously this story just hit something with me.

If love NA you have to read this series, it’s super fun, full of heart and will not disappoint!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

November 2, 2015
3.5 FearTheBeard Stars

 photo D2D934AE-E08A-430F-9F2D-181A68ECB4D3_zpsssmyrldj.jpg

The Game Plan
is the third book in the Game On series, each one focusing on a different pro football player. I'd not read the first two books in the series as they can be read as standalones, yet, in a lot of ways, I wish I would've at least read Gray/Ivy's book, The Friend Zone. I think it would've given me a bit more background in this couple and I wouldn't have had the "insta-love" mental alert as I did here. Anywho...

Ethan Dexter has had his eye on Fiona Mackenzie for as long as he's known her sister Ivy (fellow football player's wife and his co-agent). When they both plan a quick trip to San Francisco to see Ivy and Gray's new baby, they find themselves seeking quiet solace away from the screaming kid in the same pub one evening. Fiona barely recognizes the guy with the full beard and longish hair with the hottest man bun! They start catching up since the events of Gray/Ivy's wedding- one thing leads to another. Loose lips, thanks to alcohol, where she admits she will never date an athlete and how clean-shaven men are her thing..... He offers her a feel of his beard and the rest we'll say is history....or so their story begins.

All in all, The Game Plan was an enjoyable read rather low on angst, focusing on a couple trying to make things work with a long distance relationship with fame thrown into the mix. It has a plot device- virgin hero- that I don't see often and I LOVED it. Though I'm a bit reluctant to believe the lengths that he goes to deal with his self-imposed chastity.

Anywho, I do know that I'm going to venture backwards and read the first two books in the series. I'm especially interested in Gray and Ivy's book. My interest in piqued.

Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review.

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December 22, 2017
“I don’t know what to make of this,” I whisper. “I didn’t expect you, Ethan.”
His eyes search my face.
“I’ve been waiting two years for you to see me.”

Ethan 😍😍😍 Yeah, I'm totally fangirling right now. 😁

I don't exactly know who is this guy but right now I'm gonna imagine him as my Ethan. Yeah, he's MY ETHAN so pls back off! :D

Oh my goodness, where should I start? Ethan literally took me on the pink clouds. He has long hair, beard, tattoos (like a lot...) and he has nipple / cock piercings. :D Well, I don't know you but for me those piercing was highlight of this book. :P Yeah, sometimes I can be a total shallow person. :D And ugh I wish my husband has one of those things or hmm maybe I should talk with him. Who knows maybe I can convince him about this. :D

Here is the thing, I'm a married woman with a perfect man but dammit when I start to read this book I completely forgot my husband. I mentally cheated him with Ethan. Ahhh I'm going to hell for this. :D #sorrynotsorry

Umm anyway, what was I saying? Uh I forgot but let's go back to piercings because they're so fucking sexy!!! :P LOL but beside this stuff Ethan was an amazing man. He always thoughts others, he's a caring person, he's sweet and kind and he totally stole my heart. :) Actually I loved Drew (1st book) and I also loved Gray too (2nd book) but when I start to read this book I literally forgot them (even my husband too). And don't even get me start with those amazing sex scenes because HOLY FUCKING SHIT! They were sooooo freaking HOT and Ethan literally wet my panties. :D

Sooooo overall I highly recommend this series to you because you should seriously meet with this sexy and funny guys ASAP! ;) Trust me, you won't be disappointed. <3

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1,446 reviews1,156 followers
December 28, 2015
Crikey Jim Mikey...what's a bloody Tebow?

The first time a Tebow was mentioned, I wrote it off as a private joke. I started The Game Plan and I was like - I'll just finish this page and I'll look it up. The second time I came across it was - I'll just finish this chapter... So, you can see how I got to the end of The Game Plan and the author's notes finally prompted me to find out why Ethan Dexter was doing a Tebow. Each to their own and all that jazz, but it's kind of scary that our society is shocked and almost horrified that a 24 year old man chooses to stay pure. Even if you willingly decided to protect your honour, it would be hard to avoid being exposed to the sins of the flesh. The fact that Dex managed to keep his legs crossed that long until he found "the one" shows that you definitely can't judge a book by its cover...cliche anyone???

Poor Fi, this review could easily turn into a homage to the great, sexy and amazingly sweet Ethan, so I'll just say that she's a pretty cool character. Everyone thinks of her as a flighty Tinkerbell, but deep down she's just trying to find her groove. We see her struggle through issues with her work, family and the budding relationship with a famous football star. By the end you can't help but admire her strength and question how you would or could handle what she faced. She is perfect for Ethan.

Ethan Dexter is introduced as...big, muscly, bearded, tattooed, pierced with a man bun...so he ticks all the HOT 'flavour of the moment' boxes. Add in the fact that he's not an egotistical jerk, thinks before he speaks, is a baby whisperer, willing designated driver and can sing...shut up the shop and call it quits...he's the perfect man. Well almost, if Kristen Callihan had made him a gourmet chef, we probably would have thought she'd got her genres mixed up and created a mythical creature. Luckily by the end we realise that Dex has struggled keeping up the perfection and he definitely becomes very real.

The storyline was great and kept me interested from start to finish. I loved the characters both main and supporting and the sexy times were sizzling. To be honest it was hard to find fault in The Game Plan or for that matter the Game On Series. The only reason this wasn't a 5 star read is because the one thing that stood out for me in the first two is the intelligence and control Drew and Gray show. Don't get me wrong, Dex showed the same control in the first two books but in his own we see him "loose it" more than once. I understand why, but unfortunately it still disappointed me. I loved finding stories where the big men knew their size and anger intimidated and stopped before acting out their frustration. This was the first one where he wasn't able to reign it in, words or actions. He doesn't turn on Fi, but she could easily have been hurt as a consequence of his "mantrum".

I love The Game On Series and really hope we get more. I would love to see the hacker get her story told too.

To buy The Game Plan from Amazon - http://amzn.to/1YcL8eH

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664 reviews837 followers
October 28, 2015
 photo 8D2209FA-3D12-4061-ADD6-F2817C36F5B4_zpsch4qdwzv.jpg

High fives all round for the hot cover! *drools*

 photo 3602F4D0-659A-4FA2-9580-7AAE5E606135_zpsluutqs3s.gif

There is a genuine excitement that courses through me when I think about how fantastic this book is. Kirsten Callihan is part of the few elite authors that corner the market on New Adult Romance. The Game Plan is a mighty fine read that promises every fan of the series more from characters we've already met and love, but even more importantly an introduction to the absolute divine specimen that is Ethan Dexter and firecracker that is Fiona Mackenzie.

The wonderful balance of humour, romance, steam and emotion not only make The Game Plan a fantastic addition to the series but also my favourite so far. This series gets better and better and the leading men make me wett... Lol! You get it! ;)

 photo 8D80F14F-0FE8-4BD8-87E5-0D368D92E223_zpsh0pnbzgk.jpg
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303 reviews
November 4, 2015

I really enjoyed the first half or so of this one, and then I got a little bored. The first two books in the series stood out for me because of the great dialogue and the chemistry between the couples. This one was missing that imo. I loved Dex, but I think his character could have been better developed. I didn't really buy his reason for . I thought he was sweet, and I loved his dedication to Fiona. I wasn't that much of a fan of where the story went toward the end either. Idk, it was OK. At least it got me back into reading, and that's something!

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3,818 reviews32.4k followers
May 2, 2022
4 stars
"I didn't expect you, Ethan."
"I've been waiting two years for you to see me."

The Game Plan is the third book in Kristen Callihan's 'Game On' series and I was so excited to get to this book- mainly because I was so curious about Dex. Ethan Dexter played on the same college team as Drew and Gray and he's so intriguing. I loved Dex and he was the best part about this book. I enjoyed a lot about his relationship with Fiona, but the drama and all that was going on felt a little too ott, and I feel like it took away from the romance. Overall it was a great read, just missed that 5 star mark for me.
Audio book source: Hoopla
Story Rating: 4 stars
Narrators: Grace Grant & Teddy Hamilton
Narration Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Sports)
Length: 9h 57m

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1,486 reviews124 followers
March 15, 2016
Dex is just the best sweetheart luv him

I m totally in luv with this book/story/characters I just effing luv this an then there is Dex/Ethan Dexter who is this big strong tattooed pierced beard an super sexy football player but he's not your normal footballer he as a sensitive side that u just wouldnt expect from look in at him he as had a crush on his best friends sister in law Fiona/Fi he as had his eye on her for over 2 yrs an it's time he made a move so when he goes an spend some time with Gray an Ivy an the new baby Leo he is delighted to find out Fi is goin to be there the same week his week was goin to be good

Fi works as an interior designer an really needed a week off away from 1 of her work college's who is a total bitch an when she goes to spend the week with her sister but she didn't expect to meet up with Dex she had seen him a few times an when he turned up at the club she was at she was surprised but not disappointed she was over hook ups an wanted to meet someone she could spend her time with but Fi didn't want a footballer an Dex was really her type at al but after a very hot kiss she could change her mind an Dex was not letting this girl go

I have to say I really really enjoyed this story it was great to have the roles reversed an have to girl more experienced in the bedroom but don't let the fact that Dex is a V cause this man is totally hot an as a dirty mouth an he as a few lil surprises as well good I d luv just a lil piece of this man he is totally my fave after reading this don't get me wrong I still luv Drew an Gray how can u not they r just brilliant an getting more of them in this book was just great an the way they were there for Fi an Dex was just great they r so close an r great friends I really luv the relationship that Fi an Dex had they r quiet different but fit so well I just luv them together but things can't alway go smooth when u live far away an one of u is a runner things r not really goin to go easy

I d highly recommend this book like a said everything in was brilliant I don't thing I can find 1 thing that I didn't like but I was the same with the 2 others books in this series if u haven't read these books yet I would your miss in out xxx

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November 4, 2015
3 Love The Beard Stars

One beard dare, and I was lost.

Let me start off by saying that I was on pins and needles waiting for The Game Plan to land on my kindle. The evening before it was released, I kept syncing and updating and Dammit, syncing again! all with the hopes this little ditty would finally be mine. At last my day in the sun had arrived, but in the end I was a little...underwhelmed.

We've met both Ethan "Dex" Dexter and Fiona Mackenzie in previous Game On books. Dex, teammate of Drew and Gray, has been infatuated with Fi, sister of Ivy and sis in law to Gray, since he first caught a glimpse of her. I knew that when it came to Dex, still waters were going to run deep and it was going to take a special kinda gal to break down his walls. When the two find themselves alone in a bar while visiting Ivy and Gray, preconceived ideas are challenged and a relationship of sorts is formed. And formed quickly!

“I don’t know what to make of this,” I whisper. “I didn’t expect you, Ethan.”
His eyes search my face. “I’ve been waiting two years for you to see me.”

The issue that began to nag me at the beginning and eventually turned into a full on annoyance by the end is the fact that this relationship moved fast. Instalove moves at a snail's pace in comparison and I kept wondering where all the feels were originating from. Dex has been infatuated with Fi for a couple of years at this point, but Fi struggled to recognize him when they bump into each other in the beginning. All of a sudden she sees him and the two are balls to the wall in a relationship. Ummm...no.

I see Ethan Dexter; he shines for me. And I burn hotter than the sun when I’m in his orbit.

“I’m kissing you,” he whispers against my lips, “and already I miss you.”

I think The Game Plan would've worked better for me if the humor and friendship found in the other books played a bigger role. Drew and Anna and Gray and Ivy had time to come together and get to know each other before the lurve word entered the equation and I found myself missing that here. I genuinely liked both Dex and Fi but I'd welcome some deeper or even playful moments along with more fleshing out of the issues both characters were facing personally.

Yes, this one didn't rock my socks but this author will continue to be an auto buy for me because a Kristen Callihan read, even one I didn't love, is still better than most.
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