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Haberdashers Nights #1

Lord Lucifer's Disciple

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An heiress turns away every suitor until she meets a mysterious foreigner at a masque ball. His kiss ignites her in ways that nothing else has, but he refuses her pleas to elope. Has she lost her heart to a man who doesn’t exist?

John Howards has finally accepted an invitation to one of his cousin’s masque balls. Having always been shy he decides to attend in the guise of his friend from the Congress of Vienna. What he didn’t expect was that playing a role would free him to flirt with a beautiful woman. Or that she would return his regard. After an illicit night in the garden that he regrets, can he convince her to marry as himself?

Elisa Jarvis has made it to the age of one and twenty without falling prey to a fortune hunter. Now her guardian is pressuring her to marry before her next birthday – in less than a fortnight! She needs to find the love of her life, not be distracted by the latest dull gentleman who has decided to court her.

*previously published in the Scandalous Summer Nights collection in June 2014*

108 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 30, 2014

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About the author

Sue London

47 books181 followers
Best selling author Sue London created the beloved Regency romance series The Haberdashers. If you like your historical romance with a little action, a little humor, and a lot of strong-minded women, then this is the series for you!

Recent reader reactions:
"Sue London is a very gifted writer. I always enjoy reading her books." ~ Annie
"It was so well written, and the storyline is wonderfully thrilling. If I could I would have rated this book a ten, but five is all they allow so that's what it is." ~ Pattimari
"This witty love story enchanted me, and I look forward to reading more of the Haberdashers series." ~ ReaderLady

For more on Sue you can check out her website, twitter page, or be her fan on Facebook.

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4,076 reviews59k followers
March 31, 2015
Lord Lucifer's Disciple by Sue London is a 2014 Graythorn publishing release.

This novella is the first of the Haberdashers series and although I have read the first three full length books in the series, I somehow missed this one. I was so happy I found it included in an anthology book I picked up. (Scandalous Summer Nights) So, I am backtracking a little bit here, but I wanted to see how the series got started and I am glad I did.

I could sort of identify with the two main characters in this story. Elisa and John are not big on social situations. I avoid social situations at all cost, but in this truly romantic story, attending a social function one would rather skip had a huge impact on two lives as well a certain book written by Lord Lucifer.

So it is that John finally, after numerous invitations, has agreed to attend one of his cousin's parties. This time though it is a Masque ball and John decides to pass himself off as a friend of his from Vienna.

Elisa is the heir to a fortune but so far she has managed to remain unmarried and free of fortune hunters. Attending the masque ball, she meets the man she wants to marry, but knowing he is not who the lady believes him to be, John refuses her proposal. But, time is running out for Elisa because if she doesn't find the love of her life soon, she will be forced into marriage or forfeit her fortune. Can the rather shy man who has asked to court her really be the man she fell in love with at the Masque Ball?

There is something about hiding behind a masque that encourages us to lower our inhibitions. John is painfully shy and having his true identity hidden gives him a boldness he would not have had otherwise. This is not a bad thing, but it sort of backfires on him when he feels like a cad for his behavior with Elisa.
His attempts to court her properly also backfires because Elisa doesn't know who he really is. So, there is a little food for thought here. John is absolutely adorable and I happen to love shy guys. Elisa is the perfect person for John. She compliments him beautifully and has him opening up and actually being that guy he was at the masque ball and the man she fell in love with. I was so happy this couple found each other … with a little help from Lord Lucifer. 4 stars
Profile Image for Lady Kate.
49 reviews8 followers
March 2, 2015
A short novella that I thoroughly enjoyed. A decent plot and number of characters for the size of the book weaving it's way into the Haberdashers plot.

Not a lot more to say as its a novella!
Profile Image for Queen of the Geeks.
114 reviews2 followers
August 31, 2019
What do you get when a bookseller slips a very shy and reticent man the hottest copy of the Regency version of "The Pick Up Artist" entitled, "Lord Lucifer's Guide to Pleasuring the Fair Sex" ? A "...lying bastard," for starters.

John Howard, after shunning all but the required social engagements, accepts his cousins invitation to a mask ball. John thinks it is the perfect opportunity to be someone other than what he normally is, a dashing rake and confidant man. Under a disguise he finds the excitement and the thrill of being different but regrets his actions when it undermines a newly discovered feeling, love. Elisa, bored of men who only want her for her money and a pretty decoration in their home is bored to death with the usual proper and dignified men who come calling for her hand. After making out with a stranger at a ball decides being a proper lady herself is boring and not what she wants in life.

It was quite entertaining to read these two characters, both were quite innocent and naive in their own way, but quickly jump into scandalous behavior, him because he was shy and wanted to be more dashing like his friend Casimir and she because of total boredom and disgust with greedy suitors.

I really did enjoy the book. It was not too long, sweet and light, and full of stubborn and illicit shenanigans by two people who wanted more spice to their life. I was excited to see Casimir back as a character, who was featured at a MC in Fates of Apates. He was still his charming rougish self, and takes his friend John's appropriation of his character in laughing stride.

I love how Sue London keeps finding new ways for her characters, most of whom are somewhat naive of sex, to blunder into the bedroom. Her books always have an element of humor about sex and how people come to figure out to get up to it or the funny aftermath once it is done.
Profile Image for Judy.
3,040 reviews
January 16, 2016
Lord Lucifer’s Disciple by Sue London
Haberdashers Nights Book One
John Howard was first mentioned in Fates for Apate, a friend of Casimir. John is considered odd because of his quietness. He has been out of England for some time and anxiously enters his favorite bookstore. For some reason the proprietor feels that John needs a book that came in recently...Lord Lucifer’s Guide to Pleasuring the Fair Sex. It definitely changes his life. Or I should say his identity.

Elisha Jarvis is tired of all the men trying to court her. Well, not her exactly more like her fortune. They only see pound signs and not her. She is in no hurry to marry but finds out she may not have a choice. And then she meets the one man she would marry. A masked man who is different then anyone she has ever met.

When John decides to attend a masque ball, he takes on a new identity. Casimir’s. Too bad he didn’t know he’d end up in such a tangled web from his little masquerade. As in all of these books, the characters are so well defined. This story brings back the characters from the first three Haberdasher books as well. The reader first meets the man known as Lord Lucifer in book one of the Haberdasher Series, Trials of Artemis.
**Sexual content
1,150 reviews10 followers
August 4, 2020
I purchased this as part of a multi author bundle called SCANDALOUS SCOUNDRELS.

I understand some of the reviews about the h, she was hard to understand at first and came across as better than others. But, as the story unfolds, you realize she just wants everyone to see the real her and not the money she will bring.

The H was refreshing. He was very socially awkward and when he meets the h he is disguised as his Polish friend. This gives him confidence and to see him get more confidence and lose the awkwardness was a treat.

Of course, the h when she realizes she has fallen in love with a fake she is rightly upset. I enjoyed how the H's cousin see's a change in him and has mixed feelings, that she couldn't help him become more social. The secondary character's added to to story and how they interacted with each other seemed realistic.

I didn't care how the h allowed this masked stranger, at the ball, to take liberties below the waist with her so soon. They don't complete the "act" until they are married and heat level 4.5 out of 5 and described in detail once after they are married.

I didn't think we would get romance because the H was pretending to be someone who wasn't like him at all. Slowly it all worked out and romance took the lead.

No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA, romance and steam. (ljb)
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69 reviews3 followers
October 1, 2014
Fell in love again with another of Sue London's heroes. This time it is John Howards, a quiet, unassuming gentleman who is quite comfortable on his own. He has recently returned from Vienna where he met and befriended Casimir, the delightful fellow who George falls madly in love with in Fates of Apate. He is invited to a masquerade ball by his cousin where he meets Elisa Jarvis, an heiress who has successfully evaded marriage to a fortune hunter. Because he feels his own persona is so bland, he decides to pretend to be the more flamboyant Casimir. Elisa is fascinated and the fun begins. Very sweet and very romantic plus it was loads of fun to see the rest of the Haberdasher crew again.

These wonderful novellas in the Haberdasher series perfectly compliment the rest of the books in the series and are best read where they fall in sequence. I love them all and highly recommend them to Regency lovers everywhere!
Profile Image for Molly.
635 reviews20 followers
August 16, 2015
This is the story about John Howards and he has finally accepted an invitation to one of his cousin's masque balls. Having always been very shy he decides to attend in the guise of his friend from the Congress of Vienna. But he didn't expect that by playing a role it would free him to flirt with a beautiful woman. Or that she would return his flirting. After a night in the garden that he regrets, can he convince her to marry him when he is himself?
Elisa Jarvis has made it to 21 years old, without falling prey to a fortune hunter. Now her guardian is pressuring her to marry before her next birthday in less than a fortnight no less. She needs to find the love of her life, not be distracted by the latest dull gentleman who has decided to court her, but little does she know it is the same man from before.
I really enjoyed this twist of a tale.
Profile Image for Amy Alvis.
1,883 reviews78 followers
November 14, 2015
Elisa Jarvis knows that all her husband prospects are just after her dowry, plus they are all boring! That is until she meets a mysterious foreigner at a masked ball.

John Howards has always been awkward during social functions, so when he finally agrees to attend his cousin's masked ball he pretends to be his foreign friend. It gives him the courage to do things he would never dream of as himself.

What will Elisa do when she unmasks her foreign friend?

This was my first story by Sue London and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I need to hunt down all her Haberdasher books to read the stories of all the secondary characters I meet in this one.
Profile Image for Mary.
1,418 reviews3 followers
October 5, 2014
Loved it! Ms London regained her stride after her ever so slight stumble with George's story. I loved Elisa and John and Uncle Em and Violetta! Heck I like the three Haberdashers again! Can read as stand alone but you will appreciate the book so much more if you start with Jack's story. I am looking forward to Robert's story now!
Profile Image for Ann Gonzalez.
1,261 reviews12 followers
August 23, 2015
At 108 pages it is a quick read, but is a full story. The characters are likable. You have the aging heiress that wants someone to love her for herself and not her money. Then you have the third son that is dull and not sociable until he meets the woman of his dreams. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
Profile Image for Tracy Emro.
1,834 reviews48 followers
November 8, 2014
I reviewed this novella in my review for the Scandalous Summer Nights collection of novellas.

Wonderful novella. Seriously, I don't think Ms. London can write a book I won't like.
Profile Image for Cara.
346 reviews12 followers
December 9, 2014
I really liked this novella! It was great to get another glimpse into the lives of the haberdashers as well as this cute story about a secondary character finding his way.
Profile Image for Kimberly Hatten.
23 reviews
September 16, 2015
Delightfully steamy romance

Well written with relatable and likeable characters. It's a sweet addition to the Haberdashers series. It also has a few nice steamy scenes.
Profile Image for Tonileg.
2,243 reviews23 followers
January 18, 2015
Historical English romance with two untitled but still related to titled rich folks.
Mr. John Howards is super shy. I think that it would have been more understandable in our more tolerant modern era, but he is treated badly by the other rich titled sons as he is growing up, so that he has only one friend, his younger cousin, Violette. I really liked Violette who only wants the best for her introverted cousin, John so that she invites him to all of her parties even though he always rejects them, but in a nice diplomatic way.
So John finally accepts a Violette entertainment where he meets his future wife, the very rich heiress, Miss Elisa Jenkins. Some silly subterfuge ensures during the masked ball which continues with some outrageous flirting and more in Violette's garden. HEA guaranteed. Cute runaway Scottish wedding for this short story. NOT a clean story, but finally a believable physical relationship where the lady enjoys the experience.
Fun short story.
108 pages and quick kindle freebie
2 stars
Profile Image for Liana.
Author 11 books566 followers
December 29, 2014
2.5 stars. An unlikable heroine and a weak hero are definitely not appealing.
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