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Moonrising #0.5

Accepting the Moon

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There is a new Alpha Wolf in town, and she is about to change everything.
Mena had all she wanted in life: a nice house, money, a successful husband who treated her like a queen.
That was, until she found out her marriage was all a lie, and things she never thought could exist, did.
Vampires are real.
Werewolves are real.
And Mena is not human anymore.


First published September 1, 2014

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K.S. Haigwood

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309 reviews159 followers
February 7, 2017
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars
Format: Audiobook
Thanks to the sweet author for an Audible copy!

K.S. Haigwood's Accepting the Moon is a fast-paced and very curious story that I was not able to pause.

It may not have the most-unique concept and plot--because let's accept the fact that there are other stories like this--but it was very enjoyable.

Mena just found out that her husband of more than twelve years was cheating on her, and so she immediately left him. She thought that her day could not get any worse, but it did. The greater chaos started when she met Jackson.

The conflict that the author placed Mena in was intense and could’ve strained her beliefs and her strength as a person. Throughout a few chapters, she developed quite well. I like her as a protagonist for she knew how to take charge of her responsibilities, whether they've been forced upon her or not. She was a very strong character despite the times that she showed little signs of weakness.

If there's one thing that I didn't adore much about the story, it was how the emotional pull between Mena and Phoenix escalated way too quickly. I am not a fan of insta-love/attraction, but I want to see how it would go for these two.

I can't wait to hear more of the story and how the characters would pick up themselves from the end of this installment.

On the narration: I was not that impressed by the narrator. She was reading it as if she didn’t feel anything. This tone could somewhat be bearable done with the third-person perspectives, but with Mena’s first-person ones it didn’t and would never work. Mena went through too much and I just could not feel her hurt, panic, fear, or strength in the narrator’s voice. It was as if she was drunk throughout the audio. The writing, though simple, was beautiful but the way it was made to sound ruined it.

Overall, I recommend this to shape-shifter and insta-love fans.
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1,192 reviews105 followers
July 17, 2016
My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!
***I own the ebook and the audiobook

The cover is beautiful with the moon dominating the background.

I have owned this book quite a while. I picked up the audiobook recently, and I listened while I mowed.

This was a great start to a series and started with a bang. It is novella length, so it was short. With the violence, I say this is an adult book. It gave you a recent history on Mena and how she becomes not human. There is plenty of action in this short story. The narrator is great too!

Mena is trying to move on, but there are lots of problems. Jackson is a bit of a mystery, and you really aren’t sure what to make of him or Phoenix in this story.

I recommend this story to any paranormal fans, but be warned, you will want to jump straight into next book which is definitely longer….I know I did!
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1,160 reviews35 followers
December 16, 2017
Mena has been having the day from hell not only is her husband of 12 years, Mark cheating, he is also a werewolf. After a course of events she is now the new pack leader and has been thrown into a whole new world she knew nothing about! There is also a current war going on between Werewolves and Vampires. Phoenix (head vampire) is intrigued by Mena but it would be a big NO for them to get together. Part of me hopes they do so they could rule the Underworld together. This was a good introductory novella and the author was able to hold my attention with this story. I really liked Mena's personality and how funny she could be given her circumstances. Phoenix and Jackson I would like to know more about in the next book. They are both so different when it comes to Mena and her current situation. I can't wait to get the next book and see what will happen and how Mena will adapt to her new status. Plus will Phoenix cave in to his desires to Mena? Side Note:I listened to the audiobook and the narrator really brought the story to life!!

*audiobook was received in giveaway ran by author*
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468 reviews2 followers
November 1, 2014
I read / listened to this book in audio version via audible.com. I also bought the kindle version. When possible, I always grab the audio books as they offer so much more than just a book, with accents, excitement, multiple voices in addition to leaving us hands free to do other things while reading. Audio breathes life into the books. When I read a book, then later listen to same book in audio, it's like a brand new book, but way more exiting!
Nina after 12 years of marriage discovers her husband cheated on her. As Nina is arguing with this cheat, her husband strikes her. He swears the other girl was nothing. Furious, Nina packs up and leaves. Nina starts out driving off, but after a ways, she decides she has to stay at a motel for the night. Here she meets a guy that drags her out to her car. Suddenly they are surrounded by wolves.
An exciting paranormal prequel involving Vampires & Werewolves. The author KS Haigwood as always write a darn good story. Ms Haigwood always has so much action, you can't help but pay attention & she never disappoints us! The narrator Pyper Down has a wonderful voice and always delivers a great story with all her different voices & accents are outstanding!
I am really looking forward to this series of Moonrising!
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603 reviews42 followers
December 22, 2017

First ever book by this author and I definitely will be reading more.
For me to enjoy paranormal romance, I need to love it and boy did I love this!


From the twists in the plot to the romance in the book, I was thoroughly impressed in this action packed paranomal read!

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Author 7 books108 followers
December 24, 2017
Werewolves, vampires ....oh my. 😗😗

I enjoyed the beginning of the short story when we were introduced to Mena and her cheating husband Marc. The writing was imaginative. The only thing that I didn't enjoy was Pheonix but this might change in the next book. I'm excited to see where K.S Haigwood will take the story.
June 13, 2016

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

First off, as most of you may already know I’m Team Phoenix all the way.  I have tried to find my ideal man to dreamcast him, but sadly this is as close as I can get to Mr. Sex-on-a-Stick himself.


This prequel, sets in motion the strange events that lead up to Mena becoming the alpha werewolf.  I HIGHLY recommend that you read this first, since it gives you some much needed information about her husband, Jaxon and Phoenix.

Mena’s world has went to hell in a hand basket.  After leaving her husband, she is attacked by a group of “dogs”, only to be saved by some guy with crazy ninja skills. 

Waking up in a strange place, she soon discovered the true identity of her husband and that she is now a “dog” herself.  You can say, she didn’t take the news well at first.

Phoenix, vampire clan leader, is intrigued by this little wolf.  He mind is telling him that she needs to be killed, his body on the other hand, has different plans for her. Their attraction for one another quickly grows, as the date fast approaches for her to claim her pack and secure the truce between the werewolves and vampires, once and for all.

Favorite Scene:
When she first meets Phoenix.
Favorite Quotes:

Because, if you stay, I will make you mine.  You will belong to me.  I will do as Jaxon suggests and sire you, making me ruler over the werewolves as well as the vampires.  You and I would be bonded together for an eternity, Mena but I share my throne with no one.  His gaze fell from my eyes to my lips.  “You are dangerous to me,” he said softly, “because for you, I almost would.”

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Author 5 books14 followers
September 5, 2014
Not everything is as it seems for Mena as she takes her first steps into a whole new life. Although short, this novelette packs a lot of action and emotion into its pages. It is well-written and vivid. K.S. Haigwood makes it easy for us - the readers - to imagine this vivid world and incredible cast of characters she has created for us. If I were forced to make a complaint about this book, it would be that I wish it could be longer. Oh well, at least that leaves plenty of room for longer sequels, perhaps. 5 stars, but only because Amazon won't allow me to give more! Loved it!
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166 reviews8 followers
August 4, 2015
*I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
The book starts with Mena talking about why she left her husband. She meets Jackson and enters a whole new world. She just thought living with her husband was rough…it was nothing! Meeting Phoenix changed her world even more than she thought was possible. This was a very fast paced book since it was less than 2 hours, but boy was there a lot packed in! I liked the storyline and the different twist on these 2 species. The narration was flawless as well! Absolutely 4.5 STARS!
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1,236 reviews
September 8, 2014
I. Loved. This. Story!! It's been awhile since I've read a good paranormal love story. It was fast paced and I couldn't put it down until the end. And then, I was like, WHAT!!!...K.S. Haigwood is such a tease!! Can't wait to read the continuation of this one!
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75 reviews
September 6, 2014
I couldn't get enough and can't wait until this series comes out!!!! Lies, truth, despair, lust, fangs, fur, and a big idea that just might work! I am hooked!!!!
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78 reviews5 followers
October 26, 2016
This is the first book I have read of K.S. Haigwood. I had the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. Paranormal romance can be a hit or miss. I believe that you have to be able to connect to the characters on a human level, even if they aren’t human. This book certainly did that for me. By the time I finished, I was itching to learn more. Each character was so dynamic and easy to connect with.

Mena is real. She doesn’t just fall into the supernatural world and not question it. She needs answers and has a desire to protect her pack. The strength and desire to protect are traits that can relate to readers. Phoenix is a powerful man who shows a softer side towards Mena. He is ruthless and takes steps to be there for those he cares about. At first, he is guarded and has his shield up. Jaxon is funny and lighthearted in his own way. He brings a genuine nature to the book. Jaxon in the beginning is a creative way to gather insight on the vampires before we even meet the leader, which is Phoenix.

K.S. wrote a story that was short and to the point. I got the chance to know all of the characters and understand them, which is difficult to do. I felt one with Mena and my heart softened more towards Phoenix. K.S. didn’t go into lengthy detail about each person, but instead told us exactly what we needed to know. I definitely recommend this story to anyone wanting to branch out into something different and a new world. I am excited to read more of this fabulous author! There is more in store for our heroine Mena. What could that be? I can’t wait to find out in "Midnight Moonrising." What could possibly happen next?
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1,095 reviews79 followers
December 29, 2017
This was one powerhouse of a story! Richly plotted and captivating! Love that the lead characters had depth, emotion and convictions!! If you love vampires and/or werewolves this is one series you need to be introduced to ♡ I absolutely love when the reason why a book is titled is suddenly made clear in detailed explanation ♡♡♡ This is an adult theme and content which I find thoroughly refreshing! These are mature characters whom are very well fleshed out with complex histories! I can't wait to begin the next book ♡
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7,803 reviews138 followers
December 19, 2017
Accepting the Moon: Prequel (Moonrising Book 0) by K. S. Haigwood
Starts with a table of contents and listing of other works by the author.
Book has chapters of characters names as you hear about their side of things that are happening.
Mena is leaving her spouse because he's cheated on her, and Marc is now abusive as well.
Story also follows Jaxon and Phoenix who we learn what they are all about.
Big confrontation at the motel and Jaxon gets away with Mena on his back and fights through the demons to a safe area.
We learn what they have in common along with what will occur in the future as she is bitten by her ex and she will now take on transformations.
Book starts out so normal til you realize they are talking about vampires and werewolves. I was always fascinated as a teen and watch Dark Shadows as it was filmed near our house in RI.
Have also watched Twilight series and am currently watching The Originals.
What I like best about this prequel is that it not only has definitions for the words used but the author tells you her interpretation of things as they appear in the book. I've read many other shifter books and so far just this prequel is so good that I read it on the weekend and I don't read books on the weekend.
Can't wait to start the first book in the series as I know the background of the characters.
Free on Amazon
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48 reviews
December 16, 2017
Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 starsHOOKED in 79 pages!

ByJasperr11on December 15, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I am never one to enjoy these short novellas. I always thought that was the purpose of the book. I'm definitely old-school lol. But, this has actually changed my mind and I now understand the purpose. And I have to admit how very well this "novella" has freaking worked.

I am wonderfully, happily HOOKED and extremely excited to know that the next books in the series are just waiting for me!!!!

This is one of my more favourite genres and I'm praying the next books are significantly longer, due to me not only a voracious reader but also speedy.

Very well done K. S. Haywood!!! You are up there with my top 5 authors, not an easy accomplishment. Move over Laurell K. Hamilton, another fine author has joined the ranks.
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1,744 reviews35 followers
August 10, 2015
Accepting the Moon by K. S. Haigwood Mena recently found out her husband, Mark, has been lying to her and she’s ready to divorce him after 12 years of marriage. They argue and it gets ugly. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be the end of her troubles for the day. Nope. Mena is in for a nasty surprise concerning werewolves and vampires.
There were things I really liked about this book and then there were things that just didn’t work for me. Mena is angry at Mark, and has every right to be so. She isn’t sticking around for more of his BS. I really like this attitude of hers. She’s not one to bow to another’s will easily and this stubbornness (or bullheadedness) works to her advantage through out the story.
Then we switch point of views and go to Jaxon who is at a questionable bar looking for something. He’s a vampire and it never becomes clear if he was hunting for sex or a meal or both. He bumps into Mena at the even more questionable hotel where he was staying and he is instantly drawn to her. Then the werewolves show up.
Now, here is one of those things that didn’t work for me. The fight scene was ridiculous. Jaxon had been carrying Mena and then he swung her up onto his back once the face off with the werewolves began. Yep. She fights and he fights and all the time she is on his back piggy back style. I know he’s a vampire, but she’s just a human. Have you ever tried to hold on to anyone piggy back style while they were moving fast, bending over, running, kicking, fighting? Plus Mena was doing some fighting herself. Yeah, it just doesn’t work. And it also looked pretty silly in my little mental theater I have going on as I listen to this book.
OK, but then we have more good stuff. There are several intense scenes as Mena deals with the vampires, especially the local leader Phoenix. She’s a strong-willed person and this is like catnip to the vampires. These scenes individually were very well written and I really enjoyed them.
Yet there is this one thing that bugged me. Mena has left her husband and had a few monumental shocks for the evening (Werewolves! Vampires!). Yet there is nearly no reflection on these events or the ending of her relationship with her husband of 12 years before she is falling in lust with another character. So that moved way too swiftly for me without even the casual nod to the events of the day.
But then we have more awesomeness with the ending. Mena has to deal with the werewolves and this is going to be tricky. Without giving out any spoilers, I found the ending satisfying and an excellent setup for the next book in the series.
I received this book at no cost from the author (via the Audiobook Blast Facebooks group) in exchange for an honest review.
The Narration: Pyper Down was a good fit for Mena. She had the hard feminine voice that worked so well for Mena (who was having the toughest day of her life). Her male voices for Mark and Phoenix were very good, and each distinct. She also had a distinct voice for Jaxon but it was not sexy at all, even though according to the text it was suppose to be. Instead, Jaxon sounded like a 50 year smoker that might have asthma.
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2,530 reviews190 followers
September 5, 2014
Well I have long been a fan of this authors work and have spent many enjoyable hours wallowing in her worlds populated with angels , demons and even vampires so it was with great curiosity that I sat down to read this prequel to Ms Haigwoods new werewolf series. It's very hard to review as the book synopsis does reveal quite a lot of the story and I would hate to ruin any surprises for other readers but rest assured this author has a vivid imagination and a way of writing intruiging characters that grab the readers attention.
Mena would seem to have it all ,a happy marriage , lovely home and a comfortable lifestyle but what if everything she believed in was a sham? Mena's life is about to come crashing down when she discovers that her husband is a cheat and what's more he has a violent side to his nature that has been kept hidden from her. Mena makes her choice and leaves him but with so much going on inside her head she needs to stop at a hotel but when she does she meets a stranger named Jaxon who seems determined to get in her way. Mena has had enough of men trying to control her for one night but when her husband turns up things quickly go from bad to worse . Mena decides to trust Jaxon but everything she thought was fantasy is about to come crashing into her reality as Mena discovers the truth and it's not going to be a fairytale!
Ok well first and foremost this is a short read but surprisingly there's a lot going on here. It starts with the heroine Mena confronting her cheating husband but she's no wilting miss no she stands up to him and gives as good as she gets ! How he hid his violent side from her previously I'm not sure but clearly Mena has had enough and I loved that she refuses to stay around and be abused by him. Mena clearly has a backbone and I think as this series progresses this will quickly turn her into a very strong female role model. She is brave and unafraid to take chances and I feel a lot of readers will be cheering her on!
I mentioned Jaxon but he is not the only new man that Mena meets as this story progressed. There's a certain young man called Phoenix who makes an appearance and holy hotness batman does he raise the temperature! At first I thought Jaxon would be the perfect male to comfort Mena but with the addition of Phoenix I'm all of a dither! The words alpha male are frequently bandied about but it's the perfect description for Phoenix so excuse me while I take a minute and fan myself!
So a woman who is going to rock the boat and seriously kick ass, two sexy but very different men to tempt her and then of course there's that whole new world that Mena has just been dragged into! I think this is going to be a fun series and I adore the humour that sneaks into Ms Haigwoods writing. They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer but which will turn out to be Mena's true enemy?
Four and a half from me as it's short but it's fast paced so lots going on.
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1,939 reviews32 followers
November 23, 2014
Series: Moonrising #1 (prequel)
Narrated by: Pyper Down
Category /Genre: Paranormal Romance
Recommended for: 16+ due to violence
Received from: K.S. Haigwood (in exchange for an honest review)

This is the first book in the Moonrising series. This is a short-story. It is a prequel providing the background to a new series from K.S. Haigwood. I am ready for the next one!! I am on pins and needles wanting more! No, there is not a cliff-hanger; I just want the next book in the series.

I did not read this book. Settle down – that does not mean that I am writing a review without reading the book! A couple of weeks ago, Kristie (K.S. Haigwood) asked me if I wanted to do something a little different. She offered me an Audible coupon for ACCEPTING THE MOON and I accepted her challenge. This was the first book I have done “on tape” for a review and it has been years since I last listened to an audio book.

Anybody who has followed my blog for any length of time knows that I do a lot of my reading while on the treadmill. The supreme advantage to this book, besides the fact that it was just a fantastic story, was that I didn’t have to turn it off at the end of my walk. Instead, I could continue listening while I did my crunches, push-ups, etc. That is a huge bonus in my life!

I am absolutely in love with Mina. Mina is kick-ass. When she finds out her husband is cheating, she kick his ass to the curb! When she finds out that werewolves and vampires are real, and she’s now one of them, she kicks it into high gear to face her new challenges face-on.

The story had a great unpredictability that kept me focused on the edge of my seat, so to speak. Jackson and Phoenix are both to die for (no pun intended) and I am looking forward to reading more about both of them. Mina has a great plan for the vampires and the werewolves, but will it work? That’s just another reason that I am going to be stalking, ummm, following Kristie and I will be jumping on every book in this series.

This was the first of her books that I have read. I do have two more of her books and I will be fitting them into my TBR as quickly as possible. I loved the story, the flow, and the style of this book and hope to find the others will be equally wonderful.

One last thing... I would be committing a sin if I didn't mention Pyper Down, the reader for this audio book. I love her voice. It is comfortable to listen to her. She does not lull you to sleep nor grate on the ears. Listening to her was like listening to a good mother reading a bedtime story, adding just the right amount of pausing and voice changes to keep the listener engaged. Thank you, Pyper Down. Seeing your name on future audio books will be an incentive for me.
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367 reviews27 followers
December 12, 2014
I rec'd an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my opinion of her book.
OMG K.S. Haigwood has done it again!!! First we had the Save My Soul series and now we have Accepting the Moon. She is such an amazing and talented author.
This book is so amazing an has you right from the start .. It starts off with a couple who has been married for 12 years, And the husband has just been caught in a lie about cheating. His wife Mena is hurt beyond words ( and who wouldn't be) is leaving him. However , he isn't up for that. He slaps her, and then she does the
unthinkable- she slaps him back leaving a nice cut on his face with her ring.We next see her driving her car and almost getting in an accident as a pack of dogs run in front of her. She decides to spend the night at a hotel where her husband will not be able to find her. It is pouring down rain. When she gets out of her car a man comes to her rescue to help her with her umbrella. Then all of a sudden the dogs are there an he tells her that he can protect and get her out of there alive-to trust him. A car drives up out comes her husband and demands that Mena comes to him and it is at that point she finds out that the dogs are not dogs at all but are werewolves. And the man that is trying to help her is a vampire. Mena tells her husband, Marc that she is going to go with Jaxon as she trust him and not Marc. That is when the little doggies start to fight. Jaxon and Mena have to fight there way out. In the process Mena gets bitten and she kills Marc. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ua!! Marc is the pack leader of the were's. When Mena kill's him she become's the new pack leader,
Jaxon takes her to his master Phoenix, where she will be safe. Now do you really think I am going to tell ya the rest of the story??
My questions to you are as follow....
Does Mena get accepted as the new pack leader?? What happens between Mena and Phoenix?? Phoenix and Jaxon??
This story keeps ypui on the edge of your page. It is a up all nighter !! You can not put this book till have finished it. It is just that good.
The characters are well fleshed and described. You get to know them quite well. As for the scenes they are described in detailed to the point that you can imagine yourself right there with the characters. This book I believe is written for the young adult and paranormal readers. I rate this book 20 stars out of 5 stars.
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2,685 reviews45 followers
September 5, 2014
Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:

Accepting the Moon is the Prequel to K.S. Haigwood's newest Series, Moonrising. Its a very good start to the series. I was instantly drawn to Mena and her predicament with being the new Alpha. K.S.'s books are ALWAYS amazing and this one wasn't any different. Its fast paced with some downright interesting and sexy characters, with a wonderful dialogue, fantastical paranormal elements, and is VERY easy to get into and enjoy.

Some interesting characters that we get to meet in Accepting the Moon is Mena the new Alpha wolf, Phoenix the leader of the vampire clan, and his second in command, Jaxon. From beginning to end this book was a treasure and an enjoyable book to read. We got to see one adventure after another in such a short period of time and I just thought everything was well put together.

With everything said, I give this book an AMAZING FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! It was a sensational read with lots to love about this book. Its a page-turner, and I think this new series will be a great hit! I am looking forward to the first book in this new series and to see where K.S. Haigwood will take us next.

Merged review:

Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:

Accepting the Moon is the Prequel to K.S. Haigwood's newest Series, Moonrising. Its a very good start to the series. I was instantly drawn to Mena and her predicament with being the new Alpha. K.S.'s books are ALWAYS amazing and this one wasn't any different. Its fast paced with some downright interesting and sexy characters, with a wonderful dialogue, fantastical paranormal elements, and is VERY easy to get into and enjoy.

Some interesting characters that we get to meet in Accepting the Moon is Mena the new Alpha wolf, Phoenix the leader of the vampire clan, and his second in command, Jaxon. From beginning to end this book was a treasure and an enjoyable book to read. We got to see one adventure after another in such a short period of time and I just thought everything was well put together.

With everything said, I give this book an AMAZING FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! It was a sensational read with lots to love about this book. Its a page-turner, and I think this new series will be a great hit! I am looking forward to the first book in this new series and to see where K.S. Haigwood will take us next.
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Author 2 books2 followers
August 9, 2015
As an avid, rather eclectic reader, I typically love what I am reading or get bored with it within the first few pages. With this prequel, I was hooked by the very first sentence. Two little words were all that it took to suck me in.

"Twelve years."

Two words, and I was a goner.

What followed those words was what I personally believe is a scene that anyone who has ever been cheated on can personally relate to, whether male or female. Heart-wrenching though the scene was, it played out so realistically I felt like I was watching it happen before my eyes. The pacing was fast, but it was perfect for the subject matter. And when Mena used her thumb to turn her ring in the direction of her palm, my heart leapt with excitement. I knew that she was going to do what most people in her situation would be dying to do...strike that lying scumbag right back. That was more satisfying than I can say.

That is just the beginning of the magic for this prequel, and for K.S. Haigwood's work.

The rest of the prequel, while intensely paced, was just as amazing and the flow was smooth. Characters like Jaxon and Phoenix, with their vampire background, were subtly introduced, and I was led on a merry-go-round of guessing as to try to figure out who was going to be the main male counterpart. However, I believe that my favorite part was watching Mena bloom. Her metamorphosis was cleverly written. As her human and wolf sides began to co-exist, Mena went from a scared, heartbroken wife to a brand-new badass leader who knew she had to take action, or die trying.

This is the first book that I have ever read from K.S. Haigwood, and I can say that I am not only thoroughly impressed, but also blown away. I am dying to get a start on Midnight Moonrising as I believe it will be as thrilling and as satisfying to read as this prequel.

I would recommend this prequel to anyone who loves paranormal fiction with a slew of intriguing characters and sexy, seductive vampires thrown into the mix.

*I was given a copy of this book for an honest and fair review.Accepting the MoonK.S. Haigwood
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593 reviews23 followers
June 1, 2017
This book opens up with a bang! Some paranormal stories the first couple chapters kind of ease you into the story but this one jumps in with both feet into the deep end. I really enjoyed that aspect of it,  as it is a novella you don't have time to mess around haha.  

We learn a lot in the first chapter,  Mena's world is crumbling down,  her marriage of 12 years has sustained irreparable damage (and all the emotions that go with that!  I think the author potrayed that emotional tailspin extremely well with how they write Mena's thought process and internal dialogue) she has more shocking revelations to come though! 

This story is told in a dual POV format for the most part with Mena and Jaxon -- Jaxon is an intriguing character right from the start! He is as secretive and an enigma as Mena is wide open and we know a lot about her.  That comparison really sets things up well,  I'm always intrigued by 2 characters that are almost polar opposites because it always leads to sweet conflict and fireworks when they finally get their act together haha. Later in the story we begin to see chapters told from Phoenix's POV and he is this force of nature.  . . As the leader of the Vampires he has lived through many such pack dust ups and leader changes but now he has a new hitch in the plan. His attraction to Mena sets up a love triangle that will definitely shake things up.  

Now once we get to chapter 5 we already have hints that things are not quite as they seem but once we have confirmation of that holy guacamole! Things really pick up! Then its more of an intense thrill ride than just a story with characters who have witty,  snarky banter! A whole new level and complication rocks Mena's world and ties her and Jaxon's and  Phoenix's world together.  Vampires,  werewolves and possible hybrids oh my! 

All of this leads to one intense finale that sets the reader up for the next book in the series.  If you are a die hard fan of the genre this is the series for you! The classic battle between vampires and werewolves has been written about for ages but this author manages to breathe new life into it and makes it entertaining.  I can't wait to see where this story goes! 
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November 24, 2014
(Reviewer's note - I received a complimentary copy of the Audible book in exchange for an honest review.)

I don't read romance, although I am a hopeless romantic. I don't read paranormal, although I do have my own vampyre character, who totally defies stereotype.

I don't read paranormal romances.


But... I am always open to new genres. One can't have an open mind if it closed to some things.

For a 'first-timer' to the paranormal/romance genre, Accepting the Moon is a wonderful introduction to the world of werewolves and vampires and how they intermingle and interact with 'humans'. I do know a bit of the mythology surrounding vampires and werewolves and I am glad to see Kristie stepping outside the stereotype of these two mythical (?) creatures to bring a thoroughly engrossing tale, and a very promising series, to her readers.

The author weaves a tale both captivating and promising, pulling the reader along with almost non-stop suspense and action. Yet, she doesn't bog the reader down in a lot of useless 'stuff' or lose the reader in one-too-many plot twists/turns. The story is paced very well, pulling the reader but not dragging them or leaving behind.

Kristie tells the story in three voices... the three main characters - Mena, Jackson and Phoenix... weaving backstory seamlessly into the present moment. I hesitate to go too much into the story itself and spoil it for others, but I will say that I received a few surprises as I read through - or, rather listened - the story and came away quite impressed. As well as completely captivated!

The author's storytelling prowess is a testament to that.

Accepting the Moon is skillfully written, weaving characters and plot to bring the reader a story long remembered after the last page is read.

And wanting more, I might add.

Accepting the Moon is a very well-written prequel to a promising new series - MOONRISING - by the incredibly talented writer and author, K.S. Haigwood and I recommend this book as well as the upcoming series without reservation.

Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
(writing under a large mushroom somewhere in the Pacific Northwest)
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September 8, 2014
Well she has done it again. K.S Haigwood has given us a glimpse into her new series that will surely have you gasping for air, sitting on the edge of your seat and once again leave you pondering what you believe in and what you would do if you were faced with those challenges. She takes a simple idea and weaves it into a movie for the mind and a story for the soul.
Mena is what we would consider the average housewife. Married to her husband and believing her life was going well until the night she discovered he was having an affair. Mena wasn’t going to crumble to the floor and let depression consume her; she was going to fight back. Leaving him and driving away, she had no idea what she really left and what she was going to face in the next few hours.
When Jaxon, the leader of the vampires, finds Mena, his intentions were not to save her. When the scene began to unfold between Mena and her husband, the truth will leave Mena in a new realm of existence that will carry her to become the leader of the werewolf pack, the number one enemy of Jaxon and his group.
The author gave us a great foundation for this series. Mena who is not only going to have to find a way to get the werewolves to accept her leadership and follow her commands, she will need to learn how their community functions. She will also have to deal with the fact she had been married to man for years that she never really knew. Let’s throw in the fact the police are going to want their questions answered about the dead body, her husband and the lead investigator is a real hotty.
What happens when feelings for Jaxon and the hot cop come into play for Mena? K.S Haigwood has set us up for what appears to be a fantastic ride with this series. I can hardly wait to see where she takes us. I am not very familiar with this genre but it doesn’t surprise me that the author is going to once again try to find the compromise between good and evil in life and make me totally invested in her writing.
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October 15, 2017

"Excellent Prequel. Can't wait for more"
I really enjoyed this prequel to the Moon rising Series. At the beginning, you meet Mena as she comes to the conclusion she must leave her husband because he's been cheating on her. He turns a bit nasty and she goes. As she drives, she sees a large group of animals. Not trusting her ability to drive, she pulls into a motel and soon she's tumbling headlong into the discovery that vampires and werewolves exist.

I don't want to spoil the story but she certainly becomes embroiled in the paranormal world in a big way. When she decides she wants to end a centuries-old feud between the vampires and the werewolves, well, she's going to have her work cut out.
This is a short prequel and it really is only meant to whet your appetite. But it will. You'll be hankering for more and desperate to know what happens between Mena and Phonix and between the wolves and the vampires.

The characters are interesting and the world is exciting. While not a particularly new take on the paranormal world, the characters are slightly older and Mena particularly is a little jaded with life so it brings a new perspective from the usual peppy chick who grabs the idea of the paranormal with both hands. She accepts it quite readily, which I would normally be sceptical about but somehow with Mena, she seems like a woman that takes everything in stride.
As for the narration, I wasn't entirely sure of the narrator at first but she did get into the book and I got used to her voice. I have to say that I felt the same at the start of book two. It may be that the author uses a lot of short sentences to set the scene and the narrator's voice doesn't lend itself to that. But if you don't like her style right off the bat, persevere. It's worth it for this gem of a book and the narration does improve.

I can't wait to get stuck into the rest of this series. I absolutely loved this prequel.

Please note, this book has been miscategorised and is an adult book, not a teen book.
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November 13, 2014
This is a fantastic start to a new series! I loved it!

I downloaded this book as an audio book, so that I could listen to it while doing household chores. This audio book was narrated by Pyper Down. I loved her narration; her vocal interpretations of the characters made them come alive. She did a fantastic job! Her voice was melodic and smooth, and I found myself drawn into the story more easily. I would definitely listen to more books narrated by her.

Mena is a wonderful character. I really liked her. She is quite courageous and determined. But one moment of danger will change her life forever. Can she overcome the obstacles thrown in her path by fate?

This is a very interesting prequel novella to a new series. In this book, we are introduced to Mena, Jackson and Phoenix. Each character has a chance to give their own point of view. I really enjoyed their interactions. Jackson seems to be quite impulsive and hotheaded at times. Phoenix, on the other hand, is extremely intense and powerful; I suppose it helps that he's the leader of the vampire clan.

The story is a really fast paced read! I was quickly swept into the tale. It is full of twists and turns, with lots of action and danger. I was a little disappointed that it was so short, though, lasting only 1 hour and 39 minutes. I wanted it to keep going! I am now looking forward to reading/listening to the main story arc in the first full novel of the series.

K.S. Haigwood has written another wonderful paranormal romance series. I love her fast paced writing style, and the flow of the story was wonderful. I am fast becoming a fan of hers.

Due to a few scenes of violence, I do not recommend this book to younger readers. However, I recommend this story if you love older YA or erotic paranormal romance genres. - Lynn Worton
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September 9, 2014
Mena had no clue that the things that go bump in the night (like vampires and werewolves) were real, until the unthinkable happened. She is no longer human and she is having a hard time dealing with her status as pack leader now that her husband is dead. Does Mena have what it takes to be the Alpha? You will certainly want to find out!

K.S. Haigwood is one of my absolute favorite authors and if you have read any of her books, even just one, you will know why. She is a great writer. Her books rock. As for Accepting the Moon, oh it’s so good; actually it’s killer! You have got to check this book out. I absolutely love Phoenix. He is the head vampire and in love with Mena. The detective handling her husband’s murder is also in love with her. Can you imagine how this is going to go over? The drama and excitement has no end in this story….Can’t wait for the next one in this series.

Merged review:

Mena had no clue that the things that go bump in the night (like vampires and werewolves) were real, until the unthinkable happened. She is no longer human and she is having a hard time dealing with her status as pack leader now that her husband is dead. Does Mena have what it takes to be the Alpha? You will certainly want to find out!

K.S. Haigwood is one of my absolute favorite authors and if you have read any of her books, even just one, you will know why. She is a great writer. Her books rock. As for Accepting the Moon, oh it’s so good; actually it’s killer! You have got to check this book out. I absolutely love Phoenix. He is the head vampire and in love with Mena. The detective handling her husband’s murder is also in love with her. Can you imagine how this is going to go over? The drama and excitement has no end in this story….Can’t wait for the next one in this series.
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March 1, 2015
OMG DID KS HAIGWOOD AND ELLA MEDLER DO IT AGAIN!! She comes through with the Vampires and Werewolfs!! Like you would never believe!! Having read her Eternal Island books and packing my bags to visit the island. Now I am hooked on Mena accepting the Moon!! I have to have more if this story.
I have rec'd this book as an ARC from the author several months ago. In exchange for an honest opinion of her book. This is mouseys very honest opinion of her book. Oops the mouse is bad as I had thought I had posted my review for this amazing - terrific-genius of a book . Ms Haigwood is such a talented story writer. She can spin a magical tail and have you wanting more with each page that you read!!
Please accept my apology for not posting this before now.
This story is about a women by the name of Mena who thought her marriage was good. Until her husband cheated on her and she found out about it. Mena ran away from him or thought she did- little did she know that he was a werewolf. That night when she said at a motel she was saved by a vampire. Not the fun really begins What happens to Mena ?? For this question and more YOU NEED TO READ THE STORY. It has so many twist and turns and is a nail biting EDGE OF YOU SEAT reading!!!She is a werewolf in love with a vamp. Now can you imagine that?? I recommend this book for all , And the mouse gives it a firm and solid rating if 60 out of 5 stars!! YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK!! HEY KS & ELLA -- I am waiting for the next book to come out to find out what happens next with Mena!!! NOW RUN AN GET YOUR BOOK TODAY!!
22 reviews
December 2, 2015
In this introduction to a new series, Haigwood has introduced an aspect of werewolves that I've not previously seen. That's pretty hard to do since stories set around shapeshifters are pretty much my favorite reads. It's pretty typical that shapeshifters in any story are long-lived. Haigwood has made that optional. Huh? Yeah. The new shifter must accept the "gift of the moon" on their first shift to receive a more impressive gift than long life. Nooo, I'm not telling you, that would be a spoiler. I don't do those.

All the elements that signify a great story from her are present: great characters, conflict, a touch of romance, and a few surprises. Mena, married for twelve years finds out not only that her husband has been cheating on her, but that he was also keeping an even bigger secret from her. You could call it a life changing secret. There's an entire world out there that she never knew existed, and it gets exposed in a pretty spectacular way.

I've been reading Haigwood's books for two years now and for me, this has the promise of being her best series to date. Impeccable story-crafting paired with beautiful editing leave me anxious to get my hands on the next book in this series. But for finding one error, this would have been an easy 5-star rating. Unfortunately, I can only give her 4 stars. Still, I think you should do yourself a favor and grab this one. It's definitely worth it.
April 11, 2016
It is really hard for me to give novella's a 5 star rating if they are not a full story .....but I loved this and it is a great intro to the story.

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Accepting Moonlight by KS Haigwood

I bought this book when I was in Texas at an author signing. I had ZERO CLUE who the author was but she was chatting about her books and the word “Shifter” caught my attention. I am a GIANT shifter fan. When I could finally step up to her table directly, I talked to her about her first 2 books she had on the table. She then told me that book 3 was out soon…SCORE!!

This is the prequel to the first book in the series but it gives me, someone new to the series and author, the history of Mena, Marc, Jaxon and Phoenix.

Mena is married to her hubby of 12 years. When she catches him cheating she runs. When she is running, she happens to run into Jaxon. He can sense she is different and we the reader have no clue why…..Then BOOM the bomb is dropped. We learn very quickly who the bad guys are and who the good guys are plus what the heck Mena has become.

For ME, this short novella got my paranormal loving heart super excited. I mean, I am seriously going right into book 1 because as short and simple as this book is, it got me really excited to read the main story.
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